Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Petrol, diesel prices to go down

RM2.10 per liter of petrol? Delay that trip to the pump station, guys. Word is (read here) the Government will announce cheaper fuel prices very soon. World oil prices are cheaper now than it was when the Abdullah Administration made that wretched decision to push up petrol prices by 41 per cent and diesel by 63 per cent.

Two weeks ago when I was in Singapore, the ST reported pump prices falling for the sixth time in a month.


  1. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Singapore did it 5th time? And Malaysia is going to do the reduction with a perfect timing on Permatang Pauh? Do your own conclusion.

  2. Anonymous1:11 pm

    nak naik kan harga ..cepat saje. nak turunkan harga ..kena tengok implakasi le. Implakasi kepala bapak dia.

  3. Anonymous1:14 pm

    all of us have to patiently wait for the oil price to be reduced here in Malaysia.hopefully our govt granted our wish and our need for a more cheaper oil price.

    dont give up hope yet!

  4. Anonymous1:40 pm

    This is a by election ploy to gain votes, prices will go backup after the election in PP is over. Don't ever believe a word from Bodowi or Najib.
    Liars Liars

  5. SEMUANYA KERANA: pilihan raya Permatang Pauh dan 16 Sept 2008...dan bukan sekali demi kepentingan rakyat...tak percaya?...anda sememangnya penyokong TEGAR BN.

  6. When the prices do come down, and I am hoping that it would be very soon indeed, so to should the prices of other goods/services that were increased during the last oil price increase to RM 2.70 per litre. I remember going to one of the bakeries for my usual lunch break and the price of the bread were increased by a whopping 40 cents!! Trust that the opposite should now happen when the government announces the reduction. True???? Fatboy

  7. oh God! my car gas light already lighted up this morning... if decided to bring down the petrol price at 12am tonite.. I will push my car all the way to Kajang.. so that I can wait to fill up tomoro

  8. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Why is it that when world petrol price goes up the Govt. was quick to raise the domestic fuel price but when the world petrol price goes down the Govt. takes a month to do so?

  9. Looks like for the first time in M'sia, we'll be trying to pump as little fuel as possible just before the end of the month, when the bi-monthly fuel price review is expected to happen! ;D

  10. good news but my kopi "0" will still cost me the same so is my roti chanai, my Hainan chicken rice, my child school bus and etc etc, may be the damage has been done.

    I hope this will not be by election gimmick

  11. Anonymous2:33 pm

    well well well,

    lets us guess what bung nuar will say on this one. not because he is the sort of VVIP these days, but from what i've heard during his rounds at p.pauh, he talked rubbish and selectively.

    all in the name of getting him to parliment.

    its a shame actually for his wife to just clean her ass up for anwars to take. yea. nothing wrong with that, even mahathir said his wife will do that same.

    now we got DNA bill thingy coming. lets us got the prevention law for MP-stepping-down-without-relevant-cause.

    btw, i am all for petrol price reduction. not for p.pauh selling tickets, but forever. its high time we float this one with subsantial subsidy kept to soften the hike.

  12. Anonymous2:34 pm

    if pak lah hope to reduce the majority of anwar at permatang pauh, he should reduce the price of petrol this Sunday.



  13. Anonymous2:34 pm

    if pak lah hope to reduce the majority of anwar at permatang pauh, he should reduce the price of petrol this Sunday.



  14. The flip-flop govt is still dilly-dallying on the price reduction when Singapore has already reduced their price almost a month ago. Increasing price to them is no problem. They even beat the gun, said would review price the next month but hardly two weeks later they announce the price increase.

  15. Husin tunggu kenyataan dari Shahrir.

    Kalau Shahrir kata tak turun, Husin pergi pump station jual minyak yang dalam kereta sebelum pukul 12 malam. :)

    It will not happen. Govt akan kata syarikat minyak ada old stock. Mcm alsan bank apabila kadar faedah pasaran turun.

  16. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Someone will shout - look we help the rakyat by reducing the price down back to RM1.95.

    As matter of fact - it should have been lower than that.

  17. Anonymous2:47 pm

    betul kah ni?

    macam2 BN promise during Pematang Puah election.

    I think they will sell their mothers if that can make them win Pematang Puah Election!

  18. Anonymous2:52 pm

    With the cheaper price of fuel and diesel, these would be a good asset to slam the face of the oppositions of using fuel prices issues to create their agenda and support.

    But then, I wonder if ANWAR will come out with a new statement to reduce the price even lower. We will see about that. HAHA.

  19. Anonymous2:53 pm

    No such thing as "government will announce cheaper fuel prices soon" in the source you provided.

    Only thing it says is "The retail of price for petrol and diesel in Malaysia ought to come down in the near future".

    So what are you basing your "government will announce" statement on?

    Spinning? Or journalistic sensationalism?

  20. Anonymous2:58 pm

    I doubt so. Even if it did go down (probably on 1 Sept), it would probably be very little.

    The Government wouldn't want to make it jump up high again when oil prices go back upwards, as that would make the rakyat lagi marah.

  21. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Target date : Friday 22nd Aug.

  22. so what? gomen can change everything but we still want DSAI as PM of Malaysia!!!! Period! The gomen should have done a lot of things before, not NOW!!!

  23. Anonymous3:32 pm

    I dont think the price of petrol will go down by Sept. This will cause frustration within petrol dealers except the govt. able to subsidise them to cover their stock cost.


    The suggestion of monitoring the price of petrol every month is not a bright idea by the government.

    From : Benji

  24. Anonymous3:48 pm

    jangan lupa faktorkan nilai dollar dah meningkat....

  25. Anonymous3:51 pm

    i think BN will announce it a day before 26-Aug-2008....this is their last GOODIES to rakyat...

  26. Need more money for MP
    Need more money for Exam
    Need more money for Sinful
    Need more money for PP camp
    Need more money for festival
    Need more money for treat or treat
    Need more money...............
    Need more money...............
    Need more money...............

  27. WOW!!! Talk about rhetoric or 'vote buying' statement???!!!

    Well, never mind, go ahead and lower the pump prices but the people HAVE decided who they're gonna vote anyways...

  28. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Oh great - so are we so happy to hear this?

    Now you are saying sorry after you had hit us with a garbage truck.

    Do you that ever since the pump price was increased to RM2.70, the cost of food and consumables have sprialled up like nobody business. Decreasing the pump price now won't have much effect in lowering the cost of these things.

    We could try hard to make any economic sense or thinking that Pak Lah Administration has done much is controlling inflation - but it is rakyat who pay high cost of living as a result of flip flop decision.

  29. Just in time for the permatang pauh election. We should have more election to push the prizes down some more. haha

  30. They got to hold on till 1 or 2 days before 26th August....If now mean by the 26th the Permatang Pauh folks might forget.

  31. Anonymous4:58 pm

    It sure looks like our pump price will soon be like the share prices in the Stock Exchange.

    How interesting!

    From: TNS!

  32. Don't Dream La... (Jangan Mimpi)..

    Yang pasti... 1 September harga pasaran minyak akan naik sekejap... jadi.. Takder la Pak Lah jadi nak turunkan harga minyak kat M'sia nih...

  33. Anonymous5:12 pm

    I would like the PM to answer these questions:

    1.What happens if the price of oil goes up again? Change the pump price again and confuse everybody and allow cheating & fraud?

    2. At the current price of diesel at RM2.70, the govt is subsidising 0 sen. Are diesel-users going to get a rebate for the subsidy that isn't?

    3. What assurance do we have that the price of foodstuff will drop in tandem? This IS the issue.

  34. anwar ibrahim already said during the debate with shabeery chik that the world oil price would reach a break point, after which the price would go down....

  35. To All the Voters in Permatang Pauh,

    If you have no interest in Politic, but what is your feeling whenever you pump the petrol nowadays? It’s concern with your money!

    Old Petrol Price RM1.92 Vs New Petrol Price RM2.70 per liter –RM0.78 or 41% UP

    Old Diesel Price RM1.58 Vs New Diesel Price RM2.58 per liter –RM1.00 or 63.3% UP

    Do you still remember the hectic on 5/6/2008 whereby thousand and thousand of motorist rush to
    the nearby petrol kiosk to fill up the petrol before the price increase on the next day 6/6/08?

    All the prices for food and necessity and etc had increase subsequently due to increase in the transportation cost!

    Now is the chance for the whole nations to enjoy lower Fuel Price!!! How??? The answer is simple!

    Pls utilize your ‘Holy Vote’ and Vote for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from Parti Keadilan Rakyat on 26/8/2008 !!!

    Once Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim successfully become the Member of Parliament with your ‘Holy Vote’,
    some of the Barison Nasional Parties Components will cross over and joint Pakatan Rakyat.

    The Pakatan Rakyat will form the Federal Government latest by 16th September 2008.

    The next day Pakatan Rakyat form the federal government, the petrol price will reduce to RM2.00 or even lower!

    Besides, if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim becomes the new Prime Minister, there will be massive development in your Permatang Pauh area!

    Believe it or not? That’s up to you! But what I know is, with Barisan Nasional continue in power, petrol price will never reduce to below RM2.00 but Pakatan Rakyat can!

    Therefore, no harm if you vote for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from Parti Keadilan Rakyat!!!

    Pls come out to vote on 26/8/2008! For those who are working on that day, pls apply leave regardless paid or unpaid leave!

    Every vote counts! Our aim is NOT ONLY WIN, but a BIG WIN for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim!!!
    Let’s create another political tsunami on 26/8/2008!!!

    If you know someone who is the voter in Permatang Pauh, pls forward to them and ask them to vote for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

    Even if you don’t know someone who is the voter in Permatang Pauh, pls do forward this email to whomever you know and highlight the word ‘Vote for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from Parti Keadilan Rakyat’. This is because your friends might know someone who is the voter in Permatang Pauh.

    In short, let’s circulate this email and pls forward this email to others.

    Citizens who suffer from High Fuel Prices

  36. i dont care what anyone else sasys here.i just hope that Pak Lah will consider to help us by reducing the oil price.

    if the govt stick to their words,then i wanna hear what Anwar has to say about it.

  37. UMNO will give back to slow as they can.......just like banks...charge fast...refund....very slow..but Permatang Puah by-election....may make the give before Tuesday.
    They need to slow beef up Petronas profits....and then take by the approve another UMNO for Telecom?

  38. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Has Pak Lah received Kamaluddin and Khairy's approval to do so?

    They fear not enough money for development ... hint hint ... projects for family

  39. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Look at how our govt. blunderred in their job...
    Say, if the petrol price are going to be reduced at per stated by Rocky Bru...are they still going to give rebate on renewal of road tax?
    If they continue to give, the govt. blunderred on their job...and if they stop giving... they have also blunderred on their previous givings...that's stop term thinking in their committee.

  40. Anonymous6:29 pm

    huh.. berpuluh2 tahun rakyat diperbodohkan dengan gula-gula pilihanraya.. sejak zaman apa nama mahadet tu lagi..

    nak turun harga, bukan main berkira tapi tang naikkan harga, tak teragak-agak langsung.

    nak turun, turun kan je la. tak yah lah hint hint pulak.

    -buzz lightmoon-

  41. Hope will be more by-election after Permatang Pauh.

    And hope Merlin coming and pull 16th Sept to come earlier so that PakLah admin could work overtime.

    Or maybe Anwar could propose 2 or 3 more dates for MPs, group by group, to crossover until end of the year. Let see how current gov. react.

    Even if we don't personally like Anwar, at least we need drive like this to teach Umno/BN some lessons. Poor Anwar....


  42. Bro, the drastic fuel price hike has done a lot of irreparable damage to ordinary citizens like you and me. We are now faced with higher cost of everything remotely connected to the fuel hike, so the billion dollar question is, if the Government reduce the fuel price, how would it now ensure that other price of goods would go down as well.

    A lesson for the Government is that the rate of fuel price increase should be steadily increased at say 10sen/liter at a time over a fixed period and never drastic increases which would also cause the inflation rate to go up.

  43. Anonymous1:20 am

    Hi All:

    I am going to be the CONTRARIAN here. In the first place, as a net producer of oil and net exporter too, and our export being of higher grades than the imported oils, the Government should NOT have raised rices the last time it did from RM1.92 per litre. It is reported that for every USD1 rise in world oilprices, NegaraKu gets USD200million more, so logically when world prices move North,our pump prices shouldmove South. It was the government who had 'siphoned" off the Petronas dollars elsewhere despite rising record net profits the past THREE financial years I had tracked the Petronas financials that resulted in theGovernment "pulling wool over the Rakayt's eyes" in justifying the last raise in pump prices citing "rising subsidies" when actually the Government via Petronas had been gaining MORE than the socalled subsidy rise!

    Because of the MYTH the BN government had itself created, with the world oil prices falling by some USD20 or more per barrel, we now would receive LESS for our oil exports, and good economics is that pump prices should have to be raised this time around.

    CAUGHT BY ITS OWN ILLOGIC, the BN government is now perpetuation a double "MYTH" that it's now being generous in lowering the pump prices (from Sept 1, 2008) because the world oil prices have declined.

    Well, the country is suckered and PM has been caught "napping" and the myth continues -- now I wonder when the people will wsie up to the fact that IT IS TO THE COUNTRY's NETT LOSS WHEN WORLD OIL PRICES GO DOWN. That's WHY DSAI at the last debate with the Info Minister said BEFORE THE MSARCH 8, 2008 GE, PKR COULD HAVE LOWERED THE PUMPPRICES (meaning to below RM1.92 per litre)...Well, Mr Nice Guy took everybody for a ride, and now the world oil market is giving him a trashing. Wonder if his RM20Billion BNM forex finance minister II will continue to mislead him by the nose. Both losers, and nowonder Malaysians have no more tears to weep for NegaaKu!

    God save us from such MORONS -- I think Dr M had his successor in mind too when he levelled that endearment at G. Soros?
    A: men
    ~~ YL, Desi

  44. Anonymous4:26 am

    (heha) : man : postpone the trip to KL.
    wife : why ?
    man : wait till petrol price down.
    wife : when ?
    man: soon lah .
    wife : how you know ?
    man : surelah b4 byelection !
    wife : my mum can't wait.
    man : tell her to subsudise lah !
    wife : berapa ?
    man : satu ringgit.
    mil : NO problem !
    man : per liter !
    mil : @#$%^&* !

  45. Anonymous9:27 am

    Please, Pak Rocky - I thought that you have a better grasp of economic fundamentals than what you have posted in your blog.

    In the first place, how will the govt ever do away with fuel subsidies which is estimated to be in excess of RM20 billion this year, even with reduced crude oil prices?

    How do you explain the fact, as was pointed out recently in the Spore Biz Times, that Malaysia is heading into a 11th straight year of federal budget deficit? Fuel subsidies form a big part of this deficit.

    Yes, the petrol price in Spore has gone down 29 cents (69 sen) a litre between July 9 and Aug 6. The diesel price has gone down 23 cents (55 sen) a litre during the same period.

    Yet, after these price reductions, fuel prices in Spore (per litre, before discounts) are:

    92-octane petrol: S$1.963 (RM4.67)
    95-octane petrol: S$1.996 (RM4.75)
    98-octane petrol: S$2.07 (RM4.93)
    diesel (Euro IV spec): S$1.803 (RM4.29)

    You also neglected to point out, as was analysed in a Spore newspaper report, that pump prices for petrol and diesel ARE NOT directly related to crude oil prices.

    In the Spore context, the wholesale price of refined gasoline and refined diesel makes up about 50 per cent of the pump price.

    Excise duties and Goods & Services Taxes make up another 30 per cent of the pump price.

    The rest of the pump price is made up of the petrol companies' operating costs - land, logistics, utilities, salaries etc - all of which are subject to inflation.

    So, if the PM says that petrol and diesel prices in Msia are going to come down, he should let us know just how much revenue the govt is collecting in excise duties and sales taxes on the retail prices of petrol and diesel. Have these figures ever been made public?

  46. Anonymous9:58 am

    The announcement will be timed just before the PP byelections.


  47. When do we go to Thailand & Singapore to pump petrol instead? :D

  48. Make my word..this flip-flop PM will announce the revise fuel price not later than 25/8..eventhough he and his goons said that no revision till early Sept...Thanks to Permatang Pauh by election.Take whatever BN give,but vote for Pakatan Rakyat,as we have bigger reform to be done..

  49. Anonymous1:13 pm

    (heha) : hey, 1066, if I'm earning sing $$$$, what is 1.96 man !?

  50. Anonymous1:21 pm

    (heha): LCW : why are we flying to kedah instead of penang ?
    xxx : kedah is bigger !
    LCW : my brother is in penang airport waiting for me !
    xxx : we know.
    LCW : LGE wants to see me too !
    xxx : we know. that's why we are landing in kedah !
    LCW : ha ! why...why ...!?
    xxx : you want 300k or not ?
    LCW : yes please.
    xxx : TUTUP MULUT then !
    LCW : ...@#$%^&*...!!

  51. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Dah orang nak turunkan harga, ada macam2 pulak yang cakap. Tak turun bising, dah nak turunkan bising jugak. Ni lah kerja pencacai yang sentiasa nak cari salah orang.

  52. Anonymous5:23 pm

    (heha) :
    wife : bang, u right lah, petrol down b4 byelection instead of 1st sept, kerajaan very good lah, must sokong bn ....!!
    man : good...good your stupid head ! only 15 sen ...@#$%^&*...!
    anwar said at least 50 sen if he the PM !!
    wife : so bila go KL ah !?
    man : go..GO your HEAD ah !!
    wife : but my mum wants to go !
    man : ok, subsidise rm1/liter or walk there !
    mil&wife : WHAT....from....ipoh !?
    man : YES, that's rite !
    mil : ...@#$%^&*...b4 you married anak ku , singapore also you take me ..NOW ,ask me to walk to KL ....
    ...@#$%^&*...niapak u ...!!
    man : why petrol so mahal !?...dun blame me...BLAME the ...!!