Monday, August 11, 2008

Who said MP was detained under ISA?

I read on Nuraina's blog that PKR's Member of Parliament Zulkifli Noordin, who played a role in Saturday's angry protest against Bar Council's "Conversion" forum, was not being detained under the Internal Security Act. She cited a Bernama article quoting the Deputy IGP that the police will investigate blogs said to have published news of the detention.
I reported here that Zul had been picked up around midnight by the police. My calls and sms-es to Zul were not returned. Anybody knows where the YB is?


  1. Anonymous7:49 pm

    Now they tried to put every bloggers inside the jail!

    No WIFI there?

  2. Rocky, why the fuck they want to investigate blogs which mentioned that Zulkifli was detained under ISA?

    What is the relevance? What is the fucking relevance to the good of the nation that they want to investigate blogs for mentioning that?

    Deputy IGP, the police force has bigger problems to attend to, you stupid fool!

  3. Anonymous8:37 pm


    I couldn't contact him too.
    I also received an SMS from a very reliable source that YB was picked up.
    Dunno, maybe the police too busy with SODOMEE 2, syabu theft, etc to even know what's really happening?

  4. He probably feels embarrassed by his actions and is now lying low....

  5. i also wondering where is YB Zulkifli Noordin

  6. Anonymous9:24 pm


  7. now IGP will urge PM to deploy for "men in blue " for the force.

    some robbing banks, some robbing syabu, some after politicians and the rest after bloggers !!

    So who will go after murderers and robbers ? The Rakyat ? Sure the Dog is not supposed to be in the PDRM logo ?

  8. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Dia sedang bersendirian tanpa keluarga,,,Jangan sampai macam polis d JB peluru makan kepala,,sudahlah,,!!!!


  9. Anonymous10:57 pm

    The mother-fucking son of a bitch of a PKR Member of Parliament must have wrapped a dung-stained Jalur Gemilang around his brainless dickhead and obviously drowned ih his own cesspool of religious bigotry. You may find his dead body behind his c hicken shack or probably in the uncouth confines of his mutthouse.

  10. Anonymous11:41 pm

    i think Zul is playing games..could he possibly be a mole in PKR, after being casted by PAS (he was "loaned" to PKR in the last election). Heard he is having some personal problem with some of PKR big boys. In order to create a new "hero" image, cpuld he possibly retort to this stunt?

    Anon Nite

  11. Salam Rocky,

    Harakahdaily reported that Zul4kulim is on 'private' vacation..only his family know where he is..thats why no police report being made..

  12. Anonymous11:54 pm

    He is probably in his cave awaiting his next set of orders from Osama bin Laden.

    Or is on the way to Guantanamo Bay.

  13. Anonymous12:34 am

    Anyone made a missing persons' report yet? I'm sure this is more than 24 hours.


  14. Anonymous12:53 am

    I first read about this rumor when I checked out Mahaguru's website. The post has now been removed.

    No indication from Malaysiakini, MalaysiaToday, Harakah, or the MSM. As it is, it turned out to be another SMS rumor.

  15. Bro Rocky,

    Pantang sentuh sikit....tangkap, siasat, ISA. Mcm mana org tak panggil polis bukan2. Tapi pegawai atasan yg mendapat arahan "dr atas" tu, pangkat je besar dan belajar je tinggi, payah sgt ke nak berfikir? Mati dah ke akal?

    Kalau buat kerja, buat la betul2 dan konsisten. Kejap tangkap, kejap biarkan je org buat kecoh, mcm kat forum "Masuk Islam" baru2 ni. Apa ni? Nampak sgt mcm puppet!


  16. Tangkap dia dan Dato' Ambiga put them both on a deserted Island and learn to talk and work with each other hahahah. Zul Nordin ni ingat dia jadi MP sebab orang suka lawak bodoh di blog dia saja. Sia-sia biasiswa JPA orang macam ni belajar jauh-jauh di UK sana. Ustaz Azizan MB Kedah jauh lagi "classy" dari Zul Nordin ni walaupun bila bercakap masih lagi kekal dengan loghat kedah tapi beralas. I hope the courts will annul the March'08 election result in Kulim/BB and let see him beg for votes from the large non-malay esp. indian. This guy bring shame to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and the Great religion of Islam.

  17. He was confirmed to be picked by police and was not given the chance to call his loved ones. If indeed a rumour is created, it is the police who did it by the handling of the case. Of course la people going to speculate when they are not in the know, esp the family.

    Is he picked up to crossover to UMNO since he is of the same racial tune? Maybe given protection for his good work in the morning. haha. Whatever le.

  18. Anonymous9:21 am

    Kita harus bertanggungjawab terhadap apa yang kita lakukan, BERANI KERANA BENAR,TAKUT KERANA SALAH...betul tidak sdr.DSAI..!!!

  19. Are the Police investigating who were behind 2 funny-looking bottles left in front of the Bar Council’s main entrance?

    Who premeditated the 2 molotovs at Sharizat’s bungalow ?

    Was this premeditated molotovs related to UMNO, Zulklifli, Shahahhudin ? Very confusing ?

    Let’s see what has transpired?

  20. Anonymous10:12 am

    To me...only better. You must know you're living in Bolehland where they got their priorities terribly mixed up and refuse to acknowledge the crux of the matter. They wud prefer to evade it and engage in side issues to divert attention away from real issues. They've become quite an expert at it now, be it politicians or certain civil servants.

    frm: pity malaysia

  21. Anonymous10:42 am


    Actually apa Dollah buat atas Sikap Bar Council ni dan apa cara nak settle isu tersebut?

    Dia buat bodoh...

  22. Anonymous11:06 am

    Any possibilities that YB Zul being detained by his own PKR over his involvement in the demostration?? What i heard the forum has been sanctioned by the PKR top Guns??
    Any ideas guys....


  23. So some UMNO-BN spoiler in Barisan Rakyat....Now Anwar have headache +3, -5, +8......

    Look like Zul wants the those Aeroplane Pyramid Sham Scam...Ezam got $3 million....Zul wants $6 at least to move over to UMNO at the right time...maybe $20 Million....if UMNO-BN needs 1 seat majority

    Anwar, Lim Kit Siang also have a few suprise at the end with lots of MCA/MIC moving across to check mate All UMNO buying power....

    Sooner or later all crooks pay if not later in Hell, then on Earth and hopefully avoid Hell.!!

    Meanwhile....Curses on Malaysia economy,...for those continuos Racism, Bigotory and prejudice protocol!!...Lets hope First Malaysian bumi non malay win Badminton Gold and wear Black Arm podium...

    For Freedom of Religion, from Racism, Prejudice protocol and Press...

    Black is Death to Law and order and justice...wear it on Merdeka 08.....tell is straight to the Agong, Sultan and Future leaders of Malaysia.....NO MORE CRAP for Rakyat is BOSS Forever!!

  24. Guy's probably O.K. He even managed to lock his blog away from the prying eyes of the public (after Ali Rustam's style). I guess he is receiving too much flak from the public for his role in the mob incident.

  25. Anonymous5:28 pm

    (heha): this kulim mp & perak assembly woman ( hamidah) sama2 otak punya : fanatik & must be CONDEMNED & perished !!

  26. Anonymous7:20 pm

    kill all the INDIANS. racist!!!

  27. Anonymous1:31 am

    (heha) : yes, tian chua said, " we told him not to go BUT still he went !!"

  28. Anonymous1:39 am

    (heha) : missing persons ( rewards
    = nil ) (1) bala & family,
    (2) zul, kulim mp,
    (3) one of BC members,
    (4) belum tahu !

  29. Anonymous6:58 am

    macam anwar ibrahim dia pun menghilang stail PKR, takut kena tangkap dan nak salahkan polis.

    pemimpim umno, dap, pas tak de hilang pun.

    ini semua nak kabur mata rakyat, nak tagih simpati supaya orang sokong PKR...dan PR..

  30. Rocky,
    You need to clean or filter the comments here. Wake up, bro!

  31. politic? agama? anyway i support u bro zul!

  32. Anonymous7:42 am

    (heha) : REWARDS negotiable one !
    missing persons : DEAD or ALIVE !!
    1) bala,
    2) burmese doktor,
    3) mp of kulim,
    4) bra members ( soon !)
    5) next change.
    contact melalui rocky or aina !!

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