Monday, May 19, 2008

Dr M quits Umno

Umno member No 0000001, pic taken from Apanama
update, 5.45pm: Sanusi Junid, the former MB of Kedah, has also resigned from Umno. He did it yesterday, even before Dr M said he was resigning!
Vesak Day bombshell. Dr Mahathir Mohamad has quit the party he led for 22 years. The announcement, made about noon, caught even his closest aides by surprise.

Malaysiakini has the story:-
Mahathir quits Umno
Ahti Veeranggan | May 19, 08 12:45pm

Former Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad today announced that he was quitting Umno with immediate effect and urged other members to emulate him.


He said he was quitting the party, which he led for almost 22 years until handing over the reins to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2003, as a sign of no confidence in his successor's leadership.

"I will only come back to the party when there is a change in leadership," the ex-premier told a crowd at a forum in his home state of Kedah this morning.

He also called on all Umno ministers, deputy ministers and all levels of party leaders to join him in leaving the party.

However he asked these members not to join any other party.

"Wait till Abdullah to quit as the prime minister and party president and then we can return to Umno," he said.

Mahathir joined Umno at its inception in 1946 and in recent years has been Abdullah's most vocal critic.

He entered active politics as a member of Parliament for Kubang Pasu in 1964.

He lost his seat in 1969 and was expelled from the party after attacking then president and prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.


  1. Anonymous1:44 pm

    So this is "Correct, correct, correct" news because you bloggers "korek, korek, korek"! Syabash!

  2. Anonymous1:47 pm

    You da MAN!!

  3. Rock,

    He is quitting the party he set up in 1988. This is not the UMNO of 1946!

    And why is he harbouring intentions of rejoining it after Abdullah steps down, or is made to step down? He presumes that whoever takes over will want to invite him back?

    Beginilah Tun, apa kata Tun ajak penyokong-penyokong Tun buat lagi satu parti, macam apa Dato Onn Jaafar buat dulu. Mudah-mudahan parti baru ini dapat melakar perubahan yang beresan.

  4. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Vary Sad.

    He did his best to showcase Malaysia in its glorious days to the world.

    And, though he was not thorughbred Malay he gave his life and soul for the party.

    But greedy buggers, under the name of NEP and Ketuanan 'stuff', played him out wholesale - not once but many times.

    He could have made mistakes - after all he is no GOD, but a mortal being.

    So what? Which bugger out there who want to comment and pass nasty remarks about Dr M, is clean and non-corrupt?

    The clean ones never make noise, as they are grateful to Dr M for at least making sure Malaysia was never Talibanland or like other countries that were ruled by the likes of Idi Amin.

    Its OK, if you folks do not want to leave him alone and want to haul him to court due to the Lingam tape episode.

    Let the government finally decide.

    (But sometimes, I do smell a fish though...When Najib said that those implicated in the VPL tape cannot be prosecuted or something to the effect...Could that have been atrade-off with Dr M that he resign from UMNO and the government will not do anything to him?)

    Anyway, now I hope Dr M will tell more about Samy Velu - on how the so called Indian leader played out the Indian community for almost 30 years.

  5. I think it's time he took backstage. I don't see how after quitting, his return to UMNO will bring any positive returns to the party. If his heart is truly for the party, then quitting it as a sign of no confidence in Pak Lah is just like a child's act of not talking to his mother because she refused him candy.

  6. Anonymous2:03 pm


    Its about time we make the drastic change to brighthen the "Future of Malays" and "Malay Solidarity" in the 21st century. Tun lead us the way, many will be behind you!


  7. This is really a shocking and unsangkarable news....

    The heat is really on....

  8. I got a question,
    What happens to Mukhriz?

    I disagree with TDM's decision to do this, as much as I dislike AAB I think his move would merely cause additional problems. His son is almost ready to take over the Pemuda helm and I don't think this move is indeed wise.

    But then again, if this force AAB to go down it might do something good.

    Mahathir, whether you hate him or love him, must be regarded as one of the most colourful and brilliant politicians in our history. He was the longest serving PM and was instrumental in bringing down the first PM, if he succeeds this one that would 2 Prime Ministers and help two Razak's to the throne.

    I knew this year would be the year of turmoil...

  9. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Beware leaders of all political parties and fellow Malaysians! Dr.M has a started his first stunt work. He has obviously played racial card to instigate poor Malays. Malays who think he is still the Malay hero might be angered to react in a negative way which is what Dr.M desires. It is all because he needs to divert peoples' attention from Lingam's Tape scandal to save his legacy

  10. Anonymous2:16 pm

    We respect his decision. Leaders come and go, members too. But UMNO should stay to continue its path and struggle for the Nation good. For fifty years, we cant just forget and pretend UMNO has not done anything for the country.

    Wish all the Best for Tun M. May he find peace and happiness in whatever course he chooses now. God bless Tun M, God bless Bro Rocky and family, God Bless Malaysia.

  11. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Tunku and Tun Hussien left the UMNO mahathir created, because they had total disdain for what mahathir was doing. mahathir is now leaving the party he has created himself, because he could not get his way.

    He hopes others will follow his example. It would be good to see how much of a support he has in UMNO. AAB now has the opportunity to put mahathir to rest for good, at least in UMNO.

    mahathir’s arrogance knows no bound. This arrogance is a result of his bloated self-confidence in himself. He has convinced himself that he can do no wrong and his logic supasses all others’.

    The logic and confidence which are built with no moral and spiritual foundation are now tumbling down. Malaysia is on the path of recovery from 2 decades of decadence. There is hope for Malaysia yet. Just imagine what people’s unity can do!

  12. Anonymous2:19 pm

    For those who God wants to punish, He makes them mad first.

  13. If this is true, then I think its the right thing to do. Syabas Tun Mahathir, the way that Dollah and his UMNO treated you in the past few years since you retired is nothing short of kurangajar dan tidak mengenang budi terhadap seorang Pemimpin Besar UMNO dan Negarawan ulung.

    If the UMNO leadership fails to see the doomed fate that will befall UMNO under continued Dollah Presidentship then let them be, let them enjoy their illusory moment of grandeur as UMNO is going down the abyss of failure and absolute disaster in the next PR13 with Dollah and his band of advisers at the helm.

    Today the Pakatan Rakyat can start celebrating and should now announce their shadow cabinet as Government in Waiting and hmm,hmm not necessarily Anwar as PMlah.

  14. Bro

    Wake me up if Firaun does the unpredictable - like supporting DSAI or condemns Mugabe.

    Otherwise, all this paradigm shafting is the same old stuff. His needle has been stuck on the same groove since 1981.

    U get a sense of deja vu. Yawn!

  15. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Either he is in or out is no big deal anymore.

  16. Bro, heard thousands of Umno members are doing the same. THIS is creating a good domino effects, in the best interest of the country we love and the Malays in particular.
    Every Umno member worth their salt must do their part for the party by leaving it now.
    If there is something that anyone of you been wanting to do for the continued survival of UMNO, DO IT NOW bu quitting Umno now.
    THE RETURN TO UMNO would be a remarkable moment in your life when you know that you, together with Dr.M, have done something for the anchor party of Malaysia.

  17. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Great News!

    Why don't he just retire off and keeps his face and mouth out of the limelight.

    This wily and devious old man single handedly turned this country of ours upside down from being the leader in the region to a stumbling and mediocre nation.

    And he indoctrinated his poison into the mindset of the people and secregated them and divided them, keeping them apart so that he can continue to manupulate and plunder the nation.

    Mahathir, you have fooled us enough! Why don't you go look for the billionaire shorty partner of yours who is holding billions of our money with him and dissapear from here.

    Man from the Wharf.

  18. Anonymous2:49 pm

    This is really something shocking. There will be a major ripple effect on local political scene.The aftershocks.

  19. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Dr Mahathir told the crowd of some 1,000 in Johor Baru that if Malays keep quiet they will lose their rights and other races will take over.

    Lim [Kit Siang] said the former prime minister who had introduced the Bangsa Malaysia concept now appeared to be backtracking on his stand.

    Why is Mahathir talking like this? Why should the non-Malays as well as the Malays be afraid to demand their basic rights under the Federal Constitution?

    This mantan perdana menteri is playing the race card to distance himself from the embroilment in the Lingam Tape scandal. This is very irresponsible.

    He should be calling for unity, not inflaming racial hatred by telling the Malay people that the non-Malays will step on their heads. Tell me, how is this possible?

    I think Dato Ahmad Badawi and the rest in UMNO should stay calm and stabilise and reform the party and disregarding Mahathir's increasingly troublesome antics.

  20. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Good lah, just see what will happen next.

    No surprise for me since TDM shouting here and there, and yet Pak Lah never listen.

  21. Anonymous3:15 pm

    He should join MIC. That's where he belongs.

  22. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Raja Petra says:

    No, Karpal Singh was not disrespectful to Islam [the Perak Mufti Dato Harussani said Karpal was disrepectful to the religion]. Karpal Singh is as ‘Islamic’ as they come. Karpal Singh has done what 15 million Malay Muslims would not do. Karpal Singh has done what 15 million Malay Muslims should have done. Karpal Singh did what the First Caliph of Islam, Abu Bakar, said that God had Rightly-Guided him to do.

    Yes, religion comes under the Rulers. The State Mufti is appointed by the Ruler. The State Director of the Religious Department is appointed by the Ruler. But not all men of the cloth are the example of Abu Bakar. Not all Rulers are the epitome of the Four Rightly-Guided Caliphs of Islam. There are amongst them some with the scruples of the scum of the earth.

    For more, see:

  23. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Yup, just saw the report on Spore's Channel NewsAsia news bulletin at 3:00 PM. Apparently, TDM announced this at a meeting in Kedah this morning.

    As per the report, TDM said he will only rejoin Umno if there is a change in the party's top leadership.

    How will Pak Lah respond to this outright challenge?

    The 4th Floor Boys r going to be working overtime tonight......

  24. Wrong move, man!
    They won't be many takers to the challenge to quit UMNO.
    UMNO is the golden goose for many Ministers. There is no way they will quit the party even though they hate it like hell.
    Come on, how many of them really, I mean really love UMNO.

  25. Anonymous3:24 pm

    I quit UMNO today!


  26. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Bila Dollah nak letak jawatan? Dollah, letak lah jawatan dan bawa sekali konco-konco kau bersama, Anuar Zaini, KJ dan etc, etc

  27. Anonymous3:40 pm

    I am sure this is not the first time he quit UMNO???

    Play it again , Sam...

    Sam: Casualty No:1 from the said Commission??

  28. Salam Brader,

    1. Now Dr. Mahathir and his followers have 2 options?

    2. Follow Datuk Ibrahim Ali as 'Bebas'.

    3. Follow me 'su-kj'. No party.

  29. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Dr. .. It clears your conscience. Actually nothing new for you. I have reason to believe that "The UMNO Dilemma" is in final proof-reading.

  30. Anonymous4:04 pm

    me too. effective now. tomorrow will tell Ketua Cawangan!

  31. what shall we say.

    congrats or deep regret?

  32. Anonymous4:11 pm

    This is beginning of a new era. Now, there is at least a dozen candidates can be the next PM. Any leader form UMNO can split and gather enough number and then convince DAP, PAS and East Malaysia's MP to form a new coalition, then he is another Dato Anwar and is prime minister in waiting.

  33. And all because he thinks the ascension of Anwar to premiership is the worse possible thing that can happen!!! This racist man should just go. Unfortunately, what ever good, if any, he might be credited with, he is prepared to cast away and subject this country to all kinds of strive all because of his own screwed up perceptions of right and wrong.

    He just cannot stomach the fact that Singaporean Malays without the NEP and without any kind of affirmative action are a happier lot than those he led for 22 years. Yes, he led them alright convincing them that they are affirmed and therefore need protection. They are affirmed and therefore need upliftment. They are weak and therefore they need sustenance. They are crippled and therefore they need crutches. And who hands them over? UMNO of course.

    Fact is they are all lies. Malays are not affirmed. Malays are not weak. Malays are not crippled. But by you making them believe so you have made them all just dependent on you. So they support and vote UMNO.

    Basically UMNO has deprived the Malays of freewill. That is what has happened. That then is what messes things up for the war lords of UMNO. And why be a war lord of UMNO? Simple..Money money ,money!!!

  34. Anonymous4:15 pm

    What was that comment about certain species of rodents (Rattus norvegicus) deserting a sinking ship?

  35. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Well, we also hope Tengku Adnan follows suit following the VKKL debacle.

  36. And all because he thinks the ascension of Anwar to premiership is the worse possible thing that can happen!!! This racist man should just go. Unfortunately, what ever good, if any, he might be credited with, he is prepared to cast away and subject this country to all kinds of strive all because of his own screwed up perceptions of right and wrong.

    He just cannot stomach the fact that Singaporean Malays without the NEP and without any kind of affirmative action are a happier lot than those he led for 22 years. Yes, he led them alright convincing them that they are affirmed and therefore need protection. They are affirmed and therefore need upliftment. They are weak and therefore they need sustenance. They are crippled and therefore they need crutches. And who hands them over? UMNO of course.

    Fact is they are all lies. Malays are not affirmed. Malays are not weak. Malays are not crippled. But by you making them believe so you have made them all just dependent on you. So they support and vote UMNO.

    Basically UMNO has deprived the Malays of freewill. That is what has happened. That then is what messes things up for the war lords of UMNO. And why be a war lord of UMNO? Simple..Money money ,money!!!

  37. hm. what happened to my comment? censored?

    thank you moderator. i now understand your stand in 'freedom of speech'. looks like there's no such thing even with bloggers who preach so heavily about it. so much for hope for our nation.

  38. Anonymous4:24 pm

    sebab ramai nak keluar aku nak masuk umno. boleh jadi ketua bahagian, timbalan ketua bahagian atau naib ketua bahagian dan sebagainya.

  39. Anonymous4:24 pm

    You should sir, You are a liability to the Malays and the country. Take a rest and enjoy your pension.

  40. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Dolah tak nak resign ke? Apa lagi yang dia nak tengok? Tak ada maruahkah?

  41. Anonymous4:36 pm

    errkkk ... love the guy but not the party. pak lah makes umno seemed to be unrepairable.

    can it be repaired ?

    better get some suruhanjaya to study it aye

  42. Anonymous4:39 pm

    saya sebagai ahli UMNO dari Pulau Pinang, juga umum keluar parti

  43. What a relief news.

    Tun Mahathir always has his personal agenda. Please do not fall on his trap.

  44. Anonymous4:47 pm

    We can understand this latest antic. He has been under relentless pressure. Looks like this is nothing more than a minor blip or distraction. Not quite a bombshell, is it?

  45. Anonymous4:47 pm

    aku pun nak blah dari parti ni!
    jom berenti ramai2.


  46. We all knew he is really mad with Pak lah. Harap Dr M telah pikir panjang dan bukan sebab dicabar dan tindakan at the spur of the moment.

  47. Anonymous4:58 pm

    i believe he made the right decision. If Abdullah Badawi don't resign now, there will be more problems for Malaysian derives from his lack of judgement. Abdullah Badawi and KJ can go to hell!

  48. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Mahathir is too full of himself... If he really respects the democratic process and wants to bring positive change to UMNO all he has to do is push for open race (removal of quota's) for the presidential elections in UMNO and let the delegates decide. After all this is not just an UMNO issue but also an issue that affects the office of the PM, who should be accountable to all rakyaat and not just UMNO.

    Read my thoughts here: Mahathir quits UMNO and every dog has its day

  49. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Tun Dr Mahathir telah menujukkan contoh kepada kita semua untuk kita ikuti iaitu BERCAKAP BENAR WALAUPUN PAHIT.

  50. Saudara Rocky,

    Does this mean that TDM will be in wilderness again...?

    ..or perhaps more freedom to attack from outside without beholden to anyone...?
    Or deadline ti catch up when patience is wearing thin...?

    Politics is the art of impossible.

    This is getting more and more interesting by tomorrow...

  51. Anonymous5:11 pm

    Kita tengok sama ada DR M jadi cam Ku Li atau DSAI (S46 atau PKR).

    Kalau parti penting tidak ramai akan ikut beliau tapi kalau individu yang penting ramai akan ikut dia.

    Parti atau individu.

    KuLi keluar dulu ada yg ikut

    Anwar keluar (dipecat) lagi ramai yg ikut.

    Tapi pemimpin diatas masih malam dulu kalau ikut sejarah..semua tak berani..jaga periuk nasi..

    Tun hanya ada SUARA tapi tiada KUASA.

    Jangan Malaysia hancur kerana UMNO bergaduh sesama sendiri.

  52. Anonymous5:12 pm

    UMNO MP should heed Tun advice and be independent, or at least join PAS if not PKR.

    Corruption money won't last long, leave the past for healthy future.

  53. Few possibilities:

    1. Pak Lah tido and indifferent and stay in power but things get worst beyond proportion for UMNo and BN, even jumping ship occuring.

    2. UMNO groundswell and anger builds up due to this resignation. Erupt into other UMNO members or branches closing up, disarray to Pak lah's plan to win over the branches.

    3. Conciliatory effort done with a power transfer effected.

    If Tun remain outside UMNO till his last days, it is a permenant bad tradition in UMNO of former President other Tun Razak (who died in office) leaving and dying outside the party.

    Remember a TDM outside UMNO is unrestrained and will cause more damage. He comes out loaded with guns blazing.

    If Pak Lah remain recalcitrant, his days are numbered for it may trigger possibilities inside Parliament. Remember the Tkt 4 boys trying to do a spin on article 43(5) of the constitution saying PM cannot be removed by teh King.

    It is actually 43(4)! There are conditions that Pak lah can be removed by the Agong.

    WHat do the lawyers think?

  54. Anonymous5:53 pm

    good riddance to garbage! Hopefully Ular King, Bodohwi also joins him! But if Bodohwi resigns, who can take his place? Najis? Muhydin Yasin? <- Possibly One of the most stupidest politician ever! Whoever wins, we loose! Damm! We are screwed! Luckily we already got training, so we are used to getting screwed by umNO!!

  55. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Could mahathir do this as a pre-emptive move? Could he have got wind of AAB wanting to take him to court on the Lingam’s tapes affair? He is doing this as a distraction and to dis-stabilise the government so that he can get off scot-free

  56. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Now we will see how many friends TDM have left, from all the cronies, corrupt politicians he nurtured and protected. Who will follow him and vacate the sinking ship under captain Dollah or is it Jonah ?
    Lets hope TDM exits the political scene peacefully and never to be heard again. Better go than to be sacked. There is dignity in resignation, AAB is going to learn the hard way. AAB, you need to follow the example of your ex-boss, he always has gread advice for you.

  57. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Bro! The so-called 'independent' MalaysianInsider.Com have finally removed their 'masks'.
    That site is nothing more than an extention of the 4th floors boys' propaganda tentacles.
    Is Brendan Pereira the Editor-In-Chief of MalaysianInsider?
    The language and slant seems very familiar - plagarists' tone.

  58. Here we go> Shock and Awe.

    Things are moving too slowly for Mahathir.

    All the Pembesar UMNO will probably do nothing.

    But the grass root will surely do.

    Another Drastic measure from the old man.

    Get up! Stand up....

  59. Anonymous6:13 pm

    dia nak elak dari didakwa di mahkamah and proven dirty.With a new puppet leader, he can show he was and is still the best.

    Waktu2 begini, I am with Pak Lah.Satu hari Pak Lah will be declared Bapa Free Speech and Free Expression Malaysia.Sebab semua orang boleh bercakap apa saja sekarang.Tak macam zaman Mahathir dulu.

  60. Anonymous6:17 pm

    apa kecoh-kecoh semua orang nak bagi pendapatan dan pemandangan. pendapatan dan pemandangan anda semua tidak penting dan tidak ada kesan. kecoh saja lebih. macam tak ada benda lain nak buat.

    kalau nak ikut keluar. ikut keluar saja. kalau tak buat kereja macam biasa. harge beras dah lebih harge siling, apa shahrir nak buat? subsidi petrol apa cerita? air percuma kat selangor macam mana nak kira? 20 meter padu pertama percuma, lepas tu kira 57 sen semeter padu atau 1.03 sen semeter padu?

  61. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Tun Mahathir deserves some respect.

    We should not be "yes" men, but we shouldn't be "f**k you" men either.

    Respect is earned.

  62. Husin harap janganlah Dr Mahathri itu dibiarkan sorang! sorang! macam mana peristiwa Dol Said tewas dalam Perang Naning ke II.

  63. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Good riddance to the old fart, I say.

    This is a man without conscience, willing to throw the country into potential political instability because of his hatred for one man.

    This is a man who had no qualms stoking racial fires just to see the demise of his political nemesis.

    Although many claim the present PM is inept, complacent, sleepy etc, one should not forget that we were the folks that gave him such a huge mandate in 2004. I'd shudder to think what Mahathir would have done with such a mandate.
    But, never did Sleepyhead played the racial card fires after the drubbing BN received at the Mar 08. Instead he took the beating on the chin, and all the rest of the brickbats thrown at him.

    History would be kinder to old fart if he just retired an shut the kcuf up. He has destroyed and fractured enough of Malaysia to negate whatever contributions he made.

  64. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Man proposes God disposes, sepandai pandai tupai melumpat akhirnya ke tanah jua. The irony is that this eight years old in an eighty years old body will now be instrumental in expediting what he fears the most. DSAI becoming the PM. Is this what you want, my dear child?

  65. Anonymous6:47 pm


    looks like umno is getting closer to 'game over'.

  66. Anonymous6:51 pm

    quit as tho it'll make any difference

  67. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Here is a man who walks the talk..unlike many others especially UMNO members who are calling for Paklah's resignantion but not doing enough.
    Even though by doing this (resigning from UMNO),he is putting himself to all kinds risk, he makes this decision with full integrity.
    Syabas TDM!! you have my vote on this.

  68. Anonymous6:55 pm

    Maha Adil,
    One more roll of the dice... for the last time. All or nothing.

    Mari ya bets

  69. Anonymous7:00 pm

    KELUAR KELUAR KELUAR SEMUA FROM UMNO! I'm gonna join them tomorrow.
    Why? So that I can join Dollah and his clan to siphon off more money from the Malaysian public, hahaha!

    ACAH JE...


  70. Anonymous7:03 pm

    He should take his cronies and sons along with him. We all know that all the good that he's done for the country can never overcome the damages that he wrought.

    With all due respect thanks for your service, Dr M. And good riddance.

  71. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Personally, I don't think Mr Mahathir's resignation makes much difference.

    Its only significance is that it brings to fruition, my prediction that UMNO will split into two camps of differing values and ideologies.

    The Malay society - like any other society - is not a homogenous society. Mr Mahathir's resignation may catalyse and bring out into the open, these two groups based on the broadest denominators - Republicans/Conservatives as against Liberals/Labour.

    This split has to come sooner or later. It is only natural. The only difference is Mr Mahathir's group tend to be on the far right such that it becoms a neo Conservative. Perhaps the word "fascist" may be an appropriate word.

    Without the split, Mr Badawi has to ride the Mahathir "Tiger". So now that the battle will be coming into the open, let's see who are in which camp: Who are neo Cons, and who are the Liberals.

    I would hazard a gues that there are not many neo Cons. Time have changed. So has the Malay society. Many are thinking people now. Learned. Educated. More broad minded. And prepared to take a stand on what is right.

    A pity ... Mr Mahathir has a place to contribute ... much like Winston Churchill. He wold have been a good war time Minister .. but not in peace time however.

    A pity ... he is wasting his time fighting in a peace-time era .. with outdated values and outdated thinking ... for what? Pride? Ego?

    A pity .. he continues to manipulate the unthinking mob .. whose worth is only fighting.

    Broadly speaking, it does not really the nation of Malaysia if there are two Malay-led political parties.

    ... So long as there is NO violence. Malaysians will not tolerate that.

    .. So Mr Mahathir, if you want to win your political battle, I trust you will be a gentleman and fight a clean battle.

    This is politics, I have no love or loss as to who wins or who looses, if this is the career they have decide to undertake. Kindly ensure, you all just play by the rules of fair play.

    Good luck Mr Badawi, and be steadfast. Just remeber many "silent majority" are quietly supporting you.

  72. Anonymous7:12 pm

    TDM is the one who single-handedly destroy Umno, if you look in hindsight.

    He destroyed Umno lama, then this Umno baru. It is better for Umno to disband.

    Being the majority, we should have the minority at heart.

  73. Anonymous7:14 pm

    Alhamdulillah, akhirnya Tun telah membuat keputusan yang saya harapkan selama ini. Tun keluar dari UMNO kerana UMNO sudah tidak relevan lagi bagi orang Melayu. UMNO sekarang hanya relevan untuk bukan Melayu. Sebagai contoh, gaji cikgu dan polis dinaikkan kerana nak menarik orang bukan Melayu. Selama ini gaji tidak dinaikkan kerana majoriti cikgu dan polis orang Melayu. Apakah sebangsat ini orang Melayu?

  74. Sorry not affirmed..should be infirmed!! How did I get that wrong???

  75. Rocky!
    I too have resigned from Umno where members are Buffoons and Morons who have no courage to tell their top leader to step down!

  76. Will others jump ship, too? Who knows.. but I've put up a straw poll to see what you folks think.

    Personally, this could be the nail that sinks the UMNO ship... There's a silver lining here, though, if we want to see it that way - perhaps with UMNO out of the way, we could finally move forward with a Malaysia for all citizens...

    If the tsunami of March 8th indicated a move away from race-based politics, perhaps this aftershock will hasten that move... Just my two-bits...

  77. Anonymous7:36 pm

    now u can go to hell che det

  78. A dream come true and a birthday prsent to UMNO 62 birthday also a pre birthday present to Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. What a relief. At last Dr Mahathir gave up on UMNO. He resigned as member no 001.What a relief to Malaysian especially Badawi, KJ, Nazri,Najid,Sharir, Musa Hitam, Karpal, Hadi, Anwar,Kit Siang,Kuan Yew, Bush, Blair,Howard,Rafidah, Muhammad Taib,Khir Toyo,Zam and all those who have been demonising Dr M oh yea! not to forget Zaid. Now these people can sleep well. No more 'telinga sakit,', hati sakit, makan tak kenyang tidur tak lena.Syabas to AAB. He lost 5 state and he won the war against his mentor MAHATHIR. Dr M gave up on UMNO. UMNO grassroot members had shown the exit door to AAB thru the last election but AAB still on cloud 9. Ater the election the truth is , UMNO grassroot member wants AAB OUT, and still AAB on cloud 9. So, its better for DR M to go. Since 2004, this is the weakest goverment we had for the past 50 years. In 2004, Malaysia gave 90% mandate to AAB to rule and continue Malaysia prosperity and uphold Malaysian dignity. With that mandate AAB should have build a strong foundation and sterr Malaysia to the greatest high, probraly greater tha DR M era. Unfortunetly, he turn like a Baby in the cradle that fall asleep whenever anyone closed to him, mother,father,uncle,brother or anyone start to rock the cradle slowly,peacefully and start ushering sweet words plus of course some goocy goocy goocy hi hi hi .. sleep my baby ..sleep my baby. and there he goes fall asleep.I lost confident when AAB start the Hadhari Islam. For me Hadhari Islam is Islam in disguiste. That the fisrt sign of AAB going down. how many time the goverment under AAB bow to opposition demands? The VK Linggam tape is not about lobbying,or integrity on the judicial. Opposition knew the best weapon to hit the goverment badly is thru judiciary crisis 1988. What they do, add spice to it. VK Lingam breach the profession ethic by talking nonsense on the phone that this Goh Burn .. start his phone camera rolling. The goverment should now bow to opposition preasure. Who rules Malaysia, opposition or BN aka AAB. They should leave it to ACA to continue to investigates for any element of bribe. Thats what the end result of the commission right. Investigates. The bar council should penalised VK Lingam for his act ,maybe suspense his practice. Did VK Lingam comit an offence?. The only offence he did was being naive at the wrong time and it will haunt him for the rest of his live. I respect the commission findings and decission, but what the VK Linggam tape got to do with Dr M. By hook or by crook DR M is the final say on Judge appointment. He should not be called as a withness. What is his offence. Base on the contistution as a PM he has the right to this case. Anyone can loby anybody to achieved someting right!. The subordiniate will lobby his supervisor for promotion, the supervisior will lobby his superior for promotion, the car dealy will lobby MITI for AP, the contractor will lobby the Goverment for project, the UMNo members or any polical party members will lobby their grassroot memebrs to vote for them, the recent election saw manny lobbyist going around to lobby for votes. Lobbying is a way of lifer, anywhere in the world. The only thing matter is the person, the boss or the authority who has the final say and at the end it my say, not yours. I have not read anywhere , has the authority made a 'voice ' authentication whether it that Lingam voice, or whether is that Fairuz voice on the other end.Hey man technology is out there. Lingam was in a way right to say 'It looks like me and sound like me but it might not be me., anyway that what laywer do, He guilty unless proven innocence. Prior to the election I have wrote that BN will win but they will be shock on how many seats and states that will fall to the opposition. Going forward, if Anwar fail to mitigate the cross over , relax Anwar, BN especially UMNO please say bye bye to the nest general election. Will DR M still sting like a bee or more like a stingray as a non UMNO member. Time will tell. DR M , whould you like to join PAS or may be DAP will be a good choice.

  79. Anonymous7:59 pm

    Never knew that this old wily fox is that simplistic in thinking. Let's say AAB finally resign and somebody else is taking over, he'd think all the problems in UMNO and in Malaysia would just go away, just like that? All the corrupt, rent-seekers, lobbyists, brokers, ali-baba practitioners etc, would just wiped out of UMNO just like that? And Malaysian economy will flourish and we'll once more be the darling of FDI just like that? Social ills , high crime rates, inflation, inefficient government services, wastage of public funds, lame judiciary, shackled media organizations etc will be the things of the past, just like that?
    What we need is a new goverment. Nothing more and nothing less. We don't need the new man to helm UMNO. What's the difference will it be? Nothing. They are all the same. They subscribe to the same ideology, from top to the bottom. So why bother to change your president if the mentality of the whole organization is still the same, the implementation of the policies will be carried out by the same people, hence the effects to the people on the streets will still be the same? What UMNO need is a total revamp. New mentality. New policies. But are they ready for that? Are they prepared to lose the support from those who are so comfortable with the easy money and easy life that UMNO provided them for the past 50 years? That's surely a million dollar question, that nobody can't answer with 100% certainty.

    p/s: My apology to those UMNO members who stay loyal to the party through thick and thin, who believe in the original struggle of the party, who are incorruptible, who are not seeking positions and financial gains that come with the position, this piece of comment is obviously not about you.

  80. Anonymous8:42 pm

    pak lah tak tahu lagi dr. Mahathir keluar parti.. dia duk tidor lagi tue.. pi kejutkan dia cecepat!

  81. Who is funding Perdana Foundation?
    Why is Petronas paying him to screw us?
    Why is able to control & influence the System?
    The Royal Commission wants him in Court?
    He refused to many years ago, thanks to VKL!
    He forgot before the Royal Commission!
    Then he threatens the Judges!
    And the AG is still reading the Report!
    Sudah Lah!
    Perhaps, Mr AG's Chambers, another charge on me!
    psst: Mr AG! Please do not forget the "prosecutorial misconduct" re: REZA SHAMS BIRJARI!
    {peoples for further details check out my blogspot}

  82. Anonymous8:55 pm

    the old wolf is trying to divert the attention of his infamous 'Lingamgate' mess from the rakyat.

  83. Anonymous9:06 pm

    This the starting withdrawal symptom of Malaysia's recovery, the purging of one of the most divisive politicians of late from a party he created himself.

    Baik kita tinggalkan saja Tun Dr. Mahathir untuk berehat dan bersara dengan sepenuhnya berikutan dia melupuskan keahlian dia dari UMNO.

    Mari kita berusaha membina kembali Malaysia yang bebas dari beban zaman silamnya mulai sekarang.

  84. Anonymous9:12 pm

    Old Fart 4:13 pm is correct.

    The UMNO of the Mahathir era has deprived the Malays of free will and courage, the courage, free will and magnanimity the old Malays had.

    I think it is good that Mahathir resigns and just keeps quiet from now on and let those people in charge run the country.

    Cukup la with the sandiwara Dr. Mahathir!

  85. Anonymous9:38 pm







  86. Anonymous9:52 pm







  87. I am just wondering if TDM will pass away the same way as his arch nemesis, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj -- out of Umno and relatively alone (except for family) i.e. without those who called him 'dear friend' once.

  88. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Hei, to tell the truth, between Pak Lah and Mahathir, I would go for the former. Mahathir, is the whole world know, a sly fox, who would do anything to get what he wants. Pak Lah, is a more God fearing man and I go for such a man. Pak Lah will thrive despite all his weaknesses because I think God will be with him.

  89. Anonymous10:46 pm

    old fart,

    A malay racist but employ an indian lawyer, support many chinese and indian business men ? and some of them becomes millionaire....?

  90. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Being a non-umno and neutral I see this is a good strategy.

    PLah's power base in UMNO and destabilizing this would ensure more chance of success in dealing with the current issues. As Plah drag longer the time till DEC. He indirectly growing stronger and giving his the sense to "fix" things.

    So, I think it is do or die for him. The more Plah lash out at DrM with his wits on judiciary issues, the more rotten is DrM.

    Furthermore DrM has recently sees the growing threat of Anwar and now recognised it with inclusion of Sabah and Sarawak, so he knows what he could do to UMNO. So he needs to fix it now or UMNO is doomed.

    So now the million dollar question is how loyal is UMNO members? DrM or PLah or Dont care?


  91. Anonymous11:51 pm

    possible tak Tun dapat 15 orang MPs keluar bersama, campur dengan sabah, PKR, DAP, PAS...ops......

  92. Anonymous12:04 am

    At last a racist has left the party, hoped his son would do the same but i guess that's impossible as his father would want him to be on the throne.

    i guess the people whom i can really respect was Tunku Abdul Rahman and Dato Onn bin Jaafar. For they don't have an ultra Melayu syndrome.

    don't the Malay people realise that they are only accounted for as 54% of the total population in Malaysian(since Malays are bumiputra, the statistics would show 65.5% because of other bumiputras like the kadazans and etc etc). Not to sound racist or extreme myself, but threatening the non-malays that they can't survive without the Malays are just being naive. Malays need the non-malays to survive too. They forgot that independence was achieved through unity, not fighting amongst each other.

    Maybe we should think of placing ourselves under the british rule, then the malays would feel how it's like to be a second citizen of their own country, like the non-malays now(even bumiputras like the ibans and kadazans are being treated far worse than the non-malays although they are bumiputras), or maybe we should have another Singapore, and with the racist sentiment running at a high now, i guess many won't mind. with this, the malays can rule all they want without the non-malays and there won't be problems such as malays and non-malays term.

  93. Anonymous12:36 am

    Old Fart,

    The Malays once owned Singapore, or are you to young to remember, or too daft to know your history?

    So the Malays will always fear losing Malay-sia. They look at Singapore and they are reminded of how those outsiders came and took their land and everything away.

    Look at how the non-Malays are treating the Malays in Malaysia.

    The Malays are not weak. So that's why they should give up their rights and give up this land to the non-Malays.

    That what you mean, right?

  94. Anonymous12:44 am

    the umnoputras will not leave umno. too much financial loss at stake. maybe some grassroots branch will follow TDM, but it is pak lah's gain when party elections come.

  95. In response to Dr M's intention to quit UMNO, veteran UMNO members have only this to say (in, 19 May 2008):
    PM Abdullah: Shocked
    Meanwhile, Abdullah said he was shocked by the decision and, despite their differences, had not expected him to leave.
    Umno Deputy President Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak expressed his shock ...
    Umno veteran and stalwart Tan Sri Aziz Tapa, 85, said that he was shocked at the news and was at a loss for words.
    Umno supreme council member Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik said, "It's shocking news to me."
    In Narnia: Prince Caspian, Prince Caspian was taken down by a courageous talking mouse named Reepicheep while running away from some Telmarines. With a sword pointing at the princes' neck, Reepicheep said, "What are your last words?" And the bewildered prince replied, " are a mouse!" To which the exasperated Reepicheep said, "You guys have no imagination."

  96. Anonymous1:04 am

    To this day, I cannot understand why people are so in awe of Dr M.

    He destroyed the judiciary, made tons of money for himself and his cronies and yet we still have people defending him to no end.

    Are they not aware that the rot we have now was created during his time?

    Just balik kampung and retire. You've done enough damage.

  97. Anonymous2:16 am

    If I were Pak Lah, I would call Old Fart in and throw back the job he had given him seven years ago and tell him if he had wanted him to run the country exactly the way he wanted it to be, he should have just kept the job for himself. I think only in this way will old fart get the message how impertinent he has been to people these last two years. Pak Lah too would get back his dignity which has been seriously hurt and undermined by old fart these last two years. Pak Lah should get back this dignity. That is more important than the Prime Minister job which old fart thinks is really so great.

  98. Tun Mahathir deserve a true leader.

    I feel so ashamed of some of you guys who calls him all kinds of names, yet claimed yourselves to be very educated...

    And to those that tell him to shut up, go to hell...and so on, I suppose that's how you speak to your parents too.

  99. Anonymous4:09 am

    Rizal Ukay,

    have you ever thought why Tunku gave the consent of the formation of singapore. hmmmm?

    i guess you haven't.. this is where you should read more history books especially Tunku's own writing on the matter. Might enlighten your mind a bit.

    and the case of the non-malays being outsiders.. if my memory on history books served me right, the malays aren't the bumiputra's here either.

    hmm, how did the non-malays treated the malays when you have the 'special' priviledges ya?
    sedap-sedap boleh kata kami hamba, kamu tuan?

    you always say our land, we own this land... think carefully... this land would not be in the govern of the malays if not for the independence that was achieved through unity. you've lost the land, so don't be so proud about it. silap-silap bulan, you might lose more than you can bear.

    I think i would rather respect those malays that fight for their place than those that sits down and does nothing but waits to be feed or hopes to be paid for doing quality-less job.

    talking about your right... it wouldn't be there if not for independence right?

  100. Anonymous4:37 am

    Sungguh dramatik drama mantan PM kita ni. Dulu drama letak jawatan, sekarang drama keluar parti pulak.

    Dia ajak ahli UMNO keluar demi kerana parti? Ye ke? Bukan ke kalau ikut tindakan dia tuh dah kira keluar UMNO kerana dia?

    Oh ya, saya tak nak ikut jejak langkah dia keluar parti. Bukan kerana saya menyebelahi AAB, tapi kerana saya sayangkan parti. Saya memilih cara yang lebih demokratik untuk memilih pucuk pimpinan UMNO.

  101. Anonymous9:00 am

    If TDM is my parent I would be rich beyond imagination. I would kiss his backside like Vincent and many others. Too bad I do not have such luck. Anyway TDM is a dinosaur that refuses to be 'down when it is dead and dead when it is down' Like him you are entitle to your opinion.

  102. Anonymous9:33 am

    Dear Rockyfella..

    Tq for the tag pic ..Now only I know TDM's I/C no...

    25+12+20 = 57 Merdeka!
    2+5+1+2+2+0 = 12; 5+1+5+1 = 12

    Means nothing lah..just for fun only! I love to watch all these fun & when everybody become funny..

    Can anybody get me Pak Lah's & Najib's I/C no during the incoming UMNO Gen. Assy..


  103. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Itulah masaalah dia. Mahu Dollah jadi PM tapi nak dia jadi proxy dia. Dollah tak nak jadi proxy, masuk lah anak sendiri. Sekarang, anak tak boleh buat apa apa, resign lah. What a lot of irresponsibilities.

  104. Anonymous2:32 pm

    Apa ni ada yang kata sayangkan parti?

    Sayangkan parti ke, sayangkan negara, mana lagi besar?

    Jangan terperangkap dalam alam maya, wahai insan-insan sekalian!

    Apa yang penting adalah menyelamatkan negara dan memastikan negara stabil, aman, harmoni, serta kerajaan adil, telus dan saksama tanpa mengabaikan mana-mana pihak.

    Maka apa besarnya parti?

  105. This comment has been removed by the author.

  106. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang tak punya apa2 melainkan kudrat tulang empat kerat..kalau nak dibanding antara Badawi dengan Pak Det..saya rasakan kepayahan hidup era badawi amat jerih sekali bagi saya. Buruk2 pun zaman Pak Det, tidaklah saya tertekan keterlaluan.

  107. Anonymous6:40 pm

    bro rocky, cantek la no ahli umno tdm, 00000001. tapi saya ada satu kemusykilan, kenapa no kosong tu ada 7 digit? ada sesiapa boleh jawab....

  108. Anonymous11:50 pm

    "melayu muda lupa" and this anti-Semetic Melayu is a despicable specimen of one who has selective memory. he conveniently forgets that he is greatly responsible for dismantling a vibrant and much respected judicary.

    he conveniently forgets that he orchestrated the dismantling of Press and media freedoms and the unlawful arrest and detention of NGO, political activits, and many he considered threats to his diabolical crony-kingdom regime.

    Mahathir is an unrepentant despot that is once again trying to orchestrate an Umno sabotage.

    he and his diehard cronies see the writing on the wall with the judicial enquiry and it is clever strategy of deflection and of covering one's tracks of criminal escapde.

    this resignation from Umno at this juncture stinks to Kedah. it is a malicous desperate attempt by a wounded fox. all in all, it is an exit that comes just two decades too late.

  109. Anonymous9:28 am

    anon 6.40pm

    kan Mahathir target nak rakyat Malaysia 70 juta.. Indirectly, dia harap Melayu membiak byk2 supaya kuasa politik majoriti Malaysia kekal kpd Melayu (iaitu UMNO)..

    Dia reserved 7 "0" tu untuk ahli UMNO membiak jadi 20 juta drpd hampir 2 juta skrg...dia buat kediaman PM di Putrajaya mcm 'white house' pasal dia tau satu hari nnt M'sia akan jadi republik..buat skrg kos kurang banding 50thn akan dtg..

    Org tua ni w/pun sgt kejam kpd musuh2 politik dia, ttp bijak & sgt berfikiran jauh.

    Nampak gaya kalau Pak Lah masih pegang presiden UMNO..kena buang lagi byk lah '0' kat depan tu.. UMNO diambang kepupusan..

    Biasalah kalo ada org2 tak suka Melayu kuat & bersatu..
    Esok2 bila dah terlalu liberal & compromising terjual lah hak, maruah, akidah malah mungkin anak bini juga...

    yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran..
    selamat jalan semua!

  110. Tun Dr.Mahathir ( TDM) pernah berpesan:..."pemimpin datang dan pemimpin pergi tapi UMNO kena dijaga...."

    Jadi eloklah dia pergi. Yang tinggal akan jaga parti.Apa yang perlu riuh sekampung ni.

    TDM : jangan mudah lupa.

  111. Yeah! I saw a horde of journalists following Pak Lah around at the KL Convention Centre after Dr. M made that anouncement and Pak Lah appeared to be grinning away.

  112. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Dr. M, can you please let PM Abdullah run the country in pease.
    You are not happy with everyone in Singapore or the whole world but at least support your own country people selected leaders. Why sarpo them? Remember that you are PM before and now you just don't let other do this role. You are old and st.... sad for you!!

    By Manson from Singapore with love

  113. Dr. M please let Pak Lah run the country in peace. Why sarpo him? You are Pm before. Love your country and even if you hate everyone in Singapore or the rest of the world.
    You are old and getting stu....and should known how to let go!

    Manson from Singapore with love