Saturday, July 12, 2008

We Malaysians are "risky" visitors

Visit Britain Last? And so Malaysians might have to have visas when we travel to the UK, as early as next year! The BBC News report states "bogus passports, criminal acts and terrorism" as factors in the profiling of certain nationals as "risky".

Despite a long, shared history and thousands of Malaysian students in the UK, Malaysia has been lumped in the good company of Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, Venezuela, Bolivia, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Swaziland, and Trinidad and Tobago as countries whose citizens will need visas to visit the UK "unless they 'sigificantly reduce' the risks they pose".

In the early 1980s, Malaysia launched the Buy British Last campaign and told them to bully themselves instead.

A note of thanks to Mik in the UK for the heads-up and to Artic Turban for the early perspective on the news left under my previous posting.


  1. Anonymous11:22 am

    Looks like things are not so rosy here after all so alot of our "brothers" need to cari makan elsewhere.

    But we are a "Third World" country still (e.g. our Parliament) even though we have "First World Infrastructure". We have "style" but the people remain oppressed and hungry.

    If mother UK requires us to have a Visa, then can the European Union be not far behind? Then we would not be able to move around freely. We might as well stay home.

  2. Anonymous11:52 am

    A very sensible move by the British government. Malaysia should follow suit to stop "risky" visitors from African countries, India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar etc coming in.

  3. Anonymous11:58 am


    The worries by the British on accidental immigrants has been on going for a very long time. I remember more than 20 years ago at Heathrow Airport how the immigration officers grilled us Malaysian Students then when we just wanted to stay one or two nights in London prior to fly back to Malaysia. Sometime in early 90s I went to attend a course in Aberdeen sponsored by Shell, I had not only travellers cheques but letter from Shell, etc. to prove that I wouldn't be staying to look for job yet the immigration officers still gave the same interrogatory treatments.

    This unwelcome treatment make you wonder how unfair they are; when their citizens come to our country, we welcome them, some of our old folks still describe them as "tuan".

    I think the visa thing is ok and should be welcome, never mind if we are grouped with Brazil, Namibia, South Africa, Venezuela, Bolivia, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Swaziland, and Trinidad and Tobago as countries ; it will free Malaysian genuine travellers from interrogation and embarassment at Brtish Immigration check points.

  4. Britan dah belajar dari peribahasa kita, `buat baik berpada-pada, buat jahat jangan sekali.' Moral nya ialah dengan orang Malaysia ni jangan buat baik sangat..Adakala sokong membawa rebah..

  5. Where had sang kelembai gone ? His blog stopped since Jun 18th.

    Dah kembali ke unmo ke ?. I like to read his articles.

  6. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Serve us right! We are so eager to consider UK our "second home", whereby they despise us and treat us as lesser beings. Hope that our rich & famous, as well as our government, will stop going to UK and STOP sending students, especially those financed by the government, to UK. F..k them! I also believe that our Prime Sleeper will not do anything to counter this insult!

  7. Will brings pros and cons regarding this pending visa requirement to UK.
    Will not affect the real bona fide people visiting UK .
    Might not even affect those wanting to overstay in UK or those planning to seek work the illegal way.
    As there will always be "underground" agents processing visas. Same as what we have in Malaysia.
    We have agents working hand in hand with "immigresen diraja Malaysia" and "kementerian dalam negeri" to brings in underqualified and unfit foreign workers.
    I bet most of you read that ACA is trying to charge some "imigresen" officers, but ACA failed to nail the "kementerian dalam negeri".
    Most people do not know that without approval from "kementerian dalam negeri" , the "immigrsen" cannot approves any working visa.

    Why nobody asked as to why Malaysian tends to seek work illegally in the UK , USA , Japan , Holland and Australia? I did asked a few Malaysian working illegally overseas. They all said because our government failed .
    They blames the NEP for their situation.
    Will somebody do a survey ?
    We all will get a clearer picture then.

    ***Regarding proton, it is not a truly Malaysian company as always claimed by TDM. It is a bumi entity .Anyway , there are many various reasons as to why even Malaysians do NOT support proton.
    AP is another issue , TDM ought to settle the AP problems before resigning.

  8. Our leaders taught us to be so. We wouldn't want to shame our moronic leaders by being a tad clever than them, would we.

    And why must you go to the UK anyways? To study, well, students will get their visa. To shop? Well, those with too much British Pounds will have no problem arranging for their visas. Sightseeing? Reckon the former Yugoslavia states have cooler looking places. And Ali Rustam's shack has the Eye.

    The rest of you? Let's do the Caribbean mon. They speak cool. They dress colourful and they play cricket. They dig mariwana much too.

  9. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Very upset and very dissapointed to hear it Rocky. I bet our Sleepy Beauty and Tingkat 4 boys should be celebrating by now. Afterall, they always love to use this few countries as a benchmark. Now, we're being categorised into these few. Congratulation PM and SIL!! Keep up the good work and we'll see how far Malaysia will go in its reverse gear until 2010.

    One damn angry anak Melayu.

  10. Eh Britain..those ungrateful buggers...our VIP and Menteris wives bring in over 10 billion pounds in shopping revenue alone each month...ceh..tak berterima kasih langsung...must be the gloomy weather over that makes them so mean...


  11. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Pak Rocky,
    Tuan kata Malaysian and we. Adalah Pelawat yang bermasaalah atau berisiko bagi British.Orang Malaysia yang di fokuskan itu adalah Orang Islam? orang yang selalu dikaitkan dengan pengganas?
    Atau orang-orang bangsat pada pandangan British?
    Hari ini aku tiga kali kencing atas kubor J.w.w bicth!
    -makan gaji.

  12. Anonymous4:19 pm

    you're the fellows responsible, the majority of us never travel overseas. WTF.


  13. Anonymous4:21 pm

    No surprise here.

    Canada too instituted a visa policy for Malaysians a few years ago. The primary reason was also bogus passports, as it is with UK.

    It is not that they are claiming Malaysians are terrorists, but more the worry of terrorists obtaining Malaysian passports.

    We need not go further than Project M to see how unsavory undesirables can obtain the privileges of being Malaysian citizens.

    The thread tying all this together is a government and civil service so corrupt to the core, that a thorough douching is in order.

  14. UK's problem i guess is not genuine Malaysian visitors but bogus Malaysian. Many foreigners were able to purchase fake Malaysian passport easily to enter UK. I guess it is alright for UK to take precaution to avoid another Sept11, in case one of this foreigner holding fake Malaysian passport is a terrorist.
    Malaysian should blame the government for not curbing the Malaysian passport scams effectively. The ministers and authorities inefficiency in solving passport scam have lead to UK's intention to impose VISA rules.
    Can the authority catch the people behind passport and mykad scam quickly to void UK VISA rules?... They can't?...Why?

    Invite you to vote at:

  15. Rocky

    This Ezam giving Malaysia and Malays especially a Bad Name in the Global perspective. Check out what is this chap doing; not another Statutory Declaration against Anwar Ibrahim over Butt-Attack, if not Shark-Attack. He is actually putting his family and parents at shame though!

    Otak put at his Bontot meh? Life has to go on, and Malaysia need good economic growth to succeed, not some A*s-disatisfaction story.


    Ezam warns Anwar: I will reveal your secrets
    Jul 12, 08 2:02pm

    If you link me to a political conspiracy over the sodomy report, I will swear as a Muslim in 24 hours that I will fight you and divulge your secrets, Ezam warns his former boss. MORE
    Disgrace to Anwar's family
    'I have to defend my dignity'

  16. Oh, so, is this why the Director General of Immigration gets picked up by the ACA for another matter?

    Usually the pressure has to come from some outside source isn't it, before these guys act on one of their own?

    If really it was inside source, they usually get quietly transferred out or promoted to oblivion within the government machinery or C4ed.

    But when pressure comes from abroad, and like Britain, then of course must be seen to do something.

    And bro, o.k. la, I shall come out of my strike soon....o.k? thanks for the reminder!

  17. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Concerned Malaysian,

    Look who we are trying to bring in. Pakistan.. shit... those people are one of the worst. Bombing, terrorist, and they always cause problems. And now Abdullah is promising no visa and freetrade with them. Sometimes, no otak one this person. No wonder britain will deny us no visa entry.

    Look now south korea is planned to waive US visa.

    We are just going backward.


  18. Anonymous5:57 pm

    PAKISTAN go away from Malaysia.

    Have stricter regulations for certain foreigners coming to the country instead of easing them like for PAKISTAN. I went to Japan lately, so much procedure to go to Japan. Before we dont even need visa for Japan. All those idiots who have been spoiling Malaysian name you can go to hell! Inclding the newly caught immigration department director and its deputy.

    PAKISTAN and Illegal Immigrant Hatter.




  20. Anonymous6:31 pm

    With the Talibanisation and Arabisation of our beloved Malay culture, it is no surprise our former colonial masters are eyeing us with disdain. We only have the wretched UMNOputra regime to blame for putting us in a bad light where the outside world is concerned. One insidious trend is the overt terror posed by the body-snatchers and the morality spies per se. Not to mention the cancer of corruption of the entire BN-led machinery.

  21. Anonymous6:42 pm

    I think they're also reffering to the idiots who went looking for Sufiah Yusof in the hope of 'healing' her.
    That, I think is what they call risky. Having racially motivated religious groups, who can't help but go for cheap publicity and a free flight for a holiday in Britain on the pretext of 'healing' a British prostitute, just because she's half Malay. What about the thousands of 100% Malay prostitutes, who are full Malaysian citizens, right here in our own backyard? No publicity, no free trip, right? The furthest they can hope to travel for 'healing' purposes is probably the big hike up Bukit Bintang or Lorong Haji Taib.
    But these fickle minded people are the reasons why some of us are in fact becoming a risk to the daily lives of the Brits.
    For God's sake, leave the British citizens alone and let them do what they want in their own country!

  22. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    The extra income to be generated to the British government for the 'visa application' will be astronomical. Very wise economic decision.
    Malaysia should also consider generating income by these means.

    Best Regards,


  23. Anonymous7:50 pm

    This problem is created mainly by malaysian chinese who overstayed their 6months visitor pass, to work in many chinese restaurants
    and takeaways all over the countries.NEP which promotes discrimnation against chinese getting jobs at home and the strong £££££ have attracted many chinese to work illegally here. As
    an ex-malaysian here for 30 years, I had been served by too many illegal waiters/waitressess at chinese restaurants/ takeaways all over UK.

    ex-malaysian chinese

  24. Anonymous8:03 pm

    Yes Bro, to go to UK now days, need to have Visa and this Visa have being 2 years already.

  25. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    In less than five years the PM has succeeded in turning our beloved country into a paraiah state. How low can we go?

    This makes it difficult for Malaysians who have to go abroad in search of employment and a better life.

    I hope we do not retaliate. We need British tourists. And with more our our capital flowing to Singapore than Singapore capital flowing into our country in spite of the Iskandar Development Region, we need every penny of British FDI.

    Two years is a long time Bru! It may even be forever.

    BTW how much did they pay the impeached judges? That's our money you know.

    Thank you.

  26. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Thanks to the Kera-jaan ?
    Thanks to Pak Lah !


  27. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Alamak, so now when Rosemary wants to shop till her pantsuit drops at Oxford St, she also needs a visa ? Hmmmm....better give her diplomatic status lah, since she has been using all the embassy personnel for her shopping sprees.


  28. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Bro Rocky

    First of all the british embassy should stop issuing visa to those student which coming to UK to study in the so-called collages you would be surprised how many Malaysian girls and shemales were working as escort in London .

  29. Anonymous8:48 pm

    I am sure our PM will not do anything . Actually after Mahathir,we are going backward. Please someone pujuk Pak Lah to resign for the sake of our children. Kesian anak anak kita, one by one previlige hilang.It reminds me of Iraq - Once very rich and hitech country . What happen now ?

  30. Anonymous9:15 pm

    I believe UK govt must have valid reasons to review the visa rule. No country would like their immigration rules to be abused. If they had said over-staying, illegally employed, and other abuses is prevalent, I am very inclined to believe that these are true and FAIR accounts of what is happening.

    The Malaysian immigration and home office must get their acts together!


  31. Anonymous9:21 pm

    150 - 200 denied entry to UK per MONTH or about 6 cases per DAY. Since when? It would mean that thousands have been banned from ever going there again. And there would have been alot of people being sent back home on the next flight.

    Are they Malaysians? If so, thats alot of rejections and yet we don't hear anything about it until now. If these culprits overstay or work illegally there, then, something else must be done as their actions would affect all other genuine Malaysian travellers.

    If the offenders are not Malaysians but using real Malaysian documents, then it would mean that they managed to leave this country, this despite our "secure" computer chip embedded passports with finger print checks. Our security features are not so secure then after all if our passports can be used by others to leave the country.

    If the passports are forged documents, then somebody must have acquired the technology to clone our passports for use. And our authorities doesn't seem to know until now. Possibly there could be alot of forged Malaysian passports floating around. So what is the government going to do about it?

    Maybe they could ask the UK Immigration to confiscate all these forged passports and send the culprits back to Malaysia or where they came from where the cops would be waiting to "interview" them.

    Whatever it is, it is a sad day when the UK has to give us an ultimatum to shape up or else.

    And if it can happen to the UK, can it not also be happening with other countries as well?

    So what will the Minister tell Parliament about this sad state of affairs and what is he going to do about it?

  32. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Of course it sucks when it is us at the end of the stick...imagine and now just place ourselves in the shoes of all the others who have been subjected to similar parallel woes by ourselves..hmm.

  33. If project IC in Sabah is not stopped, other countries will do the same to us.

    Any BN leaders who are reading this article, please boycott UK by divesting your investments and properties . :)

    The ex-CEO of MAS was romoured to fly to London every other weekend and popped some champange along the way. We can blame him too for clouding these special arrangement. :)

  34. there is nothing much to see in u.k. now. things are getting extremely expensive if you convert the sterling. london is always gloomy and by 6pm the place is like night time. and shops (except the 24-hr kedai runcit mamak/india) by then are closed (british are the lazy lots). but malaysians like to go there because they feel proud of having going there. except for malaysians who are there to study, it's just an ego trip. that's all nothing much.

  35. Anonymous10:17 pm

    It is unfortunate that Britain may introduce visas for Malaysian. It should be tit for tat, Brits must also get visas to visit Malaysia. If they do not respect us, we should not respect them too. It is entirely up to British immigration officers to accertain the true visitor from someone going to work. Their failure is blame on all Malaysians is unfair.
    Who wants to go to Britain anyway, London is just like another city in India or Pakistan, it has been destroyed by West Asians and Arabs, it stinks and is filty beyond description. London has gone to the dogs!!Britain is no longer great anyway.

  36. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Blame it to malaysia indian and chinese.

    ada passport tipu, overstay kerja kat sana,(lu orang mau kerja, for example pergi china or india la)

    kemudian jual passport to other country.

    kemudian pergi saman dia punya queen.

    ungrateful punya manusia.

  37. I do not blame the British for so doing. In fact that should have done it long time ago. Malaysians are wellknowm for abusing the no-visa privledges that this country accords. I am not suprise if the EC, Australia and New zealand will do the same.

    But not everything is 100% lost. The Malaysians can still visit Trinidad and Tobago, Bostwana, Bolivia, Nepal, Vietnam or Laos if they feel like working overseas.

  38. Now the sleeping government
    No more sleeping on the job
    Time to wake up do damage control
    UK has put her radar screen
    On all of us

    The unsavory characters
    Treats and tricks of Malaysians
    We better stay home
    Build our reputation
    Score our assets

    When we have cleaned our houses
    Then we go and make our presence felt
    On the world economy we will fight
    Why go to countries when we aren’t wanted?

    We don’t have to bow to the former colonial master
    We know their tricks and treats…………………
    It is better we looked elsewhere
    Otherwise stay at home and reinvent ourselves
    We are good at it anyway

    We know we have well known Malaysian terrorists
    Creating ripples in Indonesia………………..
    The BN government never withdraws citizenships
    The government doesn’t talk about them

    Reasons and objectives
    Flying here stopping over there
    Nay we should go elsewhere
    Else build our reputation
    Subjects we can challenge the world
    Education and cars, roads, power and IT
    And agriculture……………..

  39. Anonymous1:36 am

    " why you want to go to LONDON, peter !?'

    " oh, i want to DONLON there lah, hoping to buy an hour from our mathematician lass !" (heha)

  40. Anonymous1:44 am

    well, this is what happen when people want to make more money

    zamri bandar sunway semenyih

  41. Anonymous4:34 am

    We, malaysian should look at ourselves in the mirror first before taking out anger at UK immigration. If UK starts to implement VISA, I bet others will follow very soon. So who to blame? Ourself ? or the whole world? Giving them revenue every month doesn't mean they will give us privileges. Well, I think we should WAKE THE HELL UP! there a challenges out there globally! and your usual ketuanan melayu is somewhere at the bottom of the list. Malaysia seems to be turning into a LA LA Land by Badawi's administration.


  42. Anonymous9:55 am


    As per the last paragraph in my previous comment about "a government and civil service so corrupt to the core, that a thorough douching is in order", please see this latest report from The Star:

    GEMAS: A policeman has lodged a report against all his colleagues including his superiors allegedly over dissatisfaction on how the monthly bribes from those operating illegal activities was being distributed.

    To say that this is shocking is a gross understatement of the issue at hand.

  43. hahaha... good for Malaysian....

    By the way.. If traveller from Malaysia need to use VISA in the future, why do we bring "MASTERCARD" ahead....


  44. Rocky

    Bad news again. Pak Lah sending Rais to Britain to solve the Visa issue. Wrong person again. Rais failed to retain Batu Puteh, and sending Rais to Britain is similar like sending Babboon to China where they will cook Exotic Food out of Rais.

    Nothing personal, but Rais is just not and dont look smart. Muhyiddin can do much better job and good PR too. Worse to worst, the next best candidate is Muhammad Taib now that his Inglishit-command improved, he can do wonders!

    Check this out 13 Jul 2008

    Rais to present Malaysia’s case in London
    The arduous task of convincing Britain that Malaysia should retain its visa-exempt status will gain momentum with Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim meeting senior British officials in London on Tuesday.

  45. Anonymous12:28 pm

    That's what you get when you are "Truly Asia".

    Anybody can pass off as a "Malaysian" even though they speak only Arabic, Visaya, Lao, Myanmarese, Gurkhalese, Urdu, Chingchong, Mogwai, Bangala etc etc. Them Brits are just confused. Tan Ah Kow speaks Urdu and Zainudin Daim speaks Lao.

    And they have funny face features and come in many colour shades and size as well.

  46. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Terrorism!! Guess what?
    There are innumerable british passports involved in terrorism,
    and hardly any Malaysian passports.

  47. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Someone brought up Project IC!
    Well then I think it is very well to have the citizenships annulled of all the ones given under pressure in 1956, also settlets rite..
    Yeah I know how racist I sounded,
    I never really meant, it was sarcasm for those who now wanna kick refugees out having no sympathy or humanitarian concern.
    They have fled horrible circumstances in their lands for a life in the malaysian land.

  48. Anonymous1:30 pm

    The relationship between Britan and Malaysia go back a long long way for the snotty Brits to lump us with all those countries.
    How about the government imposing the Buy British Last policy again to teach these SOBs a lesson? It worked the last time.
    But then again, we need a leader with gumption to give the Mat Sallehs a dose of their own medicine. Not a flip flopper...


  49. sysop,

    Show VISA first. Then we need the MASTERCARD when we bow down to lick the boots of out former colonial masters maah....

  50. If I were the prime minister. I'd subject the Britons to the same.

    To enter Malaysia, they need to have a visa.

    They'll be treated like a white terrorist at all entry points.

    I'll have Saifool as the Director General of the Immigrations, to do a full body check on all Brits. He loves white buttocks i'm sure.

    Their products will be given last priority.

    I'll turn to Japan again.

    Look east policy round 2.


    When I woke up, I find Dollah is still the PM of this country. And I know for sure that he won't be doing anything!!!

    So, I'm counting my sheeps again!

    Wake me up when he gone.

  51. Anonymous2:34 pm

    The ACA investigation involving two senior officials goes to show how corrupt the immigration Department is.

    I do not blame any foreign country that thinks it is easy for terrorists to obtain Malaysian passports.

    Good on you, UK. I hope more countries will follow.


  52. This is a shame; sayanglah! You can bump into familiar faces in UK, just by popping by at Speakers' Corner, it it's still there.

    Maybe now it's all the reason to stop by Continental EU. People are friendlier in the South and things can be less expensive.

    Hopefully we won't run out of options. With the Gomen we have, we'll be stranded here!!!

  53. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Saudara Brew,
    When chicken is slaughtered, it’s decapitated just below the head, not at the Bishops Nose… Why is this so? A sarcastic quip during discussions over the ongoing immigration fiasco this morning.
    (Once again, the MSM failed their Fourth Estate role…)
    Like the Pied-Piper, graft busters are leading all of you believe this investigation was akin to pulling the rabbit out of the hat four months ago.
    However, some present this morning begged to differ. This probe would and has been ongoing for sometime now, in fact for several years now.
    But no one had the gall to do anything about it due to numerous ramifications. You see the rot does not end at the Immigration Department.
    Try speaking to manpower employment agents (who are naturally running for cover now), and the list of politicians and political wannabes implicated would seem endless.
    From what was mentioned, the “Badrulzaman vs Immigration” courtroom drama would line a can of worms from Croydon to Whitehall (no pun intended).
    (Between Trafalgar Square and King Charles St., stands the theatre full of drama at one end, Cabinet Office, Number 10, HM Treasury & HM Revenue & Customs, DOH, DOWP & MOD – go figure!!!)
    Fortunately for those previously with the I-D, they can heave a sigh of relief this crackdown never came about during their tour of duty.
    Why now? Well if you recollect, some time ago foreign workers with valid papers were held up at KLIA. And this was in the 000s.
    When numbers inflated, and rebuke from a foreign mission, it was whispered the Home Office advised MSM it would be of national interest to downplay the stink emitting from the world famed airport.
    Now this “Clear & Present Danger” over the UK imposing visa sanctions has seriously ruffled feathers.
    No more shopping, no more staying at Government House in Central London, the numerous prime properties owned by Malaysian companies also in Central London left unoccupied… how can this happen!!!
    Malaysians contribution to domestic spending in London is essential.
    Being the subservient lot that Malaysians are made out to be, how can “the motherland” dish out such porridge to its loyal subjects?
    But that’s just tip of the iceberg it would seem. Malaysia being a transit for human smuggling, the number of Malaysian passports found on aliens abroad… all this has raised eyebrows over the dedication and efficiency of the I-D
    Is your Home Secretary’s new broom sweeping clean?
    It was also mentioned how he visited your HM Parkhurst and Belmarsh-type facilities last week, and disclosed the residency of some 10-odd foreign intelligence agents held there too.
    (NB: The intelligence process is the collection of information, collation, analysis and dissemination. These simple words cover an operation that is complicated, thrilling, manpower-intensive and very expensive. It is also the life blood of governments and military machines.)
    However, the Cabinet member was also quoted to have said that any formal trial would mean “exposing intelligence-based information”.
    “Charging someone in court will mean putting all the evidence and testimony in the open.”
    What has left us bewildered is how could the MSM could have missed such major stories about foreign spies in their own backyard.

    “Bait them with the prospect of gain, bewilder and mystify them.
    Use anger to disrupt them, humility to make them arrogant.
    Tire them by running away, cause them to quarrel amongst themselves.
    Attack them when they do not expect it, when they are least prepared.
    Be so subtle that you are invisible.
    Be so mysterious that you are intangible.
    Then you will control your rivals fate...”

    The revelation about foreign spies took some of us down some memory lane when working on the Melita Norwood story back home 10 years ago. The excitement and thrill in seeking the news.
    Freedom of the Press and public truth telling leaves much to be desired.

    Sekadar diPinggiran

  54. what so difficult about it? if they required us to have a visa then apply one. it is small issue, in fact there is no issue at all. sure it will effect those who are planning to go and stay there illegally, but what the heck. we catch illegal immigrant here all the time & rela seem to enjoy this job very much. at least in u.k they will straight away deported you back home, unlike us here we put them in detention center for few years while negotiating how to send them back. if here we always blame illegal for the rising of crime, same is there. if it is difficult to do business there because of this ruling then do it in some other country, if it trouble to visit, go somewhere else. what so great about Britain? they are not even Great Britain anymore.

  55. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Meanwhile, holders of Singapore passports do not need visas to travel to Canada, US and the UK.

    Another thing that the "little red dot" has outscored us on.

    Question for Rais Yatim (and his predecessor, the follicularly-challenged Syed Hamid Albar): why is it that Singapore passports are treated with much more respect than Malaysian passports, as far as foreign governments are concerned?

    Could it be that Singapore's ICA takes matters much more seriously than its Malaysian counterpart?

    And that is being monitored and noted by foreign governments?

  56. Anonymous5:45 pm

    but Najib was doing such a good job getting our royal army to guard the british queen. aiyo, told him that's a waste of RM2mil. now the british just spit at his face...haha...why not, i would spit at his face too.

  57. Anonymous8:10 pm

    I fly in and out of London at least five times a year and had no problem until after Sept 11. I was "interviewed" the last time and looked over suspiciously as though I was a criminal. And I was not even wearing a tudung.

    These days, we are picked up when they hear or see the word "Malaysia".

    I understand the British authorities. Once Malaysians came as genuine tourists, bona fide students and professionals with legitimate work permits but now just look at the kind of Malaysians they see - religious fanatics, murderers, drug couriers, prostitutes and gangsters.

    We blame others when we should be looking at ourselves and asking what is happening to Malaysians.

    And to all naive ones, don't be fooled by unscrupulous human traffickers who promise jobs in exchange for a "fee".

    You'll be sent straight back to Malaysia when the authorities find out the papers you carry are false. They were once lenient, even kind, to illegal immigrants but not any more.

    See it as a good deed. At least, you'll not end up as a slave in a restaurant/brothel owned by the Chinese mafia.

  58. /// Nyabor said...
    This unwelcome treatment make you wonder how unfair they are; when their citizens come to our country, we welcome them, some of our old folks still describe them as "tuan". ///

    Nyabor - what so unfair about this? When I visit their country, they call me "love". "Good morning, love." "How are you love?"

    Malaysia can retaliate and reciprocate by requiring them to get visas before visiting Malaysia as well. Do you want to do it? I guess it is a question of economics, isn't it?

    But wait. Haven't Malaysia already started discriminating against visitors. Some months back, or was it last year, the moral police raided a married British couple in their room. Earlier, an African American was roughed up and arrested in the Chinatown area. And we are in the process of making foreigners pay higher prices for petrol.

    What's the big deal - either you don't go if you feel you are not welcomed, or you make them equally unwelcomed if they come here.

  59. Anonymous10:03 am

    Sigh...may need visa to go to the UK. Already need visa to travel to Australia and Canada. Getting a visa to travel to the US? Be prepared for searching and intrusive interviews.

    What to do, but cuti-cuti di-Malaysia? Or holiday in Singapore, like many of our royalty, ministers and politicians - never mind, lah, that your ringgit is worth only 40 Singapore cents!

  60. Anonymous2:54 pm

    (heha) : SURELY lah ! look at your country, got sodomy, corruptions, SD today then changed 2moro, pm problems, parlimen like wet market (skirts abit shorter also cannot), lipsticks cannot....this cannot that cannot....this can that ALSO can...what lah, people from yours dun come better lah,.... NANTI influence my people badly...oh,LAGI
    maths expert also can sell by hours one, aiyoyo, samy ...!!!

  61. Anonymous4:18 pm

    The truth is many foreigners are misusing our Passport and employment Pass issued by the Immigration Department to gain entry into UK and many other countries. The Immigration Dept has been very lenient in issuing work permits and employment pass to these foreigners hence we Malaysians become victims. The foreigners and the immigration department link is to be blamed as well as small group of Malaysians who go there to make a living. Lets see how Rais going to present his case there. ImmigrationInsider.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Anonymous2:41 pm

    I don't think Britain views us as "colonial dirt" - believe me, if anything frankly I think discrimination here is far higher here than in the UK, I've been there. But looking at things in their perspectives, there is no doubt we are "security-risk", so to speak. Understand that nobody likes illegal immigrants that refuse to abide the country's law. Like us, we already have our hands full with illegal activities committed by local people - and that's not taking into account by crimes committed by outsiders yet. See how we ourselves complaint against the illegals settling down and working in Malaysia, we should understand how Britain feels about this. It's an annoyance. Whatever it is, Malaysian visitors should respect their law when they are in the UK, and vice versa when they visit our country. I have met several Malaysians in UK who are there working illegally, and it's not a very comfortable knowledge. It is a grave issue.

    Before we take a stab at the UK, please look at ourselves first.

  64. Anonymous12:21 am

    (heha) : " hey, why you go LONDON
    for !?"
    " aiyah , to DONLON lah , what else ?"
    " fun meh ?"
    " oh yes, siok cannot tell lah !"