Thursday, August 21, 2008

Will Adnan be given the RM18 B project?

Najib to decide. The Cabinet Committee on Broadband meets today to discuss a proposal by a company chaired by the Pahang Menteri Besar to take over a billion-ringgit 10-year broadband project from TM, a public-listed company. According to a foreign bank's report, TM officials met the Deputy Prime Minister for half an hour or so earlier this week to discuss their fate.

My earlier posting here on why Adnan should not be considered.


  1. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Only in Malaysia do we have a Menteri Beasr physically and publicly demonstrating a sheer act of disgust. Obscene? You be the judge. And now he's in line for a RM18billion proposal? The PM must be reminded that physical gesture act is sure sign of evil. The Deputy PM must surely be reminded too. There's just no two ways about it.

  2. That Moron should be given a RM 10 project Broadbanding his Brains in Bentong.

  3. Anonymous1:14 pm

    If ACA dare to handcuff Najib, that will be the story!

  4. Maybe the gomen operates on the same principles as some do on major purchases - if it's expensive, it must be good?

    But then I can also show you the number of lemons I have for which I have paid an arm & leg!

    Caveat Emptor or is it Empty Caveat?

  5. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Depends on Adnan's proposal to "spread" the riches. That usually decides the fate of any mega project.


  6. Anonymous2:14 pm

    I read that some Japanese technology supplier would be involved. Shades of Perwaja Steel surfacing again? I also read that no Govt. funding is involved. Sounds too good to be true. I never knew the Japs loved us that much. Or is it another case where the fundings are provided by the supplier but guaranteed by the Govt. and then a short while down the road, taxpayers money are used again to compensate all sorts of failed commitments while the perpetrators/promoters/cronies etc. laugh all the way to the banks?

    Sodomised Taxpayer

  7. I see only 2 things in this whole episode -
    1. TN officials met with DPM and DPM promised them that all TM staff will be absorbed into the company helmed by Adnan, the MB of Pahang;
    2. If there is any complains made to the authorities in terms od possible misuse of power/corruption, the verdict will be that the whole thing is done above board;

    Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

  8. Anonymous3:55 pm

    Well, the general perception is that it all depends which one gives the decision-maker more commission plus guarantee it (the commission) will not leak to the opposition.

  9. Does anyone have a clue as to the terms of this last-minute $18 billion offer or whether it is a private-sector initiative?

    Knowing how things usually work out M'sia Inc, it is likely to be a $2 company with a 51 year monopoly pioneer-status (zero tax)concession with a Govt (read taxpayers)bail-out clause if things get bad. And they will use TM's infra-structure and have access to their customer data-base for free.

  10. Anonymous4:52 pm



  11. Anonymous5:24 pm

    saya kira ada bagusnya juga project itu diberikan kepada syarikat milik kerajaan negeri pahang..

    hasil keuntungannya boleh diguna sedikit sebanyak bagi meringankan beban rakyat pahang

    jangan lihat kepada kesilapan adnan sahaja membutuhkan ahli pas semasa pilihanraya di sanggang..

    kami di pahang mengenali adnan lebih baik dari anda..dengan keupayaan kewangan yang terhad,tanpa perlu dihebah2kan, golongan pelajar, miskin,ibu tunggal dan warga tua sgt2 merasa sedikit nikmat kurniaan allah kepada negeri pahang...

    buktinya..pahang kekal diperintah BN semasa tsunami politik melanda negara...

    jangan abaikan faktor adnan..

    farid, kuala lipis, pahang

  12. Anonymous10:28 pm


  13. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Another UMNO project by Umnoputras to rob the poor Malays who they swear to protect.

    Raja Chulan

  14. Anonymous10:31 pm

    sure, the project goes to adnan. Despite the company never has track-record like TM. But who care. Funny, for this project, it goes to smaller budget wherelse in government tender did stated that lowers dont necessary win the tender. But who cares, the chairman of the tender is DPM from Pahang, the winner company is also from Pahang. Any hanky-panky for the RM18billion ke?

    zamri bandar sunway semenyih

  15. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Hah! Good luck!

    If he get;s it, he'll be accussed of corruption. If he doesn't get it .. hahaah.

    By the way, anyone noticed that Malaysian Insider had a story on the LGE KTK debate but now its disappeared?

    Political pressure issit?

    ma azman

  16. As a matter of National Interest, TM should rightfully be given the Broadband job as they have the necessary infrastructure and manpower already in place.

    Furthermore Bro as you rightly pointed out in your "18 Billion Ringgit Man" article and I agree its a no brainer decision to choose TM's RM11.6billion proposal over that of Adnan's RM18.6billion proposal.

    TM should go to the Courts to get justice if somehow Adnan's group get the nod from the Cabinet Committee on Broadband. Heck, call in the rejuvenated BPR also to ensure no abuse of power.

  17. dont you think it's odd for DSAI to have his own daughter in his cabinet line up?!

    isnt that would be considered a big scam cronyism?

    i hope he wont be that stupid.

  18. Anonymous9:11 am

    As many has pointed out, whoever gives the most under the table gets the job and depending whose palm is been greased. The amount will surely exceed the submarine and Sukoi purchases and there is no secret who is making the decision. Hopefully no one gets blown up with C4.
    Malay Sia Boleh

  19. Anonymous9:15 am

    Sorry for getting off-topic guys but here’s the transcript of a Press Conference given by 4B Youth Movement and UMNO member in Ipoh on August 18th, 2008.


  20. IF this is robbing the Malays, why the Uitm students did not picket?

    I will not subsribe to this provider if Adnan gets it. Remember his rude gesture? He can't properly manage Pahang, what about a RM18 billion investment?

  21. I don't know what to call this. Either it's robbing from the poors or dumping the rakyat's money into the sea.

    A sure case of failed initiative, with the Govt on standby with the rakyat money to bail out.

    TM's bid of RM11.6b against Adnan's RM18.6b. With its expertise, structure, manpower and lower bid, TM still lose out.

    Even a moron can be more rationale.

    A very sad state of affairs.

    abROcadabRO @

  22. Anonymous11:29 am

    JUst like ali baba & 40 thieves, 1 billion for A, 1b for me, 1b for B, 1b for me,1 b for C, 1 b for me......
    nothings strange in BN tender!

  23. Anonymous11:48 am


    There is something strange going on. The maths does not add up.

    Adnan's proposal is RM18.0 Billion, this is RM6.7 Billion MORE than TM's proposal of RM11.3 billion. Adnan's proposal is 60% higher.

    BUT the Star says that Adnan's proposal suffers a capital expenditure of ONLY RM7,200 per line. This is lower than TM's proposal that suffers a capex of RM8,700 per line. This means under Adnan's proposal the capital expenditure or capex is 20% cheaper than TM's.

    So how can Adnan's total cost for the project be 60% HIGHER (RM6.7 billion more) than TM's proposal?

    Obviously Adnan's proposal is going to cream off a lot of money.

    When overpriced big tickets like these are floated, a General Election may be called. You need to pay for grease.


  24. Anonymous8:36 pm

    tm competent? just look at streamyx, even egypt has faster & cheaper connections. don't even come close to singtel. after all these years they still couldn't get it right. anyone else but tm.


  25. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Broadband in Malaysia.THATS A JOKE IF UMNO IS STILL ALIVE !!
    TM would not allow fair competition..even among local competitors.
    MALAYSIANS..if you want superbroadband, migrate to Korea.


  26. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Adnan doesn't have too good a record, I agree. But what I'm more interested in are the details of Pahang's bid. Can someone explain this?

    BTW I don't think it's fair to jump in so fast and simply accuse this as surely being "another hanky-panky, Umnoputra, BN-whatever" project. At least let's look at what's on the table first.

  27. Why waste RM6.7 bil? what do Adnan co. know abt broad band? 26 mil Msian, each pay RM257 extra?
    Each family of 4 pay extra RM1028 ?
    This is too much !
    No wonder, all Barang Naik !

  28. So what do you guys propose ??

    If Adnan does not get the contract, everything goes back to tmnet, which gives us sheeeeeets.

    I am not saying that Adnan is a good guy or all that, but the alternative (tmnet) is an already proven scum.

  29. Anonymous4:27 pm

    is adnan someone's proxy?


  30. Anonymous4:57 pm

    (heha): aiyah, b4 the 16th better u 1b, i 1b , he 1b, she 1b ...or NO chance oredi !!


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