Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Justice for Altantuya and BUM2008

Let's Send Altantuya's murderers to hell, Raja Petra Kamaruddin's latest posting in No Holds Barred, his blog in Malaysia Today, is a disturbing read worthy of Le Carre. Like Din in the posting and Pete himself, I am a daddy. I have two daughters and I want whoever that killed Altantuya to go to the gallows, and to suffer like hell before they die. I say yes to RPK's "Justice for Altantuya" campaign.
But I'm disturbed by some of the "whispers" in RPK's posting. About the gruesome "dumpsite" (what one blogger described as the "police's killing field") where the C4-ed Altantuya was found. Before anyone accuses RPK of hallucination, do take note that he is also quoting from an affidavit related to the case, not just from the whispers he's heard.

I am also disturbed by the whisper that the Deputy Prime Minister was involved in the Altantuya's case (in ways other than the fact that Razak Baginda was a close aide of his). Three individuals, Razak included, have been charged in the murder case. Najib, the DPM, isn't one of them. So why do we still put him in the dock? Or why isn't he in the dock?

Want to talk about "Justice for Altantuya"? Come to Bum2008 where RPK has agreed to be a speaker. Nothing like hearing it from the man himself and discussing your own views with him.

You need to register for the event by 5 pm today.


  1. Anonymous12:31 pm

    saya hanya blogger picisan yang meminati tulisan saudara, harap dapat singgah walau sebentar cuma ke blog saya, mungkin ada sesuatu yang boleh kita kongsi bersama...

  2. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Amnesty International Human Rights Report on Malaysia 2007


  3. Anonymous2:18 pm


    Can we trust the Mongol Slayer to be the next PM??? Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Woe betide us in Bolehland to proclaim a cold-blooded murderer on the throne.

  4. ooooohhhhh do tell what happens at that event....wish i could be there.

  5. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Tq. RockyBru. The father took pains to walk the lobby of Parliament to seek Justice for his daughter.

    If there is no Justice in Parliament then, lets have it in the Courts of Law.

    Expect no Justice from the Executive.

  6. Anonymous3:00 pm

    cuba tanya Zulkifli Nordin sket ape citer sebenar.

  7. Just registered for BUM2008. Hope to get more knowledge about blogging there. Thanks for the lead. I came to know it through your blog. Thanks Again.

  8. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Ah, Malaysia's own 'Watergate Scandal'.

    Any journalist worth his salt would conduct an investigation on this! If this happened in US, Najib would have been driven to suicide by that country's ferocious media!

    Only in Malaysia a Cabinet minister can get away with murder! shame! shame on the media for not pursuing the truth!.

  9. Let TRUTH prevail... enough of beating around the bush with the trial-within-a-trial business. Just get to the root of it and prosecute as well as persecute the one who abet the murder

  10. Anonymous4:59 pm

    why altantuya?

    because her father is a professor?

    what happened to nurin?

    why not justice for nurin?
    what about sharlinie and the rests?

    at least altanya has tasted some freedom and grown up life, at least she had a choices since she was an ADULT

    so this petra is full of craps. this guy is commoting a very bias judgement and dont think that rakyat esp the malays are fool

    justice for the children and not a full grown up male or female who has the choice. end.

  11. Anonymous5:04 pm


    when the news broke out from day one, everybody knows the name of the only person who is responsibled for this crime. our 'dark justice' court somehow has successfully amplified the short story into a long episode of comedy 'sitcom'.

    It will remain as such, as long as the corrupted umno-bn is in power.

  12. Anonymous5:18 pm


    all my hero!

  13. Yoh! Anon...! Who is concerned about Nurin! Hey, who is she, young man! She is no Dato or Datin's daughter! She can disapear, like 10 million can disappear! But first boy, submit yr identity before u comment on RPK! I fight with him everyday! I send many matters to him BUT he "choses" , but he knows who I am & so privilege to TARUK him! U are chicken shit. dont hide! Dont be afraid! Chioa, Bro!

  14. Najib has to get himself vindicated if he wants to continue to have a place in Malaysia's political arena. If not, the Alantuya 'blowup in the nude' is going to haunt him all his 'living'life. He could of course end uponald Reagan and not remember anything.

    Some sources say that Lady McBeth had a hand in ordering the horrific execution. If so, all the perfumes of Arabia cannot wipe out the spot from the Lady's hand.

    The agony that the father and the family must be going through is something not all of us can really experience. It must be horrific to keep the Case going on and on and on and to remind the family of the late departed of the capabilities of our commandos and Lady McBeths.

    Maybe VK LINGAM is now the right man to enter the scene and draft the final judgment in order to close the Case after the change of Judges, Prosecutors, etc sullying the matter.

  15. Anonymous8:08 pm

    Edi神 said...
    all my hero!

    hey, dude... you need to go out more!

    and, while you are out, try learning some basic grammar... it'll do you wonders, believe me.

  16. thanks bro -- I'll make sure the second leg of the second lamb arrives ahead of your buffet line.Willpersuade GOoDe host to up tolamb no.3 sext year at bum2009 under Awe Blogs!:) Chow!-- desi

  17. Anonymous9:58 pm

    ape benda le RPK ni,apalah sangat mongolia yg kita tak tau tujuan dia dtg kat malaysia ni ntah ntah agen, lepas tu kita pulak nak jadi hero boleh blah la.Baik kita mintak kerajaan kita buat kerja untuk memantapkan ekonomi dan mengangani inflasi, mengatasi jenayah takde beza nya pemikiran dgn dr mashitah yg nak menyelamatkan sufiah. Kenapa kita nak divertkan REAL ISSUEs yg sedang kita alami sekarang, suka sngat buang karan

  18. Hi Rocky,

    Yes, I agree; i find it disturbing that our DPM is 'whispered' to be involved in the Atlantuya murder. Which makes me believe that all the more our prime minister shouldn't step down, because I don't think Malaysia is ready to embrace a man - with such ambiguous background - to be our leader.

  19. What if Najib ordered the killing of Altantuya? I would fully support him nevertheless.

    What is a 'translator' who cannot speak or write proper English doing having an affair with one of our leading strategic defense thinker?

    What is a person with intimate knowledge of the country defense strategies and resources doing having an affair with a foreign national anyway?

    Who can tell if she is or not a spy? Is she spying for Singapore or China? If it becomes public, isn't Malaysia going to embarrassed too? Would Singapore or China going to admit it? What are the consequences in terms of international relations? Is she worth the risk?

    Blow her away! That would have been my instructions.

    However, these are just speculations, like what our murtad Melayu brother Raja Petra writes. (Then again he is Raja from Selangor, they all mentally unsound anyway.)

    PS. Immigration Dept which purportedly erase Altantuya's entry details is under the Internal Security. Whose ministry was that?

  20. and jeyapalan, it is unfair for you to make such remarks. dato or datin's daughter or not, nurin is a Malaysian citizen who deserves as much right to live as you and me. ketepikan sikap elitist anda itu, and you'll see a better Malaysia.

    and although i agree that anonymous would receive more credibility if he/she wishes to reveal his/her identity, it is uncouth for you to profane and call him/her names. you're putting YOUR own credibility at stake.

  21. Anonymous2:09 am

    canny ong, nurin, atluna... the murder of women, espcially if linked to high profile politicians and those with the contacts is a case of "tututp satu mata...."

    nevertheless, with the case of atluna, the word is watching. this is a case that will not go away. and the more the corrupt system attempts to manipulate the judicial system, the more it is going to blow right in their faces.

    it is time to stand up and expose the rot within the Barsian regime and its link to many atrocious crimes and corrupt wranglings. do not let it be another tsunami that will expose the filth and rot by a world court.

  22. Anonymous9:13 am

    what's so special about this altantuya case if it's not about the political millage that some party could gain from it. hey guys and girls, have u forgotten Nurin and Sharlini's cases which the suspects are still at large? is mongolian's blood is thicker than Nurin and Sharlini's? where are you people when the family of Nurin and Sharlini are seeking for help? no matter which party you are, politicians suck!

  23. Isn't discussing a case while it is in the court's a contempt of court ie influencing teh outcome of the court with opinions.

    It is really unfair to slam in on Najib without clear proof that he actually did it. If there is such proof, shouldn't it be up to the court to judge.

    Najib is clear that it is a contempt of court to comment. WHy is everyone echoing Anwar the ex convict? He has no respect for the law and order.

    Or is the justice system going to reform into a sentiment driven judicial process? Ambiga loves it that way?

  24. Anonymous9:39 am

    Why is the Bar Council keeping quite about contempt of court committed by everybody?

    Is there basis for Najib to considered guilty by just professional association? Is he to be considered wrong without proof because public sentiment and prejudice are against him?

    WHy is everyone taking the words of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) as good? BABI is a compulsive liar.

    And BABI is all speech and no action. Lets recall what substantial things have he done as Ministers? How hypocritical is he to accuse Dr M of all sort of thinsg and yet his crony was participating in it?

    BABI is a rabble rouser that has no respect for law.

    Throughout BABI's life he switch and change for conveneince without any istiqamah or consistency. From Islamist turn Nationalist turn Liberal?

    Lets not be fooled by Anwar ... mana dokumen berkotak2?

  25. Anonymous9:46 am

    This BUM is gonna be a BUMMER. Almost same faces talking same bullshit. Semua critical aja.

    With a willingness to be open Shah Berry, why can't they invite him? I am sure he will make time for it. This has been organsied for quite some time.

    Or is freedom of the press and balance viewpoint means only to hear critical and one sided view?

    It seems when in power, the opposition and civil society are just as bias and doing distasteful propaganda?

    Sure ... BN last time was this and that. But that is no excuse.

  26. Anonymous9:55 am

    Dear Anon, 4:59 PM.
    The difference is we dont know who is the bastard who murdered Nurin but we know who kill Altantuya! What we want is just speed up the case and send those killer to hell!


  27. RPK has and had always fought for the truth, Nurin & Sharlinie are no exceptions if you followed RPK on MT. He fought for injustices and power abuse of PDRM authority. As mentioned many times in his articles, police are more interested in cover-up and protecting the executives and privilaged group of UMNO putras.

    To Anon,
    Pls check yr facts before commenting on RPK. RPK did earned much honour and respect due to his great deeds in pursuing Just and truth.

  28. Anonymous2:30 pm

    The allegations are of a very serious nature and the country cannot afford to have a tainted person representing them. The public would like to request the followings from all parties concerned or parties alleged to be involved with the case:

    Since the alleged person or persons are in the public domain and running for public office, it is the right of the public & voters to know the truth. In politics & government, one is subject to a totally different standard of public scrutiny & assessment. Therefore, would the alleged person(s) be willing to submit and be subjected to an “independent & neutral” investigation just so as to clear his or their names? This should be put into effect after the trial, irrespective of what verdict that the court may arrive at.

    So, the alleged person(s) should announce this undertaking now to submit to public investigation. Otherwise, guilty as charged.

  29. phillixstarsceamer!

    Tq! Exactly on point CORRECT X 3 as "someone" stated.! Nurin & many others have been victims of the UNSEEN POWERS!I know! I have been witness! Its the children & The Parents, Datos/Tan Silly{oops soryy}Tan Sri's, who get away! JJ is a recent example! Do u know how many r the victims? I Know! I have met them. I have talked! My wife is always very upset when I relate these to her over dinner!She knows, she is a retired/vetren journalist!!! Why, Husband, she says do u want to remind us of all these injustices! Well, I say to wife: We have to keep reminding ourselves!

  30. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Anti Aluminati

    RPK is exciting to read and has interesting expose.

    WHat happenned to his allegation of RM730 million corruption on Zulhasnan? Although I love someone pin this Pak Lah man, there was nothing there at all.

    Is he really for the truth all the time? Or he has a mission and purpose?

    On the police thing, lets not be blinded. He is close and even spoke at YB Ronnie Liew's campaign.

    Who doesn't know YB Ronnie? He has mob connection. The picture of him blocking enterane of a hotel in a polie raid of a masage parlour is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Believe RPK got his source from Ronnie's gangster faction. Isn't that making RPK taking side in a gang war?

    What truth and justice?

    Whatever one read, take some salt with it. Just like taking salt with Tequila.

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  32. Anonymous2:21 pm

    CentreParting said..........

    The culprits will eventually surface... God has eyes and I have faith...but I am sure those involve will be shivering now and will never sleep in peace for the rest of their lives.... an even more torturous punishment already existed....