Saturday, May 10, 2008

Star Scoop

Correct, it's Fairuz. Shaila Koshy had a major scoop in today's The Star. Quoting sources, she wrote that former Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz had been identified by the Royal Commission into the VK Lingam Video Clip as the person on the other side of the call with the lawyer.
Her sources also said the report included:
  • Findings that the content of the conversation between Lingam and Ahmad Fairuz, which touched on the brokering of judicial appointments, was substantially true;
  • A recommendation that legal action be taken against those breaking certain laws.
The commission submitted its report to the Agong yesterday. PM Badawi had said, also yesterday, that he hadn't read the report. I hope he has read The Star's report, h e r e.


  1. Anonymous4:02 pm

    No sooner than said, it will all be swept under the carpet.

    I can bet my last penny on Fairuz, Lingam, Tengku Adnan and Vincent Tan getting away with it.

    You can get the hint already when Abdullah Badawi said that he "hasn't read the report yet". Yeah right -- as if it's so hard to at least read the one-or-two-page 'Summary Findings' section.

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  3. Such an important report and he says he hasn't read it. The report does not belong to him but to the people. Give it to them, stupid.
    I'm sure Ms Koshy has seen the report. To run the story on front page proves she and her bosses are 100% sure of its authenticity.
    The PM is placed on the defensive.
    So, finally it does not look or sound like him. IT IS HIM.

  4. What can you do if those guys getting away with it !!! Do you think pak la will reform ? They never play fair game .... look at waht happen if last few days .... Sedition ...sedition ...sedition.

    Umno/BN sudah tak boleh ubah ...otak berurat ....perut berurat ... dah buang masa saja.

  5. Salam Brader,

    1. Correct in English

    2. In Malay is 'Kebenaran'

    3. Kebenaran tidak boleh ditutup(covered). Lambat laun ia akan menjelma juga. Cuma lambat atau cepat.

  6. Dear Rocky

    Like the Fatimah Tan let's see if there is a flow through in action (e.g will the Syariah Court show the same degree of compassion to a non-Malay married to a Malay Muslim M'sia citizen - the Lina Joy case. Then we can celebrate)

    As you have seen from the C4 case, going to court alone will not be enough. The complicity of Lingam, Fairuz & Chin must see convictions in court and long, long prison sentences, reversal of tainted decisions & compensations to the innocent, by the guilty, not from taxpayers' money.

    Another key question, as in the C4 case is, 'Who gave (Lingam) the instructions. Lawyers detest pro-bono work and Lingam was certainly not acting of his own accord. He did not have the personal wealth, power or connections.

    So, who was/were his client(s)? That person(s) too must be convicted in court and made to pay.

  7. Lies, lies and more lies. The universe does not recognise lies. We walk the truth. The truth will prevail. Watch my words.

  8. Anonymous7:12 pm

    So what?

    The vast number of anti-climax finales dished out by this dithering idiot is enough to turn my enthusiasm down to the lowest level. You forgot the previous announcements by this dithering guy with much pomp & fanfare but eventually turned out to be damp-squibs? Even this so-called RCI was an anti-climax when announced. It took an RCI to determine if crimes were committed? As if the police & ACA could not do the job. Anyone wanna bet this is gonna be a damp-squib too, as will the judiciary reforms, ACA independence (and everything else) end in the same fate.

    Long lost any hope for this kampong bumpkin - the will-power and sincerity are not within his grasp. My advice would be: Forget about everything that this idiot announces or intends to do. Syok Sendiri Aje!

    If UMNO won’t, no one can!

    I will eat my words when I see one!

  9. Anonymous7:25 pm

    Our blighted judiciary has gone to Hell before, is going to Hell soon and will contemplate another session in Hell again. May the Devil (Syaitan or whatever name you prefer him to be) be the next Chief Justice in where else, but Malaysia Boleh! Bah!

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely was an apt word to describe the misfits, miscreants and incompetents that roams the jungle in this godforsken country ruled and reigned by the wretched UMNO/BN predators and their sycophantic lackey-dogs.

  10. Anonymous8:33 pm

    When I arrived in Sungai Buloh Prison, something happened that put the entire prison on full alert. Sirul and Azilah, who were in the same block as me, Blok Damai, shouted for me to watch my back and that they will get me.

    I was quickly whisked out of the block. It seems they were angry that the Altantuya murder trial, which had disappeared from the radar screens, has now, again, been given the spotlight. Why should that upset them? Why the need for the Altantuya murder trial to disappear from the radar screens? Are they fearful their millions stashed in some Swish bank accounts will vanish?

    I was then assigned to my own cell, cell 8, and was not allowed to come into contact with any of the other prisoners. My cell door was permanently locked and whenever I had to leave my cell they would assign two or three Special Forces personnel, UPK, as my bodyguards.

    As further precautions, I refused to touch any drink or food as I remembered very well the arsenic poisoning that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim suffered when he too was in the same prison.

    So, from the time I entered prison until the time I walked out four days later, I did not eat or drink, which of course the prison interpreted as a hunger strike. They told me that a hunger strike is a serious crime and they could charge me for that. But that was the least of my worries at that point of time. I was fearful I could be poisoned!

    I met no less than five or six senior officers at different points of time who all insisted that I agree to meet my wife and lawyers so that they could arrange bail for me. I made it very clear that I refuse to see anyone because I do not want them to start crying and begging me to agree to bail as that would weaken me. If I shut myself out from the rest of the world that would make it easier to stand firm.

    The head of the Special Forces and someone from the Intelligence Unit also met me to explain that they will try their best to keep me safe. Nevertheless, they can’t watch over me 100% of the time so my continued presence in prison is a great burden to the entire staff.

    We are on full alert and we have to report to the ministry every hour on the hour. No one can sleep because of you, they said, so please agree to bail and leave. Give us peace of mind, we want to sleep also. We have had enough of being someone's errand boy from Bukit Aman (or worst, Putrajaya)!

    One of the Special Forces chaps told me to never trust anyone. Don’t even trust the men in uniform, not even if they wear this same uniform, he tugged on his shirt to emphasis the point. Don't even believe in all that crap and bullshit about Cekap, Bersih dan Amanah. They even hate to wear the "Saya Anti-Rasuah" badge. Why? They are all stark naked in filth and sleaze!

    Your life here is worth a packet of kretek. Prisoners will kill just for that. And Sirul (or was it Azilah?) is very intelligent, he added. He can light the C4 to blow the whole prison block away! He knows which prisoners can be bought and he has many on his payroll. He can always get someone to do his job for him. They can easily find the bogeyman to do their dirty business, Hollywood style to perfection! You don't wanna be the patsy!

    Whenever I was brought out, they made sure that Sirul and Azilah, and the other 18 or so police officers that are in their same block, were locked up. Once, when they brought me out, and someone in the walktie-talkie said that the two were in the hospital, they quickly locked me up and only brought me out again after the two were safely locked up. I could see that they were not merely trying to frighten me but were genuinely worried.

    Look, they told me, we have only 600 men against more than 5,000 inmates. And not all 600 are on shift at the same time. This crammed prison was built for only 2,500 inmates so we are grossly overcapacity. If anything does happen, our personnel are grossly outnumbered. And with you here the potential for something happening is very real. Please, they appealed, consider your stand of not agreeing to bail. If not for your sake at least for ours. Whether you wish to live or die is your business. But whatever happens to you will affect all our careers as well. I don't care what Bukit Aman thinks of you but I worry for my periuk nasi and the pips on my shoulder bar (my pangkat means a lot to me and my pay packet!)

    Excerpted from Raja Petra Kamarudin's blog

  11. Bodohwi might also use and abuse the commision report as his bargaining chips to stay in power.By silencing his opponents who are involved and those calling for his resignation.
    "Lingam" is one of the factor among factors that might be able to disband bn.
    Therefore delay tactics was used and the report comes out after the election.
    Bodohwi was just playing stupid , as he knew it is important to use the report after election.
    He dont even have to see it.
    Sufficient to snuffs out tdm

  12. Anonymous9:17 pm

    rpk kata dia kena ugut. dia kata dia tak makan takut kena racun. dia kata itu dia kata ini.
    sebelum ini orang yang matanya lebam pun buat cerita itu dan cerita ini. tapi elok saja dia sampai hari ini. nak jadi pm lagi. saya dah hilang respek kat rpk ni sejak dia keluar dari sungai buluh.
    saya harap dia fokus saja kepada kes di mahkamah nanti. ramai lawyer dia yang akan mempertahankan dia. kalau dia betul kita dapat tpm barulah.

  13. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Hi Bro

    If what is reported in the Star is accurate. Then I shall add another new word for Malaysian general consumption - its TREASON

    Those judgments that were given must now be retrospectively re-judged again. Param - you can now have you day in court. I think its going to be PAY-Back time.

  14. Anonymous11:24 pm


  15. dun think it will change anything. dun think whatever recomendations will be carried out

  16. Rocky,

    There no breach of Law here. Lingam and Fairuz could only talking 'shit',or cakap kosong. The point here the constitution gave the rights to the PM to select the Chief Judge. Hey.. is is relly Lingam and Fairuz?. There still question on the authenticty. Have we havent heard of 'voice' over. Did the police perform a 'voice' authentication in this case. Just capturing Lingam House merely to confirm that lingam house, it still not enough. By the way, Is the clip is the original?.Have we heard the full version? Anwar still keeping some portion for his future usage. This case doesnt proof anything except a waste of time' and political motive.

  17. kebenaran tak boleh ditutup., lambat laun menjelma juga.. bergantung cepat atau lambat...

    11 mei 2008 cukup umur 62 tahun.. kalau pegi pun org tak kata apa.. paling tidak org kata betullah tu..
    62 tahun biasalah...dah sampai umur..

    cepat pegi..menjelmalah kebenaran..

  18. Anonymous1:32 am

    ".....former Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz had been identified by the Royal Commission into the VK Lingam Video Clip as the person on the other side of the call with the lawyer."

    We all already knew that from Day 1. It was a no brainer. So surprise us with something new.

  19. Anonymous5:48 am

    lingam will be the scapegoat... bye lingam, nagib baginda will be the scapegoat.... bye nagib so our leader are fond to find scapegoat in every cases.. hahahaha

    najib cakap celup keris dgn darah cina boleh... raja petra cakap go to hell murderer tak boleh... hahahah satu lagi contoh bodoh pentadbiran negara

  20. Anonymous6:54 am is Fairuz..

    so what happens now. PM has said he will decide. Decide what? This is a Royal Commission with public hearing. However unpleasant the report may be, and however it may implicate ANYONE..this is the time to come clean and clear the shit once an for all.

    The Report must be made public. No other way.

    But then does AAB have the wisdom to do the right thing?

    After his 4 years of his leadership style, I am not putting much hope on the report seeing the daylight. This time I hope I will be proven wrong

  21. Anonymous7:01 am

    Why the headline says "It's Fairuz"? The whole video shows Lingam takling to "Fairuz". The headline should says "It's Lingam". Anyway, the korek Lingam, Fairuz, Adnan, Vincent will be OK. Semua OK and I am so looking forward to a change in government. Polis being the mob to bully public (Grand Saga) dan lain lain. Some one please save Malaysia from BN.

  22. Anonymous9:29 am

    AAB is too damn busy trying to think of how to survive the current situation. He knows he is screwed, come December. He is trying to find a face saving way out. Sadly, everything that comes out of his mouth stinks, and of course his BUAYA son in-law is not helping. SIL is just like Burong Kaka Tua, cannot decide whether he is annimal or bird. (how does a bird brain graduate from Oxford)
    Would it be nice to see Lingam,Fairuz,Tengku Adnan and Vincent Tan, all in the same cell. They can form a new party BN Baru...

  23. Anonymous10:21 am

    I do not quite undertand how this works. It is a Royal Commission Report and submitted to the DYMM Agong. Shouldn't the permission to release the report to the public also comes from the Agong?

    Can't leave it to doozy. Saw his reply to the press? Typical of him to have a lot of excuses of not having read it yet. Frankly, if I were him, I will stay up nights to read it if I have to for such an important report. I suspect his delay has more to do with needing time to discuss with his SIL and 4th floor boys how to cover up and especially for the recycled UMNO bigwigs implicated

  24. Anonymous11:16 am

    anon 9:29AM: don't forget the ringleader, Mahathir.

  25. At long last a scoop
    After quite a loop
    Who'll bring in the troop
    To clean up the coop?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 110508
    Sun. 11th May 2008.

  26. I think the time has come for the Bar Council to call for reviews of all decisions made by the offending judges especially those involving the personalities associated with the "pom, pom, pom" Lingam.

  27. Nice said Watcher of 1116.

    Maybe what is happening now is Badawi is using all those as expose of Mahathir's excesses.

  28. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Peguam India jatuhkan Judiciary (Lingam).

    Peguam India akan naikkan judiciary (Ambiga)?

    Ini politik Anwar dan Zaid yang tak ada jiwa Melayu.

    Berhati-hati dengan konspirasi Anwar-Zaid-KJ.

    Keris Karat

  29. Anonymous4:12 pm

    the malaysian public well is
    like the poor in france before the French Revolution. everything is done up by the rich and powerful
    to benefit themselves. the public are then given just crumbs. the people can only look towards election to change government.
    how nice if we can chop those corrupted heads one by one and see them rolling into baskets.