Friday, July 04, 2008

We have no file on Altantuya, says Director of MI

Lt Gen Mohd Salleh Ismail, the Director of our Malaysia's Military Intelligence, said just now that there is no military intelligence report on the Altantuya murder case as claimed by Raja Petra Kamaruddin in a Statutory Declaration.

"... the MI report which was mentioned in RPK's Statutory Declaration is not true.Since I took over my position as Director of Military Intelligence, it has not come to my attention that this report existed.

"As for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's statement that he alleged foreign military intelligence sources informed him about his safety is also not true."

To read RPK's SD again, click HERE.


  1. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Maybe Anwar got some BACKDOOR intelligence bro, and he passed it thru RPK's backdoor.
    Think RPK should also be sent for a thorough medical check-up.


  2. Few observations though:

    Since we are talking about two SD, let's examine certain points.

    1. Yesterday, he was all happy and chatted with every journalist, local and foreign.
    Today, he refused to talk or take a single question from anyone.

    2. Yesterday, his meeting was announced 24 hrs before it was scheduled.
    Today's meeting was in obscure hotel where few journalists were called in.

    3. Yesterday, he was a happy man, vety jovial and chattery.
    Today, BN newspaper the Star wrote that he "was visibly perturbed"

    4. Yesterday, he has informed the people and the journalists who were the people who have jailed him, harassed him, omitted his evidence and maltreated him.
    Today, he didn't say who has forced him. Who has given instructions. Who has mistreated him. He simply refused to talk but run out of the hall visibly disturbed with deep eyes.

    5. Yesterday, he didn't meet the police before he released his SD in front of world media and local as well,
    Today (yesterday's night) he has spent in BrickFields where he was immediately summoned after he has released his SD and was taken to the station by his former lawyer.

    6. Yesterday, he has released a comprehensive SD touching on Najib, Musa Safri, Baginda, Police, Prosecution, Witnesses (etc),
    Today, he has released the same SD but the parts that referred to Najib removed. All other people were retained. (Ha ha! I wonder who advises these people.)

    7. Yesterday, he was a well combed man, with office shirt- and well prepared
    Today, he was wearing a dirty T-Shirt with a cap and a was acrrying a plastic bag (black). As his new lawyer talked, he didn't talk, chat, look up, greet or handshake anyone unlike yesterday.

    ........These are simple observations that any intelligent being can pick and realise what's going on. Furthermore, it is not Bala or Anwar who is in charge of the Defence, Security, Intelligence, Criminal and Justice system of this country but the 3 men accused of conspiracy and evidence manipulation. (Najib, Musa and Patail). You don't need a child to know who uses force. It is not Anwar who seeks shelter at Embassies fearing for himself but the men who exercise that power over the said institutions.

    PS: The Deputy PM doesn't need Bala to retract any statement which is a perjury now and a criminal act in the penal code. He only needs to file a defamtion suit. Can't he? If yo are innocent, why trouble yourself with Bala? Just go to the court and said you were defamed and there you go and get your due. When he was asked yesterday, he refused to file a suit, just like he and Rosmah refused to file a defamation suit against Raja Petra. If people are mudslinging you, insulting, incriminating you, and you are innocent, why not seek justice? It is because he knows in courts evidence will be produced and knowing that the Altantuya case has been pre-arranged (we have followed it as a nation), he hopes that by simply denying SDs and refusing to file suits, things will get cooled and he will move on. Heavenly no. Malaysia's name is at stake. It is not about him, about Anwar or Badawi. It is about this nation and its people.

    NB: If he has no confidence in the judiciary of this country by refusing to seek justice at the courts by filing defamation suits against his accusers, who else will trust the regime? The dead? Oh, I'm sorry...we are alive. Thanks to God!

  3. rocky,

    i think you know something about this sodomist case or may be the true story. your's entry lately so diffrent than before...


  4. Anonymous5:17 pm


    When is these homosapiens going to stop playing dirty. What's next? Another reformasi.

    Still the rakyats who suffers the most.

    Zeti in her statement said inflation is reaching 7% this month and economy is just around 5%.

    KIta buat solat hajat satu Malaysia minta di bukak hati pemimpin kita ni. Tuhan lebih berkuasa dari kita minta dekat pemimpin politik yang banyak agendda ni. Kita kan ada agama dan tuhan.

    Buat setiap malam jumaat atau hari lain untuk ugama lain, yang Islam buat kat masjid satu malaysia- minta mufti perlis lead,
    yang bukan islam buat kat tempat depa.

    Make sure tak ada parti politik ambik kesempatan dan tak buat demonstrasi.

    Polis pun tak pening kepala. Kalau 28 juta minta doa, ko bayangkan aje lah bro.

  5. Wow, I thought Military Intelligence is the most secret of secrets.
    So he got exemption from Official Secrets Act to release this, ahh....

  6. Brader,

    Not MI. Those players are actually testing the rakyat's intelligence. For some they have none.

  7. Anonymous5:20 pm

    He is not supposed to make any statement in the first place. Look like he reading a from a prepared script.


  8. Normallah... Anwar always create story to desire daydreams.... RPK also stupid one... maybe anwar sodom him also...sodom $$$$$$ oopppsss....

  9. maybe you shud remind him to wake up, its already daytime

  10. 1 Defamation, Defamtion, Defamation of the highest degree in using so called reliable sources.
    2 Misuse of the legal process – Shitty SD’s on herasay.
    3 Making public nuisance of themselves while causing public anxiety
    4 The Malaysian authorities should also put such people on NOTICE.

  11. Anonymous5:35 pm

    The best & most superior Military Intelligence the world has:

    "As for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's statement that he alleged foreign military intelligence sources informed him about his safety is also not true."

    Can even see the Military & Strategic implication of the Batu Putih ...

    some jokers, count how many PhDs from Harvard, Stanford has CIA ?

    British MI6 are full of Oxbridge & Eton boys.

    Don't say about Mossad ... class of its own.

    They can even tell us, how many bullets we have in store !!!!!

  12. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Hello rocky,

    So now we could said and assume that RPK's SD is lying, together with the Anwar's statement concerned with his safety. Now this looks like the federal government is trying to wrap the information up. I bet most of the public will view in this scope.

    It just speculations. If it is really the truth, then RPK and Anwar will be caught red-handed with their game soon.

  13. why on earth did our military want to do anything with dirty politic? leave them out of this shit hole.

    just because they were to depending on foreign intelligence to provide info for them, why accused MI doing the same against them.

    spy are not merely use to collect info, they were also useful to plant disinformation, but anyway politician are not worth the effort.

  14. Anonymous5:42 pm

    We are not supposed to comment anything on this statement. You're also a Cespool in the making.


  15. Brader,

    This is from NST ...

    According to the Associated Press, Balasubramaniam has acknowledged that his information was hearsay.

    "It is not a astatement of truth. It is a statement of what was said to him. Whetther it is true or not, he doesn't know," lawyer Americk Singh Sidhu told the agency.

  16. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Rocky, however much you disturb yourself by bringing denials here, it wouldn't hold water. The questio is simple: who was defamed? Incriminated? Insulted? It is Najib. So he should lodge a complaint with the police against BALA and PETRA and anyone else who has assisted them. Calling on appointees like IGP or Zainal to deny on your behalf makes people simply fall of theit chairs laughing. Why talk, talk talk? Can't he go to the court and seek a defamation suit? You have became very eccentric indeed.

    The matter is simple; are you innocent? Do you believe you have defamed and slandered by the SDS? Yes, lodge a police report and hire a lawyer and clear your name. Now what we see is children (appointees) coming out to exonerate their masters. Whom do you think is so silly to buy that? What else were you expecting them to say? OMG! Your child will always praise you just like your junior/appointee but it takes the truth for you to be respected by all. If Najib is honest, he doesn't need daily denials and daily haemorrage of bashings. It only needs to sue them and that's all. Then you Rocky and others can have a good time with their children and construct their lives and the the workers of the nation concentrate on their work.

    He denied. she denied. They denied, IGP denied, AG denied, Zainal denied. Ha ha! That's utter failure. Even the Malaysian Insider got angry and lashed at Badawi for not taking action againt Najib's accusers or Najib himself saying that daily denials will not hold water.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Oh...Altantuya also did not was all a figment of our overactive Malaysian imagination...and so is this incredible sodomy/analfuckfest...we are sex-starved is all just a figment of our collective imaginations...please..someone...pour some cold water on of those Antonovs...amybe three of four would do it...we are all dreaming this up....there is no record whatsoever of anything...too much petai and durian make us have perpetual nightmares....

  19. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Really? who is gonna trust these people anyway? do they actually think that we malaysians are that stupid? I want to see new faces and change of scenery in malaysia! so fed up looking at the same *duck face, same lies! this really give a new meaning to steven king SSDD - same shit different day!


  20. Anonymous6:02 pm

    really, did anyone take the reliably informed information seriously? all that did was it sparked off a trend of creating SDs. SDs based on hearsay so the hurdle of its admissibility has to be addressed before we can find out the "truth". at no times are more than that revealed, the reliable sources, the info that Anwar claims to have on everybody. what's he waiting for? time to create another divertion?

  21. Don't we all know about that already. So whats new dude.

  22. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Dear brudder Rocky.

    This might not be the right forum but I need to get something off my chest. Hope you don't mind.

    All the drama that has unfolded centred on 3 individuals -the pm, dpm and opposition leader - has combined, caused irreversible damage and disrepute to the country.

    1. we have a pm who is being pressured to vacate.
    2. a dpm, assured of becoming the next pm by the pm himself, but is now being "character assassinated" with allegations of murder
    3. an opposition leader fighting to make a comeback to form a new government but is now alleged of sodomy and has in turn unleashed a barrage of attacks on others.

    What we have here is nothing but a political fight that is said will determine the outcome of who will be next in line to lead the country. It is not in the interest of justice and never in the interest of the rakyat. It's all about power and they are willing to go the whole nine yards with it even if it means dragging the good name of Malaysia through mud.

    On top of all this, watching the news clips of televised parliament sittings also make me wonder how on earth individuals with no class, finesse or tact have been chosen to become our members of parliament or the people's representatives.

    Enough is enough lah bro. All this sandiwara, melicious accusations and acts of nothing but self interest, have caused only pain and grief.

    I am disgusted with all this bullshit.

    I have never been an ardent fan of politics nor am i fond of or aligned to any party. Looking back at all these recent accounts, I don't think I ever will.

    Buat malu aje.

    I make an appeal to both the government and opposition - and any third party influences if any -to put to a stop to all this.

    Please, think about what all this has done to the country. How have we the rakyat benefitted or will benefit from all this?

    The HITMAN

  23. UN Statutory Declaration on Malaysia:

    Her people are susceptible to lies. They are susceptible to confusion.
    They are susceptible to being buggered.
    They are also susceptible to REVOLT.
    When pushed too far.
    So be careful.

  24. Anonymous6:18 pm

    this sounds suspicious.
    so is this another drama planned by Anwar himself to gain sympathy.

  25. Anonymous6:22 pm

    "As for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's statement that he alleged foreign military intelligence sources informed him about his safety is also not true." Lt Gen Mohd Salleh Ismail.

    How does he know this?

    Much water has flowed since the date of the SD. Enough time for the script writers to do the necessary.

    What has happened now is that all our 'leaders' are angels and all their opponents are crackpots and should be locked away.

  26. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Typical givernment bullshit! Does anyone in power have any honour left? I wonder shere all these diots will stand when the truth is out in the open and DSAI is in power. Desperate and pathetic...


  27. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Maybe Anwar ngigau kot?

    - Pak Sako

  28. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Matters will be solved, be cool !

  29. Anonymous6:46 pm

    hello guys and gals;

    i confess!!! i did it all. i buggered saifudin and also screwed aminah every which way. and as a bonus i let my wife "potty" to watch the blowing up ceremony.

    when i buggered saifuddin i wore anwar's mask and when i screwed aminah aka altantuya i wore najib's mask and that's why people mistook me for najib and anwar on those very fun occassions.

    i'll make an SD if you want.

    yours truly

    khairee jamban-ludin
    c/o tkt 4 wisma fark u

  30. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Ambo malah dengar

    Tokse doh si doloh dalih
    Banyok sangak isu si Najib
    Nuar tak bole cayo

    Tak ke LKS
    Hadi tak cukup cerdik
    Nik Ajis doh tuo
    Wan Azizoh koya, dan serupo Nuar PM
    Muhyiddin tok outstanding, belum sedio
    Ali Raste bodoh
    Mat Taib lagi bodoh
    Samy Valu hodoh
    Khairy mapuh kito
    Khalid Berahe gagap
    President MCA, Gerakan semuo itek tempang

    Ambo raso yang sesuai Ku Li
    Dia oghe BN
    Diterimo semuo bangse, dan parti - BN dan Pembangkang
    Sabah Sarawak terimo dio

    Cubo dio
    Insya Allah molek
    Dia boleh pengame semuo kito
    Dok kire bansga dan ugamo

  31. Anonymous6:50 pm

    And how would the general know if foreign intelligence agencies had passed information to Anwar? He should have just said, 'I don't know.'

    That was the giveaway!


  32. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Bung Karno,

    Your AP source is truncated. What Lawyer singh said was part of yesterday's SD. The same thing was said yesterday. But this was what added: Why not set a Royal Commission to clear the names of the involved?

    Again, if it hearsay, jokes or petty thing, why can't Najib sue Bala? petra? What's wrong with these people. If you have been wronged, why use certain people to issue denials? Why not sue them? Why? Give me a reason. Demand retraction in court, 10 million and an apology and there you get. You are becoming thirsty by simply playing circus here. If I was Najib, I will demand money, apology and retraction in a court room. But do we have instead? IGP denied this. AG denied this. Armed Forcces denied this? Now should we wait for his maid to deny as well?

    If he believes in the jsutice system, why not sue them? What has the military got to do with it? And does denying by them help build his image? It only maddens it beyond repair.

  33. Anonymous7:25 pm

    of course lah you think they going to keep files like this laying around for all and sundry to read, bloody moron. this is called ace in the hole in poker, doesn't that explain why he- not-so-bright-spark-najib has not challenged pak lah for prime-ministership, there is the big sword of c4-altantuya hanging over his head. he is a puppet of paklah.
    kunta kinteh of sodom-mee-gemorrah

  34. Anonymous7:32 pm

    The Director of Military Intelligence was the drunken general on a flight back home recently, so I think he is not sober yet when he made the press statement.


  35. Anonymous7:33 pm


    Surely you don't give much weight to this guy's statement?

    I agree with some of the comments above, you're not yourself the last few days, care to share the reason why?

    Umno member since 75

  36. Temenggong,

    It's becoz, the foregn agencies never told Anwar. It was the Malaysia MI that told anwar of the threat on his life. That's how the general know for sure, anwar di not speak to foreign intelligence.

    How, confused or not?

  37. Anonymous8:12 pm

    "Since I took over my position as Director of Military Intelligence, it has not come to my attention that this report existed."

    Reading between the lines:
    "The fuck if I know dude!"

    "As for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's statement that he alleged foreign military intelligence sources informed him about his safety is also not true."

    Reading between the lines:
    "Call me Mr. Knowitall. Don't fuck with me coz I'm the lord. Nobody's intel ain't half as good as mine!"

  38. Bro

    High possibilities General Mohd Salleh got sodomised by Najib before making statement lah.

    This time confirmed Najib is more BENGGAP than Pak Lah.

    Good luck!

  39. Anonymous9:20 pm

    What the hell is the Royal Malaysian Army up to? They are supposedly the protectors of the people and the country by the Royal Command of the Agung. Who the hell they think they are? Bodyguards of the murder-tainted DPM?

    Who gave the orders for the Army to train in public order exercise with the police? Are we under an external threat from a foreign power? Why is the Army to be used against poor ordinary citizens protesting their democratic rights?

    Now we have an army intelligence chief trying to defend a sleazy politician. Is that what we feed the Army to do on our behalf? As a concerned citizen, I demand my ruler,the Agung, to put a stop to all these nonsense. The Royal Malaysian Army should stay behind the barracks and keep their bloody mouths shut. Let the Agung issue his Royal Command if you wish to shoot us in the front or stab us behind our backs.

    We do not want murderers for leaders in this godforskaen country. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

  40. Anonymous9:22 pm

    What new?
    Remember: There was also no record in the of Altantuya ever entering this country until lately.
    So what new?
    They will turned up mysteriously. Maybe when the PR comes to power. Right now, we need a Bomoh real bad!


  41. Anonymous9:38 pm

    being a former policeman we know that he will surely hv a tainted past. now the police hv dug out some shit from his past and holding him ransom.

    good luck msia.


  42. Anonymous10:03 pm

    very convenient for DPM.

    Too convenient; the world is not so perfect, can't be this perfect and convenient.


  43. "Since I took over ....."

    May I know when you took over as Director of Military Intelligence?

    "It has not come to my attention that this report existed".

    So it has not come to your attention but could the report might be in existence?

    "...alleged foreign military intelligence sources informed him about his safety is also not true."

    How would you know that it is not true. Anwar could have received the report from his personal contacts.

    Lt Gen Mohd Salleh, I have a few questions for you.

    1. Were you instructed to come out with this statement by your Minister or superior?

    2. Could the report referred to by RPK be known by some other name other than Military Intelligence Report. Put it in another way.
    Is there any report prepared by the military on Altantuya murder.

    3. How did the killers lay their hands on C4 without your knowledge.

  44. Even with or w/out Anwar, PR will rule the next election. But Najib could play foul on voting then.

  45. Anonymous1:48 am

    Yo Mr Smith and dear Susan,
    Most "penetrating" and " relevant" questions! Brilliant, but no go...
    Gen. UnIntelligent of Military Intelligence(MI) will not answer such obvious conspiracy theories!
    If he did answer truthfully, he will assuredly suffer from Acute MI(Myocardial Infarction) ie Heart attack due to C4 in his cellphone!
    So, my friend let's go ask Mossad or CIA shall we? Better stuff there... nothing too anal.
    WTF for dimwit stupidest Gen. UnIntelligent come out with statement when nobody asked - yet?!
    How to get good Intelligence by revealing... oops, I mean Bogel-ing, when nobody questioning - yet?!
    At least Los-mah keeps quiet like vestal virgin!
    Again cheers - lets get a beer shall we, the all-buggered up ones?

  46. Anonymous3:05 am

    RPK didnt say in his SD that the military intelligence is malaysian. Look into the khairy chronicles for the clue.

  47. Anonymous5:23 am

    Isn't it fun, watching this drama? I'd say people should just make themselves a cup of kopi-or, sit back and watch as the drama unfold ..

    p.s. be alert for one thing though - even your favourite bloggers can be sodomised!

    ex-special branch, haha!

  48. Bro Bru,
    Kalau dok ulas pasal SD jer...sampai bila tak abis..
    Mengarut, merepek,dan memalukan...
    Kanak-kanak baca suratkhabar mengenai sodimi dan liwat...ish..

    Hentikan samada fitnah atau benar...ia akan terus menconteng arang dan najis ke wajah-wajah Malaysia....


  49. Anonymous6:09 pm

    "Since I took over my position as Director of Military Intelligence, it has not come to my attention that this report existed"

    This is a strange way to say it. So when exactly did he take over the job as Director of MI? The girl was blown up October 2006 - two years already. If a report was prepared it must have been done around that time.

    The DMI may be doing a number on all of us.


  50. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Of course it's not true, if it is habis la semua yang terlibat tu

    bukan polis