Monday, April 21, 2008

Dr M on BBC's Hardtalk

"Dr Mahathir: I am no anti-Western" - Bernama
If you are an NST reader, you won't find the story in today's newspaper (Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008). The Editors decided it was not that newsworthy. The story's NOT available on-line, either.

Original posting:-
"... there were journalists who were arrested for talking about the Holocaust then. Where was the freedom of the Press then?" - Mahathir Mohamad on democracy and claims that he is anti-Semitic, on BBC's Hardtalk today.

"... a man very unpopular trying to do something right. He is making use of the system in the worst ways!" - Mahathir Mohamad on PM Badawi's promise to reform the judiciary.

"What are the track record of these countries? They are the sort of people who hold up people without trial, like in Guantanamo Bay." - Mahathir Mohamad on complains by the West that Anwar did not get fair trial.
Blogger Big Dog rushed his posting h e r e to beat all the news agencies.


  1. Anonymous7:30 pm

    way to go bid dog! a testament of how the alternative media such as blog ain't alternative at all!

  2. Anonymous7:35 pm

    It is like calling the kettle black when he himself is indeed black already.

  3. Anonymous8:10 pm

    TDM, we support you.

  4. Anonymous8:23 pm

    It is interesting that you cherry pick two self serving statements not knowing that people can read between the lines.

  5. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Mahatir put on fire as he contradicts himself.

  6. Anonymous8:26 pm

    So if people are put in Guantanamo, does that mean you need to put them in Kamuting? You must be evil in every fibre. At least you only learnt the bad things from the bad guys.

  7. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Mahatir today admits that Anwar will be PM. There are you are. Reality had downed on a brutal man who stopped at nothing in order to get god's status, only for his legacy to be reduced to writing lousy letters of poor explanations and bandying words with Param. What a poor end of a cheqaured life.

  8. Anonymous8:29 pm

    And the irony of some of Dr M's criticisms of Abdullah’s administration appeared to escape the former PM, who, though uncomfortable at times, plodded on with his answers despite the many interruptions.

    To a suggestion that Abdullah was now attempting to dismantle a system which bred corruption and a tainted judiciary, he responded: “He is not dismantling the system. The newspapers now only report about him. No one can say anything against him.”

  9. Anonymous8:30 pm

    I read a great piece in The Malaysian Insider by Leslie Lau as he writes:

    Asked to comment about the Hindraf rally last December which Sackur described as a consequence of racial imbalances set in stone by Dr Mahathir, the former PM tried to deflect the attack.

    “Why now?” Dr Mahathir asked, to which the show’s host responded deadpan: “Because people who disagreed with you during your time ended up in jail.”

    Ha ha ha! I love this. He was cornered and defeated.

  10. Anonymous8:33 pm

    "... there were journalists who were arrested for talking about the Holocaust then. Where was the freedom of the Press then?" - Mahathir Mohamad on democracy and claims that he is anti-Semitic, on BBC's Hardtalk today.

    Poor dictator and a rabid fanatic. The West doesn't lock every competitor in Kamuting. And the fact a journalist was locked in a certain country doesn't mean that nation passed repressive legislations as you did. At least one person suffering is different from collective suffering as you did.

  11. Anonymous8:35 pm

    anon 7:35Pm wrote:

    "It is like calling the kettle black when he himself is indeed black already."

    You must be intelligent. The old man knows how to blame others. He doesn't know that it takes two hands to make a clap. I'm happy that he has little decence and little but few crony cultured and feeble minded admirers.

  12. Anonymous8:42 pm

    What's baffling in Mahatir's culture in his utter belief in self righteousness while he has the temerity, audacity and haughtiness to lambaste each and every other human being. Sheesh! The man must be evil otherwise I can't digest the idea that someone can always be right and others bad. Even Islam doesn't entertain that silly culture. It was Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who has said: "Allah may have a mercy on a man who appreciates his own shortcomings."

  13. Anonymous8:44 pm

    Mahatir demanded that Badawi should bring foreign investigators against him, I think we don't need to wait for Anwar to drag this evil man to Kamuting. It should be done now. After all, he challenged Badawi and he seems to be fearing Anwar. No wonder he spends sleepless nights. A tragedy of an 84 year old man.

  14. Anonymous8:46 pm

    every administration has its own set of tribulations, man made or god sent.the best thing that tdm should do is to shut up and not make things complicate for others.
    if he is so keen on how the
    country should be run, why did he
    step down in the first place?
    since he has already stepped down, he should expect things to be run differently. he is wasting everybody's time. meanwhile the country has so many important problems that need immediate solutions such as the rising prices of food. can the tdm give some suggestions on this, to make himself look more respectable?

  15. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Mahathir is a corrupt imbecile. He has selective memory and blames all and sundry except himself. This guy talks on both sides of his mouth.
    One minute he is fanning Muslim militancy and on the other he has no qualms throwing people in jail without trial for security reasons.
    He destroyed the judiciary and enslaved the press and now screams like a spoilt child running to the same institutions which he treated with draconian disdain. The interview on BBC clearly shows Mahathir has no place in a Malaysia awakened.

  16. Anonymous8:58 pm

    Is it Malaysians who complained of the kangaroo court or the West alone? It is interesting to know that while the Host didn't mention the word West or Western at all, I watched it, you chose it or you chose to pick the words that UMNO pussyfooter and Mahathirite Big Dog. Ironically, you consume your time talking about integrity and conscience. What a prostitution of words.

  17. this man suffers from Delusion of Grandeur !

  18. RockyBru,

    Anwar is in fact the de facto PM of Malaysia...

    Please visit my blog at http:\\
    for details

  19. Well, he really answer those questions mano a mano......

    Some may be consider him as old but TDM really can express himself ......

  20. Anonymous9:09 pm

    This is very Tun,sharp and witty.I don't believe any of the current cabinet members could perform better let alone AAB.

  21. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Im first to agree that TDM contributed lots to destroy all our check n balance institutions. But I must also admit he a really a man who excels. I follow hardtalk interviews closely and this is one the best replies!! Its hard not to admire this man...eventhough I have several resevations of him.
    Habib RAK

  22. Anonymous9:22 pm






  23. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Mahathir Mohammad - Malaysia's father of Corruption,Racism and Cronyism!

  24. Anonymous9:31 pm

    Dear TDM, I support you.

  25. Brother Rocky

    pretty sad to hear Tun made such comments, as if he has gone Senile, as Senile is Pak Lah and Lee Kuan Yew, all of gone cases leaders.

    how Tun treated Anwar is common sense unjust; he would surely claim similar if Robert Mugabe treated him as Anwar in Zimbabwe...

    anyway, both Tun and Mugabe are as good as dead wood onboard Cobra Sultan sailing to Perth, with Pak Lah the crew and janitor - all in 1.

    the days crooks run the world are over, counting days before their Casket heading for 6-feet downunder if not ashes to ashes, dust to dust!


  26. Anonymous9:46 pm

    macbeth in his last days, screaming with blood all over his hands.

  27. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Bro Rocky, Tun really bombed out la. He was not a shadow of his old self. He was cornered by Stephen Sackur's questions. It was not very good. Sad to see an old man go out like that. He was clwarly out of sorts, too defensive.

    Ricky PJ

  28. the fact that an old half dead double bytpass "Malay" man's opinion who still matters like him to be asked to be on world class ( haha ) BBC on such pressing matters show how very shallow Malaysia is in terms of an able younger crop of towering Malays! Probably can count no of real talented Malay politicians/technocrats of some standard on the fingers of only one hand.

  29. Aishh these opposition boys,
    just win abit has already written off BN, denouncing an era lah and make shabby assumptions.

    TDM is still highly popular in Malaysia regardless of race. The main and chief reason oppostion win big in this GE is due to the incompetentcy and lousy loud mouth administration of the PM and some of his cohorts.

    Mahathir critised the AAB government long before the opposition, at one time I thought he was the opposition leader. To which came the quite famous statement made by Nik Aziz to Anwar (correct me if im wrong) "Tak hero lah pukul orang dah jatuh."

    Opposition will not win this big if the traditional UMNO,MCA,MIC and etc.. supporters decided not to cast a protest vote.

    Writing off BN is a statement given by someone very-very unwise.

  30. Anonymous10:06 pm

    ahh..there are sooo many anonymous comments on ur site, bro.

    maybe they have not got the balls to even properly write their ID. and now they are showing how 'good' they are.

    maybe this what Shaziman calls 'penembak curi'. these stupid assxolers do not earn my respect even how close they are to the truth. or are they?

    it depends on what the sort of people they are. if they are readily made to hate mahathir at whatever capacity he is, or was, still they will hate him.

    and the fact that the matters to many malaysians and agreed by most world leaders that mahathir is one Great One, would only put more petrol to their hatred-stinking-heart.

    or they are the ones called 'year 2006 paid cybertroopers' by some parties who intended to shame the old man for speaking up again and again.

    mind u all these kiddie cybertroopers, 2006 bad umno leaders, or even the PM himself, this OLD TIGER will not shut up.

    u should know it better.

  31. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Mahathir's pathetic situation in the show made him look so small. This should be a fine example for ALL of us - including me - that "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND." It's payback time for a man who blithely ignored public opinion, God, sufferings of families of men whom he destroyed with his abuse of power. Might was right then, Mahathir, but no more. You looked mighty small. It's better you shut up. I was a journalist once and I know what kind of intstructions you gave the editors when you decided to kill Anwar politically. Do you know that your office barred newspapers from referring to him as the former Deputy Prime Minister? Check the archives . Only now the sychophantic media has changed its rules. I too know how your aides caled editors up over unpleasant questions. You also instructed them not to ask questions on Anwar. Only planted questions on him can be asked, so that you can whack the man out of shape. He may have done wrong BUT you ABUSED your power to the hilt. You are facing the consequences now. We all have to one day if we don't atone. Behave your age, Mahathir.

  32. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Mahathir damaged all democratic institutions in our country. Now he blasts Badawi who is trying to do some belated reforms.

    Be careful of this retired dangerous old man. Now he tries to pull down Badawi and roll back whatever progress we've made since the last G.E.

    Mahathir, please slink off into the sunset and expire quietly. The country has been damaged enough by you. Your successor is trying to repair the damage. Just shut up!

  33. Anonymous10:14 pm

    people were talking abt the black as if tdm himself punched anwar. it was rahim noor. and he went to jail for that and lost his pension. tdm didn't order for the black eye. anybody says so would be god himself as only He knows what happened. tdm himself said he didn't order black eye and stated that it was an unfortunate incident. so stop accusing tdm abt the black eye!
    anyway, i respect tun for handling the interview superbly. no one in the cabinet could manage that interview let alone the country better than TDM. (obviously zam maidin n pak lah failed the interview tests several times miserably)

  34. Anonymous10:17 pm

    mahathir shouting everyway macam orang putus harapan. poor guy. abdullah the only winner in this game. let's hope khairy doesnt pull his own father in law down. he seems to be the only stumbling block to his own pak mertuah.

  35. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Give Tun a break ...

    As a matter a fact, how many people (read:politicians) out there have the guts to face Stephen Sackur?

    At least Tun is brave enough to be in the firing line..

    The last one I saw was from Syed Hamid Albar and boy, he was speaking like a 10 year old boy

  36. Anonymous10:27 pm

    say what you want all... but that man knows how to answer it all!

  37. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Mahatir - sapa dia - oh- itu budak hingusan..dia tak relevan...dia itu. sapa nama dia...hah..mugabe punya sedara...expired


  38. TDM, when did you release political detainees??? My friends' husbands are still in ISA, their families torn apart, WITHOUT PROOF AND NO TRIAL... your very own Guantanamo, bowing down to the US, wringing your hands in fear... fighting its imaginary war on terror (the real terrorists are Israel and the US)...six years and counting...don't talk cock and bull lah...just go and tend to your plants or something...can't you retire with some grace?

  39. Anonymous10:33 pm

    viva mahathir!!!
    i dont know what will happen to packlah if he appears on the bbc's hardtalk....sackur asks: why bn lost 2/3 majority? probably he can hardly talk!!!

  40. Anonymous10:35 pm

    at least he is brave enough to be inteviewed by Sacker... I can't imagine if Badawi kena attack dgn Sackur...sure menangis and cabut lari hehehehe

  41. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Anwar!!! you must be dreaming.... didn't you know that the swing to the opposition is not because of U..... it's because of Badawi who makes some of UMNO members voted for the oppositions

  42. Anonymous10:47 pm

    at least he is brave enough to be inteviewed by Sacker... I can't imagine if Badawi kena attack dgn Sackur...sure menangis and cabut lari hehehehe

  43. Anonymous11:06 pm

    HAHAHA when stephen sachur was asked who were the hundreds of ppl being detained under the ISA for demonstrating during tun's time, he was flabbergasted. evrytime tun say things that reflects the western's hypocrisy, he couldn't reply back! way to go Tun! you saved our dignity against all these snobbish, snooty and condescending white ppl!

  44. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Just watched BBC Hardtalk with Dr M - proud to be Supporter of Dr M.

  45. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Sounds like most of the commenters to your post have organised a synchronised attack against Dr M.Its as if this has been orchestrated. Just look at the similarity of the language!

    As a neutral observer, the old man really out the interviewer in his place. At times the interviewer was put on the defensive.

    What if the present PM was put in? No contest!!

  46. Anonymous11:26 pm

    So sad. So sad. The more he talks, the more he reveals he is a truly great hypocrite. Maybe he thinks others especially his own countrymen are not as intelligent a he thinks but he forgot people remembers what he said or did and no amount of spinning can change the facts.
    This man loves dictatorship(his friends), anti-semitic, anti-western and most of all a true racsist within his own country. Most of all, he loves power.

  47. Anonymous11:28 pm

    The best part of the interview, in my opinion, was when Dr M said that Asians were not given the opportunity to criticise the Westerners, and now that we are given the opportunity, it is the Westerners who dont like it.

  48. Anonymous11:29 pm

    For goodness sake, let's not give any credence to a rabid UMNO/Mahathir supporter like Big Dog.

    Anyway, I thought Sakur was pretty incompetent in his questioning. He let Mahathir get away too easy.I think Malaysiakini or even some of the sharper NST journalist can ask tougher questions.

    Sakur hardly brought up big issues like how Mahathir instituted the 60nominations rule, how his son was bailed out by Petronas and his sons built large business empires.

    How about ICs for illegal immigrants in Sabah, Ops Lalang, withdrawing print license for The Star, how Tunku and Tun Hussein On refused to speak to him?

    How none of his deputies can last, and not even his appointed successor or even his so called real successor Najib can gain his approval. How come? Now that he has openly called Najib a coward who is unfit, who does Mahathir back? His former enemy KuLi? Or perhaps his son Mukhriz? Hmm...

    Why Sakur didn't ask how Malaysians suffered and have to pay high car taxes due to protectionism for Proton - or should I dub it Mahathir's Folly.

    How about the time Mahathir decreed that the API index be made secret during the haze of 1997? This basically keept Malaysians in the dark over their dirty air quality. And how he refused to scold Indonesia for not preventing the haze letting them get away scott free?

    And the classic case is how he said the West called we Malays lazy. That was like what during colonial times? And now he says he has the right to insult the West. Poor ole' Sakur didn't know that he could have come right back and tell Mahathir to his face - isn't your father an Indian? So you are actually half Indian.

    I don't think the West should lift a finger to help Mahathir gain a democratic voice as he is clearly disdainful of them. They should sit back and enjoy the show.

  49. Anonymous11:29 pm

    why is the oldman so desperate now? he has never imagine a supposdly weakman like badawi, to unravel all his misdeeds. fight on mahatir, let the world see your corrupt ways.
    and for the big dog, nop, i dont even wanna waste my time to visit his blog coz he is forever in denial.just to protect the oldman who is now shitting in his pants as events unfold.

  50. Anonymous11:32 pm

    anon 9.22

    paid by status-in-doubt minister? anwar had a black eye coz he hit the wall and try to blame the then PM. thats self inflicted, isnt it? but i thought facts told us that he was whacked for good. go google and check it out. meantime, enjoy the payout.

  51. Anonymous11:33 pm

    I think very few Malaysian leaders can hold up to such intensive scrutiny as Dr M. I would like to imagine how the present PM would have performed.

  52. Anonymous11:38 pm


    Too many Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (AAB)'s anonymous balacis here! They mmust be the infamous UMNO cybertroopers!

    Anyway, Tun was as usual brilliant even under that intensed but biased questioning! If AAB or Bro Anwar bin Ibrahim (BABI), sure dead meat punya!


  53. Anonymous12:02 am

    Hallo .. Guantanamo Bay is a war prison, and is only used for prisoners of war. Not for political prisoners. The US Govt must declare a war first .. which is what they did when they declared war on terrorism

    Unfortunately, "terrorism" is not defined by national boundaries, but is where the US Govt wishes to declare -- which means malaysia could also be a target if TDM was still the PM and whack the US and making anti-semitic statements.

  54. Today Tun M smashed Najib as 'coward'.

  55. Anonymous12:30 am

    say what you like lah, mahathir didn't shirk when questioned. He didn;t flinch. for an 84yr old man speaking to an international audience, that takes guts. Would AAB rebutt him on hardtalk?

    without mahathir, we are left with half past six leaders who would make big noise when local newsmen ask some difficult questions. if AAB is to appear on Hardtalk, he would be roasted.


  56. "Malay at the eyes of the world.."


    All because of UMNO..Leader especially.. who promise to bring Malay to the world...

  57. Classic Tun M, one thing we've noticed with Tun is; whenever there's trouble brewing domesticaly, he would divert the issue to Israel and Palestine. It's disheartening to us when issues at home are not given enough attention. The middle-east conflict is already bad without foreign intervention and it seems to get worse with our 'help'. How do we help others when we're already limping and unable to help ourselves?

    In the 90's, we're rising economy 'Tigers', now we're kucing belukar/halaman. There are many 'foreign' issues which we should concerntrate like: Stop being a centre for Human Trafficking, believe me i hear stories straight from the horses' mouth and it's horrifying 'coz it involves both the authorities and 'private' organisations.

  58. Anonymous1:15 am

    For once in a long time, I AM PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN...

    Thank you DR M! you made me proud! and I am honoured to have you as our spokesperson to the world. These days, it's hard to feel proud and nationalistic anymore.. no thanks to AAB. he just doesn't know how to instil the Malaysian spirit to it's citizens!

    can anyone convey this heartfelt gratitude to TDM please!

  59. Anonymous1:24 am

    Thus far, since the BBC's interview with Tun Mahathir, I read nothing but negative vibes, backward blessings and strong condemnation of our former Prime MInister.

    While I may not accept whatever he says or said, I somehow take my hat off to Tun for his guts in standing and speaking up what he believes in; unlike some of our kuching korap politicians who echo what their leaders say.

    Tun is qualified to criticise from time to time at what is taking place in UMNO and what its leaders are doing.

    He lets the public know his feelings and displeasure. He dares to speak up; notwith-standing the position of his once blue-eyed Najib. He groomed him up but Najib of late must have disappointed Tun; in that, he had gone astray and lacked the moral courage to speak up against wrongs and injustices perpetrated before his very eyes. Najib did not measure to his expectations. Why, because he knew the skeletons that are weighing him down and that are haunting him. He is now a moral coward! Hence, Tun has every reason to withdraw his support for him as the future PM of Malaysia.

    Whatever you guys might say about and against Tun, firstly you must know that he is one of the greatest and prominent political strategist of the 20th and 21st century. When he was the PM, he was able to control all the UMNO, MCA and MIC sycophantic robots who were stupid enough to fall for the avaricious traps that he set up to contaminate themselves and tie put a noose around their necks. He controlled them with his threats to expose their shits. Can't you rationalise the fact that he held on to the Home Ministry portfolio for 3/4 of his tenure. Hence during his reign, none of the so-called leaders dared to be funny without the fear of getting booted out of the Cabinet.

    Tun knew the weaknesses of UMNO and kill it with a stoke of his pen and ressurrected it as he willed it when the atmosphere favoured him. Which PM can ever do that?

    Tun appointed all those guys and ladies whose characters and integrity are in question. Besides, they spoke no better than him. His mind was far superior to anyone of them put together. He kept a dossier of each and every of his lieutenants - the good, the bad and ugly deeds they did. This is Mahathir's sharp weapon which definitely befits his name 'Maha thir' which means sharp spear.

    Mahathir is now the watch-dog. He kept his once subordinates in check so that they behaved. He demanded that Pak Lah step down as PM to own up his responsibility for the dismal poor election results. By just criticising him, none dares ask him why he said what he said. What was his rationale asking his former deputy to resign? Why don't someone ask him?

    So when Tun questioned why Paklah paid the sacked judges gratuity, some stupid a.h. replied that it was not an apology. Think, man, before you answered. If you do not have anything to say, keep your mouth shut. Don't speak for the sake of speaking - you look damn stupid thereafter. Remember what is uttered cannot be retrieved.

    Deep in my mind, I cannot comprehend the game he and son are doing. They are playing the hot and cold game. Be careful somehow
    of his son who has declared that he is fighting for the UMNO Youth President's position. By his forked tongue, he has destroyed my confidence in him. It is not surprising to see father and son contradicting each other.

    In one of the ancient arts of war, it says, 'if you cannot convince your enemies, confuse them.' That might be what the father-son team is playing.

    So give credit to Tun for he is seemingly on the side of our fence.
    You get rid of him, we will lose a loud voice.

  60. Only TDM can handle interviews by the foreign press and media. Sarkur was the one being cornered and put on the defensive. Sarkur was not well prepared and easily gets a mouthful. I salute TDM.

    Not to worry Tun. There are lots of people out there supporting you. Please continue giving your comments without fear or favour.

  61. Anonymous1:28 am

    i've proud with you TDM You are great leader.....

  62. Anonymous1:55 am

    when i compared with anwar's interview in hardtalk, anwar tu menggelabah. contradicting himself most of the times. especially around the 12th and the 13th minute. kejap ckp lain.. pastuh retract balik. berani plak dia menipu yg dialah menteri paling bersih dlm kabinet mahathir..
    bila sackur gertak dia sket sbb dia menuduh dr mahathir criminal, dia terkedu sket n terus tarik balik kata dia.. kalau mcm tu, yg selama ni dia tuduh dr mahathir tu criminal pasai apa? dlm hardtlak tak ngaku plak yg dr mahathir tu criminal.. ckp mengarut je org tua munafik ni.. lepas tu mengaku pun yg dr mahathir tak belasah dia sampai lebam biji mata. lepas tu tetiba melalut buka cerita tak de kena mengena pasal 'kings express his disgust'.. amende le.. kena basuh teruk dgn si sackur tu.. hehe. malas nak komen panjang2.. tengok je le sendiri..

    sila lihat.

  63. Anonymous1:57 am

    gosh Rocky, your blog has really turned into a nest of Mahathirites.

    For all you who say Mahathir critics are AAB supporters - please get real. It's not an either or situtation. You can criticize Pak Lah and criticize Mahathir at the same time. Take off your rose tinted glasses and maybe you'll regain your senses and find that you can criticize both!

  64. Anonymous1:59 am

    Dear all Tun M supporters or delusional Tun M cheerleaders,

    Whoever is congratulating Tun M must be in denial as much as Pak lah"s or Najib's supporters. Tun M sat in the electric chair and rode the lightning, that interview with HardTalk will be the way..sadly..Malaysians will remember him, frustrated, defensive, sore and downright hypocrytical. That old style of 'us against them' politics is so outdated.

    Malaysian's are not stupid to know that interview by Tun M's standards was shambolic if not abysmal. Lesson be learned, dont ever try the electric chair.

    Petaling Jaya

  65. Anonymous1:59 am

    tambah lagi, in the end, around the 22nd minute or so, anwar sounded just like dr mahathir. championing an issue which was long championed by dr mahathir before him.

  66. "What are the track record of these countries? They are the sort of people who hold up people without trial, like in Guantanamo Bay." - Mahathir Mohamad on complains by the West that Anwar did not get fair trial.


    So Mahathir's policy is to take the worst aspect of America as an example to govern.


    How about equal rights? Why not follow the better aspects of the US?

    Malaysians must really be dumb to have tolerated this racist dictator for almost three decades!

  67. Anonymous2:08 am

    We are talking about an 84 years old man,still sharper than any 70 year old. Not everyone has Tun's courage.

    I salute Tun Dr Mahathir for being able to say things we Malaysians sometimes afraid to say to our american and english friends.

  68. Anonymous2:20 am

    TDM even old but still strong at mind! He ain't stupid at all!!!

  69. Anonymous4:08 am

    The anti-TDM posts are quite hilarious really. Positively foaming. :D

    There! There! don't choke on your own spit, OK!

  70. Anonymous4:12 am

    Well done to Tun.

    All of you jokers here put together cannot beat TDM alone.

    You guys can criticize all you want, what have you achieved for yourselves, let alone for the nation?

  71. Anonymous6:05 am

    Ha ha...Nak tergelak tengok senyum TDM yang macam senyum pahit...

    Apa pun yang aku tengok ada dua benda...ada benda yang Tun boleh jawab dan ada benda yang dia kantoi...

    Mengenai situasi di Malaysia sekarang dah isu racism dan kehakiman...Tun nampaknya tak mahu terima hakikat...dia dok ngata PakLah lemah tapi sebenarnya Stephen Sackur berjaya mendedahkan Tun yang sebenarnya jadi diktator...Tun juga akui melalui sejarah banyak raja juga diktator dan berjaya nak menghalakan apa yang dia buat selama 22 tahun tu...tu yg jadi senyum terpaksa...tu yg dia kantoi...takleh nak jawab sampai terpaksa nafikan dia pernah tahan orang sedangkan Human Rights Watch dah sedia fakta...

    Isu kehakiman Tun Salleh Abas dan Anwar yg mana pemerhati luarnegara semua akui kegagalan sistem perundangan Malaysia.

    Cuma bab yg boleh dipuji ialah mengenai sejarah dan juga mengenai isu Semitic dan Israel. Ni bolehla dipuji sebab memang betul pun.

    Apapun keseluruhannya nampak Tun ni tidak selesa menjawab soalan bila ditekan. Dari lenggok badan dia dan cara dia tersenyum nampak dia resah bila soalan kena batang hidung dia...tapi bila soalan mengenai soal kuasa besar western yg tidak adil dia nampak yakin...

    Kalau aku hakim aku bagi la takat C+ jer...

    Tu belum kena Jeremy dari Newsnight wawancara dia. Aku suka jer tengok wawancara provoke macamni...nak tengok sabar ke tak atau merapu ke tak jawapan...

    Sesapa la yang kena jadi tetamu dalam wawancara dengan media yang pengacara dia suka provoke kemudian nanti siap sedia la dengan ilmu anda.

    Sekali tengok Mahathir ni jawab macam Mugabe jawab pulak.

    Ki Ma

  72. Anonymous7:12 am

    I watched TDM get drilled by Stephen. Btw was there a standby medical team? It looked like he was almost going to get a heart attack.

  73. Anonymous7:18 am

    An arab poet once remarked:

    "An old man who ran mad has no returning point..."

    In this case, Mahazalim is senile and he is blabbering not knowing that his case is beyond salvation point because he has ran mad. Sir, it is very painful that at the age of 84, the only thing left of your legacy is letter writing in self defence and seking foreign audience in order to convince others who unfortunately not ready to consume your hogwash. That's life, may be those who live after you will learn what good they can do.

  74. Anonymous7:19 am

    Sakur was not prepared lah. That's why Mahathir got off so easy. Sakur did not ask him about the 60 nominations rule in order to run for UMNO president - a rule Mahathir instituted to keep himself in power. He could have asked why if he transitioned smoothly to Pak Lah, why can't Pak Lah do the same with Najib? Sakur should have gloated and said: "eh eh eh, caturan politik anda telah makan anda sendiri wakakaka!"

    He did not ask Mahathir why Tun Salleh Abbas was sacked.

    Sakur could have asked why the beloved Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman refused to speak to Mahathir.

    Sakur could have asked why did Petronas bail out his son's company Konsortium Perkapalan?

    Sakur could have asked if NEP is for all, why are there so many poor and jobless Malays around becoming Mat Rempits unlike in Singapore which has no NEP? Why are there a few rich UMNOPutras who live in huge mansions and drive fancy cars while many Malays hidup kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang?

    Sakur could have asked why is Malaysia's gap between rich and poor one of the largest in the world despite NEP? He could have asked if NEP is for all why are the Kadazans, Ibans, Orang Asli not to mention the Chinese and the Indians so very angry with the Malays?

    Sakur could have asked why our universities are not ranked in top 200, don't even compare with UK or Singapore which have universities in the Top 20?

    He could have asked Mahathir why did he make the API index an official secret during the 1997 haze thus endaring Malaysian lungs? Why did he not publicly put pressure on Indonesia to fight the haze?

    Finally, Sakur could have asked if Mahathir's father is an Indian and therefore is he half-Indian?

  75. Anonymous7:45 am

    Dude, Mahatir has no trust, confidence and faith in local investigators, judges and handlers. Imagine he says once Anwar becomes the PM, he shoul bring "foreigners because I don't trust people they are putting in charge of the people they don't like."

    God is gracious. He has betrayed himself. One time he says the people who judged Anwar were good people, one time he says the same people shouldn't judge him because they are bad as they will have a bone to pick with him. Now you clearly say that you have wronged many people unknowingly. But I forgive him because he become a senile and has no recollection apart from certain things that he may remember.

  76. Anonymous8:01 am

    ooh rocky,

    a lot of anti-mahathir comments here...possibly by the same people.

    you can hare the old man...but hah! that was a piece of cake for him.

    and malaysianinsider...of course lesley lau -- kalimullah's and brendan's macai -- will whack the old man like crazy.

    as if you don;t know already...malaysianinsider is the online spinner for Pak Lah, Kamal, Khairy, Kalimullah.

    (Most of the)NST journalists brought in by Kali and Brendan have left NST to join their masters there.

  77. Anonymous8:02 am

    ahh yess..Tun M the dictator.. but y can i live happily under a dictator and not under current Gomen??

    check out those "we-have-won-election-bcos-we-r-so-
    great-that-we-kick-bn's-ass-blog-rules" comments.. ahaha

  78. Anonymous8:06 am


    please-lah you Pak Lah ass-lickers or whatever and whoever ass lickers you all are.... TDM got the interviewer in his pocket-lah.

    There are some issues -- notably the judiciary and sacking and arrest of ANwar -- TDM has got to defend.. he's still being attacked on this ... but he made me proud to be a Malaysian.

    and tehsin. i am so sorry for whatever you must have gone through under Dr M...but he did release more than 100 ISA detainees when he took over as PM.

    We should now campaign for the abolition of the ISA and release of ISA detainees. NOW!

  79. Anonymous8:06 am


  80. Anonymous8:07 am



  81. Anonymous8:59 am

    Last night the one that was been hardtalk was stephen sackur... not TDM... how many times I saw sackur try to change topics when TDM asked him to prove the accusation! God bless Mahathir... a 48 year old man... opss 84.. and still kicking!

  82. The fall of BN..
    Dr M laid the foundation......
    (by being a dictator)
    Pak Lah strengthen the foundation ....
    (by not doing enough after GE2004)
    The Next UMNO leader, whoever it is will put the final nail on BN's coffin...

    Birth of New Malaysia!!! Hidup Malaysia.

  83. The BBC Hardtalk interview with Dr Mahathir broadcast yesterday introduced him as "When he was Prime Minister his critics labelled him a racist and a dictator." That seem to be theme of attack throughout the interview.

    He ended his interview socking the West where it really hurts - its exploitative past, brutal represive present, and perpetual hipocrasy.

    Dr Mahathir was asked on a wide range of issues from Abdullah Badawi, judiciary, NEP, trial of Anwar Ibrahim, VK Lingam tape, successor appointment, and democrasy.

    He seemed slightly disrupted in the early part of the show. Stephen Sackur was repeatedly firing rapid questioning in the midst of his answers to coerce him out of his usual stance.

    But, Dr Mahathir held his position and even caught Sackur with wrong facts and unable to substantiate his allegations.

  84. Anonymous9:36 am

    Dear Rocky,
    Tun is my hero and always will be.To tell you the truth,I am always nervous when minister like Pak Lah,Mydin,Hamid and many others being interviewed by foreign press.Somehow they gave impression as if we Malaysian are not really smart in choosing our leaders.

  85. Anonymous9:46 am


    Just a pathetic guy trying to remain relevant. His excuses for his mismanagement of the country reflect a child's tantrum.

    On another note, I still remember a few years back when he visited Castro...CNN caption for it was
    "A Pariah meets another Pariah"
    I almost passed out, out of SHAME.

    Could Tun Hasmah mellow him please!! Is he free of all blame? We are all closer to our Judgment Day every day!

    An X admirer, but no more.

  86. Anonymous9:51 am

    show me who is making money!!!! UMNO people. How about normal person. Sorry none. Even mahathir's son can be considered millionaire

  87. Anonymous10:29 am

    I remember watching Anwar Ibrahim on this BBC Hardtalk program about a year ago where Anwar fumbled when he was ask "why he did not do anything when he was in in Government in relation for his call of cleaning up corruption.

    At more than 80 years old, TDM , though i am not his fan, defintely pass the grilling test by this BBC Hardtalk program.

    I can't imagine how our Pak Lah can survive, if given a chance to appear in the same program.

  88. Anonymous10:52 am

    Tehsin, Tehsin!

    Your friends' husbands in I.S.A? How many? Two of your friends' husbands? Ten?

    What, were they part of Ma'unah or did were they arrested making bombs in their KL apartments?

    And you did not know TDM release I.S.A detainees when he became PM? Maybe you were too young then.
    If AAB had done a TDM and release detainees in 2004, your friends would be with their husbands now. And the world would be a better place?

  89. Tak kisahlah orang nak cakap apa pasal Tun Det, yang penting dia memang negarawan Malaysia and dah buat byk benda yg manfaatkan rakyat Malaysia secara sedar atau tidak !! Yg penting Tun dah pencen pun masih jadik bahan igauan pihak pembangkang & masih digeruni, that shows how special Tun is !

  90. For all you serial Dr M haters, pls see the interview again with a calm mind, I thought Dr Mahathir gave a very feisty performance considering that he is 84 years old and Mr Sackur has been known to make mincemeat of people brave enough to be interviewed in Hardtalk. In the face of hard hitting questions and comments from Mr Sackur lesser man were reduced to their squirming and grovelling self. Not Dr Mahathir, he seems to relish the opportunity and I believe he was able to get his message across and I did sense Mr Sackur's awe of The Grand Old Man.

  91. Anonymous11:33 am


    What tun did to malaysia is what the US did to iraq. in simple word 'destroy'. but he called it democracy.

    AAB did nothing but destroyed further and he called it 'reform'. malaysia is now a result of an organized mess, in a big scale.

    what anon 7:35pm says is indeed correct, "it is like calling the kettle black when he himself is indeed black already".

  92. Anonymous11:55 am

    Screw all of you. Dr Mahathir is still the Prime Minister of Malaysia as far as I am concerned. Abdullah is only impersonating as one. Abdullah doesn't have the brains to be one.

    I almost puked when I read a "letter to the editor" in the NST of April 21 issue with the heading "Abdullah outshines Mahathir". Any man with the right mind will say otherwise. The letter must have been written by one of the NST editors. I am wuite sure of that. How can anyone support Abdullah when he doesn't even know what "Ground Zero" and "wi-fi" is? When someone mentioned "Wi-Fi", Abdullah asked: Yes, what about your wife?

  93. Anonymous11:58 am

    Way to go Tun!!! We love you.

  94. Anonymous12:48 pm

    anwar put more people in ISA when he was the TPM. he systematically destory SABAH politics using money politics. He self admit that he hates DAP and put lim guan eng in ISA. same with all the politicians. they come and go. Do we rakyat learn? Yep! March 8th was the proof. Any politicians wants to talk some more, teresa kok the pig bearer or lim kit siang the singaporean doll and nik aziz and pak lah and mahathir??
    my hand are itchy for the next election. go ahead politicians, talk some more.

  95. Anonymous12:54 pm

    I hope God will allow Tun to live healthily till 100...Tun will survive despite what his enemies trying to kill him politically. Tun is made of sterner stuff unlike Pak Lah a jelly and he will come out from all these fiasco a winner just like old times. You just wait and see.

  96. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Typical malaysian! when the gov take action against corrupted people like anwar..then u guys r saying the judiciary system is corrupted, when gov is doing nothing like pak lah, still saying the same thing! At least during TDM's time we are not as corrupted as now days, have a look at the list on the website, where we r now and previously! Anwar= liar= very good actor! 1998, lead the demonstrators halfway, then cabut naik motor! what kind of leader is that? "sbb mulut bdn binasa" it's very true! bcoz of his mouth, we all were battered to death by fru!
    -ex anwar donkey-
    i've learned my lesson!
    TDM all the way! pak lah all the way also - resign plz!

  97. Anonymous12:58 pm

    dear rocky,

    i heard dat nurul izzah graduated in Lim Kok Wing London branch, izzit true? and who fund it? as i overheard from one of Anwar ceramah dat one of his children was offered on goverment loan/scholar but he rejected it.

    Do give me true picture, be transparent ya. i dont want have doubt Thank you.

  98. Anonymous12:59 pm

    one think that can be deduced from the interview:

    Tun is in a class of his own when it comes to answering questions. The Hardtalk interview really is difficult to survive. Anwar himself didn't fare very well on his interview.
    Yes. He did seem a bit uncomfortable, but he managed to regain his composure and hit back at the interviewer. It just proves that the 84-year old man is still sharp and is not senile like many of you want to believe.
    The barrage of accusations and questioning in the beginning was designed to catch Tun off-guard, but I think he did pretty well.
    Do any of you think Pak Lah would have done any better.
    He would have frozen up in the first five minutes. Can any of you imagine how Zam would react. He would probably be stuttering the whole while.
    I believe Tun when he said the current Cabinet is half-past six.
    They are no where near as glib or wityy or intelligent as he is

  99. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Dear bro Rocky,
    In our history in the last 50years,I have seen many leaders that come and go.Some are great and some are not so great.To me,TDM is the greatest of all.

  100. Anonymous1:38 pm

    just wanna know 12:58PM

    Are you stupid it or what? Where do you leave? In caves or in exile?

    Nurul Izzah holds a Bach. of Engineering from a local University and a Masters in International Relations from the John Hopkins University in the States.

    I always ask myself why some people are gullible, you mean we have your ilk in our midst. God the Almighty.

  101. Anonymous1:40 pm

    anon 12: 48,

    An ISA decree can only be signed by the PM. You msut be rubbish. A minister doesn't sign an ISA decree. All the ISA decrees were signed by the PM unless he is out of the country and gives written permission. Which ISA decree, a single for that did Anwar sign? Hogwash. Spare us your stinking vomit.

  102. Anonymous1:45 pm

    A voice wrote:

    "...But, Dr Mahathir held his position and even caught Sackur with wrong facts and unable to substantiate his allegations..."

    Which wrong facts did Suckur raise? Just mention ONE. Only one. Pathetic. The old man insults the West but sends his children to West, insults the West but owns houses in a record 5 Western countries. Insults the West but praises when he is locally speaking to give himself an intellectual aura. Intellectual cheat.

  103. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Those crony cultured feeble minds who are saying Mahathir is a smart man who can remember all, then remind us why he couldn't remember anything during the Lingam Case. You are pathetic ball carriers. The man thinks he is smart not knowing that people read between the lines and compare notes. He can only remember what can support his version of the truth but forgets the other side of the story when it doesn't serve his diabolic interests. I'm afraid that there are no children here. I'm afraid that selective amnesia can't make anyone happy. I'm afraid that some of you can't understand that even Mahathir himself knows that he can't convince anyone any longer.

  104. Anonymous1:55 pm

    to the foreigners the word "Malay" means people of Malaysia.

    so if there any "non-Malay" that do not support the Greatest PM Malaysia ever had are a real assholes.

    Long live Tun Dr. Mahathir!

  105. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Dr M should be tried by Jews, Americans and Australians as he said he should be tried by foreigners only since he can't trust his own people. He does not trust his own kind. How pathetic. So much for the great Asian values promoter. A dictator who is nearing his end. A brutal man who tried to use Islam, Malay rights and other stuff to sustain himself for 22 years and continues to ignite fire and puke on people. Good that he trusts Jews, Americans and Australians, so they should investigate him since he has no faith in Ghani Patail, a rogue man and Mahatir's personal prosecutor.

  106. Anonymous2:03 pm

    A voice: "He ended his interview socking the West where it really hurts - its exploitative past, brutal represive present, and perpetual hipocrasy."


    Question for you: Was Sakur interviewing the West or was he interviewing Mahathir?

    Mahathir is basically trying to divert attention from himself and you say he is great. Mahathir admirers are truly pathetic.

  107. Anonymous2:07 pm


    no matter how bad mahathir is, I'm sure most malaysian still rate him as the best pm so far. Like it or not.

  108. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Dear Rock,
    Please show me is there anyone amongst us who could do better than Tun?

  109. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Nobody can deny that;
    We have much more space to voice out now compared to Dr M's time. We may have complaints but all the complaints are garbage Pak Lah took with him from Dr M. Dr M would have been a happy person now and singing a different tune if the crooked bridge project to Singapore is continued. Dr M making fool of all Malaysians. He has opened our eyes on legal loop holes available in the country by abusing his position. He has tought us not to give any party absolute power. He has misused it to the maximum. Lets hope that Dr M will live for a long time to come to get bashed by the younger generation for whatever he has done.

  110. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Dear Mahatir supporters,

    I hope my letter finds you in peace.

    Dear boys and girls, as you can see, the majority here are angry with Mahathir. They are made of all stratus and races and religions; Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and others. They are Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans and Ibans. They support different leaders like Abdullah Badawi, Anwar Ibrahim, Hadi Awang, Lim Kit Siang and some are independents. They are educated, informed and are aware of many things. Rather than crying and lashing at them in a puerile language that smacks of defeatism and anger, ask yourselves: why are these multitudes angry. Why can’t they be like you licking Mahathir? Then you will know why, but if you choose defeatism, racism and blame games, then you will have to surrender because your arguments are not buttressed by sustainable truths and arguments. You can engage children with that way but not learned Malays, Chinese and Indians who know the truth, compare notes and ask themselves critical questions. No one is stupid here and no can be forced to love or support anyone that he doesn’t want, a reason has to be there for that to happen and for that to happen, Mahatir’s legacy has to be dissected with wholesome truth and not selective works. Otherwise, go and scream in your bedrooms.

  111. Yes Benathan, the world would be a better place if they were out, because they would probably make bombs to blow up idiots and US propaganda vomit-licking idiots like yourself....just to justify their incarceration...

    Mekyam, you Mahathirist you... I will make sure you don't get your budu and belacan supply or bomb the container en route to NY...and you have to eat goulash all year...heh heh.



  112. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Aku masuk banyak blog yg include or even ulas pasal talk ni..Dan hampir kesemuanya byk org post comment..yg puji Tun banyak tapi yang aku terkejut/heran kat those yg kutuk or hentam Tun for whatever reasons..Eventhough they hate him so much they still watch or even they don't watch(I suspect ramai yg tak tengok pun but still want to comment) they still nak get involve. This just prove how people still want to hear his opinions or thoughts(Setuju or tak setuju tu lain cerita). So kesimpulannya Tun still relevant tak macam kata Karpal Singh or Anwar yang thinks dia dah nyanyuk..Pelikla kan BBC Hardtalk nak interview org tua nyanyuk..renung-renungkanlah

  113. Anonymous3:03 pm

    As Malaysian I am so proud that TDM is still relevant, able to respond all questions with brilliant answers. He is a living legend and AAB's crediblity is down the drain. I wonder if AAB took the interview he surely sounds dumb. Go TDM we all behind u!

  114. Anonymous3:28 pm

    There is difference between being combative as Mahatir is and being a mentor which he is not. Therefore greatness is something he lacks and lacked always. You can't buy it neither gain it through forceful tendencies and massive raping of institutions and collective punishment of opponents.

  115. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Like Guantanamo Bay, say you?

    Yeah, sure. Like those whom you ordered detained under ISA were terrorists.

    Everybody in Malaysia knew you abused the ISA for your own political existence. That makes you the biggest idiot for thinking we believe in your propaganda.

    Mahathir...just flip will you!

  116. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Why do we want to get cheap publicity through the BBC Hard Talk.

    The next time, please take notice that the interviewer has already prepared what questions to pose to the interviewee. He would try to extract the answer(s) that he wanted you to provide. When he could not, he would intervene and interrupt your argument.

    Two of the hard talk interviewers
    are so abrasive and crude in putting the questions across to the interviewees.

    The hard talk is aimed at drawing audience to the priogramme through sensationalising incidents taking place in the 3rd world countries and developing countries.

    Why can't ASTRO have such a programme entitled "ASTRO TALK'
    and pump questions in the naitonal language at the white interviewees? After all, Malaysia Boleh what.

    Is Pak Lah catching up for lost time. Within a week saw him attempting to reform the judiciary, then comes the ACA and tacking the rice shortage programme. While you are busy doing good for the nation, you have the running dogs around you harping on your stepping down!
    If I were you, Pak Lah, I do not need them. Get rid of them fast before they get rid of you.

    Look at the papers today, while Pak Lah concerned with the ACA Reform, his deputy talked nothing but smooth succession.

    Get rid of all the imbeciles and leeches around you. You will do well thereafter.

  117. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Rocky... I'd like to report a case of identity theft.

    just joking!

    anyhow, it would appear at least one anonymous has learn to use the HTML tags... but, rest assured, that's not the original.

    fyi, today is the last time I'll write under anonymous...

    ... for the very simple reason that the other anonymous sounds too much like an idiot!

    and, only God knows, how much I despise idiots!

  118. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Brother Ahiruddin and the rest,

    Dr. M's interview was really bad and it reached a comical level in the way he had contradicted himself. He said Pak Lah shld step down, in '99 almost 500,000 ppl marched the streets of KL demanding for Dr. M's head, to me that was a call for resignation.

    The interview was pathetic, his advisors shld be fired for allowing him and Malaysia to be embarrased like that.

    He looked so overwhelmed by Stephen Sackur's questions and he was exposed so blatantly. no doubt his misuse of ISA and Anwar's arrest was a farce, and there was certainly blood on his hands or all to see.

    Game over Dr. M

    Jalil Bakar

  119. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Well there you have it, a 'selective memory' ex-PM and a 'flip-flop' PM.

    I must say DR.M was brave enough to appear on Hardtalk but it also showed his weakness of admitting that he started all the rot that he is complaining about today...

  120. Anonymous5:40 pm

    i thou nazri was bad..not until i see Dr. M...

    Tun should learn a little from Lim Leong Sit. Spend some quality time. write you memoir before you drive youself gila.

  121. Anonymous6:48 pm

    "After his death .There will be those who will want to worship him..while some will want to pee on his grave".Those were the words of a veteran reknown journalist about TDM made at the height of TDM's rule.
    And later towards the end, just before TDM handed over power to PakLah, the same old man said..."After Mahathir,UMNO will be destroyed."
    At that time ,those words did'nt mean much.But looking at things now,although TDM is still very much alive,how true those words are.
    The comments here testify to the first statement while we see how UMNO is in such a state of disarray.
    How people view TDM's interview with the BBC last nite will all depend on which group they belong to.

  122. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Mahathir sure has the most selective' mind. In the western media interviews his recall seems to work perfectly. But, curiously, when it came to recalling events in the Malaysian courts, this same mind of his , suddenly became faulty.

    In one part of the 'HardTalk' interview, Mahathir seemed to be rattled and in another, he seemed uncomfortable. That was the first occasion, such signs could be detected

  123. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Dr M has what is commonly known as a "Pharoah spirit". He thinks so well of himself, and doesn't take kindly to criticism. Such people will never grow up. They just remain thorns in other people's sides.

  124. Anonymous8:18 pm

    guys, with the present renaissance going full swing in malaysia, we are forgetting one important fact.
    we have to thank the guy who started all this .....some 20 years ago!
    to understand why.

  125. Even after retiring more than 5 years, TDM is still being sought after worldwide.

    BBC finds TDM very irresistible that they have to interview him. Unfortunately Sackur like his predecessors from BBC, CNN and other TV stations found it the hardway. Sackur tried to be aggressive but found out that he was no match to TDM. The West are so full of double standards that his questions elicited answers that exposed Western's hypocrisy, causing Sackur to continuously retreat.

    I have seen Pak Lah being interviewed by CNN. His performance was so pathetic.

    Those who disliked TDM has been having nightmares. For 22 years of TDM reign they can't even put a dent in all the general elections. These people continue to have sleepless nights even after TDM has retired. Please continue calling TDM with all kinds of names. He could not be bothered. He has been given worst names by the Westerners.

    To TDM, please continue doing what you think is right. We support you.

  126. Anonymous10:08 pm

    to those mudder-pharkers who so easily and bravely condemn this Man, ask yourself---what have u done for the country , or capable of doing for the country other than shitting and wiping.

  127. Anonymous11:52 pm

    “Tell me who are the hundreds who I have put in prison (for political reason)?”

    Like his day in court, Dr.M doesn't seem to remember. Here's a partial list of some folks he jailed or ISA-ed to refresh his memory:

    -Anwar Ibrahim
    -Raja Petra Kamaruddin
    -Irene Xavier
    -Chandra Muzaffar
    -Tian Chua
    -Lim Kit Siang
    -Jeffrey Kitingan (along wt 6 other PBS guys)
    -Ezam Noor
    -S. Nallakaruppan (plays tennis with Anwar)
    -Hishamuddin Rais
    -Shaharudin A. Kadir (one of the many Reformasi supporters that got ISA-ed)
    -Karpal Singh
    -Lim Guan Eng

    et cetera...

  128. Anonymous2:29 am

    tehsin mukhtar said... Mekyam, you Mahathirist you...

    alamak! you foamed too?

    i so hate being slotted. but in this case... why, THANK YOU! :D

  129. Anonymous2:59 am

    Sackur could only asked questions that he & his team had prepared, but he sure wasn't prepared to answer questions backfired from Tun.

    The whole present cabinet and pakatan combined wouldn't be able to withstand the Hardtalk's "firing-squad" questions.

    I'm proud of you Tun. I have never seen a Hardtalk host been bash-up (though subtly) before.

    To those who are anti-Tun, why did this so-called dictator, tyrant, selfish, corrupted man gave up his power?

    And to all you PM-wannabees, how much better or different would your life be without this man.

    And how does this man caused you your miserable life and retarded mind?

    God bless you Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

  130. Anonymous10:10 am

    To conclude: Most of the comments anti Mahathir in this column was made by the same same people or the same group of people. This can be be obvoiusly noticed as the way they were written. Anyway Fact is fact. And TUN definitely did better than Anwar and Hamid Albar during the interview. Bravo Tun, I'm proud to be a Malaysian because of you!

  131. Anonymous11:01 am

    The way I look at it, Mahathir's reign was so authoritative and dictatorial that he effectively quashed any potential leaders, hence leaving UMNO with NO capable successor to take from AAB. Face it, who are there that >80% of UMNO members would select as the next President? ....So the blame lies solely on the Mahathir's shoulder for leaving UMNO in such a dire state.

    On the other hand look at PAS leadership development. They have many more capable leaders coming up to take the party to the future. Their leadership development is better than UMNO. It's sad for UMNO, it's becoming more and more irrelevant for the malays...

  132. Anonymous11:43 am

    "Game over Dr. M

    Jalil Bakar"



    Mr Burn

  133. Dr Mahathis is no small time contender. He went into the ring like a fighter that he is and won hands down. Way to go, sir! I know a fighter when I see one and you are one heck of a kick-ass fighter, sir!

    Now THAT's the kinda leader we all need.

  134. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Remember how does it feel to be a Malaysian in late 80's and early 00's? We were at the highest point of self esteem. It was the proudest moment to be a Malaysian. Whenever you mentioned Malaysia overseas.. people will gleefully acknowledge and the next word uttered by them is 'Mahathir'. For a short half an hour on Monday, I'd experienced that wonderful, proud feeling all over again.

    Many of TDM detractors are those who are either 'buta sejarah' or ' tidak megenang budi'. Thanks to his so called 'pemerintahan yang kejam' Malaysia and Malaysians were transformed from a sleepy hollow to an asian tiger/dragon. Let us take stock of what he has contributed:-

    a) The per capita income of the rakyat was significantly increase.. Rakyat has more buying power.. Kalau dulu orang kampung hanya mimpi untuk pakai kereta, but today almost everybody can afford a car. Even pekerja kilang, kerani and those yang dulu duduk rumah setinggan pun boleh pakai kereta.. Jasa sapa kah ini?

    b) Rakyat , especially the bumiputeras were given scholarship and grants to study and acquire skills.. With these skills when they graduated, they were given well piad positined in the many industries that had put anchor in Malaysia. Some of them set up successful businesses and become wealthy. Berapa ramaikah anak kampung miskin yang telah berjaya keluar dari kepompong dan kini berjaya menjadi entrepreneur dan teknikrat? Memang ramai.. Dan mereka yang berjaya ini telah membawa pulang hasil kekayaan mereka ke kampung mereka seperti dim kelantan, kedah, etc dan ia telah memakmurkan kampung mereka itu. Sampaikan ada pemimpin Afrika yang di bawa melawat ke sebuah kawasan kampung tidak percaya ia adalah kampung kerana ternyata ia lebih maju daripada bandar di negara beliau. Jasa siapakah ini?

    c) In two decades TDM has made Malaysia a competitive country that even threatened our neighbour's supremacy as the region's hub for trade and businesses. PTP port were a direct threat to Singapore port and it was so successfull at one time time that even Evergreen Line mived its operation from Singapore to PTP. KLIA was a direct competition with Changi as an aviation hub.. KL had become a direct competition with singapore as a business, convention and shopping hub.. And withn all this successes the country becomes wealthy.. Don't give me crap that these project benefitted only certain individual.. It is fact that during the second decade of TDM's term, Malaysians had become so prosperous that they had started to become choosy... of their preference for goods, vocation and other aspects of life... Jasa siapakah yang telah membolehkan rakyat Malaysia makmur dan berasa bangga?

    And today after Malaysians had licked all the goodies that had been initiated by TDM, they now condemned him as being a 'penyangak, penyamun, senile old man, etc'. Apa jenis manusia kah ini. Ambil madu sepah di buang...

    I challenge any Malaysian to come forward and state factually that he or she had not benefitted anything from TDM's reign..Especially the bumiputeras.. show me fact that you had not gain anything from jasa TDM...

    We forget easily, especially when we had gained wealth either academically, economically or spiritually..We forget to thank and appreciate the hands that had giventh us. That is why TDM always preaches that you should stop eating before your stomach becomes full..

    Of course TDM has his mistakes.. But his jasa is far bigger than his vices. He is seen as an authoritarian ruler as he needs to whip us Malaysian into shape so as to be a resilient and intelligent people in a dynamic and prosperous nation. This action of him irritates the West and they call him a dictator. I will not trade a dictator Dr M for any democracy advocates..

    Betul ke kita hidup dalam kesengsaraan di zamam Dr M?
    Betul ke kita hidup dalam ketakutan di zaman Dr M?
    Betulke kita hidup dalam kemiskinan dan kebuluran di zaman Dr M?
    Betul ke kita hidup di dalam kedaifan di Zaman Dr M.

    Tepuk dada, tanay selera.. Kita boleh menipu orang tetapi kita tak boleh tipu tuhan dan diri sendiri..

    For those TDM detractors, please spare some time to reminiscene where and what did you do during his premiership? Had you benefitted from any of his initiatives and opportunity taht he created? Are you indebted to him for your acquired wealth, health and well being? Renung renungkanlah

    I remembered when Proton Saga came out, and many PAS members were saying 'ini kereta tin susu'. But today many PAS members own Proton cars and yet they still condemn Dr M...

    TDM you are our nation's hero, Dulu, Kini Dan Selamanya......

  135. Anonymous1:52 pm


    Unless we have been living in different countries, or speaking about another mahathir mohamed, i don't see how anyone can be blind to the misdeeds, the abuse of power, the "tyranny", the corruption, manipulation of the judiciary etc that epitomised TDM. True, he has his good points, but he has no bloody locus standi in pointing a finger at pak lah. i admit our PM is a jackass, but i dont think mahathir should be the one cracking the whip here. For his "crimes" he should be thrown in jail and the key destroyed. Pak Lah should be placed in the next cell as further punishment for TDM. Maybe its time that this country is run by a pure non-Malay not a half Malay as it has been for decades now. What do we have to lose, i am sure it cant get any worse. As for that interview I think the host did a great job and asked all the right questions.

  136. Dato Rocky!

    Tun Mahathir adalah punca kekalahan BN semasa PRU12. Memang dia power, tapi Tunku Abd Rahman pun pernah quote, Umno akan hancur di tangan Mahathir. Spoke from the grave. Read tunku's biopic.

  137. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Well, you can have an intellectual's input into Mahatir's days by Din Merican here:

  138. Anonymous6:16 pm


    err...that's 14. Complete the list until at least 100 please.

  139. Anonymous6:23 pm

    We salute you TDM.

    To all TDM supporters! Did you notice that those who are against TDM none had expressed their support of Bodowi or even write about Bodowi. They only talk about TDM.

    Why? Because despite all the negative remarks on TDM they would rather have him as PM instead of the flip flop Bodowi. Employment are ever available and they can live more comfortably. What did they get under the "Mr Clean" and transparent Bodowi rule? A sleeping PM, higher prices of goods and services, higher petrol price, continuous toll hikes, rampant crimes and more cronyism and corruption. Any of us wants to be labeled Bodowist?

    Would these anti TDM group want to support a PM that sent his Minister to Beijing to apologize when a Malay lady was sripped naked in Kuala Lumpur. I have not seen a worst comedy act.

    Surely if there were lots of Bodowi supporter he would not have lost 2/3 majority and 7 states (including Perlis and Terengganu which he lost to the ISTANA).

    Surprisingly, when TDM called for Pak Lah to resign those anti TDM quickly jumped to Pak Lah defense yet refusing to claim themselves as true supporters of Bodowi.

    Would you want to support a PM that sent his Minister to Beijing to apologize when a Malay lady was sripped naked in Kuala Lumpur. I have not seen a worst comedy act. Of course they would not want to support Bodowi because they will be called Bodowists.

  140. Anonymous6:23 pm

    Mr Objective,



    Mr Burn

  141. Anonymous8:59 pm

    Many writers are very proud of MM's style and confidence. Malaysians can only be truly proud if truth and integrity are displayed instead!

    This master of EVASION has fooled you!

  142. Anonymous10:22 pm

    141 comments so far. TDM still drawing much interest.

    Whether you love or hate him, all of us can't seem to ignore TDM. including BBC... just cant get enough of him.


  143. Anonymous12:14 am

    "novice101 said...

    Many writers are very proud of MM's style and confidence. Malaysians can only be truly proud if truth and integrity are displayed instead!

    This master of EVASION has fooled you!"


    Mr Burn

  144. Anonymous2:41 am

    NO, Mr OBJECTIVE is NOT blind.

    He just have his head stuck up his arse.

  145. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Mr Anonymous,

    I am not anti-malay, i am anti the notion that only malays can be the leaders of this country, states, corporations etc. I admit I am blind, colour blind that is.

  146. Anonymous7:19 pm

    mahatick is just a two-faced modafuckar. Yo wanna trust an old snake like dat? The venom is still full of poison.

  147. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Like or not,Mahathir now is MOST INFLUENTIAL MAN in this country compare to 5 years ago...people who are support him is much than who are support Anwar...

  148. Anonymous10:17 pm

    anon 5.26 jalil bakar


  149. Anonymous11:49 am

    Metallurgist88, your examples don't hold water.

    /// In two decades TDM has made Malaysia a competitive country that even threatened our neighbour's supremacy as the region's hub for trade and businesses. ///

    That two decades happened to be prosperous years for most countries in the region. In a blizzard, even turkeys can fly. High tides lift all boats. Threatened neighbour's supremacy as the trade hub - you must be kidding. Where is Malaysia now as a trade hub? Now, don't give me that crap that it was all squandered in the last four years. It went down the tube when the Asian Financial Crisis hit in 1997/8 under TDM's watch. It went down so fast because the previous growth were all on steriods.

    /// PTP port were a direct threat to Singapore port and it was so successfull at one time time that even Evergreen Line mived its operation from Singapore to PTP. ///

    Sure, why wouldn't Maersk and Evergreen want to relocate if the spaces in PTP were given away for a song. This is stupdity at its highest. Just to spite Singapore and to steal business, it has to give away control and land on the cheap. Who doesn't know how to do "lelong" business. And you call that successful??? For crying out loud, I can also sell genuine Rolex Oysters by the thousands by selling them for RM10 each. So I am successful?

    /// KLIA was a direct competition with Changi as an aviation hub.. ///

    Again, where is KLIA now? Half empty with all the snafus and pilfering and shooting going on. Which country on earth will design an airport for 100 years ahead???

    /// KL had become a direct competition with singapore as a business, convention and shopping hub.. And withn all this successes the country becomes wealthy.. Don't give me crap that these project benefitted only certain individual.. ///

    Is this meant as a joke? Where is KL now?

    No, you got the sequence wrong. Before all these white elephant projects (KLIA, Petronas Towers, MSC, etc.) were built, Malaysia was rich, largely from oil from heaven. It is because of these grandious projects that got Malaysia into trouble during the Financial Crisis. And you are crowing about them here. Gee!!!!

    Yes, I won't tell you all the crap about these projects benefitting TDM's cronies only -- because you already knew the answer in your heart and head.

  150. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Anon 11.49 AM



    Mr Burn

  151. Mahathir forgets easily (mudah lupa). Foilks, please remember that this fellow once labelled the western media as "congenital liars". Its shameful, indeed, that he chose to go to the BBC to be interviewed. The BBC is western media la. Shame on you, Mahathir.

  152. Anonymous5:01 pm

    i watched the hardtalk programme just now on you tube. mahathir, no doubt, has a first class brain which amazingly still works
    so well at his age. no wonder he could single handedly take all other malaysians down his lane of deceptions all these years.

  153. TDM was just brilliant against Sakur questions. He was well prepared and had a rebuttal for every ace that sakur had up his sleeves..

    Ppl said he did alright for an 80+ yr old man. But i doubt a young fiesty 20+ yr old debater could do as well. I saw Anwar's interview with hardtalk, he sounded like a bumbling politician.

    We cannot have a fully anglo'democratic' society in a multicultural society. We need to have a modified form of democracy to keep everyone in check. We just need to look at the neighbour Singapore to see the similarities with the style of democracy.

    You also look at what not to do in Indonesia and Thailand. Both suharto and Thaksin had their own form of democracy but the country was calm and the economy was flourishing, especially thailand. The moment you dont give too much freedome, riots, unrest, their economy tanked.

    I don't asia can ever have the type of democracy that the west has defined. Many times it has shown, it just doesn't work in Asia.

  154. Anonymous2:58 pm

    I think Stephen changed topic every now and then when he couldn't find a retort to Mahathir's statement.

    I am not a fan of Mahathir, but I don't know why everyone could not see that Mahathir emerged as the winner in this debate.

    He twisted Stephen's comment on press freedom with something similar done in the West. And also on other Stephen's comment.