Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anwar's Malay agenda (what you read in Singapore papers)

Poster Olek Skilgannon shares with us two commentaries that focus on Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan, 100 days after the March 8th general election:

"Pak Rocky,

Two interesting commentaries on political developments in Malaysia in the Singapore Straits Times today:

- "Anwar's teasers cloud credibility" by Cheong Suk-Wai

- "No running away from the Malay agenda" by Karim Raslan

Some excerpts from Ms Cheong's commentary:

".....Many among the Malay ground, especially in the heartland, are also doubtful of Mr Anwar. Where was he, some ask, when his wife, Keadilan president Wan Azizah Ismail, declared last Friday that Kelantan was the only opposition stronghold that would be made an Islamic state, if at all?

"And why was he silent when Mr Lim Kit Siang, leader of the Democratic Action Party, a PR component, questioned the Sultan of Perak over his appointment of a Malay (albeit one with a Chinese mother), instead of a Chinese, as the state's first opposition chief minister?

"Some Keadilan leaders have said that Mr Anwar's ketuanan rakyat (people's rule) is compatible with the pursuit of a Malay agenda. But his erstwhile right-hand man Mohammad Ezam Mohammad Nor told popular Malaysian political rag Siasah in April that he decided to return to Umno because ketuanan rakyat would bury ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) and threaten Malay interests.

"Ketuanan rakyat plays well among minorities and urban Malays but not in the Malay
heartland. Thus the constant (and perhaps necessary) trimming of sails, with Keadilan leaders suggesting that ketuanan rakyat is compatible with a Malay agenda after all. Such calibrations may give Mr Anwar and his party the reputation of being trimmers....."

And from Karim Raslan's commentary:

".....Keadilan is walking a tightrope. On the one hand, it advocates a shimmering multiracial future. On the other, it slips - discreetly - a Malay agenda into that all-encompassing feel-good vision.

"As the economy slows and competition for government resources mounts, it will be interesting to see how it manages this elegant equation.

"When I talked with Keadilan leader Saifuddin Nasution last month, he was frank: "There is no Malay-majority party that doesn't explicitly make a commitment to the Malay agenda. It would be suicidal not to do so.""


  1. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Mahathir is in trouble. Another top ex-judge (Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin) has revealed another instance of serious judicial interference:

    Najib is also in deeper trouble regarding the Altantuya case. Raja Petra's latest police statement:

    The deck of cards appears to be collapsing for the old regime.

  2. Anonymous2:08 pm

    We hear very little of Anwar's Islamic agenda these days. Why? During the 70s and 80s, especially (when in Abim and then in Umno), he positioned himself well as a Muslim radical thinker. Now, he seems to be playing that down.

    And Malay agenda? Anwar has one, you mean?


  3. saudara rocky,

    kebelakangan ini banyak pihak serta ramai orang mula mengeluarkan kenyataan yang rata-rata menghentam dr. mahathir.

    saya bukanlah penyokong tegar mahathir semasa pemerintahannya selama 22 tahun. banyak juga polisi serta tindakan beliau yang saya tidak setuju. tetapi apabila melihat mereka-mereka yang mempunyai jawatan serta kuasa dan kedudukan semasa pemerintahan beliau mula menyalahkan beliau saya fikir ini tidak betul. semasa beliau berkuasa orang-orang inilah yang selalu mengampu beliau kerana ingin mengekalkan kedudukan masing-masing. ahli-ahli politik inilah yang pandai bermuka-muka. saya tidak percaya mereka-mereka ini. sukar untuk mencari mereka yang boleh dipercayai.
    mereka yang mempunyai kuasa untuk berbuat sesuatu tidak berbuat sesuatu kononnya takutkan kedudukan terancam. ini mengambarkan orang hipokrit. orang hipokrit akan menyalahkan orang lain untuk menjaga kedudukan mereka. saya tidak percaya orang hipokrit sebab hari ini dan esok pun mereka akan bersikap hipokrit.

  4. anwar ni boleh percaya ke? atau 2 x 5 juga. orang politik ni sama saja. agenda mereka ini adalah untuk kepentingan diri sendiri, keluarga mereka serta saudara mara. untuk mencapainya mereka pergunakan isu kepentingan rakyat, keadilan rakyat atau pakatan rakyat kononnya. cuba lihat berapa ramai anak beranak, saudara mara dan sebagainya dalam politik malaysia baik kerajaan maupun pembangkang.

    kesimpulannya keluar mulut harimau masuk mulut buaya, keluar mulut buaya masuk mulut harimau. tak percaya tunggu dan lihat saja.

  5. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Dear Consultant and Bru,

    I am sorry I cannot agree that DS Najib is in deeper trouble because of the Startutory Declaration by RPK.

    It is RPK who is in deeper trouble.

    His plan to go to jail and "bump" into the twop policement has backfired. That was an awful miscalculation. Many including me saw how ridiculous it all was, and how malicious.

    Now the Startutory Declaration. You or me can make another Startutory Declaration to say RPK was there during the Altantuya murder, that he bumped into the two cops.

    Truth be told, RPK is a political Rambo out to make sure America wins and smells like a rose. America in this context is represented by DS Anwar Ibrahim.

    Figures, right?

  6. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Taken from The Star today..

    KUALA LUMPUR: The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is investigating SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee's role over the alleged payment of a RM5mil profit from the sale of shares belonging to a state-owned company to his agents in 1996 when he was the chief minister

    Why has this only come up now? So if the allegation against Yong is really true, it simply goes to show Badawi and company are corrupted.

    Otherwise this will not make headlines if Yong hadn't speak out against the so called PM.

  7. Anonymous2:55 pm


    no Malay agenda in S'PORK papers!



  8. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    All these political madness are meant to subdivide the Malays into smaller fragments so as to let some power greedy and unpatriotic Malay leaders into power say for 10years and subsequently let the future free for all.

    We will never let these idiots to realise their wild dream. Let them dream forever.


  9. Anonymous3:09 pm

    You didn't tell us anything. What's new here? What's the wisdom in the "cherry picked" statements you plucked from the reports we all read in Malaysia-today and the Malaysian-Insider? Sorry, personally I didn't get it all.

    Concerning Malay Agenda, what's is it for every layman to understand? Contracts? Judicial rape? Prime-minisership? That said, didn't Anwar in Singapore's sole Malay paper talk about Malay agenda where they get the what they need while the rest of the people get their deals as well? I think you need to state a position, then from thereon we can get what you are talking about, unless you were trying to distract us (obvious you know).

  10. Anonymous3:11 pm


    what's Islamic agenda? Ha ha ha!

    Do you know every dictator nowdays in the Muslim world talks about this agenda, that agenda and that's why Muslims fail? Even they say Islamic car? What's Islamic agenda? Headscarves or what?

  11. Anonymous3:16 pm

    Wah, Rocky, you became another Mahathir who tries to confuse people and get what he wants in the process. Do you know this is what made Mahathir fail in the long process because he outperformed himself. You are doing the same. Unfortunately, they say a learner beats the teacher. May be your readers can see how and why certains things, entries and statements are done and made.

  12. FLIP-FLOP 1.0

    FLIP-FLOP 2.0


  13. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Karim Raslan on UMNO and PKR

    Junw 17, 2008

  14. Anonymous3:25 pm

    PKR’s elegant formulation of the ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ (as opposed to Umno’s ‘Ketuanan Melayu’) neatly exploits both these sets of criticisms.

    For the non-Malays, it asserts the equality of citizenship and for those Malays who feel excluded from the largesse it redirects government attention to the most deserving – regardless of race.

    Nonetheless, as I discovered when I talked to the energetic and slightly bombastic DCM, it’s an approach that very neatly returns the focus once again to the Malay community given their larger representation amongst the poor: “The key to ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ is prioritising the poor and lower middle classes.

    “After all, a capitalist economy hits these sectors the hardest. If we focus on the ‘have nots’ – most of whom are Malay, then the Malay agenda emerges as a part of the ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’. What we’ve got to do is ensure that it’s not just a way to enrich the Malay elite.”

  15. Anonymous3:56 pm

    I believe Anwar is the king of grudge, and from my experience, he cannot be trusted. He is killing the Malay.

  16. If we want to find fault with Anwar....than we can say....all UMNO past and present politicians are playing race and religion politics....and can never change.
    But Anwar set up keDAILan party....cutting himself away from UMNO.
    That's good enough reason... for me to judge and the future..not keep digging up old label him....this or that. This is an out-dated low class political style...seems to be quite popular in Malaysians politics...making men behave like pondans and gossipers.
    If all voters value their votes and powerful rights....than is the voters.....that voted wrongly or rightly. So why blame others?

  17. Anonymous5:11 pm

    To consultant,
    tun saleh thought that he had hit TDM quite bad that day! but u know what, it is the other way around! TDM waited can gave answers with proof!! common guys, ones you hate someone u will always hate him/her, b4 u do that, evaluate research and and get the facts! i use to be anti gov supporter, but then i realised that every time someone hit TDM, he provides answer with concrete proof! love or hate that person, the one with evidence must always be given the priority! no matter how bitter the answer would and could be!

    btw, so far TDM has answered most of the accusations lambasted at him!

    petronas gives up to 65% income annually to G! when TDMs time, malaysia managed to prosper and develop just from this 65% together with subsidied etc, etc. how come current G with no development cannot do the same thing? MISMaNAGEMENT! all MPs should question that not petronas!

    and our Petronas chief is one of the most under paid employee compared to other oil and gas companies!

    lady from hell (scotland)

  18. Apalah nak jadi?

    Teori R.A.H.M.A.N ke, R.A.H.M.A.A.N ke, R.A.H.M.A.T ke, semakin nak jadi.

    Menang sorak, kampong tergadai. (Sebelum dan selepas PRU12)

    Kerana nyamuk, kelambu dibakar. (Sebelum dan selepas PRU12)

    Ditelan mati emak, diluah mati bapa. (Pilih Tun ke, UMNO ke?)

    Kerana politik, semua yang tak halal, dijadikan halal.

    Kerana politik, ugama dan bangsa jadi mainan percaturan.

    Kerana politik, pengampu paling hebat dinobatkan.

    Kerana politik, pengkritik paling kuat di ISA kan.

    Kerana politik , monyet di hutan disusukan.

    Kerana politik, bayangan musuh diwujudkan.

    Kerana politik, kawan dan sahabat dilupakan.

    Kerana politik, rakyat Malaysia dipinggirkan.

    Kerana politik, makanan pun dah jadi isu.

    Kerana politik, bahasa pun dah jadi isu.

    Kerana politik, nama pun dah jadi isu.

    Kerana politik, pakaian pun dah jadi isu.

    Kerana politik, nak kahwin siapa pun dah jadi isu.

    Kerana politik, nak kahwin berapa pun dah jadi isu.

    Kerana politik, hiburan dan tugu biasa pun dah jadi isu.

    Kerana politik, manis di mulut, busuk di hati.

    Kerana politik, kewarasan minda pun dah tak de.

    Nostradamus pun dah tak dapat ramalkan apa akan terjadi kat Malaysia sebelum capai Wawasan 2020. Tak payah tilik sampai 100 tahun pun.

  19. ``My message is consistent; the examples must be different to cater to the audience. I go to the urban area, I quote Shakespeare; I go to the village, I quote the Koran; you quote Confucius to the Chinese; to the Hindus, I quote Ramayana.'' -Anwar

    He said it all...saying things just to please his different audience. This is a globalised world, there's no need to be localised. A clear and simple policy for all to commonly understand would sound honest, don't you think.

    Why can't he be straight and made his one singular point clear.

    There are so many things unclear about Anwar; How he's going to pull together the opposites of DAP and PAS (winning elections and running a government with policies are two diff things);
    His western affiliations (wolfowitz, cohen, the philipines connections * , etc);
    Islamic & malay agenda etc etc..

    These are straight forward issues.
    Maybe its true then, he's not a "straight man" geddit?

    * I'm curious about his close relationship with the philipines. This country is so filedl up with corruption, high unemployment, hence cheap service labour export. His close buddy, Estrada was clearly a puppet president. Is anwar taking malaysia towards philipines as a model as desired by the US?
    Dictated by the US, having military presence in the pacific, and letting the local politicians deeply embroiled with corruption and self interest, ignoring potential economic development, that a large number of its population had to migrate as cheap service labour.?
    Malaysia is a strategic interest to the US, now especially with the rise of China.

  20. Anonymous6:50 pm

    To whoever is allergic with Islamic agenda:
    B(f)uck off! It is the bloody democratic right of any muslim to support Islamic agenda, if they wish to. And, get the fact; Islamic agenda does not hurt other religious,

    Grow up! Of course Tan Sri Azmi would jump into the bandwagon, after all he had just been given a lump sump of money by AAB, loosely named as ex-gratia. Frankly, Tans Sri's statement is legally weak to hurt Mahathir.

    I am not Mahathir's fan either. There are many thing that I disagree, but it is annoying:
    (1) that the bunch of his apple polisher that include Samy vellu, many ministers and one ex deputy prime minister attacking him.
    (2) that they think that we Malaysians are stupid enough to believe the distorted facts, made up events/history and money politics to spice up their accusation.

    I see these apple polishers as a bunch of bloody hypocrite, when they talk about reform but fail to acknowledge their past misdeed, putting the blame solely on TDM while trying to hide in the closet.

  21. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Hello Jeff,

    I suppose you are the typical opposition fanatics who would be happy with the blog owner when the commentary fulfilled the following (listed according to rank):

    (1) Condemn Mahathir
    (2) Support Anwar
    (3) Condemn Islam
    (4) Condemn Malay
    (5) Condemn UMNO
    (6) condemn PAS

    If the comments are vice-versa, you'll be a happy man.

  22. Anonymous7:04 pm

    The facts appears to speak for itself. It is how the dice appears to have panned out.

    It appears that UMNO will be a party for the Malay heartland. However, ts supporters will be diminishing over time as the children and grandchildren become more urbanised, educated, and connected with a modern open society.

    Thus for the immediate future, if UMNO is indeed incapable of change - witness the reluctance of some leaders on reforming the Judiciary - then either the Conservatives within, leave UMNO and form a new Conservative "Ketuanan Melayu" Party, or the liberals leave UMNO and join Pakatan.

    At the rate the Malay human capital has developed, I think, it may take only another 30 years before all these false "Ketuanan Melayu" ideology will be consigned to the bin and the brown supremacist may find themselves all bark and no more followers.

  23. Anonymous7:31 pm

    1. Some people talk like MCA is not for the Chinese and MIC is not for the Indian! Stupid!
    2, Anwar Ibrahim and his supporters believe that Malaysians have now accepted them. Stupid!
    3. Some people believe Salleh Abas and the gang are heroes. Stupid!
    4. Some people believe Dr Mahathir is losing. Stupid!


  24. Anwar's malay agenda? The Malays should realize by now that if he need to sell the Malays to get what he wants, he would.

    If he need to sell the chinese to indians and his mother to the singaporeans, he would too.

    He could even be a good muslim when he need to.

    He even said that money politic is bad. Corruption is wrong. Of course, its bad and wrong for anyone other then him.

    Agree with "Abim supporter." You can find these peoples in the comment section of Malaysia Today.

  25. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Malaysia do not have a choice, we must let Anwar lead Malaysia for one simple reason. To cut out all evil roots of corruption under UMNO and BN, we must let the current corruption's channel end and to start all over again. Estimated wastage and corruption under UMNO & BN is to the tune of over US500 Billion since 1971.

  26. Maybe it's not a bad idea to have Anwar as PM.

    1. The Americans will be coming, that should send smoke coming out of MM's ears.

    2. The Israelis will be here, led by Paul what's his name? We will be able to visit Israel without the prohibited stamp on our passport.

    3. There will be a majority of ethnic PMs in Parliament and wah! we can then get rid of all the anti-ethnic laws in this country.

    Isn't that wonderful????

  27. Whoa,
    why do we get something so simple to be confused?

    First, it doesn't matter if you trust Anwar or not, it's the ideals not the Man that you should put your trust on. If you believe in the Man, then that's what happensed when Tun M stepped down. His ideals went with him and even now, BN has lost its ideals and concerntrate on 'Sokong Pak Lah' and not 'Sokong Malaysia'. As far as I know, Communist China and Cuba was using that too, thats why you get Chariman Mao and Fidels potrait from cups to watches and not the party. They made themselves God-like to its ppl.

    It's pretty simple, leaders will come & go but ideals and beliefs will stay as long as the rakyat believes in it.

    For those who kept giving excuse Anwar can't be trusted, PR are one-man Anwar party and YET you can tolerate so many years of corruption, racism, cronyism from BN?

    UNLESS you're one of the few 'Elite Benefactors' that thrived on chaos of this nation, then I see no reason for any SANE person to champion Racist Politics like Ketuanan (whatever race you're championing).

    For instance, do you think the recent oil price hike or even Poverty DISCRIMINATE when it comes to Race or Religion or even your bumi-non-bumi status?

    Stay the course ppl, use common sense because we don't have the luxury of 'test first, buy later'.

  28. Anonymous10:09 pm

    i agree with rashid abdullah, cherry picking words out of context from singapore newspaper is something you do well Rocky. Remember the report with the fist up picture on Hindraff story from Singapore?

    It would make an interesting case study how far some reporters would indulge in selective "cherry-picking" to support their pet ideological or political fixations. And so we now have the latest obession on Anwar Ibrahim and his so-called contradiction between ketuanan rakyat or malay agenda.

    how many journalists do we find doing indept analaysis of such issues. How many not linked with the mainstream papers or anti-Semite despots like Mahathir have the credibility to seperate fact for political isogesis.

    it takes me to varying degrees of hilarity and sorrow to see such journalistic agendas.

  29. Hi Rocky,

    Those urban Malays who according to you are proud of ketuanan rakyat are hypocrites. They had benefited a lot from the NEP without which most them are probably now frying bananas and sweeping floors. Some of them are now in the universities while other are corporate figures. They are what they are today, indirectly or directly, because of the goverment pro-bumi policy. Ketuanan rakyat suits them well because they have nothing to loose. The ones who will suffer are their children. While promoting and pursuing the ketuanan rakyat cause, some of these blokes are still asking MARA to pay for their children education. Its my right - this is how they argue. They will not hesistate to use the privledge given to bumi in order to get a 5% discount when buying and investing properties.

    These Malays who embrace new type of religion under PKR are nothing but bunch of losers.

  30. To me Anwar is the best bet to lead Malaysia.

  31. Rocky V,

    Anwar is an opportunist and a politician.

    Two necessary ingredients in Malaysia's politic.

    He is smart because he knows that most of the people are not.

    He doesn't need to win the heart of all, just enough people to make him motivated to dream on.

    The rest of us would just like to sit on a sofa with a hot coffee and watch EURO 2008 till the next morning & then, back to work bla bla bla....

    And the winner is..... GERMANY.

  32. Anonymous10:25 pm

    Layarilah laman web ini untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut sejauh mana `Keadilan' yang diwar-warkan oleh Anwar.

    Anwar perlu jawab sebab semua tokmahan disertakan dengan bahan bukti.

    Mampus ANWAR

  33. Anwar soon will be the next Malaysian PM...

    Believe me... he will fight for all Malysians. Not only the Malays, but also the Chinese, Indians and all the other races...

    It's just a matter of time before he will take over the government...

    Cheers for Anwar Ibrahim..


  34. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Those who are against Anwar and claim he is a proxy of the American are just too comfortable with the UMNO corruption which they might be benefiting from it for years.

    When Anwar becomes the PM those thousands and thousands of parasite that live on the corruption system of BN will lost their evil earning.

    The Anwar's Malay agenda is to earn a living that one deserve where as UMNO Malay agenda is earn corrupt evil money. Which one did your God advocate?

  35. Anonymous10:57 pm

    If Anwar is the PM, toilet papers will lose business but body lotions will be very much sought after! A lot o peolple would want to have their **** smells good. You knowwhat I mean!


  36. Typo error, what I meant was when Anwar is PM with a majority of ethnic MPs in Parliament to change forbidden laws. That's good for us who are not Malays isn't it?

    Anwar is snake, a chameleon, he can be Chinese, Indian, Dayaks and whatever anyone wants him to be. Everything that you accuse BN of, he has done it and he has learnt every trick in their books. Don't anyone of you realize by now why he has not been the one pointing his finger at anyone at UMNO and using dummies to do it for him? Don't worry, the day will come when he will play out all who are licking and polishing his shoes now.

  37. Anonymous11:59 pm

    i believe that we must uphold ketuanan melayu.

    what i believe.. ketuanan melayu simply means no more english colonies..

    however, we must remember .. for every 10 malaysians.. 6.5 of them are malays, 2.5 chinese and 1 indian..

    the malays are the majority in the coutnry.. it's not bumiputraship.. the malays are far behind...

    u say many malays in universities because of ketuanan melayu.. LAGI ramai melayu (more than the other races) are not in universities.

    which race comprises the majority of the workers in the majority of the factories in malaysia?

    what's to become of the pakciks, makciks, abangs and kakaks in the the kampungs and desa.. There are A LOT of them.. (more than the other races)

    I dun need ketuanan melayu.. even the chinese in my company is intimidated by me.. by how i work..

    but for the people i mentioned .. in durian tawar, in kemaman, in pokok sena, in raub, in jerantut, in felda bukit ester, in arau, in kuala kubu bahru, in kertih, in senaling... what's to become of this big population (more than the other races) if there is no ketuanan melayu..

    Govt. in the meantime.. has build more universities.. so to increase in other minority races to get it.. this is good...

    we have to help the malays... face it.. we are nowhere ...

    fuck.. i hate it.. when we talk about this.. i was educated in VI and in a local U.. my bestfriends are mostly non-malays..

    i juz wish the govt would figure out a win-win situation..


    sick and tired

  38. hits 2.35 million as of 12.35 am on 22nd June. Less than 2 months the old man is halfway in catching you up bro.

    The head of Dewan pemuda PAS suddenly quotes him in RTM and say that we should listen to him when this was the same person who calls him MahaZalim and Firaun a few years back.


    Perhaps what really saddens me is the fact there is nothing much we can look forward to these days. We either reminiscence about to good old days or simply throw away promises and statements in order to be popular.

    Oh, do you notice how many ceramah's BR had ever since they have won the election in Selangor?

  39. Anonymous1:16 am


    It is sad to see that people assume statutory declaration as constituting the truth.

    It seems like the overzealousness of a segment of the community in fault-finding, rather than providing solution,is leading Malaysia into the abyss.

    As for Anwar, well...has he actually done ANYTHING other than talk about crossovers? Remember, he is actually IN CHARGE of 5 states in Malaysia as the de facto leader of Opposition.

  40. I am non-Muslim. It may be possible that most of the beneficiaries of scholarships are Malays. But most of the have-nots are Malays too. We want a no Malaysian left behind Malaysia. Both Malays and non-Malays have to live in Malaysia. We should not take a tough stand. The art of compromising is just as important. So, read on.

    Even a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. If I may add a right step, please read on.

    There is a quest for equality by non-Malays on the one hand and there is a fear of losing their special status among Malays on the other hand. So we have to reach a happy medium.

    Many decades ago, the Muslim Malays were mostly sarong-clad; and at that time, when any Muslim Malay broke ranks and wore long pants and shirt, he would be considered pro-Western and thus a traitor by the Muslim Malay community. Later on, even if you ate burgers and hot dogs, you risk being branded pro-Western and a traitor. Today, Malaysia, the country of my birth, is on the verge of becoming a developed nation. Unfortunately, the Malays do not credit the non-Malays adequately for their contribution to Malaysia’s growth and development. I, personally, have helped to build a hydro-electric dam in Perak, which will out live me. It was in the early 1980’s. The dam will continue to give out electricity to many generations to come. The photographs I took of the dam building continue to be my pride and joy. Like all construction industry, some workers died. Yes, I have served Malaysia in my own way. I am almost inclined to call the dam, my dam. Yes, it is my dam. It’s my gift to Malaysia. Despite that, I never asked for first class citizenship status. I only asked for religious equality. I only asked for changing faith is an inviolable human right. Some Malays feel that since they gave citizenship to non-Malays, the non-Malays must be willing to accept second-class status. My position is that, I am willing to accept second or whatever class status provided we separate Malay from Islam. We must be allowed to espouse secularism and liberalism. We have to recognize secularism and liberalism as another faith. Islam has no right to have a special status in Malaysia. No religion has the right to use political power and enforcement. Religions no longer have a monopoly over truth and knowledge. Changing faith is an inviolable human right.

    It is pretty obvious that we have to increase the bi-racial population of Malaysia in order to stabilize the nation. Increasing the bi-racial population has nothing to do with political power. However, the politicians can remove obstacles to increase the bi-racial population. The obstacle is the special status for Islam in Malaysia. Currently, if Muslims and non-Muslims want to marry, then both have to convert to Islam or leave the country. This is the obstacle. If Muslim Malaysians are allowed to leave Islam, then there may be more marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims. Changing faith is an inviolable human right. If we support changing faith is an inviolable human right, then we are supporting Bangsa Malaysia.

    In addition there is another matter to deal with. We do have, in Malaysia, a Department of Religious Affairs, but it is exclusively for Islam. Islam has no right to have a special status in Malaysia. To counterbalance the Department of Islamic Affairs, we now need a Department of non-Muslim Affairs. The Islamic issues can be taken care of by the Department of Religious Affairs, while the Department of non-Muslim Affairs will take care of issues regarding non-Muslims. Then, both Muslims and non-Muslims can co-exist. You see, I never asked for first class status. I only asked for religious equality.

    We may need a constitutional amendment to create two kinds of Malays: Muslim Malays and non-Muslim Malays.

    Step by step the non-Malays should claim full citizenship rights. In the mean time, most of the PSD scholarships should continue to be given to the have-nots, who are mostly the Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak. This is the art of compromise.

    By the way, there are advantages for being bi-racial. Many bi-racials have gotten ahead. In fact, Dr.Mahathir is bi-racial. Apparently his birth name is Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty. Please do go to website and read a posting entitled Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty @ Mahathir bin Mohamed. There is another posting in the same website to read entitled The Indian-Muslim opportunists in Umno

    Yes, there are advantages for being bi-racial, and some of them have gotten ahead.

  41. Anonymous4:53 am

    Don't you dare question Islam! Malaysia is a Muslim majority country and will one day lead the whole of the Islamic Ummah into the forefront once again, as it was during the Islamic Golden Age era. Malaysia will inspire other Muslim countries to persue for excellency in everything.

    Ketuanan Rakyat emphasize the poor and the middle incomes, so therefore it will be the Malays that will benefit most. But the great thing about it is that be it Malay or Non-Malay, we can be assured that the main benefitor will be the citizens who deserve the most! The needy!

    But Non-Muslims should not be worried. The Muslim Empires during the golden age never discriminate the Non-Muslims. Non-Muslims were given the rights to live and work as they like. Islamic laws were also made compulsory ONLY TO MUSLIMS.

    To achieve this, at the moment only Anwar Ibrahim can start this first step towards a long journey for the new Islamic Golden Era.

    Don't compare him with other malay politicians. He's different because he has charisma and really great interpersonel skills. He's got a superb Public Relations skills.

    Media reported a lot about his friendship with Wolfowitz and Al Gore etc. But they have never reported of Anwar's much closer friends like Turkey's Erdogan, Saudi King Abdullah, Indonesia's Jusuf Kala, Yusuf Qaradhawi, and leaders of Islamic movements in the UK, US and the middle east!

    So don't be foolish. He's closest international friends are Muslim brothers. But he maintains good relations with Western leaders through his PR skills.

    Please, you guys seem not being able to accept a simple fact, that is:
    Anwar Ibrahim is simply a GREAT leader!

  42. Anonymous5:59 am

    Saudara Levelhead,

    Jika saudara percaya kepada agama, saudara sudah tentu mengakui bahawa asal usul manusia adalah daripada Nabi Adam. Daripada Adam kita dijadikan berbangsa-bangsa (multiple races). Ada yang berkulit cerah, ada yang berkulit gelap, ada yang kacak ada yang kurang kacak. Dengan perbezaan yang dijadikan manusia oleh Tuhan sebegitu rupa, adakah wajar kita salahkan Tuhan yang menjadikan kita sedemikian rupa seolah-olah ada diskriminasi?

    Apa yang saya hendak bawakan di sini ialah kita harus menerima hakikat kehidupan - bahawa Kemerdekaan yang kita nikmati hari ini adalah hasil persetujuan orang Melayu yang telah menerima orang bukan Melayu sebagai warga Malaysia atau lebih lembut lagi saya sebut orang bukan Melayu sebagai rakan senegara dan bagi generasi yang dilahirkan di negara pula; rakan setanah air.

    Jika saudara kaji nisbah orang Melayu berbanding orang bukan Melayu, bilangan Melayu adalah lebih ramai dan bilangan mereka yang berpendapatan rendah juga masih ramai. Ditambah pula orang Melayu berasal dari Kepulauan Melayu, (penjajah British dan Holland yang mengasingkan Kepulauan Melayu demi kepentingan mereka) sewajarnyalah orang Melayu mendapat keistimewaan yang lebih (tanpa mengambil hak orang bukan Melayu atau menyekat peluang orang bukan Melayu).

    Penjajah telah melemahkan kedudukan Melayu dalam pelbagai aspek kehidupan, termasuk pemikiran. Pembinaan semula kekuatan Melayu dalam semua bidang kehidupan memerlukan masa yang lama dan pelaksanaan pelbagai program pemulihan, pembinaan dan pembangunan yang cekap, tepat dan pantas.

    Even though the government had given many privileges to the Malays, the non Malays were never curbed of their opportunities to better themselves socially and economically. In fact, many of the nation's initial development programmes in the fifties to eighties had benefitted the Chinese business people more than the Malays themselves.

    In Islam we are requested to 'bersyukur' (thank God for all He has given us. He can give us all the bless and at the same time, He can also take away the bless at once without notice. I dont think many minority races get to enjoy life as good as in other countries. Think about it.


  43. Anonymous7:31 am

    Sick and Tired 11:59 pm,

    You said: "but for the people i mentioned (the pakciks, makciks, abangs and kakaks in the the kampungs and desa).. There are A LOT of them.. (more than the other races).. in durian tawar, in kemaman, in pokok sena, in raub, in jerantut, in felda bukit ester, in arau, in kuala kubu bahru, in kertih, in senaling... what's to become of this big population (more than the other races) if there is no ketuanan melayu.."

    My reply: What's to become of those pakciks, makciks, abangs and kakaks from other races who are also suffering and poor in the desa-desa and estet-estet? Kita biarkan saja ke?

    Sebaiknya semua golongan ini diberi bantuan secukupnya, tak kira bangsa. Setuju atau tidak?

  44. Anonymous8:14 am

    What about JPA to everyone who can study at IPTS,i got 5 children every month RM 500 X 5 = RM 2500(accomodation & pocket money) cannot tahan,my income on RM 4000 gross still headache,Now PTPN must payback,all bank untung....Last time in the 70's everyone can get scholarship JPA and plenty of job after finish education,now bumi like me must compete and we are on the loosing side not with non bumi but the government who has lots of income but dont give their people free education.What happen to the children got UITM but i think they should compete in the MMU and LKW and Petronas U...Got 7A's straight also difficult.

    With Petrol and TOL increase...i have to sell back my old house before bank lelong...why oh why sir..

  45. Everyone is in trouble.

    Pak Lah, Zaid, KJ, Ezam, and now the HOLE malaysians are in trouble.

    "Saya pantang di cabar!"

    But Anwar never ever cabar anyone though, and he is the One.

  46. Karim Raslan? Hmm..not there yet, not up to mark just yet. lots to learn...

  47. Anonymous11:51 am

    People say Anwar has changed big time from his earlier stances when in BN.
    Well I say not, He is walking a tight strategic rope, where he has so far successfully fought his foes and is bringing himself back to power.
    Once he is, he shall be himself.
    Obviously he wont betray both his religion and race.
    There are DAP looneys and others who think Malaysia will turn into Taiwan overnight.. Dream on!!

  48. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Guys, you don't seem to see the problem in a wider perspective.

    The commentaries basically imply that the mindset of the Malay heartland is the root of the problem, not Anwar. Not just it is said these voters refused to crawl out their outdated ideas of Ketuanan Melayu, they want to perpetuate it without any sense of logic.

    The fact of the matter is that these people benefit the most of UMNO's policies and are essentially sheltered from the ravages of declining quality of life in urban areas. It would probably take a huge economic crash to have them change their mind.

  49. Wow, we are fighting tooth and nail because of some Singaporean newspaper. Wonder why they are picking on him.

    Just read in today's NST ( something positive comes out ) piece by Raja Idris and Helen that confirms that the intend of the special priviledge is temporal - : "review of the special position of the Malays 15 years after independence." It was subsequently removed. That really brings perspective to this discussion.

  50. Anonymous9:45 am


    Hang percaya lah cakap si Anwar ni. Dia punya main mission is only to be the PM of Malaysia and only thru Umno.

  51. Anonymous9:47 am

    afaik, neither anwar nor pkr have come out to refute the commentaries in the spore straits times.

    u may not like the singaporeans for "poking their noses" into malaysia's internal politics, but in this specific case, karim raslan is a well-known malaysian commentator on current affairs. and cheong suk-wai, a senior writer with the spore straits times, is a malaysian from penang, where her parents still live.

    so, it's malaysians writing about developments in malaysia - in this particular instance.

  52. Whatever that were said about Anwar... Believe me... Anwar is needed now than ever for Malaysia, just as Obama who is much needed for the USA.... a drastic fundamental change is required to eradicate all corruptions in Malaysia...

    The government servants are pid so lowly... no wonder they have to find 'other resources' to supplement their insufficient incomes....

    They should be paid high enough so that they don't have to fall into the trap of corruptions in order to support their families....

    Malaysia is so rich with natural resources, but there still lots of poor people still trying to make a decent living daily.

    So, what happened to all those money that was supposed to be used to support the lower income groups???

    Some people are pocketing these money while those who deserve to get them were left behind....

    So, where's the justice in Malaysia???

    That's why we need someone like Anwar to overturn these unfortunate 'events'...

    May God Bless Malaysia...