Saturday, May 10, 2008

Guess who's calling for Press Freedom?

The S-I-L. I'm always a supporter of the National Union of Journalists, so when its president Norela asked me last week to become a panelist at its World Press Freedom Day forum at the NST this morning, I said yes. The NUJ forgot to inform me that Khairy Jamaluddin agreed to officiate at the forum.

But what surprised me was to hear him call for greater Press Freedom, the repeal of draconian laws governing the Media and for "best reporting"practices, where only professional editors (as against politically-appointed ones, I later stressed during the panel discussion) lead the media.

Will he walk the talk? Let's see.

During the panel discussion, Citizen Nades of the Sun called for laws to bar political parties from holding a stake in newspapers and the other media. The other panelists were YB Tien Chua and Hanafiah Man from Agenda Daily.

The forum was held at the Balai Berita. I found it a little odd that none of the senior editors or executives from the NSTP group (NST, Berita Harian and Harian Metro) was there.


  1. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Rocky, have you ever seen a buaya try to sell cheescake to journalists? don't hold your breath brother.... khairy is one croc you would not want to buy second-hand cars.

  2. wow....intresting forum it will be...

  3. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Everyone should read this letter by Tun Mahathir which was published on Page 18 of The Sun Friday's edition.

  4. Anonymous1:43 pm


    all CRAPPOLA...they (KJ, Wong etc) just wanna gain popularity trying to jump on the bandwagon of current public sentiments...

    tak yah be surprised lah...

    He is trying to WORM his way back into the spotlight.

  5. Changing skin
    Only for the time being
    When the shouts of change
    Let it be said

    The liberal outlook
    For the press freedom
    Even for bloggers
    There must walk the talk

    Will change come?
    Is it buying time?
    The marching penguins
    Drumming the streets
    Into the living rooms
    The changing wind
    People talk about it

    The fa├žades breaking down
    Else the ruling elite won’t whisper
    The changing wind
    The course will be heard
    Providing walk the talk

    It will happen
    The croaking ringing loud and clear
    The parading soldiers changing guards
    A new body comes out of age
    So the changing wind says
    A new beat; a new song to sing
    For the people for the country

  6. Dear Rocky,

    "I'm always a supporter of the National Union of Journalists" - would you care to comment and elaborate for the NUJ's silence and inaction for ages when our press freedom has been long lost? Look at it under the context after the lawyers have walked, 40,000 people turned up for Bersih, 20,000 braved the Hindraf and Mar 8 political quake???!!!

  7. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Well maybe he really meant it. Please remember KJ is young and he things differently .. By the way did u shake his hand at the forum?

  8. Salam Brader,

    1. Oh yes of course he will talk.

    2. But he not talking about press freedom but how the way I can become a Prime Minister.

    3. So NST please support me.

  9. He is a chameleon of the most dangerous kind.

  10. Anonymous2:07 pm

    SIL could very well be your best buddy one day...heck he could even join you for a couple of beers at Press Club.

    And after all this years of dishing him...

  11. I am even surprised it is SIL and not shabbycheek!

    In which of his capacity is Khairy doing this?

    That alone determines the the "effectiveness" for freedom of press !

    So long as the press plays down 1 and plays up another - there will be "freedom"

    & btw 1 of the anons in this site suggests I can greet the 4th floor boys for might be abit difficult.

    You see, my name's NOT Maya, Kaya or "Boleh di Belilah!"


  12. Know why call for Press Freedom is just crappola?

    Because you still have the Seditions Act, and Official Secrets Act to oppress with/abuse/bius and no Whistleblowers' Act to protect...

  13. Anonymous2:27 pm

    If our politicians, especially SIL can walk whatever the talk they are talking about, then I will definitely become the next PM of M'sia. What a joke!

  14. Anonymous2:40 pm

    I was there late, missed KJ cos I had an interview earlier.
    But in my hour or so there, I found myself rather out of place since the calls for Press Freedom mainly centered around political writing and the effect of it on the GE. What about the sports pages?
    In that sense, I would agree with the call for papers to be free of political ownership.
    On the call for journalists to march for Press Freedom, I must say that there is a limited amount of unity among journalists to begin with.
    Some are eager to see freedom, they want it and are willing to fight for it, while others are mainly worried about their present paycheck, not how this entire farce is going to effect our profession, its credibility and future, in years to come. Especially in the face of an attack by the new media.
    In a sporting sense, we aren't showing our opponents enough respect.
    I'm just the lowest grade reporter on my desk, but yet I feel threatened, not by anti-Press bloggers or the new media, but by the lack of urgency in protecting the future of our own industry.

  15. no offence bro, but I'll believe it when I see it with my own two eyes.
    Malaysia's richest unemployed man calling for press freedom and abolishment of outdated laws?
    yeah right. my grandma's a virgin too.

  16. Anonymous3:31 pm

    it seems even after the results of the 12 GE the present administration refuse to listen to what the voters wants ie change, accountability and many other issues- basically a people friendly and sensitive govt to the needs of the people. instead what we see is a number of characters within the govt and party which seems adamant to fight to hv the status quo remain as it is and being more racist in their statements. i am beginning to feel BN refuse to listen to the voters and it will be worse before it gets any better. nowadays even issues concerning the constitution are not permitted to be touched or critise but being a political science graduate from overseas i hv always heard debates and opinions from eminent political scientist stated that the Constitution is a living document-and it is not static but a document which can be amended according to the needs of the people and country as time progress with basic fundamental rights intact. but with the present govt whenever someone touches on the constitution they would bark and be on the attack mode yet they choose to ignore the fact that when they commanded the 2/3 majority in Parliament they just simply amend the consitution to their benefit without even consulting the people.
    let me share with the readers a quote from Patrick Henry an American freedom fighter on what he had to say on the constitution:
    'the constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restraint the government-lest it come to dominate our lives and interest'.
    i sincerely hope soon enough those within the govt would actually be serious enough to change and not be engage in rhetoric and if it means that the people would need to take arms to protect our liberty and our rights as well as to ensure the continuity, peace and prosperity of the new generation from being destroyed by some self centred politicians like KJ and his comrades, i am certain malaysians who call malaysia home wont hv no hesitation to bear arms and basically fight these aggressors for the future of a better malaysia- i for sure wont hesitate to do so ! this is my country, my friends, my brothers, my sisters - my fellow malaysians. i tell the present BN govt esp the PM, Sir Saya pantang dicabar !!

  17. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Please brother, don't ever trust this person who is trying to buy the journalists simpathy........

  18. All these politicians want to fight for the freedom of press all of the sudden.

    But then when an innocent person gets sued by one of them, all of them pretend to not know anything.

  19. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Any hint by KJ to drop the suits against you by NST? status quo..Broke(sound beruk) Mak Yeh ni memang suka ambil kesempatan utk berbaik dengan NUJ.

  20. Hope you are not smitten by him. Won't penalise you for meeting him up but be sure to samak your hands.

    Opps! I haven't done so since shaking his hands 2 years ago.

  21. Why talk about press freedom
    when there's not enough blog freedom still!

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 100508
    Sat. 10th May 2008.

  22. i echo pratamad. NUJ exists all right but what has it been doing? no press statements or any action/activities from them. compare that to CIJ (centre for independent journalism), we see CIJ all the time issuing press statements on current issues and organising activities here and there.

  23. Hello Bru,

    I just can't imagine, on how to Synchronize between KJ and Press Freedom?

    Was he talk about survival malay at the forum or to you..?

    and, did you shake hand with this 'beruk makyeah'?


  24. Susah nak percaya la bro... I think he's just playing to the gallery.

    Did he not lead a so-called demo protest when Condolessa Rice came to town, but called the rakyat who took to the streets as beruk?

    As you say, let's see him walk the talk. As a first step, he should support the campaign initiated by BENAR.

  25. Anonymous5:13 pm

    oh my god...Rocky is not gonna sleep with the enemy, is he?...mula2 minum teh...pastu tidor sebantal...abisssssss

  26. ZOMG! Waa rocky you are now buddy with KJ eh... Wanna score some FAM contract ah? Lucky man you..

    Right I have a suggestion. Since we have heard so much bad things about the SIL when in fact we rarely ever hear his side of story. I understand why people would hate say nazri aziz or mahmud taib because of what they say or do. But KJ on the other hand are perceived to be bad mainly from the stories that other people tell us.

    So since press freedom goes both ways, why not you rocky, since you have already interviewed Mukhriz would Interview the infamous Khairy Jamaluddin. I for once would like to know what is in his head.

  27. KJ is an opportunist. He was there to see with his own eyes how he stands among the segment of Partisan journalists. He will buy and sell into anything.

    If for a second, we thought that KJ knows nothing about what is happening and been talking in the cyber world, then please think again. How can we be so naive when comes to KJ. Havent we learnt anything yet? If theres anyone so deserving to be the smartest politician in M'sia, then no doubt whatsoever, it shall be KJ. Even at this moment when we thought we have seen everything and knew almost anything, theres no guarantee that we wont be prasing KJ next time around.

    What say you Rock?

  28. Anonymous5:56 pm

    If the draconian laws are repealed:

    1. The sun will rise in the West
    2. The earth is flat
    3. It will snow in the Sahara
    4. Blood will turn green in colour
    5. Lim Kit Siang will be PM

    Dream on, Malaysia

  29. Anonymous5:57 pm

    people changed .... DSAI did. TDM too. And this include names like Pairin, T. Razaleigh, Sabery Chek, Dato' Onn, lam Tye, and the list will not be exhausted. KJ might have changed as well. So give this chap a break guys .... we change sides in politics all the time. Otherwise how else do we explain the political tsunami of 2008! its because people changed!

  30. This is what the Russians & Communists (like in China, Cuba etc) do.

    They will infiltrate into these organizations and then control it totally so that the Press Association will become the poodle of the ruling party. The PA will become like a bull without balls, a eunuch!

    You think this has not happened already in M'sia?

    Do you see a truly independent rep sitting on the Board of SUHAKAM. And who is the head of SUHAKAM? A former AG, who hastily destroyed the (in)famous DP Vijeyandran tapes after the trial and elsewhere prosecuted Tun Salleh Abbas at the behest of Maha Firaun!!

    Did SUHAKAM stand up for the rights of Bersih, Hindraf or investigate the incident at Kg Dato Harun etc?

    Now you see the game?

  31. Anonymous6:23 pm

    seeing somebody would spend their time with Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar is truly pathetic!~

  32. I'm sure you could identify a snake when you see one, even if comes in an Armani suit ... wearing a saint's smile.

    I trust your wisdom, Bro!

  33. Kinda weird to hear KJ in almost everything, last year he was in a forum for Advertising awards(to which we later found out agencies that benefitted from BN Election campaign blitz on TV, well, actually contribute to its loss as well) and now NUJ is in the 'mix' too?

    So besides trying to keep their news deadlines intact and repoting truthfully, now journalists have to like SIL too?

    Is this what NUJ stands for? a__-ki$$ing?

  34. Anonymous7:29 pm

    easy way for publicity ...

  35. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Aiyaaa, Rockfella, you silly fool.......the photo told us you seems taken in by a crocodile that shed tears of pearls. Wake up-lah, my man, and bring yourself to your senses! One drink too many, Rocky?

    Remember the days when Old Fool Dr. M came in power way back in the early 80s, he too allow the press a honeymoon period of unfettered freedom. But those days allowing a hundred flowers to bloom and a hundred pens to flow proved shortlived as thereafter with the imminent Mahathir-Ku Li power struggle, the press, same as the judiciary then, were gagged, muzzled and thrown into the dungeons of abject darkness that lasted to these very days with the archaic and draconian laws still in place to haunt you silly.

    The crocodile SIL is buying time and sympathy for the FIL. But we aint stupid anymore. Bodohwi the Sleepyhead already lost much credence and credibility by his apparent failure when he won big in GE2004 but did nothing to inspire confidence in his mediocre and lacklustre leadership. GE2008 is no disaster as he already asked for it. Serves him right for the plight he's in right now. Meanwhile we ordinary folks suffer because of the daily MSM crap to promote racist filth and ill-feelings as if they want to bring about another May 13 being unable to swallow their near-defeat at the hands of a puny opposition front.

    Do our Malay brothers believe in those stupid crap they seem to churn out almost on a daily basis these days. Bodohwi, better wake up or go fly a kite! You need not read the report ad verbatim. Your advisors should do that for you and forewarn you of the consequences of failing to heed the contents of the report. Remember the people (and those who voted you in) ain't stupid or taken in by your stupid crap anymore. They sound hollow and empty and mere words are useless to assuage our frustrations and disenchantment.

    Go fly a kite? On second thought, perhaps it would be better you go sail and sink into the sunset with your sly-fox SIL!

  36. Anonymous7:46 pm

    Mr. Rocky, I wrote about you in my newspaper,

    Kindest regards,

  37. Bro,

    What makes you think that KJ was invited to 'officiate' the event without knowing you're one of the speakers?

    I find it odd that the NUJ chose him instead of the MOI minister who should be at least more relevant for its purpose i.e. celebrating WPFD.

    And the absence of senior MSM editors is telling i.e. it is they who are guilty of being subservient to the powers that be, not the workhorses of the industry.

    So will you do an interview with this bloke and put it up here? Yer might have to brush up on 'beruk talk' to figure out what makes him tick (no hair pun intended, of course).


  38. Supports for Press Freedom also goes hand in hand with supports for human rights.
    Maybe kj dont understand it fully.
    You cant be supporting the ISA and yet fully supports Press Freedom.
    Somebody ought to tell kj , that Freedom of the medias also means anti ISA.
    Or kj is doing what his fil was doing all the while , supporting for something yet doing nothing.A complete reversal.Just for public relations

  39. Rocky!{A.Athan Esq}!
    Send this message to KJ
    1.Make up yr mind -beard or no beard/goatee!
    2. A graduate of UM {kesusteraan & derama Bhasa Melayu & Ingeris} & a law degree from London, but CLP from M'sia} would like 2 take him on on a public debate on freedom, & the right of the Rakyaat to know why he & his people of BN have cheated & swindled us all these years! & Rocky get in some powerful moderators as I do not believe KJ{ and there is only one KJ I respect - YB Kamaruddin Jaffar} will be able to stand my cross examination - slick he may be, I am 100 times slicker!

  40. I just can't imagine how thickskin he is at the moment... the whole of Malaysia think that he is a human being of the worst kind, yet he can walk around and pretend that he can smilingly con the public thru seminars and functions.

    Everytime he makes this type of remark, one has to wonder if his IQ can pass the 50 mark.

    If he and uncle samy ever go head to head in an election, i will without hesitation vote for uncle samy coz samy is a fraction better than him

  41. kahkah...bro, you're sitting next to bloggers' favourite and easiest target. he should feel honoured to be meeting and dine with The Rock i tell ya.

    should have told him most sopo blog owners rooted for cikgu Bard last march...hihi...

  42. ARNAZ!

    hey dude i know you. former Subang homey here, bro.

  43. Anonymous9:46 pm

    KJ is sending out his feelers amongst you journalists and at the same time is being an opportunist.

    Bila masa dia cakap sepatah perkataan pun pasal 'freedom of press' sebelum pilihanraya??

  44. Anonymous9:49 pm

    This has been an eventful week, if reports (print/electronic/blogs) were to go by. At the rate things are brewing, we can safely say, We'll just have to wait and see...!
    Of all comments on calls for media freedom thus far, one observer who went by the callhandle "Arnaz" did raise eyebrows... hitting the nail on the head expressing "deepest fears" (so to speak)... as to what may lay ahead.
    A sporting journo and a him I presume the writer to be, the lad without fear or favour (towards & of his employers) spoke out as a true journo would, could, should...
    A lone voice in the wilderness I hope him not to be.
    Alas, your commentary noted that none of the senior executives of this much cherised/languishing/maligned publication made the absence noted.
    How can one ever expect Carlyles' "The Fourth Estate" to even conceptualise in your country when the self proclaimed/Government sanctioned media practioners-cum-edtiors do not even recognise, or even extend professional courtesy to the many overworked-underpaids who are responsible for filling the blank spaces.
    Hence why would the NUJM organise such an important event within the confines of a large publishing house simply leaves us baffled.
    A subservient mentality I hope it not to be, as my queries reveal all members of NUJM are editorial floor employees.
    Our termed sojourn in your lovely country may not have allowed us to have a total grasp of what tickles the local political palate, hence the role of the CIJ, NUJM or even the NPC... I believe be further advocated towards reaching The 4th Estate.
    What I can only utter is for individuals like "Arnaz" and fellow think-alikes, may wanna read (to name a few) Woodward & Bernsteins' "All The Presidents Men..."; Alicia Shepards "Life in the Shadow of Watergate"; look up Time's piece on award winning photojournalist Kevin Carter; watch J. Bruckheimer's Veronica Guerin; or even look up the NUJ & Martin O'Hagan... maybe the NUJM should play a pivotal role in inculcating this thinking mentality.
    How else can I say so but call it as it is... It was a week where a journalist was placed behind bars, a politician heckled and shackled over some statement he allegedly made in Parliament, hence the Attorney General being ticked off, by none other the Prime Minister himself, for not being proactive.
    Ironically, when we firth arrived here, another issue which caught attention was when this monarch in an Eastern State was maligned over some political appointment. I do hope I am not drawing attention to similarities but simply calling it as we saw it. Whether investigations into those reports have been completed remains to be said.
    "In politics, there are no permanent friends, nor enemies...only permanent interests," would describe our views on calls for press freedom as we depart your country.
    To the "Arnaz" and alikes... "The pen has and will always be mightier than the sword."
    You have a gift, you have undertaken the vocation, stick your guns and cherish the profession like no other.

    We bid you adieu, and remember this

    "Edmund Burke, looking up at the Press Gallery of the House of Commons, said, 'Yonder sits the Fourth Estate, and they are more important than them all."

  45. All I am saying Rocky that you have gone strange and odd lately and pretty soon you will be bought like the rest, deep inside you just a typical Melayu Moron! KJ, like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, will seduce you and the rest of the stupid Malays into supporting and believing in him. BTW KJ and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim have that same evil quality he will forget or change the Malay special rights and position enshrined in the constitution!

  46. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Let's start with the political appointee-journalists at NST and TV3. I don't think the SIL or the FIL is serious about freeing local media.

  47. Anonymous11:02 pm

    No senior editors came? Not to worry, their days are numbered. They will be leaving NST ,as a matter of time. Believe me. Umno people are NSTP is helping.

  48. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Remember he spoke about you and your coloumn during his pre election interview with NST ?

    He rambled something like...
    "this guy is brewing something called Rocky's Bru.....blah blah.

    Well, now at least, he gets to smell the brew......

    Don't trust him yet Bro !


  49. Anonymous11:57 pm


    It's ok bro, layan saja lah SIl tu. After Dec nanti tahu lah dia nasib nya.

    Apasal tak tanya pasal kes Bro vs kali & nst kat KJ

  50. Anonymous12:42 am

    beb... muka lu macam ramli sarip beb. hahahahahhahahahahahaha

  51. Anonymous12:46 am

    my question is.... why was a beackbencher invited to officiate such an event?
    Who the hell is he??

    anyway.... there's a saying popularised by our southern neighbours... "talk cock like sing song"...

    thats what it is..

  52. KJ was the one who hentam Al Jazeera for reporting about BERSIH.
    now what, Greater Press Freedom?
    hahaha cheapshot dude, nobody is gonna fall for this. Istana Budaya, any need of a vacancy for the role of a buaya?

  53. Anonymous6:00 am

    A SHAMELESS human! A political prostitute!
    That's how he is.

  54. Anonymous8:10 am

    If KJ is seeking Press Freedom, then we all must be evil and oppresive.

  55. Anonymous9:30 am

    what a photograph, rocky, you and KJ sitting side by side, thank GOD in your wisdom that you qualified that by stating...

    " the NUJ forgot to inform you that KJ agreed to officiate at the forum ", OR else that picture may send out the wrong signals...

    Your statement at the NUJ Press Freedom Forum 2008 yesterday, as reported by the Star, that
    " Malaysia's mainstream media was so sensitive to political shifts that even a change in "the government" of the mainstream media, including the appointment of editors or editorial advisors. " So long as editors are appointed by the political parties and editors have to answer to political masters, there'll be no press freedom the way we want it"....

    The Sun's deputy editor, R.Nadeswaran, more popularly known as Citizen Nades, said that " there should be a law where NO political party should own or have a controlling interest in a newspaper because then editors would be subservient to these owners, who would in turn influence coverage..." i tend to agree with him....

    Khairy, is a Politician, AND HE WANTS TO RISE, AND RISE FAST.... he wants to redeem his confidence and trust of the people which has been greatly tarnished by "his ECM Libra issue, rising so quickly to the upper echeleons of the Football Association of Malaysia's heirachy, his Keris wielding threats, his inciting of the march against the USA when Condoleeza Rice was in Kuala Lumpur, the lists can go on & on...most people assume that Khairy's achievements was largely due to him being the "son-in-law' of the Prime Minister and not meritoriously deserved, and in all fairness most people don't mind that, it is only natural and human for anyone in that kind of power to "allow" such privileges to their relatives, by blood or otherwise....

    But what most people are upset with was their perception that KJ comes across as being too "arrogant"... he should come out and answer all the allegations against him like a man... that he allegedly, was running Pak Lah's empire and collected undisclosed obscene amounts of money from every one who wanted an appointment with the Prime Minister, etc etc...his public image is very tarnished and needs to be repaired..

    We don't know whether most of these "allegations" are true but Khairy must come out clean and answer all these doubts in peoples minds if he is to have any chance at all to survive in this "sandiwara" of politics, an art, of which most of the Politicians have mastered.

    Khairy's Public Relations people are doing a "good job", they know that he has to repair his "public image' and what other way to do so than to "show support" to the National Union of Journalists"....and by doing that, Khairy hopes to get the support of the NUJ, and directly, its members the Journalists....

    i'm sure Khairy knows that "rome was not built in a day... and he will have to do more or " seen to be doing more" before he can win back the trust and confidence of the people.....

    We the people have nothing against Politicians, we need them, GOD established human government as an institution because HE knows that in every ordered society, there must be authority and submission to that authority is quintessential for any society or people to live in peace, unity and harmony...and to prosper,.. where all people are treated as equals and get what they deserve on merit, not because of their race, color, creed or nationality...

    Otherwise you will have a state of anarchy, and you cannot survive indefinitely under anarchy.

    Any Government is better than No Government...

    All the best to Khairy, and i sincerely mean that...

    dani'el kannan

  56. Anonymous10:14 am

    I will believe it only when I see it.

    If he do not walk the talk like his FIL, clobber him.

  57. Dear Pratamad,

    The NUJ has been calling the Govt to repeal the laws that govern journalism and free the media for as long as I can remember. Forum after forum, year in and year out. Which is why I suggested at the forum yesterday that they adopt a different strategy to draw the government's attention. They should stop organizing forums and start "walking" the way the lawyers did last year. A peaceful demonstration.

    I told Norela that bloggers anf the people will walk with journalistsif the NUJ organises a Press Freedom March or a Walk for Press Freedom.

    By the way, in her WPF speech last year, Norela called on the Government to recognize bloggers as journalists instead of demonizing them. She got a lot of heat for making the statement but she never did retract it.
    Thank you.

  58. Anonymous11:28 am

    I hope KJ is not wolf in sheep's clothing.We will see whether it is real or not.We are keeping our fingers crossed.

  59. Had BN won big in PRU12, KJ would at least be a Dep Minister. And Head of UMNO Youth would be his for the taking. He would by now busy scheming for the post of Minister of Education. His circle of cronies and youth leaders will be placed in strategic positions. Importantly, he would have his cronies in the main stream media.

    Would he go for press reform and freedom. Nah! Don't kid ourselves.

    Now he is supporting press reform and freedom and review of PPPA. Want to be seen as media friendly. But he knows the government will not review PPPA not in many more years. At least now he will be looked at positively by the press and possibly NUJ. Doesn't have to spend a single sen.

    The old and new KJ is still the same guy. He will continue manipulating everyone to further his political agenda.

    I raise a toast to those who sincerely believe that KJ is a changed man.

  60. Anonymous12:33 pm


    There are many ways people get their information, blogs,newspapers,radio, free TV, cable TV, magazines,and many others, and all the above just remain that, a MEDIUM from which people get their no one medium can claim to be the most influential or the greater of the lot...

    the reason why the people turned to blogs in the ist place, like Malaysia today by RPK and of course your Rocky's Bru was that people were TIRED of getting biased and one sided information by the print media, especially the dailies.

    The people know this and wanted a change and what a way they showed and expressed it..the best and right way to do it...through the ballot boxes...on march 8th

    Rupert Murdoch, owner of one of the Largest Mega Media Coporations Globally, NEWS CORPORATION, which owns Fox Television Network, Fox News, the FX channel, 20th Century Fox Films and publisher Harper Collins and many more entertainment, media and publishing companies, has remarked,..

    " by the year 2030, the newspapers, the dailies as we know it today, will CEASE TO EXIST....people will resort to electronic and new media to get their information and entertainment.

    What we need is fair reporting and journalism, journalists and media people who will report or write with truth, integrity, honesty and fairly...

    What the people don't need and want is journalists with hidden agendas, reporting one sided biased views....

    We are fully aware that the Editors are in control...and they in turn are being controlled by their political masters...

    ...that is why what Citizen Nades pointed out at the NUJ yesterday,...

    he said that " there should be a law where NO political party should own or have a controlling interest in a newspaper because then editors would be subservient to these owners, who would in turn influence coverage..."

    Men must change, before Kingdoms can....


    dani'el kannan

  61. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Saudara Ahiruddin,

    Penulis merasakan saudara ini bagaikan 'kulit tebal' kerana masih sanggup lagi 'beramah-mesra' dengan golongan individu yang mendahagakan kegagalan saudara sejak dulu lagi.

    Ini merupakan golongan yang memberhentikan saudara dari mengetuai Malay Mail. Saudara kemudian mencaci mereka sehingga saudara sendiri disaman.

    Namun, saudara berada di majlis pelancaran Malay Mail dan sanggup menghabiskan masa di Balai Berita.

    Sama ada saudara seorang 'ahli politik yang unggul' atau kami, sebagai pengunjung laman anda, bodoh kerana mempercayai saudara.

    Mungkin saudara masih sehati sejiwa dengan Saudara Kali dan ini hayalah sandiwara semata-mata.

    Hanya Allah Yang Maha BerKuasa tahu segala-galanya.


  62. this is my prediction;

    by the time for the next election all the fire and brimstone and political bloggers critical of BN and umno will be bought over and they will be the dogs of umno/bn doing their dastardly works...

  63. Anonymous4:05 pm

    nst editors are not there because they know all would be just empty talk because their hands will be tied anyway. do you think total press freedom is really possible in this country idiot? dont you not even think khairy is there just for show? he is probably spying on everybody. that's why editors prefer not to be there.

  64. what is wrong with some of your commentors.

    you may have been and will continue to be critical of Khairy...but that doesn't mean that you cannot sit beside him and make idle talk. be civil.

    what did they expect you to do? the organisers didn't warn you, did they?
    you're not licking his ass, for heaven's sake.

    aah, bodoh-lah diorang nii...

    you're there at the invitation of NUJ. And khairy could have also walked out seeing u there.

    oh! give me a break, you people.

    and YOU TOO, PASQUALE! what's wrong with you?

    I've seen you shaking hands with people you've been criticising!
    nobody made a fuss.

    that's called being civil.

    and, Rocky, Khairy isn't your enemy, is he?

  65. Sdr tempoyak machang,

    Wartawan memang kena "kulit tebal" bro. Kena berani melawan arus, tahan dimaki hamun, etc.

    Perlu boleh disuruh interviu perogol dan pembunuh, penagih dadah, diktator, paderi, Hollywood star.

    Kena "rapat" dengan sumber2 berita. Kalau maukan sumber berita yang pelbagai, kita mesti boleh berdepan dengan pihak yang bertentang.

    Dalam politik, misalnya, mesti boleh duduk bukan saja dengan Anwar Ibrahim, tapi dengan Dr Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang, Husam Musa.

    Sebagai blogger, saya tak banyak ubah. Plus-minus, macam wartawan jugak. Cuma lebih kritis.

    Betul, saya berkali-kali kutuk Khairy - pasal ECM-Libra, pasal panggil bloggers kera, pasal itu dan ini. Tapi kalau budak tu buat statement yang pro-journalist, macam semalam, saya laporkan begitu lah, takkan saya nak belit pulak. Kalau esok dia cakap lain atau cakap tak serupa bikin, tunggu ajelah.


    p/s Bab Malay Mail tu, sekarang suratkhabar tu dah bertukar tangan. Bukan Kalimullah atau Syed Faizal yang jemput saya, tapi taukeh baru Malay Mail. Terima kasih.

  66. Anonymous6:58 pm

    Did the wolf think dressing in sheep clothing would make him sheep? Did he also think we all have an IQ of 40? Grow up KJ!

  67. apa ni bila bantai Rocky, Nuraina melenting apa ni!

  68. Nuraina sayang lepas I shake hands I move away and not sit with these morons whomever you have seen me shaking hands with always remember that, and does this mean you don't love me no more ah! ah!

  69. He does not believe in censorship but the American way of public spin doctoring. See that in the last GE and events like our 50th National day + the Bar Council dinner. Thats the spin doctor approach that manipulates public opinion, not controlling it

  70. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Oxford graduate, who own the coxford mind. He is slandering himself !! The most he said, he will nailing down himself

  71. The forum was held at the Balai Berita. I found it a little odd that none of the senior editors or executives from the NSTP group (NST, Berita Harian and Harian Metro) was there...

    Because KJ is there?? Maybe

  72. I still see no relevency between KJ and NUJ or any of the news agancies out there.

    Maybe as Tajuk Berita or Publicity for KJ. Would you like to see Microsoft in producing your favourite underwear too?

  73. Anonymous9:36 am

    rocky, wasn't it funny that the reports on the forum the next day highlighted mainly KJ's statements and not so much the other panellists? So much for press freedom. it's more like selective press freedom.

  74. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Hi Rocky

    This shows the power of democracy

    when the people lead, the
    (politicking) politicians have to follow !

  75. Remind me of the time a certain DPM (then) said that the ISA was a draconian law that should be repealed.

    When that DPM (then) made it to PM status, he then said that the ISA was a vital for the safe keeping of the nation.

    Hah, ha! I guess double speak runs in that particular family.

  76. Anonymous10:29 pm

    KJ calls PKR as Projek Khinzir Raksasa, next he will call you something. Pls keep away from him.

  77. Anonymous3:40 am

    Hi Natalia Santi.. Hello, Hi there... :)

  78. Anonymous9:04 pm

    Sun Tzu said "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

    The problem with every Malaysian, except me is overruled by EMOTIONS

    So what if Rock sits with KJ, we are a Civil bunch of people and in Islam, we are still bersaudara even if you think and feel your "brother" has harmed you.

    KJ maybe a victim, do you all care, nope its MOB mindset like the peasents in France going after the aristocrats, but e are not Westerners, WE ARE MUSLIMS we forgive, we move on, let ALLAH decide. Even in Christianity too its in the bible "Let Him who without SIN, Cast the first stone"

    Sadly we live in ajudgemental world, where some judges are also mental, but lets all go back to basic courtesy.

    Take a step back, count your blessings for Allah Swt may take it all away, tomorrow or after Wesak, who knows?

    We all should "HELP" KJ keep his words and assist him to walk the talk, Rocky can be the tongkat if he falters. But lets all encourage rather than pooh-pooh the niat.

    Maybe I should start BLOGGING too about us HUMANS how frail, weak we are....maybe I will call myself GOD-BLOGG

    GodBless you all!