Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mini revamp in Badawi's propaganda outfit

Ex-journalist to bring back happy hours to the 4th Floor?
That's what this posting, Level Four Boys: Damaging bane for PM Flip-Flop Pak Lah? says. What's more interesting than speculation that Ainon Mohd may join the outfit to inject much-needed experience is this undated picture.
When I saw the picture, I thought Syed Faisal Albar, the NSTP chief executive officer, had been lassoed in to join the 4th Floor! Some bloggers really don't quite know what picture to use with which story. Tsk tsk.

If you'd like to know more of the 4th Floor and more pictures of who's who there, read on H E R E.


  1. Anonymous1:05 pm


    Petite bourgeoisie.

  2. Anonymous1:18 pm



  3. Anonymous1:19 pm

    is that alcahol...tsk tsk tsk....is Lionel Morais and Brenden related....has anyone checked on LM's recent overseas claims recently (inflated, and double claims)...tsk tsk tsk....In Islam, alcahol is prohibitated.... UMNO owns NSTP, and NSTP had insulted the PROPHET.... now it makes sence...samsu tu air kencing iblis...patulah, orang melayu menolak UMNO dan Norza Zakaria, siap dgn pantunnya yang hodoh. Dewa kali memang tak salah minum, tapi bagi orang Islam, tu adalah perbuatan MUNAFIK.

  4. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Hanya ALLAH swt yang boleh Selamatkan Malaysia..I rest my case.

  5. Anonymous1:29 pm

    I think criticising Abdullah incessantly without looking at Mahatir, Hadi Awang and Anwar Ibrahim is being selective and vengeful. I don't know why you are always pissed off with the 4th floor boys who seem to have chased you out of the inner circles when they came to power. Feeding us with Mahatir shit and looking for the post of every nutter that tears into AAB without comparison means lacking integrity, morality and sense of good judgement. All I can say is that you are being very personal.

    Granted, you hate Abdullah for personal reasons, you love Mahatir for personal reasons, you support Mahatir saying Abdullah should go, the question is: who should replace Abdullah? Najib?

    When you want to undertake a plan, there has to be an exit. If AAB goes, Najib is in the line. Are you for him? And you have supported him quite a number of times. I'm sorry the majority are not.

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  7. To point out the obvious, isn't it haram to consume wine?

    Who is the person having a drink in the picture?

    Anyway Life is short, Live is Shiok!

    Shiok Guy

  8. Anonymous2:05 pm


    reform on ACA, the 1988 5 judges event and the commission for appoinment of judges.... it's more as a political move than for the true interest of the rakyat.

    If Abdullah is really Mr Clean, he should have done it 2004, after the Election.

    Too late Dollah and the gang.

    Better pack up after December 2008.

  9. Anonymous2:12 pm

    minum apa tu..

  10. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Sir... Isn't Ainon Mohd is the very same one who served Jamaludin Jarjis as his Press Secretary?

  11. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Wow! I thought the drinker always like to protray himself as a good Muslim and he doesn't drink. Now we can see the hypocrite in actions - drinking like a fish. What a fraud?

    How are you Kalimullah? Are you Ok of late? Has your boss woke up already or still soundly asleep.

    Please tell your boss to stop all the reeform because the rakyat know that there were acts of desperations to save himself politically and also his cronies.

  12. Anonymous2:38 pm

    Kalimullah got stylelah bro! He drink good wine ok. Before he only drank beer. Now he has gone up-market quite rightly so. You cannot blame him because he has attained such great height after the ECM Libra episode.

    I can only look at Kalimullah with envy bewcasue he got to where he is in such a short time whereas so many tycoons took many many years to do it.

    Kalimullah you are a great chap which other Umnoputras like me should follows.

    Kalimullah should also belanja us with some good wine!

  13. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Bro, do you think NST will publish such a nice photo of Kalimullah? What a great man with such good social ethiquette - drinking white wine mind you.

  14. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Ai yoh, what for change the team?Its just like football in EPL now. I am sure every other teams love Derby County now as they are quite assured of a win when they play them. Then Derby will go down to the Championship League. They don't want Derby to buy better players or create problems for them.
    On the same token, these "boys" are doing a "fantastic" job , leading the quick "demise" of BN and the whole gang.Isnt that what we want, a better new Govt?
    Only a fool will follow a fool's foolish ideas.I am sure Anwar and Lim Kit Siang are laughing all the way now, they will not get anywhere of any little chance if Tun MM is still PM.
    Thank you, "young boys" for helping in the reformasi of a corrupted Govt. Better get your resume ready ............and get a real man's job.

  15. Reminds me of the old Press Club Days when he used to gulp down Barly Hops and Malt the same way ....

  16. wah....got wine tasting too on the 4th. floor...meh ?
    Cheers !

  17. What?! Not a Havana in sight?

  18. Bro, while they say a picture tells a thousand words but is that somebody well known in NST consuming a liquid which might make him tipsy after a few glasses. The way its being drank looks like the guy is relishing the experience. Tsk,tsk and he is supposed to be Islam Hadhari's Dollah chief spinmaster...Hmmmm.

  19. I think he flipped flopped yet again.

    But this one gets me worried.

    Is Najib now the de-facto PM?

  20. Anonymous3:56 pm

    Kalimullah ada gaya man! Dapat sumber kata Kalimullah adalah orang yang tidak minum minuman keras. Actually white wine is ok becasue it is grape juice!

  21. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Wow! looking at the flushed face and idiotic grin on Syed Faisal, he must have downed quite a few!
    This is not to say of course that connoiseur Kali downed less!If you're imbibing every night, you dont get red in the face so easily.
    Especially if its expensive chardonnay from France bought from the rakyat's money!

  22. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Wow! looking at the flushed face and idiotic grin on Syed Faisal, he must have downed quite a few!
    This is not to say of course that connoiseur Kali downed less!If you're imbibing every night, you dont get red in the face so easily.
    Especially if its expensive chardonnay from France bought from the rakyat's money!

  23. Anonymous4:05 pm

    Looks like him, sounded like him but can that be him.....He is a Muslim..the last time I check...maybe he is drinking orange juice with syed faisal.

  24. Anonymous4:09 pm

    It was brave of u to put up the pic bro.

  25. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Cheeerrrrrrs to Islam Hadhari.

  26. Anonymous4:35 pm

    is that alcohol in the wine glass? tsk tsk!

  27. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Air apa dia minum tu?

  28. It reminds me of Rasputin or better known as the mad monk. I strongly believe the Czar Dynasty of Russia would not have been swept that soon by the Bolshevik in 1917 had it not been for the role of Rasputin in rotting the Czar Dynasty. More interestingly in Youssoupoff vs Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, it was portrayed that Rasputin was said to have raped Princess Irina Alexandrovna Youssoupoff of Russia--an extent of the role that Rasputin had played in the downfall of Czarist Russia. Had it not been for the role of Rasputin, perhaps the political history of Russia would have been different. The Bolshevik Revolution, led by Lenin, might not have taken place.

    I would not be surprised about the existence of Malaysian Rasputin as alluded to in many previous postings.

  29. Anonymous5:26 pm

    hehehe...minum apa tu brader Kali? tak nampak mcm teh o ais pun? kehkehkehkehkeh

  30. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Ini lah sebab orang marah sangat kat pak lah. most of the time pak lah is guilty by association. patrick lim lah, kamal lah, kj lah, kali lah. guilty by association.drop these jockers and insyaalah you will be ok.


  31. Anonymous6:04 pm

    The caption for this picture should be:

    BOTTOMS UP: Kalimulah a/l Maseerul Hassan, a product of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's Islam Hadhari, gulps down his glass of Champagne/white wine/Brandy? Looking on is NST CEO Syed Feisal Albar who is already wasted.

  32. http://mahathirtruenationalist.blogspot.com

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008
    Tun Dr M Answers Hard on Hard Talk

    Dr. M demonstrated his sincerity and statesmanship on Hard Talk with Stephen Sackur. Despite being interrupted countless times and lambasted, Malaysia's elder leader gave crisp answers that the host couldnt get around of. Whatever you have to say about Dr. M, love him or hate him, you have to say that he is indeed a great thinker and gives logical answers.

    Not bad for an 84 year old political strongman to voluntarily put himself through such a verbally abusing interview.

    Question is does Abdullah Badawi have what it takes to do the same? Even the articulate Anwar Ibrahim didn't quite survive his first attempt on the show. If you think our beleageured PM shud give it a go, click here:-

    Posted by Mahathirism at 2:58 AM

  33. 50 Dalil Mengapa Anwar
    Tidak Boleh Jadi PM

    Khalid Jafri

    Mei 1998


    Anwar Ibrahim mempunyai perasaan dendam yang kuat atau dipanggil DENDAM KESUMAT sama ada kawan atau lawan.

    Dendam yang tak habis-habis terhadap Sanusi Junid, Rahim Tamby Chik, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi dan rami lagi menjadikan beliau tidak popular sebagai pemimpin.

    Sikap menentang ketua menjadi amalan Anwar sejak aktif dalam UMNO pada tahun 1982. Pada tahun yang sama beliau menentang Suhaimi Kamaruddin untuk merebut jawatan Ketua Pemuda UMNO.

    Sikap pecah dan perintah merupakan strategi Anwar untuk berkuasa dalam UMNO dan kerajaan. Beliau sanggup mengadudumbakan UMNO Kedah bila beliau wujudkan komplot menentang ura-ura Dr. Mahathir untuk melantik Sanusi Junid sebagai Menteri Besar Kedah.

    Begitu juga beliau mengadakan tekanan terhadap Rahim Tamby Chik sehingga memaksanya meletakkan sebagai Ketua Menteri Melaka.

    Anwar berani bersumpah untuk tidak menentang Ghaffar Baba bagi jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO, ternyata sumpah bohong yang dilaknati Allah SWT.

    Bersumpah untuk menjahanamkan pimpinan Dr. Mahathir di depan Haji Sulaiman Palestin (Allahyarham) kerana ditahan ISA sewaktu Dr. Mahathir menjadi Menteri Pelajaran (Pendidikan).

    Cakap tak serupa bikin merupakan amalan Anwar menjadi pemimpin. Kalau Anwar berucap anti politik wang maka bermakna Anwarlak bapak politik wang sewaktu menjelang pemilihan jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO tahun 1993.

    Rasuah berlaku paling tinggi sewaktu Anwar menjadi Menteri Kewangan, jadi orang panggil Anwar Bapa Rasuah.

    Anwar dari keluarga yang rosak. Bapanya Ibrahim Abd. Rahman mengambil orang gajinya sebagai isteri menyebabkan ibu Anwar Hajah Che Yan hidup tertekan dan mengidap lumpuh.

    Mokhtar adik Anwar pula penagih dadah. Keluarga yang tidak begitu senang dulu sekarang menjadi kaya raya bila Anwar menjadi Menteri Kewangan.

    Anwar telah melarikan anak dara orang untuk bernikah di Siam. Anwar tidak mendapat restu daripada Wan Ismail bapa Azizah sehingga Wan Ismail terpaksa mengeluarkan pistolnya untuk mengusir Anwar daripada memasuki rumahnya.
    Akhirnya ibu Anwar mengambil inisiatif menikahkan Anwar dan Azizah dirumahnya, di Bukit Mertajam.

    Sikap Anwar ini memperlihatkan betapa undang-undang, peraturan tata susila dan budaya Melayu dan Islam boleh diketepikan asal ia boleh memenuhi hawa nafsunya.

    Semua orang heboh apabila rahsia Anwar main bontot pemandunya Azizan terbongkar.

    Cerita hobi Anwar main bontot ini bukan perkara baru. Ia telah bermula sewaktu ia belajar di MCKK dan Universiti Malaya lagi. Ramai yang mahu ke depan untuk menceritakan kisah silam Anwar ini. Tunggulah.

    Kisah bagaimana Anwar terlibat skandal seks dengan isteri orang - isteri Setiausaha Sulitnya Mohamad Azmin bin Ali yang bernama Puan Shamsidar Taharin telah dibongkar sendiri oleh aidk kepada Azmin iaitu Ummi Hafilda binti Ali.

    Hasil dari hubungan seks dengan Shamsidar telah dikurniakan seorang cahayamata bernama Afifa. Anak ini menjadi kebanggaan Shamsidar kerana ia anak Pembesar Negara.

    Anwar bukana sahaja lelaki curang terhadap isterinya tetapi pengamal homoseksual yang dilaknati Allah SWT.

    Nama Anwar sendiri mentafsirakn Anwar suka bergaduh atau berperang. AN WAR bererti suatu perang dalam bahasa Inggeris, kerana itu hidupnya suka pada krisis, bergaduh, pertelingkahan dan berperang.

    Sewaktu Anwar menjadi pemimpin ABIM dulu, prinsip agama Islam dijadikan asas perjuangannya untuk mencapai matlamat dalam politik.

    Setelah menyertai UMNO, semua prinsip dan perjuangan Islam hanya sebagai topeng saja sedangkan perjuangan sebenarnya adalah sebaliknya.

    Anwar menjadi munafik bila menjadi imam dan berkhutbah sembahyang Jumaat sedangkan dirinya tidak bersih, akhlak yang bergelumang dengan dosa. Bacaan surah kulya ayuhal ka firun pun dilafazkan salah. Ini komen para ulama sendiri. Anwar juga sering dilihat pakai kain sutera ketika menjadi imam.

    16 MUNGKAR
    Dari dosa-dosa nyata yang dilakukan oleh Anwar menjadi ia seorang mungkar bererti menderhaka kepada Allah SWT dan beliau tidak diberi restu dan rahmat untuk mentadbirkabn negara.

    Semasa menjadi pemimpin ABIM dan pelajar Anwar lantang mengecam dan mengutuk habis-habisan UMNO dan para pemimpinnya tetapi tidak lama kemudian beliau menjelir lidahnya ke langit.

    Sebenarnya Anwar merupakan pemimpin tanpa wawasan. Wawasannya dilihat cuma mahu menjadi kaya melalui rasuah, rampas kuasa melalui UMNO dan homoseks.

    Walaupun Dr. Mahathir masih menjadi Perdana Menteri tetapi dalam banyak hal, Anwar membelakangkan kuasa tersebut dan memaparkan imejnya sendiri.

    Contohnya beliau bertindak bersendirian dalam dasar-dasar luar yang telah diasaskan dengan baik oleh Menteri Luar Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Kerana itu terdapat pertentangan penyampaian Dr. Mahathir dan Pak Lah dengan beliau.

    Anwar juga menggunakan Biro Tata Negara (BTN) untuk dijadikan alat politiknya.

    20 JADI BONEKA AMERIKA Ramai orang terperanjat, kerajaan Amerika Syarikat telah menyambut ketibaan Anwar di Amerika sebagai sambutan negarawan nombor satu dengan tembakan meriam 21 das dan hamparan merah. Sedangkan Dr. Mahathir sendiri tidak pernah disambut demikian rupa.

    Sambutan yang sama pernah diberi kepada Boris Yelstin, sedangkan Presiden Soviet Union waktu itu masih disandang oleh Gorbachev.

    Tidak lama kemudian Soviet Union berpecah dan muncullah Boris Yelstin sebagai Presiden baru Russia.

    Tidakkah Amerika Syarikat boleh melakukan demikian ke atas Malaysia? Macam-macam boleh berlaku dan macam-macam anggapan rakyat terhadap Anwar bila ditafsir persahabatan yang luar biasa ini. Adakah Anwar menjadi agen CIA?

    21 RIBA
    Walaupun Anwar sebagai Menteri Kewangan, Malaysia gagal mempertahankan kedudukan ekonomi negara yang cemerlang sebelum beliau mengambilalih dan kemerosotan serta kegawatan terus menerus berlaku, namun penilaian Amerika Syarikat terhadap Anwar disebaliknya.

    Baru-baru ini beliau telah dilantik sebagai Pengerusi Pembangunan IMF - Institusi Kewangan Amerika yang memberi pinjaman kepada negara-negara yang mengalami tekanan inflasi sperti yang dialami oleh Indonesia, Thailand dan Korea Selatan dengan syarat-syarat yang boleh mencekik leher negara-negara berkenaan.

    Jadi Anwar bergelumang dengan institusi kafir yang mengamalkan riba - satu-satunya perniagaan yang dilaknat oleh Allah SWT.

    Di Malaysia bolehlah diperbankan Islam dan segala urus niaga bank berjalan secara Islam, tetapi Anwar tidak boleh perbankan Islam IMF.

    99% amalan hidup Anwar adalah pembohong.

    Anwar pernah kata ABIM adalah diasaskan olehnya sendiri. Katanya ABIM berasal dari namanya Anwar bin Ibrahim. Sedangkan yang menubuhkan ABIM ialah Sanusi Junid dengan Prof. Nawawi Ghazali. Nawawi ialah Presiden pertama manakala Sanusi Naib Presiden.

    23 ABIM
    Sebelum Anwar meninggalkan ABIM, beliau telah berikrar untuk mengABIMkan UMNO.

    Kerana itu kita boleh menyaksikan ramai orang ABIM menyusup dalam UMNO menjadi Ketua, Timbalan, Naib Ketua dan AJK Bahagian dan Cawangan UMNO di merata tanahair.

    Anwar tidak senang dengan keputusan membawa masuk semua anggota Parti 46 yag diketuai oleh Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, kerana itu ia berusaha menghalanginya dari semua peringkat supaya orang 46 tidak mendapat tempat dalam bahagian-bahagian UMNO.

    Sebagai pemimpintentulah tidak sihat mempunyai hasad dengki sedangkan anggota 46 mempunyai tekad yang ikhlas membubarkan partinya dan menyertai semula UMNO.

    Siapa juga yang dianggap kuat walaupun mereka banyak berjasa kepada UMNO. Anwar akan mencari jalan untuk mengenepikan mereka dan meletakkan orang-orangnya.

    Antara yang menjadi mangsanya ialah Ghaffar Baba, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Sanusi Junid, Rahim Tamby Chik, Mohamad Hj. Taib, Anuar Musa dan Daim Zainuddin sendiri.

    Ghaffar dan Dr. Mahathir merupakan dua tunggak UMNO yang sama-sama menubuhkan UMNO dalam tahun 1946.

    Kalay Ghaffar menjadi Timbalan Presiden UMNO dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri adalah wajar, setelah berjuang lama dalam UMNO barulah merasa jawatan tersebut.

    Tetapi Anwar yang baru masuk UMNO menjulang naik dengan menghumban orang-orang ynag yang banyak berjasa kepada agama, bangsa dan negaranya.

    Ghaffar rasa terhina oleh sikap kurang ajar Anwar. Sepatutnya ini menjadi satu pengajaran kepada orang-orang UMNO yang mengikuti sejarah perjuangan orang Melayu dan parti UMNO. Sikap hormat menghormati harus menjadi amalan kita semua.

    Jika sekiranya seorang pemimpin mempunyai sikap hipokrat maka ia mendedahkan kesilapan pada dirinya sehingga meletakkan mertabatnya begitu rendah. Sikap ini dipunyai oleh Anwar Ibrahim.

    28 RAKUS
    Amalan yang dilaknati Allah SWT sebagai pengamal main bontot (homoseksual) meletakkan keperibadian Anwar begitu rendah dan kerektornya menjadi rakus dalam semua hal.

    Anwar sejak diangkat jadi Menteri lagi sudah mula melupakan kehidupannya sebagai pejuang Islam. Beliau mengharungi kehidupan yang bercanggah dengan prinsip perjuangannya dulu. Kalau boleh beliau mahu berkuasa secara autokrat.

    Sewaktu menjadi Menteri Pelajaran, beliau pernah diundang merasmikan sebuah Sekolah Kebangsaan di Masjid Tanah, Melaka. Tetapi sedihnya beliau menjawab "apa perlu saya datang".

    Walaupun Dr. Mahathir masih menjadi Perdana Menteri, Anwar sudah berlagak macam Perdana Menteri.

    Kenyataan Dr. Mahathir mengenai satu-satu projek atau isu sering dinafikan oleh Anwar atau membuat kenyataan yang bertentangan.

    Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian dan TV3 berada di bawah telunjuk Anwar. Berdecak saja Anwar, maka sudah jadi berita utama media-media tersebut.

    Walaupun Dr. Mahathir berucap lebih bernas akan ditempatkan barisan kedua atau muka dalam.

    32 FITNAH
    Menerusi media-media tersebut akan memfitnahkan seseorang pemimpin sehingga mereka tidak diberi peluang untuk membela diri.

    Contohnya mangsa mereka ialah Rahim Tamby Chik, walaupun tidak pernah didakwa atau dihukum di Mahkamah, tetapi Rahim terang-terang dituduh rasuah dan hubungan seks dengan gadis di bawah umur.

    Kalau kita amati dahi Anwar ternyata pesek. Menurut ahli Fung Shui orang berdahi pesek tidak akan menjadi pemimpin agung atau pemimpin nombor satu.

    Buku gelombang yang ditulis oleh Anwar menggambarkan hidup Anwar sentiasa berada dalam arus gelombang.

    Sebelum Anwar menjadi Menteri Kewangan, nilai ringgit kita ialah RM2.20 berbanding dengan US$1.00. Tetapi sekarang kedudukan telah berubah RM3.90 berbanding US$1.00.

    Akibatnya barangan dapur meningkat sehingga 60%.

    Sepatutnya perlantikan Anwar sebagai Pengerusi Pembangunan IMF boleh mempengaruhi kenaikan nilai ringgit tetapi ia semakin turun.

    Kegawatan ekonomi negara berlarutan sehingga sekarang akibat kerugian dialami oleh Bank Negara dari RM10.1 bilion hingga RM12.8 bilion.

    Peranan Bank Negara sepatutnya tidak terlibat dengan perjudian (niaga wang) tetapi memelihara reserve negara.

    Bank Negara telah dikelaskan sebagai "big bully" dalam pasaran pertukaran asing sehingga mengalami kerugian yang amat besar.

    Akibatnya pelabur-pelabur pertukaran asing dari Eropah dan Amerika Syarikat mendendami peranan Malaysia dan mereka bertindak balas menjadikan matawang Malaysia sebagai sasarannya.

    Namun sebagai Menteri Kewangan Anwar hanya berupaya memberitahu rakyat bahawa kita hanya rugi di atas kertas saja.

    Inilah standard Menteri Kewangan kita, orang yang tidak pernah menceburi bidang ekonomi diberi tugas kewangan, semakin lingkuplah wang negara.

    Anwar hanya berkelulusan Kesusastraan Melayu Universiti Malaya. Itupun tak lulus tahun pertama.

    Beliau tidak ada pengetahuan langsung di bidang perniagaan dan ekonomi yang boleh diharapkan menjaga dan menguruskan kewangan negara.

    Dari keluarga yang tidak mewah, Pak Ibrahim sekarang boleh kahwin satu lagi. Kalau kedua-dua isteri tak bagi, lari saja ke Siam - ikut stail Anwar.

    Rani, abang Anwar dulu muflis tapi sekarang bukan main kaya lagi, berkepit ke sana sini dengan Ku Yah.

    Wan Ismail mertua Anwar yang dulu nak tembak Anwar kerana larikan anaknya Azizah, sekarang bukan main angguk dengan menantu yang tersayang.

    Wan Ismail pun dapat habuan yang besar dengan 30 juta saham bernilai RM90 juta.

    Bayangkan kalau Anwar jadi Perdana Menteri nanti? Beliau bukan saja bawa Malaysia papa kedana dan keluarganya menjadi kaya raya tetapi kerakusan Anwar bermaharajalela. Habislah bontot anak remaja kena main.

    Menteri Belia dan Sukan terpaksa adakan senarai setiap minggu, menyediakan remaja-remaja jambu untuk habuan Anwar.

    Habislah Menteri-Menteri sekarang disingkirkan. Siapa yang hulur bontot dialah jadi Menteri.

    Syed Hussein Al-Attas (penulis yang bukan professor) tak mungkin terima jawatan dari Anwar kerana beliau bukan homo, bukan pula kaki kebas isteri orang. Syed Hussein juga ada maruahnya sendiri. Lain kalau hulur fulus kebas saja bib! Mereka kebas lagi banyak, tak terkira.

    40 KAUM LUT
    Menurut berita Buletin Utama bahawa di ibukota sekarang ini terdapat 20,000 orang lelaki yang terlibat dalam skandal homoseksual.

    Bilangan tersebut bertambah dari masa kesemasa dan di khuatiri ibukota akan bertukar menjadi kampung Sadum di Palestine di mana hampir seluruh masyarakatnya mengamalkan homo.

    Kaum Nabi Lut ini langsung tidak mendengar nasihat Nabi Lut bahawa perbuatan mereka adalah dilaknati Allah SWT.

    Akhirnya Allah SWT musnahkan seluruh daerah Sadum dan mematikan hamoir keseluruhan manusia durjana kecuali Nabi Lut dan beberapa kerat pengikut yang beriman.

    Kita khuatir jika bilangan pengamal homo ini semakin ramai dan tidak boleh dikawal lagi maka Tuhan akan melaknatkan penghuninya menjadi punah ranah.

    Yang peliknya bukan tidak ada kaum wanita cantik di Sadum tetapi lelaki juga yang dicari. Kelebihan pada Anwar pula dia boleh kebas depan belakang, lebih teror dari kaum Lut.

    Dengan penglibatan skandal dengan isteri orang, homoseksual, rasuah, salah guna kuasa, jadi boneka Amerika Syarikat, menopengkan agama Islam dan berbagai lagi, maka Anwar menjadi pemimpin tidak popular dan akan membawa porak peranda bukan saja kepada ahli UMNO tetapi seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

    Sebelum Anwar menajadi Menteri Kewangan, ramai orang Melayu menikmati kesenangan dan kekayaan. Tetapi bila Anwar ganti Daim Zainuddin, orang Melayu jatuh miskin. Selama lima tahun mereka tunggu dengan sabar agar kemelesatan ekonomi dapat dipulihkan tetapi rezeki yang ditunggu masih tidak tiba.

    Lebih lama Anwar jadi Menteri Kewangan, orang Melayu akan menjadi papa. Yang kaya bertambah kaya ialah kaum keluarga Anwar sendiri.

    Malaysia dikenali di mata dunia kerana populariti Perdana Menterinya Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

    Dalam waktu yang singkat Malaysia akan berhijrah dari dunia ketiga kepada negara maju.

    Konsep Wawasan 2020 menjadikan Malaysia negara dengan rakyat yang makmur dan bersatupadu.

    Apakah impian kita ini tercapai andaikata Anwar menjadi Perdana Menteri nanti?

    Ramai yang meramalkan nasib masa depan negara akan gelap di bawah Anwar.

    Dalam keadaan ekonomi yang merosot, Anwar masih berupaya menyusun strategi politiknya untuk berkuasa dengan agenda bagaimana untuk menumbangkan Dr. Mahathir.

    Anwar mahu semua general dan leftenannya bertanding sebagai Ketua, Timbalan, Naib Ketua, AJK, Ketua Pemuda dan Ketua Wanitadalam peringkat bahagian baru-baru ini.

    Malangnya strategi Anwar ini menghadapi kebuntuan kerana beberapa peraturan majlis Tertinggi UMNO.

    Jadi kebanyakan yang menduduki jawatan-jawatan penting bahagian bukan kalangan mereka yang menyokong Anwar.

    Kalau strategi Anwar ini berhasil (sebelum Peraturan MT) maka beliau berhasrat mahu menentang Dr. Mahathir dalam pemilihan 1999. Anwar mahu Dr. Mahathir K.O di tangannya.

    Kerana kemewahan wang yang dimiliki oleh Anwar dan orang-orangnya, maka menyebabkan setiap calonnya dalam pertandingan bahagian pasti menang.

    Dalam pemilihan Ketua Bahagian UMNO Langkawi tahun 1995, orang-orang Anwar tabur wang macam nak rak, semata-mata mahu hapuskan kemenangan Sanusi Junid.

    Pengaruh wang yang amat kuat menyebabkan Sanusi tewas di tangan Abu Bakar Taib Ahli Parlimen Langkawi.

    Begitu di Melaka baru-baru ini, akibat politik wang, Rahim Tamby Chik mengalami kekalahan untuk jawatan Ketua Bahagian Kota Melaka.

    Tatatertib Melayu adalah tatatertib kehidupan Islam. Perjuangan Islamlah menjadi asas perjuangan Anwar sewaktu dalam ABIM.

    Tetapi bila jadi Menteri, adat kesopanan yang diamalkan selama ini terus hilang. Anwar dirakamkan makan mencangkung di khalayak ramai dan makan bersepit di depan Perdana Menteri.

    Perdana Menteri Dr. Mahathir terlalu berlembut dengan Anwar walaupun Anwar sanggup memijak kepala.

    Dr. Mahathir mencari jalan bagaimana untuk mengawal kewangan negara supaya perbelanjaannya dapat di atur tidak diboroskan oleh Anwar.

    Kerana itu Dr. Mahathir membentuk Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Negara (MTEN) dimana Daim Zainuddin menjadi Pengarah Eksekutifnya.

    Sepatutnya Anwar harus sedar bahawa penubuhan MTEN adalah satu tamparan kepadanya kerana kredibilitinya dalam menyelenggarakan kewangan negara diragui.

    Kalau Anwar mempunyai hemat dan bermoral tinggi, sepatutnya ia meletakkan jawatan sebagai Menteri Kewangan.

    Perpaduan UMNO dan orang Melayu yang selama ini berjalan baik dan stabil akan hancur sekiranya Anwat tetap dipilih sebagai Perdana Menteri.

    Ini didasarkan dari fakta-fakta yang dibentangkan dalam buku ini.

    50 AMANAT
    Akhirnya amanat dari Haji Sulaiman Palestin kepada Dr. Mahathir sebelum beliau meninggal dunia.

    Anwar banyak berguru kepada Allahyarham yang merupakan bapa saudaranya. Haji Sulaiman yang merupakan tokoh veteran UMNO banyak mengetahui rahsia dan kelemahan Anwar.

    Dr. Mahathir dicadangkan oleh beliau supaya memilih Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sebagai Perdana Menteri kalau mahu melihat UMNO selamat

  34. Anonymous7:35 pm


    Hey look he's drinking wine, haram or not?

    What happen to Islam Hadhari?

    Double standards cronies and liars.

  35. Anonymous9:04 pm

    The educational background of the "4th floor boys" is not that much different from that of the "scholars" who run the Singapore administrative and civil service.

    Yet the Spore scholars have, by and large, done pretty good for their country, "wet behind the ears' though they may be.

    And many of the younger Spore ministers were "scholars". Not forgetting PM Lee Hsien Loong himself who was a scholar par excellence. They have come up with some very sound and coherent policies.

    So, who's to say that the "4th floor boys", given time and exposure, could not have matured into sound decision-makers?

    Seems to me that there is a lot of envy floating around from those who can't match up to these "boys" intellectually. And if you can't match them, then destroy them. Quintessentially Malaysian!!!!

  36. The C4 boys must go
    Don’t let them hang on too long
    Enough damage to AAB administration
    It is time he takes a hard look at them

    As what had been reported
    They take an active part in the administration
    Running it through AAB
    The pm doesn’t know what hits him

    It is time he let them go
    The people grievances hard for him not to know
    He has to wake up quickly
    Otherwise his castle will be gone

    He has to rein in his horses
    Too many grazing on the field
    Nobody cares what is happening
    The cowboy sleeps on his saddle

    Don’t announce something
    Then wait for it to sink in
    No Sir! Go and get it done
    This is what you have to do

    Clear the desks of these boys
    They shouldn’t be there at all
    Get your act together quickly
    Before the twister lands you somewhere

    You say you have big ears
    Use it now; get it to work
    Forget your advisors
    Forget your C4 boys
    This time do it for yourself
    For the country and her people
    Go rein in the horses
    Let them see
    ‘You are the cowboy’

  37. Anonymous9:19 pm

    that what we call Melayu UMNO = drunk, womaniser, pig farm tycoon & etc.

  38. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Now we understandwhy TDM calls him Hindu God Muslim Priest. What I don't understandis why is he still allowed to meddle in NST affairs. Hasn't he got enough affairs already?

  39. Anonymous9:27 pm


    The article yang you linked tu adalah jugak betulnya but may not be entirely correct. I dont want to comment on the picture so much, because that is for another forum, of course (religious?). But you're right, there will be or already is a revamp ongoing in the PM's media team.

    They already got someone new there, who is quite good. But if they bring in Ainon, then I fear for the country. I know her well, and her `transformation' from an idealistic journalist to a `political diva' is well known among the senior journalists. And so, I hope they will make the right decision.

    Anyway I personally feel that they should disband the so-called fourth floor team, save perhaps one, for failing to save the Prime Minister (or make fools out of him), and bring in a new team with a proper senior media/PR person in-charge, someone respected by all. And be transparent too.

    No more this `Fourth Floor' crap!

  40. Anonymous9:28 pm

    they say... "you can take the boy out of the kampong... but, you cannot take the kampong out of that boy.

    good wines are meant to be enjoyed... sit down and sip it, stupid!

    hope that's just cooking wine or beer that kampong boy is gulping down.

  41. Anonymous9:55 pm

    packlah dok tidur selalu dok kena ayak tu apa?


  42. Anonymous10:11 pm

    MIRACLE : when NST front-page this photo.

  43. Anonymous10:44 pm

    The man that slurped a glass of 20 year old wine on the pic got a noble name.

    Kalim derived from arabic word “kalam” means sayings

    Mullah agains an arabic word means a muslim scholar.

    Now it translates to an Islam Hadhari’s Imam takes sayings from a muslim scholar who had slurped a glass of 20 year old wine.

    God!!! Please save this country!!!!!!

  44. Anonymous10:55 pm

    skilgannon1066 said... Seems to me that there is a lot of envy floating around from those who can't match up to these "boys" intellectually.

    You may be mistaking disgust with envy.

    These "boys" [sic] have to show their intellectual superiority first for your conclusion to have any leg.

    Seriously, have they? :D

  45. Anonymous11:46 pm


    Islam hadhari isn't about a Muslim (good friend somemore!)drinking wine is berdosa (sinful), right?


  46. Anonymous11:56 pm

    Kalau di kampung wak, air yang warna nya begitu ..teh.Cair dan gula nya sadikit..manis2 buah.Waduh kamu semua kenapa ribut.Dua orang itu kan sedang ngeteh itu.Cuma nya sudah jadi orang gede..ngeteh nya pon di dalam gelas yang cantik dan mahal.Udah udah jangan ribut lagi..mari kita ngeteh di warung wak...
    ..Jangan mareh ya..Mas Rocky..

  47. Anonymous11:58 pm

    bro, kapsyen gambar yang Berita Harian sepatut guna.

    Datuk HAJI Kalimullah A/L Maseerul Hassan yang baru beberapa hari kembali ke tanah air selepas menunaikan ibadah haji di Mekah kelihatn gembira mencuba wine di bar kepunyaannya di Bangsar, baru-baru ini.

  48. Anonymous12:01 am

    i think he drank apple juice.

  49. Anonymous12:31 am

    Kalimuallah Hassan = Islam Hadhari bro.

    Please don't worry, Pak Lah will launch another reform un der the name of Islam Hadhari to reform Kalimullah so that he can drink more wines and control more listed company like Airasia.

    Hidup Islam Hadhari!!!! Whn Pak Lah is going to announce this?

  50. Anonymous2:18 am


    y do people bother what drink? dia ada wang dia minum apa dia sukalah. you people are just jealous. dia kerja kuat, make tons of money, support paklah and family - whats wrong with that? bagilah dia time to relax a bit. he already went for haj so he cannot be drinking anything haram!

    go on Kali, enjoy! cheers! have one on paklah, our reform hero!


  51. Anonymous2:19 am

    Bro Rocky,
    better check out this link at malaysia-today.net.. Its a rubber biscuit, making my jaw open and close with awe and surprise... ada betul ke article ni bro..check the link.. :-

  52. Anonymous2:22 am

    The 4th floor boys are still wearing diapers! That's why the Sleepy Head almost died in his sleep on 8th March.

    The 4th floor boys are destroying this country with the help of the Sleepy Head.

    A hypocrite is always a hypocrite. A staunch supporter of Islam Hadhari or one of the inventors of Islam Hadhari drinking nice white wine! How impressive!!

    This is what Islam Hadhari is all about. Cheers Kalimullah. You are a great guy with good corporate sense. You brought ECM Libra to a greater height. Please tll us which other companies you are taking over then we can join you to make that company to a greater height too.

    Hidup Islam Hadhari! Hidup Pak Lah! Hidup SIL. Hidup Kamaludin! Hiodup ECM Libra. Akhir sekali HIDUP AIRASIA!!

  53. Anonymous2:45 am

    Anon 1.29,

    I dun tink bro rocky noe me but let me answer on his behalf if I were him..heheh..

    Dear Anon 1.29,

    Answer is simple that is we agree to disagree, hahahaha..

    As for Najib if he takes over when PLah decide to step down it will only be as acting PM la till UMNO GE which might be rescheduled to earlier date if PLah step down.. thats how UMNO is..too bersopan santun but no budi bahasa..heheh.. apo nak di kato..(",)

    Hopefully if that happen the rakyat wud elect Ku Li.. as for the ilks of DS Najib, TS Muhyiddin, DS Syed Hamid, DS Ali Rustam, TS Muhd MT, Nazri TS Aziz( Otak dok kat lutut) Noh Omar( mamat mutal) dan yg lain2 yg cakap tak serupa bikin elok lah step down or dikalahkan dlm pemilihan parti nanti..As for D Zaid Ib. elok berhenti politik dan concentrate wth ur profession and make money as pro not as conman..heheh..semua ni bikin malu melayu je. huh..oh ya DS Hisham, heheh.. Bro Hisham elok la balik POT kot..memba memba dok tunggu..heheh..apo nak di kato..(",).. Time Will Tell...

    SAY NO TO NWO!! and NO TO ANWAR IBRAHIM & Associates.. Bro Anwar pls bertaubat la & balik ke pangkal jalan.. jgn di ikutnya jalan Dajjai... its never to late to repent.. Be the old Anwar of the 70'ies not the 80'ies..

  54. Anonymous3:08 am

    According to Chinese Feng Shui, 4 means "MAMPUS". I hope the Feng Shui masters are correct. Watch out 4th floor boys!!

  55. Anonymous3:31 am

    I like Kalimullah's style of drinking his wine. He has got the Islam Hadhari style - a hypocrite. In public he has been known to be a non-drinker. At the bar at 4th Floor, he waws not drinking he was gulping the wine down as if there was no tomorrow.

    It must have been the night of 8th March where he was drown with sorrow becasue of hte tsunami against the Sleepy Head. So it is excusable-lah!

    Kalimullah, now that it is public known (never mind about your journalist days) that you consumed alcohol heaviloy. Do you still believe in Islam Hadhari of the Sleepy Head, who is trying so hard to launch reforms after reforms to distract teh antion attention of his failures and of course, to save himself?

  56. Anonymous5:26 am

    My source says the wine is non-alcoholic. That means it is halal.

  57. Anonymous8:32 am

    Mr.K: Gulp..Gulp..Gulp...mmmm sedapnyer 'ayer' ni ...mmmmmmmm..burrpppp..

    Mr. S: Mai secawennnnn....


  58. Woman and wine/wisky liquor usually come together. The picture looks like one of those boys outing.

    First, heavy drinking to drown out the human facade to be more darling and risk-taking. More adventurous.

    Now, i am searching for pictures of kalimuthu with woman/women in one of those Bukit Bintang brothels.

  59. Anonymous10:50 am

    Kalimullah: what is the brand of the white wine please? I would like to drink them so that I can aschieve success like you do in ECM Libra and AirAsia.

    Please publish it in NST. I am going to start buying now in oreder to get the tip forthe white wine!

  60. So what if people drink. Alot of officers in the Corps of Rangers drank. These guys were the warriors, creme de la creme of the Corps. I did not much trust officers who did not drink those days when the insurgency was still very active. The point is different values for different people. I thought this was a free country. I hate it when people impose their values on me. I will fight those do that. Politicians tend to look down on people who drink, at the same time have no qualms robbing the rakyat. People who drink do not necessarily do bad things, in fact most of us have saved a lot of sorry arsed lives risking ours.

  61. Anonymous11:03 am

    Apa salahnya dia minum. After all, ini bukan benda baru yang dia minum, Masa di Star dulu pun dia dah minum, campur dengan foreign journalists, mestilah social babe. Janganlah tutup minda kita sangat.

  62. Anonymous11:25 am

    ON 21 APRIL 2008
    “Security Problems in Asia
    And Their Possible Impact on World Stability”

    posted @ APANAMA


  63. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Kalimullah, ada high Cholestrol, sepatutnya minum red wine..he..he

  64. This is gotten personal with you, bro?

  65. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Rocky, don't be a hypocrite. God knows you are no teetotaller yourself. What was your real purpose in uploading the picture? To shame Kali? I believe you have succeeded, but being a beer guzzler yourself, someone out there probably has a picture of you quenching your thirst.

  66. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Dato' Ainon Mohd. -DIMP pahang
    hey sis what happen to ur ex boss?

  67. Anonymous3:14 pm

    All food ferments immediately and contains alcohol. There is no such thing as alcohol free food.

    Besides, some mullahs are beginning to agree.



  68. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Come on! Bro Rocky was never a hypocrite like KaliUlar. Rocky never play God ok. But KaliUlar play God and practice ISLAM HADHARI ok!

    So we also would like to practice Islam Hadhari. But we cannot follow this Kafir. So no more Islam Hadhari for me and my family.

    Sleepy Head, SIL, KaliUlar and cronies can keep the Islam Hadhari for themselves

    Drink more alcohol like Kalimullah then opne can pursue ISlam HADHARI TO THE HILT!

  69. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Kali: It looked like wine, it smelled like wine, but its not wine.

    This fella is a heavy drinker, even with bandage around his neck last year.

  70. Anonymous6:25 pm

    mekyam 10:55 PM

    Have the "boys" been given the chance to show that their recommendations do work?

    Are they put on a shorter "learning curve" than lesser mortals who can claim diminished performance because of (a)discrimination (b)NEP (c)lack of connections (d)lack of influential contacts (e)all of the preceding?

    I repeat - envy.

  71. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    It is interesting to note a few pro-4th-floor-boys postings here... Must be frustrating for them to get drowned by normal folks (for 4th floorists normal people are just "ignorant bunch"). But, please, spare us those ridiculously long postings such as 50 dalil... my finger hurts from scrolling fast down such bullshit! Thanks

  72. Anonymous5:32 am

    Here us that link again:

    Alcohol fatwa sparks controversy

    A prominent Egyptian cleric has created controversy by issuing a fatwa that says tiny amounts of alcohol are permissible in Islam.

    Yusuf al-Qaradawi's fatwa says a level of 0.5% is allowed, whereas most Muslims would say alcohol of any quantity is banned.

  73. Anonymous6:47 am


    yeah yeah yeah....give them maybe 10 years, then they'll get better.

    oh please.

    in singapore -- the MPs are handpicked, the top civil servants are the creme de la creme...

    no no...as the PM said...don't compare apples with ???? jeez...can;t quite remember

  74. Anonymous6:54 am

    hey Rocky, old friend,

    right now, right this very minute....Kali is devising more ways and means to DESTROY you for publishing that photo in your blog!

    you know lah.... if they think you're being personal, man! they're the ones who got personal on you -- Kali got you out of Malay Mail, making it so impossible for you to keep your position in Malay Mail or take any other position at the Malay Mail/NST... and his macai (scared-of-losing-his job) Syed Faisal...well, you know-lah. And then with the soon-to-be launched malay mail -- what was the condition they gave the new shareholders ? that they can take anyone but YOU. now, how personal is that?
    in malay, they say you di ANIAYA.

    so..my point is that Kali -- the dengki and busuk hati scum...well he's more than determined to get you, man.

    you know-lah he's the one who spread stories about you...when we all know he's WORSE than any scumbag....


  75. Anonymous11:52 am

    actually, sir...kalimullah (and gang) got personal first-- with our brother Rocky.

    kalimullah came to the NST bent on getting only "yes" men and women so that it will make his job easier to get away with "murder" .

    First he got rid of Shamsul Akmar who happens to know him so well from way back when. Why, Shamsul was the one who helped Kali one night when he was pissed drunk and drove on the wrong side of the road on his way home.

    Kali knew Rocky wasn't going to be easy to "tame" so he went out of his way to get rid of rocky which he did.
    Oh...just ask Rocky the dirty tricks he used to shame and lame Rocky...priceless!

    after all he was group editor in chief, a job he went at great length to get. Lobby gila, brother.
    in short, Kali had power-lah. As far as NSTP was concerned, the GEIC can be a monkey and he would have great power to monkey around.

    anyway, after Kali took over NST many senior editors left. Took the VSS..i think for many of them, if the circumstances were different, they would not have opted for early retirement.
    when kali came to NST, he got his people on board. i suppose anyone in his position would. but he did that not to improve NST, as you can see and we can all attest to. He got people like Brendan, Joan Lau, Wan Hamidi.

    No need to go into details about how "good" they are - but they all have since left NST. Brendan quit (after that P-case) to set up Fox media. Joan left, also to join Fox and Malaysian insider (one and the same-lah) and Wan Hamidi, may have already left, presumably for malaysian insider.

    and now at the news desk....aiyoh! if you were a journalist worth your salt, you'd laugh, man, at the composition of the newsdesk. Except for one or two, the others are....oh dear..too terrible to utter.

    so, it's a vicious cycle -- you get rid of the senior and experienced ones, you are left with the not-so-good and kaki ampu ones.
    no need to mention names...

    and you have Kali the puppet master and spin doctor.

    when rocky got back at Kali in his blog, Rocky's Bru, Kali sued him. And got his machais to sue Rocky as well, Some more, got the NST to sue Rocky and Jeff Ooi! A newspaper suing individuals for defamation!
    He got NSTP to for his and his machais' legal bills! How bad is that?

    Kali was going to fix Rocky real good. Make him a bankrupt, even better. He has not stopped.

    Kali couldn't scare Rocky-lah. as we all know.

    Kali didn't stop at that --- he made sure Rocky couldn't get work with certain key corporations. Well, some people can really be spooked by NST's top gun and Pak Lah's henchman.

    But you know, Bergen, sir -- there is the Almighty! and he moves in mysterious ways.

    Killing Rocky's ricebowl ain't personal?

    so you see, rocky will be the first to admit that this is all personal.
    Kali had made it personal -- and Kali doesn't play by any rule.

    thank you for indulging!

  76. Anonymous1:23 pm

    skilgannon1066 said... Have the "boys" been given the chance to show that their recommendations do work? ... I repeat - envy.

    sez you! :D

    you can have the last word, but...

    i thought we're speaking of their "intellectual superiority" -- something that should be self-evident. thus far, we have seen no evidence of it. must be a well-kept secret.

    in any case, four years in the life of a 50 yr old nation is not exactly a blink in economic time.

    now these "recommendations" you speak of, would they be those that the people speculate have been made to the PM over the heads of the cabinet and the civil service?

    if so, it's true then that they were responsible for all the PM's apparent harebrained schemes that either have not materialized or are costing the country millions in bad debt, and all those PR exercises that were supposed to make the PM look good but instead made him look even worse until the poor devil is now on the verge of losing his premiership and his reputation. not to mention, his sleep! ;D

    how long do you think these wunderkinds still need to show us this "intellectual superiority" you insist they have?

    four years and only destruction in their wake don't speak much for their intellectual prowess.

    their marionette is looking lame, his party is in shambles, the country continues to be on autopilot and the people's economic and social woes that started or worsened in the last three years have yet to be alleviated.

    dipping their hands in the nation's till doesn't count. any determined thieves can do that. that needs no intellect!

    skil, anyone would think you are projecting your own awe of these "boys". surely you don't have such a low opinion of your own intellect, eh! :D

  77. Anonymous6:01 pm

    What is your intention of posting a picture like that leaving it open-ended for any interpretation?

    Everyone knows of your beer guzzling, alcohol fueled evenings at the Press Club with your posse of disgruntled former NSTP journos.

    So who's the hypocrite?

  78. Anonymous7:23 pm

    All these infidels wear the badge of Islam for a simple reason and that is, to suck your arse dry. Truly, a picturee tells a thousand tales of these spineless kafirs.

  79. Anonymous8:41 pm

    joshua, mustang , rocky and to those who seem to know kali very well...

    I heard that he's a good family man. with lovey-dovey and close-knit family etc. Takkan orang camtu hati dia busuk sangat?

    Any ideas?

  80. Anonymous9:42 pm


  81. Anonymous10:53 pm


    you asked:

    "So who's the hypocrite?"

    the answer, you see, is plain and simple.

    Kalimullah, of course.

    Because Kalimullah pretends to be so many things he is not.

    He went on the Haj to show to Pak Lah that he is alim. Virtuous.

    Either you do NOT know Kalimullah or you are paid by him and his other filthy machais to post this comment.

    And, I can bet you, you have NO BALLS...to say that to Rocky's face .
    We can bet our bottom dollar that Rocky BERANI to tell it to Kalimullah's face that he is a DUCKING hypocrite.

    And to you? Hah! you are a filthy coward.

    Rocky makes no secret of his nocturnal activities.
    So what?
    Is that your problem? He doesn't go around fixing people and spreading lies.

    you machai, you!


    you are probably bodoh, but see, I don't know you to say that you are bodoh.. but coward will do.

    by the way, kalau berani, come over to the Press Club and ask for me!


  82. Anonymous11:00 pm


    if I may.... i'd like to comment on this question posed to you about your intention in posting the picture of Pak Lah's spin doctor drinking whatever it was -- i assume it is alcohol.

    first -- so what if it was alcohol.

    secondly -- i don't see rocky saying anything about that indian muslim bugger drinking.

    however, i do detect some mischeif on rocky's part.

    again -- SO WHAT?

    if I were Rocky, I'd do worse than that...after all this Kali bugger tried (and is still trying) to destroy me and make a bankrupt of me!



  83. Anonymous4:01 pm


    no one is saying the evil Kalimullah is not a good family man. Bbut that is quite beside the point.

    neither rocky nor any of those people who know Kali from way back when (as someone put it) is saying that he is not a good family man.
    in fact, they don't know whether he is, or is not.
    but, that is immaterial to their point of argument about this jahat fella.
    i'm sure those who have been amply rewarded by him for their servitude to him such as the likes of Brendan, Leslie Lau, Wan Hamidi, Joan Lau, Png and very few others will have only good things to say about him...

    as you must know, some of the worst dictators and most corrupt leaders in the world are said to be good family men.

    so, let's stay focussed and keep the "family man" side of him out of the picture.

    Kalimullah's machais should know that Dr Mahathir is a good family man too...a loving grandaddy.. But...well...you see, focus, focus, focus.

    thank you..


  84. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Bro, Rocky, this is actually getting a bit old. This picture was taken circa 2004, FOUR BLOODY YEARS AGO!

    I'm surprised that those of you who 'know kali so well' did not even notice that he still had hair here.. LOL