Monday, September 01, 2008

An ex-junkie's blog

Recovery from Drug Addiction is a blog by someone you may know, somebody who wants to share his lifetime's journey to be honest, open-minded and willing, who wishes to heal the hurt he'd caused, return the things he had taken, and to make amends all the wrongs that he'd done.
"I’m Ahmad Anon(ymous), 48, from Kelantan in Malaysia. You can call me “Ahmad” or “Mat” or “Mart”. And there’s nothing to stop you from calling me nasty names either; although I hope that you won’t. Or to mock, scorn or condemn what I had written above and elsewhere, should you be harbouring bitter experiences from your unfortunate relationship or contact with someone else who was a drug abuser."
Go, take a jab here. Please note that he has a link to Stoke City, too.


  1. Anonymous12:49 am

    Oh my gosh!!

    I had just finished and posted a (long) comment here - at that post about Ashraf's take on blocking Malaysia Today, BUT on another matter - and was debating to myself on whether to take early "sahur" right now OR wake up a bit before dawn.

    A "last check" of the RSS feeds before shutting down to read a book led to this ...

    When I saw this post - of my humble blog and myself being the subject of a post at Rocky's Bru; which is at the stratosphere level when it comes to local blogs ... I could feel a lump in my throat, and fear, thumping my chest.

    There's goes my "Ahmad Anon(ymous)" name. This is the first time ever that I, by extension of this humble three-week-old blog, am ever in any kind of spotlight.

    I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight!

    Folks, sorry if you're disappointed with the content of the blog - like I said, it's quite BRAND NEW. If you want more content, links etc that is Malaysian-centric, try ArahMan7's more-polished blog. The link is somewhere there.

    BTW glad that Ahirudin had noticed the Stoke City link. So why am I supporting "a bunch of losers" instead of Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool? Or maybe Spurs or Newcastle?

    I'm a strong supporter of Man Utd too, but I'm a bigger fan of Stoke City for sentimental reasons - I was with them since Form One, when they won the League Cup (now Carling Cup) against Chelsea in 1972. That's the only thing they've ever won.

    Yes, they aren't anywhere near "as glamorous" as the Big Four, but I'll support them till I die. For me, it's more important that they survive and not be relegated from the EPL, than Man Utd being League, FA Cup & Champions League winners.

    BTW folks, some of you might ask or wonder "What are recovering/active drug addicts like?

    Just like you all, folks ... with the same hopes and dreams of "being happy and contented with life".

    They/We hurt just like you; the exception being "We had taken a wrong turn, made a wrong decision" ... Can we be given the chance to TRY and make amends? For some, this might be "again and again". We aren't perfect, that's obvious enough. What about you?

    Thanks, Ahirudin, for even being aware of my blog's existence - that also means, by extension, aware that I exist.


  2. ...'do not repeat such remarks'nice quote ah...

  3. Anonymous3:03 am

    nice blogfind, Rocky.... thx!

  4. Anonymous3:50 am

    How bout a blog abt ex-friends? going cold turkey?