Friday, May 16, 2008

Terengganu's missing (RM) billions

Big scandal in poor Terengganu.
Idris Jusoh, the former MB, says his government got only RM1.3 billion a year between 2004 and 2007 only.
How come?

Just the other day, Parliament was told that RM7.34 billion oil royalty had been paid to Terengganu between 2004 and 2007, when Deris was MB.

That works out to about RM2.4 billion a year, not RM1.3 billion.

Deris told Sinar Harian yesterday he didn't know it was that much cos all the State got was RM1.3 billion a year. Really?

Do your math: 2.4 minus 1.3 is ...?

RM1.1 billion.

So into whose pockets did the RM1.1 billion a year of Terenggnu people's money go?

1.1 times three years is RM3.3 billion. So who got that RM3.3 billion, Pak Lah?

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  1. Awang Maya's School of Thot

    The following are the example of the most charismatic leader that Malaysia ever had

    1. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad – Outstanding / until now, beyond comparison
    2. Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim – In negative side
    3. Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat – In spiritual capacity
    4. Lim Kheng Yaik – In small capacity
    5. Dr Koh Su Khoon – In his style / professionalism

    And the following is the worst ever Leader that Malaysia had

    1. Datuk Sri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi – In all aspect / shameful
    2. Datuk Sri Nazri Aziz – The most disrespectful man
    3. Datuk Shabery Cheek – Nothing but “Pembodek”
    4. Datuk Zahid Hamidi – Nothing but “Pembodek”.
    5. Muhammad Taib - Nothing but “Pembodek”.

    And the most ever dangerous/betrayer man that currently Malaysians to worry about is none other than…………………..

    KHAIRY JAMALUDDIN – Rakyat should get rid of him from Malaysia political/business scenario.

    -Awang Maya-
    (Menolong Orang Marhain/Kampung Dlm bentuk Penulisan)
    No Way For Wrongder/Jangan bagi Muka Pada Penyeleweng

  2. Anonymous11:42 am

    Imagine, if the GE12 voters had access to these revealations, and the telling-cum-tasteless photos (oh you know what I mean). The votes for opposition candidates in Terengganu would be around 53-55% (from 45%), just like in Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor.

    Rocky may say DSAI is a dreamer
    But DSAI is not the only one
    I hope someday more MPs will join PR
    And Malaysians will live as one

    Any leg up on the Cabinet's decision regarding the Lingam Videotape? Today's NST is surprisingly frontal about it.

  3. Anonymous11:45 am

    Disebabkan perkara menghianati amanah rakyat seperti inilah Barisan Nasional dan UMNO ditolak rakyat jelata.

    Bukan sebab media alternatif yang dimanfaatkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat,

    Bukan kerana 'sabotaj' dalaman.

    Namun, Barisan Nasional dan UMNO yang korup tetap tidak mahu merenung kebenaran dan isu yang sebenar mata ke mata. Tetap dibangkitkan juga alasan yang bukan-bukan untuk menggalurkan kekalahan mereka.

  4. Been waiting for this for a long time bro!
    Finally the cat is out of the bag and Idris Jusoh has just started to learn how to speak up for the people.
    When Tun Dr.Mahathir highlighted the fact that Idris was under some Son-In-Law's thumb ... Idris was dumb without a single word.
    When Tun Dr Mahathir came out in the open and revealed that the petroleum royalty is being squandered by the the SIL, Patrick Badawi and his bunch of 'thieves' Idris was again dumb and deaf.
    Now, when he has lost the confidence of the people and the Yang DiPertuan Agong, Idris is finally talking.
    It is human beings like Idris, who serve for their own interests while protecting their position, who are ruining Umno and the BN by allowing the 'Ali Baba and his 40 thieves' to have a free hand in robbing and raping this country.
    Let's wait n see which Menteri Besar or Chief Minister 'talks' after this.
    Umno will die a natural death if the branch, division and state level leaders remain dumb and continue to lose the confidence of the Malays and Malaysians in general.
    Lu orang bodoh ka?
    Now, where is the money meant for Terengganu?
    Mr.Prime Minister cum Finance Minister, would you care to answer or will you just form another cabinet committee and put it on Najib's shoulder?

    Pak Lah, tolonglah! Tolong pergi ambil ituuuu Buku 555 la ... dats your level.

  5. Anonymous11:51 am

    Derih natang kena tulah... terus jadi bodoh, nyanyuk & pelupa..

    Org Terengganu patut pakat2 sembelih Derih ni..penderhaka Sultan patut dipancung & dibuang negeri hatta korek tanah tapak rumahnya & campak ke laut. diharamkan jejak Terengganu suku sakatnya.

    [is this call sedition?]

  6. UMNO operatives operate on a need to know basis. So Idris was not lying when he probably accounted for his RM1.3billion that he knows of.

    Big question is who in UMNO really knows eveything. Am sure even sleepy head Badawi also does not know everything. There is obviously some other mysterious hands at play here screwing everybody. Now you know why UMNO needs Ketuanan Melayu. so that even they can remain dumb and stupid.

  7. Pak Lah mungkin tak jawab soalan yang dikemukakan dalam blog. Tapi kalau soalan dikemukakan dalam parlimen mungkin Pak Lah terpaksa jawab.

    Melihatkan trend yang ada ini, pembangkang tidak akan usik Pak Lah langsung. Mereka berminat dengan Najib dan Tun Mahathir saja.

    Kalau pembangkang usik Pak Lah keterlaluan, mereka akan kehilangan peluang.

    Pembangkang inginkan setting yang ada sekarang, dengan Perdana Menteri Abdullah Badawi.

    Mereka mungkin awalkan upacara korban, tanpa merujuk kalendar islam.

    Yang akan menggodak isu Wang Ehsan adalah UMNO sendiri, manakala pembangkang sibuk mengacah Najib dan Tun. Anwar sibuk membetulkan samping dan tanjak.

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  9. Salam Brader,

    1. To find the answer, you can ask 'Democracy' ala-ala Malaysia?

    2. To find the answer, you ask the government to set up 'Suruhanjaya Diraja'.

    3. To find the answer, we have to wait untill hari Akhirat.

  10. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Of course, Umno pocketed the money. You dont have to be rocket scientist to figure that out.

  11. It is really time to incarcerate some of these crooks. Without prosecution and sending these crooks to the slammer, no one is going to be accountable.

    Start the prosecution! Stealing RM3.3 billion of taxpayers' money is no small matter. The crook needs to be in jail for the rest of his natural life with no possibility of parole. All his assets, including that of his closest family members must be seized.

  12. Its really scary that people are now talking about BILLIONS in misplaced Ringgit. I think next PR will really turn into unlucky number 13 for BN because as Billions and Millions Ringgit scandals surfaces, these are basically death warrants for BN rule.

    With all these financial revelations it seem the nation is being ruled and duped by a group of selfish and greedy bunch of smart elites whose god is really money.

  13. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Saya ingin cadangkan seseorang rakyat Terengganu yang mempunyai locus standi membuat laporan kpd polis dan ACA keatas Idris Jusoh kerana kenyataannya tidak menerima wang ehsan RM3.3 bil yang dikatakan telah diberikan oleh Petronas. Minta siasat siapa telah mencuri wang itu.

  14. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Mana duit rakyat? Mana duit rakyat? Siapa pencuri dan perompak? BN atau PAS atau ???

  15. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Between 2004-2007 inclusive would be 4 years?

  16. Anonymous3:59 pm

    But that's where they obtain money to "buy over" the MPs. lol

    PR keep that in mind since you are planning to buy over MPs in the coming future too right? This is how you can obtain millions of funds "for the party's benefit"

  17. Anonymous4:24 pm

    For sure some cronies in UMNO spanked away with the money la! Even a school kid will know that!

    You know what scares me, we are paying their salaries (via our tax) and they think we have no right to know!

    AAB and cronies.....your time is coming up very very soon.

  18. Anonymous4:47 pm

    This is absolutely serious. Heads must roll.

    If ACA cannot cope with this, then either a team of professional Auditors and lawyers be set up, or a special panel must be formed by the Senators in Dewan Negara, to investigate this anomaly.

  19. Anonymous4:58 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    interesting that you brought this portion out along with the overpriced purchases of shares of foreign bank by maybank somewhat earlier.

    the minister who announced this is the same person who is part of the overprice deal. he is is also part of another deal which in involved with sukhoi using maybank as a conduit.

    being an ex employee of the said corporation there is a whole lot more going on in there that was is being let on. the reason being we are all tied with bafia therefore we can only watch and see and keep mum.

    you are only scratching the surface...

    Keturunan Jebat...

  20. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Mahathir is the source of all evils. Why should he blame anyone when it was HE himself who has punished Terengganu and took away its money to be administerd by his own boys. Evil is his thought.

  21. Anonymous5:31 pm


  22. Anonymous5:51 pm

    I placed my question in many of the blogs (Lim Kit Siang, Rocky's own blog, The People's Parliamment)but no one bothered to enlighten me till Din Merican took up the question. This was my initial question:

    Wang Ehsan -RM3.76 Billion channelled thru UMNO Terengganu - Rocky Bru”s blog:

    Can someone answer my query.

    Is this monstrous sum of money just to be allowed to disappear just like this? Is it something just for bloggers to write about and shout about? Is there no recourse that is opened to the rakyat? Can’t this be brought up in the parliament? Cant’ the newly-minted MPs from both sides of the aisle do something about it? PAC, NGOs, Auditor-general, anyone? Does it mean the perpetrators will be allowed to go scot-free?

    Din Merican's answer:________
    Novice 101,

    This answer(s) can be provided by the Government in power, especially to the Prime Minister, to whom PETRONAS reports its activities and financial status. In Terengganu, Idris Jusoh (whose close associate, I am told, is a certain Patrick Lim aka Badawi) should asked to appear before an inquiry commission to answer questions regarding Terengganu’s Wang Eshan, the Monsoon Cup, etc.

    We need an accountable and open government.That is why Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is talking about introducing a Freedom of Information Act and doing away with the so-called Official Secrets Act (OSA) under which the BN hides from us. Malaysians have a right to know and must be given the information to make intelligent judgement and choices.

    The Public Accounts Committee, once headed by Shahrir Samad, is severely constrained. It must have a good professional staff to help in its work. Right now, it has to depend on the Auditor-General who can be political (exceptions being Tan Sri Ambrin Buang and his mentor, the Late Tan Sri Ahmad Noordin). Yes, civil society organizations can help in mobilising public opinion. Our MPs can raise issues and questions, but the government in power can ignore, or answer them evasively.

    I think a new government led by Anwar Ibrahim can transform the business of government. We need open and truly accountable government and that cannot be provided by the present corrupt and incompetent Barisan Nasional leaders.—Din Merican.

    My plea to Din Merican:

    Mr. Merican,
    Thank you very much for throwing light on the wnag ehsan issue. The amount should be RM7.6 billion and not RM3.6billion as stated.

    The repeal of the so-called Official Secrets Act should then be one of the priorities on the PR’s agenda. ‘Bloody murders’ had been committed and they got away scot-free hiding under the OSA.

    The public is generally not that interested in such abuses, so, it falls on people like you, who have the avenues to reach a wide audience, to help keep this issue alive. Please help mobilise public opinion so that such gross abuses are not perpetuated.

    In your contacts with the PR MPs, please get them to keep hammering away on this issue, don’t let it fade away. Please keep it in the public consciousness till the wrong are righted.

    The government may try its best to ignore and evade the issue, let us keep pursuing them till they slip.

    Novice 101, my colleagues in Parliament read my blog and they use it to obtain feedback. That is why I encourage Malaysians to send me their comments. Thanks for your inputs.—Din Merican

  23. Anonymous7:09 pm


    this is only the tip of the huge shit. there bound to be more. no one is trustworthy in umno.

  24. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Jika ia melibatkan Perdana Menteri yang masih berkuasa hari ini, minta maaf - tidak ada apa apa yang akan terjadi atas isu tersebut.

    Jika ia melibatkan bekas PM, walau sekecil kuman pun akan diguna kanta untuk membesarkannya.

    Jelas, paklah mempunyai hati yang busuk dan akibatnya dia akan merana di akhir hidupnya.

  25. Anonymous10:06 pm

    whoa that sucks....

    somebody conned the state out of RM1.1 billion a year?!

    so when will the state of Terengganu react to this news? Or are they going to simply remain dumb, deaf and mute about it?

  26. Anonymous10:18 pm

    It is strongly recommended that the Auditor-General be appointed to head yet another Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Trengganu fiasco. We owe it to the people of that poor and unfortunate East Coast state the truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!

    Where did the money goes? You tell me.

  27. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Many moons come,
    I no come,
    Baby come,
    How Come??

  28. I think it it is the advance mathematic introduced by UMNO. RM1.3b equal to R2.4b = RM3.3b+ RM7.34B. Only Umno can understand this new method of calculayion. Should it be introduced to our children?

    I would like to add to awang maya on Muhammad Muhd Taib. He is a boxer too, remember his nickname Muhammad Taib the Tyson?

  29. Anonymous6:06 pm

    "Tak tahu" means ignorance or tidak apa - not fit to be MB. Unless he is scared to ask federal/PM, makna nya jadi pak turut saja, asal kan dapat habuan. Patutlah nak sangat kekal jadi Mb....kesiang org t'ganu