Thursday, July 03, 2008

Saiful's SD next?

3/7 DPM said a "traumatized" Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan met him at his residence to seek help over sodomy allegations against Anwar Ibrahim./STAR
More and more details are coming out in the open. Rocky (the Original), in my previous thread here, recalled that only a few days ago Najib confirmed (after a picture of Saiful and Najib's officer Khairul Anus was exposed by Wan Azizah, the day after Saiful lodged a police report on sodomy against Anwar) that Saiful had come to his Ministry but had said nothing about a meeting at his residence.

Was the DPM withholding the information for some reason?


  1. Brudder, be balanced lah in your postings. Suddenly I read the name Khairil ANUS. Apa lah you ni. You talk about credibility but already pointing fingers.

  2. Khairil ANUS???? What happened? Suddenly you judge the whole affair as conspiracy by Najib. What heppened to innocent until proven guilty.

  3. Whatever good reasons DPM might have, still won't hold the speculators from prying...

  4. Apa ni?? Sepaktakraw MAL vs THA!! Go to wait until tie break??

  5. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Now Najib admitted to have met Saiful at his residence. Why didn't he admit this earlier if he had nothing to hide. Where's the transparency?

    And his wife, Rosmah is not suing RPK for the 'slanderous' SD he made against her. That was a deathly paper C4 bomb where she is concerned.

    How to untangle oneself from all these unanswered questions.

  6. Anonymous10:16 pm

    How come a nobody like Saiful Bukhari, can have such easy access to the Deputy Prime Minister? ?!!

    Also allegedly, he met Najib at his official residence, not his office. Why is the DPM taking such a personal interest in this case?

    Shouldn’t he distance himself from this guy so that there will never even be a whiff of a political conspiracy like the last time? Tsk tsk tsk .... maybe the conspiracy is unraveling as we speak.

    By the way, how many times have this Saiful guy met Najib? We already know he was at DPM’s office once, to ask for scholarship. Looks like this Saiful so buddy buddy with DPM, yet he works free for rival party.

  7. Mungkin masing masing bercakap melalui 'juboq'.

    Anwar terkedu ditanya saolan kenapa ke kondo dan Najib dengan beberapa versi tentang perjumpaannya dengan Saiful.

    Kita jadi nujum pak belalang

  8. Anonymous10:20 pm

    in the spirit of SD, i wanna suggest AI to do a SD himself stating cases like Saiful is an as* or he heard from Ezam said something about a box or better a SD on he HEARD HE did not rape Saiful.

    Why not? Everyones issuing an SD these days. Hearsay or not. Like its matter these days. Its just RM4 anyway. A SD is like a joke these days.


  9. Malaysia is entering its dark ages. All these talks and declarations about shafting things that are normally kept in the dark into places where the sun doesn't shine.

  10. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Hubungan Konspirasi Anwar-Najib

    Nampaknya sejak laporan kes liwat Anwar Ibrahim dibuat 28 Jun lalu, bukan sahaja Anwar yang bersusah payah mempertahankan dirinya malah juga kini Najib dan Rosmah pula yang semakin tidak nyenyak tidur.

    Pertembungan diantara Anwar-Najib untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri semakin hebat. Daripada maklumat yang diperolehi, pembantu kepada Anwar Ibrahim, Saiful Bukhari telah ditangkap oleh polis dan dipaksa untuk membuat laporan polis terhadap Anwar di atas tuduhan liwat.

    Krisis telah bermula. Najib yang semakin tersepit di atas pengakuan bersumpah yang dibuat oleh Raja Petra Kamarudin terpaksa menggunakan taktik kotor sebegini untuk menjatuhkan maruah Anwar Ibrahim.

    Melihat kepada senario ini, ada pemerhati politik berpandangan bahawa isu liwat ini sebenarnya mempunyai serampang dua mata iaitu untuk menjatuhkan Anwar-Pembangkang dan Najib. Jika ramalan dan telahan ini betul bermakna ada pihak ketiga yang bermusuhan dengan kedua-dua mereka iaitu Anwar dan Najib yang mencari kesempatan untuk memburuk-burukkan pemimpin ini.


  11. looks like there is more to this. why should a DPM be so keen in one guy and spend time meeting him? was it a meeting or a plot? why he didn't reveal about it i the 1st place.Cos if he said it, it will look he set Anwar up?

    well now he has less credibility!!!

  12. Anonymous10:30 pm

    wow the story keeps changing everyday!! This is interesting

    zamri, bandar sunway semenyih

  13. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Salam Bro,

    Just three words to this ongoing lunacy: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

    - Aisyah-

  14. Anonymous10:36 pm

    drama after drama and najib came out with his reputation in tatters.
    why only now he admits meeting saiful in his private residence? to discuss about scholarships and being a pilot and then later an astronaut.
    looks like this saiful's networking is far and wide, no?


  15. Rocky

    The way Anwar and twisted PKR (and adding Tingkat 4 in) mind would think is that Najib set up Anwar with this lame ludicrous repeat of sodomy charges.

    Najib could just witheld this information but choose to reveal it, even though it could incriminate him in the court of public opinion.

    Saiful can't be saying he met Najib for it would discredit his allegations. He can't twist agst Najib for he wud be seen as Anwar's mole to set up Najib.

    Thus far through the whole episode since Ijok, Najib has been cool and not so gabra to hide at some Embassy.

    He has been statesmen-like, not been pulling media stunts, or engaging in double speak and seen as vengeful. He has shown more respect for the due process and the courts.

    His losing out in the short term perception game and seemed guilty in the court of public opinion.

    Assuming he come out clean in the actual court, he will survive. Even how damaging Bala's SD, he is not involve in the murder.

    Najib is more believable to those with clearer head without prejudice and motive.

    Anwar is too driven and greedy for power that he is dangerous. People forget that he is the master in the conspiracy to seek BN MPs to jump ship.

    If anyone that can create conspiracy, it will be Anwar, not Najib. Anwar is the sly one and not blue blood cultured Najib.

  16. Anonymous10:41 pm

    This Saiful looks likely to meet Najib to set him up.

    Too Obvious.

    Anwar already making claim that Najib is involve.

    If the meeting is private, how could Anwar know?

    Think about it without prejudice.

    Why would Najib report this incriminating information?

  17. Anonymous10:42 pm

    THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE... but can we get to it without this or that person getting shafted?..WE the rakyat has to bear all these nonsense BECAUSE our POLICE force is WEAK, easily bought over, our JUDICIARY is PLIABLE, and our PRESS is SILENCED. Looks like the PM is wanting to stay the course WHATEVER it takes..that's power crazy. Our government is now a laughing stock with no credibility or trust. Even if Najib is totally innocent h should step down from office but issue a challenge to clear his name. That is moral fibre.

    Elvis Lives

  18. Anonymous10:45 pm

    As some bloggers had suspect, this Saiful cannot be trusted.

    He must be seen as a PKR man and not an UMNO sympathiser

    This Saiful had intention to entrap Najib.

    How could Anwar knew Saiful met Najib???


  19. Repeal Section 377 of the Penal Code
    It erodes the confidence of the private individuals
    In deciding what they want amongst consenting adults
    Let them, the small minority group, to enjoy
    As living children of God………………..

    Whatever failings these people have
    They should be answerable to the Lord who makes them
    It isn’t our duty to condemn these minority people
    They have suffered for their own failings
    As children of God they can’t stop the way they are
    Only God know why He makes them this way

    Compassion in our man made laws
    It can be repealed and make it right
    The law makers in the country
    Show your consciousness and fight for them

    Perhaps you have your relatives
    Living in nightmares while Police doesn’t show compassion
    They come raiding and handcuffed them
    As if they have committed a serious crime
    Gay people must have rights to live peacefully
    Every person must have rights to enjoy the fruits of birth

    Though Islam prohibits gay activities
    Any persecution needs 4 witnesses to testify
    No lies, no set up, only witnesses who see the act
    Otherwise there is no case in Syariah Law to answer

    Owing to the recent high profile charges
    True or false it makes sodomy behaves like a crime
    Worst than taking a life it seems…………….
    Just watch the Police swing into action
    As if a life has been lost………………

    So repeal Section 377 of the Penal Code
    The law makers of the country wake up
    And go to defend for the people
    Else you can kiss goodbye your position
    This is a private matter between consenting adults
    It isn’t our business to condemn or persecute them
    It is them and God…….what are we?
    We have our own sins too……………no?

  20. Anonymous10:57 pm

    On whether he was willing to subject himself to further investigation on the case, Najib instead posted back a question to the reporter asking him that to give a good reason why he should be investigated. :bernama

    So the PI SD is only fiction?

  21. Anonymous10:59 pm

    What a lot of bull....Saiful (photos) didn't look traumatised in the newspapers. A godson of somebody bigshot's daughter-in-law's family???

    I smell a rat....somewhere.


  22. Bro,

    Main point here is whether anwar sodomised saiful or not?.

    Can i make an analogy to chua soi lek story? He admitted that he did that but he said there was a conspiracy to cemarkan nama baik dia by using a snoop squad! People dont really care about the conspiracy but what we care most is whether the man in the video is him.

    In anwar's case, people are keen to know whether saiful was sodomised by anwar or not? not the meeting between najib and saiful.

    If it is proved that the liwat really happened, the meeting between najib and saiful is totally irrelevant.

    What anwar must do is to prove otherwise! He said he has evidence, then prove it!

  23. Anonymous11:02 pm

    actually, i don't know what is so unbelievable about saiful going to the DPM's home -- now that we know why...

    the way i see it, he got khairil who is an aide of Najib to get him to see Najib at his home.

    of course, ordinarily it will not be that easy because you and I would have no reason to want to see najib but if we wanted to, i suppose we could....we would be resourceful. in saiful's case, he got khairil. easy. no problem.

    i am imagining i am najib...under such circumstances, i don't think i'd want to divulge that bit of information that saiful complained he was sodomised by anwar..just yet...oh well..

  24. Anonymous11:05 pm

    it is so so clear that Anwar and PKR want to kill Najib!

    no need to say why....

    if i did not believe that anwar was BEHIND raja petra making that statutory declaration, i believe it now.

    all that bala guy had said in his SD was utter hearsay....

    why couldn't he disclosed this earlier? why now?

  25. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Adalah tidak logik kenapa tiba tiba Dolah dan KJ terlalu bersih buat masa ini ketika TPM dan Anwar bertungkus lumus menepis serangan.

    Apakah pihak konspirator terlupa untuk ‘mencacatkan’ sedikit dua makhluk ini supaya jalan cerita dan skrip konspirasi ini tidak terlalu ideal.

    Kita berharap penulis skripnya bertindak segera sebelum rakyat menghidu jejak petualang sebenar.
    - kluangman

  26. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Najib said he was not upset by the latest allegations. “I am relaxed about this. As you can see, I am still smiling. I am not worried because the truth will prevail. NSTP

    well bloggers anyone got the Paris photos? anyone in singapore got the diamond photos? well small wonder he's not worried, he's still smiling

  27. Akuan Bersumpah Bala - anwar dibelakang
    Akuan Besumpah RPK - anwar di belakang
    Laporan polis Saiful - anwar di belakang
    Saiful kena sodomi - anwar dibelakang

  28. why the need to meet at his residence? why not meet at the office? did he give the guy any assurance? Saiful seems to be a boy in a hurry, no time for studies but all the time for politics

    DPM needs to come clean and thus far he has stain all over him

  29. Since we're into SDs, might as well get Mr Ang's (Al tantuya's PI) as well.

  30. Anonymous11:24 pm

    YO Monk

    Which paper were looking at - SUara Keadilan?

    He looks nervous in Utusan and wats the other paper i read

    But I don't trust the kid.


  31. Adalah tidak logik kenapa tiba tiba Dolah dan KJ terlalu bersih buat masa ini ketika TPM dan Anwar bertungkus lumus menepis serangan.

    Apakah pihak konspirator terlupa untuk ‘mencacatkan’ sedikit dua makhluk ini supaya jalan cerita dan skrip konspirasi ini tidak terlalu ideal.

    Kita berharap penulis skripnya bertindak segera sebelum rakyat menghidu jejak petualang sebenar.

  32. Anonymous11:25 pm

    if we seek all the comments - it is between anwar & najib.

    Have you ever thing that saiful is the one that play both parties!!! In the end, he is gaining more from both parties or even third parties!!!

    zamri bandar sunway semenyih

  33. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Abafahim said...

    What anwar must do is to prove otherwise! He said he has evidence, then prove it!

    11:00 PM

    Dude...and u call yourself a lawyer?! You seem to have made up your mind anwar is guilty. anwar has to prove his innocence? Where did u study law? Zimbabwe?

  34. Anonymous11:29 pm

    najib seems to be very conservative with telling the truth and everytime he gets cornered, this not so bright spark of a dpm has to do damage control, makes me wonder whether this guy ever speaks the truth, najib, gua tak percaya you lagi lah, if from the start you said you not involved, than why all the back tracking. goes to show the sodomy allegations were to divert attention but it was so typically a bird brained idea now it has back fired on you, what are you doing with staff with names like anus or is it anal??? bodoh betul, wasn't it the pm who said a few days ago " those who are guilty, will always proclaime their innoscence" were you check mated najib by your boss,.... tak pah itu belakang kira, just a question though is losmah the fat slug packing? do yourself a fovour pack and leave, go hide in the lobang cacing, no pun intended.
    backside buddies club,
    mr. anal pain
    mongolian chapter.
    ps, the comittee has come to the conclusion that you are no more relevant to our soceity and we wish to inform you your membership has been terminated, c4, kaboomed, flushed down the kazoo, get our drift.

  35. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Aku naik heran dengan penyokong-penyokong fanatik Anuar jubor ni… tak habis-habis dengan soal konspirasi dan tuduhan orang nak jatuhkan dia. Modal nak tutup pekong pun dok berkisar pasal pemalsuan bukti yang dah lapok tu. Kot iye pun nak sembunyi pekong, pertahankanlah kes yang baru ni. Kalau berani dan benar, sumpahlah dengan nama Allah dan Quran yang dia ni bukan peliwat. Mintak semua media termasuk yang pro kerajaan buat life coverage. Barulah jantan namanya. Ini tak habis-habis berkokok satu dunia dok bising pasal konspirasi. Kalau dia berani bersumpah macam yang aku kata, aku akan jadi orang pertama sokong dia dan pastikan dia jadi PM MALAYSIA. Sanggup???

    Jantan KL

  36. Anonymous11:32 pm

    "actually, i don't know what is so unbelievable about Saiful going to the DPM's home"

    Ok then. Call Najib's official residence and make appointment to see him. Then take a picture of yourself with Najib maybe drinking coffee together. Then I will believe.

  37. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Aunty and Very Curious

    Too obvious both of you or maybe the same person is tying to do doubt creating.

    The fact that Najib is willing to disclose a damaging piece of information over rides the fact that he revealed it late.

    Possibly Khairil may have arrange to help since he had met the person before.

    From the Bernama report, its likely that Najib met the guy once and just told him to do a police report. Najib didn't quite believe it. If many can't believe it, Najib is no different a person too.

    Do some reserach properly before making stmt. Saiful didn't work for free. Look up Nik Nazmi's statement.

    As far as Rosmah not suing, it is her prerogative. Norhayati and Aziz Buyong already did. Smart move. Why demean herself thru it?

    This revelation shows some good faith by Najib. I don't see that in Anwar. He has got too much vengence and greed in his eyes.

  38. Anonymous11:37 pm

    ROCKYBRU, najib claimed that sainFUL meet him for scholarship.
    Why scholarship from Najip? Not from Ministry of higher education?


  39. Anonymous11:40 pm

    to all those whose periuk nasi which will be affected by these latest allegations and if najib is forced to step down, letak jawatan lah apa lagi, read back your comments, even if god comes down to earth and shows you you will not believe, well if you want to live in your coconut shell carry on. these are the die hard umno suporters whose whole surval depends on the bones thrown into the corner by the vips of umno. why other ministers so quiet, watch and learn gajah sama gajah lawan ku li curi2 jadi pm, pak lah? masih sleeping.
    wan ismail kelante

  40. Anonymous11:49 pm

    I could still remember back in 1998, the same old plot where azizan went to meet mahathir, then now this cfool fella went to see najib (pak lah ???)...mahathir + najib = 2 x 5..

  41. Anonymous11:51 pm

    Tapi kan, on second thought,
    kalu la memang betul mamat tu kena pintu belakang dek Anwar, kenapa dia tak rekod ngan vid cam macam Chua Soi Lek kena ? Padahal dia claim dah kena lebih skali ngan Anwar.

    Kenapa dia mesti amik risk buat repot dalam keadaan evidence susah nak dapat ? Dalam keadaan suasana politik skrg lebih favor Anwar ?

    Sama ada Saiful nih bengap atau memang suka diliwat atau ini semua another badly cooked conspiracy ?

  42. Anonymous11:55 pm

    well politics is in his blood so of course there's one reason or another to withhold the information. hey so maybe the sodomy DID happen, and Saiful, ambition ex-student leader that he is, sought out Anwar's biggest contender for power and asked for protection. smart fella really.

  43. Anonymous11:56 pm

    If the Authority is clean and the judiciary is not tainted, the SDs are
    important. Genuine and professional investigations are carried without fear or favor, justice will prevail...otherwise, we must as well treat them like toilet papers. I suspect this BN government is planning to do just that!

  44. Anonymous12:00 am

    i beg to differ...

    kalu korg sume pernah masuk penjara..kena telanjang, kena sepak terajang n kene pukul ngan ketua polis negara sendri..korg rase korg trauma x ngan sistem negara sendri...

    ermm...rase2 tentulah die amik sikap berhati2 n takkan asyik die je nak myself if in his shoes, enough is enough la bro..takkan asyik nak kene je...

    tu yg sampai membujur lalu melintang patah...

    jgn lah byk sgt wat telahan awal...

  45. When Najib revealed that Saiful went to his home few days before the police report is lodged, he has officially dragged himself into the case. Najib will has his time in the court. He has to explain why the Deputy Prime Minister did not immediately lodge the police report and left the poor guy on his own to figure out what's the next action to take.
    On whether he asked Saiful to lodge a police report, he said: "No, I said, 'it's up to you', and I was not sure whether he was going to file the police report."
    Is this a leader of a nation would advice to a raped victim?

  46. Anonymous12:08 am

    Dear Pune deck,

    Elementary lah, my dear....Najib now knows Anwar's gang already has solid evidence about Saiful going to Najib's house. If he denies this and subsequently photographic evidence or any other evidence is unleashed, he will be proven as a liar. So he had to admit it. You don't need to be sherlock holmes lah, pun deck..


  47. Anonymous12:09 am

    What did Najib say on Monday at Parliament? That he "has never met, seen, talked to or come across Saiful." Well, what did Najib say today while sweating?

    DPM admits meeting sodomy complainant

    Beh Lih Yi | Jul 3, 08 9:49pm
    In a new twist, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today admitted that he met Saiful Bukhari Azlan a few days before the latter lodged a police report against Anwar Ibrahim for alleged sodomy.

    "Malaysia's deputy prime minister said on Thursday the man who has accused opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy had turned to him for help because he was in a trauma.

    Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak's surprise remarks came days after Anwar rejected the allegation as a top-level conspiracy to prevent him from standing for parliament and stymie his drive to woo defectors from the ruling coalition.

    Police are investigating Anwar, 60, for allegedly sodomising his 23-year-old aide. A similar charge a decade ago landed the former finance minister in jail for six years before the nation's highest court overturned that conviction in 2004.

    Najib said Anwar's accuser, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, went to his house a few days before lodging the police report on Saturday.

    "There is no conspiracy. The boy came to my house to complain to me that he was sodomised by Anwar. Initially I was skeptical. He needed help because he was so traumatized," Najib told reporters.

    "It was up to him and the police to decide on the next course of action."

    "Najib denied links with Saiful but today admitted that he has met Saiful at his house few days ago..."

    The DPM denied that he has met, dined, ate or talked to Saiful, but today while sweating he has admitted that he has been meeting him recently. Well, you don't need to wait longer for him to self destruct before his competitors come for him.

  48. Anonymous12:17 am

    Rocky, you tried your best to cool down the DPM's apparent admittance of his meeting with Saiful by even trying to say "Was the DPM withholding the information for some reason?" Ha ha ha! I'm afraid that it is not working. The earlier statement of Najib was simple. He has categorically denied seeing, meeting or talking to Saiful. Today, he has cleary stated with all news channeles/blogs/websites/newspapers reporting a "disturbed Najib" admitting that he has met Saiful at his residence. You don't need anything else to provide for Najib to hang himself. He will do it himself. That said, why should Saiful go to Najib's house? Why not the PM? The Mufti of any state? The Police? The ACA office? Why Najib? Why not go to the religious minister, Zahidi? Why not go the Law Minister, Zaid? Why not go Youth Minister? Ha ha ha! Well, I'm sorry but the plot is failing. Where is the scholarship "sole reasons"? Where is 3 months ago meeting? Was that the one that decided the mole's role? And what SD would Saiful produce? It is not him producing anything. He has done his work. It is a police report and that's all. We want Najib to write SD. How do you see that? My ribs...I can't laugh anymore.

  49. Anonymous12:18 am


    i respect you. i know you are no one's ass-licker. i know you have regard for TDM, you have no quarrel with Najib, neither with Anwar.

    i do believe you had been critical of them as well. (Perhaps...not so much TDM, now, huh? You are always on the side of the underdog? becos I know you were very critical of TDM when he was PM and sympathetic to Anwar when he was di-fitnahkan)

    so, your stand that Anwar is not a sodomite (until proven otherwise), Najib is not involved in the murder of Altantuya (until proven otherwise), shows that you are not swayed by any deepseated hatred of either of these people.

    and, good for you for standing your ground.

    all those who bantai you for not wanting to believe the SDs should just look at themselves.

    they want to believe that Najib is guilty. and there are those who want to believe that Anwar is a sodomite.

    thank God there is Rocky's Bru.

  50. Anonymous12:18 am

    I'm stil curious people did not question on the date of the SD by Bala which is 1st of July 2008 which is obviously after alleged sodomy.

    Isn't this obvious?

    As i said before, Anwar said on the day he left Turkish Delight Embassy that he ALREADY had a SD supposedly supporting his conspiracy theory, which was on the 30th?. That claimed was few days before the SD was made. Bala's SD as a control measure / crisis management, obviously to the LIWAT (spine chilling word) allegation?

    1st of July 2008!


  51. Anonymous12:19 am

    something is wrong.
    will a DPM sees a normal person in HIS HOME who just claims that he's sodomised by anwar. why not you try doing so and go to his home now?
    we'll see if he layan us

  52. Anonymous12:19 am

    Dear UMNO, PKR and PAS supporters! Please reject Abdullah, Najib and Anwar! These morons are bringing this nation down by buggering each other! What do we get from these craps?


  53. Anonymous12:30 am

    This makes great entertainment. Both sides slugging it out, trading jabs and blows. I guess next round is when the photos and videos make their appearance. Life is getting comical by the minute
    - Sicko

  54. Anonymous12:37 am

    the fact that saiful goes to see dpm IN HIS HOUSE(!) means that there is some kind of speacial relationship going on. otherwise why didn't he just go to police to report the crime? no one can just phone dpm up and arrange a meeting right? and as for the sudden disclosure of this house meeting by najib I guess he was caught out in the first statement thinking no one knew about it but then, don't forget, there are security guards, drivers, servants in his house that can corroborate these meetings, so any one can leak the visit to the press.

    -get smart-

  55. Anonymous12:43 am

    Bro Rocky,
    We are in the beginning of phase two.... this will get nasty beginning tomorrow. As both Anwar and Najib will be out to outsmart each other, both of them will end up the loser, if both of them are not careful!

    {There is mole(s) in both camp, feeding information to the conspirator!}

    The rally on Sunday would the turning point. Anwar will use it for its political agenda. He could end up in jail by end of next week.
    --- Phase 2 end here.

    By September 2008 instead of PR took over the Government, PR will be in shattered condition, matter of time before it officially dissolve.

    Will Najib survive? Time will tell.
    More news soon.


    By the way... there will be more SD coming out from Anwar's camp... Rahimi's SD is one of them.

  56. Anonymous12:55 am

    " aiyah, shit !..jean..jean...did you read this... that ..that..ind..
    fellow's SD about jib...matilah..
    i cant cover anymore...idiot..
    erotic idiot..did ros tell you
    that..none..stupid what
    to do..(sigh!)..idiot...jean,jean..
    mari tidur..sudah liwat..liwat..(damn!) lah..sleep.

  57. Anonymous12:56 am

    The state has no place in anyone's bedroom.
    Who cares if Anwar likes his bread buttered both ways.
    The issue here is if he is fit to lead.
    Charge him with rape, if it was not consensual.
    Otherwise use this opportunity to get rid of an archaic law that is broken every night in Malaysia by thousands of Malaysians.


  58. I say ... let police do their job. They should check Najib's BED first! Ha Ha Ha .....

  59. rockybru, mGf: I watched TV3 NIGHTLINE at midnight, no "traumatised" reference.BUT The Star's later report OMITTED the Saiful's call at DPM's residence, while Najib clearly spoke about it! (A FATAL OMISSION to me, but am I surpised? with a double Datuk Wong CW as GEIC...and his assiatnt or deputy-Bodekers surrounding the chief...

    *** Another word kmissing in The Star's report "not" which I pointed out in my Post at a key place too could be "fatal" if admitted in a court of law and the text read in the "literal" sense, but the fat cats in this MSM don'tknow any better ... -- Desi

  60. Najib’s comment on having met Saiful a few days before the latter made his police report sounds sensible. People can make an issue of anything they want to, examples like not disclosing about this second meeting with Saiful thus implicating Najib had hand in a crime still under police investigation or like LK Siang wanting Najib to take leave because of Najib’s credibility until completion of on going police investigations arising from “shitty” statutory declarations.

    I would not want to put in writing all those four letter words deserving for a man as low as LK Siang for his insinuating remarks. I am sure many are aware how important the coming UMNO election is and LK Siang doesn’t need to show how desperate, deceitful and deceptive he is about Najib’s prospects. We all know how much LK Siang loves PM and DSAI. LK Siang, we can see through you, I will stop at that.

  61. Anonymous1:34 am

    aduhh .. najib ni kejap kata tak pernah jumpa. ni tetiba pernah jumpa plak. mana satu ni?

  62. the pkr chieftain has admitted the sodomy accuser was a part time staff. And he admitted taking him overseas. How strange! If I were the boss, would I ask a part-time aide to tag along?

    to the sound mind, this fiasco can only tarnish najib's reputation. anwar has gone through all this, been there and done that, so it's nothing new for him.

    it is a calculated move designed to remove najib from the corridors of power. paklah and SIL are clapping their hands watching the duel between PEKAN and CHEROK TOK KUN!

    CHEROK TOK KUN and REMBAU are using CIA tactics...the idea is to create instability, uncertainties which can only open doors to subversive elements.

    Let's fear for our future

  63. Anonymous2:42 am

    KJ dan kuncu2nya bermain belakang tabir supaya tiada siapa akan mencabar Dollah pd disember ini.
    Kuli @ Muhyidin perlu bertanding jawatan Presiden UMNO pd bln 12.

    Lawan tetap lawan.


  64. Anonymous3:07 am

    Many things may be in doubt. But one thing is abundantly clear. The roiling and boiling that is convulsing Malaysia presently is far more captivating than a whole season's worth of Desperate Housewives.

    And with Sodo Mee currently being the main course in Malaysia's multicultural cuisine, anal action fans the world over are probably having this conversation:

    "Hey, let's forget about going to Thailand for our next vacation. I've heard that Malaysia is the sodomy happening place right now."

    "Well, what are we waiting for then? Quick, let's book our air tickets right away! Malaysia - here we come. Woohoo!"

    Malaysia's tourism promotion people should be delirious with joy.

    But some of my friends would be rather joyless though as they have money invested in the stock market. I'm afraid that tomorrow the KLCI will drop like a stone right at the opening bell. Unfortunate hapless investors will get another mauling again.

  65. Anonymous3:26 am

    The Best show on earh...

    *WHo is the Mole?*

    Saiful 1st work in DPM office

    Then work as PKR volunteer

    No the victim of sodomize

    CGPA of 0.8, that's near to impossible score.

    P.balasubramaniam, a mole? or revealing the truth now?

    We The Rakyat really need to work together, be smart!

    Between, Najib, Badawi & Anwar...

    I will give Badawi a 2nd chance

    Maybe Badawi is the one who ignite this fight?

  66. Anonymous3:45 am

    Kembali kepada ISLAM. Kenapa harus gawat-gawat. Tuduhan zina, liwat dan bunuh itu adalah tuduhan paling berat dalam Islam. Jalan penyelesaian untuk membersihkan nama tertuduh mengikut Islam ialah bersumpah dengan nama Allah dan mengakui sanggup menerima akibat daripada sumpah itu. Untuk melakukan sumpah itu juga perlu mematuhi syarat-sayaratnya. Jika itu boleh dilakukan maka kita serah kepada Allah untuk menentukan kebenaran. Allah akan menunjukkan bala (bukan Balasubramaniam) kepada mereka yang bersumpah itu.

  67. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Pepatah Melayu ada berkata, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, ada kalanya jatuh juga ke bumi.

    It's the law of gravity brother! The bigger you are and the higher you climb, the worse is the fall.

    And in all these years, I'd seen the rise and fall (death) of five DPMs -- Dr Ismail in 1973, Musa Hitam in 1986, Abdul Ghafar Baba in 1993 and Anwar Ibrahim in 1998.

    Tun Dr Ismail died while in office in 1973 at the age of 57.

    Musa and Anwar were DPMs for about five years and Ghafar seven.

    It's good to know and to rely on history to understand and to figure out today's situation and how it'll play itself out.

    One piftall that we should all avoil is getting emotional.

    Thank you.

  68. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Pepatah Melayu ada berkata, sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, ada kalanya jatuh juga ke bumi.

    It's the law of gravity brother! The bigger you are and the higher you climb, the worse is the fall.

    And in all these years, I'd seen the rise and fall (death) of five DPMs -- Dr Ismail in 1973, Musa Hitam in 1986, Abdul Ghafar Baba in 1993 and Anwar Ibrahim in 1998.

    Tun Dr Ismail died while in office in 1973 at the age of 57.

    Musa and Anwar were DPMs for about five years and Ghafar seven.

    It's good to know and to rely on history to understand and to figure out today's situation and how it'll play itself out.

    One piftall that we should all avoil is getting emotional.

    Thank you.

  69. Rocky ,

    Sapa main juboq Saiful,Sapa main juboq Altantuya cukup meluat aku dengar.Aku sendiri menemui masaalah.The problem is my grandchild keep on asking 'What is liwat?'.Please give me the best answer.Kalau proffesor unversiti tanya berasa mudah nak jawab.

    Pemimpin memberi teladan.

  70. Anonymous5:23 am

    I think all these guys (including mahathir) should be forced to go thru the lie detector or even hypnosis to determine whether they tell the true so that once and for all solve all the puzzles.


  71. Anonymous5:42 am

    Bursa Malaysia KLSE crash on 3rd of July, but they blame on technical problem.The biggest drop in ten years .Another deceiving tactic in the making.

    Hancur dikojekan 4th floor.

    No confidence.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. I am sorry for you Rocky. Your blog seems to be overflowing with UMNO die-harders.

    They seem to be blind to the real questions that should be asked.

    1. How is it that Najib first said he did not know Saiful, only his aid did, and now he says yes, he has actually met Saiful in his own house! And that too, only after Anwar mentioned in his interviews that he has evidence that Saiful has met with Najib in Najib's home...if he can lie about not knowing Saiful, how sure can we be that he did not lie about not knowiing Altantuya??

    Najib now covering his own backside issit?

    2. How is it that a good-for-nothing 0.8 GPA Uniten dropout can come to the DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER'S office to ask for SCHOLARSHIP and some PILOTshit?
    Should all the students with 10A1 and above in Malaysia visit the DPM's office from now on? At least they will have better reasons to do so!

    3. How is it that Saiful knows the DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER of MALAYSIA so well, that he can drop by in his home to complaint about his so called sexual abuse? Should all the (actual?) sexual abuse victims in Malaysia visit Najib's home from now on? After all, Najib so openly declared that he met Saiful because he "sympathized" with him as a fellow MALAYSIAN.

    BULL after BULL. When will they start respecting our intelligence, instead of stomping all over it?

  74. Anonymous6:05 am

    SD = the new malaysian gospel! ;D

  75. Anonymous6:52 am

    Can any tom dick and anus just go to the DPM residence? First time story broke, he went to DPM office to get scholarship. Even a moron will know that you don't go to DPM ofc to get scholarship. Now they have met at his residence?
    Since when does DPM ofc gives out scholarship. I thought it was PSD

    The old adage is have to tell more lies to cover your lies

  76. Anonymous6:59 am

    hehehe a nobody like saiful can been seen in the company of azalina, sharir, najib, etc etc..
    can easily meet DPM.. call me an idiot but i can't even smell these arses in million years.

    if you guys want to believe in fairyy tales - tu pon bolih. this is bolihland mah.

  77. Did anyone notice Najib's body language during the PC? I am convinced "he was not being honest".
    How come it is so easy for a 23 year-old to get access to the DPM, more so when he was working for PRK?

    I believe Bala's SD, 99%.

  78. Anonymous7:53 am

    The timeline seems murky here:

    Police report lodged on 28th saying incident took place on the 26th?

    But Najib says he met with victim a few days before the report? Does this mean before the incident?


  79. Anonymous8:15 am

    Aiya Rocky

    Why are you taking this Saiful's issue so seriously? (DPM maybe withholding information lah etc.)

    But when Anwar releases a damning info about Najib, you say it is nonsense, never take it seriously.

    You are very one-sided lah nowadays Rocky.
    Boring man.

  80. Anonymous8:39 am

    So many conspiricy theory. What if, who done what. This is the making of a Hollywood blockbuster. My 2 sens' worth of conspiracy theory: What if Anwar planted Saiful at Najib's knowing that Najib like to do it back door (refer to PI statutory declaration)and now Najib is caught with his pants down? Or what if Najib caught this young man doing something to Rosmah.... What a life, what a story. Malaysia boleh!!!


  81. Dear Bru,
    just as kickdefella said, it is a fight only for DSI to win. If he is acquitted he win, if he is indicted he also win. Its is a poorly thought scheme bro, this Saiful wont stand a chance in court.

    Anyway I personally have doubt as to whether at his age Anwar still has the strenght and hardness to carry out such an act. It is to my opinion the only back stabbing act that he is not capable of.

    Poor Saiful, how the hell is he got into this mess? I hope he just get out of this intact with just sore arse that will heal over time.

    anyone having trouble to clear your bowel lately?

  82. Anonymous8:46 am

    Bodolah has his son-in-law and Najib has Saiful. What a pair!


  83. Anonymous8:49 am

    Rock Bru Freud,

    Imagine Najib upon welcoming Saiful to the house and hearing that this young lad had been done by Anwar !!!!

    Mothers of elation !!!! { I am trying not to be profane}.

    C4 noises must be sounding in his ears! And Armstrong has landed on the moon!!!!

    The Malays will say the moon has landed on the lap [bulan jatuh di riba [with high interest]].

    BTW check the inconsistencies and the illogicals in the days prior to Saiful making the Police report.

    Was it done at Jalan Travers first or at GHKL , quite conficting facts. And why not Putra Jaya or logically Damansara, nearest to home of Saiful.

    Wasn't the first funny going-on of the Altantuya case has deep connections to the Brickfields Police Station.

    Why choose Brickfields/Jalan Travers Police Station?

  84. Rocky,
    The next SD si not from Saiful but from Anwar, declaring he is VERY VERY IMPOTENT PERSON and should be treated with care.

    His claim is back up by a Turkish Doctor who examine him in the embassy.

    Next he will demand to go to Berlin to get better physiology

  85. It too much for the Malaysians to take. While problems like the increase in fuel price, shortages of foods, environment, etc, are still fresh and ligering, we are cconfronted with new sexual misconducts by who's who in Malaysian politic. Not one but two sodomy cases. Both Anwar and Najib should take a sabbatical and relocate themselves far away from home in two different directions.

    Let ordinary Malaysians get on with their daily businesses without having to worry when the next SD will be published.

  86. Anonymous9:13 am

    Now, Najib says he met Saiful bugger.. Now, Najib says Saiful came to his RESIDENCE(!!! Wow!) looking all scared and traumatized.

    Sigh...liar liar pants on fire.. This is so tedious to keep up..

  87. Anonymous9:40 am

    As always the problem with Malaysia is a lack of transparency. RPK's SD and Bala's SD can be answered easily but of course the authorities in all of their wisdom keeps things underwraps without exposing the details. Now why is that? Something to hide?

    SIGH. We'll never know but they could stop all the innuendos and speculation by being more open certainly.


  88. Anonymous9:40 am

    Bernama reports:

    “On the statutory declaration, Najib said because it conflicted with Balasubramaniam’s testimony in court (in Altantuya’s murder trial) and the statement given by him in his police report, he would leave it to the proper authorities to investigate the matter.”

    PI Bala should sue Najib for criminal defamation. This is a very serious comment by Najib and can land Najib in prison as well.
    If anyone knows PI Bala`s lawyer please advise him to advise his client to make a police report against Najib for criminal defamation immediately.


  89. Anonymous9:41 am

    How could Anwar knew Saiful met Najib???

    Because of the confession made by Saiful's best fren, Rahimi who is involved as well...n the mastermind who brought them there...E*&M

    Now do u see the conspiracy?


  90. Anonymous9:48 am

    I found this in the new Malaysian-Oxford-Cambridge-4th Floor Dictionary.

    ANALyst - person who carries out anal sex.

    Sejak zaman Hang Tuah lagi, Melayu suka menfitnah sesama sendiri. Apa nak jadi dgn Malaysia ni.

    Buzz lightmoon

  91. Dear Rocky,

    Another jaw dropping Statutory Declaration is on the cards....

    An angkasawan claims that our politicians are conspiring to engage on another space exploration the planet urANUS..

  92. Anonymous10:10 am

    it just doesn't make any sense as to WHY would ANYBODY want to turn to DPM nak mengadu pasal kena liwat dengan DSAI. of ALL people... turn to DPM??? Dah alang-alang, awat tak turn to PM or KJ terus???

    Or, awat tak jumpa,

    Nik Aziz ka...

    Dr. Asri ka...

    Harun Din ka...


    Dr. Mashitah ka...

    Wouldn't it be better to meet spiritual leaders for such complaints rather than THE DPM whose life is already so full of scandals???

    Aku nak bayangkan ni... kalau AKU lah yang kena liwat, orang-orang besar lah would be THE LAST PERSONS i would want to seek consultation from.

    for one, aku tak nak SATU DUNIA tahu aku kena liwat. dah EMPAT KALI kena baru nak mengadu pulak tu. Yang 3 kali pertama tu, sedap kot?

    Saiful and DPM are NOT that intelligent now, are they?

    padanlah Uni drop-out si budak Saiful tu. Aku pasti lembu pun tak sebodoh macam dia.

    and it just shows that all these are mere conspiracies.

  93. Anonymous10:22 am


    can you give these blogger a bigger picture of what's really going on.

    dollah and kj is smiling you know.

  94. Anonymous10:28 am

  95. Najib met the Saiful guy at his residence? Have any of you guys ever attempted to meet anyone of these ministers even in a professional (what more personal) capacity? It's practically impossible! I was in two minds before but now I'm convinced that it IS a conspiracy agains DSAI.

  96. This could be the game plan between Badawi and Anwar.

    Badawi said: "give me 3 month lah ... brader, I bukan musuh sebenar you. Najip is your real musuh"
    Anwar Said : "Lepas itu saya kena tunggu ? mana boleh ? Kalau you bukan buang ink itu, I sudah kat PutraJaya. Mana boleh"
    Badawi said: "Macamana you nak naik dengan ada Najip, Najip tu org Tun"
    Anwar Said : " You have the point !! OK saya akan lawan Najip and tendang dia, tapi you kene tolong i"
    Badawi said : " OK, deal"
    Anwar said : " When will you tell me you plan ?"
    Badawi said: " I have to discuss with guys (level 4) and Khairy" " But you have to promised me, janagn kenakan saya bila you sudah jadi PM. Saya nak you SD"
    Anwar said: " mmmm.... OKie, i wait for your plan, Cepat i can wait for long you know "

  97. Anonymous10:42 am

    I just hope one day GOD's SUPREME WISDOM enters Razak Baginda and that he reveals all the truth to the murder of this girl as far as he is involved and concerned, and as far as Najib is involved and concerned.

    Then we will truly know.

    I believe Anwar for now.

    Najib, Razak Baginda and a CONFIRMED MURDERED girl.. there's something really complicated here.

    I still find it hard to believe that Anwar can ass-rape a 23 years old boy. Well, worse case scenario, let's say Anwar did fucked Saiful's me, it doesnt not matter as heavy as a Deputy Prime Minister, involving in submarine sale commission scam and murder! And i dont really care if Najib fucked the girl's ass.

    What i care more about is the murder, cover-up and the power these accused are getting!

    miss unravel

  98. Bro Bru,
    Akuan bersumpah atau akuan bersampah?
    Semuanya memerlukan polis untuk soal-siat dan Peguam Negara untuk tentukan ada kes atau tak.. Kalau dua-dua tak buat kerja dengan jujur, amanah dan beretika (kata PM ..profesionalisme) semua akuan bersumpah akan di bakul sampahkan..
    Di Malaysia, ahli politik atau pegawai kanan kerajaan tak payah letak jawatan atau bercuti bila ada dakwaan terhadap kredibiliti mereka.... sebab mereka profesionalisme ataupun tebal muka dan tak tahu malu.
    Kononnya setiap dakwaan tak ada asas dan mereka mampu jalankan tugas atas prinsip professionalisme..kononnya.
    Pemimpin politik dan pegawai kanan yang terlibat memang hebat kerana mampu mengasingkan dakwaan dan tugas rasmi mereka dan tidak akan campur aduk dua perkara tersebut..hebatkan..dan mampukah mereka... mereka ni malaikatkah???
    Tak perlulah PM nak keluarkan arahan pulak... semua PM nak campurtangan..payahlah..
    Tak payahlah nak tubuh suruhanjaya pun nak di gesa baru nak tubuh...
    Semakin pelik,merepek dan kata TUN DM..flip-flop...
    Tak konsisten.........
    alahai Pak Lah....


  99. Anonymous10:56 am

    Hello rocky,

    Why just because of Balasubramaniam SD everyone is so shocked about? It is just allegations which is hearsay. We cannot assume the statement as evidence.

    Everybody can make SD. If they threw false allegations, they will ended up in jail. By the time Anwar gets the PM's post, they will be free form jail, as they prize for contributing in the reformation.

    Balasubramaniam could just head out to court since the trial has begun 100 over days. Why indeed reveal his SD to public? So simple only..he is just making allegations by hearsay.

    No proof evidence? of course la dont have. Now everbody start to feeling very curios in Najib's action.

  100. Anonymous11:01 am

    In the first place Najib stated that Saiful came to see him with regard to the scholarship.My foot!!!This fler doesn't look like a scholer and it must be political trap against Anwar.Why must he go and see Najib and not Hishamuddin?This is ridiculous,isn't it?

  101. Facts:

    1. DS Najib is standing between Anwar and absolute power!

    2. DS Najib is standing between KJ and higher post in Cabinet

    3. Anwar is a long idol of KJ (since he was studying at UK)

    4. Anwar is power hungry. Cannot wait to become PM, by hook or by crook, at watever cost, even to seeking help from US or Israel.

    5. Anwar is a not an angel!

    Now you see the relationship?

  102. Anonymous11:18 am

    Cerita banyak pun tak guna, Anwar orang soal dia, dia pergi sound balik wartawan. Takkan nak menjawab pun susah. Susah nak bagi jawapan ke?

  103. Anonymous11:21 am

    Read this in New Malaysia

    Balasubramaniam retracts SD against Najib

    More drama! More stunning events! Barely 24 hours after making some serious allegations against the DPM, ranging from anal sex to corruption, the same complainant - private investigator P. Balasubramaniam - has decided to withdraw the charges he had made in the statutory declaration. The PI is said to have turned up at the Prince Hotel at 10.30am in a hurriedly called press conference. He distributed his three-page press statement and quickly made his exit before even the press could talk to him. Stay tune for updates.
    Posted by The Writer

  104. 4/7 PI P. Balasubramaniam retracted that DPM introduced Razak Baginda to Altantuya Shaaribuu and that DPM had sexual realationship with her/STAR SMS Alert 11:09:35

    So where will Anwar spin this new info from now?

    Police harassment? AG harassment?

    I bet a couple of million he will accuse the change of SD to Najib!!!! :) hahaha

  105. Anonymous11:30 am

    It becomes more obvious now that Saiful is a plant to frame Najib and perhaps Mahathir. Prior to his police report, the story was that he made attempt to meet Tun Dr Mahathir, but was refused. Next he went to see Najib, all in the pretext of pouring out his distress. THE TRUTH IS THAT, he was instructed by someone (DSAI, other PKR plant, foreign agency) to go see Tun Dr M and Najib so that when he went to made the police report, it would appear that the police report was made under coercion/ pressure/ advice of either Tun Dr Mahathir and Najib

    What a plot, typical DSAI belit

    To those asking stupid questions, here are the answers:

    To the moron questioning on why Najib did not reveal that Saiful when to see him earlier to the report, you moron ke?

    Pertaining to suing, only jokers like DSAI sue before completion of the police investigation.

    When Saiful when to see Najib he was not a nobody, remember! he is Anwar's aide who is putting up in a luxury appartment (cost Million dollar) that belongs to Anwar's friend. The meeting at his residence is not unexpected, after all, the appointment was probably made under the pretext of giving information about opponent political leader. Well, I would not be surprised if Khalid Ibrahim, Anwar Ibrahim, Haji Hadi, Nik Aziz, Lim Guan Eng, Ustaz Azizan and Ustaz Nizar would personally meet , say an aide of Dollah Badawi, to lodge a complain that Dollah Badawi's being sodomizing him!

    Alah, Johan, sebenarnya DSAI yang semakin tersepit sehingga terpoaksa bersubahat dan melakukan berbagai bentuk fitnah untuk mengenakan Najib, daripada SD RPK sehinggalah kepada pembohongan Bala. Dahlah tu, sanggup upaha orangnya sendiri, Saiful, untuk mnegenakan Najib (+ Mahathir, tapi tak berjaya)...Poorah

    Paris Photo - satu lagi fitnah yang didalangi oleh Anwar Ibrahim. Mananya gambar, sampai ke hari ini tak keluar-keluar. Agaknya susah nak dapatkan diari Najib untuk mereka-reka cerita lebih lanjut bersesuaian dengan diari dan aturcara Najib kut?

  106. Too many twists and turns... drama Korea pun tak punya banyak belok belok.... aih...

    I think my idea is just as much the posters here... who is Saiful to have the privilige to meet DPM at HIS residence... just for ONE meeting with Khairil Annas... and why??? Only Khairil rememebers him after ONE meeting while the other ministers forgets him like a plague?

  107. What the hell Anwar and Najib now!!! A both of them very2 stupid dumb2.... Abdullah's kingdom very teribbles..... Anwar U R the one who was destroyed our country and trying to desire ur daydreams through the dirty ways....

    Najib also a stupid dumb2 one of the leader who was trying to become Prime Minister..... Made so many dramas... a both of them want to become actor or heroes.... not in Malaysia... go out there... we are Malaysian suffer already effect from economy and made we MAD because Pak Lah fool!!!!!!

  108. Anonymous12:01 pm

    More and more it looks like some people have been trying very hard to implicate Najib, using Saiful.

    I'm no Najib supporter, no Anwar supporter and definitely NOT a Badawi supporter. So I'm just looking at things based on what I read or hear.

    Don't be surprised if Saiful suddenly turns around and claims he was paid off by Najib. Very elaborately planning. First woo an ambitious UMNO-linked guy, get him to be friendly with Najib's aide, get your photos taken with UMNO leaders. Then, cook up the sodomy allegations to mirror 1998, ie get an apartment, be seen there konon meeting "top" civil servants. Why always top, big shots etc? Such a "Special One!"

    Then, I'm guessing, something went wrong along the way. The "umpan" began to look too tempting and maybe, someone (nudge, wink) couldn't resist taking a bite out of the cherry. Hence, Saiful's outrage at being outraged, if at all.

    Yesterday's pix of Saiful looks way different from the geeky lad in the earlier photos. He seems to have morphed in the past few months into one of those pretty, pretty boys Anwar likes to calls friends, aides, interns whatever.

    But funniest quote was Anwar's claiming he was witholding more damage to be revealed in next few days to "test the nerve" of Badawi. How rich, coming from someone who fled panic-stricken as if he was guilty to the Turkish embassy.

    In contrast, Najib seems measured, cool and in control. Badawi looks exhausted and weary and probably wishing he was on a yacht in Perth with Jeanne.

    What a bunch of clowns we have as politicians and leaders!!! Sick and tired of all this bickering and SoDomy-s.

    Just hope the police will say not enough evidence, drop the case and habis cerita. Anwar won't have any excuse to play act and cause havoc again, and let him prove his claims to overthrow the govt.

  109. is it a trend now to hold information from public? if that the case what possibly one can gain? unless it is a political move.

    first Anwar expose Lingam video part by part but in the same time demanding full inquiry by royal commission which is totally irresponsibly of him. yesterday he claim to have more evident against Najid but only to reveal it "soon".

    in following the trend, Najib drop a new confession that he actually meet Saiful before this sodomy case explode. he also added he is skeptical at first of the allegation but leave it to him to make a police report. and by the way, "the boy" look traumatize. in other word what Najib trying to say is "pay more attention to sodomy case, i think it true"

    so which is more important issue? is it true that Anwar commit homosexual act with a man or did Najib has anal intercourse with Mongolian woman?

  110. Sodomy Declaration?
    running joke at the moment...

  111. Sorry lah peeps....
    Najib, Saiful, Anwar, Bala, and the likes cannot be trusted, period!
    Too many skeletons, in too many closets!
    As for SD's, how lah to trust Ghani to take action? A friend I know has some first hand experience with Ghani.....
    Not too much good to say though...

  112. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Khairil Anus??!!
    So the flavour for the month is Anus.

  113. Anonymous1:20 pm

    kommon lah bruder org malaysia suka dengar cerita-cerita yang sensasi,suka mengumpat dimana-mana,kita tengok dengar mana-mana mereka mengumpat dan bercerita perkara-perkara remeh-temeh yang tidak masuk akal.bukan kah ini buang masa.sehinggah mulut berbueh nak cakap orang.cermin-cerminkan diri dahulu baru nak kata orang lah..

  114. Anonymous2:01 pm

    to Kluangman,

    Anwar memang main belakang ...!
    awak buat tak tahu pulak

    Kak Edah

  115. Why should DPM reveal everything to the press and arm his senseless opponent to fabricate accusations?

  116. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Rockyfella, I am absolutely convinced Najib Razak never met Altantuya "ALL TEND TO YOU - SHARE A BED" Shariibuu.

    Najib Razak only masturbated into the picture of her mouth in front of the 29-inch PC monitor in the privacy of his office at the Ministry of Defence.

    If you check the monitor screen there may still be semen stains if Rosmah the cleaner lady has not already wiped it clean yet.

  117. Anonymous1:09 am

    " WHY..why !? why you people hate me so much ? i am only the 2nd & wen i take over the 1st i will do my best to change and now my wife is also doing BIG things for the country , for the people ! believe me, not like others, we both REALLY love this country ( partly built up by my late dad ) & you people ! forgive me if i have said something wrong, slip of tongue, please give me a chance to serve the country & you all when i become no. one, ok, PLEASE lah !!"

  118. Anonymous4:08 pm

    i think u shud check janna's latest entry.. and this

    check out his shout out box..


  119. Anonymous9:39 am

    To those who say its no big deal for a nobody like Saiful to meet the Deputy Prime in his Residence, AGAIN please do the following:

    Call up DPM’s house, make appointment, take picture with Najib and post it online for everybody to see. Do an “Aldo Moro” and include the headlines of latest newspaper in the picture as proof of the meeting.

    If you can’t get the picture, then please shut the fuck up!! (I bet even people like Lim Guan Eng or Nik Aziz can't just traipse into DPM's house.)

    p.s.- This Saiful is a BIG NOBODY. Is he cabinet minister? Is he big business tycoon? Is he Son-In-Law? Is he royalty? Is he some bigwig in UMNO? Bigwig in PKR? Engineer, accountant, doctor, lawyer, pilot, lecturer, judge, etc etc? None of the above? Is he related to Najib? Related to Badawi? What is he?

    p.p.s – With the latest liwat revelation, now Najib has two big ongoing investigation where he should make statement to the police. The Altantuya case and the Anwar case. In both of these, he is scared of meeting the police and making the cautioned statement. See below.

  120. Anonymous11:23 am


    it is not easy to see the PM or DPM or any other Cabinet minister, for that matter at their office, and certainly more difficult at their official residences.

    that's why these politicians go back for the weekends to their kawasan to visit their constituency. and that is when thei constituents can meet them.

    that said -- you can meet any of these leaders IF YOU KNOW ANY OF THEIR AIDES.

    you want to meet Pak in his case, if you know either Kamal, Kamaludin (his son) or KJ...then, you're set. have to know orang dalam.

    which was what Saiful Bukhari. Saifulbukhari is not your callow, budak berhingus. he has clever-ed himself and got to know some "key" people.

    He got close to Anas, one of Najib's aides. saiful did not just "walked" into Najib's home. He was brought there by Anas.

    What was it that Anas told Najib about this boy who wanted to meet him?

    It was not Najib who called saiful and it was not najib who offered saiful a scholarship. i don't know details..just from the information iven publicly.

  121. Anonymous6:45 am

    i belif anwar is a old gay, and he is guilty 10 years back, and so he is for now.
    and too, i belif saiful is the mole planted by najib. getting this pretty boy to seduce and to lure anwar in commiting the same offence again.