Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dissolve PAS, Dissolve Umno ...

And Set up new Islamic-based party - Nik Aziz.
How about it, Mr Badawi? The Tok Guru has offered to dissolve PAS if unity is really what you want. Are you willing to dissolve Umno and form a new party based on Islam?

And the PAS adviser does not mean "Islam Hadhari".
General July 26, 2008 19:09 PM
PAS Invites Umno To Set Up New Islam-based Party To Unite Malays

MACHANG, July 26 (Bernama) -- PAS Spiritual Leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat Saturday proposed the dissolution of both PAS and Umno and the setting up of a new Islam-based political party to unite the Malays and enable Islam to be the protective umbrella for all the people, including non-Muslims.

He said Islam fulfilled the objectives of all endeavours, including political struggle, and should form the basis of political parties seeking to uphold the true political struggle.

"Umno should dissolve, PAS should also dissolve. Set up another party on condition that it is based on Islam," he told reporters after opening the 37th "Muktamar" (meeting) of Kelantan PAS "Dewan Ulama" (Assembly of Muslim Scholars), here.

Nik Abdul Aziz, who is the Kelantan menteri besar, said there was no reason for Umno to reject the Islamic policies proposed by PAS because Islam stood for all the communities, including the non-Malays, in the country.

"Islam is for all the communities, not just the Malays ... the Chinese, Indians and Orang Putih (westerners) ... they have to be united under the umbrella of Islam," he said.

Islam would thus be able to regain strength in the country while forging closer links among the communities, including non-Muslims, he said.



  1. Bro,
    Tok Guru is actually a wily ole politician. Now the ball is in the UMNO President's court. So how will "El Hadji" Badawi play it? Let's wait and see.

    p.s. yes, KO is a.k.a Manok, plus a few other choiced nicknames :)

  2. Let's see if Badawi & gang dare to call this bluff! But in the unlikely event that this merger happens, it'll be interesting to see if MCA, Gerakan and DAP will team up. And I have no doubt about which team PKR will join! There goes the promises of NEP abolishment!

  3. If it for the Unity... why not..

    If it for Pak Lah or anyone to strenghten his power... we should oppose it.

  4. Brader,

    It is true that Islam is for all the communities, but truth is not all communities are NOT for Islam and the Malays.

    Support for PAS from the other communities are not necessarily support for Islam. More likely for political reason of denying support to other Islamic Malay parties.

    PAS may believe in equality and fair play to other communities but the other side want to erode what is still left in Malay Islamic hands.

    And in UMNO-PAS cooperation, they
    can live separately and help each other, if they want. Without need for a single party.

    Like the agreement of not using mosques and suraus as political battlefields. If they can agree on this simple matter then they can proceed to more serious subjects.
    Can't they ?

  5. Now THAT is interesting.
    It seems like the gauntlet has been thrown to the PM or is this another of PAS's ploy to show how "unserious" UMNO is about the whole thing knowing fairly well that UMNO will never agree to this...

  6. Nik Aziz... WTF ?!?!?!

  7. Anonymous2:36 am

    can we just leave religion out of politics??

  8. Anonymous2:52 am

    In any case, Umno will see that it'll be the master & Pas the gimp in this arrangement.

    Just like in the 70s. Will Pas fall for the same trick twice?

  9. It was umno's idea to stir the hornets nest in the first place.
    Since badawi wanted to have malay unity under the guise of islamic unity , Nik Aziz issued a challenge that umno can't eat.
    Do bears in mind that Nik Aziz is never a sloppy flip flopping pussy feet and he won't take back his challenge or words.
    He is a man of honor.
    The ball is now passed back umno's badawi.
    As usual, badawi will back off and pretends nothing ever happened.
    umno don't have the guts other than bullying the rakyat

  10. Anonymous4:29 am

    Why is that its the muslims who always claim that Islam rule would be fair for all even non- muslims. Is it not up to the non Muslims to decide?

  11. Salam brader,

    1. Why ?
    2. What for ?
    3. For who ?

  12. Anonymous4:37 am

    Why is that Muslim leaders always speak for the non Muslims as Islam being fair and good for all even non Muslims? is it not up to the non Muslims to say that. As Muslims they are always right what ever it may be in the name of Islam!Where will that leave the non muslims?
    What is wromng with a secular country? tell me which so called Islamic country is in peace. Now stop blaimining Jews Americans etc etc....
    Just admit Muslims are not capable of having a democratic rule and aways fight with one another even in Muslim 100%/ majority country...So how can it survive in Malaysia?
    Just fix the corruption and abuse of power in the name of humanity.


  13. Anonymous7:01 am

    agree but can they become one party. umno boss knows for their love of money, women and wine, while PAS know for their religious. Can oil and water mixed. If can, one day, PAS boss also will love money, women and ...

    kz ppbss

  14. Who's trapping who, Bro Rocky's Bru?

    I think Umno, its president in particular, is underestimating Pas.

    They should know that today's Pas is very different from Pas of Abdullah's era.

    Today's Pas can easily match Umno word for word and action for action.

    See how the Tok Guru is check-mating the PM?

    I am afraid that Umno VIPs, starting with the Ketua Bahagian, are living in their own shrinking world. I see signs of rebellion among the cawangans, which are meeting now.

    If there's no perceptible leadership change after December, I think many Umno people will throw in the towels and may even join Pas and other Malay-dominant parties.

    Thank you.

  15. People only dissolve their inherited party when they are deadly serious and certain about their destiny... No flip flop.

  16. Dissolve PAS,
    dissolve Umno. New party, president IBRAHIM ALI.

  17. Great idea as usual from Nik Aziz (see i am no world hater)..however, the umno members..I suggest, we just dissolve in acid bath...sebab they will taint the new party with their Melayu agenda and again destroy the name of Islam...

    I have always stated that Islam is the only way to equality, justice and protection for ALL, muslims and non-muslims, and all races. ( the islamophobes, muslim liberals and secularists are going to jump up and down too)

    I however see no suitable leader for this kinda marriage except for the likes of HUSAM MUSA and of course Nik Aziz.

  18. Anonymous9:03 am

    A salute to Tok Guru..

    Why make alliances and pacts for union? union means unity, under one party and goals - So dissolve UMNO, PAS, else stop talking unity cos its just an eyewash, Badawi wanting to save his drowning ass.

  19. Anonymous9:34 am

    Just because the British made the non Christians prayed in class before independence does not mean UMNO is right to make the non Muslims also pray in class now!
    That was one of the reasons why they were kicked out, do we or shall I say UMNO wants to make the same mistake ? Will Islam face the same result from the non Muslims ?
    Two wrongs do not make one right !

  20. Changing name
    Changing color
    It is part of a political game
    In it is the power grab
    See who is at the helm?

    Party can dissolve
    Disappear in the night
    The core values remain
    The speeches of race
    After thought on other races
    It makes no difference

    Just like eating rice
    Porridge, fried rice, mee or kueh teow
    What so different when the core value is the same?
    Change the color mentality remains

    It is fighting for Malaysian(s)
    Why can’t they sink into their heads?
    It isn’t about race and religion
    It is about country and identity
    Are we Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kandazans and others?
    Are we the Malaysians?

    The politics and religions
    It is hard to bring out the truth
    The power and submission
    We can’t have both ways

    Politics is about power and greed
    Religion(s) is about piety and submission
    On the way to paradise with goodness and clear consciousness
    Nothing about the extra baggage in life

    So it is better the parties stay individually
    At least we can read what they are doing
    One from the North one from the South
    They play their games we study them

    Changing color
    Changing name
    The core values remain
    Is it about race or about Malaysian?
    The leaders in politics
    Just don’t tell lies
    We are Malaysians
    Just get the fact right!

    Religions free
    Let God decide His children fate
    It is Him who made it
    Let Him judge when the hour arrives
    Just don’t tell one religion is better than the others
    It is our sin when we couldn’t stay clean in our minds and spirits

  21. 1. If anyone thinks as a Malaysian at heart you will never support any of the current political parties who speaks only about championing or protecting their own race and religious interests. Whether it belongs to UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, PKR, Gerakan, Hindraf, PBS, DAP, PPP or whatever new name. It’s called racism and whoever supports that party is called a racist. It is no different from apartheid. It dirties and poison your soul.
    2. Those who are racists but speak with a fork tongue (Jeyklls), hiding it behind other causes like religion, meritocracy, education, poverty etc are even worse than clear cut racists and can only fit into the category of satans.
    3. Malaysian racists and the MSN have corrupted the following words which meant differently in other countries ex. nationalism, patriotism, royalists, freedom, liberty, corruption, democracy etc.
    4. Power, Greed and Selfishnish rule in Malaysia and now we include Racism and Satanism.
    5. See more prophesies at

  22. Anonymous10:46 am

    Get thaqt mad half orang putih Raja Pedro Commonruddin to give his opinion,butim sure this cracko Tanjaong Rambutan graduate are nothing but anti Malay and islam.Perhaps he should also be sodomize.Hey Raja Pedro @Petro go tell to your non malay muslim bloggers...We dont give a damn about it,hell or heaven this is Millineum Year,we malays need to be kurang ajar ,if not a bit or more it has nothing to do with conscience but more towards balancing our rights...Get It !! are you okey?Malay Student,(non quota guarenteed)

  23. This is a good one from Nik!
    How can holy holy can think such cunning and smart proposal?

  24. Anonymous11:53 am

    Nik Aziz is a very very smart man. I would like to see how UMNO will respond to this...

    ella-mae from

  25. Muahahahahahaha!

    Which configuration will give me more money?

    Screw the rest.

  26. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Everyone knows that UMNO shall be history by next general election or maybe earlier. Pak Lah is pulling up another bluff on the rakyat. Did you notice the big smile on Nik Aziz face. Nik Aziz is happy main otek otek dengan Imam Islam Hadhari ... Wali Kota

  27. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Rocky someone finally spoke up about Anwar and his theatrics...

    Thank you Tunku Aziz.

    IT seems to me that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is suffering from paranoid delusions. His preoccupation with what he sees as political conspiracy against him is doing his reputation and credibility, such as it is, enormous damage.

    To compound the growing cynicism about his version of events, he has not, to date, been able to produce any verifiable evidence to support his contention.

    As far as I am concerned, and for all practical purposes, his claim of victimisation at the evil hands of the authorities is just so much political posturing, and has to be viewed, sadly, as a ploy to gain sympathy for his cause and confuse the gullible in our midst.

    And there are many who see a conspirator in every nook and corner, in much the same way that Americans, at the height of McCarthyism, looked under the bed before retiring for the night, half expecting to find a communist lurking there.

    While Anwar expects the highest standards of proof in others, he is somehow both careless and cavalier about his own. He has made the preposterous accusation that the charge of sodomy brought against him by his former aide is part of a diabolically clever plot to stop his prime ministerial ambitions dead in their tracks.

    That, too, must remain a matter for conjecture unless it can be proved otherwise. Many Malaysians await Anwar's irrefutable evidence with bated breath.

    Does he not realise that many people can, and will, draw their own conclusions about the real reason behind his persistent refusal to give his blood for the purpose of a DNA test?

    Let us get that over and done with so that the police can make a quick determination as to whether or not he had been maliciously accused of something he is innocent of.

    Readers will no doubt recall that when he was in custody 10 years ago, he accused the authorities of administering arsenic to poison him.

    All very dramatic, and the world was understandably aghast and shocked by that revelation.

    Independent tests done in Australia, however, proved negative. Anwar showed absolutely no remorse about his having blackened his country's good name and reputation.

    On the premise that there is one law for all, no one should reasonably expect normal police criminal investigation procedures to be set aside or compromised on the spurious ground of a lack of trust in the police. What is the evidence for this?

    Anwar, for all his political savvy, now runs the risk of being likened to "the boy who cried wolf" -- once too often.

    He should submit himself voluntarily to the DNA test, and if need be, under an independent expert observer group if this would help.

    The police have been more accommodating in his case than I have seen in some others. And if he is innocent of the charge against him, there is "nothing to fear, but fear itself".

    Conspiracy or no, even Anwar must know that the devil is in the detail: how does he propose to seize power except by resorting to unprincipled political machinations and manipulations?

    He has to show that he has not totally abandoned his moral and ethical principles and this is the only way that he will ever recover the moral and intellectual high ground that he once occupied.

    The moral support of right thinking people everywhere that he could at one time take for granted is beginning to wear thin.

    What has happened to the mass exodus to his camp of ethically deficient political malcontents from The Land Below The Wind, across the South China Sea, that he predicted with an almost messianic zeal and prophetic certainty to help him topple the government and transform the nation?

    He has done our Sabah politicians grave injury to their reputation. They have proved that they stand by certain personal values and standards of ethical behaviour.

    I cannot imagine anything baser and more grotesque than attempting to corrupt and seduce perfectly decent and honourable parliamentarians to betray the trust of the voters who had put them there in the first place to represent them in their constituencies.

    What kind of message is Anwar sending to the people of this country, and in particular to the young people now beginning to take an interest in political issues?

    Dislodge the government by all means, if this is your purpose in life, but there is a time and place as provided under our electoral process.

    The place is the ballot box, and the time is the 13th general election.

    This is all part of our democratic system and what business have any of us to bring about a change of administration outside of the legal electoral framework?

    I am well aware of the opposition song-and-dance about what they claim to be a defective electoral system before every election. But this constant refrain about the unfairness of it all is muted, now that the same defective process that they used to vent their spleen on with demonic vehemence has catapulted them into power in five states.

    I suppose even they must now admit that it has not been that bad, after all, for those who were not expected to pick more than a few crumbs off the floor.

    Anwar has made great play of his having to remove his clothes for his medical examination and implied that he was being singled out for special treatment.

    I am assured by my doctor friends that it is normal procedure for certain types of examination. Many of us have been through this and we were none the worse for wear.

    In my own case, on my visit to Israel two years ago, I was asked very politely to remove all my clothes by airport security.

    More than at any time in my entire life, faced with the prospect of having to bare all, and not even paid for it in front of total strangers, I remembered my mother, thinking how right she had been to remind my brother and I always to wear clean underpants!

    Like Anwar, I did not like the strip act one little bit, but unlike him, I did not kick up a fuss and neither did I call a press conference to denounce this "barbaric" practice against a senior United Nations official which was what I was at the time.

    If I had been gripped by paranoia, I suppose I would have seen the whole exercise as being specially devised to humiliate me, a Muslim.

    It was a security requirement and I respected their right to do everything possible in the interests of their country's security.

    Anwar should desist from involving the international community in what is essentially a simple case. He somehow feels that the United States, the European Union and Japan should fight a proxy war against his country to shield him from the due process of law of his country.

    I do not claim, naturally, to speak for other Malaysians, but there are people I know personally who are beginning to suspect his motives. It is poetic justice.

    We must all take responsibility for our actions, and if we feel that we have been defamed or otherwise unfairly accused, we should place ourselves in the hands and at the mercy of the courts.

    Anwar should submit himself to the country's criminal justice system like the rest of his fellow Malaysians and lead by example.

    He is, after all, according to his supporters, a prime minister-in-waiting. I hope they are not holding their breath.

    We are all getting a little sick and tired of the "Anwar factor" that is turning out to be an absolutely unnecessary distraction at a time when we need to get on with our lives.

  28. oh...i've been waiting for this for so long!

    well i understand that many of you are taken by surprise by this statement by nik aziz...but if you're a pas supporter or you've been following his speeches and thinking you will know that he has been saying this all these years all along...

    he has said so many times that PAS will cease to exist once the ruling government is islamic based or umno changes to islamic based party.

    so now as they say the ball is in umno's court...but my bet is we can just forget it...umno will never change it's stripe...

    and for non muslims friends who are wary about this..i say, don't worry. nothing can get worse than a bn rule...

  29. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Amin Sheikh.

  30. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Let's see a reply from the Tuan Melayus of UMNO.

    Geliga betul Tok Guru ni.

  31. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss..."

    Are we Malaysians setting ourselves up to get fooled again?

    It's just replacing one ketuanan with another...

  32. Dissolve Umno, dissolve PAS... and form a new party called PIMP (Pan Islamic Malay Party). Sell the country's backside to humsup Mat Sallehs. Sell your Grandmother and, while you're at it, sell your teenaged daughters too. Thank you!

  33. Rocky, I really dun understand this Pas chaps. They have been screwed by umno so many times already but they still want to discuss with them. Pengsanlah.....

  34. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Salam Bro,

    Mengigil tak?

  35. bro,
    politic or religion is always supposedly good and clean,if in it's true forms....but allowing corrupt and insincere people who pose as politicians to mix these two would spell DOOM for Malaysia! Tell this so called "spiritual leaders" to stop telling us they "will also take care of us non-muslims"....for God's sake, they don't have to force themselves to say that ! The rest of us Malaysians have a bloody birth-right to be taken care off by the government of the day. Where and who do you think I pay my taxes to ?India or Indonesia or China ???....This government of the day MUST STOP this kind of talk and start recognising us irrespective of our diverse cultural and religious back-grounds BUT as Bangsa Malaysia !Why do they always think we the non-muslims are "pendatangs" when everyone AND I mean everyone, in this god-forsaken country I was born in, is a "pendatang" save the indigenious and ethnic natives ?
    This kind of race game is played to only incite false superiority by inferiors !See if they can play the Bangsa Malaysia card,I'm all for it ! I'm pissed off with all this bull-shit spewed by our politicians !Religion and politics DO NOT MIX in any so-called "first world wannabe government"...period !
    No Cheers today !

  36. Anonymous4:30 pm

    It's clear old Nik's not just a spiritual figurehead; he's a smart polly taking the challenge back to Pak Dollar, (it's also a caustic message to his own party defaulters).

    You're a genius Nik, nicely done.

    On a personal note, Tok, could you get some dog leashes and mouth guards and use them on your recalcitrant and megalomaniacal PAS youth?

  37. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Kalau dalam takraw, ini dinamakan libasan maut oleh TG, Dolah sebagai tekong mampukah mengambil bola dengan baik, menapis dan mengapung cantik untuk Najib...
    Tapi kita tahu Najib, dia budak baik, terlalu baik..jangankan nak lipat, libas, nak guna kepala pun sayang..

    Bola masih dijaring..kluangman

  38. It doesn't matter if it's an Islamic-based party or not. What matters most is the this Islamic-based party recognises the culture and customs of other ethnic groups and not merely impose Islamic rules without asking ethnic leaders for input.

    Only through ethnic understanding like this would there be peace.

  39. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Saudara Brew,

    We were there! That Rainforest Festival, the visit to the famed caves – an experience one has to walk into – all this on that eco-beauty state on Borneo island.
    Returning to Malaya as one quipped, and realities of completing media research.
    Flipping through pages of MSM, am flabbergasted how the Mercedes vs Perdana can hog morning dailies.
    However, opinions have put things in perspective. It’s not about the cars after all, is it?
    Whether something far mischievous was being thought out is left best to the political players.
    The eastern state has seen its ups and downs in recent months, and whether this Mercedes debacle is a wrap on the knuckles for certain quarters is best left for others to conclude.
    For example, no one has raised the poser as to when this Mercedes plan was put in motion. Odd that one should believe it was only in recent months this idea came about.
    Then there was this issue about how back room deals were being brokered following the election defeat in Selangor.
    Wasn’t this the State where there was a lot of “hog wash” as to whether a herd of swine could be reared? And was that not too, a lucrative business plan put in place by the previous administration, which also saw to it that it (the plan) was deemed an official secret, (or was it classified) to ensure no one learnt who the real profiteers were.
    There’s something “crackling” in Selangor, and its definitely ruffled feathers in your Whitehall.
    Now it would be interesting to note if indeed there would be a dissolution of parties.
    Inflation is high, so is the cost of fuel and your society is beginning to feel the pinch tremendously. Speak to the man on the street and they’ll tell you so.
    But then, we have you taking on this journey of grandeur when there are far more important issues to address… like educating the public on how not to spend unnecessarily
    Maybe what is needed here is like what we have back home… an audit disclosure on how much is spent on the Royals. After all, it is taxpayers’ funds used.
    By the way, which imbecile conjured this idea for the Barger Larger HAM Club journey when the rest of your country was on an austerity drive?
    Ooops! Was the fuel subsidised?
    Is that why it's called BolehLand?

    Sekadar diPinggiran

  40. Anonymous5:03 pm

    If PAS and UMNO disolved into a new party, how long will it last before it will split into two or more parties! History will repeat itself.

    I dont understand how an Islamic-based system can be fair to all. A secular system is based on universal values - how can that be less fair to Muslims or any other group including gays and the opposite gender?

    I am not religious.

    I am,


  41. Anonymous5:31 pm

    The world had proven that Islamic & Politics doesn't mix. Is like oil & water. Don't believe than tell me which Islamic country is successful? Take away the oil money & all the muslim countries will be the bottom poorest.

  42. Anonymous5:56 pm

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Dear Humanist....if you dont understand....probably a Rave party will fix it....everything will be ravingly ravvy...irrespective of race or religion....let those secular ,circular or square religious partied amongst them...No Fear!!!Maybe Brader Anwar will leverage the gay needs for a moderat democrats.Cant trust the Republicans anyway..

  44. Why not dissolve not only PAS and UMNO, but all parties based on race and religion!MCA, MIC and all other racial parties should be dissolved with the dissolution of PAS and UMNO.Then and only then can Malaysia move forward in the 21st century!

  45. Anonymous7:03 pm

    hey antares heard ure one of the kampung head in one orang asli forgot about them too ka

  46. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Salute to Badawi,,melaga,lagakan Melayu,,,Melayu ta' akan bersatu,,!!!

    Maka ketawalah,,,DAP,,MCA,,MIC and all non Malays,,,!!!!

    This must be a Merdeka JOKE,,!!!

    Enough is enough,,,,


  47. yes, we can leave religions our of politics but can politics leave religions out? Go ask those politicians.

  48. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Malay Unity? Islam Unity?

    What about Rakyat Unity? As a Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity, I'm against Chinese unity. I believe it divides the country. We should see ourselves beyond race and religion. Did you ever heard DAP says anything about unity of any particulart race?

    I would like to hear from Rocky against unity of any particular race or religion. I'm sick and tired of the discussion of unity on basis of race and religion.

    We should focus on helping the poor regardless of race or religion. Sometimes, when I read articles about Malay/Islam unity it sounds very similar to Ku Klux Klan principles. What does Ku Klux Klan belief? They believe that the white race is the only legitimate race that is more superior than any other race. They believe that it's the rights of the White race to govern America. Does it sound familiar?

    We're all Anak Malaysia. Let's stop this communal politics. We should focus on helping all Malaysians. Let's Band religious and racial party!!!!

    Colorless Malaysian

  49. Anonymous10:22 pm

    The combined party will be a reality subject to only one condition:



  50. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Haiyoo..colourless malaysian cannot compare ku klux klan with Islam lah..that's being childish.
    Actually this idea by Nik Aziz is not new, ask any PAS members and they will remember the vow that TGNA has said before in many of his ceramah, "..should UMNO put the Quran as their constitution, then PAS will dissolve immediately and join hand.." this vow was made years ago.. and it seem that this proposal is resurfaced at the most opportune time..
    What has non Muslim, secularist, democrats has to fear, Islam is fair, not enforced on non muslim, brings peace to all.. is there a better alternative out there.. Kelantan is a good example, even without material prosperity, the people off all race coexist in harmony and happiness when fairness, transparency and honesty is the essence of the ruling state government management.. to all cynics, the glass is always half full..

  51. Yes,dissolve PAS,dissolve UMNO.No need to form another party.Just gulung tikar,balik kampung,tanam jagung,makan ubi dan jaga cucu!!

    Let those anak anak bangsa Malaysia who can see beyond race and religion to lead the country.

    Enough of race and religion in our politics!

  52. 50 years have passed and PAS and Umno still don't get it...

  53. If this really happen, what we have is one party (Malay - Perasan Islam) Party, and we have one Malaysian Party(PKR,DAP,Gerakan,PPP and others)

    Maybe we will have racial tension all our life

    What say you.

  54. Bro, I do not know about this Dissolve Umno, Dissolve Pas thing but one thing for sure I do know is that if Abdullah do not retire by December 2008, many and I am not kidding many UMNO members will go for PAS and many more Malays who are now undecided about joining either PAS or UMNO will join PAS.

    And if UMNO do not reform itself and have fair election to elect the President and Deputy President and go back to their grass roots instead of being controlled by a bunch of elites personified by this so called "peralihan kuasa" from Abdullah to Najib in 2010, then I am happy to predict that UMNO will just be a shell party after PRU13 as many of its members will go to PAS.

  55. Anonymous12:51 am

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    can have a good laugh from time to time!

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    Dr Mahathir thought if that was the
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    Note: Credit goes to the guy who invent the above joke.

  56. Anonymous8:24 am

    Bru... jangan racist dan pelampau perkauman atau eksrimis. Maka kalau PAS - UMNO nak bergabung kita sokong. Mengapa nak hasut atau marah? Malaysia akan ada perpaduan sejati, sehajtera, harmoni, aman dan maklmur kalau kaum terbesar iaitu Melayu dan agama terbesar di negara ini iaitu Islam didamaikan atau disynergikan.

    Mengapa Palestin tak aman sebab Fatah dan Hammas tak bergabung... bermusuh.Sebab mereka diadu domba. Dipecah perintah. Di devide and rule. Belajarlah dari ini.

    Oleh itu tegakkan perlembagaan iaitu agama islam agama persekutuan yang wajib dipupuk supaya terjamin perpaduannya. Hadhari hanya strategi atau cara untuk mertabatkan Islam, bukan agama Bru. Kalau ada strategi lebih baik maka boleh laksana. Maka muzakarah dulu atau muqabalah dulu semasak2nya. Semua agama ajar kita buat jasa dan suka syurga. Janganlah kita bawa bala dan neraka di Malaysia ni.

    hj ramli

  57. bersatu - gua setuju!

  58. Anonymous9:56 am

    hahahahah..wily old Nik

    AAB will have to consult with son in law..and 4th floor boys again.

    As it is now..UMNO is as confused as the day they started the "muzakarah"

    If PAS is cheated again..PAS deserve it.

  59. Anonymous10:06 am


    I love it when Tok Guru Nik Aziz speaks. He utters the crystal truth in simplest words even a std 6 student could digest. That blade-sharp piece of statement clearly shows:

    1. how stupid pak lah is (LOL)
    2. how drop dead desperate umno is
    3. why malay, indian & chinese united in PKR

    "kita tunggu, ada sorang lagi mulut dia nak keluar buih.."

  60. Anonymous10:48 am

    Tok Guru knew that Pak Lah will not take this challanges.

    Rastaman Kelang

  61. Cadangan Nik Aziz sekadar untuk menutup mulut Dolah dan kalau secara tidak langsung berlaku perbalahan sesama mereka, itu bukan salah TG.

    Dalam masa yang sama, TG secara tidak langsudng mengingatkan pemimpin PAS yang lain jangan cuba dok 'gatai' dengan UMNO dan kembali kepada perjuangan ugama, bukannya berteraskan bangsa.

    Dan setidak tidaknya, mengingatkan Anwar dan DAP, bahawa jangan memperlekehkan PAS dalam pakatan dan mereka juga akan 'kena' seperti terkuncinya mulut Dolah sekarang dengan libasan maut TG.

  62. Anonymous11:32 am

    The way i see it

    UMNO is a desperado

    The more they do the more wrong.

    Have you ever heard of a corrupted PAS decisions ?

    No more Malaysian Chinese

    Call me proud malaysian

  63. Anonymous11:43 am

    Come on..dont u guys see it. Its not for the unity of malays, its for disunity of Pakatan Rakyat. if Umno is serious bout unity, disband umno-pas and form new party.

    No way Umno would do that. They cannot accept a non-racial party. Salute to nik aziz for calling umno's bluff.

  64. 1. PAS and UMNO, two prominent Malay Muslim parties with some minor difference in acumen, should NOT be individually dissolved to be eventually merged into one new party.

    2. Although an ardent supporter of UMNO/ BN, I always have high respect for PAS as an opposition party; PAS serves to check on UMNO in respect of the Malay race and Islam. Inversely UMNO could play a similar role. This is simply a risk management already in place for the UMMAH. We will loose check and balance if the merger is effected.

    We are seeing today an very good example of how a weak and incompetent leader, not wanted by the masses, is playing money politics, divide and rule tactics, practicing nepotism and cronyism, political corruption and worst of all, falsehood just to stay in power. If this destructive root is not decimated soon, the UMMAH will be continually weakened.

    The thought of a merger between PAS and UMNO is like heresy to me; a potential danger lurks in the long term. It is happening in UMNO and it could also happen under a merged entity. The existing external system of check and balance is crucial to safeguard the interest of the UMMAH.

    3. In this era of the Dajjal (as the world system under direct and indirect hegemony of the US and UN), the world order has become upside down, with full of deceit, lies, fabrication, chaos, lust for worldly gains and desires/ pleasures (unlimited freedom) etc which we sometimes forget, deceived and slipped due to the thin thread separating falsehood and truth.

    Thus, let us keep focus on the present main threats to our UMMAH and righteously we must take on:
    • PM – he is directly responsible for much of the problems facing the unity of the UMMAH. He has to go as a first step towards peace and stability in our country.

    • DSAI – the protégé of the Dajjal. A sodomite cannot become a leader of the UMMAH. Allah forbids! DSAI has created much chaos in this beloved country with his deceits.

    • The Bar Council and the other human rights activists and NGO, some of them Muslims just like their Dajjal protégé being visiting professors to US universities, are adamant to change Malaysia’s rule of law.

    • Last but not least, the representatives of the US and UN bodies with the influential foreign press media.

    UMNO and PAS are duty bound to collaborate in confronting the many challenges and threats facing the race and religion of the Malays. Keep focus in taking PM and DSAI out of the Malaysian political equation and not be carried away with the unbeneficial talks regarding a merger.

  65. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Just admit Muslims are not capable of having a democratic rule and aways fight with one another even in Muslim 100%/ majority country...So how can it survive in Malaysia?
    Just fix the corruption and abuse of power in the name of humanity.

    if the christians of zimbabwe kill each other. does that mean that malaysia christians also do?


  66. Whatever the intention is, clearly this statement would make most of the non-muslim sweat for their future. As long as religion and race remain as the baseline in political scene, malaysia will remain as it is, a 'broken family'


  67. Anonymous12:55 pm

    why we are here keep talking about race and religion? Anyone interested to fix the problem of corruption?

  68. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Whackthembugger, you have a characteristic of a Dajjal, ie pemfitnah! Bring ye 4 witnesses, u silly sod.


  69. Anonymous2:52 pm

    bro! can you play football and polo in one field?
    ha! ha! ha! look at the 'coach' its him to be kick off!


  70. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Lately lots of things happening in out political scene so much so that lots of terms being mentioned, some of which are quite alien to us. Let's consider some of those terms as follows:

    Words Malaysians can incorporate into their daily lives:

    "Anwarized" - meaning: To get back-stabbed.. i.e. People who have been anwarized may contact the DPM's hotline

    "Badawized" - meaning: To be stupified ...........i.e. Malaysians seem to be badawized by the media which reports biased news
    "Najibbed" - meaning: To be blown to bits .....i.e. In this country,you better be careful with what you say, you can be najibbed otherwise

    "Petrad" - meaning: To be exposed ...........i.e. Lately the BN coalition has been petrad in many ways

    "KayJayed" - meaning: To shout for no reason i.e. He kayjayed in the Dewan and appeared like a moron

    "Balaed" - meaning: To vanish suddenly i.e. They opposition balaed from the meeting in protest

    "Lingamed" - meaning: To repeat redundantly i.e. The Information Minister lingamed the same rubbish in the debate recently.

    "Soileked" - meaning: To be caught on tape i.e. People have stopped using budget hotels as they are afraid of being soileked.

    As short Malaysian fiction :

    Altantuya was cold bloodedly najibbed after she attempted to petra Najib for anwarising her and not making the promised payments.

    Razak was badawized into covering up for Najib while Najib balaed from the scene. Razak was actually anwarized.

    However Najib lingamed that he had nothing to do with it and has been kayjaying on the topic in an attempt to prove his innocence.

    Nevertheless, some quarters have been threatening that they have soileked evidence that Najib was involved.

    To Love Malaysia, is to know Malaysia"

    from: Ciplak

  71. Anonymous11:29 pm



  72. Anonymous12:40 am

    This dissolve Pas dissolve UMNO thing happens after UMNO showed its over-eagerness to talk to Pas on "Malay Unity". Unfortunately such thing only surfaces after UMNO performed poorly in the elections and ended up a very weak party. Now who is responsible for making UMNO weak. To me none other than Mahathir who selfishly insisted on holding on to power come what may. He was the one who manipulated UMNO elections of 1987which resulted in his marginal victory, after several phantom delegates cast their votes. Semangat 46 was born. To restore his popularity, lots of taxpayers money was spent lavishly like semarak programs etc. Then came his personal crusade against Anwar, again to preserve his power, never mind what people want. UMNO split again, this time PKR. UMNO never recovered. Good performance in 2004 was due to benefit of the doubts given to Pak Lah with high expectation that he will undo what Mahathir had done. Unfortunately for UMNO Pak Lah got carried away with that good performance and never made real attempts to reciprocate what the electors wanted. The Supreme Council was also to be blamed for not stopping Mahathir from his madness.

    Prof Clone

  73. Anonymous7:32 am

    (heha): people please diawasikan, jangan di ' ciplakked' by him/her, ok !? ...hahaha... tanks, ciplak !

  74. Now what disunity is there now that did not seem to exist prior to March 8 2008?

    If unity is needed now, what for? To achieve what?

    Generally as I understand it you unite in order to be seen as a single entity or a single force. Now you may unite as some communities do when celebrating something or other. You unite as kampungs folks of yesteryears will tell you to, say, build a house for a new bridegroom in the kampung. You unite to fight to defend against natural calamities and you unite to give support and recover from such a calamity.

    In a time of Peace and harmony you unite to advance the entire community and you unite to celebrate the peace and harmony.

    Now, prior to 8 March, unity did not seem to be something that was needed. Malays/Muslims have now got one more seat in Parliament than they did before and they are still the majority. If previously DAP could take a public anti-Malay stand,( not that they did), today because they are in partnership with PKR and PAS, political correctness would require them, to at worst, grudgingly concede and accept a number of realities that might be pr0-Malay.

    Indeed I find it difficult to see how Malays today are threatened much more than they were before 8 March. So, really who are the demons that the Malay leaders in UMNO and PAS see today? What is the threat that they see that I find almost impossible to see?

    For UMNO I can see the attraction for a merger is of course the decimation of the Pakatan jauggernaut. With Pakatan crippled without PAS, UMNO is obviously confiden it will know how to hoodwink PAS so that the ultimate powers that be in UMNO remain in position to continue the plunder of the nation.

    But what about PAS? Do they see, the ultimate realisation of their fantasy for an Islamic State? Well, that can be achieved through this bargain that they can make with UMNO right now. Now, who among you good Muslims can object to such an objective being achieved through this means? Its not the means after all is it? Its the goals. Even if it means deceiving their own voters. Well, it is an interesting proposition for PAS surely. AFter all if they miss this opportunity, they may never ever realise it again even if Pakatan eventually take over the government?.

    I guess PAS are the ones who might be in a greater dilemma right now. Their cherished sacred aims santioned from above to be let slip for man made rules about propriety in ones deeds and behaviour. After all what are all these commitments to voters and supporters and friends in this world compared to the sacred injunction to bring a whole nation into the Islamic Caliphate? right?

  75. Anonymous11:58 am

    The spiritual master Tok Guru Nik is a genius. By calling for a unified party based on Islamic principles, he knows that UMNO a party of assorted heathens,thiefs,corrupts and bankrupts will never subsribe to Islamic principles. If they did - the country would not be in the state it is right now .

    He is also a highly-principled man - a fact that has flown past the heads of the DAP.

    So relax,PAS is not going anywhere. It still needs the support of all fair-minded Malaysians who voted for them the last time.

    Badawi,Toyo and the like are asking the wrong guys to play poker and will surely lose theor hand.


  76. Anonymous5:07 pm

    lets not discuss on religion issues in this case. what i want to mention is dat we have to believe in Nik Aziz capability. u guys have been influenced by the media (NST, BH, UTUSAN, RTM, TV3) all these are government weapons.

    we have to believe in pakatan rakyat. PAS will not betray the DAP & PKR. TRUST ME, ALL THESE MATTERS ARE PART OF THE BODOWI AND BEE END PLAN!

    muslim's friends

  77. Anonymous7:25 pm

    It will not happen. One wears coats, the other wears serban. One drives around in big cars..tok guru is a picture of humility. One is corrupt to the core, the other is alim. One abuses religion to mislead the followers, the other uses religion as a guiding light.

    If Hadi thinks he can...he will be roasted before he can say umn.....

  78. Anonymous4:59 am

    This is the declaration that I as a Malay and a Muslim want to hear. For too long, we Muslims have been divided at the expense of non-muslims chipping away at our rights and the concept of Malaysia as a Muslim country. This is the shot across the bow to DAP and MCA, Hindraf etc. that if they continue on their efforts to turn Malaysia in to a "secular" country, the Malays will not just roll over and allow this to happen. We Malays will join together, regardless of our political leanings to protect our religion and an Islamic Malaysia, hadhari or otherwise. Even if MCA, MIC, DAP and PKR teamed up, they will be outnumbered. Our numbers are increasing while non-muslims's birth rate are falling. Soon, we might not even need your political support to have a majority in Parliament. If you bode ill towards Malays, Islam and the Islamic Malaysia, then fear us. But if you wish to preserve the status quo, live peacefully and go about your ways within your own race and religion, then you will have nothing to fear. (Generic Nickname).

  79. Anonymous6:54 pm

    I love this wayang..good one so far after Mac 8..


    somebody sure gonna have the last laugh...

    keep on catalysing the process with more infused hatred & condemn towards Malay & Muslim who happens to be the majority..this chemistry do need a very high activation energy...keep up the good work islamophobia, secularist & liberalist..

    so much for some people big mouth & fat laught lately, eh...are you with us or against us?


    (call me ultra-man)

  80. Anonymous1:59 am

    (heha): hey, gigi, how do you OFFER (?) a MB post to PAS when BN does not own selangor at all!? your grandmother's state ah !!??

    2) why not invite PAS to co-rule trengganu & OFFER a MB post to them
    since they have experienced in this state b4, ok !!??