Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No more BABI on this blog


I will not publish any more comment that refers to Anwar Ibrahim as BABI (which is short for Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim). The "PM-in-waiting" and his supporters may or may not mind the nick, but I feel the reference is not nice.

Thank you.


  1. Anonymous9:14 pm

    yes, i think that is the spirit. there is a difference in calling somebody a lesbo or a kerismuddin
    but babi is going too far. there should be a limit to this name calling thing. otherwise, we may come across as an uncultured bunch of idiots.

  2. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Is this a joke?

    Now you are telling the world what BABI means. A lot other people do not know the meaning but after this - you just broadcast it.

    What a joke. I doubt you are sincere, because I felt the undertone. A typical Mahathir style - below the belt

  3. Weird. I have never ever seen this acronym anywhere used in this context.

  4. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Thanks, Bru! You are such a gentleman. Upbringing, no doubt.

    I am NO pro-Anwar but calling him that name that you won't publish anymore is really of poor taste.

  5. Anonymous9:36 pm

    but he is...and time will tell.

  6. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    Tak sopan panggil orang nama nama macam tu.Kita orang melayu diajar dengan sopan santun dan adab.
    But I've never really seen any reference of DSAI to that name in your blog articles And there's really more effective ways to beat him in politics.

  7. Anonymous9:49 pm

    where did you get this idea from? That sniper at the mines whose lost cause you are championing?

  8. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Rocky is using a psychology way to label Anwar in a bad light. It is just the way the brain are taught being focused. Example, if I ask you not to think of color blue, first thing on our brain is blue, same thing happens if I ask you not think of sex, sex comes to our mind. As for BABI, I can never equates Anwar with that acronym, coz Anwar is known as DSAI, that is his trademark.

  9. Tq! Rocky!
    Saudar Anwar Ibrahim aka DSAI dese4rves better!

  10. can we use that on a certain YB who made fun of karpal's disability in the parliament today instead?

  11. Anonymous10:38 pm

    served him right

  12. Rocky,
    I would suggest you go one step further and spike all comments from anyone who comes as 'anonymous'.
    Who is the real 'anonymous' when there are so many of them.

  13. Anonymous11:01 pm

    What to do.

    Bankrupt fella now bankrupt of ideas. Cannot contest GE 12, promote Ooi only la!

    Shame on you Rocky "Bankrupt" Bru.

    And yes.. bankrupts can go overseas.. you should know ROcky.. or else check with Insolvency.

    Lets get the Bankruptcy order out in Public.

  14. Anonymous11:16 pm

    thank you brother rocky for your act of wisdom by respecting malaysian spirit of civilisation.

  15. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Kalau tukar jadi Saudara Anwar Bin Ibrahim S.A.B.I boleh tak?

  16. Now the whole world knows about it.
    I have read at someone's blog mentioning the acronym repeatedly but I know he hates DSAI very much for attacking a leader he loved so much.But I was sure not many went to his blog and not many knew about the acronym. But now I am sure many had found out here and will not be suprised if many will start using it.

    Was it his fault that his dad named him ABI? Does he act like a pig to be given this 'title'?

    Idon't really like his style but he doesn't deserve this label. And I think you shouldn't have announced this for the whole world to know. Its like hitting under the belt la bro.

  17. Anonymous11:35 pm

    Walaupun saya bukan pro DSAI tapi mengelar beliau begitu dah melampau. Macam tempoh hari ada pengendali blok yang mempersenda orang dengan gelaran 'Tempe', dia ingat yang suka tempe tu suku jawa saja ke. Dari itu berhati-hati bila bercakap. Ramai pengemar tempe jadi pengundi tau.

  18. Bro WTF?

    I too promise not to refer in future to Rocky's Bru as WGARA - Who Gives A Rat's Arse.'

    Why don't you come out and plain say what you mean?

    That's the level of integrity I expect in the world of Bloggers.

    It's ok with me if you have a grouse against DSAI.

    But why the Wayang Kulit?

  19. Anonymous11:51 pm

    hai..beruk sangka betui la korang2 anon-anon...

  20. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Bro. Rocky..

    That was most sickening entry of yours...after Kalimullah's drinking

    Down the GUTTER after the bell!

    You owe an apology..ABI in Arabic means FATHER.

    Else someone may come out with Brother Ahiruddin BIn Atan...See no ending?!

    My apology too. This is for your private reading..unless you may want to level the insult.


  21. Anonymous12:04 am

    Rocky, this is your blog. You had a choice not to publish this synonym name given to Anwar.

    But by putting up this small post and broadcasting it to all your readers, this is indeed a cheap call. I won't have known about this name calling if you didn't say it out loud.

    James Joyce is right.

  22. Yes, brader. I've never seen such acronym before. Can you show us?

  23. Anonymous12:10 am

    Brother anwar does not need protection. Many others have to be protected from him and his neocon cronies. Really!!!!

  24. Anonymous12:15 am

    it is heartening to note your concern against the word "Babi" used by some of your visitors. I do agree that such terms are degratory. i sincerely hope you will apply an equaly restriction against other racial and religous slurs that has been used against Malaysian Indians, Jews as well as the Chinese.

    Selective censorship of insults and degratory remarks is an insult initself.

  25. I've heard worst than that on other people on open space (net/blog). But as it is your principle not to accommodate such, on your blog, then the right thing for others to do, is to respect the host's wishes.

    As much as this matter are personal and provocative to you, BLOGGER such as you would had expected it coming. 'Quit pro quo'...

    BTW, this is the first time i heard of it (the BABI).

  26. Hey Rocky what's the fuss all about. What wrong with BABI, PK approved 100Million for BABI modernisation. Teresa Kok say BABI can be seen in Kelantan a PAS teritoty, and that mean BABI is not that dirty after all!,Now even PAS support the BABI's, what the big fuss alabout. No big deal bro Rocky, most bloggers likes to call names right, just loook at the comments in your blog, have you count how many names calling being refer to certain people.Some good and most are bad. Why the sudden turning?. Dont be Naughty naughty Bro! It just a pig..pigy pigy piggy piggy piggy..

  27. Anonymous1:04 am

    alah, bankrupt pun nak kecoh ka, anon at 11.01pm...berlambak2 la orang are bankrupt of ideas meh...

  28. Salam,

    Name calling is un-Islamic according to Quran.

  29. I found it very offensive too.
    Please remove it!

  30. Anonymous2:10 am

    The man is merely the decent thing, ie, not allowing commentators to use the acronym. Nothing more than that. He's doing it in good faith and some of you choose to interpret otherwise...If Rocky wants wants to take anwar to task, he'll do it his own way. Look arund at some blogs and you'll cmmenatos using the tasteless acronym..

    U can't win them all Rocky.


  31. Anonymous3:18 am

    It never crossed my mind before.

    But now that you've mentioned it, it's not that untrue actually...

    Even if you ban using that word, what difference does that make now... a wolf in sheep skin is still a wolf.

  32. Anonymous3:20 am

    "No more BABI on this blog"

    Does that mean Anwar is not allowed on this blog??

  33. Haha, good one that! Pigs are the most intelligent of all animals - beating even monkeys and that's a fact!

  34. Anonymous5:38 am

    Defamation by innuendo?

  35. Anonymous7:11 am

    I just don't understand why readers want to post their messages under the name of 'anonymous'. I hope you are not ashamed of your own given names, not even your first name?

    BTW, this post is of poor taste. I was not aware of the acronym until now and I am sure many readers who are still against Anwar Ibraham will use that reference in the near future.

    I do not know the owner of this blog personally nor I read your postings that often but some readers may view this posting has a hidden meaning/agenda.

    I have seen many readers calling names for those BN politicians. I suppose it takes 2 to play the same game too.

  36. Anonymous7:13 am

    While I always had fun reading your blog and the readers' comments, I never saw the acronym and didnt know anything about it. Thanks to you now I know.

    This is definitely below the belt by announcing it to the world.

    I agree with James Joyce.

  37. Anonymous7:34 am

    Let me tell one thing, BIN shouldn't never be part of a person acronym. Do you see any Indian use SO - 'son of' or AL - 'anak lelaki' as part of acronym? No. Otherwise all Malay had no choice but to have B in their acronym, you would be ABA, Raja Petra would no longer be RPK but RPBRK.


    Wednesday, April 30, 2008
    Malaysia Implicitly Supports War In Iraq

    So much for Islam Hadhari... Malaysia welcomes warmongers, ne0cons and US imperialism.. Who cares about the Iraqis, Palestinians and Iranians?

    Halliburton involvement in Iskandar not an issue

    Wednesday, 30 April 2008
    KUWAIT: There is no ethical question (Mahathirism says- tell that to the Iraqis) involved in bringing Halliburton, the controversial US multinational, to invest in Malaysia, said the Iskandar Development Region Authority managing director Datuk Ikmal Hijaz Hashim.
    “Halliburton is investing in oil and gas and we have are happy to have them there (Were sure you are) (in Iskandar Malaysia),” he told local reporters here.
    Asked on concerns about the ethics of having a company like Halliburton in Iskandar, Ikmal said: “Whose ethics are you referring to? Which value judgement are you using? (Ethics of peace loving people and you will be judged by your Muslim bretheren) .
    "If they bring in investment and create jobs, I don’t see any ethical questions on that. I am not too sure which yardstick you are using.” (Lets just close an eye to the war in Iraq)
    He said Malaysia should be open. ( Yes, lets have the US, Singapore and Israel)
    “We should invite investment as long as it bring benefits to the country. It may not bring good taste to other countries - (Good taste? Try murder) I am not too sure. But I would not like to be involved in that area (good taste or not),” he added.
    In late March, American oil and gas company Halliburton opened an RM200mil manufacturing centre in Iskandar Malaysia (formerly known as Iskandar Development Region).
    The 20,000 sq m facility in Johor Technology Park performs procurement and customer service activities as well as engineering, machining and product assembly primarily for customers in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Europe Eurasia regions.
    Halliburton is a US-based multinational corporation with operations in more than 120 countries including Iraq. Its main business is providing technical products and services for the oil and gas exploration and production.
    It has also been in the news for turning in huge profits as well as a number of political controversies involving its work for the US Government, its political ties, and its corporate ethics.
    Halliburton has close ties with US Vice-President Dick Cheney who used to be with the company until he assumed his present political post. Halliburton benefited greatly from the war in Iraq and got the bulk of oil and gas contracts there after the US invasion. ( You said it!)
    There have been a number of complaints about Halliburton including unlawfully receiving special treatment for work in Iraq and abuse of contract, fraud and overcharging.
    Some of these cases are still under FBI and Pentagon investigations. (Again)

  39. Anonymous7:47 am

    Sungguh memalukan. Semua orang tahu niat sebenar kau. Sejak bila begitu penting untuk jaga reputasi orang di blog ini? Sejak bila kau tahu membezakan referens yang melampau dengan yang tidak? Nah, kau sudah tahu, berapa ramai orang yang tak pernah tahu akan kewujudan referens tersebut. Kalau kau benar-benar berniat baik, tak perlu ceritakan pada semua orang, jangan approve saja komen-komen yang agak-agak tidak sesuai. Sudah lah Rocky, kau pernah aibkan orang dengan cara yang lebih teruk lagi. Cukup sudah, berhenti saja di sini. Jangan lagi malukan diri kau sendiri dengan tindakan2 bodoh yang seperti ini. Nak pancing apa, bro? Aku makin bosan dengan taktik2 lapuk kau. Do yourself a favour and stop embarrassing yourself further.


  40. Anonymous8:09 am

    Rocky has lost his cause to blog it seems. Is there no other worthy issues you have to highlight than crude insults in the guise of an acronym for DSAI. I guess this is how good blogs die out. They become irrelevant to what issues that matters to common folks.

  41. Anonymous8:31 am

    Hi Bru, something's cooking eh !
    I got the picture and sometimes we need to go thru the back door to deliver a distress signal.

  42. Blogs are not parliment . Even in parliment we ought be decent .We are humans not animals .

  43. Anonymous8:54 am

    Bro Rocky,

    Aiyahhh... Bro Rocky, I support your call. You can say and post all & what you want. You dont have to get everyone's approval.

    Cakap salah. Tak cakap salah. Its Malaysians hypocrisy.

  44. Anonymous9:19 am

    Whatever it is, I hope DSAI become PM.

  45. I did come across BABI being used recentl...can't recall where in a context that I did not relate to..Now I see the context.

    I think its absolutly uncouth to doctor anyone's name so as to malign the person as this surely does.

    However, calling someone a lesbo because she is one is a statement of fact relating to that person's choice. Closeted or not! But then again there might jst be some other more user friendly noun that can be used I suppose

  46. Anonymous9:55 am

    What a shame Rocky ???!
    Why the need to denigrate Brother Anwar BIn Ibrahim with this acronym.
    You may be pro somebody but this does not help him either.

  47. You are right bro, whatever our political background, calling bad names are the most disgusting thing to do. Not only BABI but other names were given to other people too, like DrM, Pak Lah, KJ and others also were given many names which are not proper to mention here. By naming your unfavored person with such bad names doesn't make you a better person nor make him a worst person. It only expose how low is our level of intellectuality and maturity.

    It is time for you to make your blog a reputable one, for those who like to use such words they can write them on other blogs..... good move bro.

  48. Anonymous10:42 am

    Alamak teruk it sounds..
    .. but really there are people who've been calling him that.Thats what our bru is trying to tell us.
    Everybody have their own idols and their Mahafiraun,Bodowi,Najis,Raja Beruk,Toyol,Mullahs....
    So come on la..whats the big deal..

  49. i personally find all name-calling unpleasant and uncalled for, more so the derogatory sort.

  50. Pulp Fiction (1994)

    Vincent: Want some bacon?
    Jules: No man, I don't eat pork.
    Vincent: Are you Jewish?
    Jules: Nah, I ain't Jewish, I just don't dig on swine, that's all.
    Vincent: Why not?
    Jules: Pigs are filthy animals. I don't eat filthy animals.
    Vincent: Bacon tastes gooood. Pork chops taste gooood.
    Jules: Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'd never know 'cause I wouldn't eat the filthy motherfucker. Pigs sleep and root in shit. That's a filthy animal. I ain't eat nothin' that ain't got enough sense enough to disregard its own faeces.
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    Vincent: Yeah, but do you consider a dog to be a filthy animal?
    Jules: I wouldn't go so far as to call a dog filthy but they're definitely dirty. But, a dog's got personality. Personality goes a long way.
    Vincent: Ah, so by that rationale, if a pig had a better personality, he would cease to be a filthy animal. Is that true?
    Jules: Well we'd have to be talkin' about one charmin' motherfuckin' pig. I mean he'd have to be ten times more charmin' than that Arnold on Green Acres, you know what I'm sayin'?

    Now , whats all the Hooo Haaa over a Pig ?

  51. Anonymous11:06 am



  52. Anonymous11:17 am

    To Anon@11.10pm,

    if Rocky is a bankrupt person in the OA's office records, how can he be sued by NST and Kalimullah? He and Jeff Ooi.

    In law, a bankrupt person cannot be sued.

  53. Anonymous11:49 am

    Ehhhh ... sori my mistake.

    I first saw it on Husin Lempoyang but it is stated as b.a.b.i. Will b.a.b.i. be okay?

    I know the chinese have no problem. But the Melayus maybe sensitive.

    Common lah, it is not we are mentioning as babi. After all, isn't f word and wtf a common used words here?

    If we are to be polite, lets clearly state it so as per AKJ's The Scribe.

    I am sure the new improved newly branded super liberal babi friendly Anwar Berahe has no problem.

    Berahe is Kelantanis as in Berahe Ali.

  54. Anonymous11:59 am

    This is a BABI story that will warm your heart:

  55. Anonymous12:09 pm


    I am of the opinion that in the first place you shouldn't have made such announcement. of course, I myself have come across such acronym in some blogs so many times.

    it's your absolute rights to decide not to publish that word or any word deemed bad, i totally agree with you bro.

    after all, whatever is posted does not obligate you to publish. it's your absolute discretion. but i think you shouldn't make it public.

    Whatever it is bro, keep on blogging, we need your expertise.

  56. rocky,

    sorry to see some of your commentors taking you to task (putting it mildly) for posting that word BABI.

    some of them, i reckon are not sincere and are just trying to discredit you for it.

    some of them who are sincere in chiding you (because they do not know you), well, i suggest they look at your posting for what it is.

    as for me -- i know you are sincere in telling others not to use that word on saudara Anwar because that word is being used on him.

    we have seen it and we have heard it!

    and I know you had to reject some comments calling saudara anwar that.

    Perhaps, some of you have not heard or seen it being used.

    i have seen it on some blogs as well as heard it being said to my face!


  57. Anonymous1:26 pm

    DSAI or BABI, he's a charismatic leader and world famous and powerful and has his own blog.

  58. Anonymous1:27 pm


    How about Balkoni Antara Bangsa Ikhtisas, a gigamania economic development plan, free from NEP and Ketuanan Rakyat friendly that Anwar Ibrahim might launch to replace all the economic corridors previously launched, if and he when he becomes the Prime Minister?

    Is that acceptable?

  59. This is called gutter journalism akin to Mahathir's gutter politics , a person that you obviously worship.

  60. Anonymous1:53 pm

    What's up, Rocky ? Have you become a GILA BABI ???

  61. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Ha,ha.. i like the one that sign off as ...
    B-rave A-nd B-attered I-nmate.
    Brave he is and battered he indeed was.
    And it is good of Saudari Noraina Samad to say her two cents worth here but i think most commentators were pissed out over why the need for Rocky to say it aloud on a blog when right here where comments are input there is already a clause saying that "all comments must be approved by the blog author" meaning comment moderation is something always happening and especially on such insulting words. To have it explained in a blog is like having vomit splattered all over us instead of it being wiped off in the first place before the world sees it. So imagine when the blogger is the one who vomits it out,much to our dismay and horror.

  62. see? that's why you guys so smart, myself dumbwit..babi babi babi

    Just want to what name may a pig be known without the world throwing rocks and stones at it?

    Did Allah (God or whatever universal being one believes in) not creat the entire universe and is He not the one to put the pig amongst us?

    Did He create this animal so we may have someone or something to revile, denigrade and fear?

    Maybe the pig was even created just so we may have a word in our vocab with which to insult each other?

    Let's leave all creatures on this world alone

    We may not want to touch, smell, see or eat him, but he too surely has a right to be here?

    The only open season as I see it would be those who knowingly revile, offend and affront us!!

  63. Used to enjoy reading your blogs and had great respect for you at one time, bot now.....hmmmm.

  64. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    a very cheap shot. Disappointing of you. There were no instances of anyone calling Anwar "BABI" in your blog. You may not like him, but that is not the way to behave, especially from you, who we grew to like, respect and support. Please don't do this EVER again.

  65. Anonymous4:50 pm

    I have seen this name used before..sometime some of the comment..but the person frequently using it isn't in the frame for this post..or lay loooww..cause this post was solely meant for him..he knows..

  66. Anonymous5:09 pm

    Bad taste, Rocky. Only naive or plain stupid people would think that you were sincere in your comments. I know I am not wrong in assuming that your PRO-MAHATHIR stance made you do it without a second thought. But if I am, I am sorry. Won't resort to name-calling.

    I am no sympathiser of any particular leader but I guess what you did was a calculated attempt to run down someone you had an issue with in the past.

    Please remember, those with authority who use the pen as a sword destroy people - what goes around comes around.

    We are seeing that in many leaders' lives. Watch your actions, bro.

  67. I had no idea too and I kind of also find it amusing that Anwar was also born in the Chinese year of the oink!! oink!!

  68. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Many people haven't heard it? Husin Lempoyang referred to Anwar as BABI many times since the pig farming commotion.

  69. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Shame on you Bro. Rocky!!!! You are really loser Bro.!!!!

  70. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Bro....I dont give any shit if you wish to continue lick the butt of Tun M. But as a true moslem plez do not run down your fella brother to extent of BABI.

  71. Anonymous8:39 pm

    How about Rocky Bru is acronym for Rocky Barua Tun M. What's your take then?

    Please don't tell me his supporters didn't came up with that nickname.. In fact I would be very interested as which fellow actually thought of that...

    OOohhh I know I know lets think of new nicknames for him

    SAPU - Saudara Anwar Pejuang Unggul
    BANGLA - Brother Anwar Nation Greatest Leader
    BOMBA - Best Orator Malaysia Brother Anwar
    GABAN - Great All Time Brother Anwar
    JAMBAN - Jejak Antara Malaysia Brother Anwar

    I am so getting flamed for this....

  73. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Lets talk of Anwar Bin Ibrahim himself rather be swayed into emotional name calling.

    So what in calling anyone names. Pak Lah, Mahathir, KJ and many are called with all sort of names. Big deal. What is offensive to some is not to others. Who cares?

    Who does not swear? Even Anwar himself swear in his speeches. Go You Tube!

    Anwar befriended a cruel person named Paul Wolfowitz. He confess in BBC Hardtalk that he is his good friend.

    This is the person responsible for planning the invasion of Afghanisatan and Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives killed for the interest of big oil companies.

    Anwar claimed that he expressed disagreement with the invasion, yet continue to collaborate with the same group of murderers to pretensiously bring about democrasy.

    Does America spread democrasy sincerely without ulterior motive?

    Can Anwar confess what is his relationship with Estrada, Jeffrey Kitingan (PKR VP), Kol Honasan, and some operatives in the Philipines?

    Can Anwar confess his motive of instituting IMF policies in the 1997/98 currency crisis?

    How about telling everyone who is behind his IIIT organisation? Why is founder Prof Ismail Faruqi murdered?

    Tell us why, during the 70s student demo era, he tell demonstrators to stop the demonstration at the US embassy? How about telling everyone he visited the US Embassy as student leader of PKPIM to secure money to fund his demonstration? Tell us, if he received money from a Canadian NGO but is actually some US Government Agency money channeled via Ford Foundation?

    Tell us why many PKR activists are regularly sent for training abroad with the Konrad Adreneur Foundation and Frederich Neuman Foundation? Why not tell that they train leftist on method to overthrow Government via undemocratic means like revolution and civic unrest.

    Tell us how he got himself as Professor Adjunct at Georgetown and G Washington U? Where did he spend most of his time in Washington? How about disclosing how much of actual lecturing he did there? Did he had students and classes to teach?

    Anything for sake of power Anwar, anything. If only everyone really knows who Anwar really is, babi is a polite word to describe him.

  74. since when did DSAI became known as Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?? Musykil... Never seen it anywhere else except on your blog.. not even on Che Det, Mike Tyson's, Dr. Khir's or other BN leader's blog..

  75. Anonymous1:28 am

    I'm sure Rocky has genuine good intention, but anti-Anwar have taken advantage of it.

    Actually it's Anwar's fans that got paranoid and amplified it.

    To Anwar's fans, blogging goes both ways. Takkan you all aje nak bantai. Any world class boxers will tell you that to become a champion boxer, you not only must be able to throw punches, but also must be able to take punches as well...

  76. Anonymous1:41 am

    hai pune deck let me introduce my self pune tech..........
    anyway thankyou for giving us a fresh perspective about anwar ibrahim.
    From now on all of you blogger must define your self either you are against or align with prophet Luth people.
    There are ignorant people like RPK and even sprinkle a `simple' quran verses in support of anwar ibrahim.
    He choose his path.............

  77. Rocky,

    I really look ABOVE when l read this post. I shook my head, unbelievable and speechless that l reading rockybru (4th blog l relentlessly visit after paultan, malaysia-today, and malaysiakini.

    I love xPM (Dr M too) but this name calling is extremely low for you. I thought you already repent since you published Kali with glass photo.

    Respect others please.

  78. some of te critic here make me laugh n puke at laugh the same time......another hipcrosy to te max....
    wake up n admit it fellers one time or another u have used or approve name callin but i sure it not yur favourite person soi guess it OK hUH

    another thing.....

    remember the FREEDOM ....... u guys were n re still shoutin for or u guy just become .....

  79. Anonymous7:35 am

    Anwar befriended a cruel person named Paul Wolfowitz. He confess in BBC Hardtalk that he is his good friend.

    How about TDM hiring Jack Abaramoff The Jew - so he could have an audience with Bush..????

  80. ya betul tu Yob Rocky,

    leceh la dak panggei orang lagu tu...naya la.

    semoga Tuhan selamatkan Anwar Ibrahim, ex-MCKK, Kuala Kangsar.

    - Tiger Taiping.

  81. Anonymous11:16 am

    Since when someone used that name in this blog? Are are you making fun of him now by telling the whole world the name that you have invented!

  82. Anonymous11:43 am

    could you tell your friend BarkingMagpie stop barking? or "ointing".... judging by his barking or ointing, he is a full time hypocrite.

    while i am confused with malay thoughts, like my friend mazlan, he has bonking headach going into chinese coffee shop but has no problem bonking a chinese prostitute, i can't understand why some asking no sale of pork in wet market?

    if that satan-pet so scary then just stay home, don't go international and don't even mention the word babi or showing pictures of babi if so religious.

    indon maid serve pork but no eat is happily taking money home but malay brothers living with chinese 600 years before sultan mahmud shah live happily until now we have to deal with some melayu yelling kepala sakit.... why so like that?

    all for malaysia and malaysia for all!

  83. Anonymous12:40 pm


    My apologies! I thought you were teh originator of the acronym/initials. I googled and found the source at another blog.

    Jangan marah ...

  84. Anonymous7:31 am

    Anwar Bin Ibrahim Pejuang Rakyat !
    Anwar Bin Ibrahim The People Man !

  85. Anonymous1:25 am

    Rocky`s Bru is not an Pakatan Rakyat`s Bloggers` :)
    He/she maybe nothing. Let Anwar remain DSAI not as you mention..

  86. Anonymous9:10 am

    tak elok

  87. Anonymous4:54 am

    haha.. cant beleive it. btw, don be so defensive coz this is one of the chalangges u had to face in politics. i'm sure DSAI know how to handle it. haha..

  88. Anonymous10:01 am


    pig = filthy food - God great creation of a living "organic sewerage truck".. everything God created is for a reason..

    prostitute = filthy f@&k..well, it ain't going any better without filthy fun..

    does it sound different? Or maybe not?
    Whatever lah, just don't get yerself twisted confused..

    Cheers bro..