Monday, May 12, 2008

They weren't Najib's words

A Wiki "fact" (click here):
"In 1987, as UMNO Youth Chief, Najib defended special Malay privileges in a speech where he vowed to bathe the keris (Malay dagger) with Chinese blood. Shortly afterwards, the government launched a crackdown on extremist elements, termed Operation Lallang although Najib was not detained. At the same rally, banners were hoisted carrying phrases such as "revoke the citizenship of those who opposed the Malay rulers", "May 13 has begun" (referring to the May 13 racial riots in 1969), and "soak it (the keris) with Malaysian Chinese blood"."
Now, did Najib, who was the Umno Youth leader back in 1987, really say he was going to "bathe the keris with Chinese blood", or is someone using Wikipedia to fix the DPM?

Blogger Pasquale says here he did not remember Najib ever saying it. Unless someone can prove him wrong.

update, noon
A fuming AMLG defends Dr Khir Toyo's on-line poll that puts Najib (13%) far behind Muhyiddin (49%) and Ku Li (33%) in the race for Umno president, replacing Pak Lah. The blogger told Pasquale that you can't fix the outcome of these on-line surveys.
Me, I don't see the point of fighting over the results of the survey. Badawi has said he's defending his position, so I don't see how any of these guys can get meet the qualifying quota even if they agree to enter the ring.
But if you want to cast your vote, what the heck! Go h e r e. Three days before the closing date.


  1. He can bath all he want...darah babi ke, darah mongolia ke, darah nasi kankang ke....

    Sendiri mandi, sendiri mahu the end you are gonna be MANDI MAYAT before you meet the all mighty. Then there will be no chance for any denials of your such thing as `I was misquoted'.

    A reminder to us all.

  2. Najib is not a fanny like his little tinkerbell cousin.

  3. It is not easy to prove who said. But, who provoked?

  4. Anonymous7:40 am

    Does it really matter if Najib, said it or not? It was 30 years ago, people change. There has been too many scandals allegedly tied to Najib such, the khalwat allegations, The mongolian allegations, The defence allegations, the National Service allegations. All these, mite be visious allegations, but do we need a leader with such baggage? The anwser must be NO.In over three decade being in the govt, what has Najib done for the people? What were the legislations, he has been passionate on? What are the causes, this man had championed for? OFFhand people in the streets may not know, just like they dont know if the allegations are vicious lies or the truth. If UMNO wants to break from the past, they need to give the people a new deal, not one laced with threaths, but that of stability and prosperity. The solution can be found in Johor. The man is Muhiddin Yasin, yes, he who some allege, that a former PM once said was the richest Menteri Besar. Why Muhiddi? Well because he got balls, people are not antagonised by him, and also because he was partly responsible for the setting up of that whakky port called PTP, the port that stole some of Singapore port's biggest clients. He is business friendly. As they say , Iev often told the story abt the way, i live the life of a drifter waiting for the day....

  5. Anonymous7:42 am

    The essential thing, Rocky, regardless of whether he uttered those words himself or not, is that he addressed a rally which had banners that were hateful or implied violence against other Malaysians and he did not criticise these banners or chastise its use.

    If Najib was truly Malaysian prime-ministerial material, he would have said that what Lee Kim Sai commented was insensitive and inappropriate and has no place under the Malaysian sun if unity and harmony is the linchpin of Malaysian society, while at the same time he should have criticised those "soak the kris with Chinese blood" and other banners , pointing out that such hateful attitude towards the non-Malay population in general is unwarranted, is not the way to go, and cannot be accepted also.

    Unfortunately, instead of berating Lee Kim Sai and calling for unity, Najib proceeded to capitalised on hateful sentiments.

    So what then are Najib's operating principles and personal motives? Is Najib thus suitable to take up the role of prime minister for all Malaysians?

    This is the crux.

  6. Anonymous7:43 am


    i recall that being there for sometime now like maybe almost 1 or 2 years if I'm not mistaken? i'm curious why nobody in DPM camp or in UMNO for that matter have corrected the info? isn't Wiki sorta open access? I may be mistaken on that last point.

    i think one possible way to verify this is to check the archives of our local and foreign newspapers. i think the rally was covered widely right?

  7. Anonymous8:06 am

    Even if Najib is innocent, the damage is done. There are a number of unscrupulous so-called Malaysians who will say and do anything for their own and others nefarious ends.
    The technique of present-day journalism is to attack and smear first and it will stick no matter what. It's sad but that is how the system works. That is why politicians are so dependent on spin doctors.

  8. Anonymous8:24 am

    Ask Pasquale to ask Najib what the latter said in the Stadium in Kampong Bahru in 1987!!!!

  9. Salam Brader,

    1. I think they are Hero in PWTC only.

    2. Out side they are Tikus

    3. Anyway I suggest they can replace Keris with 'Chop Stick'

  10. Anonymous8:25 am

    who coined the phrase 'PENDATANG",
    There are other sources, you may be able to purge the archives of nst but BRO YOU HAVE CONTACTS WITH singapore nst, go check.

  11. Anonymous8:45 am

    Does not remember something being said, does not mean it was never said.

    I do not remember it either. Wiki isn't exactly a very reliable source. It is a good reference, though, but not reliable. Anyone can create his/her own wiki.

  12. Anonymous9:16 am

    Guess who wrote that article?

    That pr*ck called Johnleemk.

    He has been doing constant Malay bashing in blogs for a very long time already.

    By the way he is just belasan tahun, young kid with so much hatred.

  13. Hello Bro Rocky,

    Can you or Pasquale show me how to reject or approve vote from blogspot?

    His story just rubbish. I dont know why you must link with him unless u have something...

    Funny my friend?

  14. Here's a question. If someonewere to call your wife or mother a whore to your face what would you do? I know I would punch him bad on the face for saying that and willing to face the consequence. MCA Lee Kim Sai, as a responsible leader then, should have refrain from saying what he said to prompt Umno Youth leader then to react the way he did. But Najib did not say those "words" but he did say to "ganyang Lee Kim Sai" that I remember. If I am that leader at that point in time I would have say "turns Lee Kim Sai into a hogwash (MaAkanan babi)"
    On other note Rocky, you still entertain more anti-Najib commentors in your blog on the subject.

  15. Anonymous9:48 am

    Dear Brother Rocky, we know you are a famous blogger, but Pl. Enough is enough lah. WHY only put the negative spotlight on our leaders? What is Najib sin to you? Did he borrow your money or ever bad mouth your family?

    Please use the blogging for something useful, like asking Malaysians to reflect on ourselves on whats happening in Myanmar?
    How fortunate we are compared to them?

    You dont have to add fan on the burning fire. Yes, yes, we get it. You all dont need UMNO anymore. BUT please at least respect UMNO on its 62nd anniversary. History cannot be changed. UMNO, you and your friends like it or not did do something to the nation and to the Malays including you directly or indirectly.

    We are all the products of NEP. May be not so rich like Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim or the rest of them, but we are..all the efforts of MARA, UiTM, all that were done to put us, the Malays at least at par with the rest of the Malaysian. So that we have more smarts Malays like you, to even out the Professionals which the Malays were far left behind, remember those days??Lest we pretend to forget.

    We, the silent majority, we are aware of your hatred towards the Establishment. Tough we are sad that the smart, easy going Malays especially those born with everything around them, that they feel UMNO is not important or no need for it anymore.

    UMNO, the government. They are trying to correct themselves. Give them the chance. They are human just like us. Why not you compliment the Good announcements the PM did recently for the nation?? Why didnt you hightlight them in your blog? You brother are fighting for Justice..isnt it?

    This blogger provoke this, that blogger intigate that. Whats gonna happen to the younger generations of Malaysians? Have you ever given it a thought?

    Do you all really like to see our youths growing up with sure burning hatred in their hearts, vengence, suspicious of each other, intolerance attitudes towards each other for the next generations to come. Do you?

    You brother Rocky, a 'wise' man, an experience journist, answer this with all honesty and sincerity.

  16. Anonymous9:57 am

    Amazing isnt it... how Malaysians always end up looking back, living on past glories.
    As for Pasquale, I would refrain from posting a comment on his site for obvious reasons. And please note, when one "draws reference to the coin...", there are three sides to a coin!
    However, his narration of "himself and three other journalists" not being able to hear what was being said that weekend (a Saturday?) afternoon, may or could be attributed to the fact the foursome (pardon the pun) may have positioned themselves along Jalan Dr Latiff on the north side of the stadium, where stands the GHKL Pediatric department - Rumah Kayu. For the record, the stage where oratory skills were uttered from was erected on the south side of the stadium near its entrance along Lorong Raja Muda opposite that famed warung makan food court. The authorities (the plainclothes and red topped) deemed it necessary that Indians and Chinese were denied entry for security reasons. And this included the reporters from Star, NST, Sin Chew, Thung Pau, Nanyang, Berita Harian, China Press, Shin Min, Kwong Pao, MM and UM. Armed with their Mobira (talkman & cityman), Hotline, Motorola 8800 and Art 900, they took up positions.
    (Long before the Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon series, reporters were lugging aroung those 10 pounder mobile phone, literally lethal weapons).
    Situated within hearing distance, the reporters and their minders (those plainclothes) parked themselves at the warung and relayed what was being uttered. It was a weekend and the Chinese media had the evening street edition to consider.
    At the height of fiery speeches, rumours were rife that trouble was expected. I dont see the wisdom in looking up MSM archives, because nothing said saw daylight. And those days, cassettes were the two inch Sony MC60 models. wonders how many of those still remain (winks!). The following day, Adam Jaffar unleashed his fury in Chow Kit, and was captured Monday afternoon by two army big wigs and Zaman Khan along Jalan Raja Alang. How and why he became a household name still bewilders me! And after all this drama, was the ISA crackdown! Why are we being taken down memory lane, I ask Pasquale! What's the motive in raising these issues over blogs...wasnt RPK's ordeal enough? As for me, I just putting on record the chain of events!

  17. Anonymous9:58 am

    Keris, parang or chopsticks.. them are only fighting words.

    Its a free world and VK Lingam can say anything he wants, same like Karpal and Eng Guan.

    Pak can say one thing, do a 180 and then do something else.

    Pak Lah says he in control and his family's wealth was achieve on their own merits. Karpal says he only interpreting the law and Eng Guan say he will abolish NEP/NDP.

    Talk is cheap, like what I (and all of you) am doing here on this blog. The real test will be when its time to do what what you say.

    The Chinese, Indians and Neo-Malays can say what they want but when it comes time to act, the real Malays will protect and enforce the sovereignty and the governing of Malaysia, by the Malays themselves.

    Maybe one day when the majority Malaysians are half breeds and and mixed bloods with new blend of western influenced Pan Asian culture, and the Malays will no longer in a position to rule the country, things can change.

    Till that day comes, we be stuck living under the Malay rule.

    Don't like? Leave... Find a more meaningful place to live. We have millions of migrant workers here in this country because they feel this country is a better place to be. Want to bitch so much, comparing Singapore and other countries.. tak payah.. just go there if you think those are better places to live.

    For most of you, no need to get PR from Australia. Pergi ambil citizenship terus. You might even get elected as representative there if you talk and bitch loud enough!

  18. In 1987 UMNO rally
    Banners were raised
    Slogans seditious in nature
    The youth chief soaked it in

    The bogeyman oh the Chinese
    Always the brunt of UMNO
    When talking about sharing of wealth
    In the economic pie

    Najib should answer
    Today of what he said 30 years ago
    Has he forgotten about it?
    The youth of the time
    Now the aged and wise politician

    Yet the baggage he carries
    It is heavy now though he never said
    The truth will always set one free
    Into the light……….

    Operation Lallang hundreds were rounded up
    Najib escaped the dragnet…………….
    Did he learn when Dr M let him go?
    Others spent time in detention

    UMNO died in the same year
    Quickly it was set up as UMNO Baru
    So the old baggage got carried through
    Choking the party all the way

    The arrogant of the UMNO leaders
    They don’t learn even till today
    They still talk about the glorious years
    They don’t mentioned warmly about other races
    Knitting together to march forward
    Getting independence and a new nation is born

  19. Yeah... he said it alright...that incident ws only 21 years ago la, not 30 years...

    And he was not alone in doing this, in fact the others had fanned the atmosphere to point of being that the TPCA Stadium was supposed to be the remake of the a la May 13 launching pad to lynch sombody or some group of people.

    Mat Taib was among those who were there to "lend support" and support they did, to the point of being culpable...there was a banner in the background which had an image of a keris drippping with blood...

    Lee Kim Sai was to be blamed also for his hard words had "offended" the Malay leaders. These blokes were retaliating to that...

    Hey, i was there reporting the rally for Bernama...

  20. Anonymous10:17 am

    LOL it's not fair to let Najib to be PM cause i voted BN not because of Nagib lol!!! TO be fair to all the malaysia let the rakyat choose the PM... Shortlist : Anwar, Nagib, Lim Guan Eng, Muhiddyin.. all malaysian vote again!!!

    Pak lah, ingat betul2, kalau nagib jadi pm then BN mesti kalah teruk dalam pilihanraya depan....

  21. Anonymous10:25 am

    Rocky, two questions:

    (1) Your title ("They weren't Najib's words" -- is that a question or a statement of fact?

    (2) Is Wikipedia the first and only source of this alleged statement, or has it been raised elsewhere and in the past, and so is it fair to say that the statement is unsubstantiated purely for the reason that it appeared on Wikipedia?

  22. Anonymous10:27 am

    we dont want a prime minister who promotes violence. there is enough of it already in the streets - robbery, rapes, child pornography..... so please!!!! all those kris wielders please do away with them. i am sick of all these opportunists in malaysia. if they really want to promote malay heritage and symbols there are one thousand and one other ways to do it. kerises, leave them tot he sultans they are ones who are really mulia to uphold such a great symbol.

  23. Anonymous10:32 am

    The person who used the term PENDATANG is Anwar Ibrahim. He started that "Balik Tongshan" trend. He is a racist when he called the Chinese PENDATANG and said that if the chinese are not happy, the chinese can go back to tong shan! For that, I will never ever give him my suport. I never believe a racist can be rehabilitated or changed. It is a deep set thinking in them nurtured from young! That, my friends, cannot be changed at all....

    As for Najib, well, I cannot say for sure that he did say those words or not but I am sure there are many ways to confirm if he did say it. If he didnt say such remarks, I am sure he will be actively instigating police action on anyone who quote him saying those words. We will have plenty of Sedition people in jail! But since that is not happening, I can only speculate that perhaps he did say those words?!

    For these people, I pray everyday that their last few years on earth will be full of suffering, agony and pain. Death infact will be a relief for them.

  24. Anonymous10:39 am

    Wow..they are really good aren't they..
    First cigar girl, then RPK and now Wikipedia. And the former 2 cases involved the Polis.
    Kesian la Najib sape boley bagi 'protection' sekarang ni ye...

    Sudah la ABC, lu pegi cari itu olang2 buat banner 'natang' bawa pegi polis.Itu lagi baru punya celita.Kita Sultan sudah kasi olang hantam lu suka ka.Sana kena hantam, Perak kena hantam. Atau lu suka ini Malaysia mau kasi jadi RM ..Republic of Malaysia .First President RM-Anwar Ibrahim, Deputy President RM- Lim Guan Eng.Sama macam USA lorr. Itu macam baru semua betut lu suka kaa ABC.
    Bolo punya olang..

  25. Anonymous10:40 am

    Why rocky, after you met Khairy , you brought out this past things against DS Najib? Have you been bagged by KJ? Probably to offset your pending case brought against you by NSTP? You are playing to the tune of DSAI and KJ, bro. Don't let people loose respect on you, bro. Sekali jumpa KJ dah ubah stance!!!!

  26. Anonymous10:46 am

    "I don't remember", Najib.

    End of story.

  27. Anonymous10:50 am

    whats there to rpoe. just ask najib.

  28. Broder,

    With so many issues keliling pinggan ... indeed he is not fix for DMP and don;t even think abt PM.

    Pls remembered what have happenned to Anwar 10 year ago ..... a man who has been victim by the charges of "Sodomy" and cashless "corruption" ... the relese of the Lingam clip ... it is confirmed how ugly it is in Umno.

  29. Anonymous11:13 am

    pasquale said he doesn't remember najib uttering those words. so how much weight should we lend to it since it boils down to his memory and how good or bad it is? it would be different if he said that najib DID NOT say those words. i don't think we are anywhere nearer to the truth. not that i'm defending najib, mind you.

  30. Rocky if someone call you mother or my mother a whore in front of my face what would you do? I don't know about you but I know I will punch him bad on the face. Lee Kim Sai spit at the Malays and the Umno youth chief at that point in time had to do something, by "menganyang politically" Lee Kim Sai but Najib did not say what he was accused of saying.

  31. Anonymous11:23 am

    Well said anon.

    We have to break from the past.... and certainly don't need a leader with "baggages".

    Similarly, we don't need new "youth" leaders like Kerismudin or khari-rimau that only copied the empty rhetoric of almost all past leaders for personal political agenda.

    Fellows, please Keep to your Malaysia for All agenda. You are being drag into the same old Ux-No propaganda of racial issue.

  32. Rocky if someone call you mother or my mother a whore in front of my face what would you do? I don't know about you but I know I will punch him bad on the face. Lee Kim Sai spit at the Malays and the Umno youth chief at that point in time had to do something, by "menganyang politically" Lee Kim Sai but Najib did not say what he was accused of saying.

  33. Anonymous11:31 am

    It has been documented and called HISTORY. You can't change HISTORY.

    You may have changed textbook but you can't change history. Said and wrote as you may, facts remained facts.

    If only OLD things are relevant, Malaysia will never move forward.

    Wake Up!

  34. "The police will interview reporters who covered Bukit Gelugor Member of Parliament Karpal Singh over his statement allegedly questioning the power of the Sultan of Perak." That is what today's Star says.

    Fair enough, Karpal questions the power of the Sultan of Perak.

    But Badawi, our Prime minister objected to and took on the power exercised by the sultans of Perlis and Terengganu. Not only that, he insisted on he being right adn dragged on the Terengganu for 19 days undermining the autriity of the Sultan who is also the Agong.

    And not a whimper over this. The police are only making asses of themselves going on about this if they at the same time cannot make any statement about Badawi's intransingence.

  35. Anonymous11:57 am

    Chow Kit Cowboy,
    "I don't remember", Najib.
    "doesn't remember najib uttering those words" - said pasquale.
    "MAYBE he didn't said it"- MCA
    "THEY WEREN'T NAJIB'S WORDS" ROCKY'S BRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I can faintly remember Najib and Mohamad Rahmat used inflammatory words at the that illegal UMNO Youth gathering in 1988.
    I am not sure of the exact words but they were "seditious" all the same. I am positive about that.
    I have hated this guy and Mohamad Rahmat since that day.

  37. Anonymous12:05 pm

    I was a schoolboy in KL during that incident. I had many Malay classmates who were good friends. Some of them were children of the UMNO elite and one or two of them was present at the rally.
    Yes, Najib did what they say he did, to the astonishment of my young friends.

  38. Lattest from the star online :

    Over 30 Barisan MPs have decided to cross over, says PKR Sabah chief

    Parti Keadilan Rakyat is in “real” discussions with Barisan Nasional Members of Parliament (MPs) to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat.

    “The discussions are on. They are very real. Over 30 Barisan MPs have decided to join the opposition coalition. The opposition only need 30 more MPs from Barisan to form the federal government. It is only a matter of time,” said PKR Sabah liasion chief Ansari Abdullah.
    He dismissed Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s claim that PKR was only playing politics with their statements about Barisan MPs ready to cross over to the Pakatan Rakyat.

    “At this very moment, there are Barisan MPs in discussion with our leaders in Kuala Lumpur and some have also talked to me,” Ansari told reporters here yesterday.

    He said that Najib’s claims that PKR statements was just a political gimmick was his own reading, unlike former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who had a better understanding of the political situation in the country.

    edyes wrote:

    Wow... its awesome !!

  39. Anonymous1:03 pm

    TAMBUN said:

    my boss always like to say these words:

    "Tau takpe"

  40. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Read a comment on Pasquale on KMU describing his posting as stupid.

    Yeah lah, why talk of issues that raise temperature. Best kept away than be reminded off.

    For Pasquale's detractors, there is someone out there in blogosphere standing up to his habitual moronic calling.

    Read Blogger UMNO Pemalas dan Bodoh.

    Gaduh gaduh gaduh !!!

  41. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Apasal Pasquale dok menyalak tak tentu hala kat sini?

    his memory is about as reliable as Samy Vellu's wig in a category-F5 tornado, especially given his hero worship of Najib...ini "halo" effect ni, is whats goin on.

    by the way guys, nevermind wiki, i just found the reference to Najib's hate speech on Asia Times online.

    link here:

    enjoy...sekarang amacam Pasquale? you gonna say anwar planted that info? jangan merapu ler.

  42. Anonymous1:11 pm

    oh by the way, najib just dropped 1% point down to 12%, in toyol's blog. LOLZ!!!

  43. Anonymous1:34 pm

    with that moron pasquale/rusdi as his "frontman" - najib actually doesn't need political enemies.

    sokong pasquale membawa rebah. hahaha!

    kesian najib!

  44. I don't understand why Najib has a great father but he himself doesn't behave like one???
    His father Tunku Abdul Razak was well behave and earns full respects from all of us and our elders but not his son...
    His father was once a good friend with Mao Ze Tung (if I am not mistake) and Teng Siow Peng. Why can't he follow's his father's steps and pride??
    Poor fellow he is....shame on him totally disgrace...........

  45. Anonymous2:23 pm

    in other words:

    karpal singh kata:
    pijak mayat aku dulu kalau mahu negara ini dijadikan negara islam.

    guan eng kata:
    nep akan dihapuskan

    lim kit siang kata:
    malaysia malaysian

    haji hadi kata:
    masuk umno jadi kafir

    nik aziz kata:
    tuhan mencarut

    mahathir kata:
    melayu mudah lupa

    paklah kata:
    jom tidur jean

    anwar ibrahim kata:
    aku akan jadi perdana menteri

    khairy kata:
    bloggers macam kera dan beruk?


  46. Why is it that in the case of 1989 as the case of 1969 it is always UMNO's fault. UMNO organizes rally thus they are the bunch of crazy rabid racist people out to kill other races.


    I had always believe that it takes two hands to produce a clap. Are we saying the UMNO suddenly decided to rally and shout slogans? Are people from DAP or other parties were merely settling at home sipping their coffee when out of the blue Najib Rallies throngs of young Malay men into anger. This does not make sense, none at all.

    It's fun and easy for most commenters here blame one party and put a full stop on it. Najib is evil he was out to kill the chinese period!

    Now not only have we no proof of the fact that Najib never said the word that SO MANY HERE SAYS he did most of you here aren't really interested in facts or debates. Most of people here have already fixed mind regarding a person they hear from rumours in the Internet regardless of any fact checking. Which is why I, who still reads Malaysia Today reserve my support towards RPK. I had lost confidence in him when he failed to answer the allegation he made regarding Agendadaily.

    Now back to the main Question, who can prove that Najib held a keris and shouted that he will bathe the chinese blood on it?? Because this statement has been around the internet and blogs a whole lot whenever we talk about Najib.

  47. Anonymous3:30 pm

    if one runs his political platform anchored to race supremacy, thats the outcome isnt it? 50 years from now, it aint gonna change if this country is run by bigots who espoused domination.

  48. Anonymous4:11 pm

    To anonymous Keris, parang or chopsticks ... wah, so garang ah? People criticize because it is productive. Obviously you have never been criticized, that's why you cannot handle, sad case you are. Don't worry, the non Malays are leaving by the droves, go check foreign embassies. China will be the place to be in 10 years time, all Chinese parents are making sure their kids know Chinese. Then, you and the likes of you will be left to stir whatever s*#t there is left in peace and tranquility. Last time I was there, Myanmar was very nice and quiet too.

  49. Anonymous4:28 pm

    When Malaysia has to many morons like PASQUALE blindly polishing his boss this is what will happen in meantime
    Prof Jayakumar 'quietly confident' of Pedra Branca verdict. The Straits Time. May 12, 2008

  50. Anonymous4:59 pm

    There was in a movie sometime ago where the bouncers' Boss told his subordinates not to simply punch a guy regardless of what the guy says.

    Then the subordinate said, "What if the guy says your mother is a whore?"

    The Boss (Patrick Swayze) replied, "Well, is she?"

    I could be wrong, and it was only a movie.

  51. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Despite the recent charges of sedition against Raja Petra and Syed Akhbar, and the possible charge against Karpal Singh, there are still brave souls exposing allegedly racial statements made by our DPM. This agurs well for the nation, it will come out of this political turbulence stronger.

  52. If I'm not mistaken, he did say it. I remember watching The Big Durian and Amir showed an old newspaper cutting with Najib saying the Keris thing.

    I maybe be wrong and I don't have the DVD with me now.

  53. Anonymous8:01 pm

    to me...that pasquale is just a racist psychopath...

  54. Rocky below is what I sent to my answer in Bahasa Melayu.
    To encapsulate I just said such voting on Khir Toyo blogsite the result can be easily manipulated. I sat at BSC today for twenty minutes and "voted" for Najib via my laptop nine times and all I have to do is to go to tools and clear my private data then check cookies refresh by pressing F5 and then I voted again, nine times. So some people get angry because I called them morons but how else can I described them, eh! Below is the Bahasa version that I have sent. Hey! Letih lah dengan Melayu ni! Dengan Karpal Singah tak berani suruh minta maaf kerna takut menguris hati kaum bukan Melayu!

    Tadi saya duduk di Bangsar Shopping Centre,lepas itu saya ambil laptop saya kemudian saya pergi ke Khir Toyo punya blogsite dan saya mengundi Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak sembilan kali di dalam ruang "siapa akan menganti Pak Lah sebagai PM".
    Bagaimana saya boleh mengundi sembilan, sebagai contoh, saya pergi ka "tools" kemudian saya klik "clear private data" kemudian saya chek "cookies" kemnudian saya picit "F5" untuik refresh kemudian saya undi sekali lagi sampai sembilan kali. Kesimpuilan nya undi saperti yang keluar di dalam blog Khir Toyo di mana Muhyiddin Yassin dan Tengku Razaleigh dapat undi banyak memang boleh dan senang di manipulasi kan. Itu sahaja!Q JIka saya menguris hati hati bangsa Melayu saya, saya mohoh maaf dan juga dengan saya mengunakan perkataan "Toyol moron" sekarang kamu di KMU pergi gosok gigi, basuh kaki dan pergi lah tidur!

  55. Anonymous8:34 pm


  56. Anon of 948am admonished Rocky for bringing up such a piece. After all he said, "We are all the products of NEP."
    If NEP is all that matters, I am sure the objectives of NEP could be achieved without the NEP. And above NEP need not be implemented in such a way that only when the Chinese blood flows will ensure its success.

    Now with Hindraf, are we going to include the Indian blood as well.

    The Geo-political equation has changed. If there is another May 13 I am not sure it would turn out to be like the last one.

    There are other more effective ways to achieve equality.

    If its achievement could only depend on the flow of blood then I am sure its not only the Chinese blood that will flowing this time.

  57. This is very exhausTing. You said this, he said that! HISTORY IS NOT WHAT IS WRITTEN. IT IS WHAT HAPPENED.

    Chill, people, cut out the sabre rattling. Let's live...tomorrow gonna be a fine day.....unless some jackass make it otherwise.

  58. Anonymous9:17 pm

    that pasquale... birds of one feather... eat, drink & shit najib... 24x7

  59. Anonymous9:17 pm

    In 1988, serving as education minister, Anwar Ibrahim ordered the appointment of a group of non-Chinese-speakers to run a number of state-funded Chinese primary schools, which many construed as a government-led conspiracy to erode and destabilise Chinese language education that were close to the heart of the community.

    In response, Chinese political parties, including MCA, another BN-affiliated party known as Gerakan, and the opposition DAP, and a handful of powerful Chinese civil-society groups staged a 2,000-strong public protest.

    UMNO Youth, as always is the norm with their fascist neo-Nazi background in championing racial supremacy, retaliated with a counter-rally of 15,000 Malays in central Kuala Lumpur and its then acting chief, now deputy prime minister, Najib Tun Razak, in a widely documented speech threatened to bathe his keris, or Malaysian dagger, in Chinese blood, resurrecting fears of the country's bloody race riots of 1969 when the Alliance (precursor to UMNO/BN) party then lost big.

    Anwar Ibrahim, who headed the UMNO Youth before Najib, many now note had earlier warned the Chinese against demonstrating "because others can demonstrate as well." Such partisan sentiments does not go down well with the Chinese community as they were forced to swallow their pride; and to these very days, and if Anwar wishes to succeed now, he must first need to convince the ethnic Chinese community, especially among the older generation of voters, that he has genuinely changed his political stripes. It won't be easy. That's because Anwar was a primary figure in the race-based political crisis that then-premier Mahathir brought to an oppressive conclusion with the launch of Operasi Lallang to stifle political dissent.

    The rest as everybody is wont to say, is history. Hopefully, those wretched UMNO goons or myopic nationalists in the Ministry of Education will not distort and twist the facts in our blighted history books all over again. Not unsurprisingly, they never learn, to begin with.

    NOTE: Please refer link here:

  60. And so we are now down to arguing the significance of online poll results, are we?

    Online poll surveys are always skewed, irrespective whether they can be manipulated or not. It depends on how the question is structured and which website or blog hosts the poll. For example, if Jeff Ooi puts a poll on his blog asking whether LGE is doing a better job as Penang CM compared to Dr. Koh, the result would be an obvious no brainer. To me, such polls are nothing more that self-serving ego boosters.

    Pasquale himself knows this when he says, `Next week I will place a similar survey on my blogsite on who will be most likely to succeed Pak Lah as PM and then we shall see the result.'

    What the poll result at Khir Toyo's blog show is that more of his readers are Muhyiddin supporters, that's all.

  61. Anonymous9:59 pm

    @ Gurindam Jiwa:


  62. Zorro,

    Don't worry, the sun will still rise in the east and set in the west.

    As the saying goes, to have peace, prepare for war.



  63. Anonymous10:49 pm


    Pasquale, ur assumption is that Muhiyiddin and Ku Li supporters are also like you and sit around at some mall and vote for their man 9 times.

  64. So can we have the proof that Najib did say those things now before we jump on the neo nazi facist supremacy bullshit and actually show something solid instead?

  65. Arrest him and try him as they tried RPK and are attempting to try Karpal Singh. What about the people who dishonour the Sultan of Terengganu by calling him BINATANG? What happened to them? Still no arrest?

  66. Anonymous9:24 am

    Go take bath to cool down the temperature..

    Today is MAY the 13th..

    We do not need anymore of this idiots to provoke & propagate such madness..

    On 2nd thought, after seing some of the morons here keep on fueling the flame, let us all play fire & hell burn to ashes [sedition? hahaha...]

    enough lah crisis around the corner...

    Hmm....wiping out a number of population might be a good idea thought to balance the demand & supply...

    human survival...?

    Who need the 'middle men' in time of food crisis to monopolized the profit & dictate the selling price out of poor farmers sweat & tears ...

    be careful of what we wish for...

  67. "LOLZ!
    Pasquale, ur assumption is that Muhiyiddin and Ku Li supporters are also like you and sit around at some mall and vote for their man 9 times.
    10:49 PM"

    Actually LOLZ I did it to prove a point on why some Malay extremists pro Umno accused me of Kurang ajar for daring to criticise failed Selangor Medntri Besar Khir Toyo for his denial antic.
    I am not pro-Najib I am pro Malay but I can never be anti others. Yes when people called Pasquale a racist they are right of course, I am pro Malay that is because I am one. As oppose to some of my Chinese and Indian friends they are pro Indian and pro Chinese but I doubt if they hate the Malays!

  68. Anonymous12:43 pm

    What the hell. You think half of the things in wikepedia is true? Read up about Abdullah in wikepedia and tell me whether it's biased or not.

    I bet they are people getting paid to update bad things about whoever on wikipedia, and in that case maybe blogs too.

    So people beware. Be aware.

  69. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Pandai si Pasquale. Dah pandai tu, pergilah ke BSC balik dan naikkan kedudukkan Najib dalam semua survey.

    Cetakkan survey ini dan hantar ke pejabat DPM. Tunjukkan bahawa Najib lebih popular dari yang sebenar di blog2.

    Mudah-mudahan kamu dipuji. Kalau nasib tak baik, kamu di panggil bahalol dan otak kecik!

    Kutuk Melayu macam diri tu hebat sangat. Kalau hebat, taklah budi bahasa macam setannnn!

    Giler babi penyokong Najib.

  70. edited version. flyer168

    Dear Rocky,

    Today is May 13 2008, so let us all look back....& take note.

    No one race is better than the other cos we are all in this badly listing ship TOGETHER !

    Gods created this universe with its diverse nations, etc & beings as innocent & pure with a basic universal norm as mentioned in all religious text.

    This universe has enough for everyones’ need but not GREED !

    Then Man intrepeted those basic norms to be better, etc & now blame God for Man’s folly which has resulted in Global warming, disasters, etc

    There was nothing wrong with Malaysia, UMNO, MCA MIC,etc.

    Our Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, “Bapa Malaysia” & his 1st cabinet were all established Noble & Humble people (professionally, financially & socially with good family backgrounds) had NOBLE intentions for this nation & its people to achieve Independence from the Colonials.

    Everyone in general was of ONE mind - multi-cultural with no racial, cultural & religious barriers - it was a beautiful Malaya, then Malaysia where everyone were friendly & buddies - males, females, young & old !

    Since then.....WHERE DID WE GO WRONG ????

    Yes, “This universe has enough for everyones’ need but not GREED !”
    Man then created...& we the rayaat went along to support the need for the leaders.

    The cycle of soft to firm, autocratic leaders evolved as the rayaat chose them.

    When the job was done, the euphoria brought the leaders to the next level of confidence & firmness (to overconfidence, then autocratic & finally arrogant).

    The monster that the rayaat created becomes uncontrollable & refuses to accept/apologise - self denial !

    Everytime anyone points their finger at somebody, three fingers are pointed at themself - we are the cause of our problems (or rather allow it to happen).

    This happened in the Phillipines with Marcos, Indonesia with Suharto, Singapore with LKY & now it is at our doorsteps.

    Each & everyone of us have a choice to decide.

    I personally believe that ultimately God will anoint the True Leaders of this great nation not necessary from any party.

    Just look at YB LGE , God blessed him (which even he did not expect) for his suffering & abuse by Man in trying to help the Innocent.

    Let us all Malaysians be True Role models as a “Self-Made” Malaysian Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc at every level of profession & soceity. At every level, create your own circle of like minded friends & a new True Malaysian Asset will evolve....

    God created us all EQUAL - Attitude & hard work (in our skills) made us successful Malaysians - Law abiding, tax paying & peace loving without having to patronise anyone.

    It is our achievements through Blood, Sweat & Tears that speaks for itself.

    We do not need to envy the “Noveau Rich, etc” cos nothing beats success the HARDER way - No One Can Take It Away From Us & We Can Sleep Peacefully Every Nite!

    Let us “Self Made Malaysians” show this great nation one of its TRUE Assets. We are the Silent True voice of Malaysia who have toiled & walked our talk, 50 years on.

  71. Anonymous12:08 am

    What is stated in Wikipedia was perfectly correct. I was at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur together with many others when Najib Tun Abdul Razak uttered those words. This is the truth. He was the UMNO Youth Chief at that time taking over from Anwar Ibrahim.

    What started the litany of demonstrations--by DAP, MCA and UMNO was the Chinese language issue. But the real issue was UMNO problem after 1987 General Assembly. I remember MCA Youth led by Yap Pian Hon demonstrated outside the UM gate provoking many of us then. But Najib was making a hell of the issue. And now he is the DPM. I am not a Malay or Chinse or Indian. But what he did was very sad indeed coming from a political leader.

  72. flyer168,

    thank you for that; we forget sometimes, especially when sad, angry or livid with what has been going on for so long but it is good that now and then we are gently reminded of the fragility of where we are and the balance of what we had before.

    There hasn't been a single Malay leader who has stood up and defended the non-malays on the basis of fairness and justice. The Umno leadership in particular, and those who had risen from its Youth wings, are particularly guilty of splitting the peoples, creating tension, blaming others and getting away with it.

    This MUST stop.

    Najib shall be remembered for saying those words, and more tellingly, for not doing anything to rise above pedestrian politics to harmonise all citizens to what we had before. He remains a weak specimen of the worst.

    With the stigma and sensation over the case at present in addition to his deadpan non-humanistic insensitivity to the plight of the rakyat showing out despite all that sandiwara before the mainstream media, he should not be allowed to make the post.

    Just ask yourselves, wouldn't you show pained concern if your personal bodyguards had done what they did? And why was the prosecutors so fast in stopping the train of enquiry when his name was mentioned in court?

    This guy is all wrong.

    If we let him go up, it will only encourage others like him to make use of racial politics again to enflame the rakyat to work against one another. This is not the way we want anymore. That method has not worked, has caused all the problems of this country, and has enabled the politikus to cheat, steal, lie and kill.

    "Enough is enough". Let that be on the lips of everyone from now on. The Malays themselves must see what their leaders have done to them.

  73. Anonymous11:43 pm

    go to library search those newspaper 17 oct or 18 oct 1987, sure you can ensure that... if not malaysia paper can look for other asean country maybe can get that...

  74. Anonymous8:50 am

    It is easy for Najib to settle this argument once and for all and that no body should even be allowed to mention it at all.
    Go and swear on the Koran that he never said that. Just like the murder of the Mongolian lady the issue is now not an issue anymore until he is ready to face and answer to the Allah !