Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where Cronies Hang Out

Cafe Chef and Brew. I probably won't ever be seen at this cafe at Plaza Damansara, thanks to a blogger's account that this is where the rent seeking crony types go el fresco while they wait faithfully for the owner of the the big black SUV bearing the no plate KJ10Q to arrive.
"I spent a while sipping dish water while watching numerous people carrying thick files go up and down the stairs and hanging around waiting to be summoned upstairs. I must say that KJ must be doing very well for a former Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha Sulit di Pejabat Perdana Menteri to this successful business person. Life must be amazing for this young man."
I won't repeat what else this blogger says about the SIL, the FIL and the state of the economy, etc. Read it yourself h e r e.


PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

If this article is true and I suspect it is, malaysians are in for another 4-5 volatile years, at the end of which we drop down the index of every survey of corruption, transparency, best place to be, whatever. The gods must be angry with us.

Apanama said...

Tun's latest salvo - Defeat the betrayers or lose everthing.



Anonymous said...

This is why the present PM has got to go pronto!
Right from Day One, the same people have been calling the shots and been awarding contracts to their cronies.
Often the PM is not even aware who has been given what.These decisions are left to the SIL and the son.
Looks like its business as usual!

Anonymous said...

Most people are not aware of the power the SIL yields and how rich he came to be. KJ10Q, a black Lexus Jeep (twice more expensive than Lexus SUV), is only one car in his stable. There are Volvo SUVs, Audis, etc. House in Damansara Heights, office in Damansara Heights,... MILLIONS distributed during his campaign and millions regularly distributed to Umno Pemuda heads in various cawangans. Pak Lah does not make ANY major decision without consulting SIL and his son Kamal. We are doomed if he stays as PM.

Anonymous said...

KJ10Q = KJ 10 Quest!
Quest no.1 is to tackle any DPM or PMs daughter and propose to her.
Quest no.2 than become the Son IN Law
Quest no.3 get to be umno youth vice president.
Quest no.4 than become adviser to the PM.
Quest no.5 gold mine exploration. found one hella big one in Trengganu.
Quest no.6 whack all the gold with the help of some friends.
Quest no.7 Get elected as MP and become umno youth president.
Quest no.8 Become a full Minister in FIL cabinet.
Quest no.9 Than get to umno and become vice president.
Quest no.10 and Finally become umno President and become Prime Minister.

Saya... said...

weh...looks like a Godfather kinda operation being run outta that joint, eh? damn shower's broken again...

Anonymous said...

Please Support and Lead us in the campaign,

we need NGOs, political parties...

We need your help to make the campaign BIG.....

below will be the idea:

objective: To express our unsatisfied with Government in Toll Issues (espc. Bandar Mahkota Case)

the campaign will be involved everyone from various political background, religion, races...

What is the campaign?
Choose a day (sunday),maybe only few hours, the campaign participants will not drive out, hence, the road will be empty during the campaign, it can express Rakyat's unsatisfies to the world without any MOGOK,
the campaign is simple...just stay at home....



现在全国到处都是Toll, 油价又起,我们的荷包也越来越小。bandar mahkota 还搞到这样。。。

你们讲这个抗议运动可以work 吗?





3. 不止是抗议大道公司,而且还减少排废气,在家又可以促进亲情,多看一些平时没时间看的书本,等等。
4.向政府施压一定要对Grand saga擅自封路的事件作出交代。。


1. 不驾车出门一天
2. 驾车的如果要付toll就用1分钱或者RM100

Anonymous said...

PKR beli bangunan ibu pejabat 10 tingkat yang baru di Tropicana, Damansara


Where the money coming from?

10 storey building in Tropicana area, no joke in value.

Anonymous said...

KJ10Q ? what state is this registration number from? 'KJ thank you'?

Harris said...

Wah syiok lor . Can eat ,drink and be wealthy many times over at one go . Have to go to this cafe from tomorrow onwards .

Anonymous said...

Suspicions! Suspicions! What's happening here?

Old Fart said...

"KJ10Q". Now that looks to me like a Pulau Langkawi Registration number. Now, we all know over there it is tax free. So this very rich Bumiputra kid is also entitled to drive his duty free car on the main land!! Why can't my good friend Ahmad, Ali and Mohammad also do the same? O.k. la....Rocky, for that matter, you too?

mn said...

Salam brader,

Wish him and who ever..."Retire Young Retire Rich"


Anonymous said...

Plaza Damansara is the office of Budi Penayang, Nori's office and also other family business hub.

Surely Family CEO would be in charge!

Anonymous said...

Yes he is ex timbalan ketua setiausaha ..now he is the Ketua kepada ketua setiausaha

Anonymous said...

Cronies hang out?Erm..i wonder where Khairy got his car number KJ10Q..

Something interesting about Khairy go


Anonymous said...

How come no aknowledgment of MM's cover story yesterday? After all wasnt the jurno a product of yours??


Anonymous said...


another machai of Tun M.. Tun M is IRRELEVANT as he can no longer recall his memory. Just send him off to Rumah Kenangan.

aeab & liza said...

Rocky, guess what..Wong chun Wai, from the star, has started blogging


Anonymous said...

Johor Corporation Kuala Lumpur office is also in Plaza Damansara . I guess easy for them to see Mr Khairy.

Anonymous said...

well KJ10Q, looks like now he is stuck at quest no.7. will he be able to get to be umno youth president? let wait and see.

no IQ.

AC_here said...

Thanks for the exposure Rocky, never had to moderate so many comments before.
Looking forward to Stoke booking their Premiership place this sunday.

Anonymous said...

KJ10Q = KJ thanks you M'sians for allowing him to climb to where he is today?