Sunday, August 10, 2008

For the love of the Jalur Gemilang

I thoroughly agree with Sheih (Kickdefella) that Malaysia is a nation in distress ... However, I decided against flying the flag upside down for my own reasons ... - Tehsin Mukhtar of Me Only Better
Not flying it upside down. On Aug 3, Sheih launched a campaign to fly the Jalur Gemilang upside down as a symbol of the People's Frustration and a signal that the nation is in distress. Several blogs quickly declared their support for this cyber-strike.

But some of them have since changed their minds. They found out that they didn't have the heart to do it.

Pasquale of Barking Magpie is one of them:
"I can sense something that I thought I will never feel again. There are a lot of you morons out there that truly love your country very much. Then by all mean defend it people! .... So here is our beloved Flag!"
On Aug 5, the day I put up my own posting, Engku Emran of Between My Legs, a n old buddy and a new kid on the blog, called me up. He said he was disturbed by the whole upside-down flag business. We met at the Press Club that night to talk about the Jalur Gemilang.

Afterwards, he made a posting here that captures his pain:
"some bloggers have put up our beloved jalur gemilang upside down on their blogs as a sign of cyber-strike...apparently it is also the global code of distress signal...i was and still am terribly disturbed by this recent development...not by their actions (doesn't mean im for it though) but for the very fact that i care for the well being of all...again pls don't get me wrong here as the last thing i want is to mislead any1... I just need to get it off my chest thats all...good nite Malaysia..."
My own posting here drew well over 130 comments; easily more than 90 per cent were strongly against the idea of flying the flag upside-down as a sign of protest.

The overwhelming objection didn't come as a surprise. In early July, when I launched my own cyber-strike not all my blogger bros and sisters were supportive of my action or sympathietic with the reasons for going on the 48-hour strike (which were the same very reasons that compelled Sheih to launch his upside-down flag campaign).

Marina Mahathir and Wong Chun Wai went on strike even before I did as they were fed-up with the way politicians were treating the people and how things were going for the economy. But the two, especially Marina, had even less sympathy from som e fellow bloggers (please read Wattahack's Oh! How Hate Blinds Thee!).

I have decided to fly the Jalur Gemilang, full-stop. I will fly it not upside down nor half-mast, but the way it's supposed to be flown. Like Tehsin and Pasquale and Engku Emran (and Marina, Wong Chun Wai and Wattahack), I agree with Sheih that we are a nation in trouble. I won't go on another strike to prove that point because I believe I've proven my point.

For me, Sheih has proven his point and I hope that on August 31, when our nation celebrates her 51st Merdeka, we'll fly the flag together. Not upside down, not half-mast.


  1. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Yup... Let's leave the dignified flag alone. Alternatively why don't we instead display upside down photos of the PM and his cabinet and of whoever else instrumental in plunging the country into distress.


  2. Great to know that you have taken this stance. I am also very proud of the fact that you reversed your decision. You demonstrated that you were not a hypocrite - and justified that. Congrats Rocky! Have a beautiful month of the flag!


  3. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Honesty is missing though, not from you alone but from all the masqueraders who pretend to be patriots and try to deceive the feeble minded with sophistry and petty concoctions. The flag should be retained as it is and I agree with you on that. But to say that you protested against the politicians is a naked revisionism. You simply protested againt the man you hate with your lungs and liver: Badawi Ahmad, the PM and not against each and every politician. You simply protested after your repeated sodomy II infamy coverage didn't go through as wanted. May be you forgot that you were no longer the only blogger. May be you thought you were still at the Malay Mail to dish out vanished lies and utter bunkum as was the case before. I respect you but please let's not have this naivety that the people don't understand what they want and where to proceed. This mentality that the people can't read between the lines and grasp the truth. This notion that the people can't seperate the bunkum from the truth. Blaming one person (Abdullah) and exonerating other scumbags that give him all the bad image from his Deputy to his infamous SIL to other nefarious minions is missing the point and being unpatriotic and a liar. And one wonders why should we pretend that we can do much good by praising the flag when scumbags carry it. The flag is a piece of cloth that has no meaning when its carriers don't understand the higher purpose of its exsistence. May the truth save us all. Amin!

    The "patriotism" that certain elements in our motherland (though I live in Poland) perpetuate is the one that Emma Goldman has captured when she famously remarked:

    "Patriotism ... is a superstition artificially created and maintained through a network of lies and falsehoods; a superstition that robs man of his self-respect and dignity, and increases his arrogance and conceit."

  4. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Thank you Rocky,

    Jalur Gemilang is the symbol of Malaysian's faith in the future. We shall rebuild this nation!


  5. Anonymous3:54 pm

    Thank you Rocky,

    Jalur Gemilang is the symbol of Malaysian's faith in the future. We shall rebuild this nation!


  6. Anonymous4:03 pm

    whateverlah, if people want to fly it upside down or not at all, it is up to them. as a 3rd class citizen of this country, I have no reasons for flying the flag, nationalism or anything that has to do with Malaysians democracy. RPK said it best. the Malays have failed us all & there is no getting through to them. warped mindset.

  7. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Tu lah brudder. Lain kali, pikir panjang dulu. Jgn main sokong je (to borrow a phrase from TDM).
    Alahai, ramai benar raja/ratu drama dan emotional diCyberworld, ya.


  8. And that stubborn 'kicdefella" ..Shieh put out an up-side down flag his blog....indicating 31st August.
    He wants to be SON of 'Lone Ranger"...his boss...Husam.
    But if he can throw out his "papa monsterball"...decorating me with so many loving titles...he can throw out anyone.
    This man is badly influenced...since living in Kota Baru.
    How weak is his mind?

  9. 1. Jerubu pulak ?

    2. Ok, atleast better.

    3. I hope kalau boleh menjelang 31.8.08 'jerubu' akan hilang dan Jalur Gemilang nampak lebih jelas.

  10. Salaam Bro,

    Manusia merdeka adalah manusia yang tahu apa yang dia mahu dan bagaimana untuk berusaha untuk mendapatkkannya. Dia mungkin berjaya dan dia mungkin tidak, tetapi dia itu tidak menjejaskan haknya didalam membuat pilihan. Pilihan yang dibuatnya mungkin mendapat tentangan dan mungkin mendapat sokongan, tetapi sebagai seorang yang merdeka pilihan itu adalah miliknya.

    Bro, saudara adalah seorang yang merdeka. Syabas! Saya bangga dengan kebebasan saudara membuat pilihan.

    Mereka yang merdeka tidak akan takut kepada perbezaan pendapat, perbezaan warna kulit dan perbezaan adab budaya, apalagi takut kepada perbezaan kepercayaan.

    Ramai yang bergantung harap pada saudara untuk memimpin mereka menjari jalan-jalan merdeka itu.

    Patah Sayap Terbang Jua.

  11. I am touched by your posting. The Jalur Gemilang deserves our utmost respect.

  12. Anonymous5:19 pm

    Rockyfella, ultimately this godforsaken Bolehland country will go to the dogs ...with the wretched Jalur Gemilang (or whatever nonsense name it is called) shred to pieces by the bloody mutts of religious big and racial supremacy.

    Who gives a damn about the flag anyway? To wrap around your head like diapers? To soak your blood in a racist massacre of insanity? Let sleeping dogs lie..., my dear non-Islamist brothers and sisters.

    If you aint happy here the pastures are always greener on the other side of heaven. It is every which way but loose that we can overcome the barking dogs of religious intolerance hounding our compound even if Anwar Ibrahim comes to power.

    Even worst should Najib Razak ever be enthroned. A bleak future indeed...

  13. Good boy. The flag is innocent.

  14. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Marina should pack up and ready to follow her father in self-exile to Manchu Pichu. She can continue on her strike for ever.Who cares!!!


  15. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Saudara Brew
    Kelantan the heartland of puppet-play (or is it shadow play) is a must visit for any tourist. Only then will all and sunder realise how religious fanaticism is being played out in the west coast.
    Its all a game isn’t it? I mean, flying the flag upside down…? Blogger arrested for defacing a logo… shouldn’t it be copyright infringement rather than sedition. Phew! Go figure…
    Was, initially thinking to refrain from commenting on developments in recent weeks cause it would simply serve no purpose. The MSM leaves much to be desired, scribes who are worth their pinch of salt disassociate themselves for obvious reasons, and leadership of these print houses would seem directionless. How else can one explain why the oldest daily is magnanimously accorded the bronze slate in present rankings amongst English newspapers.
    Anwargate has unlocked a Pandora box as to how selective policing is carried out. Opinions obtained revealed no other individual would be accorded the status heaped upon the alleged perpetrator of the alleged crime - taken into custody, released and later issued a notification to appear in court.
    The rule of thumb here it would seem is for one to be held for almost two weeks before charges are filed.
    And, that too only if the Attorney General has decided to file charges. Failing which one is simply released on bail, and that too after spending two weeks behind bars.
    Recently, US Republicans’ Senator Stevens faced charges but the manner it went was totally different. Like local politics, there is a Republic – Democrat countdown, but the Justice Departments disclosure of politics kept out of the decision-making process into the Stevens case, and that the case’s evaluation was based of the facts and the law is an eye-opener.
    In the UK, one can only be held for 24 hours during which charges are to be filed. Hence one can understand why there are serious considerations for UK’s Bill of Rights, and this is despite a current human rights legislation is place.
    The basic preamble to the Bill’s conceptualisation was that a Bill of Rights necessary to protect the liberty of the individual. Isn’t this necessary for a civil society?
    As mentioned earlier, would have refrained from commenting on developments here until Saturday’s gathering outside the Bar Council which has left a bitter taste.
    One observer, in retrospect, quipped how the sight and manner events unfolded took one down memory lane, to that November Saturday, to the Malay (now Indonesian) heartland of Chow Kit… was it APCET or APCET II.
    It would seem then that East Timor was to have been an Indonesian internal affair; hence the role of then government backed hecklers who are now Opposition politicians.
    If eyewitness accounts of that Saturday afternoon were anything to go by, it would seem even then mob violence ruled the day, leaving police to be a mere subservient and condescending lot.
    Even then, organisers were urged to bring the curtains down on the event. And the deportations, which swiftly followed, leaves the ongoing Sabah crackdown pale in comparison.
    Where have things moved on to since… East Timor is now recognised, Malaysia has much investments there, not to mention strategic interests.
    So what was all that puppet play all about then, and what was the recent Saturday’s puppet play all about?
    The weekends’ event has drawn numerous postings some even from ballistic thinking individuals who do not deserve mention.
    There are those out there who fear their own shadow, and using puppets are playing out their game for their gain.
    It was also said… Fools have hindsight!

    Sekadar diPinggiran

  16. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Many tks bro for heeding the right request.

    Right not because it is the majority view, rather it's b'cause JUSTICE means putting things at the right place.

  17. Anonymous6:04 pm

    UMNO has already turned the country upside down, the flag beloongs to all Malaysian, lets keep it flying high but shit on umno flag and stick the keris in cowpie.
    Hate UMNO

  18. Do I salute the Jalur Gemilang when scumbags reign?

    Do I salute the Jalur Gemilang when the leadership sees us as a nation of Malays first, then Chinese and Indians and if they get lucky, all the rest get mentioned.

    Do I salute the Jalur Gemilang when my leaders have made sure the country achieves a place in the Guiness Book Of World Records for having the largest proportion of any country's population who have heard, spoken and/or even know what "sodomy" is?

    Do I salute the Jalur Gemilang when now you have mothers and sons talking about sodomy?

    Do I salute the Jalur Gemilang when I am told by the Prime Minister a lie, like anwar having self-inflicted his black-eye and yet after the truth is established, he never apologises?

    Do I salute the Jalur Gemilang when I am led by leaders who find their honour in my respect and regard for the flag when the courts are judiciously sodomised in order to ensure truth does not come out?

    Do I salute the Jalur Gemilang when my leaders, by their actions, tell me and my children that it is quite alright to lie, to steal, to plunder and to disobey the law?

    Do I salute the jalur gemilang when my leaders involvements explain away paying off hundreds of millions in commissions which no other country would pay on purchase of dated submarines and helicopters?

    Do I salute the Jalur Gemilang when a screw driver that costs RM32 or whatever now costst he taxpaer a couple of hundred ringgit and more?

    Rocky Bro, these leaders have hijacked our votes that gave them the two-third majority previously as a stamp of approval to do anything and everything up to now. I will never forget when they kept reminding everyone "that this is what the people want because they keep giving us the two-third majority". I guess the people also approved Zakaria Deros' palace which stands till today as a monumnet of absolute corruption.

    No Rocky, I am not going to lift a hand to lift the jalur gemilang lest these creeps use that as a sign of my recognition of them as my leaders and my approval of all their actions.

  19. Terima Kasih


    Selamat Menyambut Kemerdekaan ke 51.

    Biarlah keadaan sekarang agak kecoh sedikit tapi takdelah teruk mana. Tapi kalau teruk sekalipun tidak perlulah kita malu atau takut, ini kan rumah kita.

    Hujan emas di negeri orang,
    hujan batu di negeri sendiri,
    lebih baik negeri sendiri.

  20. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Basketball men olympic compettition live tonight:

    USA vs China

    i`m flying USA flag.....

    Go USA Go...

  21. I am against hanging the flag upside down. I am also, determined not to raise the flag on 51st Merdeka day or participate in all he events held.
    There is nothing to celebrate, I am showing my disgust. Better kick my legs up, take advantage of the holiday.

  22. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Warsaw -Poland

    You are a pathetics sceptic.

  23. Anonymous8:28 pm

    i am disappointed with you. although in democracy, one follows the majority, it doesn't mean that the majority is right. That is conformism.

    why do you guys not complain when the flag is flown half mast when someone dies? it is not sacrilegous to fly a flag half mast; so why not upside down.

    with all the going ons in the country, Merdeka carries a different meaning. we may be merdekaed from the British, but our minds are still under the nutshell.


  24. Dear Rocky

    THANK you for "reversing" the comrade urge to conform and support fellow bloggers.

    You have my respect.

  25. I wish I can understand Sheih's message properly.
    He is talking human behaviors??
    Why...I am 69 years old and have eaten more salt than him...seen eating rice...seen more...done more..will love to learn something from him.....about human beings.
    I am sure he put out...because of my message about him.
    Why in Bahasa?
    Be brave...lets talk with a straight tongue.
    Do you have one Sheih??
    Ambil bodek is an art...not everyone can master.

  26. Anonymous9:15 pm

    YES! we should leave our flag alone. The idea of hoisting it is irrelevent since it doesn't represent what 'those irrational bloggers' were refering too..
    It is an immature way to display dissatisfaction over something.
    Hey, maybe they are paid to do it?! Just to create another chaos in the virtual world of Malaysia.

  27. Good show.

    I did think it was a tad juvenile if not downright bloody archaic.

    Flying the country's flag or ensign upside down is essentially a maritime distress signal. But even distressed vessels dont do this nowadays. They shoot off rocket parachute flares instead ... heheh.

  28. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Bro, now you get my back my respect.

  29. Anonymous10:09 pm

    Ancient mariner...

    Will bazookas do? Flare tak de lah...

  30. Finally you rationalize it throughly! To everyone else, there is no point raising it upside down, no point showing YOUR distress level at our beloved Jalur Gemilang...

    - -

  31. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Don u think that its about time we change or redesign the whole flag? ..lets say thro a competition open to all malaysians.

    Its a pity really, except for the crescent, our flag looks more like a carbon copy of US. So is our controversial national anthem.. some says a ciplak of an indonesian/french song.

    Lets have more originality as an independance nation..something as a symbol that we all can be proud of.. MERDEKA!

  32. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Merdeka day is just around the corner, but the flags are missing rocky. I saw some along the highway southbound and that's all. There's none in my housing estate.

    I've lost the celebrative mood. It's gone. I feel jilted!

    I'm sad rocky, two friends of mine are planning to leave. Two good, intelligent brains with recognised overseas university degree. They wanted so badly to serve the country and they have tried the many avenues. But alas, the system has made it difficult for them.

    I'm sad rocky.


  33. Anonymous11:28 pm

    You the man bro. A true blogger who dare to admit your mistake. Your children should be proud of you . Not like someone who have great power and influence....setting a vey bad examples to all the people regardless of race and age


  34. Bro Rocky saya sokong anda.

    We should leave the Jalur Gemilang out of politics and/or economics.

  35. Anonymous12:10 am

    (heha) : no flag at all whether upside or downside !
    i dun even want to celebrate & watch the parade live, too SORROWFUL !!

  36. Anonymous1:25 am

    There are many ways showing our frustration the the gov...

    I would rather suggest all drivers and motocylists to horn their vehichles for 3 minute on a specific date and time to mourn for the present government. Then we will have another Malaysia BOLEH record in the history- a truely MALAYSIAN Boleh record!

  37. Anonymous3:55 am

    flag similarities exist all over the world, look at Indonesia, Monaco, Poland and Singapore. Also look at Yemen, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. Just because we use stripes style doesn't mean we copy US flag. those flag of other nations also similar because they use bi-color and tri-color style.


  38. The nation is not in distress.It's Anwar and Mahathir in distress.One wanted power and the other one out of power.

    Come on ! Malaysians wake up.

    Badawi might not be the best man for the job, I agree, he has some weaknesses,but it is even more appalling that Malaysians stupidly think only in this country prices of everything have gone up.They complained about the rising prices of fuel,when,infact, it is still cheaper than many other countries.

    Not getting two-thirds in parliament doesn't make one a stupid prime minister.The most stupid President of the U.S. got voted in twice.George Bush, not by any measure,is considered an intellectual or even smart.You don't have to be an intellectual to be smart and Bush is neither one of them.

    Badawi should be thrown out by the democratic process, not by Anwar's or Mahathir's formula.

    Come to Sabah and learn how to throw out a lousy government democratically and for you West Malaysians(my apology for the segregation)the two men who had been most undemocratic and cheated a duly elected government was none other than Anwar and Mahathir.

    Who gave us freedom of expression?

    Bloggers are smart people,they have herd instinct, they should know the answer to that question.

  39. Son of Lone Ranger have changed be Robin Hood!!
    Robin the hoodlum....rob the rich...give to the poor.
    I remember we had Botak Chin doing that..and was shot dead.It seems...even now....some do pray at his graveyard.
    This is the month of ghost.
    It is a month of those Mongolian girl..and Bodak come haunting their killers.
    Just watch the funny actions of some UMNO leaders and police leaders......It is the guilty conscience haunting them...hahahahahahaha
    It is also the month..kickdefella...beomes the son of Robin more Lone Ranger.
    See how fickle minded he has become.

  40. Malaysia I am proud but the way!!

    The Flag is cool but not those stupid bloggers wanting to fly it upside down....even ameoba smarter than those racist bigots.

    Wear Black on Merdeka 08...Death of Freedom in Malaysia on 51st Merdeka...What merdeka.....getting from bad to worst.

    When the time comes its insurance, territory then discuss.....

    and by the way CURSES on Malaysia with that Songkok and baju kurung on class lah...malu aje tengok bukan melayu DIPAKSA pakai songkok dan seragam melayu....Prejudice Protocol yang tidak membanggakan!!.....Go and hang the songkok and seragam melayu upside down better......a prejudice protocol force upon non-malays to show the world ...Malaysia masih Latar Belakang......

    Malu sokong Malaysia....Sumpah sesiapa dan keluarga mereka yang paksa mereka bukan melayu pakai songkok dan seragam melayu.

    Paksa = dhimi = Tak Nak Songkok

  41. Bro Rocky ... Sorry I'm going on a wrong topic here but can SOMEONE please remind our 'tulus' of a man PM that oil prices has been declining for the past 3 wks ... so how about executing the so called "intelligent" system of the floating pertol/diesel prices thingy. Or is all the hupla just a cloudy bluff to us all ... We could use some decrease in the prices ... to head into Merdeka & Puasa ... Just a reminder! Thanks & Keep on the good work.

  42. Flying it according our will.
    We can love our country in many ways.

  43. Anonymous11:13 am

    The nation is at crossroads.
    Its people have to decide.
    Dont we love each other.
    Why is there so much racism.
    Dont we portray Malaysia as a united muhibbah nation to other nations even via CNN adverts.
    Then why the wanton name calling and curses even during the recent forum demonstrations.
    The FLAG only shows its full meaning when the nation's people understand each other problems and try to solve them together.

  44. /// Brunt Council said...
    Warsaw -Poland
    You are a pathetics sceptic. ///

    On the contrary, I think Warsaw-Poland made a lot of sense.

    Crunt Council, how about rebutting his points instead of making a sweeping statement?

  45. Anonymous11:42 am

    Rocky, flip-flop, flip-flop. Your blog is getting more irrelevant and inconsequential by the day. What a shame.

  46. Thank you Bro ,somehow deep down i knew you would not fly the Jalur Gemilang upside down.

  47. Anonymous12:09 pm

    bro... huuuuu huuuuu... m touched! sob...know what?...sob... i was talking to a few malaysian PR this morning. listening to how they appreciate, love and adore this country almost prompted me to go to dataran merdeka and climb up that tallest flag pole!

    if foreigners, too, know how good a place named malaysia is, why cant we?

    except for those trying to steer it out of direction, we, ANAK-ANAK MALAYSIA should always be there to correct it!


    'di mana bumi dipijak, di situlah langit dijunjung'

    'hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, adalah lebih baik di negeri sendiri'.

    PS... imagine being a persona-non-grata...

  48. I, for one, will not fly the national flag upside down. I'm against the government, not the country, and certainly not the people. Malaysia is a beautiful place with beautiful people. Unfortunately she is getting screwed on a daily basis by the reckless, greedy, incompetent bunch of monkeys.

  49. BebasBersuara: Perjuangan belum selesai! Usah diterbalikkan bendera Malaysia. Kempen ini adalah kempen yang tidak bermaruah!

    Jika marahkan UMNO/BN usah ditumbangkan bendera Malaysia, jika marahkan pemimpin usah diterbalikkan bendera Malaysia. Perbuatan tidak bermaruah ini hanya menghina pihak lain. Fikiran apa yang merasuki jiwa mu sehinggakan mahu diterbalikkan jalur gemilang?! Di satu sudut bendera itu terdapat warna kuning. Apa fungsi warna tersebut? Apa gunanya warna tersebut? Siapakah golongan yang dimaksudkan yang menggunakan warna kuning tersebut?

    Kamu turut menghina raja-raja Melayu! Raja-raja Melayu lambang perpaduan Melayu. Golongan apakah kamu yang mahu menghina raja Melayu? Bangsa apa kamu yang berkehendakan maruah raja-raja Melayu diterbalikkan? Jika kamu menterbalikkan bendera Malaysia, kamu tidak ubah seperti ADUN di Terengganu yang menghina Tuanku Sultan demi mencapai cita-cita politik.

    Perlihara bendera kamu umpama ibu yang kamu sayangi. Tanah air mu adalah tanah tumpah darahmu! masakan mungkin kamu membiarkan tanah air mu diterbalikkan.

  50. Dear Rocky Bru

    Terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kerana akan mengebarkan jalur gemilang tinggi tanpa aib.

    I agree with you that our beloved country is in distress. Nevertheless, by flying it upside down do not eliminate the problem.

    My concern is that there are group of people with simple mind may view flying the flag upside down is the right and only way to solve the issue.

    I am concern of foreign press who may manipulate the flying of the flag upside down into a bigger issue.

    The rakyats are not blind to see that our nation is in distress, but we also feel that the flag is part of our nation that deserve respect and dignity from all.

  51. We thank all readers/bloggers/rakyat response to the campaign and sharing their opinions with us. We learn from our misgivings and celebrate our triumph together as a nation.

    I ask again, has Bernama not one trained journalist? Cop this Olympic story
    - everything revealed, except no mention at all of what bloody sport is involved.
    NEVER assume your reader's pre-knowledge on specialist subjects!!!!

  53. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Baguslah jika ada yang sedar dengan tindakan bodoh menterbalikkan jalur gemilang. Jika marahkan kerajaan sekalipun, tak perlu berbuat demikian. Ia adalah satu tindakan bodoh yang dilakukan oleh mereka yang pendek akalnya..Ikut sangat perasaan dan hati, maka akal tidak berguna lagi..Hasilnya jalur gemilang diterbalikkan... Banyak lagi cara lain kalau nak protes...

  54. Anonymous5:14 pm

    you dont know me but i respect you and i'm happy you took back the initial plan to hoist Jalur Gemilang upside down.the flag belong to all Malaysian and not just some political our respect to our country.there's still hope for all of us! :)

  55. Anonymous5:34 pm

    semua nak tiru barat.orang barat terbalik bendera orang kita nak tiru jugak

    bila orang barat share bini dengan kawan2 kenapa korang taknak ikut?

    harapkan umur je bangka tapi otak udang.sama la macam si bakaq penarik beca tu.dah kena maki baru la terhegeh2 menyesal,nak mintak maaf

    macam ong tee kiat kata...benda dah hitam buat macam mana pun tak akan jadi putih

    moral cerita:jangan jadi pak turut...tuhan bagi kepala otak tu pakai la.jangan buat perhiasan...letak pajak gantung


  56. does that mean that pak lah flip flopping is acceptable? he might have a reason when its flip than flop...

    he's the leader and he's supposed not to flip flop all the times... while you are mere blogger... and when you're flip flopping, we don't bother...

    whatever it is... you have the points and i'm fully respect it... so as sheih...

    i hope sheih will continue his campaign and i'm with sheih... and truly believe, many won't bother whether we put the flag ass-up or otherwise...

  57. Anonymous12:40 am

    Look how proud we were last year celebrating this event, how abt this yr will we be having the same feeling now giving the current happenings? I guess we will not be saying things like since 50 so years hve passed the unity of our people are stronger, everyone is honest and not corruptable etc etc.

    God save our people from the wolves

  58. Anonymous12:47 am

    We're still quite far away from the point where our social & political situation has degraded to the point that warrants an upside down flag. We're not yet Zimbabwe, where inflation is now over a million.

    But we're on the way...

  59. Anonymous9:30 am

    Yeah! Three cheers for Bro Rocky!!!to go against is much braver than to a take a stance that you yourself know is wrong.

  60. Anonymous10:45 am

    Jalur Gemilang is the symbol of Malaysian's faith in the future. We shall rebuild this nation!


  61. So not Malaysian to ever get the Malaysian flag into expression of sorrow. Jalur Gemilang is pride and no compromise to that.

  62. Anonymous6:24 am

    (heha) : TOO SORROWFUL for the 51st celebrations leave alone flying the ....! either go fishing or
    kites-flying !!