Saturday, May 03, 2008

Malaysian Press, Time to be free

updates, 10-plus PM: Bernama's More calls for greater Press freedom, quoting AKJ, Ibrahim Yahya, Wan Azizah and Kit Siang. The news agency somehow did not identify which English daily made the call to scrap the relevant Press act, but obviously it was The Star. Read the editorial here.

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"Publish Correctly or Be Damned!" The Star's editorial Time to remove the shackles, published on World Press Freedom Day today, represents what all true journalists in this country want. The last thing politically-appointed editors and editorial advisors would want, as they won't have a place in a freer Press. Not what the self-serving politicians want. But as the editorial says:
"To progress into a truly democratic society, we need well-informed citizens who can make sound judgments on policies that affect them as well as those who formulate those policies. Much of this hinges on the role that the media play."
It adds:
"In the past, the mainstream media, The Star included, was maligned for its scope of coverage. Most were guilty of being constricted by restrictive laws like the Printing and Publications Act and the annual renewal of permits.
".... we want to make a pertinent call for the repeal of outdated laws and regulations which stifle the very tenets of journalism".
It used to be "Public AND be damned" for our media. The leader writer changed it to "Publish correctly OR be damned". Sweet.

To me, it's a clear message that true journalists want CHANGE. They want to be FREED of the multiple shackles. They want to reclaim what is rightfully theirs, and that is the FREEDOM to report the truth, without fear and without favour, without political interference, for a BETTER MALAYSIA.

The call is timely. Tomorrow, a civil society group will launch BENAR, a campaign in support of a Free and Fair Media, at the Central Market at 2pm. Click for more details.

Freedom-advocate YB Wee Choo Keong, in his weekly Question for your MP, asks his blog readers to provide him suggestions and answers to his question:-
"... should the government then abolish all licensing requirement and press & printing acts to facilitate the truth to surface at all times in the interest of transparency, good governance and true democracy?"
Click here and have your say on what Parliament needs to do so that we can have Press Freedom.


  1. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Really kah? You really believe WCW wanted to be free from his datukship and perks of being in the MCA political elite, kah?

    Can it be he changed because that model no more works for his prestige and ambitions bcos people no more read the bintang?

    Pretty much the same as Toyo "zero opposition" wanted to be free form BN shackles, only yesterday. Ditto AAB wanting independent judiciary ONLY NOW, Ditto Kerishamuddin only sorry b'cos he lost... ad nauseum.

    Oh, please excuse my cynicism. 50 years is a long time to be shackled by WCW et al


    Friday, May 2, 2008
    What Abdullah Badawi Doesnt Want You To See.

    And so the live telecast of the Dewan Rakyat proceedings are on again but under threat to have the plug pulled by our weak PM through his custodian - Sabery Cheek. Its not because of big foot or big monkey that he wants to cancel the show, after all BN has been abusing opposition members as soon as Abdullah Badawi helmed Malaysia. The only reason is because , PM doesnt want you, the Rakyat to have any doubts about how weak his government really is. In fact, the opposition is so strong that they took the Speaker to task when he protected Abdullah Badawi from added questions. Fiery Karpal and Lim Kit Siang actually have no respect for this PM and cocked their guns to blow him away with loaded questions in Parliament. Abdullah Badawi knew it was coming..
    Well Mr. PM. You still feel you have support? With your so-called marginally less than two-thirds majority?

    The Ninth Malaysia plan was a non-starter to begin with. Best you can do is cling on to power and abuse Malaysia's Father of Modernisation.
    Posted by Mahathirism at Friday, May 02, 2008 0 comments
    Wednesday, April 30, 2008

  3. Anonymous2:17 pm

    This is so cool...

    Have you seen Menteri Besar/Chief Minister sitting in Economy Class of a plane flight, no bodyguard and no rombongan besar?

    Look here:

    Gua caya sama lu, Lim Guan Eng!!

  4. Anonymous9:30 pm

    kecoh la lu hero gempak.

    dah lama mb/minister lain naik ekonomi kelas.

  5. Anonymous10:56 pm

    an all too familiar sandiwara from Datuk WCW and the maintream party boys. it is liken to a skunk telling his audience, "hey i will put a new perfume daily, and this is the all new me..." the nature and fruit of the mainstream Press has not in any intrinsic sense changed from its subservient Barisan breast fed status.

    the star has long fallen from respectability and integrity. it lost it the day it replaced Tunku Abdul Rahman and Dr Tan Chee Koon with a crony driven Barisan heirachy.

    WCM owes malaysian readers who had and those who still read it an unreserved apology. it has unashamedly become an agent of the Barisan regime's propaganda and instrument of distortion and political deception and malicous truth-twisting and truth-eclipsing.

    this was clearly evident since the departure of Tunku and as recent as the past elections.

    a consistent barrage of anti-non Barisan party propaganada begining with attacks against Anwar and various others construed as "enemies" of the Barisan Nasional, or those who expose the corrupt practices and dictatorship.

    selective, one-sided reports and articles by corrupt anti-semites and racists like Chandra Muzzafar and others were given prominence throught its pages.

    until WCM apologises for these and other journalistic crimes, bloggers as well as other Malaysians should add more days to the already instituted Tuesday ban on the Star.

  6. Anonymous2:17 am

    This is what a free press means.
    First sack Wong Chun Wai and Hishamuddin Ann. Make them office boys instead. That's what they are good for. Appoint Rocky as the generalissimo, which means he oversees the running of NST and Berita Harian and Utusan Melayu. Appoint Kee Thuan Chye as the Star chief. Oh, I forgot, also sack Star CEO Steven Tan. This fat arse, who has flushed journalism down the drain, has made more than enough from the Star. This will be a new beginning for press freedom in the country. I hope this radical solution to the ills of journalism will not shock country bumpkin Sabeery Cheek whose face has the look of a man in coitus interruptus whenever he makes outrageous statements.

  7. thank you all for reminding us that the very evergreen adage
    " the pen is mightier that the sword", has never lost its' 'edge"....

    to all writers, write, but write responsibly and more importantly, truth fully and from your heart....

    may we all know the truth and may the truth set us

  8. Anonymous8:41 am

    Genial dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.