Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Don't overeact-Lah!

"Every time Anwar (Ibrahim) opens his mouth, the Government over-reacts. Don't do that. Every time the Government over reacts, we the Rakyat suffer." - a commenter (I think his name is Tom) on HOT (Hello on One) this morning with regards to yesterday's traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur.

Syed Hamid has said sorry for the jam, here.

p.s. I drove up from KL to Besut, Terengganu, where I'll be until the end of the week, yesterday morning. It took me over two hours to try and get out of the city to the highway to Kuantan. Once on the highway, it took slightly more than just four hours to reach Kuala Terengganu.


  1. Hi rocky, the gov't always says, Anwar is nothing only cakap saja, cakap kosong, but when he talks, why the gov't panic.

    Cakap tak serupa bikin, kata Anwar tin kosong tapi bila dia acah saja, kelam kabut. Ynag Syed Hamid al menggelabah kenapa?

    If Anwar is nothing why must overreact?

  2. Never mind-LAH . For the sake of our boss-LAH .We can do just anything-LAH.Before he belah-LAH . In 2010-LAH.

  3. Congestion... isn't that a usual scene in KL? A becoming culture!!!

    Anything can start a traffic jam, a small pothole, a fight, fire... All will start rubber-necking...

  4. Salam Bro!.

    Kes buat road block nie memang menaikkan darah. Mcm TDM kata, dahlah minyak naik..sangkut kat jem pulak. Nak senang ..salahkan pembangkang sebab buat demo. Dulu zaman reformasi tiap2 hujung minggu ada demo tapi tak lah seteruk nie. Habis semua jalan di tahan. Saya nak keluar dari nilai ke highway pun jem..keluar dari senawang ke h.way pun jem...

    BTW....bro tahu tak perkembangan terkini MV AGUSTA ???..kita rugi RM 799,999,995.00 sebab jual RM1 (1 euro)...ada yg dah beli MV AGUSTA RM 800 juta...

  5. Anonymous9:04 am

    Definitely the Govt over-reacted on the traffic. Anwar denied there was any plan for massive demonstration as claimed by the police. We all know that there was no calls and campaigns to mobilise people for demonstration at the parliament. Unlike the previous demonstrations like the Bersih's and the protest on oil price increase recently, the organisers have publicised them well in advance through the net and smses. But in this case we have not seen any campaign whatesover.

    So the police must explain to the people why they have taken such a drastic action and causing thousands of productive manhours wasted. Not to mention the waste in burning expensive petrol.

    Apparently the police has taken side in this situation..and obviously not the people's side.


  6. Too bad this time Anwar did not open his mouth,police still over reacts.

    If the police and judge can make such rulings with hearsays, i shudder to think their next charade. Overthrow of government? Terrorism?

    This reminds me of the "Star Wars" episode 3 where the Emperor suceeded in manipulating the assembly to think that the Jedi was out for him, and assuming authoritarian rule. Would our ROYAL Malaysian Police and Army be UMNO's pawn?

  7. As someone posted elsewhere, maybe the next time the police want to cause these kinds of grid-lock, we KLites, should just give them one. Lock up the motor-vehicle on the road and go off la. Let them work out how they want to get rid of all of this then.

  8. Anonymous9:19 am

    Dont worry folks. These people surely will be burnt alive in hell for been over reacting.

  9. Salam brader,

    1. Siapa yang naikan harga minyak?

    2. Kemudian siapa yang menjadikan rakyat terperangkap dijalan raya?

    3. Jadi siapa sebenarnya yang mengamalkan 'Politik kotor', adakah kerajaan yang diterajui UMNO atau PR?


  10. Rocky

    Totally agree with you - Government should not over react. Pak Lah Cabinet must have seen Anwar Ibrahim as Death Angels to them all. That could be the main reason why everyone in Barisan Nasional is afraid of Anwar. My only concern is that Anwar security as Pak Lah would not want Death Angels coming in the form of human, Anwar Ibrahim.

    If one really look at both Pak Lah and Najib facial expression at most times, they really look scared and evil as compared against Anwar Ibrahim. Something is sure not right there!

    Anyway, traffic is smooth in Parliament today (15/07/08) this morning and no Sort-Cai-Yans on sight.

    Anwar Ibrahim has single handedly control the heart-beats of his opponents and we will see many getting heart attack and Sei-Zhor in very soon.

  11. Anonymous9:37 am

    Typical Malaysian malady. Everybody overeact. Government is not alone. Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, DSAI, DAP, PKR, PAS too overeact. See their antics at Parliament and also the long list of made by them, mostly trivial matters. Suits worth hundred of millions were also instituted. The press is also guilty of overeacting. See how they sensationalise the news and even to the extent of conducting a media court. Bar Council finding fault in everything the Government does. Making press statement after another. Blogger making statutory declaration based on hearsay. Worst still PM, DPM and other Cabinet Ministers and Police also overeacting. And worst of the worst lots are the fund managers and punters who continuously overeact turning the share market into a gambling den.

    Me? No different with the rest of the population.

  12. Anonymous9:37 am

    Typical Malaysian malady. Everybody overeact. Government is not alone. Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, DSAI, DAP, PKR, PAS too overeact. See their antics at Parliament and also the long list of made by them, mostly trivial matters. Suits worth hundred of millions were also instituted. The press is also guilty of overeacting. See how they sensationalise the news and even to the extent of conducting a media court. Bar Council finding fault in everything the Government does. Making press statement after another. Blogger making statutory declaration based on hearsay. Worst still PM, DPM and other Cabinet Ministers and Police also overeacting. And worst of the worst lots are the fund managers and punters who continuously overeact turning the share market into a gambling den.

    Me? No different with the rest of the population.

  13. Ahirudin bin Attan:

    No 1: You misspelt "overreact"

    No 2: They govt didn't overreact, they were merely ABUSING the courts again by getting an unnecessary court order, MISUSING the already stretched police force for their own ends and WASTING the pricey fuel of already stressed KL people by putting up roadblocks all over the city on a Monday, and causing motorists to be stuck in jams and miss hospital appointments, important meetings and etc (all the things we the REAL people have to do)

    They were merely using it as political ploy to make the rakyat turn against Anwar and direct their anger at HIM instead of THEM.

    We are not stupid. We are however GETTING REALLY SICK AND TIRED AND BLOODTHIRSTY.

    Of Pak Lah and his entire government for their incompetence and absence of foresight in dealing with the coming worldwide ECONOMIC calamity and local issues that are still outstanding after decades...ie: poverty, corruption, pollution of our rivers and environment, inadequate transportation system, racial and economic divides, bla bla bla...we all know the deal, except for the ruling buggers who are too detached from the reality of the life by their stolen billions.

    We are also tired of Anwar and his continued premature ejaculation problem due to his unbridled keghairahan for power which leave the people believing in him wanting and disappointed
    each time.

    Many are willing to give him a chance given the lack of choice; him or the obsolete ruling party; but he and PR have only managed to brag and offer empty promises while offering us NO CONCRETE SOLUTIONS AND PLANS except for that bloody oft repeated TURUN HARGA MINYAK.

    We are not stupid. We are not easily bought. We want to know exactly how the PR proposes to deal with all the pressing issues instead of simply TURUNKAN HARGA MINYAK as a one stop solution!!!

    Meanwhile...back to the roadblocks...Pak Lah/Khairy weren't overreacting...they know exactly what they are doing...that is GANYANG MALAYSIA!!!

    No 3: Ahirudin, please bring me pulut pagi and other yummy breakfast stuff from the pasar pagi kemaman if you suddenly decide to make a detour...

  14. Bro, semalam memang teruklah jam tambah lagi HOT bila dapat tahu rakyat kita rugi RM800,000,000 angkara top management "cerdik pandai" kat Proton tu jual balik MV Agusta dengan nilai 1EURO kepada satu syarikat eropah yang namanya saya pun tak tahu sampai sekarang.

    Bro, hope you could write something about the Proton/MV Agusta debacle/scandal in your blog, I am sure a lot of people would want to post their comments this is definitely public interest.

  15. Bro,

    I agree with this guy TOM. He deserve an applause from all of us. Standing ovation.

  16. Hello hamid,
    Lain kali kalau nak buat "road block" tolong-lah buat di Stadium,enggak ada otak kah ?

  17. Anonymous10:01 am

    I agree with oldfart, we jammed all the roads,lock and go for teh tarik, see whether they mengelabah. They think they want to use psychology konon, to blame he mess on the opposition!

  18. Anonymous10:14 am

    democracy........malaysian style???o well

  19. Anonymous10:20 am

    This reminds me of the 'over-reacting' about the idellible ink cancellation before the PRU12. I feel its public intimidation, or REALLY BAD intelligence...the funny thing, here in Malaysia, no one takes any blame..its all smoothed over like nothing has happened. Sorry seems to be the hardest word..always have to qualify with ''public safety''crap.


  20. Anonymous10:30 am

    who is over reacting? Bloggers or kerajaan? Pantang anwar kena buli sikit mesti nak post blog :P

  21. Anonymous10:42 am

    They can deploy 1,600 officer to cause trouble to the citizen.

    They can use it to find sharlini better la.

    All those rapist catch them la.

    All those mat rempit lock them up la.

    All those prostitutes in puchong catch them back la.

    I love my Malaysia, I hate the idiots in it.

    "No More Malaysian Chinese"

    Call me Malaysian

  22. Thank god I walk to work.

  23. Anonymous10:50 am

    The danger with Anwar is that he likes to go international and once the limelight is on him..ooo how he relish it. this Man of The Year who's got the world with him on his plight as a "democratic reformer" is bend on painting Malaysia in as bad a light as possible, to eventually emerge as our saviour. I smell TNT with him. Still, kudos must be given to Pak Lah for letting him out.

  24. Thank goodness we have no reason to fear a repeat of the threatened
    Barrage of Bloggers mounted on Airbone Pigs over Parliament House
    yesterday. Our Security Forces saved us from this plight, not to
    mention the non-advertised but thankfully Security-identified promise of a PKR-promoted Push by Peasants on Pink Elephants against the freedom of movement of all us BN Beneficiaries.
    God bless those who saved us from such savagery.

  25. The massive traffic jams
    In the city rules by cops
    Basing on their rumors
    Trying to blame the opposition

    The BN government running scared
    About the consciousness spreads
    Blaming it on the opposition
    The BN leaders don’t look at themselves

    The cops take orders
    From the ruling elite
    Without question flow blindly
    They think they do a good job
    It damages its own uniform

    The people got angry
    Stuck on the heavy traffic jams
    Tempers might have flared
    Cursing the ruling elite
    For their short-sightedness

    The city swarmed by cops
    Road blocks made citizens angry
    Without just cause or provocation
    The city cops wanted to rule the city

    The BN will surely die
    Digging its own grave
    As long as the people get angry
    The coalition will disintegrate

    The fake their own rumors
    The BN makes a mockery
    Of what was said by its leader
    Lies akin to treachery

  26. Anonymous11:13 am

    Abdul Rahim..Kerajaan bukan panik atau menggelabah, tapi langkah2 perlu diambil sebab ramai orang2 macam ko yang akan percaya benda2 yang dia cakap..Memang dia cakap kosong tapi kesian ada juga orang yang percaya, dan benda tu bila dah ada yang percaya, tu yang jadi susah..Bukan sebab takut sangat kt Anwar tu, dia bukan ada apa sangat pun..Tin kosong je..

  27. Anonymous11:19 am

    Hi Bro Rocky,

    The barbed wire picture is really frightening (democracy wise, that is).

    Where are we heading? Why is there a need to inconvenience millions for a supposed demonstration which may or may not have taken place?

    The so-called police intelligence should have realised that people are fed up with the whole thing about RAPAT UMUM anyway so there will little, if any takers for such a gathering.

    Look at the Kelana Jaya bash. That pales Bersih.

    Syed Hamid's "in the interest of security" and "for the people's benefit" sound way to megalomaniac to me. So akin a despot.

    Are we heading there bro?

    Have they lost all sense of responsibility as an ELECTED government?

    Abdullah should, if he still want to show he is worthy as the Malaysian PM, discard this ASSHOLE of a Minister.

    Or is he just as despotic-minded?


  28. I was on my way back home along Jalan Duta last night. I just wondered if all of us had just decided to stop our vehicles for a minute as a sign of protest. Wonder what would have happened.

    There would be lots of red faces.

  29. Anonymous11:28 am

    no need to say anything, those pkr flers fart, those amno pussies also got panic... think its a c4 blast.


  30. Anonymous11:29 am

    road block for their own benefits rather than the rakyat benefit!! just change the government!! enough is enough!!

  31. Anonymous11:33 am

    Anything can boleh wat in this foresaken country...so jam-la.

    Such is life ...... you have the govt to thank for the bad traffic not the opposition la.

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  33. Anonymous11:44 am

    Salam Bro,

    well....tt seems that,its the only way to sell newspaper this days.

  34. Glenmarie Shah Alam is more than 20km away from Parliament. Why the @#$%^ a road block over here disrupting our daily routine? Bloody Pak Lah says it’s necessary for security…..hey, this is an industrial zone where business activities are conducted everyday. Business is already bad and your being paranoid about AN is making business not any better. No time for demo. Pak Lah…...wake up.

  35. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Now it is high time of KL people to give a lifetime lesson to those bastard ministers. The next time when face again with the same kind of road blocks all drivers should stop their cars, locked it off and leave it on the roads. Take a walk in full force. Just imagine the power of Rakyats against the corrupted police force. Let DO IT FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!

    - Dicko

  36. Rocky,

    We rakyat have a BN government
    that always do the wrong thing at the wrong time. What are the constructive things have they done so far after 0803?...Ileh

    This is a government that plan their stratergy at the air cond...sigh

  37. Anonymous12:28 pm


    U took 4 hours to drive from KL to Trengganu?????
    I am not surprised if a saman ekor come knocking on your door.


  38. Anonymous12:53 pm




  39. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Can we get the dickheads on the Malaysian poltical roads and give them a roasting?

    Who do they think they are fooling?

    We have got such brainless people ru(i)nning our lives. I don't want these dickheads to continue running my children and grandchildren's lives. There is plant of talent out there. Why do we keep voting assholes into power?

    Should we bring Mahahtir back as PM? Why don't you run a poll on this, Rocky?


  40. Ayahngah,

    Tun Saleh does it in 4.5 hours. He's over 80! Takkan saya nak ngaku it took me six hours to drive from KL to KT beb ...

  41. Anwar x hadir utk memberi keterangan???? takut tilam d angkut masuk court lagi ke???

  42. Anonymous1:36 pm

    well i think the fight is between anwar and all umno ministers. I dont understand why umno must be afraid of anwar. Attack has been carried out everyday since election. Why? even chedet and families still afraid with anwar!! again why?

    zamri bandar sunway semenyih

  43. Anonymous1:42 pm

    What? Did i hear Tin Kosong 'Empty Can'? Why-Lah so like that one. Pls-Lah jgn so takut with the 'Chosen One'...
    DSAI tuh is just a man who will find something that interesting enough in doing what he wants. Ya-Lah u all tak pernah masuk penjara and ISA, ini-Lah masanya nak buat ko rasa apa yang dia rasa. Amacam, Best tak-Lah?

  44. We can not blame Pak Lah for all the happening at Parliament, road blockings. Syed Hamid should share the blame too. This Botak Benggap Pak Hamid Albar is born nuisance to the State of Johore, and Malaysia too. A big size with minute brain size, he is asa good as Security Guard at Carrefour if not Giant.

    That's why Syed Hamid Albar sought apology for the bad traffic jam and road closures.

    He cant think but just following orders, even from his Dumb Boss, Pak Lah.

    As both are as good as DUMBERS, AGONG (Daulat Tuanku!)should consider sacking these morons from Malaysian Parliament.

  45. Salam Sdra Ahirudin,

    Saya meminta jasa baik sdra agar
    mencadangkan kepada pihak media
    tidak terlampau memberi liputan
    keatas wayang kulit Pak Sheikh ini.

    Memanglah dia suka meraih perhatian.
    Sedangkan bekas PM kita pun tidak
    dapat liputan media sehebat dia.
    Apa hebatnya dia? Pandai cakap je.

    Dulu bila jadi Menteri Kewangan
    negara hampir nak bankrap dibuatnya.
    Nasib baik ada Dr Mahathir.

    Kepada penyokong-penyokong Pak Sheikh
    bukankah dia "UMNO reject?"
    Sedikit sebanyak mesti ada sifat
    ugut dan korup.

    WAllah hualam.

  46. Anonymous1:50 pm

    the more road block being set up, the more creative the people become ... heheheee
    dear syed hamid n police, u need to buck up with this 'evolution' due to your own 'insecurity' n paranoia!!!!
    u think of making the people hate the pkr but instead you become the people's target for the mess you created for them.

  47. Anonymous2:19 pm

    The common saying, "When America sneezes the world gets the flu."
    In this country, "When Anwar sneezes, the BN govt gets constipation!"

  48. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Somehow i feel that they overreact on purpose. To link all the suffering and hardship to the Opposition's action. To create frustration.

  49. Anonymous2:41 pm

    The road blocks was not done just because the police felt like doing it.
    It's done to ensure the illegal gathering didn't happen.
    or is it that we have all forgotten the ones that we had with Hindraf?

  50. Road Block,
    Otak kita pun dia nak block.
    C4 dia tak block.
    Saiful punya pungkok depa tak sempat Block.. kena sodok.
    Apa punya lelaki.. sejati (kata tunang Saiful)
    Lelaki sejati kalau bukan senang nak bagi pungkok kena sodok kecualilah Saiful bagi gear reverse.
    Najib punya anu dia orang tak block.
    Mulut Hamid Albab..mesti kita block.
    Songkok pun .. mana punya yahudi mabuk dia kebas.
    Mike Tyson (Muhd Taib)..boleh jalan Lah.
    Alahai Pak Lah minyak naik ..
    Pak Lah boleh lagi dok berkelah
    Rakyat dah naik lelah
    Islam hadhari .. siang mengaji..malam menari
    mana punya dia angkut ini islam hadharilah.
    Altantuya mati ..Najib takut buaya mali..hantu punya Najib, boleh buat muka selamba.
    Woi Najib hang ingat rakyat bodoh macam puak-puak Umno yang diternak oleh hampa ka.
    Yang di ternak binatang tapi Umno buka ladang ternakan orang... ternak putera umno, puteri umno, dan ternak lembu betina tua (wanita Umno).
    Woi tolonglah rakyat ingin tau C4 tu macam mana boleh di lepaskan keluar.. itu saja.
    Pls explain how c4 which we understand under military control but easily taken by this two balachi.. Razak Baginda bagi instruction ka? Rakyat boleh pikiaq woi.. Bodoh tapi berlagak macam cerdik.
    Tengok balik cara hang sumpah.. boleh terima ka.. sumpah semerah padi boleh la.. boleh blah

    Anak Itik Anak Ayam
    Najib lebih teruk dari Bapak Ayam.
    lebih baik hang jadi lembu.. lembu mulut merah.. lembu tarak apa punya.. dia boleh balaih mana mana betina..tak salah sebab tak ada undang boleh tangkap lembu jantan balaih lembu betina bertukar tukar.
    Heh heh

  51. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Harley-Davidson acquires MV Agusta

    HARLEY-Davidson has ended months of speculation about its intentions to make a strategic acquisition by confirming that it has bought Italian maker MV Agusta.

    A statement on Harley's website says that "Under the agreement, Harley-Davidson will acquire 100 percent of MV Agusta Group shares for total consideration of approximately 70 million euros ($109 million), which includes the satisfaction of existing bank debt for approximately 45 million euros ($70 million)."

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    "Motorcycles are the heart, soul and passion of Harley-Davidson, Buell and MV Agusta," said Harley-Davidson, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jim Ziemer. "Both have great products and close connections with incredibly devoted customers. The MV Agusta and Cagiva brands are well-known and highly regarded in Europe. They are synonymous with beautiful, premium, Italian performance motorcycles," Ziemer said.

    - Spank-O-Rama.

  52. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Mistake by AAB to make Syed Hamid Home minister..he screwed up big time as foreign minister and won two little rocks, which was ours in the first place. Then his bumbling al jazeera interview. AAB must be nuts..among the millions of UMNO members, we found a home minister that created a huge gridlock based on rumours.

  53. Woi sujini,

    Klau lu lelaki sejati pi la sua pungkok dekat Anwar lepas tu report kata anwar sodok, dan pasti tunang hang cakap kamu ni lelaki sejati.. keh keh


  54. 4 bro/sis sujini ... .....

    kah kah kah kah
    kau punya ayat tu sebijik macam copy n paste dari ketua pemuda united malay national organisation.

    wakeup wakeup wakeup

    kah kah kah antara spesis yg semakin pupus

  55. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Can someone please report to the ACA about the MV Agusta scandal? I cannot because I'm a government officer (periuk nasi kena jagalah brader, bagi sokongan moral bolehlah)


  56. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Cuba lihat salah siapa jika road block sering diadakan? Ia berpunca daripada Anwar sendiri yang suka menggalakkan penyokongnya berhimpun tunjuk perasaan dan rusuhan.. Tindakan polis mengadakan road block adalah untuk mengelakkan rusuhan. Dah la penyokong Anwar kuat merusuh. Silap sikit nak merusuh.. Pantang Anwar terusik sikit, nak merusuh je kejanya. Siapa yang ajar kalau bukan Anwar..

  57. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Tindakan yang melambangkan takut,bimbang,runsing,gelabah tidak bertempat! Sanggup tgk rayat membazir masa di atas jln sambil membakar petrol RM2.70/liter....
    Tolong pertimbangkan golongan majoriti! bukannye minoriti! wahai pempimpin yg bijaksana


  58. Eversince appointed as CID chief,lately,this idiot has been exposed regularly either in electronic or printed media.I reckon he is trying to show off his Fxxx face and be hero..

  59. Anonymous4:12 pm

    This is a reverse physcology tactics! He claimed that he received a reliable info via SMS and bloggers. IN FACT, he wanted to prove that bloggers like to spread rumour and unreliable at the same time. Next time around, he will use this scenario to justify his crackdown on bloggers.
    Not a clever one Syed Hamid. You could have done better than this!


  60. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Well, I prefer Anwar not to open his mouth, because every time he open his mouth his sweet lies make the rakyat even more suffer. But unfortunately, rakyat still did not realize it. They believe him. Too bad.

  61. Anonymous4:26 pm

    kebanyakan rakyat malaysia (kecuali yang tertipu atau terdapat "manfaat secara $") tahu siapa boleh di percaya keh tidak.

    tak paham bahasa keh? dah berapa kali tertipu? nak sampai bila baru sedar diri?


  62. Anonymous4:34 pm

    tak ader kerja lain? apa pula dengan kes bunuh rogol and sebagainya? tak penteng ker?


    Dimana harapan kita????


  63. Anonymous4:37 pm

    apa pula dengan kes gadis muda dirogol dalam p***** station?

    kalau hantar 1600 orang buat siasatan mesti selesai cepat..


  64. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Tin Kosong? 10000 kali lebih baik daripada PENIPU...

  65. Anonymous4:49 pm

    I want a new government.

    Edmund Lim

  66. Anonymous4:50 pm

    I want a new government.

    Edmund Lim

  67. Anonymous4:56 pm

    With so little credibility left of the govt, they have to do something before the cat is let loose. BN has stopped running the country since March 8...time to korek, korek

    korek king

  68. Anonymous5:06 pm

    the people ofthis country really 'kia see' if this happen in other country, those trap in jam will leave their cars there n walk for demo. come on people, the people in power r taking advantage of us, is time to show them
    doont over react,when you chase a dog till there is no escape road, the dog will bite you.


  69. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Hello rocky,

    The government is not overeacting, they are just making precaution actions to ensure the safety and stability of the country's peace is assured. Otherwise, we all would be criticizing the government either if bad affects occur in the country which caused public disorder.

  70. Until now the 'only-a-few-bad-apples' PDRM still have not given a copy of the police report to DSAI's lawyers.

    I was informed during the 4 days of Collective Punishment of road blocks leading to Massive Monday, DSAI's aides and friends were harrassed by SB(Special Bulldogs), one even involved using 3 cars to stop the aide in the middle of the road and took him to Balai which he was held for several hours without any charges when his lawyers press for it. Intimidation and Harrassment of the highest order are in progress, even urbanites are not spared as the recent show of 'muscles' proved.

    With the current 'you-know-who' minister, he has proven he's the guy willing to do all the dirty work, maybe even doing another Ops Lalang on the opposition and the rakyat!

  71. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Musang berbulu orangutan scared of Anwar and RPK. These TWO mighty men can bring down the govt. anytime.


  72. Anonymous5:48 pm

    You give the govt and anwar too much credit rocky. seriously, you do. how can u blame the govt when your so called opposition act like tamil movie actors all the time?

    Halim Kuala Selangor

  73. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Hi Rocky, when Anwar speaks everyone listens, when Ministers speak the people listen but Anwar keeps quiet and plot his next move even if he doesn't speak himself.Itulah kehebatan Anwar sebagai "perdana menteri yang masih menunggu di pintu parliament."

    Politics is all about public perception based on individual personality,and certainly not on principle of integrity.Public perception is a political tool and the guilty ones will always try to escape punishment through the Court of Law.Lawyers on opposite sides of a case are like the two parts of shears; they cut what comes between them but not each other.More often than not, teh Judge is condemned when the quilty are aquitted.

    To Anwar and all his cronies, I have this final say before he goes back to sungai buloh tomorrow evening, provided the police is telling us the truth, nothing but the gospel truth as reported:
    "A politician running for office was incensed at remarks which had been made about him by the paper of the town. He burst into the editorial room and exclaimed,-"You are telling lies about in the paper, and you know it!"
    "You have no cause to complaint," said the editor. "WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF WE TOLD YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU?"

    Just to prove a salient point that information is power, and can bring down a leader or steer him into power through responsible journalism, or shall I say the bloggers world in today's super information highway through the powerful internet.

  74. Anonymous6:20 pm

    (heha) : after the ipoh rocket adun had reported to ACA that he was OFFER 10m plus exco ( SMSes & middleman as proof), the BN chief of perak denied ( SURELAH, @#$%% ) but welcomed only VOLUNTEERS to cross over b4 31stogos to recapture perak state !! hahaha.....VOLUNTEERS , it seems !
    hahaha...volunteers ?...@#$%^&*&^%$#@#$%^&*&^%$#@ !!

  75. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Hi Rocky, when Anwar speaks everyone listens, when Ministers speak the people listen but Anwar keeps quiet and plot his next move even if he doesn't speak himself.Itulah kehebatan Anwar sebagai "perdana menteri yang masih menunggu di pintu parliament."

    Politics is all about public perception based on individual personality,and certainly not on principle of integrity.Public perception is a political tool and the guilty ones will always try to escape punishment through the Court of Law.Lawyers on opposite sides of a case are like the two parts of shears; they cut what comes between them but not each other.More often than not, teh Judge is condemned when the quilty are aquitted.

    To Anwar and all his cronies, I have this final say before he goes back to sungai buloh tomorrow evening, provided the police is telling us the truth, nothing but the gospel truth as reported:
    "A politician running for office was incensed at remarks which had been made about him by the paper of the town. He burst into the editorial room and exclaimed,-"You are telling lies about in the paper, and you know it!"
    "You have no cause to complaint," said the editor. "WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF WE TOLD YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT YOU?"

    Just to prove a salient point that information is power, and can bring down a leader or steer him into power through responsible journalism, or shall I say the bloggers world in today's super information highway through the powerful internet.

  76. Anonymous6:27 pm

    Did you bloggers catch this one?
    Yesterday, the Sultan of Pahang said that one should not trust bloggers as they write lies.

    Today,in the same newspaper tabloid, we have the Minister of Home Affairs quoting two blogs based on which police took affirmative action to set up the road-blocks.

  77. Anonymous6:28 pm

    Idiot of the super degrees :
    The deputy finance minister said,
    " Proton bought its motobike co. at 70m euros but SOLD for ONLY ONE EURO is profitable one !!"
    @#$%^&*&^%$#@idiot@#$%^&**&^%$# !!

  78. Anonymous6:41 pm

    I never seen a man with so much excuses than Anwar... he thinks he is above the law or what


  79. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    Malaysian police, its Minister and the Prime Minister are all disgrace to this great nation of ours! Are they taking us all for fools? We are all so sickened that the Government is paralyzed with only 34% opposition in the Parliament and they keep on treating Malaysians as stupid by creating these traffic jams - for what??? So we can say demonstrators are bad? We are not so stupid, brother Botak Hamid... People want to demonstrate? Demonstrate, lah... Want to raise some motion in the Parliament? Raise, lah... Anwar wants to sit in the gallery? Sit, lah... What is the problem? It can happen in other countries which are on our level of development and no problem, why it cannot happen here? Horrible move, by horrible police, run by a horrible minister...

  80. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Did you watch 101 East on al jazeera a short while ago? Shahrir Samad just repeated history. Not answering the questions, giving snide smiles when the others were speaking, repeating himself, etc, ad nauseaum. Yahoo! Now, again, you have displayed to the whole world that umno breeds morons. World class? Even Mugabe speaks better!


  81. Kerajaan cuba menggambarkan Pembangkang telah menyusahkan rakyat tetapi sebaliknya rakyat menyalahkan kerajaan kerana kesesakan tersebut. Kemungkinan betul bahawa demonstrasi akan di adakan 'disebarkan' untuk kerajaan bertindak dan maksud di atas tercapai.

    Rakyat tersepit dan menjadi korban

  82. Don't believe info from blogging
    Don't believe in unsolicited sms
    Don't believe in rumours

    But the bungling botak rely on all three to create havoc

    These have created more votes from PR. Curse the voters who voted in these BN morons.

    We should hoot the horn the next time we come pass such road block. Satu lagi project dari BN

  83. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Hamid and his intelligence makes us suffer,,,,baik amek Intelligence dari Israel..!!!

    mak buyong

  84. PM said that the massive traffic jam was due to Opposition. Perhap he tired to paint the picture that Opposition is bad to the people, they are like barbarian going to the streets demostrating and disturbing peace and harmony. If everybody can live happily without hard-pressed issues like inflation & escalating fuel price, who bother to go to the street wasting time? Police did over-reacted by putting up so many roadblocks leading to chaotic traffic jam in KL. It looks like the government try to pass the blame to the opposition.

  85. Anonymous10:14 pm

    saya tidak suka rasuah.
    saya tidak suka sesiapapun main isu kekauman.
    saya juga tidak suka kes jenayah seperti kes rogol.

    siapa tu?

  86. YB Hamid was quick to apologise to the public for the chaotic traffic mess.

    How about another one to En Shahrial & wife?

  87. Anonymous1:14 am

    My mom is glad for the "overreaction". A responsible Govt must reassure its citizens that they are in safe hands and it's in control during unstable times. Better overreact than underreact to prevent anarchy.

    Who says democracy is easy? Democracy gives a voice to the mob but not rule to the mob.

    Anwar should abide by the law and not act as though he's above it. He should stop making excuses and cooperate by meeting up.

    A man who wants to be PM should set a good example, not hide behind his lawyer, incite the mob and behave like a coward.

  88. Anonymous2:10 am

    (heha): sultan says dun trust bloggers who tell lies BUT botak says polis trusts the bloggers so ' road blocks lah ' !?

  89. Anonymous6:33 am

    Dear Sdra Rocky,

    Thank you for having posted my earlier comments on Anwar's behaviour due to his "split personality and psychotic tendency whenever he suffers from emotional depression due to his genetic deficiency." (Masalah Kebatinan seorang lelaki yang hebat)

    This morning I wish to share with you and all our fellow bloggers to evaluate last night's maiden public debate "BILA PKR MENANG ESOK TURUN HARGA MINYAK." between Anwar Ibrahim and Ahmad Shabery Cheek initiated by Agenda Daily last night (15 July,2008)and was telecast through the internet community and TV worldwide.

    It was a noble idea based on American format of deliberations during their election campaigns. My congratulations to the organizer and sponsors.Thank you to my favorite TV9 (dekat di hati)for the life telecast.

    Like many others, I am sure that they too received many smses from a few to hundreds. Not me lah, I only received about 20smses, but I can bet my last ringgit that Anwar and his cronies, will claim that they had received thousand of smses and e-mails insupport of their hero and prime minister-in-waiting.

    Speaking from my personal experience while living and earning a living in America for a number of years,during the troubled period of Anwar Ibrahim when he was disgraced from his political and government positions in September 1998,I think the debate was a great feat and effort initiated by Agenda Daily, more so when Anwar was the lead orator and Shabery,being the underdog but full of dignity,being much younger than Anwar.Congratulations to Agenda Daily and its stake holders. However,sdra Shafie Apdal would been a better choice,as he too is a great orator of our times, having listened to his political campaign rounds.

    The following are my sincere comments:

    1. Shabery was competent but spoilt by too many personal attacks on Anwar;

    2. Anwar was on track but diverted off thetopic of debate,though he was well behaved;

    3. A point worth noting that "50sen reduction of oil prices is possible, if the government renegotiate with the crony IPPs;

    4. Shabery had failed to challenge Anwar why this specific idea was not possible and workable. (I think IPPs are not charitable homes but hard investment,both local with FDI);

    5. Nothing that catchesour mind except Shabery hitting Anwar's past and quoting peoms;

    6. Both Nordin Kardi and Zulkifly were a disaster,asthey were not focused or direct to the point in their questions. They wouldhave posted more relevant questions, short and sweet.Shahrir"s spontaneous comments was a disgrace, being the minister concerned. He should have given intelligent comments, rather than saying that the 50 sen reduction should only be given to diesel and not petrol!Not fit to be a minister domestic trade and consumer affairs. Another JJ kut!

    7. My conclusion: A simplistic and clearly populist solution versus an unpopular decision by government aimed at preparing the country for global challenges ahead of times.

    8. The winner: the rakyat who are suffering as a result of those political leaders who are self-centre in pursuing their agenda to overthrow the BN government democratically elected by the people and for the people with foreign interference.A separate topic to be shared and discussed later.

    I quote: "politics, the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies.All political parties die at last of swallowing their own lies."

    To my friend Johan Jaffar, a job well done for the intellectual viewing of our friends and enemies alike. Congratulations to you and your moderation skill as expected.well done Jo and looking forward to more future public debates in a civilized manner. I suggest that the government should use this civilised debating political format for the nation's general elections. Maybe we should start the ball rolling and implement this concept during Anwar's by-election, even if he campaigns in sungai Buloh, emulating the great African orator Nelson Mandella.

  90. Anonymous7:55 am

    I think you people are unbelievably stupid. It's not about who wins or who loses. It's not about who speaks better, smiles more or who's cooler.

    It's about facts and figures, the global food and oil crisis and how to cushion the impact of it and reduce the burden of the people.

    If all of you use your brains and concentrate on what they are really saying instead of how they look and talk, and act, maybe I'll have better feedbacks.

    With the exception of a few (you know who you are), most of you should be sitting up on a tree and picking nits off each other.

  91. Anonymous9:53 am

    dah sedar belum rasuah adalah masalah bagi segala-gala?! dah?

  92. Anonymous9:55 am

    sure we have to follow the laws, just asking, who is truth master of THE law?

  93. Anonymous9:57 am

    badmouth n...so you prefer everybody close their mouth?

    then what on earth give you the right to "speak" this great ideal (that everybody should close their mouth)?

  94. Anonymous10:01 am

    to rox, yaya, you are right of "people" are unbelieaable stupid...

    that should including YOU (ROX), that has been con for last 50 years.

  95. Anonymous10:05 am

    errr...i thought few days ago someone-lah said that we rakyat should not believe sms and blog (hence should not create sms and blog)?!

    now what? turn around to believe when it is "needed"?

  96. Anonymous10:07 am

    to rax, i hope you "smart" brain will bring all kind of happiness if you are crony to someone.

    in fact, from your world you are crony to someone, that blinded your mind and make nonense worlds from your mouth.

    i hope you enjoy all this.

  97. Is Anwar really a threat – that they’re all out to pin him down.

    I have been toying with the idea for months since the March’s general election. Who does the flip-flop PM Pak Lah really regard as his Numero One political foe – who stands a realistic chance of unseating him? Is it Anwar Ibrahim? Is it Najib Tun Razak? Is it Dr Mahathir? Muhyiddin Yasin? Ku Li?

    Let’s take a look at the following personalities.

    1. Najib. As the Deputy President of UMNO, Najib is in the position to wrest the Presidency and hence the Premiership. But Najib is involved in too many controversies; and Pak Lah has a file on Najib’s alleged wrongdoings in his hand – waiting to be opened even if there are words of Najib’s intention to wrest the presidency of UMNO from him. He knows that Najib’s closet is full of foul smell and Najib would not even dare to try. Furthermore Najib is a yes-man, a coward who has no stand at all. He is so engrossed with pacifying his lady and clearing his name that the odds are heavil-stacked against him. Now that he had made a pact to hand over power to Najib in June 2010, Najib should be a discontented aspirant who has had his mouth effectively shut up. So, Najib is totally out of the question.

    2. Dr Mahathir. Though making mosquito noises here and there, attacking Pak Lah here and there, influencing some disgruntled UMNO members here and there, Dr Mahathir poses no threat at all. Furthermore, at 83, he is nearly senile. UMNO members still can’t forgive his ruthlessness while in power. And he doesn’t enjoy the privileges of an incumbency. He poses no threat at all.

    3. Mukhriz. A green horn riding on his father’s popularity, he could be wiped out by just a hand signal by Pak Lah. He may not survive the Youth polls, let alone pose any threat at all.

    4. Muhyiddin. An easy meat to “kau tim”. What can Muhyiddin do? As the incumbent, Pak Lah could send feelers out that he doesn’t want to see Muhyiddin being nominated by any UMNO divisions. One or two errant divisions in Johore may nominate him but that’s all he gets. He may get some votes in the runs up in UMNO polls, that’s it. Muhyiddin would not make any impact.

    5. Ku Li. He is out of UMNO mainstream far too long to pose any serious threat, though may be a more lethal threat compared to Muhyiddin or Mukhriz. He may gain support from disgruntled UMNO members. As Muhyiddin, one or two divisions may nominate him. However, Pak Lah must be wary of him should Anwar Ibrahim gives his backing to Ku Li (in case Anwar is put behind bars for any reason whatsoever). Then Ku Li would pose a formidable opponent in the run ups for UMNO presidency.

    6. Anwar Ibrahim. Weeks before the general election in March, Pak Lah denied that he would be calling for an election soon. But upon learning that Anwar’s ban on active politics would end in May, he changed his mind and called for an election in March. When Sabah and Sarawak expressed their dissatisfaction over their lack of representation at federal level, Pak Lah made many trips to both states to pacify them. Then when Anwar announced that Pakatan would form the new federal government on 16 Sep, again Pak Lah announced goodies after goodies for the two East Malaysian states. When Anwar announced that 30 BN MPs were prepared to jumped ship, the threat to Pak Lah became real.

    When Yong Teck Lee announced that SAPP had lost their confidence in his leadership, Pak Lah started to scramble everywhere.

    When the Oppositions requisitioned for an emergency motion of no-confidence in Pak Lah, the Parliament was cordoned off, turning it into “war zone”.

    When rumours of Pakatan’s sponsored demonstration was being planned on Monday, road leading to the Parliament was off limit, while roadblocks were set up, causing a mad, massive traffic congestion in the entire Klang Valley. They even got a court order preventing Anwar from nearing the parliament building.

    Does Anwar really pose a serious threat to the flip-flop PM’s stranglehold of his crown.

    I personally think Pak Lah is over-reacting, because as the PM, though a flip-flop one, he is all too powerful, to even finish off Anwar politically, by invoking his greatest weapon ever – the ISA (with special thanks to Dr Mahathir). Oopsh……….

    His (Anwar’s) supporters? – they will toe the line………………. or else throw them together with their political master in Kamunting. End of the story. It is not that he (Pak Lah) is not used to do that.

    abROcadabRO @ just-mythots
    Subang Jaya

  98. agreed that the debate should go on. I personally think this subsidy issue should be wrapped up and we should move on to other issues. A lot of countries are already to moving towards alternative energy and such, we're still discussing about water under the bridge.

  99. Anonymous8:44 am

    I stopped hearing the debate after the first 15 mins of exchange.. but couldnt keep my eyes of the foam on Shabery's mouth corners! At one point he even wiped it with his fingers! Eewwgh!!

    Anonymous dot com

  100. Anonymous2:45 am

    Hello polis yg bangang tu..pembangkang bermatian demo tu untuk tolong mak dan bapak kamu juga.Bila harga minyak naik,kamu dan bpk kamu pun kena beli minyak..tak tau la kalau kamu bolih dpt minyak free.
    cerdik sikit.Jalan kerja kita tk marah..mcm mana la nak promote rakan cop.sama sama kita fikir

  101. Anonymous11:22 am

    malaysians, dun get intimidated by your “incredible” authorities. fight for your rights to progress with the rest of the world. not an anwar case, you ought to fight for your own human right! if not, your “incredible” authorities can do the same to anyone of you Malaysians as they wish next time round.