Friday, April 11, 2008

In other words, resign please

Johor Umno tells Badawi of need for an exit plan that consists of the 3S element: Structured, Smooth and Speedy. Johor Umno did the previously unthinkable by asking the party's President, PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, to come up with a plan to hand over the reign.
During a closed-door meeting with AAB this afternoon, three Umno divisional heads spoke up to convey the message.
The three are:
1. Dr Fuad Zarkashi
2. Nur Jazlan Muhamed

3. Hasni Mohamed

The PM arrived in JB this morning, a day after a newsreport said 20 out of the 26 Umno divisions in Johor, an Umno stronghold state, wanted him to go on leave and hand over the business of governing the country to someone else.
Badawi has come under increasing pressure to resign after the poor March 8 general election performance by the Barisan Nasional. The coalition he led lost the 2/3 majority in Parliament and 5 states, both unprecedented.
AAB still insists that he has not failed and wants to continue as PM.

Johor Menteri Besar Ghani Othman kicked off the meeting with the PM by making a representation on behalf of the divisional heads. His emphasis was on the need for a clear succession plan by the PM.

According to Bigdogdotcom, a rabid pro-Umno blogger, this afternoon's meeting at the Seri Pacific Hotel, which ended about 5.30pm, made it clear that the consensus reached by Umno Johor is to demand for an exit (for Badawi) which is structured, smooth and, most importantly, speedy.

Earlier, according to Bernama, Badawi admitted that he was one of the factors for the BN's poor performance in last month's general election. However, he used that as the reason for needing to stay on as PM and "rehabilitate BN and Umno". Read here.

Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak is scheduled to meet the Umno leaders tonight.


Anonymous said...

all of you want badawi to resign. i can assure you the freedom to blog will not be as free as it is now after he is gone. just take my word for it.

Anonymous said...

Bro Rocky,
Finally the Prime Minister had the courage to admit his own faults.
Hope he had the courage to admit that his son-in-law and UMNO-owned media such as NST that also caused the BN downfall.
For me,it a good start for you Pak Lah,at least now you know even your own party hate you.
Bob From Kuching

nstman said...

Rocky, I respect you. But why are you insisting that Badawi resign. Give the man a chance to make amends. The guy is down and out, why is everybody so intent on finishing him off? You know what? My sympathies lie with him. Give him a break man!

Anonymous said...

MB of Johor just made a statement of support for Abdullah to stay on as PM and to strengthen the party. How true is the report by BigDog?

Anonymous said...

I don't think AAB would like to exit from the political scene just like that.He would like somebody to slaughter him in the Presidential's election -only then he only knows how to diminish into thin air.

romsam said...

New Cabinet:

Prime Minister - Anwar

Deputy Prime Minister - Lim Kit Siang

Culture Minister - Farish Noor

Defence Minister -

Education Minister - Nga Kor Ming

Environment Minister - Teresa Kok

Finance Minister - Tony Pua

Foreign Minister - Ramasamy

Health Minister - Tan Seng Giaw

Home Minister -

Information Minister - Jeff Ooi

Law Minister - Teng Chang Khim

Manpower Minister -

Sports Minister -

Technology Minister -

Trade Minister - Khalid

Transport Minister - Liew Chin Tong

(Penang Chief Minister - Lim Guan Eng)

romsam said...

New Cabinet:

Prime Minister - Anwar

Deputy Prime Minister - Lim Kit Siang

Culture Minister - Farish Noor

Defence Minister -

Education Minister - Nga Kor Ming

Environment Minister - Teresa Kok

Finance Minister - Tony Pua

Foreign Minister - Ramasamy

Health Minister - Tan Seng Giaw

Home Minister -

Information Minister - Jeff Ooi

Law Minister - Teng Chang Khim

Manpower Minister -

Sports Minister -

Technology Minister -

Trade Minister - Khalid

Transport Minister - Liew Chin Tong

(Penang Chief Minister - Lim Guan Eng)

Anonymous said...

I dont quite agree with nstman. He may have been mellowed by Pak lah trait but the future of the nation must not hinge on trial and error. He was given the chance but he blew it. What if he failed again? That is why Karpal trying to make Pak lah stay!?

Robin Goodfellow said...

I say leave Pak Lah alone.

UMNO Federal Government is SLOWLY STRANGLING the Pakatan State Governments with an ANACONDA known as PETRONAS... what happens to Pak LAh should be the least of any Pakatan Supporters.


I just pray to God Almighty those BN hoppers do exist; or it is SAYONARA for LGE, NIZAR, AND KHALID!


Omar Shah said...

You are wrong lah rocky....the Malaysian Insider says he has full Johor Support, NST pun cakap macam tu,
you all ni semua nakal lah, tu la azalina dah kata blogger blogger ni memang nakal

panda pandai je report apa yang korang suka, lain kali tanya lah dulu apa yang benar dan apa yang betul yang benar tak semestinya betul

tak percaya? tanya ber kali kali?
tak percaya juga? berenda(n) renda(n) sebab saya boleh bagi?

Anonymous said...

resign is sign of weakness, stay fighting is sign of courage and strong

caravanserai said...

Give them false hope
Let the leaders sleep in peace
Thinking of nothing else
Only their positions
On a certain dreaming degree

The silence creeps
The images of the darkness
The eyes can’t see
The dreaming land of harmony

The knives are drawn
Glistering in the dim table light
The shining sharp edges
It spells ‘don’t forget me’

The dreamers falling through
The edges of the steep slope
Floating dreamily into oblivion
The false sense of pretenses
It becomes a reality
Hitting on the hard floor

Oh yes the knives at the back
The Brutus of modern times
On the wrong foot of high office
The dark shadow smokes his way

Anonymous said...

every malaysian's sympathy lies with badawi now. it is khairy that gets him into a lot of shit. give the man a chance. basically i love pak lah because he is not as sinisiter as tdm. i only developed a negative feeling for him when khairy came into the picture. hopefully, pak lah will veer away from his son in law - well he is only a son in law - so i think pak lah can do it and save himself. malaysians have gone through the mahathir years and knew how dictatorial everything was. we do not want to return to those weary years do we. furthermore corruption was entrenched already when badawi took over. you cannot undo that just in five years. i am sure God will be kind to Pak Lah and let him stay on for a few more years. we never had this sort of freedom, blogging freedom , speech freedom, never as malaysians before. dont take pak lah strength as his weaknesses. otherwise all of you are going to regret it. hopefully, khairy will give his father in law a chance and stay away from him.

Anonymous said...

Poor KJ. What is he gonna do when papa in law is finally booted out?

ShebaUncome said...

Dollah will resign before the Umno general assembly take my woird for it!

anak bugis johor said...

I agreed with the 1st comment; I am very confident once pAK LAH blah, the new PM will start the new millinium operasi lalang, like what Mahadir hd done, most blogger will face ISA, like bro rocky, kickdefella, Nuraini etc. Tak percaya. you want to bet. Bet pak lah out.

apanama said...

nstman! keep your sympathies or deliver them personally to the man who 'still thinks he's the PM'.
Its idiots like you who continue to give false hope to the dying horse.
Why can't you, for once, accept the fact that Abdullah A.Badawi is a gone case.
What we in Umno are trying to do now is just give him some time and room for a dignified exit. (though the level of his remaining dignity is very low)
If you don't understand what is happening, then maybe you should just read, listen and watch while keeping your dirty mouth shut.

p/s jangna bikin malu la nstman... i dont think you're stupid but wonder why you're acting like a moron.

Rocky's Bru said...

Hi Omar Shah:-)

The part about Ghani is mine, not Bigh Dog's. I'm surprised Malaysian Insider didn't get it, given that their owners (Foc Communications) hires someone (Ravi) who's close to the MB!

That the MB has declared support for AAB is expected and is cool, really. At the meeting, the Umno leaders did NOT say they didn't support Abdullah. In fact, they do. But they are more supportive of Abdullah quitting.

Bro nstman!
Pak Lah and his self-serving advisers have had over 4 years to win my confidence and fulfil the promises made.

He doesn't need a break. Kali doesn't need a break. We the people do. Unless they take a hike, we won't get that break.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

i want him out!!! liar...initially tell all people government has no money to construct the southern bridge rm1.2b, then say no laahh...we got money only people of johor rejected the plan...then lets construct 2nd link to penang ....rm2b only.....southern bridge 1.2b (no money)...penang 2nd link 2 billion...should be minus 800 mil...idiot pm...i am happy during TDM's time although people are saying no freedom to blog etc budget is not tight like nowdays! bodolah bongokwi ...liar...liar

Anonymous said...

Don't judge a person by his face. You think he is kindly? You think kesian??? Explain, Patrick Lim PGCC, Moonsoon Cup, Crystal Mosque, explain Khairy ECM Libra, explain United Nation Oil For Food scandal involving Abdullah. Explain, after his wife died, no more 6 month he remarried.

Abdullah is also PART OF THE CORRUPTION during Mahathir times. And now he is PM, he just EAT BIGGER SHARE!!! THINK OF HIS CHARACTER!!!!

We want Malaysia a NEW start, a clean START. Holding on to BN, is you wanting to prolong CORRUPTION KANSER to kill us all.

I know you are Nostalgic about BN rule.....BN IS DEAD AFTER 1990s, the current BN is vultures!!

peter said...

This is nothing to do with the topic but something that needs urgent attention.

Most of our PKR,DAP and PAS service centres (MP or ADUN, especially in the sub-urban or rural areas are lacking furniture etc.

My appeal is for those of us who have GOOD furniture that is not being used PLEASE identify the nearest service.

Visit them, talk to the ADUN or MP ans see what you can do or a group of the rakyat can do.

I visited YB Xavier Jayakumars service centre in Taman Sentosa. With just a small table and a worn out sofa set, he was attending to the rakyat. NO air-con, no cupboard. This is the office above the 99 supermarket.

Rocky, Harris, Bernard, please publicise this. maybe each of you can pay a visit to some of this service centres and see what you can do to publicise this.

Anonymous said...

April 11, 2008 22:56 PM

Abdullah To Discuss Power Transition With Najib

JOHOR BAHARU, April 11 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will discuss with his deputy, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak, the transition of power to the latter, said Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Friday.

He said Abdullah had told the closed-door meeting with the Johor Umno Liaison Body here that he would discuss in detail the power transition plan with Najib, who is also Umno deputy president.

"The period of transition and so on were not mentioned in detail... matters such as when the transition will take place and so on will be discussed between him (Abdullah) and Datuk Seri Najib," Muhyiddin told reporters after attending the meeting at a hotel, here.

He said Abdullah had previously stated openly that Najib would succeed him as Prime Minister.

Abdullah, who is also the Umno president, had announced at the Briefing by the Umno President for the party's information machinery at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday that Najib would be his successor and he would hand over the post when it was time.

Muhyiddin, who is also the Pagoh Umno division head, said that at the meeting, Abdullah explained issues that were raised concerning the last general election such as the factors for the defeat, support of the non-Malay voters and the young voters.

"He said initiatives are being planned to tackle these problems so that the party will be stronger," he said.

He said Abdullah asked leaders at all levels to assist in this matter.

Anonymous said...

nst man was talking rubbish but not surprising because he must be a real nst man under the good leadership of Kalimullah.

You will also note that Tun M also said that the DAP leaderships like Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang were supporting Badawi.

First and foremost, NST under Kalimullah has been known to grant full page interview in the NST for Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng.

Secondly, Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng and other DAP leaders are never critical of Pak Lah, SIL, Kamaludin, Kalimullah (ECM Libra), Patrick Badawi and other cronies.

Thirdly, when Tun M criticised Pak Lah Lim Kit Siang and his gang will jumped into the fray and condemned Tun M.

Fourthly, Look at the DAP performance in the Parliament the last 4 years, have you ever ever heard of Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Tan Seng Giaw, Kulasegaran and other DAP MPs question about all the corruptions and corrupt practices under Pak Lah leadership. The answer is a definite NO.

In short, to Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh Pak Lah, SIL, Kamaluidn, Kalimullah and other cronies are assets to the nation.

Tun M was right when he called them the conspirators - how accurate.

Anonymous said...

Even if he resigns, do you think he will hand power to Najis and his troupe? You are mistaken. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, You are damn right in your comment bro. I'm surprised that he wants to be given the chance to fulfil the promises made in 2004 after admitting his mistake. He'd the balls to ignore calls for him to resign, instead continue to enrich his family members and cronies while malaysians at large can wait until he's ready to leave. WTF are you bullshitting shameless (to borrow TDM) hyprocrite!

Anonymous said...


Let's not get emotional. Its not a case of kesian. It's a case of managing a nation. Under the present situation, it's no longer tenable for Pak Lah to govern, given the hostile treatment he's been getting from Umno members, especially many division chiefs. When a few division chiefs tried to defend him in Kedah and Penang, they were heckled.

The only logical situation for pak lah is to quit. Anything else will cause a revolt within Umno, and that;s going to be good for all of us...


dong-dong said...

For those here who want Pak Lah to stay but want KJ to go...dream on!
These two are inseparable, like a doting father and his 4 year-old son(yes, 4 year old!). Those who have seen them together will know what I mean.

SIL has been responsible for most of the damage. Many of the so-called PM's decisions were made by the SIL , on the PM's behalf.

Why does the PM want to say on despite the many calls to resign?
For many of them being whoever comes as the next PM will uncover all
the misdeeds that SIL + son have done. And there are quite a few.

If these misdeeds surface, it will triple-shock even Pak Lah's staunchest supporters.

ShebaUncome said...

Mr Rocky,

I will share this with you. I was told when Dollah Badawi was a junior officer with the transport department he sold a "licensing chit" for motor vehicle licenses which I am not quite clear what of, for RM5000 a piece and "he was holding these yellow chits stack of them" said my source. Can someone verify whether Dollah was ever with a transport department in his early days as a civil servant?!

Zainal A. Kasim said...

"Saya merasa tidak tertekan untuk meletakkan jawatan"

Anonymous said...

Berundur bukan bererti kalah, tetapi memberi laluan dan mengatur strategi baru, itu satu pengormatan dan tanggungjawab mulia paklah jika melakukannya. Jasanya ada untuk dikenang, bertindaklah seelum terlambat.

Anonymous said...

anon 7:52,
Your reason to keep pak lah is for "the freedom to blog...". Is that your selling point? Is that (blogging) what this is all about?? Just how "low" can you go man...??

As for nstman, pak lah doesn't need your sympathy...

And in khairi's case, pak lah cannot live without this guy, and vice versa.

talking tongues said...

I say there were numerous bad things Dr. M has done to Malaysia, but one good thing he did, was to give us Badawi ;-) said...

anonymous said

" ... all of you want badawi to resign. i can assure you the freedom to blog will not be as free as it is now after he is gone. just take my word for it ... "

BN won't survive the next GE if they dare to do that. I don't think BN is that stupid and daring to suppress people's freedom and voice. It's partly their reason for losing GE12 after all.

Anonymous said...

I would want our PM to stay on. He is the father of democracy. He allows the limited freedom of speech, he allows the better transparency of election, and the higher tolerance of different opinions. If we want him to go now, the Pakatan Rakyat would have
harder time to breath now.
The elegance silence of PM allows the democracy to breed. Please do not take it for granted. The new PM may not be so tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Support PM now! If we do not support him. Do not think the New PM is so democratic. In fact, I would propose the Pakatan Rakyat should support PM not ot be voted Non-confident in Parliament. Mark my word, the new PM will be tougher, whoever the person may be. They may activate ISA without needing the reason to justify. Our present PM is more tolerence.

Anonymous said...

Maybe PM deserve a second chance....

Madam Curi said...

Is the penny finally dropping in no 1? Hope it will be swift.

Anonymous said...

Bro, ini dalih untuk mengabui mata hali-ahli UMNO dan rakyat.

Kalau betul Abdullah bin Ahmad nak berundur, buatlah cara nak berundur.Bukan buying time to re-consolidate yourself and your cronies.

Ikut ripot TMI, another two years after UMNO elections. Mak datuk!!!

Terpulanglah kpd ahli-ahli UMNO samada nak bagi seumur hidup pada Presiden yg diminta berundur, atau membuka gelanggang pemilihan balik dgn kadar segera, untuk memilih pemimpin sejati, yg lama dan yg baru, yg lebih perjuangan dari yg lain-lain.

Anonymous said...

He has come to this stage and yet he still wants to cling to his post.Just shameful and if for others, I bet have already pack their bags and diminished into thin air.
What I don't understand is that when he had failed the rakyat, he still has the guts to carry on.

Anonymous said...

Kenapa rumitkan perkara yang mudah. Letak jawatan dan berambus ke luar negara (itukan hobbynya sebelum PRU12).

Kalau sekadar untuk mengukur kebolehan pak lah memerintah negara, letak beruk sebagai PM pun, Malaysia boleh...

Yang mudah, kenapa mahu dipanjang panjangkan masa dan merumitkan keadaan. Jika ada pelan untuk paklah meletak jawatan secara terhormat, itu sesuatu yang bagus demi maruahnya, tetapi sejak bila pula paklah bermaruah dan reti malu ??!!

Pegang jawatan walau orang benci, tak malu, nak letak jawatan bila didesak, malu. where got road ...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

As if Najib would be any better! For all his shortcomings, I dare say that AAB is a gentleman and has little capacity for evil scheming like his predecessor. That, I believe, is his greatest disadvantage. AAB is a better follower than a leader but few can ascribe evil intentions to him. His problem is that he trusts too much in his aides... and that was his undoing. Najib?? He will be as the wind blows PM.

cucu pak sako said...

Salam Bro,

I think the 'Utusan' headline this morning should read:


Have a Happy weekend.

Re:Bloggers Seminar mind givin more info where,when and how much please?


Anonymous said...

just leave the poor bugger alone....

he has been taking orders from ppl around him all his life...

from dr m to boys-in-the-4th-floor, his new wife, and now you guys...

give him a break lar...


Anonymous said...

don't get emotional, if he resign what is the alternative outcome, get a capable successor first, don't replace for the sake of replacement.

Anonymous said...

Alahai. Tak sabar aku nak tengok geng anti-najib Kalimullah, Hishamuddin Aun, Syed Faisal Albar, Manja Ismail & Mustapha Omar bungkus barang.

Anonymous said...

Keras Kepala.
Lihat saja kenyataan AAB hari ini. Jelas sekali dia dan anak pinaknya lebih penting dari Umno

Bila ahli umno minta dia bertanggungjawab dan letak jawatan : “Ada (permintaan), yalah bukan semua kata begitu. Saya dapat juga laporan yang agak detail. Tak apalah mereka nak bercakap tentang itu. Saya dengar, bukan saya tak dengar.

“Saya bukanlah mahu memimpin lama tetapi saya ada mandat daripada rakyat dan perlu menunaikan tugas dan tanggungjawab untuk memastikan setiap masalah diatasi, itu yang menjadi lebih utama".

Terus lah Pak Lah. Biar Umno hancur

Mahathirism said...

Friday, April 11, 2008
Leslie Lopez Demonstrates his Igonorance and Bias

This reporter has no idea.

He should instead apply himself to reforming Singapore and keeping up pressure on MM Lee Kuan Yew's autocratic- locked down city state. The fact is Leslie Lopez is emasculated when it comes to issues concerning Spore. He is just another digit that needs to condemn Malaysia's Father of Modernisation to gain some notoriety for his already end of the road career. . He attributes Badawi's dismal election loss to Mahathir's last stand. That is hardly fair. If anything Mahathir has been badly treated unbefitting his status by the present Government. Mahathir has had to fight tooth and nail to highlight the abuses of the present administration.

What's your stand on the assault on the Singapore Law Society-the Francis Seow debacle, or the attack on Spore's feisty bloggers-Mr Brown etc and how many Malay commanders do you have in SAF? The increasing poverty and income gap among Sporeans warrant your attention.

It's time for you to make your last stand to gain credibility and contribute to reform in Singapore.

Anonymous said...













Anonymous said...

Karpal Singh is just an arm chair critic. He has been made use of the budak tingkat empat to criticise Tun M.

Karpal Singha nd Lim Kit Siang what have you got to say about you have not criticise Bodohwi, SIL, Kamaluddin, Kallimullah and other cronies of Bodohwi in Parliament.

During the height of the ECM Libra scandal, both of you and your other DAP MPs did not utter a single word about it.

We know the DAP was doing a good job looking after Bodohwi and SIL interests.

So Lim Kit Siagn what did you get out of being protective of your boss, Bodohwi? I am not surprise Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh will soon be conferred the title of Tan Sri.

Eddy said...

Anonymous 11.16pm, well said I wholly agree with you and would like to add that these DAP should be retirees, Karpal Singh especially,should just keep his big mouth shut and just sit down, relax and enjoy his I hope last term in parliament as one of the token non chinese DAP MPs in parliament which by the way doesn't say much for DAPs much vaunted multiracialism concept.

By the way NST man you pun mudah lupa ah, during Dr Mahathir's time there were plenty of websites which were against him and calling him all sort of expletives Mahafiraunlah etc. Yes, please do not forget that freedom in the Net started in Dr. Mahathir's time NOT during Dollah's time.Under Dollah even Dr Mahathir who voluntarily passed the PMship to him was not allowed to be a delegate to speak in the UMNO General Assembly.

See the way UTUSAN Malysia spin the story on the front page today where it front page "JOHOR SOKONG PM" while just at the side column showed "PM, Najib akan berbincang peralihan kuasa". Anyway, Kudos to UMNO JOHOR for delivering the message that Dollah has to go hopefully in a dignified way.

I read also Shahrir's comments in Utusan but I Don't put too much value on what Shahrir say though, he has indulged in doublespeak since his Kunchi days and I still ingat when he was chairman of PAC which found nothing wrong with the ECM libra affairs, so I am wary of whatever he says and it would be very interesting what he does now that he is recycled back in Dollah's cabinet.

So much for Shahrir,By the way many of us who are happy about yesterday's event should not be celebrating too much as Dollah still need to consult with his close advisers and in keeping with his UTurn decision making history, might just issue another statement from Putrajaya to tell UMNO Johor to fly kite as he will be staying even after December 2008 as his reform agenda he promised in 2004 has not even started yet and being a proud PM that he is, I do not think he will allow Dr Mahathir's suggestion that he be PM for just one term only to come true without a good fight. I am pessimistic,so UMNO and BN just be prepared to become opposition after PRU13lah.

Anonymous said...

wait............. he will make 180 degree U-Turn after back and having diner with KJ, Kamaluddin, Kalimulah, Patrick Lim while on tele-conferencing with Karpal Sing, LKS, Lee Kuan Yew.. hahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

pak lah always says he pities khairy but if he really observes how khairy carries himself, he will know why he is so much loathed by malaysians in general.

A true Malaysian said...

I prefer Pak Lah to hang on for the moment simply because there are no credible candidate to take over the PM post. The only one credible that I believe can revive Umno is Musa Hitam. The thing is this guy not interested in politics anymore.

Pak Lah will not hang on for long, Anwar will take over subsequently. It is a good thing to happen. Umno is not relevant anymore as long as they still harping on safeguarding Malays interest.

I admire one guy name 'Jamaluddin' who can speak mandarin fantatically, appeared in Chinese radio talk show. He is one guy that all of us should learn from being a true Malaysian. Rocky, do you know this guy?

Anonymous said...

pak lah is really made for politics. with all these shouts for him to resign, he still enlists questionable character like m m taib in his cabinet. this in addition to khairy. ha ha ha how laughable and incorrigible.

Anonymous said...

PPP an Indian party or a multi-racial one? Read on ....

PPP buoyed by success of seminar

Email to friend Print article Share

ALOR GAJAH: The success of a motivational seminar for Indian students at SK Pengkalan has led to plans to expand the programme to other schools.

The seminar, organised by the Alor Gajah division of the People's Progressive Party, was designed to raise awareness among Indian students here of effective study methods, character-building exercises and how they can contribute to the community.

The seminar saw the participation of 194 students from SK Pengkalan yesterday. It was conducted with the assistance of N. Selvan, the Students Affairs head of SJK (T) Gemas and K. Kumaran, the Jempol/Jelebu District Education Department supervisor.

"I noticed that the students were fascinated with the various opportunities available for them," said Selvan.

Wak Segen said...

Kalau ini sandiwara zaman silam, skrip nya bagini.....Semua bendahara,hulubalang dan panglima berjumpa Datuk Perdana Menteri.."Wahai Datuk Perdana yang kami cintai..rakyat sedang memberontak, Raja sedang murka.. wahai datuk.Maka Datuk Perdana belayar lah buat seketika ke Negara Indah Biri2.Berihat lah di tepi laut yang indah dan ladang yang tenteram dan sejahtera di sana..Datuk Timbalan yang bijaksana berpura2 akan ada bersama kami dan Datuk Perdana akan sentiasa di rindui.. wahai Datuk..." (director's note-nada suara :sayu;Facial expression:sebak,background irama lagu asli..fade..)
Kalau filem P Ramlie , skrip bagini pulak......"KAU BOLEH BERAMBUS SAJA LAA!!"....
...hehehhe.. jangan mareh..

GobloKing said...

firstly i gotta pray hard...


next thing: anon 7.52pm
these days not like those days lah.

OFCOURSDE amno wanted to stop the blogging (how sure are you they didn't try to?).

IF they could, they wouldn't have had to appoint a Rubbery cheek to "recruit" and to rubba rubba with big bloggers.

The thing is HOW can they silence so many disparate voices of discontent??

yes..rocky kena suit
yes...jeff kena
yes..raja petra kena

But do you see these guys being silent?

So how many more can amno silence?


Anonymous said...

PM doesn't deserve second chance as person of his calibre always talk with tongue twist.

Anonymous said...

Ketidakikhlasan paklah memimpin Malaysia dalam erti kata lain cuba memadamkan kebijaksanaan dan jasa TDM di awal pemerintahannya berbalas hari ini dengan kekalahan di 4 + 1 + 2 dalam PRU12 dan gelombang suara rakyat yang diperlekehkannnya dulu kini mendesak dan menuntut paklah berundur dengan rasa hormat yang sudah luntur, sebaliknya berbaur benci dan meluat melihat gelagat bodoh sombongnya + lembek dalam mempertahankan dirinya dan anak menantunya.

Paklah menerima balasan atas perbuatannya secara tunai, di dunia dan tidak sempat melakarkan sejarah gemilang, keupayaan paklah hanya setakat ini sahaja, selebihnya jika digagahi akan mendatangkan kehancuran.

Rakyat telah memberi amaran bukan sahaja kepada paklah dan BN tetapi kepada mana mana kerajaan yang cuba memerpobodohkan rakyat, rakyat sudah pasti tidak tertipu lagi di masa akan datang. Kerajaan adalah hamba rakyat. Selamat bertugas.

Anonymous said...

Ayat ini ditujukan Khas untuk Penyokong Kaum Nabi Luth.

Allah menggambarkan Azab yang menimpa kaum nabi Luth :
"Maka tatkala datang azab Kami, Kami jadikan negeri kaum Luth itu yang di atas ke bawah (Kami balikkan), dan Kami hujani mereka dengan batu dari tanah yang terbakar dengan bertubi-tubi, yang diberi tanda oleh Tuhanmu, dan siksaan itu tiadalah jauh dari orang-orang yang zalim"
[Hud : 82-83]

Anonymous said...

Paklah should resign IMMEDIATELY not because the damage he have to UMNO but to Malaysia lol. Malaysian has voiced their displeasure by voting the opposition and now he said that he want to stay on to rehabilate UMNO. Our concerned as fellow Malaysian is what will happen if we all still wait. If UMNO cannot get rid of their weak leader it is only wise that the Rakyat do a mass rally to ask for his resignation.
How is Paklah going to right the wrong when he never done a right thing to Malaysia from day one. By delaying and cancellation of Scenic Bridge ; Double railway tracking etc. Today we Malaysian is paying the heavy price of his blunder.
We Malaysian must find a capable leader to rehabilate Malaysia and not ONLY Umno.Where is my respected TUN MUSA HITAM whom i always regards of a leader with INTEGRITIES among all the Malaysian leaders? Why is he being so cool and co-operating or working for a proven IDIOT.
Do for our COUNTRY and not only for UMNO. Another 4 years for our Paklah to rules our country then we all might as well plan to migrate to Indonesia. There will be nothing left for us to PROUD as a Malaysian. Its all your fault Paklah. Quit now for the sake of your countryman. You are not CAPABLE.

Anonymous said...

The PM should stand up to these Johor UMNO idiots. Use the ISA to get them to toe the line. Just to prove he is not fu**king around, put Mukriz in first with one to two from Johor UMNO. That will quieten them done. After that fix up all those in BN who have big mouth but no guts or votes. Finally tell the royals to shut up. If they want to talk big ask them to get a proper job and not suck the blood of poor people.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah is Bapa Demokrasi....After Pak Lah...Anwar will become Prime Minister as this is God'w Will supporting the Peoples Will..

Why? god knows that Najib has zero talent and he is not morally competent to lead....Najib had screwed up...he has not come clean on kes Altantuya....He cannot come clean becoz he is unclean!!!

Anonymous said...

Kepada Perdana Menteri YAB Datuk Sri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Sebelum berlaku peralihan kuasa. kamu hendaklah laksana beberapa program yang menguntungkan rakyat
1)Hapuskan AP kenderaan dan duti import kereta agar kereta import sama harga degan proton (projek kesayangan Dr M berkubur)
2)Hapuskan AP barang makanan seperti gula ,beras dan tepung,.
3)Hapuskan AP barangan pembinaan seperti keluli dan simen.
4)Libelirasai Pasaran Kewangan
5)Bagi kebenaran unuk Hypermarket membuka sebayak cawangan yang boleh

Perkara di atas perlu dilaksanakan segera supaya MONOPOLI satu kaum terhadap product tersebut dihapuskan.

artchan said...

anon 856pm

Dia takde telor to do as you suggest. Even the Hindraf 5 under ISA is not his idea. His hand was now he has to keep them inside to show he is in power. If he wants to show he has is the time to release the Hindraf 5..and many others..But sleepy as he is.., he will not know anything. He may not know he is no longer UMNO PreZ.

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah is "Bapa Demokrasi".
Allah wants him to stay. Allah shall decide how long Pak Lah shall stay as PM.......Not TDM,Ku Li, Muhyddin..etc...etc..

Anonymous said...

It is a well known truth that Pak Lah and Dr.M can't reconcile. it is also the truth whatever crisis the country is facing now are the result of wrong doing of Mahathir which pak lah has inherited.
While most of us agree of Pak lah's inability to handle many things, we must also accredit him for the partial freedom we are enjoying now. If not for him it would have been difficult and if we were to join mahathir to push for Pak Lah's resignation we may end up with a puppet of Mahathir as PM. how many of us want that? Remember I still hate him for his handling of 5 Hindraf members and other ISA detainees.

BigDogDotCom said...

Anon 840pm and the rest,

Look at Dr. Fiad Zarkashi's Bernama report, Mingguan Malaysia special interview with UMNO Vice President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday and this morning's The Star.

All talking about the 3S, as per requested by UMNO Johor when they had 'face-off' meeting with PM 'Flip-Flop' Abdullah on Friday 11 April 2008.

UMNO grassroot wants PM 'Flip-Flop' Abdullah to go. UMNO Kedah said that. Then UMNO Pulau Pinang, his own homestate, said that. And now, UMNO Johor, the most influential UMNO state, also said the same thing, but with more specific demands, in the name of 'Strengthening UMNO'.

Just because MSM prefer not to report what exactly happened (infact spin it a little further), doesn't mean UMNO ppl like me would not have the right info, even in closed door meets like these.

Hence, my reporting on this should not be doubted any longer.


Anonymous said...

we are ready!!


Anonymous said...

to A true Malaysian ,

the guy Jamaluddin u mention earlier is the son of Shamshiah Fakeh, one of the leader in PKM(parti komunis malaya). He was born and raise in china, his wife is China women