Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anti-Mahathir, Anti-Crossover Haris Ibrahim

Shahanaaz Habib, the first Malaysian journo to enter Baghdad during the US invasion of Iraq, came face-to-face with lawyer Haris Ibrahim in today's The Star.

Haris, the man behind The People's Parliament blog, is a hardcore anti-Mahathir and anti-crossover (he does not think Anwar Ibrahim should try to form a Pakatan Rakyat government by getting Barisan MPs to cross over, as the act of crossing is tantamount to "fraud"). He lists Info Minister Shabery Cheek as one of the few Barisan Nasional MPs he has (some) regards for.

In the interview, Haris did not forget to say thank you to the New Straits Times, for making him start People's Parliament.
"When they sued Rocky and Jeff Ooi*, it forced me to look into blogs and I reaslied this was a powerful opportunity for me to share the little messages that I have with fellow Malaysians."
Read the full interview online, H E R E.

*Haris Ibrahim is defending Jeff Ooi in a defamation suit filed by NSTP & 3 Others in January 2007. Jeff is now a Member of Parliament.


  1. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Now this is a good, thinking, sensible man.

    Kudos to him.

  2. Bummer! PKR die-hards are going to go after you Harris! The anti-Mahathir label ain't going to help you pacify them Anwaristas! Good luck to you.

  3. Anonymous4:55 pm

    He is too much interested in apostates getting out rather than the good of everyone.

  4. Anonymous4:57 pm

    There is nothing wrong in crossing over. Do you think if someone were to seek re-election, Bee Ann (BN) will not rig? Everyone knows they have already rigged. So they will do the worst in getting any seat for now using Mugabe style.

  5. Questions for the Royal Commission of Inquiry- Lingam Video Clip

    1. I refer to the news reports in the New Straits Times and The Star yesterday (17/5/08) and today (18/5/08) pertaining to the findings in the report of the Royal Commission particularly against the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.
    2. I was astounded and amazed by the findings of the members of the Royal Commission ’’ that prominent government, corporate and judicial figures including former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir may have been involved in a conspiracy to manipulate the appointment of judges.’’ (New Straits Times headlines dated 17/5/2008) .This finding is absolutely speculative in that the members have stretched their minds and their hands out to the very limits to drag Tun Dr. Mahathir in as a person to be responsible in its findings on the appointment of judges particularly on the appointment of the Chief Judge of Malaya and the President of the Court of Appeal at the material time. Tun Dr. Mahathir as I understand it has in his evidence to the members of the Royal Commission clearly stated that ‘’ In giving my consent, I listened to what people said. Although I did not ask for views, in my conversations and social meetings, there were people who talked and I took note but the final decision was my own decision.’’ (The Star 18/1/08). Tun Dr. Mahathir’s functions and duties as the prime minister at the material time should have been accepted as a fact that in any appointment of such a position the final decision rests with him and he has the right to put forward any other name he deems fit for reasons best known to him which as prime minister he is not entitled to disclose with anyone else or the Chief Justice who may have recommended a name. If the prime minister cannot make that final decision who else can-the Chief Justice?
    3. I refer to the statement by Loh Gwo Burne the man responsible for the making of the video clip who said that ‘’ the move to make public the Royal commission report is politically motivated’’….and ‘’disagreed that investigations should include former prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir because he was victimised by the people who surrounded him and tried to influence his decisions.’’ (The Star dated 17/5/2008). It is therefore very clear that the dragging in of Tun Dr. Mahathir and the throwing of ‘’books’’ for various alleged offences by the members of the commission is to disrepute and smear his name as the former prime minister of Malaysia merely on the basis that he knew the parties in the video clip.
    4. Last but not least, Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi was parachuted in sometime last year as the President of the Court of Appeal and who all things being equal in October would most probably take the seat of the Chief Justice of Malaysia. (I have no doubts about the ability and capability of Tan Sri Zaki being elevated to the bench), but to go straight as President of the Court of Appeal. Isn’t there a form of lobbying or brokering of his appointment with Abdullah Badawi as prime minister of Malaysia? Didn’t Abdullah Badawi have the right or to make a final decision on the appointment of Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi? By analogy of the findings of the Royal Commission, shouldn’t Abdullah Badawi similarly be probed for offences in parachuting the appointment of Tan Sri Zaki straight as the President of the Court of Appeal of Malaysia notwithstanding there is no video clip in play?

    Non-partisan lawyer
    Mohd Yacob Karim

  6. Salam Brader,

    1. Brader Haris you 'side kick' jer BN tu. hehehe

    2. Kalu nak cantik lagi 'flying kick'

    3. Coz BN tu dah seperti cicak kering jer. Dah tak kuat dah.

  7. Anonymous5:13 pm

    harris ibrahim is an opportunist. more like nobody trying to be important!

  8. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Bang, masuk politik, jangan cakap pandai di simpang lima je..

  9. shahanaz is the MAN! eh the woman...she has guts...wonder if Wong or Kali had the guts to go into a war zone?

  10. We have to admire the man who sticks to his guns
    He has his own strict principles and fair share of fun
    Away from his stated objectives you won't find him run
    He will always have his own space under the universal sun

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180508
    Sun. 18th May 2008.

  11. Anonymous6:07 pm

    The evergreen Bulbir Singh wrote in The Star today that Mahathir is “an upright and smart man”. Hasn’t old Bulbir been reading the news lately? I wonder whether he reads Malaysiakini or any of the Blogs.

    I just can’t understand this guy Bulbir. Doesn’t he realize that his views of wisdom is actually been spun by the BN/Umno spin doctors of the MSM to make it look like what Bulbir says represents the views of the so-called silent majority?

    How can he call someone like Mahathir as “upright and smart’? The sad thing about all this is that there are people like Bulbir out there who have been voting for donkey years for a corrupt regime like the BN/Umno regime to power. People like Bulbir live in a Utopian world where the BN/Umno regime is mandated by Heaven to rule. He does not see the evil that we see in BN/Umno and its’ leaders.

    Bulbir will be quick to condemn anyone who opposes the BN/Umno regime. Dear Bulbir, for someone who is in his twilight years, please open your eyes and stop allowing yourself to be used as a propaganda tool by the BN/Umno controlled MSM. The person you praised as “upright and smart” actually believes he is living in 1969 by playing the race card to instill fear in the Malays. Mahathir is instigating the Malays that they are loosing their power and rights to the non-Malays. Is this what you call an “upright and smart person” dear old Bulbir?

    If there is anyone out there who is reading this and knows how to get in touch of Bulbir Singh, please enlighten the old fool lest he wants to be cursed by 27 million Malaysians. Bulbir, what you need in your old age is prayers not curses. Please stop this crap and go spend quality time with your grandchildren.

  12. Anonymous6:16 pm

    Well he really speak his mind in the interview, even saying that he do not trust DSAI...

    But from what I see, now the country is really in the crossroad over democracy and it seems that we are losing touch and losing the trust of our own democracy...

    What is the widom of democracy when we at the very opportunity try to discredit the past leader who have won the election through the democracy process?

    Now we accuse TDM with a lot of allegation, and it seems we are doing our own public judgement...

    I am no supporter of TDM, DSAI or neither member of any political party, but I think that we are already biased and take side with our way of thinking even before anybody was taken to the court....

    Maybe the problem lies with the upbringing and with the way we are being educated in school. As a person also we all have different priorities and different profession.

    A lawyer will have different priority than the engineer, doctor, lecturer, accountant all have different way of thinking... Homeless people and the poor people are busy to survive so they do not bother whether PR or BN win, just hoping that they have something to eat daily and a place to stay...

    But I do agree that there are very little freedom of expression...
    I really wish that I can talk about many things without the fear of being misintepret or being misled by others and letter can land me into trouble....

  13. Well, I do agree with Samdol view...

  14. Its seems that Haris is anti-mahathir,anti-crossover,anti- anwar ibrahim anti-pak lah nanti-goverment,anti-society and anti-everything under the sun.The only thing that he does not anti is anti-himself,what a colourful character !

  15. Sdr Rockybru (n HarisI in absentia:) -- It confirms my point that THE MSM IS ALSO CAPABLE OF CHANGE, post-March 8, 2008!

    My stance is that the 4th and 5th Estates must engage each other in the spirit of Voltaire, which I won'tquote lest your ER get "tired", just summarise that "we must be agrr=eeable in our disagreement" in how we function and work towards promoting Civil Society!

    Hence my support for No Buys, No Lies only on Tuesdays (I still have Morrie, and you Bapak...), contrasted wit' Haris' and diehard followers' 7-day (do you have a HEart?) boy/girlcott.

  16. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Tuan Haris,
    What is your views on Mahatir, telling Malays that they are losing control to the non Malays ? We know Mahatir is trying to stir up racial feelings so that he becomes significant, he just will not go away gracefully like a gentleman. Do you think Malays still believe in his lies ?

  17. Well.. Flaming Mahathir from was expected but this..

    Q: Do you trust him?(Anwar Ibrahim)

    A: No.


  18. There is nothing immoral about MPs Crossing the floor of Parliament because the constituents elected their Representative, the candidate to be their Member of Parliament. They did not vote for the political party but they voted for the person.

    In 50 tears of Malaysian politics the Barisan has never played fair and never played by the rules. Consider the case of the controversial election of the BN member for Bukit Bintang, last elction when BN contested the election of the DAP candidate for Bukit Bintang ( I believe his name is YB Wee Choo Keong). The Issue went to court and the Judge, one by the name of Judge Fairoz found that there was irregularity in the balloting process and he went on to award the seat to the MCA candidate. THIS IS UTTERLY UNLAWFUL, because by his award of the seat to the MCA candidate Judge Fairoz had IN FACT ELECTED THE MEMBER FOR BUKIT BINTANG and not the constituents of Bukit Bintang, who are by law the rightful voters. By this process that election is void because it was not the people of Bukit Bintang who elected him.

    That is the problem, Malaysians do not live by the rules of Law and ethics, nothing is immoral and nothing is unethical, Everything depends on whether you can have the power to do whatever even if it is illegal & unlawful. If Dato Sri Anwar does not take this opportunity to form government and is side tracked by such nonsense like what is opposed by this fellow Harris Ibrahim, then come the next election the BN will rigged and stuff the ballot boxes MASSIVELY. Do not listen to little minds that play to the stumbling block, like morals & ethics as if that had ever prevented the BN from committing all that is dirty in politics. The BN is not moral and it is not ethical


  19. Oops! I forgot to end my post. Upon finding irregularity THE ONLY AND PROPER COURSE FOR JUDGE FAIROZ TO ODER THAT THE BUKIT BINTANG SEAT IS VACATED AND THAT A SECOND RUN OFF ELECTION TO TAKE PLACE. Judge cannot, as he did then to award the seat to the MCA candidate as the winner.

  20. Anonymous9:19 pm

    Haris is anti -crossover, yet he has some regards for Shabery Cheek. But please correct me if I am wrong, wasn't Shabery Cheek part of the S46 gang that leapt frog over to umno when they decided to abandon the BA.

  21. While the prospects of forming a Pakatan Rakyat federal government is exciting to say the least, I have high regards for Haris Ibrahim and his views. I am of like mind in believing that the federal goverment should not be toppled by means of crossovers. I won't say this is a fraud but it is not the right thing to do.

  22. i agree with Haris on everything except that Pakatan shud not form the Govt if BN MP's cross over.

    That Haris, I dont agree........if we love this country we shud allow that to happen and rejoice when that day comes.

    How long does Haris intend to send memorandums and hold street rallies. All of us are getting old Haris, we want to see change this life time.

  23. Anonymous9:58 pm

    During normal times and in a mature environment, I would have disagreed with the morality of crossovers!!

    But there is a dire need to change the present status quo in order to rectify many wrongs committed and still being condoned by present government.

    if crossovers are what it takes to make that be it!!

  24. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Pakatan is not even there yet, and its supporters are not ashamed to say they'd cheat, rob, rape, swindle, to get there. The dream of power is enough to corrupt. Imagine what it'd be like if the Pakatan gets to rule.

    A lot of work to change mindsets, Haris my dear.

  25. PR crossover to BN is deem as legal and halal.But BN crossing over to PR is seen as illegal and haram .
    Is harris trying to sent such message?
    This is same as for umno to insult any of the sultans is fine , but not for others to do so ?

    Harris better broaden his mind and be aware of the political situation .
    Even if non of the bn crosses over , bn is a lame duck government.
    Whoever jumps and crosses is not the issue , the main issue is to have a government which will be commited , able and to lead.
    bn dont have such capabilities anymore.
    ***its not how corrupted they are , its what they can do to the people and economy***

  26. Anonymous11:02 pm

    anonymous 7:13 PM

    the malays do not need mahathir to tell them who they are, the rights or supremacy. the very people in charge of these have always betrayed them. where are the billions stolen from the malay land?. and the fucked up judiciary?
    why do you think every malay was shouting Asalkan Bukan UMNO during the last election. wake up Mahathir!

  27. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Seems to me Harris, you are a very principled person. That is indeed admirable. Please do not let me or anyone discourage you.

    On the issue of "cross-overs", allow me to opine that sometimes the time for our ideals has to wait until the situation is "ripe" or appropriate. I think we need to recall that we are still a developing country, and our journey has not taken us over a very important bridge yet. That "bridge" is the establishment of a two-party" system. A very important end-goal.

    Thus, inasmuch as I think "cross-overs" are unethical, in the interest of the country and people, the achievement of a two-party system at this stage take precedence over all else. Failure to do so now, may result in it never ever being achieved. Five years is a long time.

    Without achieving that, adhering on a hardline basis to an anti "cross-over" principles would seem like a self defeating move at this stage. Let's have a "changing-of-the-guards" first before taking such firm positions against it.

    Meantime, it is good that notice is given that any "frogs" who harbor mainly monetary, position, and personal glorification rather than noble intents, to be aware that when the next 13th GE rolls round, the voting may not necessarily be a vote by-party basis then.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. and in case you wonder, I am not affiliated to any political party and my views are strictly independent with no vested interest.

  28. Haris Ibrahim seems lost in his Utopian world. As if he has no idea whatsoever regarding SC chairman's words: Indelible ink last minute decision and ever changing rules in recent election; very old voters & phantom voters, aliens voters in Sabah as well as Peninsular.

    I'm not supporter of crossing over BUT in Malaysia you'll never harbor a hope to our corrupted systems, too overwhelming and alarming but certain Utopians will never understand this.

    Now or never!

  29. This man I like. He ain't taking shit from nobody. Ain't kowtowing to anybody. And kicking everybody.

    Way to go Haris dude. If enough people like you, politicians from both divide will always be on their toes. Working their butts off and their hands nowhere near the coffers.

    If only...

  30. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Well Haris,
    Before you try to be a Mr Righteous, go talk to the Sabahans and ask them if they have any better way to vote in any dogs-body beside BN when the bloody foreigners with fake mykad have way outnumbered the genuine Sabahans. Have you ever thought about the possibility that these "about-to-hop-over" MPs were there for a reason, and that perhaps could be the only possible way to outdo these crooked BN buggers.

  31. Anonymous12:04 am


    It's ok to be Anti Mahathir, Anti Crossover and anti etc provided it's purely for the sake of Rakyat.

    But being Anti bla bla bla for a hidden agenda @ personal interest aka KJ, Anwar, Pak Lah and many other politicians in BN and PR is a no no to us.

    Just like Zaid Ibrahim, If they want to play wayang kulit, then go to Kelantan.

  32. Anonymous12:12 am

    He and a few people like him are (at this moment of time) the remaining conscience of the society. We need people like Haris that is apolitical and non-partisan.

    Full respect for that fella. As for those commenter that thinks all Haris and MIS knows is apostacy, then you are dead wrong.

  33. Anonymous12:22 am

    bummer, read what Haris wrote in his blog after a Sarawakian disagreed with him. He said he is not against cross over secretlty, make it louder specially in a Hall where you were elected. This is what he wrote:

    "Sabah and Sarawak,

    I think our disagreement is not on the principle of cross-overs, just the mechanics.

    As I said, get the blessing of the voters who put the rep into office.

    By this, I do not mean a by-election. Article 48(6) would bar the resigning incumbent.

    Let the rep make a public announcement that he intends to cross-over. Announce a meeting in the local town hall to explain to any voters who care to turn up to share their views.

    And be guided by the views of the voters who do show up."

    Otherwise, I can guess you seem to be a desperate person. A politician doesn't listen to what I or you say, they look at their personal interests. And would Harris be attacked for stating his position when he is a normal citizen? Karpal is against anyone crossing over. Lim Kiat is for it and no body attacked anyone, yet they are leaders and MPs. Sheesh! Are you on drugs or what?

  34. Anonymous12:24 am

    Just hot air with no ball at all.

  35. Anonymous12:30 am


    Tell harris to pressure govt to form suruhanjaya ECM Libra and many other which link to PM's SIL and son involvement. Others include BS Tahir @ CIA agent ( is he really being detained at kamunting ?) and Food for oil things, PKR buying over BN's MP ( from where Anwar get the US dollar from - Itu baru betul betul bersih if Pak Lah is really sincere to the Rakyat and voters.

  36. Brader rocky & harris

    I like harris' ideals but reality says DSAI is too ambitious to care for principles and advise. And he has declared that again in India via Internt Hearld Tribune.

    It is not about rakyat,it is about personal power, revenge, ego, and SECOND TAKE at accumulating wealth.

    By the NST reports, BN MPs are offered millions of RM and ministerial posts to cross over to PR. It will happen cos money is no objection to giver and receiver. That what politics is all about.

  37. Anonymous6:05 am

    This is the type of unbias, and progressive thinking people we need. It's sad we don't have more these people in politics.

    I do hope Anwar would realized that a lot of Pakatan Rakyat supporter share Hisham Ibrahim view that crossover is wrong.

  38. Anonymous9:10 am

    Abdullah is really not the stuff made for politics. TDM is practically tearing down his house day by day, and spitting all over him and he is still sitting there doing nothing. TDM has quite succeeded in bringing him and his government down with all the anti Badawi speeches across the country earlier. Now TDM is attempting the last and most dirty of tactics - the racial card with the hope of inciting another.. just to topple Badawi. What a narrow minded bastard he is. If TDM succeeds in his aim, Abdullah deserves it because he does not show he can deal with a satanic opponent hellbent in destroying him and Malaysia along the way. May Allah save him and Malaysia.

  39. Anonymous10:02 am

    haris ibrahim seorang melayu yang istimewa berpegang teguh pada prinsip-prinsip murni... kental menghadapi cabaran isu semasa di tanahair... sebagai orang melayu saya bangga dengan beliau.. hidup Haris.....

  40. Anonymous11:15 am

    Do also recollect Sri Ram's judgement several years ago on toll collection, Daim and Halim Saad... he drew on the word patronage in delivering his views.
    And does anyone recollect what happened after that...???

  41. Anonymous11:19 am

    Harris, stop the craps! You didn,t qualify to study medicine or engineering, that's why you became a lawyer. Your MCE/SPM or whatever was not good enough. And that's the case to most of lawyers in this country! And you now want to tell the world you're the smartest Malay lawyer around!


  42. When the ship is sinking you don't wait to ask passengers if it is alright to jump ship. You can't then assemble everyone on deck and argue the merits or demerits of jumping ship.

    Fact of the matter is as of today the BN is not ruling. They are in vendetta mode. They are in defensive mode. They are in nothing else but save themselves mode.

    Najib would rather we not discuss May 13. But he fails to mention that the story line the country was led to believe since 1969, that the Chinese started it and hence the right for the Malays to always remain suspicious of them or that the Chinese will continue to pay for it was all a lie. That position and narrative guided the implementation of the NEP and a lot of other racist tendencies like Najib threatening to let the roads flow with Chinese blood in 1987 and 10 years later his cousin doing the same with his keris.

    Mahathir is stirring up racist attitudes giving credence to the idea that non-Malays will only work towards their own interest and that if not for Malay dominance the Malays will have to go back to their kampongs. He forgets taht the Malays in Singapore are far better off then their counterparts in Malaysia.

    Under these circumstances the principle about jumping ship has to be weighed against not doing anything at all.

    Haris' idea for jumping ship is to congregate the constituents on the deck of the sinking ship and to ask if jumping ship will be supported.

    As much as I would like to support that idea, I am afraid when the ime comes that luxury will not avail itself.

    The principle of the propriety may have to give way to the expedience of doing it in the most efficient way possible so as not to give the sinking ship time to cause irreparable damage so that any future salvaging operations will not amount to anything.

    I can only suggest, and I believe Haris knows this too, that when it happens the desired manner of attaining power cannot in reality be done that way.

    I have set out what I believe to be how things may have to be done or achieved. But do I necessarily condone it? No I don't. I believe Haris is right when he maintains that elected representatives go back to their voters. But if I was stage managing this whole thing, will I do it like Haris says? No I will not. I will be guided by what needs to be achieved and the strategy to achieve it will be very much weighted by the threats to achieving the goals. I guess I don't have to spell out what those threats might be.

  43. Anonymous11:52 am

    Brother Rocky and Bung Karno specially, Politics aside can we pause and ponder for a while WHERE on earth is DSAI gonna get that millions to buy over the BN MPs??

    Money does not grow on tree. If One MP said he can live up to 3 generations with the Offer of crossing over to PKR, 30 MPs means 90 generations to come to feed!!

    Wow, this is a huge vast amount of money by a standard of someone who was jailed and even tough his salary as the ex TPM of Malaysia for 16 years will not afford him this kind of offereings.

    SO, I have been wondering WHERE do these money come from??? Where??? and HOW??? How do a man purposedly was jailed and not earning any income can afford to make such generous offer??

    And to those MP being offered. Shame on you all.
    Just closed your ears and eyes and get back to the MP work lah. No need lah to listen to these offer if you all are true Member of the Parliament of the Rakyat. You all listen because a small portion of the heart DID think of doing it. Come on, where is your princple and dont forget your oaths you all took at the Parliament just very recently???

    Ah Politics is so dirty. BOTH sides are the SAME lah. I just wish these MPs just get back to work and DSAI respect the mandate given by us to BN.
    There are so many issues effecting us, the high level of crimes, the PATI issues..many more. These should be the one the BN govern to work on instead of counter answering this allegation, that allegation, opening this file that file..non stoplah.

    EVEN IF DSAI want so badly to be the PM, waitlah. After all it is just four years. He can wait 6 years in jail, this is only 4 years.

    InsyaAllah, kalau umur panjang, tak mati kena pukul atau sakit tulang belakang atau mati mengejut kerana dalam hati dendam membara sangat. Dan kalau rakyat masih bekenan lagi, tentu dapat juga jadi PM.

    Dah ada anak dan bini dalam Parliament sekarang cukuplah, janganlah tamak sangat.
    Janganlah nak bolot satu Parliment tu dia anak beranak saja. Kalau Pak Lah pandai pulak dia mengata.

    Allah swt dah beri 'second chance' pun tak sedar diri. Dah keluar penjara dan sihat dah tak pakai kerusi roda lagi, guna kudrat ke sana sini ke hulu hilir buruk burukkan Malaysia pada Amerika, bagi lecture di University mereka hentam kerajaan sendiri yang pernah satu hari dulu dia jadi TPM. Tak malu ke? Tak terdetik ke hati kecil tu? Dulu aku ini TPM, aku part of the system. 16 tahun aku bagi anak bini aku, saudara mara aku makan dengan duit kerajaan. Darah daging terjadi dengan duit gaji jadi TPM.

    Tak termasuk adik beradik, saudara mara, rakan dan taulan yang senang lenang dan kaya raya kerana aku TPM.

    Tak puas luar negara dalam negara pun nak porak perandakan kerajaan BN sekarang. Tabur duit berjuta juta sana sini, macam tabur pop corn. Tapi dia anak beranak jerit sana sini nak hapus rasuh nak kerajaan BN sekarang berish, open transparent.

    Apa jenis manusia DSAI ini?? Kami tak lupa Umi Hafilda, tak lupa Azizan Abu Bakar dan adik angkak Indonnya tu. Melayu lain mungkin lupa tapi tak Melayu ini.

  44. Anonymous12:59 pm

    ::: Money does not grow on tree ...::

    In BolihLand, Money bolih grow in trees.
    macam macam pon bolih di msia.

  45. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Everybody loves Woodstock,
    everybody loves Martin Luther King,
    everybody loves John Lennon,
    and everybody loves Harris...
    Welcome to the real world...

  46. Anonymous11:20 am

    My open letter to YB Karpal Singh on the morality of crossovers.

    YB Karpal,

    It is with a heavy heart that I read your stand terming crossovers as unethical and immoral.
    2 decades ago Sharir Samad resigned and recontested as an Independent in Johor Bahru,
    Sharir did just what you are proposing, he did not hop, but got a fresh mandate from the constituents.
    This led to the ammendment of the federal constitution in 1990, specifically clause 48(6) which stipulates that
    if you resign you are not allowed to contest for the next 5 years, so even if one wants to go back to the people
    for a mandate one has to wait 5 years.

    Having enacted this ammendment more due to "loss of face" than for reasons of expediency, the BN
    with impunity engineered defections in PBS to take control of the Sabah government.
    They only take the moral high ground now, when the tables are turned.

    So to legislate and anti hop law, without repealing clause 48(6) is patently unfair, as it does not afford a
    parlimentarian any recourse in event the will of the people is that he changes affilliation.

    A 5 year mandate is not a carte blanche to do as one pleases, maintaining both the anti hop laws as well as
    clause 48(6) in its current form accords no remedy in cases where this mandate is abused.

    If BN's actions of invoking the ISA to quell political dissent, dangerously playing up racist sentiments, sabotaging opposition ruled states and
    grossly mismanaging the economy is not abuse, I don't know what is.

    Surely as a veteran parliamentarian, respected constitutional lawyer (my late father used to term you as the best
    constitutional lawyer the country has ever had) and influential politician - you can appreciate this.

    Besides Anwar has promised that after the takeover, and the Election Commission makes changes to the electoral rolls and constituencies,
    ridding us of the dreaded ISA and stabilizing the economy,He will call for fresh polls within a year.

    As it is , it is hard enough on Anwar, what with Hadi Awang of PAS declaring that he will not support a
    government that does not comprise of a Muslim majority in term of total seats.

    I will write Tuan Guru Hadi an open letter too, after Hari Raya and put forward an appeal on behalf of like minded citizens.

    Meanwhile I wish you good health and happiness.

    Best Regards
    Vijay Kumar Murugavell