Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PM calls blogger "evil"

Upside-down flag. Abdullah Badawi's reaction to Sheih's campaign to fly the Jalur Gemilang upside-down as a sign of protest towards the country's selfish politicians (regardless whether they are BN or PR politicians) is belated, excessive and smacks of the kind of politics that drove Sheih and friends to mount the campaign in the first place.

Just read the Bernama article Evil for blogger to fly flag upside down, says PM.

Evil, dear Pak Lah, is a person who steals from the orphans, who uses religion to mislead others, who tells lies about others, who abandons his people in pursuit of worldly pleasures, and anyone who aniaya orang lain.

Flying the flag upside down is not evil. (Capt Yusof told me that if you are a Japanese, for eg, flying the flag upside down does not make a difference at all). If you don't agree with it, don't fly it upside down.

So let's cut the crap, Pak Lah. And please withdraw your statement about wanting the police takes action against the blogger. You, Sir, should direct the police to pursue Nurin's killers (One year on, Nurin's family suing police - NST Online). At the very least, you must tell the police to charge the people who distributed pictures of Nurin's post-mortem. Now, Sir, those people are EVIL!

p.s. If you didn't know, Sheih's blog Kickdefella was inspired by Abdullah Badawi. Yep, the "fella" in his blog name and the PM are one and the same, er, fella.


Anonymous said...


i support your statement 110%. i would say the same thing you've said.

Anonymous said...


by PM trend...

he'll say he is GOD tomolo!

KIMHO8 said...

He's the one always want to hear the truth from people. The message is out now by flying the Jalur Gemilang upside-down. Still want to talk cock!

ewoon said...

i concur with you, bro, 100%

Evil is what is done to others, not flying the national flag upside signifying distress.

Our PM is so out of touch it's unbelievable. BTW, was he awake when he made that statement?

Anonymous said...

What does UMNO know about evil? They know no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. Only the rakyat has to face and surmount all the evils in everyday's lives. That speaks of volume how much this Government has been in touch with the realities and the grassroots. The results of the March GE are the first signs of the evil being exposed. August 26th shall be another milestone.

Anonymous said...

That is the problem with PM. He thinks he is a saint while his criticizers evil.



Anonymous said...

better look after his own compound..


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

the flag of Switzerland and Libya too does not make a different when hoist it upside down... hehe.


Nothing good came out from his mouth since he took over. Nothing good happened since. Now thats EVIL!

Anonymous said...

He's got to be careful who he calls evil. He may get the shock of his life looking in the mirror.

Hitam Had said...

You also cannot fly the PKR flag upside down to show distress. Maybe it is a good omen.


Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

i would love to invite saudara rocky, since he seems to know a lot, to suggest how the police can find nurin's killer(s) now that all leads based on the evidence has led to dead ends.

Of course, this is under the presumption that saudara rocky and his fellow self-appointed office bearers of allblogs aren't just using nurin for their own glory and political agendas.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a poor choice of words due to metal retardation. Poor fella.

amoker said...

AAB and his cronies see the flag as the tanah yang memperkayakan poket. Though i do not agree on the campaign to fly the flag upside down, these UMNO goons is even worst!

Pasquale said...


Anonymous said...

i think on the flag matter, yes you are devil. the rest still ok

shah alam

Freddy Toh said...


it makes us wonder if there's a new ministry under badawi ...


yes, it sounds similar to Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia but let's allow Kamus Dewan to define ...

Lancung - 1. tidak tulen 2. tidak jujur

melancung - membuat palsu atau tidak benar, menipu

kelancungan - keadaan yang tidak tulen, kepalsuan

Beginilah erti kata yang dipetik dari Kamus Dewan.

monsterball said...

Calling kickdefella evil man...I cannot accept.
I know that man very well.
He is not evil...but a damn good marketing manager.
This time...his marketing for himself...creating headline news.
Is that evil?
That's smart...Dollah...really bodoh!!

lanaibeach said...

Bloggers got many praises
Of the different kind from the government
The latest from sleeping beauty when he woke up
‘Blogger is evil!’

Flying a nation flag upside down
It doesn’t show disrespect……
It is showing a distress signal
Something isn’t moving right in the country

Wake up open your eyes
The sleeping beauty shouldn’t sleep all the time
Events have passed him by
He doesn’t know what is right and wrong

Maybe one should fly half mast
Signaling demise of country’s wealth
Running away with the handsome tall UM-NO guys
And the drum beat boys of the coalition

We the people get the crumbs
Of the sloppy flip-flopping decisions
How long can we bend when our bones are hard and cracked?
Tell me why don’t you walk around amongst the people?
Go to the tea stalls and cafes
Open your ears and listen to the conversation
You get first hand knowledge
Then you can sack your C4 boys
Then you save taxpayers’ money eh?

Look into your backyards
There are many evils lurking
Draining out the country’s resources
Corruption, cronyism, greed of power
What have you done thus far?
Nothing in my book

Who is more evil?
A man fighting for his truth
The administration sleeping through
Talking without understanding
Doing without realizing it is worth it?

Malaysia call your white knights
Time to fight for your honor
For this land belong to Malaysians
And the people will sing it through

Anonymous said...

Two different cases here:

Sheikh is guilty for insulting the National Flag and Nurin's case related persons also guilty. Jangan menghalalkan satu kejahatan dengan kejahatan yang lain. Black is black, white is white.

Anonymous said...

looks like war on bloggers like you bro. Hmm..let him and his kiss-asses people continue making stupid like statements.

on the case of Nurin, i share the families grief and the frustration. Lets face it, there are many more rape and murder cases of little children left un-solved. Maybe the police should start a new unit on this...i dunno, maybe they already have one..

rakyat biasa

Pa'chik said...

bendera lambang pas pun buleh dikibarkan terbalik...

KIMHO8 said...

Forgive the little ugly old boy scout lah!

Anonymous said...

Only now, after so long ...

Am still with the idea as The NATION is in DISTRESS.

Anonymous said...

imho ... i think how a person treats a national symbol whether it is a flag or otherwise reflects his/her personal pride and emotions about the country and the government in power.

if a person feels proud of his own country and govt, he will fly the flag everyday - right side up.

if he feels otherwise, he deserves all the right to fly it anyway he wants to. it's between him and the motherland and not him and UMNO/BN.

How UMNO/BN governs the motherland - turn it into gold or a piece of shit, determines a rakyat's feeling about his motherland and as an expression of his personal opinion about the government in place.

So before pointing fingers at bloggers, understand the people do not want in the first place fly the flag upside down. it is the government in power has made so much crap of the motherland that he feels compel to do so. So please, UMNO/BN govt please blame yourself first. if you had done everything right, corruoption free, no racial division - everyone of us will fly the flag right side up everyday, because we are proud to brand ourselves Malaysians, not melayu, cina, india, murut, kadazan or melanau.

it is wrong to say that you must treat national symbolism like a bloody animist ritual when the govt is of the humble opinion of the rakyat - corrupt, racist and plunderer.

We only fly flags that stood for clean, multiracial and transparent and fair government.

Anonymous said...


he is so kolot la..
the worst PM everr!

i dont see him as a charismatic leader at all.

enough said.

Bung Karno said...


Yes, kick the "fella" !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

PM SIL is more evil than a satan!

BareSheen said...

Rocky, for once I agree with you!!

Kick the fella out!!

He is such an idiot. Often I wish he will just shut the @@@ up and we will think he is just maintaining his elegant silence than to open his stupid gab and remove all doubt.

Sheesh. The worst PM in Malaysia history.

Unknown said...

I believe we can hang our flag the right side up if all those crooks who stole from the country are hung upside down.

eddy said...

Bro, saya sokong anda.

May I add also that "evil" is a Man who was taken out from the political wilderness by a Prime Minister who then retired and bestowed the Prime Ministership to this Man who after securing the Prime Minister post, proceeded to demonise, rubbish and dismantle the legacy of the former Prime Minister without showing an ounce of gratitude or humility, knowing full well that without this former Prime Minister's act of chivalry this Man would just be a has been nobody.

Anonymous said...

I really hate this man. How do we show our dissatisfaction to Abdullah and his government?

If we join political rally we are often branded as opposition with ill intention. Can you bloggers come together to organize the biggest rally of all time in any of the indoor stadium before or after Merdeka?

I'm serious Rocky, say we target for 100,000 participants where bloggers and NGOs could be the speakers. We don’t need any politicians including Anwar to be the key speakers. I think it is time for us to show it is not opposition politic we are talking about but our life as Malaysians and our unity as one race.

I will forward this view to other bloggers as well. It’s time for to speak out in one voice before the nation.

wish you could reply?


Anonymous said...

If I have magic I'll turn that dolah upside down!...see how he will walk with his head. If he doesn't know anything much of what is going on, pls is there anyone who can tell him to just go back to his sleep or just relax one corner and let somebody smarter than him do the talking??


Anonymous said...

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...
i would love to invite saudara rocky, since he seems to know a lot, to suggest how the police can find nurin's killer(s) now that all leads based on the evidence has led to dead ends.

Maybe the police should start by tracing those SIM cards that the temporarily detained Indon woman swallowed...and to whom, if any, calls were made to. Strange isn't it....what compels her to swallow it? What...or more interestingly, who....was she trying to hide?

But I guess police forensics and other resources are presently tied up investigating a 23-year old's soiled underpants for make benefit of glorious nation of UMNOistan. No time to solve real crimes.

By the way all you bodohs saying Sheih's act is "insulting" the all haven't the foggiest idea behind the meaning of the flag being flown upside down. You are all as bodoh as Bodohwi.

I think it is more insulting to the flag to see any image that has Badawi's mug placed near or around the Jalur Gemilang!

Anonymous said...

thank you,thank you very much ACA.Pls clean PR BEFORE they take over.Don`t waste your time and touch any Bee End MPs.They are gone case.Beyond repairable(ship).Only scrapped metal
dealers are interested in them.


shar101 said...

Aiyah, so easy to respond to the village idiot mah.

Get bloggers to put AAB's face upside-down on their respective blogs on 31st August.

But remember, cannot photoshop like Bakaq, otherwise sure kena 'bakaq' by PDRM.

Unknown said...

he was chosen as the NICE GUY.

boy, were we all fooled ...

Mr CLEAN needs FAB tons of it!

Anonymous said...

Alahai Rocky,

Evil is better than the demon who burnt flags, any flags! Remember the SIL and the american flag?

Any flag is still a flag right rocky?


Festive Hampers said...

Saudara Rocky

I have not much money, not much property.. in short I have nothing much of anything.

Nevertheless, I value my citizenship and the flag is the symbol of where I belong and I am very proud to be known as Malaysian. To me once a person has no more respect of the flag, it can be perceive that the person is no longer proud to be the citizen of that country.

The anger is with the present government, not the country.

An old man, once told me there is 1001 ways to make a different, but use your head to think wisely and then only relates to your emotion.

I do not agree to label a person evil. But I will protect my country dignity as much as I can; and the first step is to fly Jalur Gemilang as the way it should be.

void corp 78 said...

Bro Rocky,

I know some politician are devil but to fly flag upside down for me not just the devil but devil + idiot + %&^&^.

In America they dont care even when you want to color the flag with green (green day song American Idiot), but in Malaysia when the racial divided is become wider due to incapable Pak Lah and stupid SIL , this guy come out with the stupid idea of flying our national flag upside down. To our national flag eventhough is still just one step below of our religion but it's still above all of us for citizen and foreigner who live in this country.

That is our crest and symbol that must be proud of. I remember when my teacher told abt the story of war during the Rasullullah SAW time when the soldier were hold their flag with their life when they were fought. Even when we see WAR movies we can see the soldiers so proud to hold their flag as symbol of spirit to other combatants and loyal to the beloved country.

Here in malaysia there are some bloggers who thing they are smarter than the rest and try to influence others.
Thus i suggest to all bloggers who trying to sell stupid ideas than better you think twice or your are the scum of this country.

Anonymous said...

If we bloggers are 'evil', then what does that make him? 'Evil-er' or 'evil-est'?
He needs to look himself in the mirror before criticizing others.

Knights Templar said...

Rock,dont't you wanna know which Editor asked which Reporter to ask the Question in Malacca?At least you would know who the Advocatus diaboli is .Till then let the Rape, Pillage and Plunder continue....

eugene said...

how does an internationally accepted practice be seen as evil? the fact is there will be less evil in the world with fewer people like him around.

Anonymous said...

Agree is not evil and should not warrant a police investigation. w9

Melvin Mah said...


evil is a very very big word to be used. in fact it's the wrong word used. it could have been 'improper', or say 'please don't do that'.

last night, at the wharf, most of them are intending to respond to this situation.

dollah must first correct his mistakes first before he starts making noise.

Anonymous said...


aku rasa paklah ni dia tidak tengok langsung blog ni,

lucia said...

i wouldn't call it evil too but i would say it is silly (me not in faovur of flying the flay upside down).

i'll reserve the word evil for those top umnoputera.

monsterball said...

Once many commentators mistook Rocky agrees with Dollah.
Do they know how to read and understand?
Rocky is F..king Dollah......just like me.!!

monsterball said...

I still do not accept kickdefella's idea...fooling around with National treasures.
He phoned me...calling me papa monsterball....after so long.
I f..k...but he is very stubborn.
Ask me to bring three flags for him to hang upside down in Permantang Pauh. Can you believe this blogger??
I said...I will bring him three cigars.
Kickdefella is a pain in the me...but not an evil man.
Play with fire...he will get burnt.
He asked me to get ready..light a candle for Pudu Jail......hahahahahaha
Dia ortak...botol tak centre.......hahahahahaha
NO SIREE...kickdefella is not an evil man. Dollah is evil.

Anonymous said...

U know Rocks, Sheih had that idea of upside down flag. The Malaysian blogosphere discussed, cussed and debated it.

Some agreed, others disagreed (I disagreed with the move) but at the end of the day we decided to fly the flag.

Result 1: It demonstrated just how many people out there who sayang the flag and what it represents.

Result 2: It demonstrated that we can have difference of opinions and reason it out.

Result 3: There is that inherent freedom of expression and democracy still existing in blogosphere that the PM can learn from.

Result 4: It shows that we can argue and settle our disputes without the fear of arrests, ISA, Seditions Acts etc.

This bendera terbalik episode has actually brought out some good.

If Pak Lah chose to examine the whole issue and think abt it, he would see it too.

But then, he is still groggy from sleep.

Tu pasal all this "evil" thing comes out of his mouth.

Apa, dia ingat dia je satu patriot?

Samuel Johnson said...

"patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels"

Malaccan view said...

Siapa yang Makan Cili,DIA yang rasa pedas...who is the EVIL???Who is KURANG AJAR to Rakyat???without telling,everyones in Malaysia know.People who robbed our wealth,freedom and rights are the EVIL and KURANG AJAR...So,dont throw stone at your glass house,my dear PM,Abdullah Badawi.

Anonymous said...

terbalikkan bendera pekida la kalau berani.


-kant cunt

Anonymous said...


"Battle not with monsters
lest ye become a monster
and if you gaze into the abyss
the abyss gazes into you".


Greenman said...


Saya sama sekali TIDAK menyokong saranan mengibarkan bendera dalam keadaan terbalik kerana ia TIDAK menunjukkan kewarasan pemikiran.

Menyalahkan bloggers juga tidak tepat. Apa pun, kalau bloggers sendiri ingin suara mereka dihormati, maka mereka perlu menunjukkan tauladan dengan menerima kritikan secara terbuka.

Jika tidak, lebih baik mendiamkan diri dari memburukkan keadaan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky

Easy solution to this

Fly the flag of
Political Party "X"
or political coalition "Y"
upside down!

Phua Kai Lit

Rockybru said...

Knights Templar,
I haven't a clue! Pray tell!

Anonymous said...

The Sheih is being too agressive. But I can't accept his act. This is not USA!! This is Malaysia. Even if you are in distress, you should not raise the flag upside down.
You must remember, the flag belongs to every Malaysians, not the PM, not the present government. Want to raise it upside down? Ask our permission first. Not all people share the same opinion as you do Sheih.

I won't mind calling him worst then evil, he himself might be the traitor of the country. Think wise before doing an action.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right. Evil is when a person steals from the poor in the name of race and religion. No need to identify the evil ones.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to say rocky, but I dont agree what you said. The flag is not a toy made by the present government or Pak Lah's, its a honour present for our country and our efforts of receiving freedom and dignity after independence.

Flying the flag upside down is not the right way. You want to fly a flag upside down Sheih, go to US. Don't destroy the honour and dignity of this country with just your distress. I might be distress as you are, but I love my country and my country flag. Do you?

Anonymous said...

Stealing donations for tsunami victims is oso evil.


The said...

/// Flying the flag upside down is not evil. (Capt Yusof told me that if you are a Japanese, for eg, flying the flag upside down does not make a difference at all). If you don't agree with it, don't fly it upside down. ///

Rocky, this is true for the Japanese flag. But then again, not many national flags have that many axes of symmetry.

Try flying the Indonesian flag upside down, and you will end up with the Polish flag.


Anonymous said...

Evil are those who rob their own people in the name of Ketuanan and to plunder the country.

Evil is the mastermind and his conspirators who shot and C4 a Mongolian woman to smithereens.

Evil are those who plot and convict someone falsely for sodomy.

Evil are those who send their own children abroad for education and yet lie to the people how good local education is.

Evil are those who use a religious facade to hide their corrupt ways and accuse others of wrongdoings.

Evil are those who lock people away using the ISA and say it is not cruel. Maybe that guy should spend some time in Kamunting himself.

Evil are those who manipulate the judiciary so that the innocent goes to prison while the guilty ones are set free.

Isn't this the constitution of some political party?

As for 'kickdafella', case is dismissed and you are free.

kkitsam said...

The biggest EVIL is the one who said one thing today and said another tomorrow. The man who created Islam Hadhari had lied numerous times, i guess we all know who is the EVIL

Knights Templar said...

Question asked by Nasir Abd Wahab of Berita Harian. I dont need to tell you who the Planter of the Question is do i?Sindiri fikir lah Bro who the Fiddler is.Nanti i Defamation suit pulak.

Unknown said...

Apa sangat kebaikan pekida..gaduh pasal pompuan pun panggil pekida. gaduh pasal accident motor pun panggil pekida. What the fuss with this pekida. Kepada semua ahli pekida..fikirkan benda-benda yang lebih besar, keluarlah dari kepompong anda.
To me, pekida is no more than petty gangsters that think small.

Kepada bapa arwah Nurin..Mana awak pergi semasa anak tu hilang dulu.

Kepada bloggers yang terbalikkan lah whatever you wanna do. It is not going to make any different. It is not like you are going to be able to move DSAAB. What have you achieve so far with your blogs? errr..demonstration?? Be a good Malaysian citizens and fly the national flag properly.

Anonymous said...

hey, place a mirror next to L of evil & see for yourself ! (heha)

Anonymous said...

Q. What did the one idiot say to the other?

A. Evil.

oh, come on... the idiot who came up with this suggestion must have been one uber-emotional person... talk about ADS (attention defiency syndrome)... this guy takes the cake... got more emotions than common-sense... just like a one-year-old baby.

so, you find some politicians unpalatable... then, vote for some other candidate the next time around... what has the Malaysian flag got anything to do with elections?

besides, the flag belongs to every Malaysian... even to those idiots who voted for the politicians you find so unpalatable.

and... it would only be an idiot-PM, who would waste time to reply to such a stupid suggestion... there are other important things that needs to be done... for instance... like, resigning.

the country is in distress because of you idiots... the idiots who voted for BN and the idiots who would put their trust on a homosexual... no wonder the country is in dire straits... idiots left, right and centre.


eva's haven said...


i won't even begin to ask what is wrong with Pak Lah....

Anonymous said...

Apa2 pun, tindakan menterbalikkan bendera memang tidak patut.

R@duan said...

Mari betulkan bendera Malaysia yang terbalik

Anonymous said...

This idiot just never learn!

Here we go again!

at the begining of the year, all sorts of names were label at the blogger, such as monyet, unemployed housewises etc.

and now this ---- Evil

Show them, ppl of PP, busy this moronic regime once and for all.



Anonymous said...

This idiot just never learn!

Here we go again!

at the begining of the year, all sorts of names were label at the blogger, such as monyet, unemployed housewises etc.

and now this ---- Evil

Show them, ppl of PP, busy this moronic regime once and for all.



rams609 said...








Anonymous said...


Naughty, naughty. Capt Yuspf knows that the Jap flag is a red circle inside a white square. It has got NO upside down.

KIMHO8 said...

We are nobody. We can’t voice up in parliament. No one will care what we say. Oppression and suppression have haunted us for so long. Flying the national flag upside down just to express individual feelings.

Can you see? This is the only way. The silent way without violence. PM should look into the matter. Not to condemn some one is evil without any understanding at all. The need and will of people!!!

yemmohamad said...

What a lovely written piece. I couldn't agree with you more on this one.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sazali bin Hj. Hassim said...
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Sazali bin Hj. Hassim said...

Sibuk pasal bendera terbalik. Itu isu kecil. Bukan soal hidup & mati. Kerajaan & kepimpinan yg tunggang-terbalik sekarang betulkan dulu. Cost of living yg tinggi, selesaikan dulu.Hospital tak cup, doktor tak cukup, sekolah masih daif, jalanraya tak ada, elektrik tak ada, air paip bersih tak ada ... tak fikirkah. Ini fikir perkara kecil. Bermakna otak pun kecil. Tak tahu mana satu hendak difikirkan.

Anonymous said...

We all need leaders not bloggers who only knows to compaints and say harsh word to other peoples. This culprit has no ideas to the rakyat of Malaysia but only a few of them is genuine bloggers.
teropong mAyA.

Anonymous said...

We all need leaders not bloggers who only knows to compaints and say harsh word to other peoples. This culprit has no ideas to the rakyat of Malaysia but only a few of them is genuine bloggers.
aNONymous teropong mAyA.

Anonymous said...

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Rockybru said...

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