Saturday, May 03, 2008

First class CM flies Economy class?

Guan Eng hires BH ex-reporter as aide. I posted once about bumping into a corporate leader who was flying Economy, so I understand blogger (Ning Baizura's) Mr Manager when he realised that it was the Penang CM seated in Y Class in front of him. I hope next time the airline upgrades Lim Guan Eng to Business; he can do quite a bit of paper work in that half an hour or 45 minutes. The people won't fault a CM if he flies in comfort, would we?

See Ning and Guan Eng's pics at Mr Manager's blog h e r e.

By the way, I hear Guan Eng will be hiring the services of one Wan Hamidi Hamid who recently tendered his resignation as journalist with the New Straits Times. Hamidi started his career with Berita Harian in 1988 before he moved to The Star, a Singapore newspaper, and a High Commission as its press attache.
He was brought in to NST by Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan to boost the Umno-owned paper's political coverage. Wan Hamidi, I was told, is a life member of the DAP.


  1. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Kudos to the proposed appointment of Wan Hamidi as the Penang CMs aide. Since you refrained from expressing any views, it must be appreciated. What with your issues with KMH being common knowledge. Since we are on issues, why aren't the attempts to draw comments over the Balkis & PBT issues... are you simply exercising editorial, editor or blogger discretionary powers???

  2. anon 3.57 PM, I wouldn't want to pre-judge the appointment. I imagine Guan Eng knows Hamidi well enough to hire him.

    A blogger has his or her own forte, anon. I like breaking stories. You don't read about Wan Hamidi's appointment or the fact that he is a life member of DAP anywhere else, do you?

    In the case of Balkis, for example, I am following the issue. The papers are doing a fine job. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, story was broken by the Sun and should get Nades and Terrence another award.

    Many blogs are reporting the Balkis' issue based on what the papers have. If you have time, swing by to those blogs and leave comments. As a blogger, I go to other blogs to leave my own comments, too.

    Thank you.

  3. Hey Rocky, I see nothing wrong with being informative and of course you have discretion, choosing own ways to be or not to be. Ain't that cool...

  4. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Well done Guan Eng, you have my respect as the true YB of Malaysia.
    I believe in you and pray that you will show all Malaysian how to run a State.

  5. No big deal, I've seen the humble Ex Menteri Besar of Terengganu, Dato' Seri Idris flying AIR ASIA when he was the MB.

  6. alah, MB Kelate dah lama dah...tak kecoh pun ... the first to practise what he preach...

  7. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Hiring WH's services as what? Press secretary? Pol sec? Press advisor? Troubleshooter? Intel gatherer/pointman like what Rusdi Mustapha does for Najib? Enlighten us please.

    Hamidi can never stay in one place too long, as colleagues of his from all those organisations he worked for will tell. I suppose working with LGE with a limited tenure works fine for WH.

    But LGE will get good intel from WH, the kind of intel WH wasn't allowed to write while in the NST.

    He also has his feelers in all political camps but LGE should also bear in mind that WH has transformed from left wing leanings to neocon dabblings in the last 15 years or so. But I think WH will do fine for LGE. I'm sure the pay is also better than what the NST provided.

    One of the few things that WH may do for LGE is set up a platform to push LGE's agenda for Penang and to a certain extent, a national perspective.

    LGE's experiment with bipartisanship with Lee Kah Choon's hiring was telling: BN is not ready for such overture but the LGE, not DAP or PR, is. That makes LGE a potential prime minister for all Malaysians, not bro anwar, in the mid-future, say in 10 years.

    Forget that LGE is a chinaman. I believe that he is a Malaysian first and foremost. WH will ensure that LGE's vision is fulfilled, at least in Penang.

  8. Errrrmmmm... So does Hamidi worth hiring?

    I mean... I did a google on it... and apparently it doesn't offer much clues whether this fella is... ummm... "worthwhile"...

  9. Anonymous6:29 pm


    Did I hear you say CORRECTLY that the Star is a Singapore newspaper? That would be the biggest mistake you ever make as the Star is MCA owned, and Malaysian, NOT SINGAPOREAN! I know Wan Hamidi and for some time, he worked for a Singapore newspaper, i.e The Straits Times who had previously hired people like Kalimullah and Brendan Pereira. I wonder whether Guan Eng is following the traditional policy (imposed by UMNO on the Penang CM during Koh Tsu Koon's time) that the Chinese CM must have a Malay press sec. Koh had several Malay press secs like Razak, Zasman Asna. If Guan Eng is doing that, it shows he is very sensitive towards how UMNO in KL perceives a Chinese CM of Penang, all the more from DAP which UMNO also regards as Chinese chauvinist. By appointing a Malay as press sec, Guan Eng has blocked whatever UMNO attempts to play the racial card. I did not know that Wan Hamidi is a life DAP member, but it is good for the DAP for more Malays to join the party so as to highlight its multi-racial and downplay its Chinese orientation.

  10. Anonymous6:35 pm

    There are a few heartwarming stories about Hamidi. You got yourself a good man Mr CM.

  11. which reminds me I should blog about the time I was on the same panel as Guan Eng, talking about the media coverage of 'statutory rape' issue.
    he went on to kamunting and CMship, and me? into obscurity, haha!

  12. Sometimes we fly business class is not because of showing off or anything or wasting money. I remember during the time working in Singapore, my company usually flew me in business class if my flight is more than 3 hours. This is because we are expected to work immediate when we reach our destination. Also flying business class you have access the the airline lounge where you will be able to sit down doing some work while waiting for your flight.

    I solute CM Lim for doing the cost cutting measure. Could the airline UPGRADE him whenever he flew Y class? What is the use of empty business class seat when the door is closed. Do you part give him a free UPGRADE, and our CM will have more leg room and space to do some work before and on flight.

    Shiok Guy

  13. Anonymous7:21 pm

    Its not a big deallah!!. Am regretting every moment for voting the opposition. They have not proven anything yet .All they have is form but no substance.

  14. Wan Hamidi, a product of the first NSTP's Pre-Editorial Training Scheme in 1988, is an interesting guy.

    Googling his name alone will only provide a glimpse of his writing skills and to a certain extent, his political leanings.

    He has gone through the mill and I am certain he has a lot to offer to LGE.

    All the best to you, Wan Hamidi.

  15. Dear Rocky.

    Talking about waste, I was drive toward MPAJ build in Ampang to submit my income tax return, I should have used e-filing.

    I came across the Big SYABAS advertisement on the highway. SYABAS is a monopoly and they are supplying essential good to the citizen. What is the point of doing all the Big Signboard and BIG Water Tap to promote? Save the money and give is cheaper or free water.

    I cannot add picture here in my comment, so here is the link to my blog.

    Shiok Guy

  16. Hey nst insider moron I do not work for Najib,I work for a company and you better get your facts right, and rocky's bru should have clarify this, and that is another moron!

  17. Anonymous8:20 pm

    It is also better for the CM to take the Express Bus or just drive from KL to Penang.

    Save more money for the Penang Government and will show to the public of how humble the CM is.

  18. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Travel in economy class doesnt make him a good CM, he has yet to prove... Being a CM is not all about down to earth attitude only, it takes more than that Bro...that is why they call the post "CHIEF Minister..." If it is only about going down to earth only, many people eligible...

  19. Anonymous8:34 pm

    at times, i think it doesn't matter if the YAB Chief Minister or even Cabinet Minister uses Business/ First class when they are on official matter of state especially during long haul flights that gives them the opportunity to work on the flight. but what is important that these perks are not abused esp if they bring their spouse/ children during overseas official trips- the most they can bring on tax payers money is their wife and i mean official first wife whilst their children if they want to bring along will be on their own personal expenses.

  20. Anonymous8:42 pm

    The corruption of Mahathir
    adapted from Bangkok Post

    I have always said Dr Mahathir is a menace to his own people. Now only you can see the effects of his foolishness when the ringgit has halved its value overnight and your economy goes kaput. Single handedly you have caused hardship to millions of your own people. You have built useless mega projects at tremendous cost to the country.The Telecoms Tower in Kuala Lumpur and the highest building in the world show how stupid you are. Not only does it cause massive traffic jam, it has totally no purpose. If you need high ground for telecoms antennae a nearby mountain is there for free. This tower has no purpose from the ground up to 300 metres. The satelites make this totally unneccesary.
    A fool and his money are soon parted. The only thing is you are the fool and the money belongs to Malaysians. You make 20% in evey project, you have real estate in Japan and billions of shares
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    You dare to shed crocodile tears during UMNO delegates meeting about the ills of corruption. Yet you are the most corrupt of all the prime ministers before you. A thief is crying thief and hopes people look the other way. Who dares to say anything when the chief is caught with his hands in the candy jar?
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    You have more foolishness than most people would believe. Billions are used to build two high rise Petronas buildings that benefit nobody. It now stand tall, a symbol of stupidity and irresponsibility Instead they just add on to traffic jam. What is this reclamation of10 islands off Kedah? Totally absurb and stupid. Of course your benefit is 20%. And the bridge across from Malacca to Sumatra across international waters? Why not build a bridge to the moon? I am sure you still can get your 20%.
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  21. Thanks Rocky for the info about Wan Hamidi whom I have never heard before.
    Now that I know about him, I hope to read more about his progress in his new job.


  22. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Once I was flying back from London I saw Lim Keng Yaik too in economy class but that was back in 1987.

  23. Anonymous9:28 pm

    apa kecoh-kecoh pasai nak ekonomi kelas. gua biasa nampak other mb/minister naik air asia/ekonomi kelas bukan kerana tiada 'seat' kat first kelas atau business kelas.
    tak payah kecoh sebab tak lama tuu.

  24. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Dear Mr CM,

    Firstly, congratulations for hiring Hamidi. Believe me, he is a man with integrity, NOT a hypocrite or a mercenary like many others. He could have stayed on to become the News Editor or even Chief News Editor. He's a Penangite and is different from the other ass-licking Penang editors.

    Second, keep showing what humility is all about. I saw you driving your official car on the North-South HIghway last Sunday (Aoril 27). Guess you wanted your driver to have his day off with his family and also save the government from paying OT. I know the Barisan leaders in govt used to take official cars to party functions under the pretext of "Pemimpon Bersama Rakyat." Bloody cheating assholes...sorry for the language. We have been taken for a ride for far too long.

  25. The trip between KL and Penang is too short to do any serious work - better for LGE to take a rest in bewttne appointments!

  26. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Hello Baiti . . . It's about time you join the bandwagon. The more the merrier. You are not an unknown person, OK..

  27. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Any government which has a Printing Presses and Publications Act can shout at the top of its voice, for as long as it wants, that it has press freedom, no one is going to believe it! Why do you think Mahathir has always found this an albatross around his neck, all these years?

  28. Anonymous10:16 pm

    "I hope next time the airline upgrades Lim Guan Eng to Business; he can do quite a bit of paper work in that half an hour or 45 minutes. The people won't fault a CM if he flies in comfort, would we?" Rocky

    MAS is not a charitable institution and has to account to its shareholders. It has had continuous financial problems over the years. Upgrading Lim Guan Eng every time he travels economy is just not on. It can be construed as "corrupt practices" by unscrupulous people.

    If the CM refuses to pay first class fares, then he should stay in economy class and must not depend on the generosity of the airline or the plane's captain. Any offers of upgrades must be declined. It is a matter of principles.

    In any case, its only about a 45 minutes flight, no big deal. Get some paper work done on the plane? You must be kidding, state secrets and all. LGE should just walkabout the cabin and ask for feedbacks.

    Lastly, LGE must be wise enough to distinguish between his personal preferences and lifestyle and the dignity, stature and demands of his CM position.

    What if some crazy riff-raff who doesn't like him, the DAP or PR just walks up to him and gives him a fiver on the kisser?

  29. Anonymous10:58 pm


    Wan Hamidi is lightweight journalist-lah.

    Never made it in BH, not in the Star and not in the NST.

    He'd never have been able to come to NST of not for his taiko Kalimulah and Brendan. PUHLEEEZE.

    He's also something else which we cannot mention-lah. Just ask any NST or BH guy and they'll tell you altho i won't use that against him.

    anyway he has joined Lim Guan Eng on KALIMULLAH's behest..for God's sake.

    Kali is shit scared now that JEFF OOI is MP and LGE's chief of staff.

    He is in LGE's office to spy for Kalimulah.

    Ayoyoyo.... you all cannot see that, you all are so blind.

    SSure, sure...WHamidi maybe interesting and all that, though I don;t see that he is.

    Damn coward, man, this guy.
    just like his masterS -- kali and brendan.

    so..i said it once and i'll say it again...WAN HAMIDI IS KALIMULLAH'S SPY!

  30. Anonymous11:36 pm

    cheap thrill .. guan eng .. what are you trying to prove?

  31. Whats the issue here Rock?
    LGE flying in Economy class seat OR the appointment of Wan Hamidi? None has any value worth promoting. Whats the big deal about those two? Unless you see what others dont.

  32. Anonymous12:28 am

    Whats the issue here Rock?
    LGE flying in Economy class seat OR the appointment of Wan Hamidi? None has any value worth promoting. Whats the big deal about those two? Unless you see what others dont

    it is called down-to-earth..which you umno-men are just floaters. never have feet touching ground.
    Hello airmen.

  33. bro rocky,
    i have the same sentiment with the others on 'a no big deal' for a CM to travel in economy class.
    you see, the ceo's of many multinationals also do the same thing. Tan sri Hassan Marican in one of his interview admitted that he sometimes even took a bus to one destination. Even Tan Sri Syed Mukhtar Al Bukhari has been seen on an economy class by one of his company's manager who was sitting in the business class. Even he was wearing sandals and all.

    IMHO, if you are travelling less than 1 hour journey, it wouldnt be such problem to do economy. Let us wait if the Humble CM dare to take economy class on a longer route journey.

    If he think this is one of his political strategy to capture the heart of many.. the next time travelling to penang via kl, y dont just firefly?!

  34. Anonymous2:47 am

    Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang are closed friends of Kalimullah. Please take note of this relationship. Please also take note of the closeness of Wan Hamidi and Kalimullah!

    So I hope that you all will see the picture clearer!

  35. Congrats to Wan Hamidi, met him while he was an attache with the Australian High Com, a simple guy and very helpful, lets hope he'll be the crucial "machinery" for communicating non bias views especially to the Malay readers cause there many slanted view out there ie malay press.....

  36. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    LGE has always been a nice fellow. A new breed of DAP leader;

    He knows what brought down the BN in so many places -- arrogance and wasteful spending of public funds are among them.

    Heard the story of an ex-MB of a poor state who , when in power, hired a private jet for his one-hour travel to KL?

    But LGE is not the only YB to travel economy. I had met BN YBs who travelled economy.

    It's not so much travelling Y or J. If they're entitled to it, they should. Leave the Y seats to the people who can't afford first class.

    What matters is for them to serve the people well.

    I hope the CMs and MBs all over the country can now rule their states without "campur tangan" by the Istana.

    Frankly, I am a bit worried about what I see as over indulgence of some "Orang Istana" in politics and political issues.

    Bear in mind ours is a Constitutional Monarchy.

    We can remove our elected representatives, but we have no power over the Istana.

    Let's have our focus and priority right.

    Thank you.

  37. After 50 years of "bagi laluan, bagi laluan" and driving your vehicle into the mud to allow some nut to pass by with his outriders, to "sorry, the flight will be delayed because the minister belum check-in", we have indeed turned a new chapter.

    Yet I can't believe the detractors in this site! Sore losers!

  38. Anonymous7:24 am

    to shiok guy who wrote, "Sometimes we fly business class is not because of showing off or anything or wasting money."

    bet that company in Singapore didn't employ you for your language skills, did they?

    and, to everydog has his day... are you sure Soros wrote the said piece?

    I, on the other hand, very much doubt it... it's not, let's just say, the "American-way."

  39. Anonymous9:35 am

    My postings in Mama's Blg (Mahathir)with negative remarks and questions for him to answer never appeared-why?

  40. YES, Mr.Lim Guan Eng, thats the way to go. You make all Penangnites proud. Stick in there and in no time PENANG will lead the rest of malaysia. We can stick IT into UM-NO if they are not careful.Once again, RIGHT ON MAN.

  41. Anonymous11:33 am

    that is the way to be. serving the people mah, so be with the people. i have met some politicians who are more concerned with whether people adress them with datuk or not. even the president of the united states does not mind being called by his first name. or just mr president, name of his job. food for thought.

  42. Octopussy said...

    No big deal, I've seen the humble Ex Menteri Besar of Terengganu, Dato' Seri Idris flying AIR ASIA when he was the MB.

    I say pussy, IF your Ex MB did that all the MSM will front page the event even before he lands. You talk KOK.

  43. Anonymous12:10 pm

    this is in response to susan loone's allegation that the star copied rockybru's posting on wan hamidi.

    dear susan,
    before you make any armchair conjecture in bangkok on whether the star copied rockybru's posting on wan hamidi hamid , please do some "journalistic investigation". you've worked with the star's penang bureau, why don't you call it to ask what time wong chun wai asked the office to pursue the story? or why don't you call wan hamidi to ask him what time the star called him for a comment? am sure the answer is before 3.08pm saturday (which was the time of rockybru's posting).
    your unsubstantiated allegation gives blogger a bad name. don't be a lazy blogger, please make one or two calls before you make a loony posting.

  44. Kudos to Lim for being so unassuming and always having the interest of the taxpayers in mind. Travelling by economy class is just his natural self. There were no theatrics whatsoever to score political points. All government officials should take their cue from Lim and be ware at all times that every ringgit they spend on official duty is herd-earned money from the taxpayers.

  45. Anonymous12:47 pm

    Pemimpin pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat, Barisan Rakyat atau apa sahaja nama mereka, Lim Eng Guan atau apa saja nama mereka DIJAMIN untuk tempoh lima tahun ini akan berada dalam situasi:
    1) Pijak semut pun tak mati
    2) Pemimpin berjiwa rakyat
    3) Mudah ditemui
    4) Akan sampai lebih awal dari bencana alam itu sendiri
    5) Yang lain lain dan baik baik belaka

    Lihat sahaja Anwar dan Paklah bila mula mula dapat jawatan ????

  46. PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

    "I say pussy, IF your Ex MB did that all the MSM will front page the event even before he lands. You talk KOK."

    Stop praying Joe, cos it won't work, if you keep saying people talking cock when you don't even KNOW about it. FYI, I was on the same flight him. I guess your brains don't work too.

  47. Last month I was waiting for relatives at the Kota Bharu airport to get of an Air Asia flight.

    The first person of the plane was none other than Tan Sri Dr. Koh Tsu Koon and Chia Kwang Chye walking out towards the arrival hall.

    I said hi as he walked pass and he was met by other Gerakan party officials. Makes me wonder what is Gerakan doing in Kelantan.

    Looks like Gerakan's on a tight budget now, flying Air Asia. I can't imagine Koh lining up to get a seat on Air Asia.

  48. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Whats the big deal for a Chief Minister or MB flying economy class, especially on a flight not more than an hour?

    Elsewhere around the world, there are State Governors, politicians, and kapitans of industry flying on coach class and its considered normal.

  49. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Once .. Gandhi was asked why he travelled 3rd class (on the train) and he replied because there's no 4th class... That's Gandhi ... and here we heard our own Gandhi in the form of YAB Guan Eng and we read him trying to portray himself as Gandhi. Is he for real? Or is he just acting and playing to the gallery? Maybe he he should go a step further and travelled on the expreess bus ... much cheaper. Frankly ... I see this as a too unrealistic, too goody-goody and too insincere gesture on the part of Guan Eng. I really hope that Mr. Manager is not a party to this unreal drama because I like Mr Manager when he's apolitical but lately he been very poltical in his reporting.... Anyhow ... it's just a few months after the election and about 4 years of CMship and we shall see if YAB Guan Eng is truly a Gandhi or not! or Just .....

  50. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Hi brighteyes,

    you don't have a bright mind after all. What Rocky and others are trying to say is that the BN government leaders fly top class with all their bodyguards at our expense MOST of the time. Just try travelling with the PM's entourage on one of his foreign visits. So many ministers, CMs, MBs and their aides and government offices accompany him on Business class throughout the world at our expense. We don't get anything in return.

    So here we are comparing to what has been practised by the BN thieves lah...don't be so dumb lah...

  51. Anonymous10:28 pm

    to LGE,

    jangan nak tunjuk baiklah! kalau takat nak tunjuk pd org penang tak payahlah, belang sebenar akan keluar tak lama lagi!

    to wan hamidi,

    tahniah. apapun org cakap pasai hang, aku percaya hang mampu laksanakan tugas hang dgn baik.

    1st sekali hang kena ajar LGE, pandai-pandailah handle press terutama press Melayu. jangan duk harass reporter2 melayu, OK!!!!!

  52. Flying Economy....naive and stupid. You do not compromise on security...suppose to be shouldering the aspirations of Penangnites....especially when PK was swept in by a freak political tsunami. Please, no false humility or not need an injured or dead Hero...anyway Penang is not a pauper State!!!

  53. Anonymous11:47 pm

    WH is just an ordinary journalist, but quite arrogant especially dengan reporter baru. Just another apple polisher and kaki bodek Kalimullah. HIDUP TUN

  54. "I say pussy, IF your Ex MB did that all the MSM will front page the event even before he lands. You talk KOK."

    Stop praying Joe, cos it won't work, if you keep saying people talking cock when you don't even KNOW about it. FYI, I was on the same flight with him. I guess your brains don't work too.
    Joe says:
    You should have taken some photos with him. You still talk KOK.

  55. Anonymous6:00 pm


    IF he travels by Executive or business class in style - people are bound to get green with envy of his extras.

    If he travels on economy class - they say he is showing off.

    I say all you guys can travel by wau.

  56. Anonymous11:06 pm

    Lim Guan Eng main wayang aja.....
    Baru dapat post CM takkan nak tunjuk Belang...............
    Tengok attitude bapa dia sudah tau racist, Lim Guan Eng a new breed of politician? KAH!KAH!KAH!
    U go to singapore & petaling street and u find a typical chinese mindset and dont talk about bangsa malaysia lah friend........because for me it is typical communist propaganda.
    the most important thing is i respect u and u respect me and that its .
    Lim Guan Eng? KAH!KAH!KAH!

  57. Anonymous12:31 pm

    On Monday morning I saw him getting down from Firefly at Subang. One good man here that everyone should respect!!!!

  58. Anonymous3:43 pm

    Respect is something earned..

    NOT inherit from some flight class..

    4-5 years, still long way to go to evaluate this fella...i love to watch this 'wayang'.

    PRU12 Tsunami act like washing machine..true colors will all emerged soon (even for a party that claimed it is purely "colourless")...
    Hope not to see any politician get twisted by his own tongue very soon talking about "color scheme"...

    ain't no stupid for a wayang watcher as thought by some people...
    come on.just go on continue the play..we are watching & we also will decide on your performance.

    Its democracy...let it speaks for itself..give everybody at least a chance to play

  59. Wan Hamidi is a smart man
    and Lim Guan Eng is a smart man.
    Smart people always walk together.

    Tahniah to WH for the appointment.

  60. Anonymous8:19 pm

    another nst insider......ayoyo full of jealousy againgst WH....if you say he never made it in all his previous place of employment its because he is just plain simple and humble unlike you who hide behind a pysuedo name and hit people below the belt...i ask you a question have YOU made it? I can tell you you did not make it cos ure so full of jealousy and hatred and a poor loser..... come out in the open and tell us that youre a CEO or never mind la at least an editor of a main stream media at least. For a fact WH has made it to be the political secretary to LGE is something a humble man like WH who dont shout out loud and tell the whole world that LGE has confidence in this man where many sour mangga shout foul of WH's achievement.

  61. Anonymous3:24 pm

    I don't see why guan eng flying economy class is such a big deal. Him being someone new, he wants to make an impression, and hey, what do you know! Fly economy class and your face gets plastered in the papers and you appear to be "humble". It's called conditioning people. But we'll see in a year's time when he's established himself, will he STILL be flying economy THEN? If he is still, THEN he'll get my respect.

  62. Anonymous7:57 pm

    hello anonymous 6.29....baca la betul2 pakai hentam bro rocky need my glasses i bolih pinjam you quoted by rocky wan hamidi worked for berita harian,the star, A SINGAPORE NEWSPAPER and a high commission mana ada bro rocky kata the star a singapore newspaper.....minta maaf dan cium tangan cepat...hapa la u ni!!!!

  63. isayman.. Rocky, you didn't list The Sun for Wan Hamidi's journalistic tenure.

    He was my sifu when i was a KolejTAR trainee-reporter'96 there.

    Second time in a week, Guan Eng has made our email-chatters lively; my Chinese friends were abuzzed n impressed with Ning Baizura's pic with him, then Wan Hamidi this time.

    Malaysia Muhibbah Boleh!