Friday, April 11, 2008

More Sufiah pictures!

And for those who liked Sufiah Yusof's pics in the News of the World, click HERE for more of her.

Sufiah's Malaysian mom has started an official family blog, it seems.


  1. no smut stuff. just great.

  2. At least i get to see her childhood picture. What have seen are only those Sexy pose with leather and whip

    My take on her new chosen career in my blog

  3. nice nostalgic pictures! Good attempt from the mom to show the soft/human side in a very nice way.

  4. Mr. Rocky,

    Is there anything that we can do about this..?

    pray for her..?

  5. Anonymous9:29 am

    What a shame. Sufiah Yusoff was an embarrassment to Malay race..and Muslims..that's all I'll have to say

  6. Anonymous9:44 am

    Love that link. Lovely photos!

  7. Anonymous10:00 am

    The site was announced/mentioned when TV3 aired a piece on Sufiah during Buletin Utama 9 April.

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  9. Anonymous12:50 pm


    i were expecting a different sort of pictures ...

    hmmm...quite dissapointing :P ;D
    anyway seen it already...nice babe & boobs! got her contact no. in UK?


  10. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Why are so fussed up about this non-citizen? She is not a Malaysian. Are you Rocky giving her some coverage because she's half Malay? Isn't that being racial? Are ypu a racist or a you not?

  11. bro rocky,

    mereka sekali lagi menghina Islam...

  12. rocky, please find appended the article that appeared in the Daily Mail on monday, 7 april. I bet u've already read this write-up but here it is for your readers:


    Child prodigy Sufiah Yusof has long accused her 'bullying' father of making her life 'a living hell'. Yesterday she took her revenge - and in brutal fashion.

    The maths genius, who went to Oxford University at 13, spoke with shocking frankness about her new life as a £130-an-hour prostitute.

    Instead of hiding after sordid career was revealed in the media, she posed in underwear and high heels for a Sunday newspaper.

    She boasted how sleeping with men for money made her feel 'in control'. And in comments that will particularly wound her estranged father, 50, Sufiah claimed she now recites equations and algebra to entertain clients.

    Sufiah's family was hailed as the most brilliant in Britain, after she enetered Oxford and her brother and sister won university places aged 12 and 15.

    But within two years, her deep unhappiness became plain. She ran away from home and was taken into care.

    Sufiah emailed her family to say she had had enough of '15 years of physical and emotional abuse' from her controlling and bullying' father, Farooq.

    After a short-lived marriage she returned to the family home in Coventry, only to leave again after another row with her father.

    That was the last they heard from her until a week ago, when the 'sexy, smart student' who prefers 'older gentlemen' working in Salford, Greater Manchester, was unmasked as Sufiah.

    Days earlier, her father had been jailed for 18 months for sexually assaulting two 15-year old girls.

    On Saturday, her devastated mother, Halimahton, pleaded with Sufiah to come home, telling the Daily Mail she had not even know whether her daughter was alive since last hearing from her in 2005.

    Yesterday Sufiah, now 23, likened her career to glamourised depictions of prostitution such as the Julia Roberts movie Pretty Woman and the Secret Diary of A Call Girl TV series, starring Billie Piper.

    'People think escorting is sleazy and terrible but I don't see it like that,'she said. I've always had a high sex drive - and now I'm getting all the sex I want.

    'I have a nice life and I am in control.' She said she had been tempted into prostitution after running up £3,500 in credit card debts and rent arrears while working in Manchester as an administrative assistant.

    However in addition to money, her anger at her upbringing clearly remains a motivation.

    'I grew up too quickly,' she said. 'from 11, I was studying maths all the time. I didn't have any friends.'

    She added: 'I don't have any regrets.'

  13. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    No wonder the girl (Sofia) flipped! It seems both of her parents are nuts! Just read FAQ in that "family blog" and, basically, it is Halimahton (whose blog this is) who is genius and who single-handedly brought up and educated her kids. The lady is basically bragging about herself. The father is a sexual predator. What to expect? A girl became prostitute...

  14. bro,
    remember that song...."leave Virginia alone"!

  15. Anonymous5:51 pm

    It is really a shock to malaysians as they thought that this prodigy girl was surely something by now as she was really gifted in maths when she was a small girl.What a pity now and I hope someone from the relevant Ministry could do something to assist her to come to her senses.

  16. bro,
    For a really sexy and shot of Sufiah go to

    Come on guys she's making big bucks and absolutely enjoying it why are we making so much fuss, and she doesn't give two hoots about us Malaysians, cos apart from her mother, nothing about her is why are we playing "saviours" erhhh ?? as I said earlier "Leave Virginia alone " !!
    Frankly dears she doesn't give a damn !
    She'll probably tell us to "fook-off" and mind our own business and attend to more pressing issues at our own back-yard first! Cheers !

  17. Anonymous6:12 pm

    hey rocky

    fadli here. from singapore. I am glad you posted that site up. My first reaction was the poor mum! I think the dad is screwed up enough for the both of them. It is really sad that she didnt get rid of him earlier. i dont think its boasting that you brought up the family single handedly which i think she did! I think any mom who has brought up the family singlehandedly (or with non existant support) deserves bragging rights anyways.

    I dont understand why Malaysians should feel ashamed of her. She was a bright kid who lost her way abit. I also think its not uncommon for ladies to prostitute themselves on the side whilst studyingin the UK. It is a pretty easy way to earn money. the whole tragedy is that its blown up by the press.

    a final note. I read some meddlesome ustadz is gonna try to 'save' or 'rescue' her. Ithink thats the worst most stupidest thing they can do. they dont own her. i think the best people to help her are her family sans her dad. they care for her and know her as sufia-the-person-they-love and not sufia-the-child-prodigy-turned-prostitute.

    well see you around. hopefully in Singapore! Kirim salam to all the rest who were there.

  18. Anonymous6:46 pm that the malaysian goverment has made a free publicity for her and this will surely boost her market value!!She must be laughing all the way to the way to the bank!
    anyway,escort as a profession isn't as despicable as it seems as Sufiah herself claimed that she's the high class harlot type who only receive elitists as her client.
    Unfortunately prostitution is not legalised in this conservative's no wonder all malaysians are very interested with her 'misfortune'.
    Anyway,she has her right to do whatever she wants as it seems that the crux of the problem is the wrong upbringing of herself by the parents.
    At least what was highlighted shows that there's an obscure area of 'social problem' that is needed to be addressed first in our own backyard other than the mat saleh's backyard.

  19. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Rockyfella, I wish I could hold Sufiah in my arms with her warm naked body close to mine.

    So what's wrong with that?

  20. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Simply said, based on what happen to her during her young days, and now at this tender age she is going thru a mental blackout phase(she cant decide what is right and wrong), her emotion is control by what she like and dislike.

    She is too deeply hurted and punishing herself and telling her parents, see what have you done to me...kinda difficult to explain, but this problem is a common at the age of 16-24...

    To parents out there, spend quality time with your kids, be their friend,teach them priorities in life. do not be too hard on them...give freedom and gain trust.

  21. Anonymous8:37 pm

    i pray she returns to the right path, also pray for those hookers at jalan chow kit,.. of course idealism is far from reality world.Prostitution existed since early civilization.

    Next, should people account for what she does in UK, afterall she is above legal age and is a british subject.

  22. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Why are we Malaysian so Kepoh Chi/busy body, she is not even a Malaysian. There is lots of Malaysia who need attention and help out there. We should give a helping hand to a fellow Malaysian instead of this NOT Malaysian.
    She choosed her destiny on her own willing and she is above the permitted age so why are we Malaysian so busy body.

  23. Anonymous9:51 pm

    sufiah had grown up in a very liberal society. that's why she felt no restraint when interviewed by the British papers. what is there so much to laugh about. social escorting is just another job. there are thousands of them around in the uk.

  24. Anonymous10:20 am

    Guys and all concerned citizen,

    leave her alonelah.

    'Charity begins at home'

  25. Anonymous11:26 am


    This post is totally blown out of proportion. The reasons are:
    1. Yusof is not a Malay or a Malaysian (study the Malaysian law for this). The UMNO Government cannot do anything, OK?
    2. She is an adult of sane mind, thus responsible for her own actions.
    3. She is not a practising Muslim. Islam is not obligatory in UK.
    4. If prostitution bothers you, then too bad.
    5. There are beter things to worry about like servicing your car.
    6. This issue is used by UMNO to cement their image of Malay saviour. To entertain such preposterous suggestion is plainly foolish.

    So, say to yourself: "Stupidity shall not be entertained."

    End of this issue.

  26. Anonymous11:36 am

    I must say she has a tough childhood, proper parenting is important.

    Most pray and seek God's help to guide her but i hv one question, if God has his way,this world will be free of hookers and crimes,violence etc wonder why prayers have not been answered for thousand of years,worth pondering!

  27. A genius is a genius. Applying maths while giving the head, now thats what i call ingenuity!! A lot of people her age could just become serial philanderers, having multiple one night stands and collecting a list of STDs along the way. If you're going to do that, might as well charge. At least you get some money to pay up the antibiotics for the diseases you get out of philandering.

    What is the lesson to learn here? Fucking around is stupid, until you start charging. Then it becomes just immoral.

  28. Haha. Family pics for a change.

  29. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Time to change the subject guys.
    All this publicity is only good for her business.

  30. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Hey Rocky ....Sufiah has enough coverage. There's still millions of people in MALAYSIA who genuinely in need of HELP.Leave this whore alone!!Damn it

  31. Anonymous4:22 pm

    to puan halimathon dont stop pray for your daughter. hopefully taht one day ALLAH might open her heart to go back to you. we I also never stop pray for her because she the only MUSLIM genius that can replaced ibn sina

  32. to pn halimathon dont stop prayed for sufi so that she can come back to you and comeback to be a genius. i also never stop pray for because she is the only MUSLIM genius to replaced ibn sina

  33. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Sufiah is not representing Malay and Muslim. So, no Malay or Muslim should feel ashamed. Furthermore, she's a whore + mix (not originally Malay) + of course not muslim anymore (unknown status). She just simply ignore the main thing in Islam, isn't it? But depends on her to be what kind of 'thing' she wants. And she's not Malaysian either, so what to bother so much about her?

  34. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Just thought you might like to write a little something about this other young prodigy girl, the world's youngest college professor: