Friday, July 11, 2008

Will Malaysia have a new PM in mid-2010?

On the same day the Opposition in Parliament tabled an unprecedented motion of no-confidence against the Prime Minister, Badawi says he will step down in mid-2010 and pass the baton to Najib. Two years for smooth transition and carry out reforms as promised, according to NST on-line here.

Would you fall for it?

Umno vet Sanusi Junid is most skeptical and brutally frank. "Enough Dollah, it's time for you to sack yourself," he writes here.


  1. Anonymous11:37 am

    can you trust a flip flop PM? this is the only PM in malaysian history who never left anything for the people and who has a very very very very good track records of flip flopping.


  2. Rocky Bru

    Brother. Its beautiful Friday, as good as Monday and any other days of the Week.

    Next Weeki, hopefully the Dewan Rakyat Speaker will allow motion of No Confidence against Prime Monkey, Pak Lah be discussed and approved.

    Wait No Surprises; many even among UMNO and BN MPs are awaiting to support Vote No Confidence along Pakatan Rakyat to remove Pak Lah and Najib too.

    Muhyiddin is the Man-to-See for Prime Minister and Tengku Razaleigh as Deputy Prime Minister.

    Money cant buy everything and BN MPs are very much aware of this too. They have been treated more worst than faeces, by Pak Lah and Najib ignoring their voices and opinions.

    Time will tell, and let us all wait these Morons quit and pack their jobs to Zimbabwe along with Tun Mahathir (no offense I know you are strong supporter of Tun!).

  3. Anonymous11:37 am

    We'll see what will happen between the Anwar - Najib showdown. 2 years is an eternity in politics. but yes, I do believe that with this one down, Pak Lah will at least be able to do the things he wants with less internal resistance. And I don't buy TDM's speculation either

  4. Anonymous11:40 am

    Bodowi is just buying time and Najib is kidding himself. Good political play - but then it only benefits AAB, while the coutry contunues to suffer from his poor leadership.
    - NoYawns

  5. Anonymous11:52 am

    That's Badawi's new bullshit..


  6. Anonymous12:08 pm


    Nak bagi bom nuklear dekat tingkat 4 tu....



  7. Its just no hope for Najib ever becoming a PM. Mahathir too wanted Anwar to take over..and see what he did to get rid of him. Najib has already piled up enough shit against himself. Would it be so difficult to get rid of him?

    The question begs, when is the best timing to get rid of Najib then?

    I would imagine he should expect Badawi's shit to fall on him from about a year from now. That way, coming close to the end of the next two years, Badawi can dust off the same Mahathir speech of 10 years ago and give it a new twist as to why he has to stay on another x number of years...Yes to save us all. What sacrifice!!!

    I reckon by the time the next GE will be upon us and this time you can bet a Khairy led BN will attempt to get back its 2/3rds come what may and the credit will be given to Khairy.

    So, I guess, my bet is on Khairy becoming the next PM.

    This also means that Badawi stays on well after the next UMNO General Assembly. And I have just lost two bottles of wine. Can the claimants to the wine call me?

    Of course all this, on the basis that Anwar's attempts at seizing the government fails.

    Just one cheeky suggestion to Razaleigh and Muhiddin. Maybe you guys ought to opt out of UMNO and BN and join PR. Bring along a few of your mates from BN and dump this UMNO led government. I need to win my bet la!!

  8. Anonymous12:15 pm

    He tasted power and blood, and he wants more. crazy POK LEH.


  9. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Hello rocky,

    In these 2 years, what do you think AAB will contribute to the country?

    For me, I think that pak lah will concentrate on reforms Now he does not have to worry about being popular with power brokers anymore. He can concentrate on what the rakyat wants which is the reformations in the country.

    Currently the judicial is being reform. Perhaps police, ACA, education and economy subsidies will be reform as well.

    But, who knows what will exactly happen to the country?

  10. Reproducing Malaysia Insider below:

    Najib will never become PM, says Dr M

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 10 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who turned 83 today, dropped a bombshell — he predicted that Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will never allow his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Razak to take over as Prime Minister.

    Writing in his blog, the former premier did not mince his words when putting forth his theory.

    Dr Mahathir said that although Abdullah promises that Najib would succeed him by 2010, allegations would be hurled against the deputy prime minister before then to show up his inability to take over.

    The Malaysian Insider had reported earlier that Abdullah would announce his decision to relinquish his post in June 2010.

    "Somebody who is deemed more loyal to Datuk Seri Abdullah will replace him (Najib). The replacement candidate will not take over the prime minister's post in 2010 because he lacks experience. Datuk Seri Abdullah will then hang on to his post until the 13th General Election.

    "If the people's current trend of thinking continues (until the next general election), Barisan Nasional will lose the elections and Datuk Seri Abdullah will no longer be the prime minister. Therefore, there will be nothing for Datuk Seri Najib to take over from," said Dr Mahathir in his blog.

    The former prime minister also accused Abdullah of not practising what he preaches; in particular, not adhering to his own directive to Umno.

    "Campaigning for party elections is not allowed but the party president can bring all division leaders together and tell them not to challenge him for the president's post," he added.

    He also said that Abdullah would assure Najib that there would be no challenges for his job. "If Muhyiddin insists on contesting, he will be seen as disloyal to the party and deemed a traitor because he does not respect the president's ‘democratic’ directive," he said.

    This tradition of not challenging the top leaders began after the debacle in 1987 that ended with Umno being deregistered following a challenge by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah against Dr Mahathir. The next year, Umno in the form of Umno Baru was registered.

    Did Najib fell for Dolah's play?

  11. Pak Lah flip flop pass the baton??? funny!!! can trust that!!! pretending.... pretending....!!!! only Najib trust that!!! so Malaysian we die first..... waiting PRU13 all thing increase... more...more no reaction!!!! rich more be richer and poor more be poorer...

  12. Anonymous12:57 pm


    Information about Mahathir-era boot camp brainwashing:

    UMNO’s Latest Psy-War Materials Exposed, by Azly Rahman

    (NOTE: This is an email I received from a reader exposing the latest brain washing tricks deployed by UMNO’s apparatus called Biro Tatanegara(BTN). Mind you BTN is 100% funded by tax payer’s money)

    Baca seterusnya di:

  13. Anonymous1:04 pm

    I just one question for the PM:


    Just get out!
    We don't want you to reform anything!



  15. Oh NO! NO. NO! NO!!!!

    Please lah, Pak Lah... Please lie to us this time. You did it before. Pleaseeee.... please call a news conference again and tell us that you'll resign effective 12 midnite, tonite... please. We'll forgive you for being a flip-flop this time around. Really, we promise...

    We lost five years. Please dont ask us to give another two. Please... I'll beg, I'll kneel...

  16. Anonymous1:31 pm



  17. Anonymous1:38 pm

    long ride for najib, destination known but will he ever reach there?? DOUBT IT! - rose

  18. Anonymous1:40 pm

    Hmmmmm 24 months.

    That's Khairy's time frame to be somebody or a nobody.

  19. Anonymous1:45 pm

    This is Pak Lah's birthday gift to Che Det. Brilliant strategy by Pak Lah, ensure Najib is kept quiet till 2010, then if all fall into place, Najib would resign and Pak Pak Lah continues his reign. Now, KJ will roll out his plans for Naib Presiden.

  20. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Tunggu je lah, yang tak sabar2 tu kenapa pulak..Hormati keputusan beliau..

  21. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Tunggu je lah, yang tak sabar2 tu kenapa pulak..Hormati keputusan beliau..

  22. Bro,

    Wow !!! the flip flop finally decided that its going to be 2010 after carefully calculating the time it takes to bring down Najib before he steps down.

    Poor Najib took the bait. AAB has never favored Najib all this while as Najib has inclination towards TDM. He very well know that if Najib is the man, then all his family hard earn wealth accumulation will be at stake. Budak itam Oxford will be the first to be hang.

    Najib will have a hard time in the next 2 years fending himself from allegation after allegation. If and only if Najib survive he will only be the PM for 2 years as the next election will sweep BN off the map.

    Should Najib not make it then Muhyiddin will be the man to watch.

  23. Anonymous1:55 pm

    After reading much on the issue... lets see if UMNO will SACK Kalimulah, terminate FOX medias contract for the corridors.
    Melayu pantang dicabar, now lets see if the got TELOR, MARUAH to save this nation. Cetrusan semangat ONN Jaffar, masih terpendap disanubari Melayu...bangkit... selamatkan Tanah Melayu....maruah bangsa Melayu....belakangkang wang ringgit....ahli UMNO, sama sama undi NO 4 BADAWI, untuk selamatkan UMNO.....

    Even Zimbawe Betters Malayasia (EZAM)

  24. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Malaysia, huh what's new? Itu taktik lama zaman TDM lar. Nie semua kerja ciplak blueprint TDM. Selain dari kes liwat, ni plak kes tangguh. Sebelum sampai tempoh nanti, Najib ditukar plak. Pastu Sleeping Beauty ni buat tempoh baru lagi. KAh kah kah, yang rugi diperbodohkan tu siapa ?? rakyat lerrr..

    mangsa BN

  25. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Buang jer Barisan Nasional.

    Habis cerita. Takyah bincang banyak.

  26. Anonymous2:43 pm

    maybe or not depending on the two years time frame. It this KJ has a greater change!!

    sanusi, you lagi worst if you become someone

    zamri bandar sunway semenyih

  27. Anonymous2:54 pm

    But given his usual trademark 180 degree turnarounds, it is very possible that he might very soon change his mind yet again and say he didn't mean it. He might even come out with a Statutory Declaration as is usual these days.

    So Najib, beware. But then Mahathir don't think you will ever be PM or AM. You would probably self-destruct and ruin your chances anyway.

  28. Anonymous2:56 pm

    oh my.. "brutally frank"..i just love the word..

    well, i personally see the current political situation merely a reflection of a chess match. strategies by strategies were carried out,tons of pawns were sacrificed, knights were sent as moles, castles were always there defending the King n yet no winner is declared, untill an opponent is CHECK MATED. we'll see about it. till then, enjoy every ticking seconds as we're moving to hopefully a heaven,rather than hell created by the winner.



    5-1 Anwar Ibrahim
    10/1 Wan Azizah - Raja Petra
    100-1 Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah
    100-1 Muhyiddin Yassin
    1000-1 Rafidah
    10,000-1 Samy Vellu
    99,999-1 John Weinthal
    100,000-1 Najib Razak

    John Weinthal

  30. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Father In Law as PM
    Son In Law as DPM ............BN

    Husband as PM
    Wife as DPM
    Daughter as DPM2..............PKR

    What a load of shit !

    Malaysia saja boleh !


  31. Anonymous3:08 pm

    BY 2010 , rakyat will hidup merempat under pak lah .

    Then KJ took over... tak tau apa nak jadi ...

    Why not now Pak Lah ....why 2010...


  32. I think this is not the end game for Najib. Notice that there is no directive from the UMNO MT that the post of president and timbalan presiden should not be challenged.Ku Li could still challenge Abdullah and I think Najib has a stronger chance of being PM if Ku Li is the new Presiden of UMNO.

    Najib is an old hand in this game also, as, he and his supporters must know that Abdullah at grassroot level is hugely unpopular and many are clamouring for him not to even be candidate for president come this December.

    Yesterday's move by Abdullah is one of his last desperate card. I think Najib is playing along as I do not think it possible for Najib to wait for two years, as Abdullah is known for his flip-flop decisions making made with a smile in his face.

    So people expect more fireworks before December as it ain't over until it is over.

  33. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Hey guys! Dollah wants Anwar to be next PM! Think!

  34. Anonymous3:20 pm

    I cannot even stand looking at his face on the telly and newspaper nowadays let alone 2 more years! Cant he understand that the people already rejected him?


  35. Anonymous3:21 pm

    I personally believe that we should support what Pak Lah is doing right now. For some, this is exactly what you've been wishing for-Pak Lah to step up. The difference is there's a two years wait for it.
    Maybe Pak Lah wants to prepare his successor before stepping down. And since most of his projects involve in molding the soft skills, it may takes a little while before it may be materialized.


    Email comment from a friend in Australia

    Rudd speaks loudly but treads softly... i.e. seems to say the right things,
    but bottom line he does nothing that's controversial, progressive,
    adventurous... actually, he does nothing (full stop).

  37. Anonymous3:25 pm

    A lot of people here are quick to lambast the premier. Would you all honestly prefer Najib as your leader? If Anwar and gang are not able to oust BN, it is horrifying to think that Najib will be leading us in two years' time. I've come up with these equations: Dr M = Smart + Evil, Dollah = Not Smart + Not Evil and Najib = Evil + Dumb

  38. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Jangan buat spekulasi yang bukan-bukan..Tunggu jelah Jun 2010 nanti..Ini tak.. Sikit-sikit nak kutuk.. Hormatlah sikit keputusan Pak Lah tu..

  39. Dear Melayu-Tertindas

    You said "Money cant buy everything and BN MPs are very much aware of this too."

    The fact is now all Ketua Bahagian UMNO were obliged to give full support to Pak Lah. The ordinary members were not happy with it but nothing much they can do. They all hand-tied.

    All these happen simply because of the supidity of all UMNO members. As long Pak Lah is allowed in power, UMNO will be faded away and be buried right after PRU13.

    Therefore to all the stupid of UMNO members,Lu Fikir Lah Sendiriiiii..

    catch me (LFS) at http:///fikirlah

  40. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Just another unquestionable bullshit from Imam Islam Hadhari to prolong his Kerajaan Tiga Beranak. Najib mula lah berangan. Tak tau dia kena nyanyi Pak Lah. Silap haribulan weng pulak because at night kena dengar nyanyi Rosmah ... Wali Kota

  41. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Wait and see, it has only just begun....
    The circus is coming to town!!

    curious onlooker

  42. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Yes, Anwar next PM.

  43. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Hey, the poor fellow said June 2010. Cukup lah menghentam dia.

    Hormatilah keputusan dia. Kesian lah skit. Bagi peluang terakhir. Kita tengok camana semuanya berjalan.

  44. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Pandai jelah korang buat spekulasi.. Sekarang tak payah pening-pening..Kita tunggu je 2010..

  45. Anonymous5:03 pm

    What Nazir Razak told press today:

    It's very important that the political situation settles down, I'd said that right after the March 8 poll. since then, it has gotten worse.

    Investors sentiment has been affected. I'm sorry but I disagree with the DPM when he said that international investor confidence is not affected. The uncertainties are not good for business.

    Malaysia is very small, if I'm a portfolio manager sitting in New York, I don't need Malaysia. Instead, Malaysia has to present our case. I hope the political situation settles down. --- JAY JACK

  46. Anonymous5:07 pm

    pak lah is giving false imaginary hope to najib and rosmah. wake up najib! pak lah is using you to boost his image as a very GENTLEMAN, KIND HEARTED person. so really, why u have to be VISIBLY touched by it?? the wide smile we saw in papers today looked too fake.- the razaks!

  47. PM may be consider stupid when handling the economy....but certainly smart politically. PM knows Najib won't last the next two years with all the baggage he is carrying. Najib will be untenable by then, forcing Pak Lah to remain PM for another term. Pak Lah will then pave the way for SIL to the grand prize. Even if Najib do become PM, Pak Lah band of merry men would have sucked the country dry. Eitherway, the rakyat are suckered.

  48. Brader Rocky

    Check this out from

    Imagine if all the crooks in Jail, Guantanamo, ISA, and those existing cabinet crooks willingly "SUMPAH" as what Najib done in front 191 UMNOs division reps, I believe there will no longer be Evils and Satans running the Earth, and all the human beings created by GOD are in turns true Prophets.

    But could that really happen? Are we the Rakyat so dumb and daft to accept such "SUMPAH" blindly even from a Sodomizer and Bomber.... any sodomiser and bomber for that matter, that he is i nnocent after making such Declaration???

    Check that write up out

    Najib bersumpah nafi kenal Altantuya
    Jumaat, 11 Julai 2008
    Wallahi Wabilahi Watallahi’ ... Begitulah lafaz sumpah Timbalan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak semasa menafikan beliau pernah bertemu dan mengenali wanita Mongolia Altantuya Shariibu.

    Beliau melafazkannya di depan Ketua UMNO Bahagian, Exco Pemuda, Wanita dan Puteri dari 191 bahagian UMNO di seluruh negara yang menghadiri taklimat khas Presiden UMNO di Dewan Merdeka Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra,Kuala Lumpur petang Khamis.

  49. Anonymous5:27 pm


  50. PM is out of options, he know's the gravity of the rumblings of the akar umbi and he's at high risk. Making known his proposal to hand over in 2 years is to consolidate his position capitalizing on the strength of Najib. The hush hush to make such announcement is unbecoming of the President of UMNO for the reasons he gave including seeing through his proposed reforms are all full of deceit and deception. His proposed liberal and popular reforms are present bad words and are causing much uneasiness and anger of the majority except for those who worship Malaysian Malaysia. Based on precedence, this PM is not honorable and cannot be trusted his words.

    Fortunately the decision of the transition date rests with the akar umbi at the coming elections. The akar umbi must not be confused by such directives coming from PM, desperate to cling to power for the sake of his family interest. The akar umbi must readily press on with what they want.

    It's most timely for the akar unbi to exert a little more pressure on PM and I'm sure he'll throw his towel unless he wants a disgraceful exit.

  51. Anonymous6:35 pm

    By mid-2010, Sleepyhead Bodohwi hopes to acquire a bigger luxury yacht to replace the Cobra Sultan and add another 20,000 acres to his vast landed estate in Western Australia, paid with ill-gotten gains milked from the beguiled tax-paying public at large.

  52. Anonymous6:42 pm

    He is the DG of Immigration!

    PUTRAJAYA, July 11 (Bernama)— A senior immigration officer was remanded for four days today to help in investigation into an allegation of corruption involving the approval of visas for foreign workers.
    Magistrate Mazuliana Abd Rashid issued the order.
    The suspect, who was arrested in his house in Jalan Duta at 10.20 last night, is being investigated under section 11 (A) f the Anti-Corruption Act.
    It is learnt that the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) received a complaint from an individual on July 1 alleging that a foreign worker recruitment agent had asked for RM350 for each foreign worker brought into the country as a gratification for an immigration officer to speed up the approval of their visas.
    Acting on this information the ACA detained the suspect.

  53. Anonymous6:53 pm

    I think that the current Menteri Besar of Perak , Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin is very suitable to be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. Maybe he instead of Anwar should be the opposition choice for the post of Prime Minsiter.

  54. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Hello Bro Roc,

    "Full many a gem of purest ray serene;
    The gentle Istana Perak bears;
    Full many a flower is born to blush unseen;
    And waste its sweetness in the desert air."


  55. can we have a new PM much sooner than that?

  56. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Teori Lama*:

    R - Rahman
    A - Abdul Razak
    H - Hussien Onn
    M - Mahathir
    A - Abdullah (should have been Anuar and UMNO tetap akan kukuh selamanya)
    N - Now and nest will be Najib? (hancur la...)

    *betul la tuu...

  57. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Teori lama*:

    R - Rahman
    A - Abdul Razak
    H - Hussien Onn
    M - Mahathir
    A - Abdullah (should have been Anuar and if Anuar - UMNO akan tetap kekal kukuh)
    N - Now, Next will be Najib? Hancur lah...

    *betul laa tu

    Pak Pandir

  58. Anonymous8:10 pm

    This is great, Pak Lah should continue until 2010. He is much better than Tun Dr.M, Pak Lah brings more freedom and democratic for Malaysia.

    Najib will be a bad PM, he isn't very able. Frankly he can't make the mark in any job he holds.

    By 2010 when Pak Lah gave way it will be just about the right time Najib will find himself sitting as the opposition head in the auguest house....haha! great great.

  59. Anonymous8:35 pm

    Pass the baton or pass the key to the Loot ?

  60. Anonymous8:36 pm

    Pass the baton or pass the key to the Loot ?


  61. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Why Pak Lah took so long to announce the time to pass the baton? He was trying hard to find ways and means to hold on to the post. Only after realizing the grass-roots support for him was weak or rather hate him, and he can't sit in his position peacefully, then only he is "willing" to let go. But then again considering the flip-flop policy he is well-known for, he may not let go.
    Why 2 years? To push through his reform plans? What reforms has he made since polling day? Nothing, but destruction yes. You want to allow him 2 more years of destruction, plunder the treasury, ensure that son & sil well taken care of etc?
    As for me personally, I can't look at him face - meluat. Kalau tengok selalu mungkin tak baik bagi kesihatan saya. Ya Allah lembutkan hati Pak Lah supaya pergi cepat and kuatkan dan cekalkan lah hati orang2 umno yang berkenaan supaya terus desak Pak Lah undur sebelum tahun hadapan.


  62. Anonymous9:51 pm

    SUN TZU, you son of a gun...


  63. Anonymous10:20 pm

    This idiot will never stop lying and lying. Enough is enough man,pls disappear!


  64. Anonymous10:39 pm

    True to form lah - capai sesuatu ssslllooooowly, sssllooowly - 2 years!

    mat taib

  65. Anonymous10:47 pm

    I agree with BNatang, one who had tasted power and fed his greed would want to cling to them.

    He read the message from members wrongly - they wanted him to hand over kuasa in 2 months, not 2 years!!

    Anyway this strategy will no doubt fail again like his other so called startegies before this, wait and see. Meanwhile we suffer lah


  66. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Tolong.... tolong, cepatlah suruh Paklah blah. Dah tak tahan tguk muka dan cerita dia. Tak ada aura PM. Kadang2 I ingat telinga dia tebal, tak lut message sampai tak tau rakyat tak mau....tau mau dia. Agaknya Bodowi ni tak tau guna komputer, access internet atau tguk blog. Sbb tu dia dok perasan 24 jam rakyat suka kat dia. Tingkat 4 akan pastikan Bodowi tak dpt message RAKYAT. Klau Bodowi tanya pasti depa cakap"RAKYAT SUKA PAKLAH". Cuba test Paklah, pandai tak guna internet - Jawapan???? BODOH WEI.Hai rakyat Malaysia,bersatu, kita pergi ramai-ramai ke Putrajaya, Pej Paklah.... bagitau "WE don't YOU. Out from PM office. Camna.... BOLEH TAK MALAYSIA.

    Im, Shah Alam.

  67. Wait, let me get this straight. We either get a choice of alleged homosexual who is bitter and out for revenge, or alleged murderer to manage our country, not to mention hard earned tax payers' money?. I must be a masochist not to have migrated yet.

  68. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Jika Dolah mampu bertahan sehingga 2010 kenapa pula dia harus melepaskan jawatan, elok diteruskan sampai kerepot.

    Lagipun penyerahan jawatan adalah hanya satu 'cadangan' yang pasti boleh berubah mengikut keperluan dan masa.

    Kalau itu keadaannya, kenapa Najib tersengeh dan rasa terharu..kluangman

  69. Now i know why Pak BodoLah make the announcement about the transition at the absent of Tan Sri Muhyidin Yasin and Ku LI...

    If you are there you will see both Muhyidin and KuLi supporters are not there..

    wonder why????

  70. " Will Malaysia have a new PM in mid-2010 ? "

    Really ??????????????!!!!!!!!

    No way !
    Sickening phrase !

    Actually , the Najis (Oop... the Najib ) has very wery slim chance to be the next PM. So, no surprise ,he (the sleepy cum "day dreamer" Bodowi) wanted to pave a way for his "anak menantu PM" to replace him.

    Hopeless ! Shame on you !
    Hopeless ! Shame on you !
    Hopeless ! Shame on you !
    Hopeless ! Shame on you !
    Hopeless ! Shame on you !

    Really sickening indeed.

    RAKYAT , the nation builders.

  71. Anonymous12:40 am

    the prophecy:R-A-H-M-A-N(NAZRIN)
    =PM(2010) !

  72. Why 2010? Why another 2 years?

    This "thick skin" Dollah should have left 2 years ago!

    Guess he (and KJ) need this 2 years to "clear-up" some papers.


  73. Anonymous3:22 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Your blog question: WILL MALAYSIA HAVE A NEW PM IN MID-2010?

    My answer: A BIG NO.

    Reason: In this coming 2 years, he will find ways to bring down Najib and he will still be the PM on Najib's unfitness to be PM.

    My comment: If Dolah can dishonoured his promises to TDM before, why should he honour his promises to Najib?

    Pemuda dari gunung,
    Gunung Semanggol.

  74. Number 1 , no contest.
    Number 2 also no contest.
    Kevin Rudd said democracy is alive and kicking in Malaysia.
    I think some roos kicked Rudd in the head real hard for him to make such statement.
    Not only Malaysia is a Bodohland, Australia is also a Bodohland.

  75. Anonymous4:47 am

    melayu tertindas - Ya, let's wait and see if umno stalwarts have the balls

    mat taib

  76. Anonymous7:41 am

    Najib have no guts.

    It's time for UMNO member to nominate either Muhyiddin or Ku Li.Others vice president have no guts more like a lalang.Johor branch need to nominate Muhyiddin name for the post of President. We have lost hope for the style of Najib slavery to Bodowi. He can't be a good leader if he play a playsafe political style.

    As long as Bodowi is President UMNO you can say there are nothing good or windfall will come to UMNO except of 'TIKUS' membaiki labu.

    For Muhyiddin or Ku Li you have nothing to loose if you challenge the presidential post. Win or lost we are very grteful for your effort for the sake of UMNO.

    It's our last hope for you to hear at least from the voice of akar umbi.If you win we will consider you as a fighter, if you loose the best word to say is a martyr.

    Melaka Tengah akar umbi.

  77. Dear Rocky,

    With everything so fluid from day to day in this Bolehland...anything is possible !

    For now KJ & his 4th floor boys have got this CORRECT strategy for PM & everyone is squeezing everyone's "Orbs".

    This carrot is also a saviour for DPM as well...saved by the fickle finger of fate...can still continue some more ma!

    So this removes Dr.M, DSAI, Ku Li & Muyuddin from the equation giving PM's team time to get the "house" cleaned up !

    Between now till 2012 KJ thinks he might make it for Youth Chief's position....& DPM could be eliminated/finished if he tries anything against PM.

    With the situation so FLUID day by day...

    Consider the following :

    The No Confidence vote issue on Monday...anything is possible !

    The Downtrodden rayaat still reeling from the fuel hike...

    Potential for the local bourse to slip to below 1000 index....

    The US prime rate Financial Tsunami fast approaching Malaysia...

    Our Banks are also exposed to the sub prime US junk bonds!...

    Margin calls, refinancing, defaults, foreclosures, etc affecting our Downtrodden rayaat who are trying to make ends meet...

    The rayaat cannot take it anymore..

    So the inevitable Anarchy could erupt....rioting could result

    The NOC could kick in....

    PM-to-be may see his dreams come default!

    History could repeat itself..... like father like son !

    On the otherhand KJ & his 4th floor boys could do the dirty to remove PM-to-be & take over NOC & appoint Him self or his nominee as PM!

    Who knows....with DIVINE intervention...BN could collapse with all its skeletons bursting out from its "Pandora's Wardrobe" !

    Possible scenario...Malaysia could have its first Woman PM to do this nation & its Downtrodden rayaat proud...! No???

    Meanwhile Malaysians can either :

    Dream on...

    Migrate to ???...

    Continue suffering....

    Reposition themselves & family, fasten their seatbelts safely ride the Financial Tsunami, etc.


  78. Anonymous8:49 am

    'N' is for NUAR....

    Mat Yakin

  79. Anonymous9:15 am

    Badawi - dumb & stupid
    Anwar - asshole bandit
    Najib - hyenna
    Take your pick....for me I will take my chances with asshole bandit, it may have hidden pleasure we had never known.

  80. Anonymous9:27 am

    Don't have to wait for 2010 lah

    Malaysia will have a new PM on September 16 2008

  81. Passing the PM baton is not just a Malaysian trick. Look at the Blair/Brown connivance and before that Hawke to Keating in Australia. No consultation with the electorate in either case.

  82. Howard planned same in Australia with Peter Costello, but the electorate got in the way, and that ended that inane plot! Like Najib, Costello was the unelectable. Some hope for Malaysia yet ...

  83. Anonymous12:15 pm

    What was that again about retiring in 2008?

    I guess we're gonna be stuck with this guy for the next two years, and he might probably extend his tenure beyond that again. But so long as he's the man that can payoff the UMNO state leaders & give them continued access to the pork barrel, he will be guaranteed (almost) their support.

    Thats why he & Najib are being chosen again by the state divisions. Thats why few people followed Mahathir out of the party when he resigned.

    Dr. M should have known this fact. This is how UMNO operates.

  84. He is lying again bro Rocky.

    I do not believe him at a wee bit and poor Najib falls for it again.

    He can't do much anyway as Dollah the Sultan of Hadhari is still having that particular file in his hands, which he will use it against his deputy post December or near to his own mid 2010 deadline.

    That announcement was just to save himself for this upcoming UMNO assembly December.

    The sultan will stay on up to the next elections PRU13 and BN will not only lose 5 states but ALL!!!

    Wake up the real Melayus in UMNO.

    Just get rid of them both!!!



  86. well..paklah has been very apologetic saying that the government have "no choice" but to choose an unpopular "solution" (raising petrol price). well, i am here for a citizen who is going to say to him, the hell!. if youre on a hot seat of the mr prime minister, you hv to be more brilliant that that, as if you ARE NOT... then you WILL BE UNPOPULAR.. and away you go! buh bye mr unpopular!

  87. What reform can this old fart Dollah bring to our beloved country people? He has NOT done anything for the past 4-5 years and now ask that the remaining 2 be used to concentrate on his reforms. What reforms? Pttui!! He can only talk lah...Bullshitter big time!!!!

    BRING HIM AND NAJIB DOWN ONCE AND FOR ALL for us to rebuild this country of ours. NOT HIS alone!!!

  88. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Why do I have to suffer for the next 2 years,,,Please,someone get rid of this senile old man,,Economy of the country not moving,,we can't even make money in our own country,,get rid of him now!!!!!!!


  89. Anonymous1:53 am

    (heha) : he must stay for 2 more years to make it POSSIBLE for someone to bring back billions of
    '500 & 1000 rm notes' which then be resurrected !!!!

  90. Anonymous8:15 am

    A Disturbing Radicalism Comes to Indonesia

    Ali Noer Zaman
    09 July 2008

    The post-Suharto era sees the rise of unhealthy religious righteousness

    Indonesia's religious life in the post-Suharto era has been marked by the emergence of extreme religious radicalism. The conflict between Muslims and Christians in Poso in the province of Sulawesi Tenggara, and in Maluku province exemplifies this phenomenon, as do the 2002 and 2005 Bali bombings. The rise of radical organizations such as Defenders Front for Islam (FPI), Jihadist Paramiliter (LJ), and Indonesian Mujahidin Council (MMI), confirms the new power of the conservatives in Indonesian politics.

    Ten years ago in May, the late Indonesian President Suharto resigned. He had been the country's president for 32 years and stepped down in response to massive protests by university students who were frustrated by the economic crisis that Indonesia had been mired in since the previous year.

    Suharto's resignation led to political change – from an authoritarian government to a democratic one – without much political and social strife.

    This shift toward democracy has had many positive impacts. For example, freedoms of association and expression have manifested themselves in the emergence of new political parties and social organizations. Even the Indonesian press benefited from the shift and is currently regarded as the most independent in Southeast Asia.

    But religious radicalism has concurrently gained a strong foothold among the country's Muslims, and can be gauged from the types of books that have become popular in Indonesia. In the 1980s and 1990s, Indonesian Muslims were reading philosophical and liberal religious discourses by distinguished intellectuals such as Pakistani Fazlur Rahman, Egyptian Hassan Hanafi, and Algerian Muhammad Arkoun. Their humanist ideas complemented and enriched the modernist philosophies of such Indonesian intellectuals as Nurcholish Majdid, Harun Nasution, Munawwir Sadzali, Ahmad Wahib and others.

    Now, however, there is a demand for Islamic texts that tout religious radicalism. Bookstores provide translations of extremist texts by popular intellectuals such as Palestinian Abdullah Azam. Also popular are books and essays from Indonesians who have fought in Afghanistan, mostly denouncing concepts like democracy and secularism, and demonstrating non-tolerant attitudes toward non-Muslims.

    As radical Muslims begin to gain prominence in religious discourse, there has been a tendency to used religious doctrines to undermine religious freedoms in the name of security.
    As a consequence of a decentralization policy introduced by the central government in 2001, the regional administrations have issued several controversial rules that enforce certain practices, including an obligation for Muslim women to wear the hijab, or headscarf, and the prohibition of women from leaving their houses at night without being accompanied by a male relative. In general, their policies were inspired by the leaders of the Aceh province in western Indonesia, who were given authority to fully implement a strict version of shariah law, based on Islamic principles, under a special autonomy law.

    So why has radicalism increased in the Indonesian reformation era?

    Australian political observer, Greg Fealy, blames the confrontational methods employed by liberal intellectuals in introducing religious discourse. For example, religious jurisprudential codes introduced by individuals who are associated with Paramadina – a foundation established by the late Nurcholish Madjid – have permitted, among other things, inter-religious marriage, a sensitive issue in Islam. In response, radical Muslim groups denounced the groups as providing a distortion of Islamic teachings and encouraging apostasy.

    Factors cited by radical Muslim activists to justify their violent methods include poverty, rampant corruption in domestic bureaucracy and legal system, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Others look to historical roots to explain this trend, including separatist movements, such as Darul Islam in West Java and Permesta in South Sulawesi, that aimed to create an Islamic state in Indonesia.

    With such complex and easily misunderstood root causes, it is difficult to identify straightforward solutions for reducing radicalism among Muslims.

    However, certain steps would go a long way to ensure that the Indonesian public is not vulnerable to the anarchic activities adopted by radical groups. The current Indonesian government must focus on law enforcement to protect citizens from the consequences of violent actions by non-governmental factions.

    In addition, involving respected Islamic organizations, such as Nahdhatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah, in the active mediation of conflicts could help to rectify religious concerns with the broader public's rights and interests, build a non-violent forum for resolving disputes and dispel the myth that violent radical organizations are operating in the name of all Indonesian Muslims. These changes would go a long way in ensuring that the post-Suharto advances extend to all areas of life in the coming decade.

    If you care to read this article about Indonesia, will you not feel a similar disturbing trend arising should Najib Razak took over the reins of government in Bolehland? He may unleash a thousand and one NGOs with an Islamic agenda and bias to divert attention on his person.

    Ali Noer Zaman lives in Jakarta and is a writer for socio-religious issues.

  91. Saya terbaca di satu blog bahawa Tan Sri Sanusi memetik sebahagian dari kata-kata Alexander Fraser Tytler dalam ucapannya di Telok Kemang pada Julai 12hb, 2008.

    Petikan itu seperti di bawah:

    From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.

    Mengikut Sanusi, orang Melayu berada di pelbagai peringkat dan masih perlu pembelaan dan diperjuangkan.

    Ayuh kita fikirkan pula keadaan mereka yang tidak perlu pembelaan?

    Ada yang sudah mewah dan kini leka. Ramai sudah ambil sikap tidak peduli kepada nasib bangsa dan perjuangan bangsa yang memberi kemewahan dan kejayaan kepada mereka.

    Ramai pula dalam masyrakat sudah di tahap pergantungan dalam pelbagai rupa. Mereka rela lakukan apa saja untuk jalan mudah ke arah kemewahan dan kuasa. Pembohongan, pengkhianatan, pencurian, dan apa saja dilakuakan untuk demi kepentingan diri, keluarga – anak dan menantu, dan sahabat dan kroni.

    Mereka ini yang akan membawa kita kembali semula kepada penjajahan dan penghambaan. Abdullah Badawi telah membawa kita ke keadaan demikian dalam masa singkat 4 tahun.

    Adakah peralihan dalam dua tahun itu sesuai?

    Mandat habis akhir tahun di dalam waktu tambahan. Apahak Presiden untuk menyerahkan pada masa yang dia tidak ada mandat lagi. Alangkah pelik UMNO melakukan kita .

    Adakah Abdullah seorang yang berkebolehan?

    Dia diserahkan kuasa dengan negara sudah dipulihkan. Dia hanya melakukan pembinasaan. Tidak dapat kuasai pentadbiran, lemah, leka/tidor dan mudah dipengaruhi.

    Adakah ini satu penyelesaian dengan keadaan negara, bangsa dan parti serta tekanan pembangkang dan tuntutan masyarakat?

    Demi menjaga hati, kita mengenepikan kepentingan parti, halatuju perjuangan dan kepentingan bangsa, negara, agama dan parti.

    Dalam keadaan yang sangat kritikal kita masih mah mencari jalan tengah dan menangguh2 lagi. Kita sudah tidak ada masa.

    Demi tatasusila dan adab, kenapa Imam yang tidak diterima makmum mahu lagi kekal? Margret Tatcher boleh turun bila akarumbi sudah tidak mahu walaupun mahu dapat 60% undi?

    Pak Lah seperti seorang yang gila kuasa. Bukankah tidak ada adab susila Melayu orang yang tidak tahu merendah diri, bersikap ego dan menolak kehendak akarumbi parti dan rakyat?

    Bolehkah parti dipulih dalam dua tahun lagi dengan masa lebih kurang dua tahun setengah?

    Orang yang tidak tahu dan telah membinasakan ekonomi tidak boleh diharap menghidupkan kembali.

    Lame duck hanya siapkan kerja yang ada. Reform tidak boleh dilakuakn oleh seorang PM lame duck tetapi oleh pemimpin yang mahu kekal. Sepatutnya dalam 100 hari sudah cukup masa untuk memahami, selepas itu sepatutnya tindakan dan penyampaian.

    Dalam 4 tahun, tidak ada apa2 signifikan yang telah dapat dilakukan! Dia tidak boleh diberi lagi masa.

    Persidangan UMNO Cawangan 17 Julai ke 24 Ogos. Bahagian 9 Oktober - 9 November. Agong 16-20 Disember.

    Fikirkan apa yang dikata sebelum pergi bersidang.

    Sedia berjuang. Tentangi kekangan. Hilangkan ketakutan. Rungkaikan pergantungan.

    Berani lakukan perubahan!

    Bersuara. Sebarang manipulasi ditentang habis-habisan. Usul diguna untuk nyatakan pendirian. Undi diguna dengan penuh kebijaksanaan dan keberanian.

  92. Anonymous12:04 pm

    U -Untuk
    M -Mohd
    N -Najib
    O -Only

    Lagi bagus,,,

    U -Untung
    M -Main
    N -Nonok
    O- Orang


  93. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Sebelum ahli-ahli UMNO mengorak langkah berjuang untuk menyingkirkan Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sebagai Presiden parti, UMNO harus menyingkirkan dahulu dari dirinya perjuangan lapuknya, dan budaya kroni dan korupsi yang mendalam.

    UMNO sendiri memerlukan reformasi yang menyeluruh. Tiada gunanya sekiranya pucuk pimpinan berwajah baru, tetapi sistem UMNO tetap sama -- tetap angkuh dan kronik dengan kelemahan-kelemahan yang disebutkan di atas.

    Reformasi lengkap UMNO yang saperti ini bererti semua pemimpin UMNO dari yang atasan hingga ke yang akar umbi yang terpalit dengan penyakit korupsi dan kroni harus disingkirkan.

    Malang sekali, olih kerana mereka ini masih mahu berkuasa lagi dan mahu terus mencari makan, adalah amat sukar bagi UMNO mereformasi dari dalaman, dengan sendirinya.

    Satu kekalahan atau tekanan besar dari luar sahaja yang dapat mendorong UMNO untuk memperbahrui diri UMNO dengan sebenar-benarnya, agar UMNO dapat menjadi semula satu parti yang boleh dipercayai dan dapat berfungsi sebagai satu parti alternatif yang kukuh, yang menerima sokongan segenap lapisan rakyat Malaysia di dalam sistem 2-parti yang lebih demokratik (Barisan dan Pakatan).

    Semoga UMNO baru (yang kedua) yang bersih dapat muncul pada masa yang akan datang.

  94. Anonymous11:28 pm

    two years....

    look what happened in just a month (of june)


  95. Anonymous12:50 am

    (heha): or is it someone waiting for dpm to 'resurrect' the 500-
    1000Rm !? sorry, confused already !
    YM RPK, please enlighten, tq.

  96. Anonymous3:04 pm

    (heha) : good & that's GOOD !
    2 YEARS for YM to be ready :

    r-a-h-m-a-N(NAZRIN)=PM (jun2010)!


  97. Anonymous10:49 am

    NOW!NOW!i cannot wait 2010.many had suffered enough and just don't drag it further!


  98. Anonymous12:37 am

    (heha): najib is already OUT because aab has secretly OFFERED the dpm post to the PAS man who may replace him in 2010 !! DAMN !