Friday, July 25, 2008

Kembara Mahkota 2008

pdated 26/7/08: Pole dancing in Labis (6 pics)

Kembara Mahkota, Day 2. I spent two years in Muar and one
in JB in pursuit of academic something. But I've never seen Johor as intimately as I've been seeing it the last two days of this
Kembara Mahkota, an annual state tour on wheels led by the Tengku Mahkota Johor.

It was raining heavily when we left the police academy in Bakri, Muar at 7.30 this morning. After the 200-odd km and countless of stops yesterday, the fingers of my left hand have lost their sensation. The clutch of the Harley is not my cup of tea (yet).

About 70 bikes and a convoy of four-wheelers left this morning. I forgot how cold it could be to ride in the rain without a raincoat.

I will be writing more about the experience for the Tell magazine. Snapped over 400 pics in the two days, most of them of poor quality. The one on the right with the roof of an old temple in the background, was taken in Labis, where I met young YB Chua Tee Yong. The lads in the picture are attempting to reach the top of the pole, which has been applied with margarine to make it more slippery for the competing teams.


  1. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Elo Bro;

    Orang-orang yang datang menyambut kamu,,semua orang Ghani,,cubalah kamu pi kat cerok kampong,,amek gambar,,NO ELECTRICITY,,yg pakai generator,,NO PIPEWATER,,yg gali perigi,,COWBOY TOWN yg economy lumpoh langsung,,,!!! kILANG YG TUTUP,,,

    What happen to Industri nenas,???? Exporter of NENAS KONON,,!!!


    SHOW US 50 tahun Merdeka,,,keadaan masih mundor,,,


  2. Anonymous7:41 pm

    in this way the Tengku sees, his ministers doing their works or sleeping?


  3. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Remember me? I am Tangkak's Teacher that we met at Tangkak Police Station. Name: Mohd Noramdzan. I will open my blog sooner. Free to mail me Nice meet u.

  4. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Dont forget Middle Rocks and South Ledge. There are crabs there.

    Also Kota Gellanggi. Remember?

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  6. couldnt figure the suitable title for this entry ke bro...

  7. This story may be of some small interest to you.

  8. Do not underestimate the power of the non malays in Johore, we have always stood by the side of BN, since we havent had any problem with the people, malay or otherwise, and have had a very satisfactory situation. But if you push us the way that it has been in the last few months, we will show the peoples power or makkal shakti as the Idian say it.

    So if Johore dares to try us, let us be the next state to be governed by PR.

    The King in Johore is more revered than any other king in any other state in Malaysia, and we know that when it comes to the crux of it, like Sultan Ibrahin, the present King will not dissapoint us.

    You must wonder that why do I call him King and not the Sultan of Johore, because he is higher and ancestorily better than the the rest of the sultanates. Johore is a Kingdom which always had more, JMC is an example. Long Live Johore, Long Live the King of Johore.

  9. Anonymous12:07 am

    good program, hope the royal monitor the johorean people. some johorean mention that royal likes to find ..... (hope it is not true)

    md nor

  10. Anonymous2:45 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Quite surprising to note you too joined this Kembara convoy led by our TMJ. Since you are one of them it would be the best avenue for me to relate my experience in Kluang on 25th Jul 08.

    After having my drinks at Taman Intan Kluang, I was on my way to STK Kluang to fetch my daughter from school. It was 6.30pm when I was at the traffic lights in Taman Intan. Though I was only third from the traffic light I had to wait. Vehicles from both directions along Jalan Batu Pahat were directed to proceed at the traffic light while vehicles from the adjoining road were made wait for TMJ's convoy to pass by. By 6.45pm there was already a long jam as most of us were made to wait despite no sign of TMJ’s arrival. Most vehicle owners became very angry with their honking getting louder. We find the public was being unfairly treated without any consideration.
    Well, we love and respect our royals. But when we were made to wait for the fact that everyone of us have our own things to do, I find it becomes a bit unfair. My daughter was alone waiting at the roadside for me and she was late for her tuition by almost 30mins as I was caught by another similar jam in town before reaching home.
    Please keep the organizer informed as I'm sure his highness TMJ would understand his subjects’ plea and inconveniences arising from such disregards by traffic polis.


  11. Bro,
    Sampaikan salam kat Tengku Yem.

    Anak Johor

  12. Myblog,

    To hell with that stupid Makkhal Sakti (whatever that means)..It's time for Malay Muslim to unite..

    read my blog at

  13. Anonymous10:21 am

    Hydrofuel is a major threat to our environment. It breaks down water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen molecules, which means that it VANISHES water from the ecological system. Until now, the only known sources for combination of oxygen and hydrogen molecules to produce water molecules are trees. As water is already scarce, please help save the earth by advocating against hydrofuel. Water is the source of life and we certainly do not need to rob water molecules from our environment to fuel our cars!

  14. MAH! u r now Royal Blogger beb! be careful of the back tho...belakang tu nak pakai lama so jangan overstrain!...hehe! Enjoy!

    Sembah salam pada TMJ!


  15. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Wah, price of petrol so high ppl can still do this.

  16. Anonymous1:27 pm


    pingat ibrahim sultan (kelas I) is in-store for you, i hope.

  17. Anonymous1:41 pm

    What makal sakti...petrol go up like nobody business no makal sakti can help...podah dont talk so bossy big what u think you are great...arrr?

  18. Johor is a beautiful state. I spent 5 years in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Skudai and I really like the southern state.

    Try to visit Tanjung Piai and pulau kukup both are mangrove reseve and locate not far from Johor Bahru. I really liked that place.

  19. Well.....its just like in India..where they have this thing called "Touring cinema". The rural folks will be looking forward for this entertainment as for few hours they can take away they mind from the miserable realities of life and relax. After that they go back to their blood sucking routine life without an inch of improvement.

  20. Rocky,

    A 4 day affair and the rakyat are jumping up and down...excited, like idiots..grabbing the bicycles and cash...and then back to their daily struggles and the TMJ and consort go back to their lives of is more of an attempt to assuage their guilt lah kot...done their charity part ands then the royals can go back to their oblivious, gilt-edged, hedonistic lives bankrolled by the rakyat...

    What about the villagers they didnt reach? Just four days? Why not everyday? Isnt that the duty of a ruler/leader?

    What about those who lost their homes and livelihoods in the BIG FLOODS. Have they been able to rebuild their lives yet? maybe you should write about that too.

    That reflects reality more than a TMJ going on a four day expidition to meet cemar kaki2 yang pampered to go see how the REAL SODS LIVE!

    And just who is footing the bill for this massive convoy where the rich and pampered royals come down each year (for four days...WOW) to do their token duties?

  21. Anonymous4:23 pm

    It's better to cycle, the view and perception will be different.


  22. rocky,

    we've heard about the mahkota kembara. never realised it is so gruelling and back-breaking.

    i hope by the end of the tour tomorrow, your hands wont be stiff.

    safe riding, bro.

    enjoy the johor countryside and kampung hospitality.

    I saw the crowds that came out to meet TMJ and his consort.

    He is really very popular with the kampung folks.

    Take care now!

  23. Anonymous6:21 pm


    Still got ample time for Aug TELL? At least you got issue on DYTM Raja Zarith Sofia and now followed with Ku Yem/TMJ.... and actually I can't wait to read on Dewangga Sakti... a very fine young group.

  24. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Whatever you address yourselves, will come back to square, we are Malaysian.

    For this, I encourage all Malaysians, especially Malay brothers and sisters, to participate in Dr. Hsu’s Forum,

    Dr. Hsu, a Gerakan member, is Bangsa Malaysia of the ‘truest’ sense. Whether you agree or disagree, I believe in diversity, ‘DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH’ fellow Malaysians.

  25. bro take a good look of Johor cos soon you won't find but Singaporeans everywhere. Any way so this is like an "elitist" tour of a state that has more foreigners( like Singaporeans ) then locals. Why not Perak ? More history and culture and real ulus still live in the deep interiors, politically engineered and shielded from the rest of the country. So go talk to my Sultan. In fact Taiping is the craddle of civilisation in this country so....there ! Cheers and ride safe. See you soon, bro.

  26. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Heya Bro,
    these pple dont know what they re talking about..... We prepare the event from scratch and we know the real reasons....Glad to have u in KMJ 08.
    Seri mlsia tnj gemok

  27. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Mat Haprak,

    Kalu lu nak marah si Ghani, lu marah lah dia. Jangan kaitkan dengan Tengku pulak!

    Di Malaya ni, memanglah banyak tempat yang masih pakai generator ngan perigi. Banyak cerok, banyak kampong. Takkan lah semua bandar.. Di Amerika dan di Kanada pun berjuta orang dok pakai generator dengan pam air brader. Lu cakap apa?

    Mat Hapak.

  28. Anonymous10:32 pm

    me, only better,

    what is your problem? you seem to be criticizing every damn thing.

    why only 4 days? and then if TMJ does it every week, you'd be the first to complain and attack him for having nothing better to do.

    buat ni salah. tak buat ni salah.

    you really do hate the world and everything around you.

    i think we all appreciate construcive criticisms but you are so venomous....

    you don't even know what the kembara is about!

    but oh well.....this is a free country. hahaha.

  29. Seri sound so familiar despite hiding behind the pseudonym....

    ...well, i do like Husam, Nik Aziz, Lo Lo, Rocky (eh sesat), Raja Nadzrin, Lim Guan Eng...and..and...and...and...and ok...that's it...

    so no lah...I don't hate the whole world lah..only the good for nothing royal freeloaders and corrupt leaders...and they are crawling everywhere, outta ever hole...

    ...but thanks for reminder...maybe tomorrow I will sing "Beautiful Sunday" and love the world for change...and smile at the mamak for giving me lousy teh tarik instead of throwing it at his face like i always do..ok?

    does that make you happy, my dear sis?

  30. Seri Mersing...

    "you really do hate the world and everything around you"

    Hey! Not true lah...I also like nice sunsets, sunrises, the rain, fluffy kittens, cute kids, nice cars...seelah my blog! Very well-rounded I am!

    sugar, spice, venom and everything nice...

    sorry to put a damper on your kembara...

  31. Anonymous11:52 pm

    sigh sigh sigh.....

    me only better -- whatever makes you happy.

  32. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    I hope you get to see as much of Johor DT as you can.

    But,I dont think the objectives of KM'08 can be achieved in such a short time.

    I hope you ask TMJ to take you to all the kampungs and Felda settlements located along the Kota Tinggi -Desaru road.

    While we have MB's talking about Mercs and others talking about Iskandar,and of course the Pee M talking about corridors, go see for yourself the conditions in which these folks live.
    Drug abuse,mat rempits,motorbike cannibalisation,glue sniffing,truancy,joblessness,prevalent sex among the youngsters, divorcees and single mothers,menfolk whiling away productive time with useless talk in warungs, are some of the pain that I have witnessed in these settlements.
    Now you can also see the pendatang asing tanpa izin loitering around these settlemets and kampungs(Indon,Myanmar,Cambodian,Thai and just about anybody who practices Islam have found solace in these settlements)
    I am sure the father of Felda (Tun Abdul Razak) will crawl in his coffin on seeing what has befallen on these settlements.

    I hope you go to places like Pasak,Felda Air Tawar 1-5,Semencu,Adela,Simpang Waha unannounced to see for youself the future of our next generation.

    Happy Riding Man !
    And Watch You Rear.....


  33. TMJ is trying to secure the throne. The Kembara is actually politically motivated. I don't intend to disclose more but most Johoreans know about it. Two persons are vying for the throne. That's it.

  34. Anonymous12:30 am

    Well put, Seri Mersing. I guess. it's only here at Rocky Bru's she gets to feel important enough, since over at her own blog, she's not getting the crowd. Probably getting all turned on every time her comment gets posted and reading her own words. I've since skipped reading her comments whenever I see them, no matter which nick she used.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. You do have a colourful and exciting life.
    That will make you young and happy.
    But life is uncertain...death is all of us.

  37. cheguru...i never use any nicks..unlike you cowards lah...

    maybe one or two..special messages meant for some people..yes...


    and yes...memang syok getting our voice FINALLY heard regarding these useless royals and leaders...such a turn it for you hit people from behind a nickname? Must be really orgasmic you bloody cowards....

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Tehsin M,

    Ours is a Constitutional Monarchy. Sistem parlimen beraja. Its in the Constitution and it's one of the FIVE tenets of our Rukunegara.

    Kalau nak jadi Islamist extremis pun, toksahlah perlekehkan Raja. Awak ni orang Malaysia ke?

    Lainlah kalau Raja zalim.

    Please, jangan dok sakitkan hati Rakyat yang daulatkan Raja.

  40. Seorang rakyat...

    Kalau raja tak mahu bersuara tentang kezaliman, ketidakadilan dan korupsi yang berlaku sekarang, SIAPA LAGI NAK BERSUARA UNTUK RAKYAT...??

    Sebagai orang islam, kita kena hormati Raja, tetapi SEBAGAI RAJA ISLAM, TUANKU PERLU BERSUARA UNTUK RAKYAT YANG MAKIN TERTEKAN!!!!

    The King and the royals fail to see that Malaysians of every race and religion see them as a symbol of unity (if it is true that the people go out and greet the TMJ regrdless of race on his unscheduled visits) and the last line of defence...tetapi rakyat HAMPA!



  41. people are offended by my comment about the 4 day kembara token tour...tapi not offended by anis abdul rahman and pukki sakhti memaki "makkal sakthi" comment by a fellow Malaysian who expressed his support for the Tengku!!!!...

    macam ni ke orang islam? just talk about Islam and Melayu?

    you people should be commenting on that sickening mindset too!!!

    other races who are born here have every right to live peacefully and enjoy the fruits of their labor too!!!

    what bloody hypocrites!!!

    The other races contributed greatly to the 12th GE tsunami and and were also a catalyst for change.

    If these Malay/Muslims really acted like true Muslims and governed with justice and practiced good governance and were now obscenely corrupt, then we wouldnt be in this deep shit Malaysia is in NOW!

  42. Anonymous5:44 pm

    To only better seems to be more than a bloody hypocrite.At least we melayu speak our minds.Remember this blog is democratic.Islam is Universal, it has nothing to do with Malay Malaysian.We couldn't be bothered whether you are Indian or chinese .Its a freedom of speech and please dont get excited to bring religious matter into this thread,there is no boundary to speak up your mind.MT block our comments,no guts.. macam ini kah?

    Halo halo we malays has been cornered to far and please dont bother about feeling in this virtual bloggings,cause we dont give a damn bout it.

    What deep shit you are talking about...change your mindset lah moron..what fruit of labour are you talking about? This is Malaysia lah...dont get it wrong ...Semua boleh,sama sama boleh,what you think only Malay are corrupt?Everybody sell their their soul and prostitute it just to get some token of ease in life....get a life lah Mr me only better and stop whining about other race or religion...cock it elsewhere will ya!!

    Bravo KMJ....awsome fleets show.At least we have life coming to our town and a merry one.

  43. Hallo brader..tolong kasi lepas komen ni:

    Cheguru said:

    Well put, Seri Mersing. I guess. it's only here at Rocky Bru's she gets to feel important enough, since over at her own blog, she's not getting the crowd. Probably getting all turned on every time her comment gets posted and reading her own words. I've since skipped reading her comments whenever I see them, no matter which nick she used.

    Hallo Cheguru...if you look in today's Malaysiakini and Malaysia today, you will see this woman's blog in there...sorry la beb eh blast a hole in your judgement!

  44. Anonymous6:41 pm

    Hmm.....did HRH TMJ use the national motorbike (aka Modenas) or did he use one of his customised Harley-Davidson bikes?

    Likewise for the other members of his group - national motorbikes (as used by all those Malaysians who rush to work in Singapore daily) or superbikes?

    And what exactly did the Kembara tour achieve? Apart from photo-ops?

    I would hazard a guess that not many of the Kembara team got down into the daily struggles of the ordinary rakyat to make ends meet, pay the bills and educate their kids.

    Time for a reality check, people!

  45. careful Skilgannon...some people will tear you apart for daring to open their eyes to the might be called a world hater like me!

  46. Ah, Skilgannon ... the Modenas would have made the 4-day expedition without trouble, I'm sure, but in terms of comfort and riding pleasure, you don't compare to the Harley man, you know what I mean.

    Still, if we had not sold the MV Agusta (which Harley Davidson bought recently for 70 million euro or something) ... I once rode the Agusta to Penang and back (we went up Cameron Highlands on the north), it was WOW. But for a convoy like the Kembara, the Harley is a perfect bike.

    Me ..Only Better,
    Sorry, I couldn't publish your sixth comment (I wasn't counting until a minute ago. And now I feel guilty for limiting my friend Monsterball to TWO comments max per thread). It sounded like the fifth, really. Or maybe I was really too tired ...

    And after 4 days on the road watching the Johor prince eat with his rakyat, listen to them, tell them jokes and played with them ... I don't think I'd politicize the Kembara. I saw so many people so happy to see their Tengku Mahkota, so I shouldn't begrudge them.

    I have lots of pics. Will find a way to upload them. And Danalli, don't think the story and pics will make it for the August issue of Tell..

  47. Anonymous11:55 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  48. Anonymous12:09 am

    My, venomous is a very tame description if we were to read what came next. For the fact that many of your comments were censored by Rocky, Tehsin, only goes to show your true nature.

    Yet no qualms in using Islam to run down the rest of us just because many commented on you? Don't be righteous, as if you are a true Muslim and the rest of us are not. Never knew Islam "menghalalkan" such behavior.

    You kept on and on, and even tried stoking Skilgannon. He's been around a lot longer in here and one who is known to be able to put his thoughts across very well, unlike you. So don't worry about him being torn apart. So give it a rest.

    Oh, have you seen and read RPK or Rocky making such claim about their blog appearing at so and so? Only small inferior people need to do that.

    Rocky, maybe about time to apply that same treatment once applied to the troll. Going by his comments, it works it seems.

  49. Anonymous2:07 am

    well, Rocky...(seventh comment..lepas ker)

    if them poor sods are happy..what can I say lah..let them be happy lah (if even for a day...)...heh heh

    ...guess you get a different perspective up close...

    (how nice if they could do more than a whirlwind tour though and unannounced, too, to see things as they are and not the probably sanitised version from earlier preps)

  50. Anonymous9:38 am

    shanghai fish....ur sultan not like TMJ la....he likes to read about the kampung folks while TMJ goes on a tour to see his kampung folks thats the difference.....send him to johor for a course on how to ride a harley!!!

  51. Heya again Rocky,
    Why does pple want to politicize KMJ... they only see the surface of it, they have not spent time in it, didnt spend time with DYAM TMJ and dont really know DYAM TMJ. Be with him, spend time with him and you'll know the purpose of KMJ.
    Hope next time you can join us for KMJ Jelajah Pulau and to Perkampungan Orang Asli.

    P/s my blog is at but havent been updating it, will force to make time to update it and upgrade it as for now it's only for santai2.

  52. mrsm muar..what are you talking about eh?

    yg menggunakan Islam are you Malay bigots and racists...

    Rocky didnt censor my comments sebab i said something bad...ask him lah yourself...

    I didnt stoke skilgannon u silly person...he said the same thing as I did only you people practise selective persecution just like the UMNO religion you are upholding...

    And i hope Rocky allows this one to defend myself...

    maybe you can tell the idiots what my comments were about...

    mrsm muar..patutlah...

  53. I dont know why you allow these cowards hiding behind nicks to throw barbs at people Rocky, and I think you know me better than what these pathetic losers are making me out to be, with my comments regarding what anis and the other racists said.

  54. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Salaam, Pak Rocky

    Thank u for yr post of 9:49 PM. I stand suitably corrected! :-(

    Allow me to question as to what are the objectives of K M 2008? Is it to make the rakyat in the heartland feel good that the palace empathises with their daily struggles, problems and stresses?

    If those are the objectives (and they are praiseworthy), then the acid test is what follow-up action is taken after the tour. Will the TMJ get on the case of the Johor MB and the State Exco and kick their collective backsides to do better vis-a-vis the rakyat? Will he examine the state govt policies and the way they are implemented with a fine toothcomb, i.e. take on a more hands-on role in overseeing the state govt?

    And since the Johor palace is the protector of ALL Johoreans, irrespective of race and religion, it would have been praiseworthy if the K M 2008 tour had also reached out to Johor Chinese and Indians and gained an understanding of their problems and worries.

    Or if the TMJ had included in his itinerary stops at Chinese and Hindu temples and Christian churches too - what a positively uplifting message that would have given to Johoreans!

    Leslie Lopez, the S E Asia Correspondent for the Spore Straits Times, had an interesting commentary in todays's Spore St Times. Titled "Malaysian royals start to flex their muscles", it speculated what the Malaysian King would do if

    - if the govt decides to dissolve Parliament and hold a snap election to prevent the opposition from toppling the govt by crossovers?

    - if the govt decides to declare a state of emergency in the event of the country's political situation worsening to the point of anarchy and a breakdown of law and order?

    Lopez quoted remarks made by Raja Nazrin Shah last week at a gathering of public servants:


    (capitalisation of remarks mine)

    That indeed would be a fitting theme, and objective, for future Kembara Makhota tours.

    What say u, Pak Rocky?

  55. Anonymous12:48 am

    Saudara Rocky, menarik sekali apabila saudara menggunakan kiasan dengan menyembut nama "Monsterball". Bagi kebanyakan kita yang sudah menjadi 'regulars' di sini dan juga di blog-blog teman yang lain untuk sekian lamanya, kita semua maklum kisah di sebalik nama itu.

    Justru itu saudari Tehsin, ada baiknya saudari cuba bertanya dengan teman2 bloggers yang dikenali, atau pon Rocky sendiri kalau beliau mempunyai waktu untuk berbuat demikian, apa maksud sebenar dengan kata2 beliau itu.
    Percayalah, disebut senada dengan nama/nick itu bukan sesuatu yang saudari inginkan.

    Saya tidak bermaksud untuk menasihati, hanya sekadar berkongsi cerita, yang mana mungkin akan membawa kepada kebaikan bersama. Amat menyedihkan bila ada yang menegur, malah saudari memanggil mereka "Malay bigots and racists".

    Olih kerana saudari ada menyebut tentang 'skilgannon1066', ingin saya menyarankan supaya saudari meneliti cara 'skilgannon1066' mengutarakan pendapat beliau. Lihat saja tulisannya yang terakhir di atas. penuh peradapan, walaupon beliau membuat kritikan. Banyak yang saudari dan kita semua bolih pelajari dari cara beliau itu.

    Terima kasih. Salam dari perantauan.

  56. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Salam bro rocky,

    Met you during KMJ08. You looked devastated dude.. haha.. now you know the ride may take its toll on you. But pleasant surprise to see you ride till the end. Kudos to you. Penat wehh? Sure laa kan.

    Thank you for posting with me at Istana Pelangi lepas KMJ habis.

    Anyway, i agree with one comment that only the beauty and good ones are being given the look for this tour, cause kalau dijenguk betul betul ramai lagi yang memerlukan. I don't blame Abang Ghani sebab definitely he can't be telling everyone everyday what to do kan. It is like anak ramai. Kalau anak anak dah besar tapi tak reti nak buat kerja macam orang dah dewasa, bapak pening kepala. By the way, i aint a supporter of any political party cause i despised them, banyak sangat drama.

    Tapi, being in journalism, i have met lots of hypocrites, takut dengan bayang bayang sendiri, kecut kalau dengar press nak datang, pantang dengar press nak masuk kampung, mulalah bersiap siap nak jenguk. Sebelum ni rumah yang bagai nak runtuh, yang sedepa jek jauhnya bagaikan beribu batu jaraknya.

    I still remember how i covered a plight of a 80 something makcik who lives with his elder brother in a kampung eastern of Johor, and has waited like ages for a little bantuan for her house yang tolak dengan jari pun boleh runtuh. She can't walk, she can't even read. Lastly, a week after, she passed away, Al-fatihah. This is not, NOT, (repeat: NOT), the first time i am pissed. With who? You should know better.

    I still remember, how a trip to Muar by a royal during banjir in 2006, startle govt officers, sebab diaorang cuma pi tunjuk rumah yang elok jek, on the way balik tu, the royal ternampak satu rumah yang uzur, baginda berhenti dan taraaa... kelam kabut konvoi tu.. haha.. i salutes Johor royal for their care to the rakyat, except, tulah, niat kekadang tak tercapai kalau sentiasa ditunjukkan benda yang indah indah belaka. kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai. Kalau takut dibelasah, toksah laa kerja gomen. Pi berniaga pisang goreng. (baru tau rasanya bila kena angkat dengan majlis.. haha)

    Putu Piring, JB