Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who's telling the truth?

update 26/6/08 1.30 am
KJ or RPK? Khairy Jamaluddin has told police that he never received or kept any military intel report from his father-in-law the Prime Minister as alleged by RPK, the Malaysia Today editor, in his June 18 Statutory Declaration.
KJ said he may sue. Read here.

Original posting
Badawi or RPK's mystery, "reliable" source?
The PM has denied (here, NST Online) accusations made by Raja Petra Kamarudin in his Statutory Declaration. In the SD, RPK said he had been "reliably informed" that the Deputy PM's wife, together with several other people who are not among those charged for the murder of Altantuya, was present when the Mongolian was blown up with C4 explosives somewhere in Shah Alam.

Abdullah Badawi said there was no such military intelligence report as mentioned in the SD. RPK swore in his Statutory Declaration that a file had been handed over to the PM. RPK also said the PM had then given the file to his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin for safekeeping.

KJ's silence is odd, someone from the foreign wire told me. "He's not known to shut up if you accuse him directly of something."


Kinabinatangan said...

Wanna know who's telling the truth?


Investigate all the buggers named in the SD, including the originator of the SD.

Question is: what is action on this taking so long?

pokpet said...


Orang macam ni kena jentik telinga. Kalau jentik kepala lutut, sakit jari kita. Cakap sampai berbuih mulut pun tak ke mana. Oh ya, tentang KJ, ramai dok tanya mengapa dia diam. Consult lawyer? Boleh jadi kot. Atau dia tengah fikir macam mana nak jawab? Politik. Politik. Politik.

Anonymous said...

PAK lah versus RPK....what did the main man Ba da the Pee, say... its incorrect....tak betul, salah and fitnah have separate meaning...and then he goes to say ... I dont remember....hmm after all the support Najeep gave him....Ba the Pee is still wishy washy in his anwser....where Najeep wana put his face after this. Dato Pee....wee can you hold another PC and categorily deny Najeep's involvement 100 per cent.....Can la the way all you guys out there Mr Pee, Mr Jeep and Mr RPK....pls remember the world is your pls eat some fish, and learn how they wiggle...hehehehe.

My nick is KaliBulah.

Kinabinatangan said...

Eh by the way Bru, sorang lagi kena disiasat juga: mantan perdana menteri. Read da latest news:

Korek, korek, korek!

straycat's strut said...

Oh, you are saying that this guy might finally say something you can believe?

The last time I believed him, I was slapped with a 78sen petrol increase on the same day. After that, the only time I know he is not telling any lie is when his lips are not moving.

alvin lee said...

Between PM and RPK, I personally put more weight on PM's statement.

It is wise for KJ to keep his mouth shut on this issue. The more he talks about it, the more he will be dragged into the murder. Besides, his father-in-law has already answered the allegations. He need not have to repeat it.

denzook said...

this time he din use the word "rumor". it'll be blatant lie if RPK is correct. wait, he could mean "files", not report btw.

Mr. Avid Golfer said...

Dear Bro,
Honestly I don't understand why a statutory declaration can be made in the first place on a " reliable source " basis.

A statutory declaration should be based upon exact and accurate evidence and not merely hearsay. Can I make a SD saying that from a reliable source that I know that each Malaysian will get RM 500 every month and that what if Malaysians do not get the RM 500.

In SD's there should not be "reliable source" elements. Names and Identity numbers must be mentioned or not it is not a statuory declaration. It is just a rumour.

In golf there is a follow through. If not you will either slice or hook. I do not know whether RPK is a slicer or a hooker?

Yours, Avid Golfer.

Chow Kit Cowboy. said...

They have had the time to cover-up and synchronise their stories. Why, even "Colonel Buyong" does not exist now. A figment of the imagination.

So RPK is screwed.

Anonymous said...

Based on his track record of flip flops, he may said tomorrow he remembered !
RPK probably has better credibility.

Mr. Smith said...

"Who is not telling the truth".
This is the title of my post in my blog here:

I am asking some pertinent questions.

pipitart said...

Number 1: RPK's SD is based on hearsay.

Number 2: Why now not during the heat of the Atlunyaa's court proceedings?

Number 3: Is RPK trying to put stories in our head by coming out with that shocking declaration?

Number 4: What (or WHO) is behind RPK's bravery in this issue?

Number 5: What is in it for RPK?

LPK said...

we shall let the investigations be carried out without having an internet court sentencing one party or another. The integrity of us, the nation as a whole, and the people in particular, will be compromised if we indulge in such games that we say the power-that-be is guilty of. I believe all parties know the stake if they're willing to play the game.

Palmdoc said...

How are we to believe someone who also said "No, not tomorrow" when asked about dissolution of the Parliament. Then it happens the next day. Same thing for the petrol price increment announcement. This cabinet is simply unbelievable, literally!
I am inclined to think RPK is more credible!!

rockstarjournohunk said...

Khairy usually shuts up when he IS in the case of Amirsham and the prepared text, he wasn't guilty..that much I know, coz Amirsham is used to having everything laid out and prepared by his own aides from the time he was a CEO, that's why he spoke is so obvious...KJ is the type who lies low when the missiles are flying overhead..and the doomsday buttons were pushed by him...

Anonymous said...

Dear Rocky,
I just came back after a rock and roll session in Middle Rock and I have lots of free time.

The IGP has left a SMS on my mobile phone to assist him.

He wants me to assist him to conduct a lie detecting test on PM,DPM,Rosemarie and RPK.

Tell me, should I assist him ?


peace said...

Dont u think that RPK is quite "brave" enough to expose to the media press in his "reliable information" which he linked deputy PM's wife, together with several other people who are not among those charged with the altantuya case murder..and AAB is being innocently blamed for handing over a report about the murder by the military intelligence..i think RPK must be well protected by "someone" who desperately wants AAB to step down..after the incident previous issue of vote no-confidence against AAB..RPK is providing his "reliable information" at the right moment..pity for AAB..

Anonymous said...

Yes the silence is indeed deafening.I'm sure a person like RPK will not put himself in such a compromising position without proof. Badawi is a liar so it's obvious whom we believe. One thing we can be certain, Najib and his wife are shitting in their pants.

Hound Dog

CHee XtheMan said...

PM has no right sending the message to public that saying Najis and wife were not involved. Pls Bodowi do not interfere the polis investigation.
How much can we trust you we know deeply in the heart, also how much can we trust the malaysia judiciary also know very deep in the heart.... you have always lied to rakyat !! malaysian judicial also lied always. Malaysia is really screwed under Umno.

bujai said...

he who digs a pit for his brother, will himself fall into it.

just watch their drama... it will be heart-rending enough!

Anonymous said...

GOD alone knows


Anonymous said...

Based purely on the track record, I'm inclined not to believe the PM, sorry !

Umno member since 1971

Fernando de la Boca said...

In the news (New Strait Times):

"The Government will soon launch a massive operation to flush out illegal immigrants in Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today. The operation would cover all identified foreign nationals who have no valid personal identification documents either from their homeland or from the Malaysian government."

They still don't get it: why have they conveniently sidestepped and avoided the equally serious issue of many, many immigrant Filipino/Indonesians who have been allegedly awarded citizenship under Project M?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was asleep when they presented the report...

Hahahahah ...


Ah Beng Crosby said...

No one is telling the truth until the someone able to come up with the relevant documents as evidence. Then whoever is not telling the truth will feel the heat. But somehow I have a feeling this person who is not telling the truth is immune to such heat.

Itoiza said...

hahahahahaha....kito tengok siapa yang kenaaaaa...

caravanserai said...

The sleeping beauty wakes
So many things on his plate
How can he understand?
When his mind is thousand and one nights

The only recourse
He will say he doesn’t know
Unless he dares to make his own SD
RPK put his neck on the chopping block
Has the sleeping beauty done it?

The weaves of deception
Across the board a chess game playing
Who dares to exchange it?
The knight and the queen

The dark tower rings
The echo into the night
The susurrus whisper
Nothing is right

Many backroom maneuvers
Casting different light to hide
The shadows walk behind walls
Furtively eyes peeping the fall
The gallant knight and the black castle

The aggrieved party hoping for closure
Let the truth be told for the people
The ringing bell toll for the disadvantaged
For the light will surely shine in the darkness

The gallant knight and the black castle
On the threshold he knows his truth
Dare to fight for rights of the disadvantaged
For he knows Kah Moon Thing waits

This is the chess game
He doesn’t want to lose
At this highest stage of the moves
The gallant knight throws his spear
Into the dark shadow
A lonely crying then silence falls
He waits for the dawn……….cleansing him free

poltical soapbox said...


Everybody will be surprised if Dollah and KJ telling the truth now.

Maybe if 10 years from now, you pay them some ex gratia then they will tell you the truth

Dollah and KJ should take SD as well, just like RPK.

true said...


If Dollah, KJ, Anwar, Najib, Nazri, Mahathir, LKS, Samy Vellu and the rest of the politician tell the truth, there will be no politician left in this country.......

Anonymous said...


Please check whether the act of hiding evidence of crime constitutes to be party of crime itself? In this case, it was obvious in the SD that Pak Lah and his SIL have known and copies of the said military intelligence report.

Zealot said...


Until and unless what is written in the SD by RPK is proven wrong, let us conclude that flip flop is a liar.

He made public that the fuel price won't go up, but it turned out to be otherwise.same goes to dissolve of parliament, GE date, his marriage, toll, rice, etc, etc.

"who is the habitual liar" seems to be the easiest question to answer.

Hadhari konon...pthuiiii..!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thw worst PM and the stupidobobidobido.....




No one can hide from God.Just wait till doomsday.

Bladimare Putin said...

Someone should do a quick poll on who the public would believe: Badawi or RPK. The finding would put a lot of issues to rest

adiwan said...

One must not make a SD based on someone else's statement. If police find that the accusation is not true, RPK can just escape by saying that he swear that he heard it from his informer, NOT swear that he saw the thing happened! If the informer lied, he/she was not implicated because he/she was not make any SD...!

Anonymous said...

that is very unique and even i headache about this issue. Who is telling the trust is a good question?

bandar sunway semenyih

KY said...

well that depends on who is more trusted?

flip flop vs blog hero.

Terry3 said...

KJ had already responded two or three days ago. His response was something like he denied receiving the copy, and he is discussing with lawyers

Asuk said...

Let the truth be out, then the people will know who's telling the truth. This is a very serious matter with a lot of things at stake, including the well-being of this country.The onus is on the police to do a thorough investigation on the SD with absolute transparancy and accountability.

sammy cheng said...

remember what chedet says? pak lah never read his documents!!!

you be the judge..

Baron Strawberrymunchen said...

I don't know about you, Rocky, but I feel very uneasy about this.

If RPK has falsified, then it is a grave sin against Najib and his spouse.

I truly hope that he is not lying. If he is being untruthful, then I think the full force of the law must come upon the person so that this sort of thing doesn't get repeated.

However, the impression that many people, at least in blogs, have about Najib is not a positive one. He is not someone you'd call as clean, or good, or untainted. Too much baggage.

Why can't we have a trustable future prime minister?

eddy said...

I believed the police has started their investigation and apparently has called or will call Rosmah and the other two Colonels to take their statements, Abdullah therefore should wait for the police to call on him to make his statement. So far I think KJ has done the sensible thing and that he is referring to his lawyers before making his statement. This is a murder case ma and you do not want to be caught bersubahat or withholding information, can cost you dearly big time.

By the way even though we all now fully appreciate that Abdullah can tell a lie with a straight face, we must also not assume that what Raja Petra say about this case in the god given truth.

Ian said...

SD yang di keluarkan RPK memang tepat pada masanya. Time ada problem, politik negara goncang, time tu keluar SD.Terfikir juga adakah ini di dalangi beberapa pihak atau sebaliknya? Yang memperoleh kepentingan dan untung dari keporak-perandaan politik negara.

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister said: “No, I can’t remember receiving anything. He can say anything but I have not seen it.”

This is the same line of answer given by Dr. MM during the RCI on Lingam tape. By saying he can’t remember does not mean he did not receive the Military Intelligence. He has not seen it doesn’t mean it does not exist.


Frank said...

The truth lies somewhere between the PM's mouth and RPK's mouth.

My bet: Either RPK has something really hot or he is being setup.

Hard to believe RPK can be setup or fooled.

There is no smoke without fire.

This is a time bomb!!! This is a No Taking Prisoners situation.

Anonymous said...

This is what happen when you bluff your way as Imam of Islam Hadhari. Trying to reinvent Islam. Makan diri sendiri. Since his first lie (which I remember) in the Oil For Food kickback, he can never, and ever, will tell the truth ... Wali Kota

Chow Kit Cowboy said...

Sorry off-topic Bro, but since you are pro-songkok and maybe anti-DAP, I thought I should highlight this news item in today's The Star N33, so that you can post another entry to bash the party.

Maybe it would even highlight how it is done in the progressive state of Perak under Sultan Azlan Shah and contrast it to the recent incident at the Johor State Assembly when one SA was kicked out and the Johor Sultan was enraged and "not happy" with the chap and had challenged him to come forward to see him. The Johor MB then required the songkok and tudung to be worn at all times at official functions especially at the Palace.

The Star N33 picture showed Sultan Azlan (in his royal headgear) chatting with the DAP Assemblyman for Malim Nawar Keshwinder Singh who wore a turban. It was OK. Sultan Azlan does not seem to mind nor was he enraged. And if you look more closely in the background, there were at least two other female Assemblymen in uniform without any headgear even, no tudung or any other head covering. They appeared properly attired in the Sultan's presence but hey, no problems.

It would appear that there are problems in some states and no problems in others. Is it because in some states the people FEAR their rulers while in others they do not? Or to put it another way, maybe some Sultans are not so demanding or fussy so long as the subjects are properly and smartly dressed and are at their best behaviour?

Anonymous said...

sounds like a MAFIASO, I believe him.


Anonymous said...

KJ is silent. he can't talk. He's AAB security safe box

If RPK's proven wrong, aah.. he can always produce another SD stating he was wrongly informed by the reliable informer.... sorry all..blah.blah... made a public apology after the mud is thrown.
Some damage still done.

Now, if his apology is accepted, and forgotten, without being charged in court or sued, will still be out there , there could be something...


Anonymous said...

This PM has a reputation as a compulsive, persistent liar... So, we shall take it as the truth for now until proven otherwise!!


samad said...

Kes RPK ni satu isu yang betul2 sensitive dan sukar untuk kita nilai..Tapi kenapa RPK bangkitkan isu ni dikala Pak Lah and Umno teruk dihentam?..Mcm ada rancangan je?..Rancangan siapa tu?.. Wallahua'lam..I have no idea..Kita tengok je lah...Tak berani nak komen lebih2..


Sdr Rocky's Bru,

Surat Akuan Bersumpah (RPK) lwn
Kenyataan Akhbar Perdana Menteri.

Mana satu lebih meyakinkan?

Kalau sumpah lwn sumpah baru ada ummmmp!

Apa kata Sdr Syed Nazri?

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

We can know who is telling the truth for certain only if something almost impossible happen i.e. if Najib openly declare his challenge for the post of umno President.


Anonymous said...

Remember the PM lied on the National TV about the GE date? How can the rakyat still believe what he says again?

Remember the Correct-correct-Lingam said it looked like him, sounded like him and might not be him while the whole bunch of BN goons remained deafening silence.

Silence means consent in BN terms.

Kaki Bola

rocky said...

who has more credibility? pm or dpm or kj or rpk? i'd say rpk. who is stupid? not rpk lo.

we assume rpk is hearsay...well the man is not stupid la.

pm should shut up and let police investigate instead of saying najib is not involved. so police also need to conclude that, right? helping each other out. But othe UMNO boys are quiet? Why ah?

Angry Taxpayer said...

Well, Bodowi's always fond of thinking himself smartass by playing with if he denies receiving a report from a particular source, it'll prob mean that he got some other form of report from some other named source......

And the SIl's prob trying to come up with the same sort of denial...playing around with words and terms.

They think we're still 4 year olds ar?

pening said...

have you guys ever watch people get blown by c4?

even if Rosmah is born devil, I just cannot believe she was there.

RPK need to furnish some evidence, not the other way around.

whackthembugger said...

When news of the “explosive” SD came out, I had a quick check with my friends and family members who are sensitive about the current political scenario but are not bloggers. Their general perception was while the news of the SD was considered explosive, they doubt the truth since RPK has not been honest in several past instances. Might as well Rosmah had brought her entire entourage to witness the murder! RPK is politically motivated as he is assumed to front for the desperate DSAI. RPK’s popularity is confined to the sphere of bloggers especially his popular Malaysian Today blog and politically inclined opportunists.

On my part, the SD is just another timely ploy to blacken Najib’s prospects to take over from PM in conjunction with other efforts to create political instability. The penalty from such an SD is nothing compared to the exposure it has received; very well anticipated and articulated to damage one’s reputation under the hypocrisy of national interest. The SD is from a well known person who was not present at the scene but merely relying on deemed reliable information from an informer. Funny that the news did not originate from Malaysia today; perhaps RPK had carefully taken the precaution for the news of the SD to appear first on other blogs/ websites and not his, otherwise Malaysia Today might be forced to close down when the truth of the matter is revealed following police investigation.

In respect of KJ, he is nothing but a young punk without any credibility to be a politician; he speaks like a big jar while his brain is nothing more than an elephant. What to do when KJ only compares himself with his father-in -aw?

My conclusion: RPK has endangered his good name and that of bloggers by his selfish motivations.


Anonymous said...

Politik 'Tidak Gentleman' sudah dimulakan, kelak kita semua akan rugi kerana tempiasnya akan memercik di muka kita sendiri. Will someone of certain calibre, please come forward and make your public presentation as to why you are worth to be a Malaysian leader.


umnodu said...

Dear Rocky,

I think a lot of Malaysians are still confused as to what a Statutory Declaration is.

Secondly, they don't understand that the SD RPK signed merely confirm "HIS BELIEF" in the truth TOLD TO HIM by another person. RPK was not there, didn't see it himself, didn't here it himself, didn't participate nor directly or indirectly got any 1st hand information.

Thirdly, the mysterious informer was not named in the SD.

Although we believe that Malaysians are being misled by this whole SD thing, we also believe that their willingness to blindly believe RPK is due to their rejection and hatred of current practices by the government in terms of truth and accountability.

Nevertheless, RPK should be responsible (BE A MAN) and state clearly the name of the source, because as of now, we believe it's just another publicity stunt by the "Che Guevara wannabe".


rams609 said...

For once he's not bluffing, that Dollah the Malaysian Prime Minister.

He has said he did not receive anything from the military intelligence.

Of course not.

It was the POLICE INTELLIGENCE who passed him the report!!!

Go. Go ask him again.

artchan said...

Between RPK and AAB, I would probably believe RPK

AAB was caught lying on so many occassions..dissolution of parliament, petrol price rise. marriage to Jeanne,... plane, yacht, house etc etc

amoker said...

Yeah , KJ denied having a copy .. but the original.. :)

Hard to know who to believe. Like when Nazri Aziz behemently defended Ahmad Fairuz as not the judge in the movie...

Where this Buyong chap anyway? He should come out soon.

malaysianlover said...

RPK's "Statutory Declaration" better be true, otherwise it will be a "Suicide Declaration".

By the way, is PM also making a "Statutory Declaration"?

Anyhow, only one of them can be right, and the other is GOING DOWN...

Allen said...

Is it true that it is alright for a Muslim to lie if it is for a good cause? Someone well-versed in Koran pls enlighten me. But if it is a murder case, it could not be a good cause, right?

Anonymous said...

There are points to note. The prosecution case has been closed but there was little mention of the C4. The cop woman testified that all the guns and bullets were returned to the armoury. But no real questions were asked about the C4. Like if the Army is missing any stocks? The green Suzuki Vitara remains a big mystery. Now people are saying that the car belonged to an adc too (the lower case is on purpose).
RPK has really upped the ante here. He says a Sultan is in the know. I see it like this, PM took five days to deny things. Why so long? Well you may need time to think things carefully. Then Rosmah & Najib followed on the sixth day. Aziz Buyong and wife could do the same - maybe on the seventh day. So case closed? Now if the cops investigate and say 'no case' what happens to RPK? Malu besar. Credibility gone totally. What will RPK do? What if RPK makes another SD giving the Sultan's name? Do we get to hear from the Sultan? This is really going to be embarrasing.


skilgannon1066 said...

like i posted previously, someone is not telling it straight:

- pm?
- rpk?
- najib?

Anonymous said...

Badawi got a hard job in hand! Harder than we taught, 1st time a Msia PM being challenge this strongly!

with PAS doing all this ISLAMIC trend is hard to see why the country isnt falling in pieces!

Anonymous said...

Apa nak pelik? To all people out there, dont drag yourself into this rubish furor.

There is NO case the intelligent report was submitted to PM should Najib is decide to be loyal to Pak Lah. And it will be the other way around should Najib spark the note of challenging Pak Lah.

Look at what was happen to YTL, Tun Dr Mahathir, Muhkriz.

Therefore..Lu Pikiiiir Laa Sendiri

-Awang Maya-

suka tengok wayang said...

Why just verbally deny in the media, huh Dolah...?

Make a counter Statutory Declaration ler Bodowi, legally deny the allegation..

Otherwise..forever you'll be condemned with the title Imam Munafik Hadhari...
Penipu Agung Terhina peringkat Kebangsaan..

PM paling hina tak bermaruah di alam semesta, bertopeng Islam konon..


Anonymous said...

Who's telling the truth RPK or AAB?
Honestly, we can't tell....
Who do you believe?
I have to believe RPK because he has not lied to me before whereas AAB was a natural bullshitter. the latest was a 78sen earthquake that make a big hole in my pocket. Sorry, Can't trust that guy.
What about RPK or Nutjeep?
Can't trust that guy either, people say he pocketed millions from the arms deal. I don't believe that. There are many things I don't believe.

I don't believe the figure is that small. I don't believe that they can erase the immigration records. I don't believe they need to use Special Task force. I don't believe they need to involved military. I don't believe they need to use C4. I don't believe.... I don't believe a layman can do any one of the above. And to do all of the above I don't believe it must be someone influential, someone with the power..someone who thinks he can get away with this crime. But I still don't believe. Because it is very stupid thing to do. How stupid? Very stupid or Unless he thinks he is influential enough to ..... I don't believe..

A Non Believer.

The Balance said...

There are degrees of WHITENESS and BLACKNESS from the absolute white to the absolute black.

Likewise, there are degrees of Truthfullness [haqq] and Ignorance [zalim].

Men[including the womanfolk] tend to trade, bargain, exchange elements of both until the time of their Reckoning.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah has no right to say that Najib & Wife is not involved, how did he know? No investigation has been carried out and he blatantly say they are not involved. RPK has the gut to make SD then he can partly be trusted, though based on "reliable sources" for now. Pak Lah talk without thinking and maybe partly asleep. Tomorrow he will remember and it's too late.
Pak Lah

mob1900 said...

We all know who's the most 'reliable' LIAR here, heheheh.

"Kahwin? Mengarutlah..."
"I've never given gov projects to my son!"
"What yacht?"
"I, err.. I meant we, the Gov never own Private Jets, we Leased them at an exorbitant cost!"
"I will crack down on corruption!"
"ZZZ... eh, Saya Tak Tidur...zzzz"

PL said...

I am not an expert on human psychology. But looking at DPM on TV, his eyes were roving and out of sync when he was talking. Doesn't look convincing.

Stupid statement by Pak Tidur as usual trying to cover DPM.

Anonymous said...


your move now!


kj said...

RPK has a lot to lose if he is proven to have lied. He has nothing to gain personally. That's why I will believe him.

Anonymous said...

We are so accustomed to his flip-flops, u-turns and downright lies (re: ketuk-ketampi). And so another one of his now won't make any difference to my perception. Like the leaks at the parliament building, we all already know the on-going Altantunya trials are full of holes in its plot. Do I still have to give you an answer on who is more credible?


Pui-Key-Mack said...


We all screwed up day night by these LIARS.

Pak Lah, Najis, IGP, AG & Gang are all born rascals, created by GOD taught by Satans to screw up all Malaysians, dead and alive.

They will deny all accusations even though they are bombers and destructors of the world.

They gave Malaysia bad name!

PL said...

Face of a habitual liar.

ColorsMalaysian said...

Who else telling more lies ?

Liar !
Liar ! Liar !
Liar ! Liar ! Liar !........


toyolbuster said...

Actually AAB was telling the truth when he said he never received such report. How could he have known about it when he never reads any report sent to him. He is well known to know no shit. So he routinely handed all reports to KJ, as was claimed by RPK, and now KJ is at a lost for words. Tidur la Pak Lah, Tidur lagi.

Piggy Singh said...

If the SD does have some substance, the now running court case is just like another drama produced by Yusof Haslam.

Anonymous said...

If everyone of you feel that Raja Petra has made a slanderous statement then by all means sue him. That is the only way to clear your name. If not they you are all guilty as charged!!!


Anonymous said...

Remember he said the fuel price will be increase in August and suddenly he increases the next day .... LIAR!

Anonymous said...

damn man,
i have just been 'reliably informed' that the whole SD is a distraction created by level 4 to avoid the issue of lompat parti.

No wonder the issue coincide with SAPP vote of no confidence.

I was also 'reliably informed' that RPK is in cahoot with Level 4 to make sure that Najib is not elected for presidential post during UMNO Election. I scratch your back, you scratch mine, apparently. Patutlah Khairy has been so quiet about the whole thing.

Mannn, elaborated conspiracy. Who can you trust these days.

-mama mia-

Anonymous said...

It is hard to belief that after the statutory declaration by RPK for almost a couple of days,then Pak Lah came to defend Najib with regard to the Altantuya's case.After that Najib came out with the statement that it was bullshit and fabricated.It seems that there must be a compromise between the two person.You scatch my back and I do it vice-versa.The way things going on after the statements by the 2 leaders,I bet RPK would be implicated and going to face the music of law soon.He is doom and sentenced already before the trail.

burstaxon said...

I think RPK wanted to be sued. He'd like to call up Rosmah,KJ etc to testify under oath in court.
I'm sure there is something up his sleeve, hopefully, it's an ace.

Navi said...

if Najib can be held by his balls and led by AAB and KJ, there must be some truth behind the SD.
Haven't we earlier concurred that Najib does not face up to AAB not because he is a coward, but because he owes AAB. Probably for covering up for him.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Bro Bru,

Wud RPK jeopardize his reputation?? heheh.. wat can I say..(",).. bro, in d year 2006 thr were rumors bout a woman who lost her 5mill commission to anothr woman who simply asked for d commission to b paid to her and it woz obliged, heheh...rumors have it it woz for a deal in France??.. wat can I say..(,")


People with virtue must speak out; People who speak are not all virtuous.
~ Confucius

There are three truths: my truth, your truth, and the truth.
~ Chinese proverb

Anonymous said...

As Rocky said, RPK is not stupid.

He might be telling some truth, some hearsay, just to stir the issue. Non of the accused dares to dispute him point by point. Reason, very simple. The more you dispute, the more truth you will discover.

If you tell all truth to the public, it's like giving all the bullets and ammunitions away, next day they know your weapon and bring a cannon to blow you off. Simple as tat.

Why RPK wait till the last moment when the court proceeding coming to an end then throw them a bomb? Well, the bomb will get difused and covered up under tons of rubbish in the court if reviewed too early.

Why DSAI only shows some of the Lingam video clip and not all?

Just ask urself.

Everyday we are see the top guns playing chess game in the country. Today TDM making one move, tomm AAB another move, next day KJ, day after DSAI ... end of the day see who will get check mate.

The Mongolian is a translator and she knew a lot or too much. The Mongolian father when first appeared on national tv wanted to sue the gomen for $100M something like tat. Why $100M? 20% of the deal? Why Razak's wife on the day he was arrested said Razak didn't aspire to be the next PM? You got the hint?

RPK said previously he was ready to go to hell with them. He just proven himself.

Just my 2 cents.

Kaki Bola Bob

skilgannon1066 said...

denials coming thick and fast!

pm - dismissed the allegations. he said he did not get any report from military intelligence.

najib - "everything that is claimed and written is total lies and fabricated. it is total garbage. i have no other conclusion except that it is a desperate and pathetic attempt to discredit my political image" (as reported in the spore straits times today).

kj - denied allegation that a copy of a military intelligence report had been given to him for safekeeping. he had given a statement to the police on tuesday.

and a report in the spore business times today noted that "if raja petra's claims turn out to be false, he could be in even more trouble than he already is....the...journalist was charged for sedition for alleging...that mr najib was involved in the has been fixed for october...the attorney-general, meanwhile, told media on monday, that the attorney-general's chambers had lodged a police report against raja petra for criminal defamation."

is this a high-stakes game that is being played out in the run-up to the umno elections? is there a group that is trying to smear najib?

or has rpk become an unwitting player in a carefully thought-out "black operation" to affect the umno elections? there are not that many groups around with the expertise and the connections to conceive and execute such a "black op".

being charged for sedition is one thing. being sued for defamation, while serious, is par for the course.

rpk, in his statutory declaration, has implicated military intelligence and dragged in a member of the royalty.

any whiff of treason, no matter how tangential, is another matter entirely.

rams609 said...



John Weinthal said...

MALAYSIAKINI - Nothing to do with this report but am I the only person who cannot access Malaysiakini for about 20 hours? Computer OK - slow of course cos of robber Streamyx, but working for all other blogs etc..

penipu said...


satu Malaysia tahu bahawa Dollah dan KJ adalah dua manusia yang paling kuat menipu untuk kepentingan mereka.

Ini telah terbukti sebelum ini dan buat apa lah kita sibuk nak debate.

Justin Choo said...

At least now we definitely can confirm without any reasonable doubt that there are liers. The question now is who are they?

Anonymous said...

They should have at least call RPK in for questioning. But they have not done that yet. What are they afraid of? It is beginning to make us wonder why.... I don't think RPK is done yet. He has few more cards to play. I can't wait to find out. The suspense is greater than the election night! C'mon police. Hurry up! RPK is waiting!


kamalkamil said...

Nak tau siapa yang bercakap benar?...Sama2 la kita kaji dan nilai sementara kita biarkan mahkamah membuat keputusan terhadap kes RPK...Sementara tu,janganlah kita asyik menghentam Pak Lah dan BN sebab kes yang dibangkitkan oleh RPK ni belum ternyata kebenarannya..Mungkin ini satu rancangan jahat yang nak menjatuhkan Pak Lah dan BN...Tunggu jelah...

Anonymous said...

Remember he said that to TV3 August(2006), his son(Kamaludin) did not get any projects from the government!
then later, he said to press, his son(Tun Mahathir) got(projects) more than mines(Kamaludin).

haha! what a shame to him!!!


daniel said...

Timing is everything when it somes to poltics. I am observing that this move by RPK is well planned and cleverly and strategically done. We shall try to recall, who exactly is this RPK "close" with in the politics world that he feels so "safe" and "brave".

If during Tun M's time sure this guy dah kena ISA already wor!

jediraj said...

Sigh ! Those days you could just say to a woman thats "She's Dynamite" and its an easy pick up line.Now its 'You look C-4 baby"
And i aint Lying .

melayutara said...

Perghh, isteri TPM & 2 top polis officer join togather KILLING people. Otak aku belum sampai ke tahap GABAN LAGI...

Anonymous said...

Saudara Brew,

`The smarter the journalists are, the better off society is. For to a degree, people read the press to inform themselves-and the better the teacher, the better the student body.’ - Warren Buffett

Thursday’s Tea Chatter n Clatter… “We are on distraction mode…and the plebeians are falling for it – hook, line and sinker.”
· The gas station-credit card fiasco:
Surprised to learn what the Minister said about 24 hour operations. When the proprietors had wanted to reduce operating hours sometime ago, it seemed they were told in no uncertain terms they were providing a service ect., blah, blah blah… Now the same Ministry is considering their plight. Talk about being flip-flop!
Banks asked to be emphatic towards the plight of gas station businessmen, which almost 95 percent majority make up one ethnicity. If this is true, does not this smack of favoritism. Isn’t this a business and why should banks be considerate? Aren’t they already collecting a hefty bundle from interests of cardholders?
Don’t cardholders too earn the right for such considerations?
· RVL-RCI… Now applications for judicial review have been submitted. But what left flabbergasted was since when court documents were not of public domain. How media be denied access to affidavits?
· Why did your Prime Minister respond to this much talked about SD? Maybe your journalists need to be reminded about another SD tendered at the onset of this famed Mongolian trial. Now, applications are being studied to expunge certain paragraphs from that SD. Why is this so and have police completed their investigations into the dreaded contents of that SD. Only after the PM, did the others follow suit with their swift response into this SD? How can one be blamed should one conclude that how conclusive police investigations into this SD would be.
· This much talked about crackdown in Borneo would be the ??? Umpteenth such and yet the Administration has yet to tackle this problem of illegal immigrants. Who is trying to preempt what by calling a media briefing? Why don’t the MSM simply take out full-page advertisements (courtesy of you know who) listing out the 5Ws & H schedule of the raids.

“Wag The Dog”, “Thank You For Smoking”, “Network”, “The Almighty” to name a few… These were paperbacks, some made movies which came back memory lane. I must congratulate some of your spin doctors for their crafty moves in turning events here into a real-life Shakespearean drama which continues to drag on and turns more tawdry as December draws near!
With all this brouhaha, no one seems to ask incriminating questions, about what was said, what was not said, why what was not said, not said…
Look up July five years ago, the MODs David Kelly, if that doesn’t ring a bell, try Hutton Inquiry.
“It will be for me to decide which matters will be the subject of my investigation. It is also my intention to conduct the inquiry m ostly in public.” Lord Hutton who headed the inquiry into the scandal which followed Kelly’s suicide.
The law Lords’ effectiveness was questioned then, and a response which caught attention of many was one which went like this: “Regrettably, it doesn’t seem to me that this inquiry is going to be as wide ranging or as deep as I would like it to be.”
This call about another inquiry… Who are we trying to kid?
As been mentioned before maybe NPC, NUJ, CIJ whatever abbrevations remain should inculcate a new breed of journalism, which evokes change for all the right reasons.
Or else one should take heed of what Buffett also said of “half-baked” journalists… “Let blockheads read what blockheads wrote.”
Sekadar diPinggiran

And go try figure this….

There is a man affront three knights. The three knights are red hair, brunette and blonde.
The knight of life always tell the truth
The knight of death always lies
The knight of dungeon sometimes tell the truth and sometimes lies
The man then asks the red hair " who's the blonde?"
The red answers " he's the knight of life"
The man asks the brunette same question
Brunette answers " He's the knight of death "
The man asks the Blonde who he is himself
Blonde says " I'm the Dungeon "
So who is who?

malaysianlover said...

Pak Lah didn't lie.
What he said was, "itu tidak betul..."; he did not say, "itu tidak benar...".

What he meant could be, he did not "received" the report, but instead he passed it to KJ.

KJ is also right by saying that he did not "received it from the Military Intelligence"; but instead "was given by Pak Lah".

They are entirely different...

Fox William Mulder said...

"Then what can I say? How can I disprove lies that are stamped with an official seal? You can deny all the things I've seen. All the things I've discovered. But not for much longer. Because too many others know what's happening out there. And no one, no government agency has jurisdiction over the truth."

Anonymous said...

I dont know who to believe at this point. all i can say is that ALL the parties named...pak lah, najib, rosmah, KJ, and even RPK...are MOSLEMS. They must know the penalty for fitnah (slander).
They better be ready to face The Sovereign Lord when the time comes...AMIN.


Anonymous said...

OOps, yes, penalties for liars are heavy too, not just slanderers :)


monsterball said...

Only in Malaysia...a DPM i so kind hearted and every forgiving .to one accusing his wife as a murderer..saying it is someone out to discredit him.
Come on Najib!! SUE SUE SUE and talk less cock and bull!!
Then Dollah and Khairy are in complete harmony to also deny deny great muslims...forgive your enemies.
Come on..both of you...SUE SUE SUE.
We want ACTIONS..not bullshits statements.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah ! what for sue him, he has no money one ! we dun want his money lah ,after all we have more than enough already !! (hehehaha)