Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Istana vs Karpal

Selangor palace's wrath.
DAP's Karpal Singh may have taken on too many at one go. Wong Chun Wai has put up this posting:-

Royal rebuke against Karpal Singh

The Royal Court of Selangor, which met this morning. has issued a statement against DAP chairman Karpal Singh for purportedly saying that the Sultan of Selangor had interfered in the executive matters of the state. The report came out in the Malay Mail on May 6. In a strongly-worded statement from the Royal Court, which comprises elders of the palace, it regarded the statement by Karpal Singh as baseless and irresponsible.

Click here to read FULL STATEMENT from the Council.


  1. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Aper yang si Karpal cakap pasai Sultan Selangor??

    Citer tergantung, potong stim ler!

  2. eh, Rocky, I am sick of this sandiwara...the KING gets called a "BINATANG" by Umno members and everyone just keeps quiet?

    What is all this about???

    When is the Terengganu Palace coming out with a rebuke? Sudah dihina sebegitu rupa pun masih silent???

    When are the traitorous and kurang ajar, samseng, derhaka, pembelot to Melayu and KING, UMNO members going to be charged with SEDITION?

    Why are they so preoccupied with all this wayang kulit when the nation is facing BIGGER PROBLEMS?



  3. Ini Karpal the Lion is the total opposite of the lion in the Wizard of Oz...too much courage.
    Ada courage memang bagus tapi jangan jadi macam itu Scarecrow...otak tak ada. Sudah penat-penat cari itu promised land...sudah mau sampai tapi cari gaduh sama itu wizard. Malaysia punya Malay States ada wizards.
    Dorothy marah tau!! Already wearing her emerald shoes and dah walk on the yellow brick road (macam elton john!). Lu jangan lah upset the apple cart!! Maybe lu macam itu orang tua government baik berhenti sahajalah...bagi new blood...Judy Garland pun sudah mati!!!

  4. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Try to befriend the ghost rider YB..

    you already on burning hot wheels now..

    nobody gonna shed tears for you as a hero if you are burned to ashes for this trouble initiated by your own words...

    Sue them, sue every damn people over intimidation! Arghh... i'm so scared..! That's how lawyer play the game, eh...

  5. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Karpal should shut his gap.

  6. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Biar bebas ersuara atau menyoal sekiranya ada point yang mantap, walau dengan kerajaan mahupun raja, tapi jangan secara menghina.

    Sila baca kenyataan berikut:

    the Civil Society Initiative for Parliament Reform (CSI-Parliament) noted that “loyal opposition is a legitimate and necessary part of any system of democracy… including the constitutional monarchy”.

    “We strongly criticise the threatened use of the Sedition Act 1948 and… the accusation of treason against anyone who has a critical view of our political system, regardless of whether the person is a parliamentarian, a member of the royalty or an ordinary citizen,” the group said.

    The statement was signed by Dr Lim Teck Ghee, Wong Chin Huat, Edward Lee, Andrew Khoo and Haris Ibrahim.

    They further condemned the use of political tactics to manipulate different opinions on constitutional laws and position of Malay rulers into a “stand-off between the palace and the opposition”.

    Despite the crisis, CSI-Parliament expressed confidence that attempts by certain parties “to take advantage of this situation to promote ill will and hostility between races” would fail.

  7. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Perenggan-perenggan di atas adalah dipetik dari rencana Malaysiakini yang berikut:

  8. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Among members of the council are Tan Sri Mohd Azmi Kamaruddin, Tan Sri Abu Hassan Omar, Jeneral (Rtd) Tan Sri Mohd Hashim Mohd Ali, Tan Sri Syed Yusof Syed Nasir, Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Rauf and Datuk Paduka Raja Wan Mahmood Pawanteh.

    No wonder!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Another ploy by the pall bearers of BN to discredit and instill fear and hatred among the Rakyat. Don't they know when to stop cause the Rakyat from the east are also treading cautiously. BN goons have exhausted all avenues and they are playing royal sentiments. Why so much about blue bloods aren't they Parameswara's descendents the true Hindu Origins.

  10. Bro

    I can't recall Karpal making any statement about the Sultan of Selangor. Can you?

    Anyway, it's all very confusing.

    When BN Govt ran protests & removed Royal immunity, the AG disagreed with Sultans over appointment of MB's and BN supporters waved flags & banners against Sultan in Terengganu etc, no one was charged with Sedition.

    This gunning for Karpal is clearly political and the ususal BN championing of double standards.

    If the law cannot be applied impartially, then it should not be invoked at all! Especially, a law imposed by the Colonial British.

  11. Anonymous4:00 pm

    Why has Karpal decided to go to war with two of the most respected Sultans in Malaysia, Perak and Selangor ?

  12. Whether the Selangor Royal rebuke has merit or not merits testing.In the absence of any Royal rebuke of any BN personalities, except for the late Zakaria Deros, is the Selangor Royal household suggesting that there is nothing done or said by the BN, its leaders, and/or its members that warrant such a rebuuke?

    So if it is Karpal Singh, then can rebuke and treat him like a dog, more or less....but if it were UMNO and its members, then, royal household has to be careful la!

    I am certainly not trying to be seditious here. It is just that I am benchmarking Karpal's alleged offence to UMNO members' similar if not worse actions and statements.

  13. please no discrimination between malays and non malays

    when malays chide the royalty, no one questions them...... one of the hak istimewa is it ? to be allowed to chide and critisize your Raja ?

    when non malays chide the royalty all hell breaks lose.

    these are no longer Raja Raja Melayu......... they are Raja Raja Malaysia. All citizens here are the Raja's subjects, Malays, chinese, Indians, Ceylonese, Kadazans, Ibans etc etc.

    No one particular race can claim to be champions of the Sultans !!!

  14. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Hmm.... interesting development. One bomb too many being dropped to karpal. I know he's a lawyer and all, with enough spunk to counter every single argument coming his way, but I guess right now he has to learn the hard way to really think before he speaks.

  15. Anonymous6:00 pm

    Ibrahim Ali smoking in the Official Event! Not a good leader...

  16. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Berapa banyak Datuk Titles lah this Ah Wai guy wants ?

  17. Anonymous6:33 pm


    this is not a case of Kaduk Naik Junjung but simply want to create chaos to BN govt.

    In the end, semua rugi.

    Man-manlah Karpal

  18. Anonymous6:43 pm

    talk too little they say you are a pussy, talk too much, you are an ass.
    Pussy or ass you have to use your HEAD (or the other, whichever is convenient) before attempting to use these holes ha ha ha..
    more often than none people who kena seditious act always an ass. i guess they have no HEAD...auww..

  19. Salam Brader,

    1. Yang benar adalah benar. Yang salah adalah salah. Yang boleh adalah boleh dan yang tak boleh memang tak boleh.

    2. Jika apa yang Karpal lakukan itu boleh, tak salah dan benar maka Karpal no need to worried about it.

    3. But jika apa yang Karpal lakukan itu 'totally' is wrong that mean Karpal try to show he is not a great lawer but he try to show he is a 'Samseng'.

    4. Jika Karpal itu Samseng, maka ubatnya berada di Bkt Serene, J.Bharu? Mungkin suatu hari Karpal akan bertemu buku dengan ruas.

  20. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Whether he is right or wrong, Karpal should just exercise greater finesse and decorum.

    There is a good way of saying things and a baaaad way of saying things. Choose wisely Karpal.

    He should start by saying "Daulat Tuanku. Beribu-ribu ampuns. Hamba tuanku meminta izin tuanku memberi ceramah berkenaan dengan etc etc...". Savvy?

    Don't shoot from the hip. You are likely to miss and hit your foot.

  21. Anonymous8:19 pm

    I got REALLY SICK looking at the list of who's who in the 'Royal Council' - semua muka pembodek & penjilat a**h**... they all got fat paychecks for doing nothing! Do we need this for 21st century Malaysia? And all justifying their redundant positions in the name of protecting Malays! Go & fly kite lah! Just look around at the 'rakyat' kais pagi makan pagi... and these fat a**h**s are making this remark. Tak dak kerja lain ke lepas main golf?

  22. Anonymous8:28 pm


    All these UMNO goons think they can make a scapegoat of Karpal by putting all kinds of pressure on him to make the Malays hate him and turn this fiasco into a racial/religious circus. Maybe Karpal should just like low for a moment, let these UMNO goons exhaust themselves and their ruse would certainly backfire

  23. Anonymous8:29 pm

    errr...why the UMNO/BN bashing? I thought the rebuke came from the palace?
    Much as I dislike some poeple in UMNO, I have to say that UMNO is rebuked for just about anything under the sun.

  24. Anonymous8:38 pm




  25. Ratu England atau Ratu Inggeris ?

    Raja Melayu atau Raja Malaysia ?

    Keretapi Tanah Melayu atau Keretapi Malaysia?

  26. Kapal Singh, you only talk rubbish since you can never appreciate the special relationship that exists between the Sultans and the affairs of the Melayu and Islam; you just can’t because you are no Melayu. That is the lesson you get for dreaming that Malaysian Malaysia will rule the day. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong. For this insolence, you will be hounded and hounded until you are breathless and exasperated which is good for your old age and health in the wheel chair. Action speaks louder than words and we know where you always stand.

  27. Anonymous10:00 pm




  28. this is why i feel so privileged to be a Malay. i'm qualified to be an UMNO member and once i've got my membership card i am automatically protected by some kind of immunity. i'll get away with almost everything, including calling names like binatang to the Agong.

    too bad Karpal, you're not just a non-malay, you're crippled too.

  29. Anonymous11:18 pm


    Lets not forget the Mohd x 2 guy hor... Who apparent cheat and lie to HRH Sultan Selangor. Then to top it up, he blames it on the almighty.

    So, is that Derhaka and any anything much much more worst than any opinion raised by dear Mr Singh.

    I say, this media sensation aka Publicity are all hogwash created to spin everyone's attention on the real problem.

    - Corruption
    - Police brutality
    - Abuse of Power
    - C4
    - Lingam Chilli

    Pls bear that in mind..

  30. Let's all wear bifocal glasses
    So that we can see far and near
    Starting from the ground level grasses
    Right up to the heavenly dears without fear

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 120508
    Mon. 12th May 2008.

  31. Anonymous11:29 pm


  32. Anonymous11:39 pm

    this statement not signed by the sultan, so it might not be the view of the sultan ...

    if that is the case, these bunch of palace elders should be charged - of high treason for manipulating the royal court to propagate their ill intends.

    with recent developments & if umno is trying to turn the royalty into raja-raja umno, then the pr should speaks out & it is their obligations to defend the integrity of the royal households...

  33. Anonymous11:56 pm

    The whole issue about Karpal is a ploy by umno to stir up shit, which is what they are swimming in. There is no racial implications at all but these umno assholes are playing up the racial card. There is no way you umno shits can hide behind the Sultans and intimidate non Malays. The Sultans have more brains than SIL,Najib,Nazri, Mohammad Muhammed and Bodowi put together. We have not heard from the Sultans apart from these umno idiots running around making reports and threats. The leader of course is the useless TDM promoted Bodowi who stinks to high heaven and still thinks he has the citizens support. I wonder what he is smoking to have his brain so badly clouded. Come umno shits wake up, you are no longer wanted even by the Malays who are able to see through the smoke screens you are throwing up.

  34. To Lazerjuan : Hahahahahahahahahaha

    And SAMUEL GOH KIM ENG stop advertising your boring website!!

  35. Anonymous12:30 am


    Tadi kat TV Karpal Singh cakap dia PEGANG KERAS (samaada Lim Kit Siang, Manoharan atau Anwar Ibrahim) wow...

  36. The Palace has a right to rebuke Karpal if they perceive that what he said was a slight.

    But then again, Karpal has a right to say what he said if he felt that power separation lines were being crossed.

    Karpal says something, the Raja-raja say "No", Karpal says "Fine - this time", and all is well. Free speech has been successfully exercised.

    The only thing wrong about this whole debacle are the UMNOians politicising the issue and using it to stir the same old racial shit. So yes, UMNO bashing is spot on here.

    (Note: I am only assuming that the statement released has the sanction of the Sultan. Seeing that it came from the Royal Council, whose integrity is suspect... well, I reserve the right to change my tune later.)

  37. Anonymous3:12 am

    another rocky-balboa comeback fight by umno and barisan goons? how pathetic to clutch at a non-issue and turn it into a racial, religous, anti-Malay, anti-Sultan, and anti-royal fiasco.

    Karpal should stick to his guns and take the whole filthy shebang down the ketuanan melayu septic tank. this is another fabrication that umno manufactures as fact inorder to get mileage and support for its losing support among Malays and its Barisan cronies.

    this so-called fight for the Malays and royalty is not fooling anyone accept those Malays on the umno and barisan payroll. like slippery hyeanas on a crumbling mountain ridge these bloodlusty howling umnoputras long for the cresent moon to scoop them up to jenna.

    the heat is on and the umnoputras need a strong delusion to divert the eyes of the rakyat from the mounting filth and corrupt tradition that is been unearthed daily.

    this time the rakyat is not going to be distracted, and it will cause the whole pack to be swallowed up in the traps they set for others.

    it is time for all right-thinking malaysians to stand with Karpal so that royal sultans of swing won't overide the law and constitution of the country. after raping the country and its treasures, umno should not be allowed to subdue sultans to become their office boys.

    let us not remain silent with the double-standards practised by umno and its barisan concubines. they are blatantly guilty of humilating the royalty on various occasions and the sword should fall first on their corrupt heads before anyone else.

    let justice and the rule of law not be eclipsed by a corrupt umno-driven regime. stand up and overcome their on-going deceit and propaganda.

  38. Anonymous3:22 am

    kalau sebelum ini singh yang tidak pakai serban itu berkokok, ini dah sampai ke peringkat menyalak. dia terus memperalatkan diri demi memanjangkan talian hayat pucuk pimpinan umno/bn dan kerajaan. dan rakyat terus mengalihkan tumpuan mereka daripada isu atau krisis utama iaitu kelemahan kepimpinan dengan memberikan ruang untuk salakan singh yang tak pakai serban ini.

    Peranan Raja-raja Melayu di Malaysia boleh diibaratkan sebagai ayahanda kepada rakyatnya, tanpa mengira bangsa, kaum, agama serta kedudukan sosialnya. Jelas bahawa yang bukan rakyat itu adalah Raja-raja sahaja, jadi istilah yang kerap digembar-gemburkan "pemimpin bersama rakyat dsb." adalah tidak tepat. Pemimpin juga rakyat jelata. Penggunaan istilah sebegini adalah salah satu contoh kebongkakan orang UMNO yang memualkan pemilih selama ini.

    Sebagaimana sebuah rumah dan keluarga, peranan ayah adalah sebagai ketua yang akan bertindak adil khususnya dalam melindungi kepentingan anak-anaknya berpandukan Perlembagaan atau Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri masing-masing. Bukan sahaja anak-anak yang dijaga kebajikannya, malah haiwan, tumbuhan dan mukabumi juga turut dinaungi. Tidak ada ayah yang sengaja menzalimi atau menganiayai anak-anaknya dan segala yang terdapat di dalam rumah tangganya.

  39. Anonymous7:18 am

    Although Karpal Singh may be technically correct in raising the questions he did from a legal standpoint, he should have approached these issues with special sensitivity given that they involve the monarchs. A little more reverence and being extra nice to the Sultans while objecting to an action would have been deemed as more appropriate. There is, after all, a special cultural hierarchy, even if only in a nominal sense, between the people and the kings in the constitutional monarchy setting of Malaysia.

    However it must be borne in mind that Karpal Singh certainly did not intend to insult the monarchs (do read his statements carefully as I did). He dealt with the issues as earnestly and fearlessly as a person of his conviction would naturally do, being the democratic socialist he is (regarding all people as equal, and representing and addressing "the common man", to quote Karpal himself in a different context) -- with no special favour or kow-tow to anyone and yet with no disrespect intended either.

  40. Reckon Pakatan Rakyat is having more than it can chew at the moment. Or those glimpses of power are blurring their judgment some. It's not just about BN members of parliaments. Most are too rich and too stupid to even put up a good fight.

    Problem is, Pakatan Rakyat will be challenging the SYSTEM. And that system has been put in place for more than 50 years. It's in every nook and cranny, has infiltrated all levels of the government machinery, the Army, Police, the Media and even Big Businesses. It's akin to saying that a few hundred thousand or even a few million hits on a blog prove that the majority had abandoned the Mainstream Media altogether. Thinking one is popular holds no water. Stupid is as stupid does. Convincing them to let go of their trusted SYSTEM, that is the challenge for the Pakatan Rakyat. Are they ready and equipped for that is another matter.

    If the Pakatan Rakyat thought that they can rule the country outright by just winning a 2/3 majority, they should think again.

  41. Anonymous11:49 am

    In the Perak case, we are clear about and aware of exactly what the matter was (Nizar-Jamry's lack of cooperation-changing of Jamry's position in govt., etc).

    In this Sultan Selangor case, Rocky, what transpired? Where is the context??

    We can't make any sensible comments unless we can judge what Karpal had said.

  42. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Well maybe to end it, maybe karpal should just have an audience with the Sultan Perak himself to clear out about whatever he said. Done case.

    Is it so difficult? If he really does have enough respect for royalty, that's the right thing to do!

    Then he will be hailed the humble PR politician, yippee!

  43. LazerJuan said...
    Dorothy marah tau!! Already wearing her emerald shoes and dah walk on the yellow brick road (macam elton john!).
    2:47 PM
    I've seen Dorothy's shoes on Oprah - they are of red velvet or satin and sequins. Sorry, to be so precise!

  44. Wether Karpal wrong or right,
    its for the courts to decide.
    But its everything is fair in dirty politics.
    Karpal just bit his own shoed,
    and obviously opponents will rise to the occasion to get karpal screwed - and why not? Its all a political victory for them with him out of the picture.
    Karpal himself has been doing the same to others, wonder how he blabbered so much this time.

  45. Anonymous2:28 pm

    I'm just wondering what Karpal has against Sultans.

    Seems every other week now he's pissing off some royal family or another.

    But the thing is, note that the Kelantan and Selangor royal courts have spoken out about their grouses, but Perak's royal family is keeping quiet.

    Personally, I find the Sultan of Selangor a person of worthy stature and hold.

    Besides, who else are we going to get to bring in Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood....

  46. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Rocky, lu kasi full statement of Royal Council siap dengan direct link.

    Mana link direct kepada statement Karpal Singh yg berkenaan tu?

    (F.Y.I., the link on Wong Chun Wai's blog to the supposed Karpal article is broken).

    So adalah baik kalau you boleh letak link terus kepada artikel Karpal tu sebelah dengan link kepada statement oleh Royal Council tu agar pembaca dapat banding dan buat pendirian sendiri dengan mudah, tak terpusing-pusing berbelit-belit nak cari sana sini.

  47. Anonymous3:51 pm

    My oh Karpal has really said a bit too much.
    For any issues to be taken against the Royals, you better make sure you have the MAJORITY of the people with you.
    But this time Karpal surely ain't.
    All the best to you Karpal Singh.

  48. Karpal Singh’s controversy over the prerogatives of Sultans and Rajas is reminiscent of Lee Kuan Yew challenging Ketuanan Melayu and advising Malay leaders not to give fish but to teach them to fish.

    (Anon in another of Rocky’s blog testified that that was exactly what has been done like “We are all the products of NEP. May be not so rich like Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim or the rest of them, but we are..all the efforts of MARA, UiTM, all that were done to put us, the Malays at least at par with the rest of the Malaysian."

    What Karpal has done could be interpreted as advice to the Royalties on the right approach in a country of diverse races and religions. However what has escalating into are accusations that Karpal is questioning royal prerogatives.

    No non-Malays had admonished Lee Kuan Yew then, but now we have DAP’s central exectutive member and Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Khim saying that what Karpal has done is politically unwise. However in the same breath, he said Karpal may be right in law.
    In any issue, there are political, legal, economic and social aspect of it. If it is look at purely on its political repercussion, then one must as well keep one’s month shut, otherwise the law of the jungle would prevail.
    Teng’s boss Lim Kit Siang is fond of saying “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” On Teng’s part, it is apparent that now that Teng is tasting power, he is seeing things in different perspective (such as songkok is alright, don’t bring up politically sensitive issues, etc). From his behaviour, it is not difficult to guess why MCA and MIC behaving the way they did in BN.

  49. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Strange that the guy with the Austin Powers glasses is sitting on the Selangor Royal Council.

    Since when is this LCE drop out from St John's Inst. an anak Selangor.

    With this kind of pembodek and penjilat sitting on the council, no wonder people question the credibility of the council.

  50. When people getting old, some go senile.

    Karpal is one of them.

    I am no loryar, so I need some help here :

    Is there a law in the land that stipulates a by-election for MPs that are incapable for continuing their duty as wakil rakyat?

    If there is one, methinks its time the people start thinking of booting this senile guy out of our parliament.

  51. Anonymous10:33 am


    this story of karpal is used by umno-bn to shut down najib's involvement in altantuya murder case. to me, what is said by karpal is not a big issue. what umno has done that is dispalying the word 'natang' is very serious. but none of them is charged.

  52. Anonymous4:37 pm

    You know what you moron people..
    None of those UMNO goons are charged for the 'natang' issues becoz none of you Pakatan diehard fan ever lodge any single official police reports on that..Well, have you? Why rattling & bitching?

    Karpal scored 9! More than enough for police to charged him..
    That just show how good are you Pakatan shit, keep on whining & talking cock championing only in cyberspace..
    With anons & suara made of whimps & nerd who can't even get his cock are just bunch of losers..only good at bashing UMNO virtually .Why generalised? or is it aim at all the Malays & Islam too, indirectly? insult them & at the same time expecting them to agree & support your shitty propaganda ? Bunch of cowards minority in cyberspace..try to face a real Muslim Malay & talk cock about Islam & his 'maruah'. Then see how it goes..good luck!

    Karpal & Kit Siang are a big liability for Pakatan Rakyat.. why keep? better you kick these dinosour out if Pakatan want to survive for the next term ..

    Hey old man.. better watch where you point your gun...why everytime hit a wrong target when people give u chance to shoot? I hope its still functioning down there, do not miss for that one... muhahaha....WTF for a 'natang' species (penguin).

  53. Anonymous4:53 pm

    karpal indeed lonely in sedition (quoting susan loone)

    Apparently he's not getting enuf support from his PR team mates. Apa lah ini? Kata "Pakatan".

  54. this old generation of DAP only make tribute to downfall of Pakatan Rakyat.. why need to continuesly disturb the sultan..
    go home la karpal ..

    there's a different between the case of terengganu & karpal.. why? open your mind u guys.. in terengganu is from UMNO members not from a parliment members?

    ahli UMNo vs Karpal (parliment members).. which one is worst..

    think about it..
    if let say i'm a PAS member & holding a banner saying.. "sultan menatang" & compared to let say a parliment member of UMNO quoated Sultan Menatang? which one is worst..

    dont close your mind & think like professionals.

  55. Anonymous2:26 pm

    jgn risau, nanti dia kena Tulah.

    Org British/Eropah jajah Melayu tak usik sultan..DAP baru menang sikit dah macam anjing..kata Sultan zaman feudal..

    Melayu marah Sultan, itu kira masalah famili. Tapi orang asing (next prime ministir..uncorrupted Tamil Nadu-Karpal..some say) ini kira nak hantuk kepala melayu dgn melayu..

  56. Anonymous6:37 pm

    UMNO PKR DAP PAS all talk sh*t! Karpal goes senile...someone take him to Tanjung Rambutan pls...he need high voltage electrical shock treatment.

    I vote for Sultan Azlan Shah to take over the country. I dont trust any of these parties anymore!! In the end they are the one who getting richer.

    Tak payah ckp laa BN je yg rasuah laa apa laa...semua sama je!!!