Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hornet's Nest, Singapore

"Do not test us".
"If you want to negotiate, lets negotiate. There is no need to encroach, no need to test the market or our waters." - Rais Yatim on Singapore Senior Minister of State Balaji Sadasivan's remarks about the republic wanting to claim territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone around Pedra Branca.
I like it when our leaders talk big. Singapore's Foreign Minister better stand up and listen. We may have lost Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore at the International Court of Justice, but we are not about to give away anything else.

I think what Rais means is that if Singapore continues with this kind of talk, it's war. And I don't mean we are going to war, ok?

Above is a hastily-sketched map by an expert on the EEZ/territorial water subject. I'll get it properly and graphically done one day. Click here for the larger, Facebook version.


  1. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Well,I'm not surprise what S'pore has said. In fact, when The Heague result came out that P.Batu Puteh belongs to S'pore.... the first thing cross my mind is about the water surrounding the island, rather that those bunch of rocks & lighthouse!.... for a tiny nation like S'pore, it means a lot! we'll c how our goverment handle this.... sad indeed.


  2. Anonymous9:28 pm

    So now Rais Yatim is puffing like a bullfrog, too late idiot, you should have fought like a bull at ICJ. You still believe in your stupid win win theory ?? It has always been S'pore wins, S'pore wins, only an idiot like Rais would come home and make a big statement on win win. Typical umno mentality calling total fiasco a win win situation. Rais should be awarded the Oscar for been the most stupid person on earth.
    Eat Shit!!!

  3. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Singapore's Israeli mentality will get them everything. They are stronger militarily and have big brothers like the US of A and Australia ever ready to back them up if push comes to shove.
    They know our government is weak, and from some reports, some ministers have already sold us out (I think you know who they are). Some ministers in waiting are also pro-Singapore and not to mention government advisors. So it won't be a surprise if Singapore demands more and more to ensure their agenda is met.


  4. Empty vessels make the most noise.

    I rest my case.

  5. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Wow. Where was Rais when the Indonesian Navy ship rammed ours at Selat Ambalat resulting in Our Man From Pahang making fulsome apologies to Bapak Bambang? Heh.

    Robin Goodfellow

  6. Anonymous10:20 pm

    We know what are behind every arrogance and aggresive behavior - deep sense of insecurity and deep seated inferiority complex!!!

  7. Anonymous10:31 pm


    Ya...we will use Rais' spittle as secret weapons...

    Ah, maybe now the Scorpenes will come in handy (if they are not in scrap yard condition lah...

    If that fails..we always have our aging Nuris, Ros's war chest and our kerises (bring them back from Amsterdam)...oh...and our C4's...we can always rig Singapore with a million C4s and just blow it away to Israel...we will give Najib the honor of detonating the first one!

    Easy job..or better yet our leaders can slap Singapore with a sodomy charge... Rais, Gani et al were butt raped into submitting Pedra Branca...hen we have a strong case against Singapore...tak yah perang2...keluar condom jer...for protection.

  8. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Alo Bru, you think the are sibertroopers from Singapore on your blog? They seem to support the Red Dot rather than Malaysia. My view is that we as Malaysians we must support the government. The opposition should also attack Singapore for trying to cause ripples in the water. Pak bLah especially he must tell his Singapore counterpart to be a bit more friendlier. Remember how Pak bLah tried to mend ties with Singapore, so much so that the first country he visited after being made the PM by Mahathir was to visit Singapore and rub shoulders and rub everything else with the Singaporeans, offer Iskandar plus also give Paloma Blanca the former Pulau Batu Puteh to Singapore.

    Now how ma Pak bLah? Mau lawan ka mau kasi itu EeeEeeZee to your friends in Singapore.

    So EeeEee Ah is my nickname.

  9. Anonymous10:37 pm

    S'pore did NOT take a NEW position. It first stated its claim to a territorial sea limit that extends up to a maximum of 12 nautical miles and an Exclusive Economic Zone in a Ministry of Foreign Affairs press statement on 15 Sept 1980..repeat 1980!!

    You can read it in the S'pore newspapers ONLINE version.

    Kindly CHECK before you BASH S'pore.

  10. Perhaps someone with martime or navy experience can help. Batu Putih is a set of rocks that breaks the surface of the sea and cannot sustain life on its own. Would EEZ apply to such rock formation? I thought EEZ is for the inhabitants to be able to use the sea to sustain life on the land.
    If applicable to non-life sustaining rock formation, if Malaysia claims a 200 mile EEZ for middle rock, it would surely eat into Indonesia's EEZ.


  11. Anonymous11:11 pm

    i think better singapore test our weak PM. See if he willing to talk serious action or counting money and project for his relative


  12. Anonymous11:13 pm

    What is the problem of our minister here? Whenever we are unable to handle Singapore over a healthy debate we get upset. It only shows our ministers are somehow missing the points. Since Singapore has voiced their intention, we have to look at issues more pertinently so as to enable to rebut them effectively.

    Throwing words such as “don’t try stirring honest nest” or to say "it's a political speech" does not reflect the minister's political wisdom as foreign affair's official. By the way Rais does not have any wisdom, does he?


  13. Losing Batu Putih is already a national disaster. After Batu putih, I do not think Malaysians will tolerate the loss of even an inch of our territorial water. I fear the worst should Singapore press on with their claim. If pushed to the wall Malaysians may react irrationally to the detriment of both countries.

  14. Anonymous11:26 pm

    Just Shut up ,,!! Pedra Branca belongs to Singapore, Territorial water ikut sekali la,,!!

    Pergi ke ICJ pon akan kalah juga,,
    Buang duit saja,,Cakap pon sakit hati,,

    Air di Gunung Pulai,,,dia bole control,,apalagi air laut keliling Pedra Branca,,!!!

    Blame Badawi and his Cabinet,,,Incompetent,,dasar Melayu,, biarkan,,,,UMNO pon ta' kisah aja,,

    Why do all the Minister talk cock aja,,,!!


    Since Bro Rocky,,Jelajah Johor,,tengok-tengok apalagi Singapore hendak,,bagikan sahaja,,,


  15. spore is not doing anything out of the ordinary - everything in accordance to lAws governing boundaries on the high seas.

    if you want to blame - blame the stoopid malaysia big wigs who's got no fcking idea how to administer or run the country.


  16. Anonymous11:39 pm

    Those who don't support Malaysia against Singapore aggressive policy towards Malaysia can please get lost to Singapore.Malaysia don't need traitors when there is war. pls f...k off to Singapore.

  17. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Kindly go to this website to check the OFFICIAL S'pore's Foreign Affairs Ministry's statement.

    ...Channel News Asia-S'pore

    Peace to All.

  18. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Siapakah yang akan mempertahankan negara apabila tercetus nya konflik perang? adakah kita boleh mengharapkan rakyat yang berstatus non-bumi?? jauh panggang dari api.

    Tentu nya mereka lebeh cenderung suka dan gembira jika Malaysia jatuh ke tangan Singapura yang kerajaan nya berkiblatkan USA dan Israel. Ini tidak boleh kita nafikan....apa yang kedengaran dari mulut mereka sudah jelas...apa yang ada dalam hati mereka yang lebeh merbahaya. Mereka akan bersengkongkol dan menjadi duri dalam daging sekira nya ada konflik sedemikian. Fikir2kan lah.


  19. Anonymous12:09 am

    if there's war, better be freaking sure that at least the helis can take off.
    with a defence minister who is embroiled in one controversy after another, i can only hope.
    surely, NS has not toughen the boys to become men to fight for the country. afterall, the real reason is to extract more juices for the cronies.


  20. Rocky,

    hope you can share with us what the expert explained to you..

  21. Anonymous12:15 am

    If there is really gonna be a war between Malaysia and Singapore, I will fight for the Singaporeans.

    Malaysia cannot boleh

  22. Anonymous12:16 am

    That's the problem with us. We "win" two barren rocks and don't know what to do with our treasures.

    Others already have plans for theirs.

    Is Rais still sulking, talking big brother, acting like a "taikor"?

  23. Anonymous12:20 am

    MFA says Singapore did not take new position on Pedra Branca
    By Hasnita A Majid, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 25 July 2008 2334 hrs

    Pedra Branca

    SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said Singapore did not take a new position in Parliament on July 21 when Senior Minister of State, Dr Balaji Sadasivan, responded to MP's questions about Pedra Branca.

    According to a ministry spokesman, Singapore first stated its claim to a territorial sea limit that extends up to a maximum of 12 nautical miles and to an Exclusive Economic Zone in a statement to the media on September 15, 1980.

    This was reiterated in another statement to the media this year on May 23, following the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) judgement on sovereignty over Pedra Branca and Middle Rocks.

    The spokesman pointed out that as stated in both press statements, should the limit of Singapore's territorial sea or Exclusive Economic Zone overlap with the claims of neighbouring countries, Singapore will negotiate with those countries with a view on arriving at agreed delimitations, in accordance with international law.

    MFA said that at the sidelines of the recent ASEAN Ministers Meeting in Singapore, Singapore's Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo agreed with his Malaysian counterpart, Rais Yatim, that the delimitation of the maritime boundary between Malaysia and Singapore in the area around Pedra Branca and the Middle Rocks, following the ICJ judgment, should be discussed by the Joint Technical Committee.

    The ministry added that this should be done according to international laws.

    Sorry about the link just now.

  24. Anonymous12:21 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Rais said win-win when we lost.

    Now, he warns Spore not to test the waters.

    If it is win -win, surely the question of a warning doesn't arise at all.

    Balji made his statement before Rais went to Spore for the Asean meeting.

    Now, why must he isuue the warning from Jelebu...he could very well have taken the stand while in Spore.
    Maybe Rice would have come to his aid.
    You are a shame Rais......and a diplomatic fool at that.

    Better you go back to your previous portfolio...heritage matters...and also try join some clowns in tracing the elusive document that you very conveniently said cannot be located for deacdes.
    I hope you will have the gumption and muscles of Dr M whenever you deal with this pesky paranoid Little Red Dot.


  25. Anonymous12:27 am

    To ex- singaporean.

    It's your stupid perception that you mean singapore is stronger militarily.They have no fighting experience at all. We Malaysian are not afraid of everyone. You don't compare civilian patriotic and alertness with a weak and inferiority behaviour of PM leadership.Our Malaysian troops have prove their capability,couragious and valour since 40's.It's human and technologies that count.Even sophisticated military equipment (US)can't eliminate the small bunch of rifle handling group in Iraq.

    Give them bloody nose.

  26. Anonymous12:27 am

    Pak Rocky,
    Bagus juga kalau berlaku perang.Masa tidak berperangpun hidup keluarga kami sekarang sudah terhimpit.Kalu berperang pun berperanglah!
    Sebenarnya, Kalau berlaku perang, barulah semangat patriotik bangsa Melayu, Cina, India, Bumiputra dan lain-lain dapat diuji. Perang bagi saya, macam acid test, kalau tak di uji mana nak tau sesuatu emas itu tulin atau tidak?
    Orang Melayu kalau berperang sesama mereka, sangat handal.

    Saya Tak setuju dengan si Rais tu.
    Peribahasa jangan di Jolok Sarang Tebuan, tu peribahasa kuno,Zaman akhbar pengasuh dulu-dulu.
    Singapore tak takut pada Tebuan, yang singapore takut ialah kalau Rakyat negara ini, terutama pemimpin-pemimpinnya Berani bersumpah dengan AL-Quran yang mereka tu bebas dari segala rasuah Penyelewengan dan Maksiat!
    Nak berperang dengan senjata akal dan undang-undang pun sudah kalah, Inikan pula berperang macam Plastin dengan Israel!

  27. Anonymous12:47 am

    Don't just talk....action please!

    i believe they are still paying cheap water supply from us, right??

    rakyat biasa

  28. just let Spore manage Johor and if Johoreans become rich, let Spore manage Malaysia ... can't be worse than the umnoputras, right?

  29. Anonymous1:02 am

    "If there is really gonna be a war between Malaysia and Singapore, I will fight for the Singaporeans.

    Malaysia cannot boleh"

    Shame on you if you're a Malaysian. It is people like you who will bring our country fell apart.


  30. Anonymous1:28 am

    Well, what can I say....fools and their country are soon parted.

    Keep bellowing about sodomy, mercedes kompressors, ketuanan, religious nonsense, parachuting protons on the north pole, building the biggest this and the longest that, and you will have little time to develop and nurture those qualities that matter most.

    That is why in a high profile, national security related international court case, you have an eggplant of an AG and his team who plagiarize a photoshopped image from a suspect blog and submit it as evidence.

  31. Anonymous1:36 am

    "Chow Kit Comboy" got a point... S'pore has their plan...Malaysia????

    What is our mitigation plan from The Heague verdict????? anyone looking a it now??? or is it let the bygone be bygone hah?...

    ohhhh I forget they are busy with party election! ehm....


  32. Anonymous2:31 am

    To repeat what YB Mahfuz said "orang dapat pulau, kita dapat batu." So Rais, if you are proud of your batu, show them, otherwise hide them.

    -Inflamed Batu

  33. Dear Bru,

    We know when you mentioned war, you don't really mean the real war of armies , weapons and armoury. But a pshych war, a war of words, of sovereignity as such.
    If the mentality of the Malaysian public is to be gauged by the commentors here, any kind of war with Singapore is lost even before it started.
    With Singapore, when the state is in this kind of crisis, you can bet all the citizens will be behind her.
    Here in Malayisia, whatever issues involving the government and the state even though it has nothing to do with local politics but an issue of sovereignity, many who call themselves loyal citizens will jump to condemn and ridicule our own government.Without the slightest sense of patriotism.
    This is the real war that we are having,with enemies within.

  34. Anonymous7:39 am

    Too late a statement from Rais. Damage is done. The follow-up by Singapore is already predicted by the brainy Malaysian rakyat. In time to come, Singapore will demand for the whole section of the Malaysian down under. Will that day come by? Just wait and see.


  35. Rather than spewing hot air, read up on the details governing the EEZ. Perhaps also search for the missing document that clearly proved the British asked for Sultan's permission to build the lighthouse.

    For all you know, Pulau Batu Putih is being used to spy.

    Not time for WAR yet. No need even for the crude words.

  36. Dear Rocky,

    Well, they have to be BN "heros" for the "promotion promises & $$$" ma.

    As they say "Don't pray-pray with Singapore" when you do not even meet the MINIMUM academic criteria of the Singapore Ministers.

    All our National Security Databases, Telecomunications Infrastructure Database, etc are installed, managed & controlled by foreigners players including Singapore.

    This nation & our assets have been sold out long ago & is still continuing....Woodlands, KTM land in Singapore, Batu Puteh, etc. by those Scumbag Traitors in the name of "MUSLIM" Hadari siphoning all the Haram money at our expense !

    This daily "Cat & Mouse" games, is not going to, get this nation & its Downtrodden rayaat anywhere. It is just utter Nonsense like "Kindergarten" kids.. paid by our hard earned tax money.

    The rapidly spiralling Regional & International Image/Ratings/ reputation of Malaysia....

    Foreigner investors are pulling out, our local Bourse is sliding fast towards 1000 pionts, our rayaat still reeling from the Fuel & Price hikes of daily living....

    Their neglect of the nation's Human Rights, Security, Crime rate, Corruption, Economy, contingency plans to mitigate the impending sub-prime rate Financial Tsunami, etc....

    If only our Government can accept their short comings to try to work together with their International, Regional partners & their new Political partners to identify, find solutions (long & short term) & make good all the nation's & rayaat's plight...MAYBE there is HOPE !

    At the present rate...forget about US, British or Australia....

    Singapore with their Israel Military & intelligence Advisers can "Check-mate" Malaysia anytime without even having to deploy their fighter planes, move their Military Equipment or their foot soldiers to conquer Malaysia...!

    Even our National Airlines & all LCC flights need to get Air Traffic Clearance from Singapore to fly on any airways above certain Flight levels.

    They have already got Malaysia by the "Orbs"!

    But the BN Goons still in Denial, now want to threaten Singapore ???

    It is pure "Stupidity & Suicidal"!

  37. Anonymous9:25 am

    lets break ties with the singaporkian!

    they crooked our bridge, now lets burn the bridge!

    and to those singaporkian symphatisers...get the hell out of here!

    - In Criminal Justice

  38. All that posing and preening, huffing and puffing only works on gullible Malaysians.

    The Singaporeans knew exactly what they wanted and what they were going to get. The loss of the rock was not about the rock itself, but the waters surrounding it.

    At the end of the day, the rock belongs to us, but our incompetence compared to Singapore makes us perpetually lose out.

    We will lose more in the future.

  39. Anonymous11:14 am

    Rocky, you seem to have & encourage big brother attitude toward Singapore, what is your stanf towards "Indonesian Navy ship rammed ours at Selat Ambalat resulting in Our Man From Pahang making fulsome apologies to Bapak Bambang?"


  40. Anonymous11:15 am

    First we will play a win win situation....then we will play a win lose situation.7 great habits to be inched to one great habit...U touch us again we will hit you hard enough until there is no international law to be refered...Singapore watch out...dont call us kurang ajar or refer us to international justice anymore...we have many options but we will do it our way like it or not...dont under estimate us.Our leader has not rot it out yet...the tail will do what ever to rot the has no price indeed.

  41. Rias Yatim is an idiot. I wonder how was his legal career...before becoming ac minister?
    I pity his past clients...paying high legal fees good results.
    He is trying to get attention from the such ways...exposing ..what a bloody fool he is.
    Same as his big mouth...with his stupid face...same same idiotic statements..all the time.

  42. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Singapore has taken the Island fair and square. Its time for Malaysia to mature. First dump the stupid BN leaders. Bring the PK government to power.

    Malaysia lost the island because Singapore fights with its best brains. Jayakumar is the deputy prime minister and former dean of the NUS law faculty. Its law minster Shangmugum is a top NUS law graduate. Can an Non-Malay hold the position in a BN government. You decided to go in handicapped. You will lose.

    You need your best to fight in the world stage not some puny proton.

  43. FRIENDS,









  45. Anonymous3:34 pm

    We dont trust non malays to hold top position just like singapore dont trust the malay to hold top position in the Singapork Army in their country.Its just because both rakyat is still having some relationship.Remember all war starts from the Man's mind.What brain are you talking about.The Hague is a failure and siding the west.Just like Iraqi invasion,nobody wants to fight the World Court only this tiny puny Singapork does out of theirb fear.We malays need to be kurang ajar at times like kiasu,dont use your brain but just kurang ajar attitude to those smacking kiasu Singapork Minister's who are just testing waters,We should build more Arm Defense near the Singaporean waters...incase we should hit them hard enough for them to run to Big Brader....
    Lets play little War will ya!!!put some arsenite in the Dam....

    You are dealing with new generations of Malays and ohh please dont try to be squiky smat and clean....we can wipe you with your little nerve war...This time around Not the ikan todak melanggar Singaporah but just the nerve if had to....Rice is just another black spokewomen doing her chore to flex muscle at the security meets.Cant even handle Iraq but want to meddle our sovereignity....Shut the fuck up maa!!!your timing for Anwar al Jubury is just not meeting the eyes.

  46. /// Alo Bru, you think the are sibertroopers from Singapore on your blog? ///

    So EeeEee Ah, doesn't mean that any one supporting Singapore are cybertroopers from Singapore. There are hundreds of thousands of ex-Malaysians and the Malaysian diaspora around the world. There are Malaysians who support what is right, rather than blindly right or wrong my country.

    /// They seem to support the Red Dot rather than Malaysia. My view is that we as Malaysians we must support the government. ///

    So, if the government suddenly thrown your father in jail under ISA, you must also support the government? When the government accuse you of sodomy (and you know damn well you didn't because that arsehole belonged to you and you certainly know it has not been violated), you must support the government. Wow, Malaysia must be lucky to have citizens like you.

    /// The opposition should also attack Singapore for trying to cause ripples in the water. ///

    Try to use you brain a little. Who is the one creating the ripples? Do you know the meaning of territorial water? It means the surrounding water belongs to whoever owns the land. The ICJ has already ruled, and Malaysia has agreed, that Pedra Branca belongs to Singapore. It is Rais is ic causing ripples by warning about stirring the honest nest. It is rock (though I know he's doing it tongue in cheek) who is declaring war on behalf of Rais. Don't like your half-baked idea of "patriotism" cloud your thinking.

    /// Pak bLah especially he must tell his Singapore counterpart to be a bit more friendlier. Remember how Pak bLah tried to mend ties with Singapore, so much so that the first country he visited after being made the PM by Mahathir was to visit Singapore and rub shoulders and rub everything else with the Singaporeans, offer Iskandar plus also give Paloma Blanca the former Pulau Batu Puteh to Singapore. ///

    Offer Iskandar to Singapore? And yet the same people like you and Mahathir are saying selling out to Singapore. Loss of sovereignty etc. Make no mistake - Iskandar Development Region needs Singapore more than Singapore needs IDR.

    Sorry, get your facts right. Pedra Branca was not Malaysia's or Badawi's to give. It was the ICJ who decided that Pedra Branca belongs to Singapore.

    /// So EeeEee Ah is my nickname. ///

  47. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Rais Yatim should do his homework first before opening his big mouth like Syed Albar.Singapore is well-prepared and slowly but surely they would encroach into our territory if we people are still sleeping without doing some homework with regard to the historical aspect of the territorial islands.

  48. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Oh really ah? So why Rais have to have private talk with Rice ? Talking about rising Rice price ? Hehehe!

    Is there any strategic thinking in Malaysia ?

  49. Anonymous6:12 pm

    what's wrong with you Malaysians? even if you don't agree with the present government, does that mean you gladly hand over our country to foreign powers. Their comments about anything involving malaysia you consider as holy words, accepting anything foreign as Godly, anything malaysian, you guys, citizens of malaysia, you people hate and have utter contempt. Half bake citizens with half bake dreams with half bake leaders. No loyalty, no patriotism, no conscience. you whine, and you complain, but have you done anything for your own people in your own community, in your own neighbourhood? Those who do, never talk, but those who complain, never do. you don't love your country, but you claim you do. All bullshit! i'm so ashamed of my fellow malaysians. what a stupid bunch!

  50. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Which part of the ICJ judgment does Rais, Azalina etc not understand?

    Perhaps they should be given a crash course on UNCLOS and its implications.

    Whether they will understand it is another matter altogether!

    Stupid is as stupid does! Goes for most Malaysian ministers and politicians!

    As a sidenote, methinks that Azalina is trying desperately to divert attention from recent exposes in The Sun paper. What better way to do that than to wrap herself in the cloak of patriotism and nationalism?

  51. Anonymous8:06 pm

    If war broke out between Singapore and Malaysia, one thing for sure the majority of Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indian will support Singapore.

    Thus, true color of them will surface and if Badawi is still the
    PM during that time .........

    Pray to God la..

  52. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Don't forget the 100 F-35s!

    Like Phua Chu Kang said: "Don't play, play, ah".

  53. Dun talk big. Act like a "taikor" and whack those kiasus into submission. We have been too lenient all this while. Be a man and go for it. Stop the diplomatic approach..

  54. Anonymous8:39 pm

    War my arse, you stupid brain dead foreign minister. It was you and all the clowns that lost at ICJ. Idiots like you Gani Patil and all the clowns who were at ICJ should commit harakiri. It was the shit umno party who lost Batu Putih and all the blame should go to Badawi and the friking DPM, they spend more time blowing people up and chasing after asshole bandits that doing their job. Both PM and DPM has shit on their face from Terengganu and yet they still have the cheek to say the Mercedes will be used for ferrying VIPs, balls to you friking liars. You are scared shitless so you agreed and kowtow to the MB. Talk about war, you bloody umno shitheads still don't understand you have lost everything except for your ill gotten wealth, you have zero credibilty and integrity, ya go to war by yourself you stupid minister, we ain't gonna fight side by side with pigs like Rais Yatim who calls total lost a win win situation. What kind of lawyer is he ?
    Sick Pig

  55. Bro, I say Congratulations to Dr Rais for finally talking MACHO to Singapore. That little neighbor of ours only understands tough language, if we speak to them like friends and diplomatically they apparently take it as a sign of weakness.

    It seemed next time we should follow what South Korea done with their dispute with Japan over an island and that they refuse to go to the ICJ as they say that ICJ is biased towards Japan and just place a warship to guard the island vicinity.

    Malaysia no need to go to extremelah, maybe in this case unless Singapore can prove that Pedra Branca(White Rock) is hospitable for sustained human life, which, it is not, and as it is, its just a little bit of rock where a lighthouse was built for navigational safety. Therefore if one apply the United Nation Laws of the Sea then Singapore got no case to claim any EEZ around Pedra Branca which is just a BARREN rock with a lighthouse manned in rotation by a few Singaporean Government personnel with no families accompanying. Malaysia does not need fancy overqualified Ministers from Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard to fight this preposterous singapore EEZ claim. Hantar Gani Patail from Universiti Malaya pun dah boleh selesai. Singapore got no case ma.

    Bro, anyway this time I notice your blog is being invaded by commentators from Singapore Nazi cybertroopers and/or sadly pathethic small minded Malaysian singapore ass lickers. These small minded fools especially those pathethic Malaysians are still talking about how great the Singapore Ministers and their military blah,blah and so on. Really kesianlah.

    Setakat Singapore weekend soldiers with their sophisticated military toys, you think Tentera Malaysia takut kah. The Malaysian Armed forces has a very long and bloody history of defending Malaysia from its enemieslah. I bet Singapore weekend warriors will be pissing in their pantslah when they finally come under live hostile fire because their weekend war games pakai peluru kapur je. Singapore should take heed of Dr Rais's warning "Jangan Jolok Sarang Tebuan". Fikir-fikirkan.

  56. Anonymous1:07 am

    Subject: Fwd: Malaysia: A Failed Nation?

    For those who started work around 197, a 1.3 litre Japaness car was RM 7000 then. Today the equivalent let's say it is RM 60,000......8.5 times.

    In 1973, a double-storey house was about RM 45,000.. or less. Today it is about RM 300,000............6.6 times!

    In 1973 an Engineer's pay was RM 1000. Today it is about RM 2000 +/-............2 times.

    From 1973 to 2008........35 years......what is the trend?
    In a stock market when the trend is bearish , what do we do?.. Exit!

    When a country's trend is bearish what do we do? This bearish trend is more difficult to turn around as compared to the stock market.

    I have used these 3 items: House, Car & Salary as a yardstick of the country' s performance for the past 35 years....

    There is a book I saw in MPH bookshop entitled :
    Malaysia: The Failed Nation
    (some of you may be interested to read up).

    I agreed with the writer.....

    This morning I was having coffee at McDonald (now the coffee..100% Arabica quite good @ RM refill !! I asked how much per hour is their pay?
    RM 3.00 x 8 hours = RM 24 per day... x 25 days = RM 600 per month My daughter works part-time during her University days..she worked at Gloria Jeans Coffee ..they pay Australian $ 14.00 ( @ 3.15 = RM 44 per hour.....x 8 = RM
    352 per day x 25 days = RM 8800

    13.3 times more !!!!! ......Price of houses in Perth is about the same in KL.
    Price of cars are about 23% cheaper there Perth.(Australia).

    I think more and more people are becoming aware of this bearish trend.

    Developed country by 2020?...means high income country, Let's look at some as of year 2005 (according to Financial Times)

    USA GNP per capita US$ 35400
    UK GNP per capita US$ 25510
    Australia GNP per capita US$ 19530
    Singapore GNP per capita US$ 20690
    These are developed countries by income measurements.

    Malaysia GNP per capita US$ 3540
    Year 2020..developed country?

    Really...a sad story.

    Worrying Trends, isn't it??

    Ringgit sliding further and further under BN

    Gan | Jul 8, 08 4:03pm

    Recently, I interviewed some fresh graduates applying for jobs with my engineering company. I accepted two applicants on a starting salary of RM1600. It struck me as odd that 15 years ago, I myself started work as a fresh graduate engineer for the same pay.

    Indeed, if you compare the salaries of graduates now and 15 or even 20 years ago, you'll find little difference but that their purchasing power is vastly different. It's the same story when you compare salaries of shop assistants, office staff, factory workers and others.

    To compound the effect of inflation, the ringgit has depreciated greatly against all major currencies. The real income of most Malaysians has moved backwards.

    This is why many Malaysians suffer under the petrol hike. The root of the problem is that our real incomes have shrunk in the face of inflation and depreciated currency.. Malaysians have not been spoiled by subsidy but are unable to move out of the time lock of stagnated and depreciated incomes.

    If you compare the per capita incomes of Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, they are a few multiples of ours although at independence all these countries were the on the same economic level as Malaysia.

    What has gone wrong? We were the rising star of East Asia, a country rich in natural resources with the most promising potential.

    The reason is massive corruption, plundering of resources, wastage of funds for huge non- economic projects, anti-public interest deals with politically-linked companies and passing-of-the -buck to the man in the street..

    Four decades of NEP where education, economic and employment policies are defined by race ensured that meritocracy took a back seat.

    Our university standard has declined and the today best and brightest of our youth emigrate to escape the racial inequality only to contribute to the economies of foreign lands.

    The reputation of our judiciary which was held in high esteem worldwide has sunk so low that foreign investors now insist on arbitration in Singapore in case of any dispute.

    We also have a slew of oppressive laws such as the ISA, OSA, UUCA and PPPA which stifle free speech and are designed to keep the ruling parties in power.

    We have become less attractive to foreign investors and now lag behind our neighbours in Asean for foreign direct investment. Even some corporations who have established themselves here are moving out.

    All the economic and social malaise cannot help but affect the value of our currency. The strength of a country's currency is after all, a reflection of its fundamentals.

    Furthermore, Bank Negara has a policy of weak ringgit to help exporters, never mind the burden on the common folk. The government is pro-corporation, not pro-rakyat.

    While the poor and middle-class are squeezed, an elite group gets breathtakingly rich. We have the distinction of having the worse income disparity in Asean. A re-distribution of wealth is under way from the poor and middle-class to a select group of politically-connected elite.

    The end result of this re-distribution will be a small group of super-rich while the majority are pushed into poverty and the middle-class shrinks. This is what happens when the rich gets richer and the poor get poorer.

    There is much that is wrong with Malaysia. The responsibility for pulling the country backwards can be laid squarely at the door of the ruling regime. It is BN's mis-governance, racial politics and culture of patronage which has seen the country regress economically and socially.

    We seem to be sliding down a slippery slope, further down with each passing year of BN's rule. Another five years of BN rule and we'll be at Indonesia's standard under Suharto. Another 10 years and we'll be touching the African standard. What a way to greet 2020.

    Is there any hope for Malaysia?

    Faced with the reality that BN will never change, many Malaysians desperate for change turn their lonely eyes to Anwar Ibrahim.

    Pakatan Raykat has promised to treat all races fairly, to plug wastage, fight corruption, reform the judiciary and make Malaysia more competitive.

    But some have questioned whether we can trust Anwar and his loose coalition of disparate parties..

    The question is not whether we can trust Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat but whether we can afford not to.

    Can we afford another ten years of BN's misrule?

    Now the new trend is to divert us from our worrisome and dismal domestic front by yet another round of incessant Singapore-bashing. Its not a pretty picture either. Should we go to war with Singapore, half of this godforsaken Bolehland country will end up as a demilitarised buffer zone to avert any further adventures by our wretched politicians hell-bent on exacting revenge.

  57. Habis maruah dan harta Malaysia kalau UMNO yang memerintah...kena pulak PM flip flop...sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tiada gunanya...

  58. Anonymous10:07 am

    Malaysians who support Singapore pls change your citizenship and get the fuck out of Malaysia.We do not need you here. Go to the loving country the red dot and kiss their ass where you people are the majority... that goes to the other non bumis too!


  59. Apa nak buat...Jabatan Peguam Negara siapa yang pegang?...kes liwat dia tahulah nak kletong...kes lain...hampeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Anonymous11:02 am

    Dear Rocky,

    We like to confuse ourselves lah. Singapore call the place "Pedra Branca" meaning "white rock" in Portuguese. Hey we call it "Pulau" Batu Puteh. We are are the one who said it is "Pulau" now we say it it just "Batu" only and not entitle to EEZ.........

  61. Anonymous11:46 am

    Pak Lah is still sleeping zzzzzz. Perhaps he did not know that we have lost PBPuteh

    Rastaman Kelang

  62. Anonymous4:23 pm

    maybe he still waiting til johore and melaka taken over by them, then he'll wakeup.. pising in the pants..

  63. Anonymous4:24 pm

    maybe he still waiting til johore and melaka taken over by them, then he'll wakeup.. pising in the pants..

  64. I have to laugh whenever I looked at the map of Pedra Blanca.
    So near to the shore of Malaysia, and it belong to us.
    Guess the international communities love us more than you guys.


  65. Anonymous7:47 am

    (heha) : for centuries PULAU has been used & officially recorded , cant just change overnite, pulau pinang & s'pore are islands & all land/batu/rock BIG enough to be called pulau=island perhaps may deserve EEZ !!

  66. Anonymous7:54 am

    (heha): when 'thy kingdom cometh' all islands ( with or without EEZ )
    will perish, so repent...repent....REPENT !!

  67. Incorrect Mr Southener, NOT the International Committee only 12 out of the 16 judges in the International Court of Justice love Singapore more than Malaysia. You should laugh bro, in fact laugh out loud IT IS a sick joke by the ICJ.

  68. /// Southener said...
    I have to laugh whenever I looked at the map of Pedra Blanca.
    So near to the shore of Malaysia, and it belong to us. ///

    Southener - you should wipe that smirk off your face. Look at the map again - you will see that Pedra Blanca is close to Indonesia that Malaysia.

    But then, you won't undertand either. Since when has distance and proximity determine ownership and sovereignty? So, Sabah and Sarawak should belong to Indonesia. Falkland Islands should belong to Argentina and not the UK.

    Heck, didn't you know Christmas Island (somewhere in the Indian Ocean) used to belong to Singapore until Lim Yew HOck sold it for a song to Australia.

  69. dear the,
    without my ignorance, how then can you show off your knowledge :)
    Anyway, I just luv to hear those malay ultras scream, squeal and beat their war drums.


  70. chey... southener, you got me there. But with such a touchy topic, you will have alot of the ultras agreeing with you.

    what an advocating devil you are :)

    reverse psychology does work some times...

  71. chey... southener, you got me there. But with such a touchy topic, you will have alot of the ultras agreeing with you.

    what an advocating devil you are :)

    reverse psychology does work some times...

  72. Anonymous3:43 am

    Hey Southerner,
    Im just trying to pull your legs,meant no malice but in politics its about opportunity.Probably i should pull a more soothing screaming(how?)and more Sunda Rhytmic drum beats instead of war that was your perceptive minds,ironically you love that and i dont think that really helps.

    Wat eva my dear,probably it wasn't a hornet bite after all with Rocky's perception,words words and think that i dont even meant every single of it.

    Double cheers
    @Murtabak Zam Zam Restaurant

  73. Party Dampers :(
    Hi Rocky, isn't this suppose to be a flaming thread?
    Why did you allowed these buggers in?

  74. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Hey Rocky...was this blog suppose to be a party down under?
    Didn't get much ecstacy in south lately :)

    Damn the Dampers