Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yes, it was Chedet ...

Just for the record, Dr Mahathir did leave a comment on this blog - his first on any blog - under the posting Forgotten Saga.

Anonymous Dr Mahathir Mohamad said...


Thank you for reminding us all about Proton. I don’t know whether wishing it “Happy Birthday” would bring happiness to this “anak tiri” company. It is now but a shadow of its former self.

It’s a pity. This is a major industry which Malaysians mastered in just 15 years. They can design, test working models, build engines, set-up assembly lines and produce their very own cars meeting world standards.

They were protected, yes. But much of the support has ceased. But foreign cars were allowed in, underquoted and pay minimal tax. And the national car was literally driven off the street by APs.

Another Malaysian icon has been pushed off the pedestal by a Government whose icon is the “Eye of Malaysia”.

10:46 AM



  1. Wow, rocky,

    You should be honoured to get this kind of attention from Chedet himself. Bravo brader.

  2. Anonymous11:06 am

    Good Job Rocky...

    Keep on writing...

    Anak Malaysia

  3. Anonymous11:08 am

    its a pity, bro. once dubbed as the symbol of achievement for our local industry, proton is now being treated as a third-class citizen.

    another alarming news is that, proton might sell-off its assembly line in shah alam in 2012, leaving the one in tanjung malim to run and being managed like a puppet on the string.

    wonder what will happen to PNB and EPF in 20 years from now...

  4. Anonymous11:12 am

    No, no, Proton is a complete flop at the expense of the tax payers. Because of Proton, the government puts the development of of efficient public transport systems to the back seat so that more people will have to buy cars( read Proton)to commute. Because of Proton, foreign-made cars are among the most expensive in this country, and the average Joe has no choice buy to choose Proton and fume at its substandard quality. Because of Proton, a few UMNO elite Malays have gotton filthy rich while the majority are still struggling to make ends meet. Don't expect the peole to love Proton while it continues to mire in mismanagement, to churn out low quality cars, to be protected by the government like a spolit brat.

  5. Anonymous11:34 am

    Malaysian "mastered"???

    World standards????!?!?!?!?

    "build engines"??

    Am I blind? Or is this guy still deluding himself?

    1) Malaysians had to ride in deathtraps for 15 YEARS FOR YOUR EGO CHEDET. NO AIRBAGS, tin sardin bodies, even when these were STANDARD ISSUE on the cheapest Korean or Japanese cars. God only knows how many lives were lost to stroke 1 man's ego.

    2) World standards? Gosh the self delusion is staggering. Malaysia can't even sell their Proton in SEA - only a miniscule number sold in Singapore, Thailand or Indon and you dare to call it "world standards"?

    Go ahead, do a survey and ask Malaysians if they'd rather drive Proton or Honda/Toyota. In fact, go ask your own UMNO members (most of whom have brabuses in the garage).

    What a joke. haven't you done enough damage in your 22 years to our beautiful nation? Now bugger off to do some horse riding in Argentina and let better people like Anwar or Badawi (yeah, chedet, even he's better than YOU or NAJIB) get on with the business of ruling the nation.


  6. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Response to Madman Mahathir:

    You must be suffering from delusion. Proton never mastered the art of making cars in 15 years!! If they did then market forces will dictate that their models will be preferred by the rakyat over the competition. The truth is, everyone hated Proton for their unreliability, shoddy workmanship, high prices, poor salesmanship, ..... the list goes on....
    Their so called new models were total failures, ridiculed by foreign car reviewers. Only you would buy over the outdated car model manufacturing lines from Mitsubishi and Citroen,I think (for the heap of crap Tiara). The Japs are laughing all the way to the bank having being able to sell what was to be junked. And you think by putting a Proton badge on the car, you qualify to be a car maker? Just like having a Malay name does not make you a Malay. You are still a mamak and there's no two ways about it. But you do qualify to be a Malaysian since you were born here.

    Compare Proton with Hyundai which also launched the Pony around that time Look where they are now. They are world conquerors and giving the Japs a run for their money. Proton is still living in a protected environment created by you. Pls let it die.

    You blame AP's for ruining the local market. How could it when the car imports are still so much more expensive then overseas? Cars like Mercs and BM's are at least twice the retail price in places like US and UK or even Australia.

    Mahathir you don't know what the hell you are talking about. We have put up with you for 22 years during which time you have destroyed the country. You will be remembered as the devil who destroyed Malaysia to satisfy your selfish power needs. GO TO HELL.

    "Not your fan"

  7. Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you?

    Malaysians in dilemma? So many events and news both real and unreal. Don’t know who to believe? Bombarded with too much spins. These are the quotes, we now hear.

    “Give up”, “Fed up”, “Wait and See”, “Lost interest”, “Headache”, “Cannot believe anyone”, “Who to believe ah?”, “Niamah”, “Pening kepala”, “Pening otak”, “Sudah lah”, “Pi mampus”, “Insyallah (God Willing)” or raise your palm and fist and put them together on National tv or or or or other blogs.

    Why? Because it depends on what you want to perceive and your bias toward your own race, color, religion, party, groups, interests, superiority or plain dumbness.

    That makes you something of a Jeykll and Hyde if you can’t differentiate between facts and fictions, good and evil, right and wrong, true or false. Too many Malaysians can’t decide now whether to become Jeykll or whether to become Hyde or when to become Jeykll or when to become Hyde.

    Think hard and search your conscience from deep within and “Viola” you can differenciate between Night from Day. Throw out bias towards race, creed, superiority, affiliations, religion and beliefs, greed, power, cronyism etc and then see whether some of the things happening around is right or wrong , true or false, evil or good, facts or fiction.

    1. Altantuya was killed and blown to bits. (Fact or Fiction).
    2. Sodomy is as evil as murder. (True or False).
    3. Anyone accused are innocent until proven guilty. (True or False).
    4. Statutory Declarations and Police reports can be made to fool people. (True/False).
    5. Anyman or woman will swear on his religion or beliefs to save his own skin. (True/False).
    6. Race superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
    7. Religious superiority is needed to rule Malaysians. (Fact or Fiction).
    8. All poor people need to be helped by Government. (True or False).
    9. Corruption is a fact of life and should be tolerated. (Fact or Fiction).
    10. ISA is needed because prevention is better than cure. (Fact or Fiction).
    11. Free education is a right for all Malaysian children. (True or False).
    12. Free healthcare is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
    13. Free speech is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
    14. Freedom of religions and beliefs is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
    15. Liberty is a right of all Malaysians. (True/False).
    16. All Malaysians and the world can be converted to a single culture, religion, race in future. (Fact or Fiction).

    To be continued……


  8. No sir Dr Mahathir, it was not a Malaysian icon. IT was a national nightmare to feed your over blown ego.

    So what if you could make a car? So what if you know how to make engines.

    If the only way you can support it is for each and every Malaysian buying it has to pay more than its intinsic worth than it has been nothing more than a thief in the night.

    Just imagine, after Proton, having to pay an extra RM150 ringgit a month on your car loan because Proton was the cheapest car you could buy. And yet not too long ago you could get an equivalent import for just about the same price. The Ford Telstar that I bought in 1984 for RM27,000 became RM40,000 after Proton was launched.

    All that extra disposable income that your prestigous Proton project denied us could have been rolled into driving up the local economy with all that extra spending that we would have done, but for you, could not do.

    No sir, Proton from teh very begining was never a viable entity. After you had announced Proton and even before it started production, Vauxhall, (remember that British car?) had announced losses after having produced over 450,000 cars that year. And it was said then that the break even for motor car producers was something in the region of 500,000 cars. Did Proton ever make anything close to that number of cars?

    What is there to feel nostalgic? It was a national failure that should not have happened. It happend to just feed your megalomaniac ego.

    Today, we continue to be denied our disposable income because of the AP system that you introduced just to benefit a handful of your selected favourites under the so called NEP policies. But sir, the majority Malay population too is paying to feed the greed of these selected individuals. Why they are not protesting is a wonder really. Unless there is such a thing as mass hypnosis over generations.

    Really, there is nothing to laud over.

  9. Dear Rocky

    You are indeed honoured to get Tun to post a comment. I will make your blog second to Che Det.


  10. Brader Rocky

    Congratulations! You have got Tun Mahathir reading your blog and responding to it too. Thumbs Up!

    I am sure the Prime Monkey, Pak Lah also reads your Blog too, but in his sleep. He is Tai-Loong, anyway. Can you recall KungFu Panda; if you cant go grab a DVD on sale!

    Tun Mahathir himself pushed away Proton Car Industry aside by introducing Approved Permits in thousands to new Malays to sell them for quick money, in return back stab the Proton Car Industry.

    Pak Lah just continue the bad legacy introduced by Tun Mahathir. Many still doubt that Tun made wise decision when jailing Anwar Ibrahim and many will not be shocked if Tun was badly advised by his own 4th Floor Boys.

    Well, what was past is history, and future is mistery. We should concern about today as it is a Gift and that is why it is called "Present".

    The burning question that all Rakyat should seek answer is "How the Hell to get Rid of Prime Monkey and the Bomber from their respective Position, before Malaysians requires VISAs even to visit the Artic Pole?"

    I rest my case.

  11. rocky, let's remind him that in the name of developing the country that capable to build cars at the expense of the rakyat that drive lousy quality cars at the price of cheap but quality imported cars.

    maybe Tun Mahatir should drive a Proton Wira, pay loan for 5-7 years and
    "act" according like a normal citizen instead? Does he feel the pain?

    Expending the rakyat working and payoff high instalment while those AP kings enjoying their pride with Porsche, Ferraris? Do you call this fair?

  12. Anonymous2:28 pm

    Congrats!!! How often do you get Tun M leave comments on your blog! True sign of the credibility of "the rocky"

  13. Fuiyo...cayalah...tak tido lah Abang Rocky dua tiga hari ni...heh heh...starstruck...

    "CheDet-Wuz 'Ere!"

  14. The Monster Mamak still doesn't get it, does he? He screwed up all possibility of an affordable, efficient public transport system by forcing his puerile "Malaysian car" project on us when the last thing anyone needs is another energy-inefficient, atmosphere-polluting automobile that runs on fossil fuels using archaic internal combustion engines left over from the 19th century. What's even more embarrassing, the much-touted "Malaysian" car was actually designed by Mitsubishi!
    What mindboggling stupidity disguised as "strong leadership" :-)

  15. Anonymous4:24 pm

    He was a great M'sian PM of Indian origin. He screw up the Malays by purposely appointed incompetent Malay successor.


  16. Bro,

    Semua orang Masjid Tanah mesti buat kenduri lepas ni.

    Kita doakan YABhg Tun (dua Tun) sentiasa sihat walafiat dan memberi sumbangan kepada negara.

    Tun, tak lawat ke Dunia Tiger?

    ( )

  17. Mr Belimbing,

    I was invited to a lunch to celebrate his birthday the other day. He spotted me and came up to me and said:

    "I left a comment in your blog earlier today!"

    We chatted for about 15 minutes at the end of lunch, mostly about blogging and some about Proton.

    Nuraina of Jalan Sudin, Ahmad Talib of Pahit Manis, and Big Dog of Big Dog were the other bloggers there. The non-bloggers kept their distance, openly curious about what we were up to.

    By the way, this is only the second time I've been invited for his birthday do. All those years when I was in the mainstream media, tara chance!

    Thank you.

  18. Anonymous4:50 pm

    You'll a millionaire soon.


  19. Anonymous4:50 pm

    I am using a satria neo. I've been using it for more than 18 months. Takde problem pun! and I am using it in Borneo for crying out loud.

    But I take good care of it.

    I love it.It never gave me problems.

    So fuck you guys for telling an old man to fuck off. I'm not a big fan of him either.. but I respect him.

    My Satria Neo did not encounter problems like my friends who bought hyundai and kia. There are hiccups with proton but.. deal with it.

    My dad's 520i is giving problems, my mom's new CRV also encountering problems.

    For a person with earnings of 48,000.00 a year at 28.. I believe PROTON suits me well.

    Again, fuck you guys. Nothing that is Malaysian made is ever good enough for you guys. I know the type. You'd rather wear an LV bought at petaling street than buy a hand bag that's made in Malaysia.

    I fly with MAS, I use Palm oil to cook, I fill my gas at Petronas. I love my country.. and I will continue to support it.



    p/s - i'll be earning threefold next year.. tak hingin pun nak pakai BMW..or Hyundai.. yuck. Perhaps a toyota but I will always keep my lovely proton!!

    tak suka comment chedet? then go and fly kite. dun let the door hit u in the ass.. you douche.

  20. What world standards? You call the Saga a world class car? I still recall the first time when the Saga met with an accident in Bukit Mertajam when it was first launched. Remember the newly wedded couple who persihed? World class standards, riding on the blood, sweat and tears of the people being heavily subsidised. Riding on the backs of simple folks. This is bullshit and bunkum when you puposely and deliberately raise the taxes on good foreign cars so that people cannot afford to buy them. The Koreans started at about the same time like us with their protective measures in the beginning, guess where they are now. They are world class, Che Det and gang screwed up big time on the way. Anyway congrats for having a comment from an ex PM in your blog. Not anyone can achieve it. You de man!

  21. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Well Rocky,

    It seems like although Dr. Mahathir has left a comment on your blog, he cannot defend his pet project on a one-on-one basis with the rakyat, with fair and and square arguments.

    The rakyat sudah celik mata and can see clearly the overall picture.

    Like many of the other people who comment here, we know how the development of a decent systematic public transportation system that could benefit the masses was neglected. Any nation that aspires to be a 1st world/developed nation must have these backbone infrastructures in place.

    But malang sekali, it is not to be.

    To Che Det: nice try, though. This is how it is if you are a normal citizen and want to argue an idea out with the rest of the citizens on an equal and fair basis. Ideas that once came forth from an authoritative pedestal don't hold water anymore when you put it in the forum of public discussion in a democratic way.

  22. Oiyoo rocky is Connected man.

    And he is connected only after the old man is not in power.

    In which is why the connection between the both of them is very precious.

  23. Anonymous5:08 pm

    My take, if Proton is to be protected, by all means protect but then again we have selected other given APs to compete with Proton. This in the end became an enigma to Govt automotive policy.
    Just like toll roads, like Kesas which built a new highway from Sri Petaling way back to Pandamaran, others just repatch old public road and setup toll booths. Thats called institutionalized robbery.

  24. Anonymous5:35 pm

    My father's Proton Sage still working perfectly fine after it's launching 23 years ago. Still the same engine just a new coat of paint a new gearbox fitted a few years ago. I think Proton had a cool logo. The sepets don't like it because it was made by Malay but i saw bulk of them buying one too.


  25. Anonymous6:37 pm

    I never own a Proton. Not because I am less patriotic. I still feel it is not forth supporting a local brand with the other imported models being slapped with exorbitant duties just to keep it alive. Our industries (before Perodua) were just supporting one brand. We could have opened up the industry by opening up to whichever company that wants to set their assembly plants here. They have the economies of scale to export and we benefit from cheaper cars and employment. Too late. Thailand beat us to it while we are still trying to protect one local brand. The number of people employed by the industry could ten times what we have now. I still harbour hopes one day we could afford cars at pre-Proton prices.


  26. Tuan,

    I feel good that U get some kinda recognition from TDM> Keep it up! My view on Proton is simple - 50 years from now, this country will benefit from the foundation laid by people like TDM. 50 years ago not everyone believe Tunku. Merdeka? They asked? Apa itu? How can we survive without the Mat Salleh? Today howda? Same thing Tuan, 50 years from now Proton will ride proudly with hybrids etc, a product visionaries like TDM initiated. God Bless!

  27. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Why APs given to selected Bumi? The price of each AP is worth between Rm20k - Rm40. Imagine the untold riches profited by the recipients. I am sure some of the profits are being "shared" among the elite club.

    If APs are to help Bumi gain a foothold in the Auto industry, the value of AP should go to govt coffer that can be used for public transport development and at the same time protect Proton in the early years. At least this way, it is more acceptable to the rakyat.

    What has happened now is a total disaster.

    - Automania

  28. Anonymous8:09 pm


    A thousand mile starts with a single step. Those critics think they could straight away run from the mum's wombs.

    Who else will jaga our own backyard? Our "friendly" neighbour? ***kLAH.

  29. Anonymous8:45 pm

    good job Tun for proton. It gave a lot of Job to more than 150000 people and opens up a whole industry. Though they are shortcomings but still you manage to wade through.
    if Pak Lah were to do what you did.. hmm.. i think tanjung malim already belong to singaporean.
    i'd rather drive the proton. whoever has driven a toyota/honda you know that their service SUCKS!!

  30. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Mahathir must be still thinking that your blog readers are just like UMNO members i.e Under Mahthir No Opposing.

    I bought a brand new 1.6 wira in 1997 and still using the same car. Nevermind my dad who earned only about RM1200 afforded a peuguot, vauxvall viva, volkswagen during his life time. That's before APs to make some bumi's multi millioners.

    Back to my proton. In 11 years and 180000km, under the maintenance of proton I have changed almost everything except the engine, headlights, viper motors. And the stupid auto gearbox priced at RM22000 at today's price for a RM10K car. Yes. Mahathir world class technology.

    While this mahathir drive pink cadilac given by a very big hearted person wonder who paid for that AP?. I am still stuck with mahathir's baby.

    You have taken my best years paying some suckers to enjoy AP and I stuck with a car which I doubt would pass international safety standard.

    I feel like puking..


  31. Anonymous9:01 pm

    I don't know who the idiots using anonymous.You should the ones to go to hell first before anybody else.You are just blind or simply fools unable to appreciate what TDM had contributed to the country though there are imperfections. Who are not?

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. how come Tun Mahathir came for Lingam inquiry in a 7 series BMW ?

    Proton good for Malaysians but not good enough for him ?

    Cakap tak serupa bikin

  34. Anonymous9:45 pm

    deathtrap ka... big flop ka...
    the fact remain the same, the majority of malaysia buy proton, people drive chinese car, indian car pun mati jugak, drive merc pun mati juga, drive beemers pun mati juga.

    i wonder kalau proton is a deathtrap car surely malaysian wont buy this car.

    i think better talk with parrot lagi bagus la and more entertaining, at least binatang pun ada otak dan bole cakap.

    Ada otak letak kat bontot.......

    You Go to Hell bangsa malaysia and non racist people konon!

  35. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Chedet is day dreaminglah...protom made us all suffer...Thats what happenens when u only try to spoon feed people....give now they can never walk may be only crawl...

    Anti subsidi

  36. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Saya telah menggunakan proton saga sebagai kereta kedua sejak 1992 hingga sekarang, malah memiliki 3 lagi proton untuk anak2 di kolej. Setakat ini semuanya masih dalam keadaan yang baik, menjimatkan dari segi penggunaan petrol dan seggara.

    Saya percaya, ada yang komen di sini langsung tidak pernah meilikinya, tidak mampu meilikinya atau merasa rendah diri untuk memilikinya. Dan ada juga yang memilikinya tetapi kerana bencikan sangat Dr. M maka lahirlah untgkapan yang kurang enak.

    Realitinya Proton adalah satu industri yang boleh dibanggakan, memberi peluang kepada ramai rakyat Malaysia dalam mendapat pendapatan dan teknologi. Sehebat manapun kereta dari luar negara, ia hanya menyumbang terlalu sedikit 'keuntungan' kepada Negara.

    Pun saya juga memiliki kereta dari luar negara tetapi itu tidaklah mengurangkan sayang dan bangga saya kepada kereta nasional.

    Hati mau baik beb..kluangman

  37. Anonymous10:37 pm

    Yang hang introduce AP quota tu buat apa hah - buat beberapa orang kaya raya saja. Rakyat biasa nak matakedarah pun susah

    mat taib

  38. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Brader Rocky,

    Tun M(amak) is one conniving person. Never takes responsibilities or any blame for all the mishaps caused by him in efforts to enrich his cronies. He blames APs , now! now ! The question is during whose tenure were they introduced. Lets not even talk about the paper tycoons that were created. Its all this mamak creation that as gone out of control and sucking the Rakyat dry.
    BTW, Rocky congrats , if you feel that by Tun M(amak) commenting in your blog is something to be proud about. But just do not let him hoodwink you . I hope you will post this and take care.

  39. Anonymous10:48 pm

    so, if proton is not around where would all those thousands of workers be working? driving the buses or the trains of the "improved" public transportation system huh. the japs & koreans are bringing in CKD units just because they need to compete with proton or else there wouldn't be any local assemblers too.


  40. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Hell o Brader Roc,

    So great you've got a big fella in your blog. You'll be in our history book to be able to rub shoulder with Ex-PM.

    This is for your new found friend to ponder:

    "What though the radiance which was once so bright;
    Be now forever taken from my sight;
    Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower;
    We'll grieve not for not having the Crooked Bridge;
    Rather find strength in what remain behind in primal sympathy.


    Also, please somebody help us to get rid of the IWK, Puspakom & CIDB. Esp IWK, they're asking money for not doing anything. On the pretext of keeping the sea clean, we must pay them. Next some smart politicians will want to keep the atmosphere clean, then kesian rakyat, everybody got to pay!


  41. Rocky...a comment from THE MAN himself! Cool!

  42. I've just gone through the rest of the comments. Wow! There is a LOT of hatred here for Dr. M!
    But whatever it is, those of you, in this blog or others, who claim that Dr. M suppressed freedom, manipulated the judiciary, framed Anwar, etc. are not much better by calling him Mamak, Monster Mamak and other derogatory names. The word Mamak itself is not derogatory, but your tone makes it very, very racist. You can hate him for what he has supposedly done, but not for his birth origins. By using racist names to taunt him, you guys are no better than the Nazis, or the Paki-bashers or the Ku Klux Klan. Think about it....

  43. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Foreign cars pay minimum tax? Joker laaa Che Det nih....

  44. As a side story to the Proton Saga, remember MV Agusta which was sold for 1 Euro ?

    Looks like Harley Davidson is buying MV Agusta for .... US$109 million

  45. Anonymous12:19 am

    To the number one commentor up there.... Of course lah chedet chooses to comment on rocky bru first... This is chedet's *favourite* blog what.... Right rocky?

  46. Anonymous12:35 am

    I see more anger venting post than intelligent discussion here. It is more otak tercekik than celik.

  47. Anonymous12:36 am

    To ezan,
    Now, now don't resort to using profanity at someone else's site. That's very rude, you uncouth lackey. Just shows the level of your mentality, which I have to look deep down in the oceans to find. If you don't calm down you'll most likely get a heart attack and die....

    "guest of rockybru"

  48. Anonymous12:46 am

    Mahathir may view that Proton was a first-class car manufacturer. It was not and never was. Their R&D department was largely made up of foreign car designers who were training locals in the field of automation. It was Mitsubishi who was behind the helm. Malaysians were simply the puppets. M'sia cannot support a car industry in terms of geography and economic terms. Mahathir was too ambitious and caused M'sian taxpayers heavily. And we are still paying for Proton follies!


  49. Anonymous1:46 am

    well done rocky, now we are waiting for our pm to response

    zamri bandar sunway semenyih

  50. Anonymous1:46 am

    (heha): rocky, feeling very 'proud & honoured' ah !? what about others who have contributed so much
    in the past to make yours popular ?
    I have tried chedet with my shooting & negative remarks eg "why his family has so much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in s'pore banks" not been posted at all BUT 'those worshipping him' are seen every minute !!

  51. Anonymous2:08 am

    you guys tell yourself do something for the country and not sit on your fcuking arse and condemn someone who has done something to make our country world known.....he dared to dream and he dared to make that dream a reality.....a brave man i would say...shame on you guys who called him a mamak and all sorts of names....sit and think what little you can do to make your country proud.

  52. Anonymous2:21 am

    Dear Rocky

    MOS said: "Go ahead, do a survey and ask Malaysians if they'd rather drive Proton or Honda/Toyota..."

    I've been driving my Proton Perdana for almost ten years (no more instalment to worry over). To be honest, the serious problems I've had so far have all been human factor - like in most road accidents.

    Sometime in 2003, I got hit from another car coming out from a side lane. I guess he didn't expect my Proton Perdana to make it past the junction before he his Toyota Camry did. My Perdana came out of the workshop in tiptop condition - going to a reliable workshop and having a great mechanic helped a lot, and that's human factor too.

    The next serious problem I encountered was about two weeks ago when smoke started coming out of the front. Again, human factor: I'm okay with the driving part but not with the technical nitty-gritty, like making sure there's water in the carburetor or the battery.

    One of the greatest satisfaction driving my Proton Perdana was driving ahead of a Mercedes Benz (which managed to overtake me just once before I was in the lead again) all the way from Puncak Alam to Shah Alam about three years back.

    I don't mean to brag about it (never have been - I have not repeated this encounter but only once before; even so, it was to prove a point on the performance of my Proton Perdana), but I've never stopped wondering how the Benz-driving man must have felt having been beaten on the road by a woman in a Proton Perdana. Again, it's human factor - one's machine is as good as one is, in handling it while on the road or in the workshop, by one's mechanic.

    The family car - our Toyota Estima? It's money down the drain - besides being a guzzler, it's been going in and out of the workshop more in a year than my Proton Perdana has been for the past three years. If it's not driven often enough, the again or the air-con would throw tantrums. If it's driven often enough - that would spell trouble with the wallet.

    My old Honda - still in the workshop and just can't be salvaged. It's like a tin of sardine after having been knocked flat by a bus - it stalled in the middle of the road during a heavy downpour over three years ago (Alhamdulillah, no one was hurt). At least my Proton Perdana did not fail me and stall in the middle of the road when the water ran out of the carburetor. It gave numerous signs which silly old me failed to take note of. Human factor...?

    MOS, it is your right not to like the way Tun ran the country. But I don't think it's fair to make such sweeping statements about the national car, unless of course you've had personal experience driving or owning any of it.

    Short of sounding conceited, I think I am a good driver because I am driving a good car.


  53. Anonymous2:37 am

    Dear Rocky

    Some corrections to my earlier comment. Mengantuk lah...

    Instead of "If it's not driven often enough, the again or the air-con would throw tantrums..." it should read: "If it's not driven often enough, the ENGINE or the air-con would throw tantrums..."

    Instead of "At least my Proton Perdana did not fail me and stall in the middle of the road when the water ran out of the carburetor..." it should read: "At least my Proton Perdana did not fail me and stall in the middle of the road when the WHEN THE CARBURETOR RAN OUT OF WATER..."


  54. Totally agreed wit garret. What is happenin to IRAQ is what waitin for all malaysian!

  55. Anonymous8:53 am

    Congrats. I remember once I was in jeans,and Dr M asked me, why I was dressed that way, I told him coz, journalist were poorly paid....heheheheh At pcs, he is intimidating, funny, knowledgeable, arrogant, and he even ask quetions back, just to know if you know what you asking....Dr M has major flaws, but, more pluses.

  56. Anonymous9:31 am

    government will put tax to earn an income either by tax or paper like Spore. It the money being utilised by Government wisely or not is the issue. I think doing our own car like the Korean is very good only that it has to be the Goverment ie TDM because there is no Malaysian is as brave/smart as the Korean/Japanese. Why other developing countries do not have one, may be because they still having low mindset like most of malaysian opposing to his idea.

    Car industry is lucrative business why not if we capacable. Don't blame others if you can't own a BMW or Toyota Camry because any where in the world those are for people with money not young graduate, clerk, technician etc,

  57. Dear Rocky and all,

    It's easy to trivialize an achievement. It is a fact, nevertheless, that Malaysia was one of the fastest growing economies in the 80s and 90s when TDM was in charge. And when an economy takes off like ours did, it's not due to one factor olone, nor is it due to just domestic factors.

    One of those factors, however, was Proton.

    The national car project provided jobs, investment opportunities, and scope for ample growth.

    Whether the power windows work all the time or not is not what this is about. We all have seen a Merc or a BMW stalled on the highway. Sometimes a Merc AND a BMW at the same time. And that doesn't take anything away from either of them, except give some of us some little satisfaction driven by jealousy and nothing else.

    At its height, Proton was a hit even with the Singaporeans, who found it irresistable especially given that parts in JB are so much cheaper and the Sing dollar that much stronger.

    Proton's spin-offs created an army of small-sized bizmen, many of whom went on to become enterpreneurs in related fields. Most of these bizmen are Malays, followed by Indians, which is probably the big issue of discontent among readers here.

    At the end of his premiership, TDM had ensured that Proton was desirable enough for even VW and GM to want to have. No mean feat that, guys.
    And Proton was cash rich. By 2004, it had some RM5 billion in cash, enviable land bank, and one of the biggest and most modern car manufacturing facility and R & D in Asia outside Japan.

    Given a few more years, Proton would have been there where the Koreans were without having to do what the koreans did, which was to almost completely insulate its auto industry.

    Yes, you Korean lovers forgot that they closed their markets to foreign cars to make sure their national cars survive.

    Malaysia did not do that. In other words, Proton did not get that kind of protection.
    Thank you.

  58. To receive a blog comment from the former prime minister must be flattering.

    I read the comments of others about this with interest.

    There are many criticisms of Dr. Mahathir's automotive policy here, and in a previous post of yours regarding Proton's birthday.

    Such criticisms are healthy and necessary, and should be encouraged.

    Importantly, we should be proud that our rakyat is not fearful anymore about criticising its leaders and their actions and policies.

    This positive development should be hailed.

    Without proper consultation and debate involving the key stakeholder of matters of national governance -- the ordinary rakyat -- how are governments or politicians to know and ensure that their policies and actions are in the best interest of the very people it is intended for?

    The rakyat, for their part, should never kowtow or bow in servile deference to its leaders, and accept blindly and regard everything that politicians proclaim, command or rule as holy truths, or as things that are always in the best interest of the rakyat. To be blindly accepting is a social sickness. It is a dangerous permission to possible abuse of power.

    No politician can ascertain what is best for the rakyat without balanced inquiry. The rakyat also must be aware that politicians are inclined to be influenced by their self-interest in carrying out a policy action. If a government is honest in its proposal of a policy to better the lives of the rakyat, then it must be properly debated in the right fora. The government must solicit the rakyat's views and criticisms, and guarantee the rakyat that the rakyat will be listened to, and that the rakyat will not be punished for dissent or criticism.

    This type of fair hearing and broad, balanced multi-stakeholder decision-making in carrying out major developmental policies during the Mahathir era must have been lacking for there now to be serious questioning about Proton, and other matters.

    Now, with regard to Proton:

    Some of the points raised by blog readers here regarding Proton were about:
    (i) whether it is a viable project that merits the overwhelming focus that it had received;
    (ii) whether such a project was necessary for the rakyat's welfare above other concerns, given Malaysia's developmental stage at that time; and
    (iii) whether other worthy projects could have been carried out instead with the money, capital, effort and energy expended on Proton that could have conferred far greater benefits to the rakyat (those that contribute to the people's welfare more meaningfully, e.g., a excellent public health service plan for all, a reliable, integrated, and visionary public transportation plan, the establishment and reinforcing of essential, backbone technological industries, investment in homegrown R&D which requires, as a prerequisite, investments in making our education system outstanding, etc.)

    The above questions about Proton and broader national developmental matters are significant and pertinent. That these were not discussed consensually with the rakyat, that the rakyat was fearful to question, that the rakyat was not encouraged to question in the first place, was a curious state of affairs.

    Having grown wiser and made bolder by current hardships, the rakyat is now exercising their right to question whether certain flashy national development projects were in fact necessary. Whom did it benefit the most? The broadest possible segment of the rakyat, or only a select segment of the rakyat? Is the benefit of long-term value or not (for example, giving each citizen a national car to drive as compared to ensuring every citizen has healthcare insurance that helps ease the financial burden of paying for dental services, optometry, and other hospital services)?

    The rakyat has the right to ask this and other questions on conduct and governance in other spheres apart from the economic, too (judicial, social, political).

    And this is what the rakyat is doing as it looks back at the post-1980s Mahathir-Badawi period with a far more balanced worldview. The rakyat's anger, skepticism and disillusionment, as expressed in these blogs, are very real. It must be taken seriously.

  59. Thats great Rocky to have DrM visit your blog. Yes I too prefer your blog unlike others who are purely spitting poison around - in the name of alt media.

    I think some commentators on your blog, who assume themselves to be some intellectuals, are merrily plagueing your blog with virulent comments. I hope you are more strict in filtering.

  60. I also want to strongly stress that constructive criticisms or viewpoints should be aimed at a person's ideas or actions.

    To attack someone's ethnic heritage -- whether Melayu, India, China, Mamak, etc., is bad, uncivil and lacking in compassion (let's have some tenderness in our hearts, please). We contribute nothing to the debate on ideas this way. Also, people will never take our comments seriously if we communicate this way.

    So I kindly ask commenters to refrain from dragging Dr. Mahathir's ethnicity or of anyone's ethnicity for that matter when discussing ideas. If we don't like other people mocking our racial background, then we shouldn't do the same unto others.

    As Malaysians, we must rise above racial prejudice and recognise that we were all bred, raised and fed on the same Malaysian soil. Hence, what courses through your veins also courses through my veins. We should consider ourselves brothers and sisters. If we must fight, let us fight against the injustice that befall us, all Malaysians, regardless of our skin colour.

    Let's debate about ideas as much as we like, rationally.

    Let's not stoop low and resort to name-calling. It's a waste of energy and helps no one.

    Thank you.

  61. Anonymous1:03 pm

    "This is a major industry which Malaysians mastered in just 15 years. They can design, test working models, build engines, set-up assembly lines and produce their very own cars meeting world standards."



  62. Anonymous1:56 pm

    If not for you, Tun Mamak, we would have been the Detroit of the Asean instead of Thailand.

    In the '70s, semiconductor makers made huge waves in this region and made us one of the most formidable assemblers and later, designers of semiconductor package of the highest quality and cost in the industry. Malaysians engineers and managers from this industry were well sort after everywhere on this earth for their expertise; their talents built and hardened in the cruel, free and open market.

    In comparison, the home auto industry was protected, building low quality cars that were heavily subsidised by the tax payers and training managers who might not find employment anywhere except in another GLC.

    This is the fallacy you have created Tun.
    You have ruined so many talents by your failed experiments which could have been, otherwise, better trained.

    - mikewang

  63. Anonymous4:09 pm

    m.i.h 10:25 AM

    Oh, puhleese - what about the exorbitant duties levied on imported cars? Is that not a form of protection for Proton?

    Would you care to tell us what is Proton's current market share in the Asean countries, say Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei?

    Cue in an embarrassed silence from Chedet himself!

  64. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Rocky bru's blog credible? Perhaps? But I see a skewed tendency to the benefit of a certain person too... If you know what I mean.

  65. Anonymous4:34 pm

    Oh boy, you must be so proud Rocky!??

    Your pride and honour shooting sky high!?

    I, and some of my friends were right. You're such a pride and glamour seeking person.

    And now i agree with my friend HG who's said "you've lost it."

    It's really sad.


  66. Anonymous6:04 pm

    If you buy imported cars, money goes out of the country. If you buy local cars, money still circles in the country.

    Proton just needs to shape up.

  67. congrats rocky for the comment received by Tun.. Hidup Rocky..

    p/s* Bila la Tun akan comment di blog saya... hehe..

    Hidayat Rashid

  68. Anonymous8:50 pm


    the night you write about proton m watch Australia Network over my TV parabola - they do special report about Proton interviewing analyst - aired prior to an exclusive interview with Rudd.

    Hakim, Kuching

  69. wow...i would never imagine malaysia's best PM reading my blog...congrats on getting even better...a comment...keep up d good work! and yes, i do believe that Proton is doing all it can but without support of the government, by merely limiting imported cars (like all other countries in the world!!) it may face its disruption anytime soon..

    to those saying that its not selling even in SEA la yada yada la...please read more...there's such thing as volume and market survey...the more of your kind, the less the volume Proton can produce and export...its simple facts that your small minds could never see, if you could appreciate the only thing I could see Badawi achieving...The Eye of Malaysia...How dare you even say those bad things you say to Dr. M??I love you Dr. M!

  70. Anonymous9:34 pm

    rocky's bru anda melakukan sesuatu yang baik.. yang 'sakit', dipersilakan ke IJN...


  71. Sdr Rocky, why can't people accept the fact that it is sheer arrogance, political interference and the belief that Malaysians know it all that is the downfall of Proton?

    Defective components and sub-quality parts forced on Proton helped to hasten its impending demise. Why is there a rumour that the TUV certification for the Savy is in jeopardy or lost because of the inability of the parts suppliers to maintain quality?

    Why is Perodua doing better after the Japanese took back manufacturing responsibility?

    Yes, Malaysia boleh tipu saja.


  72. Anonymous10:51 pm

    some hated proton and some love proton but one thing for sure, everyone have their own opinion on this.

    for me, i dont really trusted proton cars because of it's quality. they have the expertise but the mentality is not there. they dont have the passion to design a car for the passion but for the profits. you could see some of the 'upgrade/facelift', it is a crap. some even not practical (red signal light for perdana? u wan to signal or stop? i dont know). and also, no cronies....everyone is making profit from the parts supplied, and at the same time, the parts are of low quality and worksmanship. take down the ap, have a healthy competition and proton will be a global name which all of us will be proud of.


  73. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Should we be proud of Proton? No, we shouldn't be proud of proton. We've bail out proton so many times and they dissappointed us all the time.


  74. Anonymous12:07 am

    MIA wrote "Given a few more years, Proton would have been there where the Koreans were without having to do what the koreans did, which was to almost completely insulate its auto industry."

    How many more years do you think Proton needs?

    In the beginning, I'm very proud of Proton but over the years the company has dissappointed me so much.

    By the way, we've excellent R&D from Proton. Following is the news from BBC.


    The Malaysian carmaker Proton has announced plans to develop an "Islamic car", designed for Muslim motorists.
    Proton is planning on teaming up with manufacturers in Iran and Turkey to create the unique vehicle.

    The car could boast special features like a compass pointing to Mecca and a dedicated space to keep a copy of the Koran and a headscarf.

    The idea came during a visit to the Middle East by a delegation of Malaysian politicians and businessmen.

    Malaysian press reports say officials in Iran originally suggested the idea.

    Safety features or fuel economy is one way of selling a car, but Proton thinks vehicles designed specifically for Muslims across the world represent a huge gap in the market.

    Proton is the most dominant car on the streets here but the company has suffered recently after the government allowed more foreign cars to be imported.

    The firm has been in talks recently with VW about a takeover by the German car giant.

  75. Anonymous12:44 am

    (heha): rocky, waiting to see AAB
    or jean join in the FUN !

  76. Rocky, you must be smiling in your sleep. Nice job bro.

    Btw, I don't get it with ppl who commenting and voicing their dissatisfaction with Dr M. With them it's always somebody else fault.

    Sometimes ppl need to lighten up a bit. World is not going to end just because you drive Proton cars.

    ps. I got Kriss only bro, hahaha...

  77. Anonymous1:34 am

    Dear PRoton haters,

    Proton is being protected, hence why foreign cars are expensive???

    Ye ke? guys must have been living in the past lah.

    It's open market now, and Proton has to compete with the rest too. The Vios is now priced at below RM70k, and you get so many other cars within that price range.

    Even with the tax taken out, you think Honda will sell its Civics and Accords at Proton prices? Hullo, just go across the border and check the car prices there. They are only slightly cheaper than our prices here.

    Plus, what makes you think the gov wants to take away the tax? Its income to them, and Malaysians will still buy cars even if the taxes are sky high.

    Anyway, congrats bro Rocky for having Che Det giving his comments here. That is super cool. I hope Pak Lah knows how to use the internet so that he knows what is going on too.

    - bangau

    - bangau

  78. Anonymous7:36 am

    Without Prejudice/IMHO:

    Driven off the road by APs? I beg to differ. It is the FTAs which allow CKD Japanese makes to pay virtually no import duties, no excise duties, (Please study JMEPA, AFTA, NAP and see how much exemptions the Japanese are getting - the rules seem written by them and FOR them!!) and Perodua (Daihatsu), an subsidiary of Toyota to come in and dominate the market. Add Perodua and Toyota sales together and virtually 50% of cars sold in the market is a TOYOTA PRODUCT. Sorry Che Det. Toyota killed Proton. Not APs. The AP song is what Tengku Mahaleel sang but where is the evidence? How many AP CBU cars came in? Were they even in the same market segment or price range as Proton products? The Japanese motor industry, spearheaded by Perodua (Daihatsu) / Toyota punched Proton in its glass jaw, sir!

  79. Anonymous said...

    /// so, if proton is not around where would all those thousands of workers be working? driving the buses or the trains of the "improved" public transportation system huh. the japs & koreans are bringing in CKD units just because they need to compete with proton or else there wouldn't be any local assemblers too.
    local assemblers too.
    n2free- ///

    n2free- If you just take a fraction of the tens of billions (100 billions?) of ringgit poured into the Proton project and use the money for anything else - buildings, schools, roads, factories, R&D, universities, etc, etc - you will be able to create even more employment for the people.

    And if you add in the billions siphoned off through the AP system, the hundreds of billions will be able to create even more jobs, not just for thousands in Proton's case, but for tens or hundreds of thousands.

    Better still, assuming just RM100 billion was wasted by Proton and the APs, by just distributing the money to the people, you can instantly create 100,000 millionaires. Think about it.

  80. /// If you buy imported cars, money goes out of the country. If you buy local cars, money still circles in the country.
    Proton just needs to shape up.
    6:04 PM ///

    This entry should be nominated for the most economically-ignorant post of this blog.

    This is what economists call "self sufficiency" and this is what North Korea, Cuba and the former Soviet Union did.

    What is the problem with importing and letting money go out? You also export and the money comes back in. The trick is to focus on those products and services where you have a competitive or comparative advantage. Have you heard of the concept of "trade"?

    So, to prevent money going out of the country, Malaysia should also manufacture commercial planes? After all, billions of ringgits flowed out of Malaysia each time we buy Boeing or Airbus planes. How about building our own submarines, fighter planes, tanks and rockets?


  81. Anonymous10:05 am

    No matter what people said about Proton, my first and second cars were the Iswara and Wira respectively. I could only afford to buy Proton made cars during my early working life. They served me problem and the resale value were good. Once my family grew bigger my husband and I bought a Korean made car which from the first 3 months started giving us problems. We are still stuck with it since it's considered as "cold" demand for it..tak dak resale value. My dad has been using the Saga since it first came out and still is. Thanks Tun M for having the vision...

  82. Yes, I agree that criticizing a person because he is of a certain race is wrong. A person should be judged by his ability not anything else.

    One cannot help being born into that race or colour.

    However, it must be remembered that Tun M in order to remain popular and pursue his political ambitions has to stress that he is a Malay and that he fights for the rights of the Malays. This worked for him and coupled with his skills, he remained as PM for 22 years. (And he never mentioned anything in public to suggest he is or Indian origin)

    For non Malays his actions shows him as a racist and alienated. I for one always felt disgusted with his speeches on this.

    There is never a right or wrong when a decision is made, esp the Proton issue. It is hoped that good sense, integrity, honesty will prevail with our leaders. But is it the leaders who are to be blamed for the sorry state of affairs of this country?

    My view is that for a majority of the problems we have, it is the people who are the problem in the first place:

    1, whenever a person is elevated to a public position "friends" or any one closely related to him will appear and then ask for favours, from contracts to free land to APs is nothing but human greed. The leader now is I give or not ..if not I will lose this position.

    And of course these leaders try to amass some funds in case this is needed for there it goes..corruptions starts

    So unless a person has strong values he will not do the job well.

    2, Learn from others.

    From Japan, we learn of them to have extremely good manners, ethics and better than most Malaysian
    From Thailand, we see the people are so well mannered than us Malaysian..ask friends who have stayed in Thailand for a period of time.
    From the West, UK or USA or Australia, their children are taught good manners, ethics from young ..although few are as religious as Malaysian.

    The sorry state of society can be immediately noticed. Metal grille for drains are stolen..sold to traders who collects them and sell for scrap metal. Where are our values of honestly? Street sign boards are stolen because of the metal contents.Hand bags snatch things etc , there is hardly much values in our society..corrupt police offices, immigration offices, etc, they do not help drive Malaysia go forward.And Malaysian overstay and do a lot of illegal things in th UK. The word Honesty is lost .... hopefully not gone.


  83. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Many years ago, at the time when the Proton car was born, I was so naive (or is it being stupid or gullible?) as to think and believe that at long last we have our own national car. Like all true blooded Malaysians I too invested in one - a 1.3 Wira (manual) for my daughter who needed wheels to commute back and forth college. Being a "P" driver she drove the car into an on-coming car at her college open car park. It was only a gentle collision but the entire front of her Wira was so badly damaged that the entire front bumper, grill and bonnet had to be replaced. After fixing the damage I was naive (or stupid or gullible) enough to replace it with another Proton - a 1.5 Wira (automatic). Some 3 months later there were all kinds of noise coming from all kinds of places in the new car. Soon we all got deaf to all these noise aided by a sound system tuned to the highest volume that drowned all the noise. After a while we got tired of the sound system so we replace this with a Waja only to discover that you need to have a twisted body to fit into its ergonomics. The wing mirrors had a big blind spot and the front air-cond blowers blew elsewhere except the front passengers. Not to mention the same kind of noise as the earlier Wira. We finally got rid of it replacing, this time, with a Hyundai Elantra. For the next 2 years we finally had peace and quiet enjoying the sheer pleasures of driving. Then my younger son got his driving license. Like all teenagers he craved for sporting styles and speed. So I thought the Satria would fit the bill. It sure did. You name the problems the Satria had it. Not too long after having it my son got into an accident skidding off the road to knock into a road-side tree. It wrapped round the tree and anyone seeing the wreck would not beleive the driver got off alive. Well he was saved by the verticle column just next to his seat. Can Proton claim safety features saved his life. I don't know. But one thing that I know and firmly believe after all these unpleasant experience is that I will never ever buy another Proton. Today my family own 2 Nissans, 1 Toyota, 1 Hyundai and 1 Mercedes. The sad thing is that I'm not the only one with this view and commitment.

  84. Proton is a good company. It did in a way push Malaysia's industrialization. I was working for Lotus for a few years and noticed that the Malaysian employees were just kept as filler to keep the British 'con'-sultants in business. The foreign management had only been strongly supporting the foreign man-power which was being paid sometimes 20 times more than a Malaysian engineer. Check it out if you do nto believe me. Most of the Lotus employees have left to other industries. Why should you stick around when foreigners are getting prioritized and calling the shots while locals are being fed with peanuts.
    Proton is good for business but never went anywhere with their lack of investment in technology development and involvement with retaining local talent.
    As usual the rich got richer and the average joe got fucked up the ass. Now Perodua is part of the front for Toyota/ Daihatsu to rape the countries resources while other jap manufacturers are exploiting the people with minimum wage for high profits in selling expensive cars.

  85. Anonymous2:59 pm

    (heha) : WHAT !! our motobike Co. sold for ONE euro now can fetch
    70 million euros ah ! sure or not ?
    whose FAULT must suicide like a true jap lah !! @#$%^&*

  86. Hi Rocky,

    Thanks for leaving a note on my blog, and you are welcome.

  87. Anonymous7:53 pm

    Let the past be the past, we can't bring back the past can we? TDM making big blunders by introducing Proton, imposing ridiculous high import tax, neglecting poor public transportation, extending NEP, AP etc.

    Problem now is the current Prime Minister continue carry on the blunders. Only $1.5B out of $280B under 9MP allocated to improve the public transportation. Penang monorail project being shelved for no reason. Saving for fuel 'subsidies' and Petronas' profit continued to be used to SUBSIDIES satu lagi project GAJAH PUTIH.

    Foresee few yrs down the road when the country crude oil reserved running dry, fuel price escalating to a even higher level, poor rakyat have to bare with the even dilapidating public transportation, only then the whole NATION will wake up from the slumberland asking:- 'what the HELL happened to this coutry which is blessed with so much natural resource?! We cant even afford to run a proper bus service. Have to go back to basic ie kereta dua roda. Vision 2020 just a wet dream after all.'


  88. Anonymous2:25 am

    "So, to prevent money going out of the country, Malaysia should also manufacture commercial planes?"

    Self sufficiency is not a bad thing. If Proton work hard, achieve world class - that should be better for the nation than we keep depending on foreign goods. Likewise for other products.

    Trading? If they wanna buy our product. If we don't even want to buy our own product, why should they? You love their product, they love their product. Who loves our product. What kind of trade is that?

    What could be sell them that would make the trade in profitable balance for us?

  89. Anonymous10:47 am

    Another Malaysian icon has been pushed off the pedestal by a Government whose icon is the “Eye of Malaysia”. 10:46 AM [Photo]
    only than it woulb be o.k.

    johor baharu.

  90. Anonymous10:00 pm

    "What world standards? You call the Saga a world class car? I still recall the first time when the Saga met with an accident in Bukit Mertajam when it was first launched. Remember the newly wedded couple who persihed? World class standards, riding on the blood, sweat and tears of the people being heavily subsidised."

    The fark? You think those people would have survived in a better imported car that they can't even afford in the first place?

    Was it ever proven that the accident was due to technical failure or just the dude stupidly showing off to his new bride?

    You have got to be kidding. And quit calling the man delusional. At least he did something for the country. What have you done? That is worth mentioning, if any.

  91. Someone said a gentle bump had caused the entire front of his daughter's 1.3 Wira to be ruined.

    And he also said, his son's Satria was so badly wrecked in an accident that no one believed he survived.

    So now everyone in his family owns foreign cars.

    My conclusion would be ;
    1. His children are bad drivers and liars too because a 'gentle collision' if i am not mistaken as he called it, would not have done that much damage. That is, if she had told the truth. I doubt it because kids lie to protect their sorry a**es all the time. Why do you think Malaysian teachers are having a harm time in the education system nowadays? And that boy of his must have thought he was Micheal Schumacher, because if he had adhered to the speed limit, he would not have lost control, the car would not have collided, he would not have risked his life.

    2. In both cases, they both survived. Thank God, they were driving a Proton, because their stupidity and very bad judgment on the road would have cost their dad a lot more if they had driven a much more expensive car.

    3. They became better and safer, more alert drivers, BECAUSE they own foreign cars that cost a whole lot more and would have made them even sorrier had they been involved in a collision.

    4. Dr M did good in my eyes by raising the tax on foreign cars so that the owners actually became better driver, because he created the 'sayang kereta' syndrome and all they have to deal with (after becoming a better driver) is the gradual technical and physical degradation of their cars as they go along.

    Dr. M, mamak, ke apa ke, you still did good.

    Rocky, I like your blog. Rock on!

  92. I came to work in one of the divisions in Borneo in 1999. The road condition here, let's say, is not great. At all. It used to be red dirt and riddled with huge potholes the size of a grown buffalo and gravel that looked like meteorites the size of cocnuts. I spent the first three years walking to work, as I lived close by, like ten minutes walk. Fresh dewy morning air and peaceful walks had been scarce for me back in good old Selangor.

    Later on I moved to town, because late at night, people around that area gets drunk and they'd rattle the grill on my door and call my name asking me to come out and talk to them. No, I'm not beautiful, just popular. (Conceited, much?)

    Anyway, moving to town means I have to commute. There was no bus service. It's a tiny town with red dirt road with huge boulders all over, what crazy bus company would wanna invest in that?

    I'm sort of a cheapskate, somewhat like my dad, God rest his soul. Actually I was thinking of getting myself a car that is not too big on fuel consumption, but just enough power to let me have tiny little fun with speed when the mood strikes. I also needed a car with a good sized boot. That just took out the Kancil or Kelisa. I tried the Kenari, but I hated the 'high chair' position of the chair, and the awkward shape...? Besides, I'll never be in want of a compact car. Claustrophobia, anyone? Besides, there was always the possibility of having to carpool to work as I go along. Anyway, A Wira, to me would be too dainty for the bad road condition. And I couldn't afford a 4WD vehicle. I finally settled on an Iswara Limited Edition.

    Let me tell you, one thing, I have never fallen in love with anything as hard as I did with this cheap local car. It's a small town, so most of these people know I drive like a lunatic. I drive my car fast and I drive it hard. Asphalt, gravel, flooded road, rain, shine, and even when the road was a huge long mass of muddy gloop when it was under construction in the middle of the monsoon season; that car had proven itself to me. One of my colleagues drives a Kembara and he was the one who got stuck in the mud and had to be pulled out but a pick up truck.

    Gosh, I am so boastful, aren't I? But I'm just telling you the truth.

    In the first few years I got it, I had driven it as fast as 140kmph to race with a Pajero which belonged to Jabatan Penerangan, some police and army trucks, some other fellow proton drivers, I'd usually win. Maybe that's because they didn't want to kill myself and let me win. But the Pajero from Jabatan Penerangan did ride alongside me for a while and gave me the thumbs up before they slowed down and let me go ahead with my craziness. Other foreign sedan drivers never really bothered probably because they think I have some inferiority complex for driving a 'badly-made local' car, or they just 'sayang' their precious imported car too much to rev up the engine and overwork it. I don't know.

    I always make weekend commutes to the city in the next state to beat the boredom of the mundane lifestyle in a tiny town that I have learned to love so much. When I get sleepy, or bored during the three hour drive, I have made numerous bad judgments speed-wise. How fast can a 1.3cc car go anyway? But that was enough excitement for li'l old me. Speeding and using what little skills I have to beat grown men in huge imported gas guzzlers had been some of the perks of driving up and down that long road, other than the beautiful scenic view and beside the fact that I simply LOVE driving.

    I know, that had been foolhardy on my part. I could have killed myself and other people in the process.

    My point is, don't blame Proton for making bad cars. Instead, blame yourself for being bad drivers. Just because a car is cheap, does not mean it is badly made. My car had never let me down so far and let me tell you, I had no mercy for that car. I am glad that I actually had the guts and good fortune of driving it to its limits and still be alive today, accident-free and all the more experienced, so people know that that car had been driven by a real live test car driver and I have driven it through all sorts of road surface possible and it has survived, with scratches or course, but non the worse for wear. And all I know about car maintenance is check the water and the 'minyak hitam' as my dear dad taught me. And I learned to change the tires myself. (And had only been able to do it once since because people are always kind to me and they'd always wanna stop and help do it for me. Thanks guys! You're the best!)

    Since I got it, I have only replaced the back absorbers and the front absorber mounts. And serviced the ac once after almost 5 years. I've had it six years and I had not been gentle. I guess you'd say it's still a 'young' car and I should give it more time to see what other sh*t it would cause me. I say, I don't care, because when you love someone so much, you'll learn to live with whatever shortcomings that comes with him/her. If you feel that you'll be better off without him/her, that's because you don't love him/her enough. So you go giving excuses to why you don't love him/her.

    Stop giving excuses, start being real. Just admit it, it's not you, it's me.

    In other words, it' not Proton, it's my small dick.

    Why don't you just say it... I am unpatriotic and a bad driver at that too.

    Luv you, Tun. You haters can just go kiss some Korean or Japanese *ss.

  93. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Dear Anillynette & Ezane of Borneo,

    Do understand that the quality of the car you get depends sometimes on LUCK, OWNER's care & most all the the manufacturer's QA/QC standard. Statistically speaking Proton QA/QC is not at the sharp-end of the stick. U guys must be one hell lucky folks or better owners. For info, I also own a 12-years old Wira who still fulfills his duty of bringing abt the town for my daily shopping trip. I also happen to own a 18-years old Nissan Sunny (used by my wife) who is doing a better job of bringing me about albeit quietly that's it.

    Having said that, u guys mut be asking yourself why am I driving 2 very old/antique it my choice or is it caused by necessaties (artificially inflated High Pricing to feed all the UMNO high priest/priestess)

    You guys live in Borneo, you must be lucky to own cars but what abt thousand of households who is without cars , how do they travel abt ?? where is the public transportation system ?? or maybe to u guys using the river is best possible transportation system ??
    What about Education system for the young (esp for the non-muslim bumis & the poor Indians) & Medical safety net for the poor & old ....where is it ???

    Come on la !! Wake up !! stop delusioning yourself wt that old man empty rhetoric , any credible person who step into his shoes as Msia prime minister during his era would be able to transform & improve this country wt all the resources that was coming in, FDI that was coming in to teh manufacturers then followed by IT and was further aided by Oil royalty income from Petronas, but what has he done other than squander it all away on some grandeur projects (w/o considering long term cost implication) and promote a few rich elite UMNO lapdogs.....

    That Msia is now relatively poorer both economically & culturally and more divided than ever is due to this one-time "pharoah".

    "FREE Borneo From UMNO Dogs"

  94. wow, that is one comment to treasure by the guy writing it :)

  95. I guess there is only one thing left to say...

    Let's make YOU prime minister, shall we?

    I am sure you have all the answer to all the questions cuz you might be a little bit like God; perfect in every sense... Except that you're human. So you can't be perfect, because a perfect human is an oxymoron and that does not exist. So you can't possibly know the answer to EVERYTHING so that you have the right to say that someone else did a bad job when all you had done was sit back and do nothing.

    Stop whining, get yourself into politics, make a dent.

    And after you had done way better than he did, only then would you have the right to be all boastful and whiney about what a good job you had done in running the country.

    And yes, even if I don't look it, I do feel that I am one lucky gal, one way or another, I am a very lucky gal indeed. For that, I am grateful.

    Anonymous, Schnonymous....

    p/s : I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment. But please, stop taking a whack at an old man who had done more for us than any of our PMs, past and present. Well, let's say his part.
    He's a dad, a husband, he's an old man, he's human.

    I'd really like to see these people making negative comments say half the things they said in here to his face.

  96. Anonymous2:04 am

    " ...if you buy local cars money still circulate within the country" = ' buy local SEX so that money still....lah, RIGHT ?' =
    " legalise it then, ok !"

  97. Anonymous12:33 am

    (heha) : " damn..damn..DAMN! I took your advice 'not to keep the money in the banks otherwise the country is motionless & dead ! so i finished all my 'fd & savings' = rm999 only ! i did it for country sake now please HELP by telling me how ' your family members can save up so much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in s'porean banks !!??" ( my account no.: ambank 1234567890sos !! )