Friday, July 11, 2008

When an ISA detainee's daughter dies ...

Pic of Aina at school (right).

Dear YB Syed Hamid Albar
Home Minister

Re: Aina Mardiah Shahrial, 17

You may not know Aina, she is the eldest daughter of Shahrial Sirin, an ISA detainee. On the afternoon of July 2, about 3 pm, she was admitted into Kajang Hospital. The girl was fighting for her life. The family immediately informed authorities at Kamunting, where her father had been detained for the last 7 years.

Somehow, Shahrial was only told of her daughter's illness at 10.30 am the next day, July 3. Aina's mother made a personal appeal to the authorities at Kamunting to let her daughter be with the dad for the last time. The doctors said Aina had only a few hours of life left, God-willing.

The authorities at Kamunting said they could not release Shahrial. They had to get your signature on the release papers. Yes, YB, your precious signature.

Aina's father was finally released at 5pm. It was the longest four-hour journey to Kuala Lumpur.

Shahrial got to her daughter's side at 9.45 pm. He was too late. Aina had passed away at 6.20pm without seeing her father.

Thank you, YB, and may Allah bless you and your family.

pic: A father's belated good-bye

Norlaila Othman, a wife of an ISA detainee herself (read here), told me that the Abolish ISA Movement will be writing to Syed Hamid so that the Minister knows about the father and daughter. And that besides love, sometimes all we need is a bit of common sense.

Read the's report here. And Tehsin's Detention without trial: The Ultimate Obsenity


  1. You think that Bozo Syed Hamid cares Bro?God Bless Ainah Mardiah Soul and To the Singa Zoo Albab,May you rot in Hell.

  2. Anonymous10:54 am

    Manusia yang tak ada perikemanusiaan.

    Lepaskan dengan kawalan polis tak boleh ker?

    Sedih sungguh bila ayah tak dapat lihat anaknya pada saat akhir sebelum kematian...


  3. Anonymous10:59 am

    MasyALLAH ... no other simplified manner for the temporary release? Furthermore he has been there for 7 years.

    May ALLAH bless her soul and to the mother (surely by now the father is back there), may ALLAH grant you with strength.

  4. Anonymous11:01 am

    So sad, UMNO's leaders behave like the Zionist that they condemn.

  5. Alfatihah. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas adik Aina.
    Sedih, tak tahu apa nak cakap...

  6. Anonymous11:11 am

    Dear Sir,

    This is extremely sad. May her soul rest in peace. While it may be good to follow everything by the book, we are humans and not robots. Compassion must be considered. SM

  7. sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick! sick!

    I hate them.

    I absolutely hate them.

    And to read the minister's attitude towards ISA in Off the Edge magazine...the arrogance, the smugness makes me sick!

  8. Anonymous11:20 am


    I cried reading this post.

    Quinn the Eskimo

  9. Anonymous11:25 am

    Alfatehah for arwah.


  10. A simple signature to allow the father out to see the daughter could have given the said minister and the current administration extra points (since they need it now more than ever).

    Yet, thanks to a set of shallow (I am being polite here) advisors, here we have another ill-informed or should i say uninformed minister.

    I wonder if such ministers or their advisors are truly educated?

  11. Anonymous11:31 am

    May God watches over their family =( political detainee or not, they should not be deprived of this fundamental right =( a very sad day for Malaysia. I hope the Home Minister sleeps well knowing that his inaction has caused a man not able to see his daughter for the last time =(

  12. seems that si hamid is busier than the dpm himself. oh well, its just another life lost, si hamid couldnt care any less.


  13. Anonymous11:34 am

    Syed Hamid do you have a daughter? This is really sick. Too busy with other things then attending the most urgent plea which is your jurisdiction.


  14. Rocky,

    The ISA MUST be abolished and those held without trial MUST be released.

    My heart goes out to Aina's family. How cruel that they treated the matter so lightly.

    And poor sweet Aina....she couldn't wait any longer...

    May her family continue to be brave, strong and patient in face of tragedy and hardship.

    And May Allah SWT bless Aina's soul. Al-Fatihah!

  15. Dear Stevie,

    Share with us. What did the minister say about the ISA in Off The Edge?

  16. Innalillah...

    Moga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas adik Aina.

    Kepada En Shahrial n Pn Norlaila, moga anda dikurniakan dengan ketabahan dan kecekalan untuk menempuhi saat yg getir ini...

    To Mr Albab, remember that Allah is great...

  17. Anonymous11:38 am

    i dont know what else to kejam.i am weeping while typing.


  18. Anonymous11:43 am

    Inhuman - Hamid S Albar (and the AAB govt) - surely you will be punished by the Almighty! Curse you all!!
    - NoYawns

  19. Mister Rocky

    ISA must be maintained at whatever costs. Once Pakatan Rakyat takeover leadership and government (soon!), BN Members in Government will be spending time in ISA before they are facing death-calling from GOD Angels, if not Charlie Angels.

    May GOD bless Ainah soul and for Hamid Albar, May GOD cruxify your days and nights with headaches and nerves breakdown.

    Use your Blog to garner support for Pakatan Rakyat and togetherness, we can make better Malaysia.

  20. Anonymous11:52 am





  21. Anonymous11:53 am

    This is immense cruelty.

    Imagine the suffering of a father when he wants to be with his daughter but he cannot; the suffering child calling out to her father in her deathbed but cannot see her father.

    This is injustice of the greatest degree.

    Enough of this ISA.

  22. 17 years in ISA?

    Why? Did he murder someone? Rape? Perform genocide? Mafia?

    As far as I know, most ISA detainees are "political" prisoners, or men who have different views on Islam, which doesn't sit well with the authorities. So can someone clarify what this poor man supposedly has done?

    17 years with no trials, no methods to defend oneself, and no challenges against the draconian, UNCONSTITUTIONAL detention of a Malaysian citizen. As another citizen, I would like to know the reason behind his detention and how long further this man will be held without trial??

    Disgusting government. No different from Mugabe.

  23. Correction. 7 Years.

  24. Al-Fatihah semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat kepada rohnya.

    I confessed that I cried when I read this piece.

    Would you know my name
    If I saw you in heaven?
    Would it be the same
    If I saw you in heaven?

    Would you hold my hand
    If I saw you in heaven?
    Would you help me stand
    If I saw you in heaven?

  25. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Cukuplah juga dengan Barisan Nasional.

    Cukuplah dengan Pak Lah mahupun Najib Razak, Tengku Razaleigh, Muhyiddin Yassin dan lain-lain. Bersara sahaja lah kamu semua. Masih rakus bersaing ingin berkuasa lagi? Usahlah. Sama saja siapa perdana menterinya. Sistemnya tetap sistem yang angkuh, zalim dan korup.

    Let the 50-year hegemony end.

    Walaupun pembangkang tidak 100% sempurna, sekurang-kurangnya mereka berperikemanusiaan dan melambangkan perubahan yang lebih demokratik. Marilah kita berusaha dan menyokong perubahan. Perubahan itu tabii hidup. Usah mentakuti perubahan.

    Let new light and hope come into the lives of ordinary Malaysians.

  26. Anonymous12:03 pm

    My heart weeped with real tear drops rolling out. I am a man no doubt but we all humans have equal feelings and love too. How come a beast is a minister & not a human? What is happening, tell me quick!!??

  27. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Bro Bru,Masa nya akan tiba,dia kan turut merasa apa yg mangsa ISA rasa. Rio

  28. This curse shall fall on all UMNO members right up to the latest and youngest member!

  29. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Real cruel people in the cruel world.So sad.The minister will get his day one day.


  30. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Its very sad. even though he is detained, he should not be deprived by his fundamental rights.

    God I wish the YB will feel the same incident too. Then he should learn his own medicine for his cruel actions.

  31. Al fatihah For Arwah Adik Aina...

    I hate them... Hamid Albab u will know when ur time is coming....

  32. I'm a bit emotional for this issue !!

    I will FIGHT to the end !!!

    This Is Unforgiven !!

  33. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Bastard Minister and Goverment!!!
    May God cursed you all.

  34. Anonymous12:57 pm

    I read somewhere recently that there is one common denominator that unites a psychopath and a CEO (top of the food chain) type.

    Both these characters lack EMPATHY.

    So I guess I can be justified in calling our nation's top management PSYCHOPATHS!

    Many of these people in power forget that death claims us all. For those who are untouched by it (ada ka) it is an amorphous concept.

    I suppose Kodomo Lion has to lose someone dear to him before he realises the value of those precious few hours that might have allowed that detainee to see his child for the last time.

    We can all see now, the tragic cost of ISA.

  35. No need to petition. This govt is won't listen. Rakyat will see new govt ... hopefully soon!

  36. Damn those bastards for getting tears in my eyes. Damn them.

  37. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Bahawasanya kami kepunyaan Allah dan bahawasanya kami akan kembali kepadaNya. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat kepada roh Aina .. Syed Hamid adalah manusia yang tidak ada sedikit pun perikemanusiaan. He is a very cruel person ...
    Wali Kota

  38. Bro Bru,

    Nice letter. Tapi orang yang hati batu macam depa ni memang tak akan rasa apa2.

    They need to be routed and dumped into Lake Acid.

    They actually believe their own lame reasons and propagandas.

    They can't differentiate UMNO/BN from reality anymore. it is their God, their Life, their Blood, their Mother, their Father, their Children, their Earth, their Air, their Sun, their Universe, their Reason for Being.

    They are totally deluded and beyond redemption and hope.

    Kuburkanlah Umno.

    Let it be reborn as a new entity, clean and pure. Bury all the filth.

  39. Anonymous1:38 pm

    This is a sad, sad, sad situation for our country.
    The father should be given a chance to see his daughter.
    This is too much.

  40. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Al Fatihah to the innocent girl....

    Just another precious life!
    They can C4 a Mongolian.....
    U think they CARE!....

    Why M'sians can't open their hearts and minds?.....

    VOTE FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!

  41. Anonymous2:02 pm

    in politics there is never 'play-nice' and one needs to be cruel and heartless .. and ALL politicians have those kind of characteristics. if not they wont be in the 'game' even Anwar or DAP or PR and so forth. that's the nature of politics and those who can't swallow it will usually leave on their own accord. that's the situation and no matter how deplorable the ISA the government will still hang on to it and it is only the will of the people will it be abolish and i pray some day soon ISA will be abolish and even if it can't at least when a new government wins the new government will detain some BN leaders under ISA and let them rot in there too .. !!

  42. shit, dammit, i am both angry and sad.

    those bloody fatass useless chicken shit bureaucrats.

    they have no bloody sense of what is right, fair, just and urgent.

  43. Anonymous2:10 pm

    YOU BLOODY BASTARDS! I cannot take this SHIT from the govt anymore. I am emotional, I am crying...cos I am a father. And I know the pain the father and mother are going through.

    I curse the bastard who is responsible for causing this pain. He or they should be placed under the ISA. Don't forget that God is watching....You bastards will pay for this..believe me, YOU HEARTLESS SOULS....When God strikes, he strikes hard.


  44. Anonymous2:11 pm

    goddamit... this is so heart wrenching!!

    Hamid & the BN govt... u will pay...

  45. Anonymous2:12 pm

    I was just discussing the basic structure of Malaysian democracy with my 15 year old son. The separation of powers - the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature, the role of each branch and, sadly, how in Malaysia the setup has been mangled and corrupted by the previous PM. Until the Executive is like Tuan Besar, with Juducary and Legislature as sub-ordinates.

    In particular, I recall telling him how the MPs, as representatives of the rakyat, make laws which reflect the will of the people. At least, how that is the way it is supposed to be.

    In this sad case of Aina Mardiah's death, looking at the excellant illustration it affords of how the ISA is applied, do the Malaysian people want such a law? A law which allows the Home Minister to put anyone in detention for an indeterminate period (by signing a fresh order every 2 years) without any hearing in a court of law? Is that justice in a democratic nation?

    If not, then they must tell their respective Wakil Rakyat so. And demand that their MP represents their will in Parliament, and not the will of the PM, Whip or no Whip.

    The people should also put on record their anger at the continued reluctance of the present government to properly review the validity for the existence of the ISA, and push for the ISA to be repealed. Promptly, without more foot dragging. NOW!


  46. Anonymous2:16 pm

    And the bloody Aussie Rudd says we are a vibrant democracy....BULLSHIT..

  47. Anonymous2:25 pm

    ZALIM! ZALIM! ZALIM!... is how to describe the authority!

    tak bolehkah kita gunakan budi bicara yang sebaik mungkin dalam hal hidup-mati ini?


    jangan jadi manusia kalau tak ada hati perut!

  48. Anonymous2:25 pm

    I am sad, tearing and disgusted with the BN goverment. I can imagine what this poor father is goin thru as he strokes her face...his heart tearing into pieces with unconsolable grief in him.

    Inna Lilla....and Al-Fatihah
    Habib RAK

  49. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Baa Bee punye Wai Bee. Common sense la. Think..!! How would you feel if it was your bloody daughter.

    Thanks Bro for publishing this. I would link it onto my blog.

    Now I have to explain to my boss why my eyes are red.

    That's what you get when opening blogs during lunch time.

    sick and tired.

  50. Al Fatihah....sad so sad....Why can't we just have compassion.

  51. Dear Galadriel,

    The argument that a corporation may be compared to a psychopath was made in the book (and documentary) The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, by Joel Bakan (2005).


  52. Anonymous2:52 pm

    feel so sad ... and angry now ... babi punya kerajaan !

  53. feel so sad to read this....

    caring malaysian? ...certainly a bad example and a sad case.

  54. You don't have to look very far to see how good men can turn evil as soon as they identify themslves with an all-powerful corporate entity - be it Umno or PDRM or even a bank! As individuals each of us has the option of using our hearts as well as our heads - however, this option is forfeit if we desire to rise up the power hierarchy which is inevitably cold-blooded and ruthless by definition.
    May all hose who value their soul integrity be ever prepared to quit from their posts rather than be aligned with the evil that arises from sticking to corporate policy.
    My deepest condolences to Shahrial not only for being unable to bid his beloved daughter Aina farewell - but especially for having been deprived of his personal freedom for 7 long years under this most obnoxious and repugnant of man-made laws. Syed Hamid Albar has condemned himself by defending such an evil, inhuman tool of oppression.

  55. too much even for me....
    damn it....

  56. Anonymous3:08 pm

    sad indeed bro!
    that YB you need worry not,soon the time will come.InshaALLAH!


  57. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Oh my god.
    Alfatihah utk keluarga Shahrizal.

    Hamid Albar.. this foolish act is in you (including your ministry)
    Don't make excuses !!


  58. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Syed Hamid and the rest of those UMNO-BN dogs will rot in hell.

    Their time is up soon.

    Abolish that fucking ISA now

    Malaysian Malaysia

  59. Where is the human compassion
    Even in the daughter's final hours
    Yet we only see the inhuman compression
    Even if the daughter is really ours

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 110708
    Fri. 11th July 2008.

  60. Very sad indeed,my heart goes out to the family of Ainah.May god bless her soul.

    What saddens me more is the fact that the father had missed out on seeing his daughter grow in the past 7 years and now he has to leave with the pain that,one signature of a heartless person which came too late had deprived him of his right to be by his daughter's side before she blew her last breath.

    What goes around,comes around.Hamid and all his equally heartless mates in the govt will have thier day too.

  61. Anonymous3:28 pm

    we forgot what was happen to son of Musa Hitam - Carlos in Highland Tower case? This is God reply to his order to kill people of Memali. out...your day

    -hadrami arab

  62. Perlu Ada Fleksibiliti Dalam Pelaksanaan ISA

    Peristiwa kematian Adik Aina Mardiah, anak kepada Shahrial Sirin, seorang tahanan ISA yang dipaparkan di blog saudara Rocky’sbru memang menyentuh perasaan. Syabas LFS ucapkan kepada rocky atas keperihatinan anda............... baca seterusnya di

  63. Anonymous3:48 pm

    When will the draconian ISA be repealed? Either charge them for whatever it is they are accused of OR LET THEM GO!!!
    Simple as that!

  64. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Sad news. 10.30am - 5pm, 6 hours+ to get a man's signature.

    Blame it on an inhumane law and bureaucracy.

  65. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Hell o Roc,

    My heart bleeds when I read your post.

    Very aptly as Burns put it: "Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousand mourn!"

    May Allah bless her soul.


  66. Typical bureaucracy.Brother rocky, it is good that you publish such incident as main stream media will try their level best to avoid reporting it.ISA or not, the detainee deserved their rights to visit their illing relatives more so a dying daughter.It remind me of Said Zahari who was defied his right to visit his illing wife when he was under detention.The government should be more emphatic on humanitarian ground when come to incident likes this. May her soul rest in peace.

  67. Dear Ain,
    may you rest in peace, god bless.
    I am just in tears, how can anyone be so cruel, and not grant an innocent child her last wish.

    This would have been different, say if it was a Minister's/ MP's daughter/ wife. I can bet you, say if it was a minister's daughter...she would have been sent to some posh private hospital, or airlifted to Singapore in the publicly funded RMAF helicopters.

    But while the avarage Malaysian on the street suffers, the Malaysian politicians, live a different life of luxury.

    Ain, you might not be here, but your death will not be in vain, because you have touched the hearts of everyone who read that article.

    One day, justice will be served.

  68. Rocky

    I wept real tears!

    The Minister could not be contacted quick in this age of fax, email, internet and cell phones?

    Shame, shame shame!

    When we rule by law and not with our hearts and minds, we are finished!

  69. Anonymous4:57 pm

    This f--king moron is one of the most insensitive and inhuman minister the country ever had. Is he getting his cheap trills from seeing innocent people suffer? Malaysians, please kick this isiot out the next time. Wait for his lame excuses when the news break out. To the family of Ainah, we offer our condolence. To the BN government especially the PM, I hope God will forgive you.

  70. Bro Rocky. You are talking about an UMNO Warlord here. I don't want to sound like a heartless fool, but I sincerely doubt that this would dent his popularity within the ranks of Malaysia's sole de-facto ruling party.

    My condolences and sympathies to Shahrial and Norlaila.

  71. Anonymous5:13 pm

    times like this there is no need to get approval from the higher level. anak sakit, bini sakit, parents sakit, TEMANKAN this detainee SEGERA to see his loved ones. PAPERWORK belakang kira. Sampai hati betul! - SEDiH

  72. Anonymous5:14 pm


    Dari padaNya kita datang, dan kepadaNya jua kita kembali. Hamid Albar is dead inside, cakap apa pun takde guna. Hamid, May Allah NOT have mercy or your soul...

    Father to a daughter

  73. Anonymous5:15 pm

    lets do this:

    everyone of us sends a picture of arwah aina with a word "why?" on it to syed hamid's office, his home, police stations or whereever the home ministry governs.. until the minister feels the guilt and resigns.

    For aina.

    one for all, and all for one!

  74. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Let us all do this;

    Send a picture of arwah Aina with the word "why?" to syed hamid's office, his house, police stations or where ever the home ministry governs until he feels the guilt and quit. do it by the masses. teach him a lesson about life and humanity.

    for aina.

    one for all, and all for one.


  75. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Alfatiha utk aina,,,TQ Dolla & Albab,,50 yrs of merdeka this what we got,,..They are worst than a barbarian.


  76. Anonymous5:49 pm

    moga Allah merahmati rohnya dan melaknat manusia-manusia kejam itu. amin.

  77. Anonymous5:53 pm

    I am sick with this sort of politicians. There is just no love and compassion in their hearts? He could have been escorted with an army cant they even do it right?. I just cant imagine how she would have felt in her last dying hours as she pins for her father's return and as well as her father. What an emotional torture this must have been. Cruel. May she rest in peace.


  78. Yeah Rocky

    I don't think we should let this one pass. I know how broken I would be if I could not see my daughter at her death-bed!

    Can you or your croneys organise an on-line signature protest to send to Albar & the prison warden. A million signatures or two will not go unnoticed by the MSM.

  79. Al-fatihah untuk allahyarham Ainah Mardiah dan takziah kepada keluarga beliau

  80. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Having lost both my parents when we were in different locations myself, I could truly feel what it was like to be Arwah Aina's father.

    I wept when I first read about this on the net. Like que sera sera, I am still weeping...

    Isn't human dignity part of our vocabulary?


  81. It's obvious every commentator here just doesn't believe that the man has been detained fairly.

    If he was truly a threat to National Security, then, this would have been what he truly deserved for threatening the safety of all 25 million Malaysians.

    The death of his daughter would then be a small price to pay for the security of all 25 million Malaysians.

    Now, who believe this BS?

    Who really believed that this guy is being fairly detained under the ISA?

    I for one don't.

    And I wept too.

    Extremely sad.

  82. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Orang yang berdosa terhadap Tuhan, akan menerima balasannya di akhirat. Orang yang berdosa terhadap sesama manusia, akan menerima balasannya di dunia ini. Dengan izin Tuhan.

    Ustaz Common-Sense

  83. Sad.... real sad.
    That is the problem with our country leaders and government bodies, they never understand the rakyat. They only think of themselves!

  84. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Dear YB,

    I bet the day will come with your grandsons piss right on the top of your burial ground. Hell shall await you.

    - Dicko

  85. Anonymous8:53 pm

    what is his ISA issue until he has to keep for the pass 7 years!!! May Allah open syed hamid heart or even PM.

    zamri ppbss

  86. Anonymous8:54 pm

    sifat kemanusian tak ada langsung dihati pemimpin BN. Media kerajaan terutama TV3 memberikan penipuan aje!!!!

    nasir pangkor

  87. Anonymous8:55 pm

    These are exactly the type of animal that should be C4-ed.

    YB, u are worst than garbage!


  88. Anonymous8:56 pm

    My deepest condolences to the family of Aina. May her soul rest in peace.

    To our beloved Home Minister, may you rot in hell!!!

    - Siva.

  89. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Dear Sir,

    My condolences and sympaties to the family of Shahrial and Norlaila.

    It pains me that these incidents continue to happen in our country, which is governed based along Islamic principles. Where is the compassion? Where is the common sense?

    It is time to abolish the ISA. It is also time for you, dear sir, to end your strike and resume your role as a catalyst for change in this country. We need your leadership, dear sir, yes we do.

    May God bless you and the family of Shahrial and Norlaila.


  90. Anonymous10:32 pm

    i am weeping still as i am writing this note. i feel like punching Syed Hamid in the face....

    on another note: when i saw Syed Hamid on tv the other day as he was commenting on the PI's whereabouts, he appeared smug and arrogant almost making a joke out of the situation/story... he doesn't seem like a minister. more like a clown in a suit.


  91. may she rest in peace!

    and damn those cruel bastards!

  92. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Wait and see what happen when Anwar become new PM. This stupid Syed Hamid and Badawi will be put into jail under ISA. And when Syed Hamid's whole family going to die, he will not able to see them until he meet them in hell.


  93. Anonymous11:15 pm

    I started reading this in the office this morning, and I have to stop halfway. Being teary-eyed in front of my subordinates would not be very comfortable at all.

    And I continued reading this at home, and who says a man cannot cry.

    I look quite highly on this minister, but now he is just another garbage in the Be End. Just another senseless, cruel, arrogant, brainless minister that AmNO have.

  94. Anonymous11:40 pm

    I'm no cry baby so I'll just be angry. I've so many questions to ask. Why is this young life taken away so suddenly? What did she die of? Why wasn't she treated in time? Why wasn't her dad released at once on humanitarian grounds to say goodbye to her? And Syed Hamid, where is your heart?

  95. Damn you "Go" Home minister Syed Hamid !

    Damn you "B"alik "N"eraka !

    Don't you all have some common sense or differentiate between priority and the less important case ?!

    Don't be like that, after all we are all human...........unless you are cold blooded creatures.

    RAKYAT's Heart with Love

  96. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Selain dari ISA, adakah banduan2 yang ditahan dalam penjara jenayah, penjara syariah, lokap polis pernah atau bolih mendapat keistimewaan untuk menziarahi anak isteri sakit ? - kluangman

  97. Anonymous12:04 am

    What cruelty! It is inhuman to deny a father to see his daughter for the last time! Those heartless creatures every one of them!

    May Aina rest in peace and may her father, mother and family find peace in their heart knowing that there are many Malaysians out there who feels compassion for them.

  98. dear rocky..
    masih ramai yg memberi komen mengenai isu ini..Alhamdulillah..ada hikmah di sebalik peristiwa yg amat menyayat hati ini..mereka beroleh kebahagiaan di akhirat kelak..peristiwa ini membuka mata ramai rakyat Malaysia tentang kezaliman ISA..itu baru sedikit rakyat yang mengetahuinya..lebih banyak kerja yg perlu dilakukan untuk mengenengahkan isu ini..

    Thank u for all d support..
    Pusat Sokongan Keluarga Tahanan ISA

  99. Anonymous12:17 am

    To: Syed Hamid,

    Humanity will curses you. You are a heartless human being and deserve to be curse by everyone.

    You don't need to be "rot in hell"
    You will be "burn and freeze in hell" eternity.

    From: A normal human being with a heart that can feel.

  100. Anonymous12:21 am

    Dear Rocky,
    My heart goes out to Aina's parents, although I'm reeling with anger at the authority's apathy, indifference and heartlessness.
    But why am I not surprised? Why has this scenario become all too familiar? Why do we, intelligent, caring Malaysians have to take this shit over and over again?
    Rest in peace Aina. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke-atas rohnya. Al-Fatihah

  101. Anonymous12:44 am

    Dear Rocky,
    My heart goes out to Aina's parents although I'm reeling with anger at the authority's apathy, indifference and incompetence.
    But why am I not surprised? Why is this scenario familiar? Why do we, intelligent, caring Malaysians have to take this shit over and over again?
    Rest in Peace Aina. Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat keatas roh mu. Al-Fatihah.

  102. Anonymous1:42 am

    Shahrial Sirin. PR status; alleged JI member. Sent to KDC on 28 Feb 2002. Detention order extended by another two years in Feb 2006.
    This is the profile of Mr Sirin.How did he get his PR, and on what basis?Did anyone here cry for the loved ones, the JI had taken... would have Mr Sirin have taken an innocent life? perhaps yes, perhaps no.
    Should the ISA be abolished : hell NO. Should abuses in the ISA be abolished : YES...
    Syed Albar, the people who gave the PR, Mr Prime Minister, and those intending to use this as an issue to abolish the ISA ponder on this :
    How many ears must one man have
    before he can hear people cry?
    How many deaths will it take till he knows, that too many people have died?
    How many times can a man turn his head,pretending he just doesn't see?
    The answer, is blowin' in the wind.

    Power Hindraf

  103. Anonymous1:48 am


    Can't the officials think? If they are in the poor man's position, how would they react? Being an ISA detainee is one thing. Being a father whose child lies on her deathbed is another. Have common sense deserted all the officials there? They have no children of their own? While the ISA leaves a deep impact on those detained, it has also made the officials incapable of thinking. Compassion has no meaning to them. Remember, their day of reckoning will come too.


  104. Anonymous1:54 am

    Meanwhile ; KUCHING, July 11 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his wife, Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, spent about two hours at the opening night Friday night of the 11th edition of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) at the Sarawak Cultural Village near here.
    Under this man, the word PM is same as Pi MAMPUI.... Johor banjir, depa ke Australia, buka kedai... Kini bila isu ni timbul pula, si mamat ni nak main muzik rain forest kot..... nak muntah, tak larat, nak maki berdosa.. entahlah....

  105. Anonymous2:33 am



  107. Anonymous4:18 am








    Tears in Heaven.

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. Anonymous9:19 am

    Tears running down as I read this :(

    Curse this goverment, UMNO and Syed Hamid. Let's pray that God punish them severely for this cruel act. And I wish they'll suffer.

    Bring down this goverment now! Free the detainees...

    Sad day indeed. al-Fatihah


  110. Anonymous10:15 am

    The only way to solve this is, we need 2/3 majority to Pakatan Rakyat. No more deny them 2/3 majority...Go for it... God Bless Malaysia!!!!


  111. rocky,
    i really came into tears when reading about this in a forwarded e-mail.. it broke my heart.. really does.. 'they' have really gone too far...

    BTW,i linked to your post in my entry.. thanks..

  112. When Pakatan Rakyat takes over the government, the first thing they must do is to conduct a trial somewhat similar to the one in Nuremberg at the end of World War II. All these UMNO and BN criminals should be brought before the tribunal and be charged for crime against humanity; and finally sent to the gallows. Politics is one thing, and compassion is another. Isn't this is what is taught in Islam - compassion????

  113. Anonymous1:05 pm

    There is a Chinese saying that goes "one hand alone that covers the skies" which translates to mean a single person (or authority) that can single-handedly cover all atrocities and commitment of sins from legal consequences via abusive use of power. This is a typical example of the powers to be in this land called Malaysia.

    May Allah bless her soul. And may all those who had a hand in causing such pain and cruelty to her parents rot in HELL. Let all red blooded fellow Malaysians join me to lay the worst curse of all to these bastards that KARMA catches up not only on them but their offsprings from their BAD genes. DAMN YOU ALL!

  114. Anonymous4:37 pm


    This is one of the saddest post, I have come across. Everyone of all fate understand compassion. Knowing, the daughter was in such a critical condition the human thing to do was inform the father immediately and make immediate arrangements for him to be at her side. This again exposes the inefficiencies that have engulf Malaysian civil service. No conscience , no responsibility, just sit tight on their big ass and enjoy subsidies. But of course now we all could jump on the botak fella and I am far from defending him. If I had it my way many in the present and past administration involve in use of ISA will in Kamunting including one mamak who was in charge of the country 7 years ago.

  115. Anonymous6:36 pm

    syed hamid..u gonna rotted in hell for this..>:(

  116. And may God bless the poor soul. Oh my God, its so sad.

    Remember, that the prayers of the oppressed are sent directly to the Creator himself.

    Curse the lots of ye BN dogs, and U Syed Hamid, specifically.

    Rocky Bru - pls, pls, pls let me quote some of the article into my blog.

  117. Anonymous9:00 pm

    so sad, tak ada peri kemanusiaan..

    - mother of 2

  118. Anonymous12:07 am

    This just goes to show that we have a bunch of "goddamned morons' running our country.They have completely lost the plot and running around in circles.I was and am of the opinion that this "JACKASS" was never fit to be a minister.My heart goes out to the father,I can only imagine how this poor gentleman would have felt.God rest the soul of the poor child,may the almighty give strength to her family during this difficult time of testing.

  119. Anonymous12:21 am

    Semoga Allah memberikan kekuatan kpd Sharial, isteri dan anak2. Sungguh sedih, berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu memikul.

    No detention without trials. Mansuhkan ISA! Let's support GMI


  120. Anonymous2:01 am

    (heha) : you think he knows got @#$%^&* by many & says " go to hell lah! " !!

  121. Anonymous10:39 am

    UMNO portrays itself as the champion of the Malays but we know better. It is the champion of the UMNOputras. Not only have they become corrupt to the core, they have also become heartless. I guess that comes as no surprise to us, seeing how some of them blew up a lady with C4.

    My heart goes out to Ainah's father and mother. My tears flow for them. No one deserves to be treated in this manner, not even an enemy.

    It is time for the rakyat, the Malays especially, to bring an end to the UMNO Baru. They have enriched themselves and their children at the expense of the poor and the average Malaysian. The policies they pursed have deprived our children of the quality education they deserve and therefore deprived them of the opportunity to be among the best in the world. We have sufficient evidence that show that Malay children and students are no worse than others. Given quality education based on meritocracy, they can and do succeed, and even become among the best in the world.

    We must no longer be deceived into thinking that UMNO Baru, that is its real name, really cares for the Malay people. We already know that they pay only lip-service to the concept of Bangsa Malaysia.


  122. May God bless Adik Aina soul, and punish those who deprive of her last wish.


  124. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Bro' Rock,

    Bravo for standing up with this timely and terse letter to S.H.A.

    Even if they're gung-ho about keeping the ISA --at least be judicious in its application. Where is the basic human decency?

    It's about time this outdated and stupid law is done with.

  125. As a father i know how he feels.
    As for YB Hamid how u feels.
    May god bless her souls.....
    As for YB only god knows.......solidleong

  126. Anonymous7:14 pm

    May the mighty and vindictive Syed Hamid Albar soon experience the same long drawn out anguish and grief that that poor family had to endure while waiting for this cruel and callous man to give his miserable permission to a father to be able to see his dying daughter before she breathed her last.

    Yes, YES, may Syed Hamid Albar experience extreme anguish and continue to suffer extreme anguish for the rest of his miserable life. He deserves the worst.

    A Mother Feels

  127. Anonymous1:15 am

    Read it in Harakah, at Pertama Complex's KFC having lunch after a short visit to the camera shop there.

    It brought tears to my eyes. How can somebody be so cruel? Why must the daughter suffer?

    This rubbish must be stopped.

    - bangau -

  128. The ISA is supposed to be abolished. There's no need to have an ISA - it's a symbol of cruelty.

    As a Malaysian, I'm ashamed that our govt is going backwards, implementing ancient rules in the administration.

    When will Malaysia ever go forward? We're not talking about technology advancement but advancement in thinking... :(

  129. Anonymous11:44 am

    hamid albar, you will get paid for what you have done.. Allah is the greatest. May Allah SWT bless Aina's soul..


  130. Anonymous12:03 pm

    it really broke my heart,my deepest sympathy to the late's family, be strong!


    may one day there be justice!

    Sabahan Dusun

  131. Salam to all,

    Was really very sad when i read this. Is this Malaysia. I just cant believe it. For the past 20 years as a professional in the tourism industry I have been telling foreigners there is no place on earth like Malaysia and Malaysians are kind and great people. Really saddens me this type of things can happen in Malaysia. Just got no words. The ministers and prime minister especially should be charged and the Malaysian citizenship should be stripped of them because being so intolerant and so cruel. Malaysians are not like that, anyone who behaves in such a manner should not be called a Malaysian so get PAK LAH and Syed hamid to denounce their citizenship. All Malaysians rise for this and denounce Pak Lah as a Malaysian coz its proven he is not.
    I dont wish to be anonymous i wish my full name and ic number be printed in this blog so that the minister and PM can arrest me under ISA for saying out loud that they are rubbish. I dare you PAk LAh and Syed Hamid come and arrest me. Ahmad Syafiq Ranjit Bin Abdullah 680823106327

  132. Anonymous3:21 pm

    (heha): rocky, whenever i read the posting & the comments, TEARS ooge
    out ! thanks for making me weep because :
    " Before the world began,
    I was on HIS mind, every tear I cry is precious in HIS eyes; because of HIS great love, HE gave HIS only son, everything was done so I would come !

    Nothing I could do could make HIM love me more, nothing I have done could make HIM close the doors, because of HIS great love, HE gave HIS only son & everything was done so I would come !

    Come to the FATHER though my gift is small, broken heart & broken life HE could take them all,
    the power of HIS word & the power of his love, everything was done so I would come !!"

    Thank you & GODBLESS to all,all,ALL, amen !!

  133. Anonymous2:56 am

    Semoga Allah membalas segala kekejaman !!!. Anak yang dinafikan kasih sayang seorang ayah melalui penjara tanpa bicara yang kejam !

  134. Anonymous10:07 pm

    my tears just keep flowing........such a sad story to share

  135. Anonymous2:09 am

    (heha) : " tears OOZE out !"

  136. Anonymous7:13 am

    one word: kejam