Monday, March 31, 2008

"Why I lodged the police report against the PM"

New book. Journo-blogger Johari Ismail's latest book, Umno Dikhianati, Kenapa saya buat laporan polis terhadap Pak Lah (Umno Betrayed, Why I lodged the police report against Pak Lah) will be launched today April 1 at The Loaf, Pavilion KL, at 3pm.

Juicy, cover-to-cover. I mean, just look at the pics used for the book. The characters portrayed by Johari are famous or infamous:- AAB apart, you have the KKK [Khairy, Kamal, and Kalimullah], and Lee Hsien Loong.

All are welcomed, members of the Old and New media included.


  1. Anonymous11:14 pm

    looks like there is going to be a showdown. somebody should start writing - "the years of living dangerously".

  2. Anonymous11:33 pm

    The Malaysian politics are getting very interesting. We have sandiwara, conspiracy theory, comedy, only short of thriller. I am more interested to see how this is going to be recorded in history book 10 years later. Reformasi? The Great Awakening? CyberPower? The New Malaysia?

  3. Anonymous12:10 am

    by the way, would the police report means anything? (sigh)
    so long as musa still sits as KPN, that police report wouldn't see the light of the day.

  4. Anonymous12:10 am

    it is absolutely sickening to hear of the corruption so prevalent in our society today.

    the world is round, what goes around comes around, beware those who take for themselves what is otherwise considered fraudulant in any other language. You may want to disguise it by calling it returns from networking or even your hard earned money. Make no mistake that there will be a day of judgement out there.

    In today's society there is less and less a place for you to hide.

  5. Sounds like "50 Dalil..."?

    Hmmm, typical UMNO...

  6. Brader Jo,

    1. Ini nak cari keadilan ka atau nak cari 'ongkos'? Tak leh sebut duit sensitif nanti ada orang terasa pulak.

    2. Jika boleh tulis jar dalam blog biar semua org tahu.

    3. Dalam situasi politik begini, apa-apa perkara yang berkaitan politik jangan bisnes dulu. Make it free for all first. Cooperation from all bloggers please !

  7. Salam Bro Ahiruddin aka. Rocky Bru,

    sama-samalha kita bertandang ke The Loaf, Pavillion esok. Nak juga merasa kesedapan resepi adunan roti oleh tangan bekas PM.

    Rasanya esok ada FRU ke? Mesti banyak Water Cannon kan.


  8. Anonymous12:40 am

    rocky check out these pseudo rela/olis/almaunaah/ security guards?/armyrejectswannabe?
    why do people still fall for this traps, con man?

  9. Anonymous1:10 am

    This Mahatir pussyfooters shouldn't imagine that Malays are such cheap elements who can be swayed nowadays with fear mentality. Must we host Mahatir to the high heavens always? This writer is a joker and a poor villager who seems misinformed and simply angry that AAB shut the door on the ever greedy and ruthless Mahatir. I remember how it started all. Anyway, enjoy!

  10. Anonymous1:19 am

    wa cayalah Jo...dulu kau betul punya marah kat mahathir sekarang ni kat pak lah la kau memang anti PM, tak kira sapa jadi PM.

    kawan lama.

  11. Anonymous1:24 am


    I heard someone mention about Singapore. It is a fact that the feuding parties (Dolah and Anwar) dislike each other, yet both of them (or their representatives for that matter) like to be stationed there - just a stopover? to meet foreign correspondents? get foreign assistance? to update the singaporeans on latest developments in malaysia? Whats the real reasons behind all these visits??? Will someone please give us a clue.

    What's so special about the city state? If we have good stories to tell, can't we entice the foreign correspondents to come here instead of coming down to singapore?, but then in the first place, why do we have to bother to please them? Aren't there any better things to do at home than makan angin? Please someone help me give it a sense or else we tell them off that they are senseless.

    The slumbering Zaib

  12. Anonymous1:36 am

    Ah, you can smell who's behind this...

  13. Anonymous1:45 am

    Q: Why did he lodge a police report against the PM?

    A: Because Mahathir told him so.

    The fact that his book is launched at "The Loaf" speaks volumes...

  14. Anonymous2:33 am

    zekane said at Dr toyo's blog : selama mmerintah negeri ini adalah sumbangan yg tidak akn mudah dlupakn oleh rakyat yg sentiasa mnyokong Dr dari belakang.
    What a laugh.....AI dari belakang....soon the TOYOL code starring lassy the dog as Dr K Toyol

  15. Anonymous2:34 am

    selama mmerintah negeri ini adalah sumbangan yg tidak akn mudah dlupakn oleh rakyat yg sentiasa mnyokong Dr dari belakang.

  16. Gunfight at OK Coral past High Noon? I'll be there for my brother blogger.

  17. Anonymous6:16 am

    I kinda like your blog. Its much better and balanced than "Malaysia Today" which is now should be called "DAP Today" for all its Malay, UMNO and Mahathir bashing.

    Congrats Rocky, maintain the momentum, PLEASE don't be another Raja Petra, who suddenly lost control of his own blog...

  18. Yes, Big things are looming on the horizon. But all malaysians including umno must keep in mind whatever decisions made, violence must NOT be included. Be mature enough to know God never intended violence in our lives.So debate, discuss, argue and decide as grown ups in God's grace. And all Malaysians will prosper including thyself.

  19. Anonymous6:19 am

    Yes agree with comment above.. I have stoppped visiting Malaysia Today.. my heart bleed reading all the comments there...Melayu dihina dicaci dan dinista oleh Cina DAP di negara sendiri..dan lebih sedih PKR parti Anwar Ibrahim jadi pula tukang sorak...

  20. Police report also can make a good book....
    So why does he lodge the police report? to ensure integrity in UMNO or for other reason or we have to buy the book to get the answer? Political book sometimes do not provide the answer, but just throw you with a lot more question.......

  21. Anonymous8:36 am

    Isn't this the best day for a 'press conference' like this?

    Where are they having it? At the Emperor's Clothings Shop?

  22. Anonymous9:38 am

    I call A.F. on this! At The Loaf @ Pavillion? Too obvious. Good laugh though!

  23. Anonymous10:19 am

    After their devastating loss in PRU 12, Paklah had not only failed to maintained his so call 2004 victory but he also created the new Malaysian History by losing so many seats and state.
    But what really matters is how he handle the aftermath was really shocking. Not only he heal the wound but he decided to eliminate his frontline Generals. He has proven himself as a uncaring leaders who only look at you when you are doing well.
    Lots of his General wounded and injured during the PRU12 battle b ut he did nothing to console the but instead talk C_ck infront of them. As an army chief the must always take care of his subordinate welfare be it alive; injured or death he must keep the spirit and morale high.
    He DESERVED to be kick out if he didnt want to retired gracefully.

  24. Anonymous10:23 am

    This isn't an April Fool's joke, I hope?
    Please don't toy with us this way. :)

  25. launched on april fool's day? betul kah?

  26. Anonymous11:18 am

    Kalimulah again. He is an economic genius when Bodohwi became PM.

    I do admire Kalimullah for his good corporate manovures under ECM Libra. A small company bought over a big company like COmmerce Asset.

    I can only Kalimullah - you are a great corporate player. I cannot find another UMNO member/leader can match his mateoric rise in the corporate world.

    Kalimullah I am sure that you do not need the protection from the PM like Khairy did.

    Kalimullah please keep up with the good work and we look forward to see more takeover now that the GE were over.

    Why I heard that Kalimullah is migrating when he is doing so well??

  27. Anonymous11:45 am

    or is it an april fool joke?

  28. Anonymous11:50 am

    This joker wanna launch his book at the Pavilion - "The Loaf" . Immediately I smell a rat. Of all places he has to launch it there?

    This again is another "purported" Mahathir induced and sanctioned attack on AAB. Why can't the joker launch it at the "Roti Boy" or other Bakery??

  29. Anonymous12:06 pm

    can't wait for the outcome..

  30. Anonymous12:53 pm

    I wish there is a stop to all this nonsense politics and hatred incitement.

    Just read Finnish news about a blogger jailed for inciting racial sentiments.

    By the way, Finland is one the so called more human rights country. Even so, human rights comes with human dignity and I fully agree of jailing someone who causes racial hatred.

    What makes you all thing Anwar Ibrahim can save you. When I was young, he institute KBSR, KBSM which made us a guinea pig for his bahasa baku policy which was nonsense. It just turn it to more indonesian.

    Anwar Ibrahim is just a talker and just bringing up all the populist issues. I have done meetings with him and he has no idea how to do things effective.

  31. Anonymous1:39 pm


    let them fight. let them destroy umno. we malaysian are longing for this moment. should they need phantom fighters, we provide them. Looks like Allah answered to our solat hajat.


  32. Anonymous2:00 pm

    I smell a rat here. Is this an April Fool's joke?

    Never heard of the book and few have heard of the author. April Fool?

  33. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Spreading Rumours

    MALAYSIANS must be more responsible in their use of alternative media like the Internet and blogs, which can be turned into gossip machines to spread unsavoury stories about everything and everybody.This is becoming an unhealthy practice among the younger generation.They give vent to their frustrations by posting rude and vulgar comments on blogs.Some of the things being discussed have no factual basis and are spread as though they are the truth.The danger is that people believe them and form judgments based on untruths and half-truths.If this practice persists, it threatens to turn Malaysians into a nation of rumour-mongers.

    By BULBIR SINGH, Seremban
    NST, March 31,2008.

    The above letter appeared in the New Straits Times. The reason why I'm highlighting this letter is not because it has any value to it, but simply to re-emphasize the point to everyone as to where Bulbir Singh is coming from.

    This is an extract of what I wrote about Bulbir Singh in my Blog on Feb 23, 2008:

    "To be fair, I have been reading Mr.Singh's letters especially in the Star & Sun and have found it to be slanted towards the Government, it's leaders and it's policies and has nothing nice to say about opposing views and opinions. Whatever the case, it is within Mr. Singh's right to state his views and opinions and we must respect this. After all, this is what democracy is all about. Likewise, Mr. Singh should also appreciate and respect the rights and opinions of others even if they do so with a pseudonym".

    Bulbir must have been sleeping when the Political Tsunami swept the nation on March 8, 2008. You see, the problem with Bulbir is that he sees the world in a different lens. To him, the BN had done a fantastic job for the past 50 years. Everthing and everyone from the Opposition, Hindraf, Bersih etc are evil and are up to no good. For Bulbir, the BN and Pak Lah are incorruptible and infallible.

    That is why dear old Bulbir has kept silent all these while when issues such as the Lingam Tape, The Judiciary, corruption by BN politicians, KJ, ISA, OSA etc cropped up. Suddenly, he's awake and launches a blistering attack on Bloggers accusing us of spreading half-truths, rumor mongers and vulgar. I could be forgiven if I say that the way his letter was written, it sounds like something written by the BN propaganda machine.

    For Bulbir, reading the MSM is the next best thing to Holy Scripture. Poor Bulbir still believes whatever trash the MSM dishes out. Once again, I wish to remind everyone that it is within Bulbir's right to say or write whatever he wants. We, must respect that right of his. Likewise Bulbir, you must also respect what other people say and write. Please don't demonize us Bloggers.

    If you are up to it, you can also set up your own blog. If you don't have the time, you can always read Khir Toyo's Blog. At least here, you will find things that are more appealing to your palate.

  34. It is for free food
    Doesn’t everybody like it?
    Smell The Loaf
    Let Dr M serves it free?

    When a product going to launch
    Free food and drinks available
    This is the way to get free publicity
    What that book about?

    The new cronies and wealth gone
    Like the old a new clothing done
    Serving self interests wealth amongst the few
    The people gathering for free
    Thinking there is good news to digest

    The power game
    History has many of them
    From Emperors to political leaders
    The underlying truth is about
    Wealth and hungry pests of parasites
    Wanting to share a semblance of its glow

    The Police take its own sweet time
    Perusing records and reports
    Every time an enquiry arrives
    There is nothing much to digest

    So lies the history of ineptness
    Until the ground cracks people running
    Only then something will be done
    Right now free bread Dr M?

  35. Anonymous3:11 pm

    As long as the book is written in 'good faith', then it is ok to my. Just look at what happened to the author of '50 Dalil' ?

    Of all the places, why launch at 'The Loaf'? Co-incidence?

  36. Anonymous3:14 pm

    anonymous 1:24 AM (the slumbering Zaib)

    What's Singapore got to do with this?

    TDM has a fixation with regard to Spore, maybe because Lee Kuan Yew refused to kowtow to "big brother" Malaysia. And maybe because Singaporean Malays showed no interest in the "Ketuanan Melayu" philosophy and were openly disdainful of the NEP. And also, TDM can't get over the fact that Spore is so much better off than Malaysia, or that it carries a bigger stick in international councils than Malaysia.

    anonymous 11:18 AM

    ECM Libra bought over Commerce Asset???

    What have you been smoking, bro?

    That ECM Libra has bought over Commerce Asset will be news to Khazanah Nasional. And to Nasir Razak!

  37. Anonymous3:40 pm

    The quake actually started in 1998/99. TDM was at the core of it all. Sensing that, TDM stepped down and chose AAB thinking that he'll still be in control behind AAB. His legacy will still continue and his regime will still be alive. So in 2004, the people wanted to give AAB a chance. Thinking that TDM and his proxies will slowly phase out. In 2008, unfortunately TDM's people still calling the shots. The rakyat wont gamble anymore. They actually voted TDM out this time...but with a lot of help from TDM himself plus all his people who had been sidelined. Now, TDM is smelling blood again. The rakyat has opened the door to him once again. So sorry...but the rakyat lost!

  38. You run a story on UMNO and people come in to read and leave commments. Does this mean people have UMNO at heart, that they care about UMNO? One will only do this if one still 'love' UMNO to see it refreshed itself. Should we be watching how our guys are getting along with their new job? Are they out there at 4.00 in the morning to check on burst pipe or crime. Or are they at home writing anti government blogs, complaining about everything under the sun because that's what they're good at doing.

    I don't think we should bother about what's gonna happen to UMNO anymore, unless of course your heart is still UMNO. Do we talk about someone we hate when his or her house is on fire? Do we care?

    I don't.

  39. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Rocky Bru,

    This is for your attention, a comment in Susan Loone :-

    Malaysian Says:
    April 1, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    I couldn’t agree more with the writer. Problem is Malaysians mudah lupa. Have you read Rocky’s blog today … publicizing a book on PM misdeeds (kinda like the Anwar 50 … one) and of all places, launch at the Loaf! Ha, ha. For lay people like us, it’s clear Mahathir has something on the author. 2ndly, he’s obviously making political inroads for his son. Enough lah Tun, isn’t one of your other son Forbes richest man in Asia. The entire power struggle is very clear to the people. It is now becoming a laughing stock. TDM was Mr 15%, so what if Badawi wants to be Mr 10%? We tolerated TDM for 22 years. I think we can bear for another 5 years. Didn’t you see the landslide victory for BN the previous GE ‘cos we the people hoped Badawi was coming in to clean out the mess. Didn’t you hear the silent cheers when we heard Badawi cancelled the dumb crooked bridge project (as an eg) The problems only started when he replaced it with another dumb crooked project. Now, anyone backed by TDM will be seen as tainted by the general public, someone to revive his ill thought out projects. Enough lah Tun. Soros mentioned your massive wealth and properties in Japan. The rest of us who travel also know of your properties in the Americas and Europe. You were once named one of the richest man on earth. You have enough for many generations to come in your family. Enough lah.
    (Frankly that blogger Rocky is losing credibility with me)

    How will you react to this?

  40. Anonymous5:41 pm

    Looks like this place has become the unofficial Mahathir spokesman..just as it was intended wasn't it? Well have fun agents of George Soros..Jewish money sure tastes good doesn't it?

  41. as usual. umno business goes on.

    you stab me, i stab you. you pat me, i pat you. :)

    let's KICK THEM ALL OUT!

    btw, any internet version?

  42. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Don't you all get it? There's no such book la... it's obviously an April Fool joke la.

  43. Anonymous7:33 pm

    The LOAF... When the Pavillion was being built I was there working to fix up the ventilation and aircons etc...

    After that I never step into the shopping complex. Too expensive for me lah.

    I heard a loaf of roti is RM 20 over. A sandwich is RM 5 over.

    How Lah Pak Lah. I cannot afford lah.

    Phack Lah

  44. aiyoh didn't know about this, instead went to the MyKmu forum this morning. Pretty heated discussion, Khir Toyo got burned by a bunch of (I think some keadilan boys), some UMNO members and by me. Hahahahahaha. UMI Hafilda was there, that was interesting. And a smart ass who says he is a ketua pemuda in Khir Toyo's constituency decided to give the notion that UMNO should reconsider to take Anwar Ibrahim into the party in front of Mahathir and a bunch of angry UMNO rabid supporters. Tsk!Tsk! Tsk! NOT a smart move young man.

    Veeerryy interesting..

  45. Hi Rocky Fan,

    Susan Loone's blog reader who wrote that comment is entitled to his/her views. If Jo Ismail, who is a journalist friend, wants to launch his book at The Loaf, what can I say? If Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan, an ex-journalist ex-friend, wants to publish a book about 50 reasons why he should migrate to Australia and launch the book at The Loaf, what can I say?

    But of course Kalimullah will launch his book at his own Italian restaurant in Bangsar or perhaps at Nori/KJ's boutique. If he invites me, I'll go. I mean, won't you be interested in why he should migrate to Australia (if he writes such a book)? Of course, you would.

    And that commenter want's to call me KJ's man or Kali's man for covering the book launch or publicising the book? Go ahead.

  46. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Wat abt Singapore?? Why Singapore?
    Sori guys let me comment a bit.
    Tak pasal2 kita pulak yg kena.
    You all pernah tengok Seniman Bujang Lapok kan.

    "Oh tidak..tidak...Saya ketis..., kelepak!!..jatoh ke muka direktor ahmad nisfu"....
    Direktor.AN.."ahh..Kenapa aku!!"

    Itu lah nasib kami. Jangan marah lah.

  47. Dear SIR Rocky Bru

    am not verse at Malaysian Law, English Law, let alone Israeli Law...

    now "can a fellow Public Individual make a Police Report against 'Another Individual' just because the latter is a BENGGAP Individual?

    now not sure that would take a Royal Commission Inquiry (RCI) to solve the case, would that need one???

    now a country of 26 million with say, 56% agreeing and admitting that a BENGGAP Individual is on the verge of capsizing the Nimitz, should the 56% rush for lifeboats and abandon the Nimitz or give away a lifeboat for the BENGGAP Individual to run it himself at his own wish and fancy?

    there is no such thing as 'stupid question' but we do have stupid answers though!

    something good for thought.

  48. Anonymous9:21 pm


    I believe you are 'impartial'. This is what blogging should be. Agree?

  49. When relationships have strayed
    Settings most ideal for being betrayed
    No more gift bearings with trays
    It's dog eats dog world like strays

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  50. WOi Pokka,

    Ini bukan soal Anwar bangkit..tapi keangguhan orng UMNO membuatkan rakyat - generasi spt aku menolak BN sebab melut dengan BN dan kuncu2nya.
    Anwar kuat atau tidak, kalau kuasa rakyat yang memilih pemimpin ko nak buat apa...rakyat era 6o-an dan zaman melinium jauh beza sebuah dah cerdik belajar kat U mcm aku..bukan sombong, Tapi bangga menjadi org berilmu...Tapi taklah bangga mcm org UMNO yang kaya dpt projek sana sini dan angkuh gila babi sombong!!!!

    Kerajaan BN suruh rakyat bersyukur sebab dah tolong orng Melayu tapi apa aku dan genarasi aku dapat..

    Aku bukan kakitgn kerjaan, dan tak merasai keistimewaan sebagaimana kakitgn awam dpt..Aku berusaha sebagai penjual insurans/ jual produk kewangan utk survival diri sendiri dan kaum MELAYUku sendiri..susah nak bersaing dgn agen Cina tapi sabar tempuh cabaran.

    Kumpulan mcm aku ini memang tak dpt la projek BN..Jadi apa kepentingan generasi aku sekarang dlm DEB..aku nak tanya korang semua..(yg bekerja sendiri) apa yang ko dpt kat DEB..tak dapat apa pum..tak rasa apa pun...
    Jadi pemikiran generas mcm aku dah tak kisah sebab dah biasa tak BERTONGKAT UMNO

    Woi Pokka (terpakasa biadap panggil woi sbb ko sengall!!!)
    Tal payah la ko sembang harga minyak serta dasar2 bodoh tu..KDNK ke..krisis kewangan ke..

    Yang idup akan mati..Anwar PakLah Tun M semua akan mati...Jadi kesimpulannya mudah jgn sibuk pasal individu sebab dia akan mati..tapi kaum MELAYU menyambung generasi ini akan terus marah jika pemimpin buat perangai mcm ni..

    Brader.., semua org dah ada otak laaa...propaganda dah penting...

    Jgnlah kutuk sesama kita..third class mentaliti...

    BN dah kalah teruk PRU12 masih nak angkuh sombong...woi org insaflah..betul kata KULI.. UMNO kat semenanjung tak kuasa hanya menumpang kuasa org Sabah..
    Tal malu ker...
    Kalau ANwar dah mati nanti..dan org UMNO tak umah perangai, rakyat akan marah juga...dan tak menyokong BN

    Susah sgt ke nak PAHAM!!!

    Woi org UMNO yang kaya - disebabkan dapt projek berniaga insaflah dengan keayaan itu...kalau ko kaya pun ko bukan boleh makan sekali 8 pinggan tetap 1 pinggan juga cuma yg mmebeza harga sepinggan ko rm4 atau rm40...

    Cukup berserdaha ada 1 bangglo, 1 mercedes, 1 myvvy...yang lain tu agih la kat org miskin...

    Kalau aku diberi mandapt senang jer nak haspus ke miskinan tegar...dulu kita kempen satu rumah 1 komputer..

    Aku akan buat standardkan rumah seluruh golongan miskin.
    1 rumah 1 kereta...( ini idea aku jgn bawa masuk parlimen lak...esk tak idea nak kempen PRU13 hahahha).
    Kpd golongan miskin ok...takkk Dah zaman melinium pun ada org susah lagi..ada org asli g sekolah tak pakai kasut...Selagi ada org susah dlm bersamaMU TV3 tu..selagi itu BN gagal basmi kemiskinan..Itupun x dah dedah..takkan bantu lagi..cit porahhhhh!!!!

    Aku nak buat parti baru: Parti Generasi Melayu Muda...

    tengku johan

  51. Anonymous12:15 am

    Sorry Bro Bru , Off topic a bit.

    I ve noticed most of the Malaysia-Today's bloggers never stop bashing on NEP, Malay, UMNO & Tun M especially.

    I smell a lot of rats there everytime there is an article on Tun M & Ku Li, these bashing comments came rushing in on the average of 40 to 50 in nos.

    They never stop comparing how great is LKY's Dinasty administration & not surprisingly even during the GE 12 campaign our brother DSAI & his DAP brothers were very proudly boasting it to the people.In fact i cant recall any critics at all from
    DSAI & DAP on WPI issues & all those dubious dealings between PL/KJ & TEMASIK groups.

    Im being practical here. If it wasnt because of Tun M consistently voicing out againts Pak Lah & his HP6 cabinets administrations, i guessed the rest wont have the guts to follow thru.

    To those who thinks that Singapore administration is so great, just open up a bit & surf around some of singapore's political sites to see whats happening down there.

    Try read some of the articles (e.g Lee Kuan Yew administration a big Divide,If You Think Singapore is Great at http//singaporedissident.blogspot).

    Its not surprise though, when reps of both side PL & Anwar are very fond of meeting & updating
    each other & probably their master down there. Seems more like the master is changing the infamous & useless puppet.

    Just when we thought we finally see the light, to me its more like LARI DARI MULUT BUAYA MASUK MULUT SINGA, neither way we are doomed.

    Rats Sensor

  52. Anonymous12:23 am

    Pak Rucky,

    Kadang2, saya kecewa dgn anda. Kalau lah benar2 nak dikentengahkan isu yg kental, kenapa lah nak dipromosikan buku oleh penulis yang terkenal dengan sifat "mercenary" seperti kawan anda si Jo ni.

    Tanya2 lah balik. Bukan kah dia ni the same Jo yang menjaja merata menjual lencana dacing dan barang2 BN tak berapa purnama yang lalu?

    Apakah isu kredibiliti terlibat di sini? Sifat komersialism Jo, ramai sahabat2, atau bekas sahabat2, tahu.

    Tahu pasal apa bekas sahabat2? Kaki pinjam duit tak bayar balik ni Pak Rucky ooiii...Tak caya? Tanya la budak2 Bernama dulu2. Tera mamat ni...

  53. Anonymous1:19 am


    touche, bro.
    susan loone's one person who cannot take as good as she gives.

    she can whack people like mad but she won't publish any comment that's whacking her.

    and looks like she's hellbent on discrediting you for ALl-Blogs.

    what's her problem?

  54. Anonymous10:51 am

    Salam Bro Rocky,

    Refering to the case of Singapore, I would to continue with my earlier comment:

    Sang Nila Utama pengasas negara;
    Raja Husin Johor pewaris asalnya; Raffles durjana pakar porak peranda;
    Harry Lee tepuk tangan kerana agenda terlaksana;
    Melayu Singapura terus terpinggir dan ternganga.

    Sindrom Melayu Mudah Lupa masih ada... or shall we allow the not so long ago history to repeat? Visit Singapore year for National Agenda masuk akal ke?


  55. Anonymous11:41 am

    The fact is Singapore economy is the best in South east asia.This nobody can argue BUT there's always a price to pay and mind u S'pore is a city state which they cannot afford to make mistakes as wat we,in M'sia is doing.
    Just take a 'glance'look at our administration and theirs.And i need not say much.
    Just look at S'poreans? are they struggling as much as we are here shouting for reformasi and this and that..etc
    Though gotta admit their living standard is high and they cannot afford to shake their legs lazing at home.
    But just look at how comfortable they are travelling overseas when there's a holiday.
    There is no perfect country in the world,but all we can do is to make right the things that we had.
    AND,S'pore is created bcos of the foolishness of M'sia post-colonial admin.
    We kicked them out that's for sure and till to this day never hears a single cries of 'regrets' from our M'sia admin.
    Take note,S'pore is one of 13 M'sia states ever since British times.

    Humans are created ever not to feel satisfy with watever they had.

    'Manusia tidak akan berubah sehingga sesuatu malapetaka/bencana terjadi '

  56. Anonymous11:57 am

    saudara rocky,
    does johari still hang around the press club, waiting for free beers?

  57. Anonymous6:07 pm

    anon 10.51am,
    Melayu Singapura terus terpinggir dan ternganga

    Saya rasa anda patut ber fikir dua kali sebelum membuat catatan tersebut.
    Saya rasa kita harus mempunyai mentaliti seperti mereka.
    8thn saya bekerja disana tidak terpernah dengar mereka terpekik-pekik seperti kita disini meminta-minta.
    Jadi saya syorkan anda cermin diri anda dahulu sebelum memberi komen.
    kerana saya sudah anggap kita melayu m'sia sudah terpinggir pemikiran dan berkhayal!!!

  58. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Some people just love living in denial & still trying to paint rosy pictures on LKY Dynasty's dictator's slave economy rule & already TAK BOLEH TAHAN Singaporean.Or maybe its one of those RedDot hired cybertrooper trying to confuse our people here.Just take a good look at this article (If You Think Singapore is Great)from
    If You Think Singapore is Great,

    The Old Man has basically destroyed Spore with his silly policies & rigid laws & regulations to inhibit public dissidence. Spore is his own personal fiefdom to which he has enriched his own family & friends. No one with a basic intelligence would want to be in a society where the FamiLee inner circle gets all the rewards and privileges while the outer have to scrap for their throw-aways. Eg. Ministers' children are often beneficiaries of prestigious govt scholarships while the average joe's kids have to go to ITE/Poly. Even in National Service, the inner circle children entering NS were earmarked as White Horses. What does that mean? I wouldn't know but such a practice clearly shows a 2-tier society.
    Anyway, Spore's education is over-rated for what it's worth. The educational system is only good up to Secondary level as it teaches discipline & basic academic skills. However, the thought process & creativity is lacking - this hinder the next step towards tertiary education. Bilingualism hurts our language & literacy skills as you cannot be master of both languages. In fact, the sharp focus on Chinese language has reduced Spore's English speaking proficiency that Sporeans when they speak english - they can barely make themselves understood by foreigners. Written communication skills are equally poor - I came across an university graduate who couldn't even compose a simple letter properly.
    Spore education is extremely narrow in focus - the arts, music & creative elements are given low priority whereas engineering, medicine, law and business administration are highly valued. The incredible irony is that with the digital internet age - creativity is everything to this new industry. Cybergaming/MMORPG, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Blogging - these are avenues with which to create new values & growth economies. The backhand to these new trends is that liberal values, tolerance & a permissive open attitude are necessary - Do anyone see Spore heading towards that direction? ABSOLUTELY NO!
    Spore is still grounded with censorship, intolerance & just poor micro-management control. Even Old Man's grandchildren could see that the grass is definitely greener on the other side. Old Man's insistence on micro-managing the economy has caused Spore to miss out on many opportunities. High tech industries as Semi-conductors, Bio-technology & Pharmaceuticals - Spore has got no foothold in these industries. They are here because of tax breaks and govt incentive, cheap land, etc. In another few years, they would migrate to elsewhere.
    Old Man's own vision of his economy is akin to a Slave-driven economy. Eg. Bus companies now have to recruit PRC drivers as local/Msians find it unattractive due to low pay, poor irregular working hours, etc. While the Public Transport Bus companies are making huge profits, they can't pay their bus drivers a decent wage. Of course, it is no coincidence that the govt owns these companies & receive huge dividends in order to pay their Ministers their huge salaries. At the end, Spore is just a slave economy working for the benefit of just a few.
    No wonder many people are packing their bags & leaving Spore for good.

  59. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Salam again my frens
    Getting serious abt Singapore

    It's simple maths.
    We have NOTHING except people.
    You have abundance, oil, rubber, palm oil & many other commodities. If you stop production today you can continue some other day.We simply can't.
    The house is so small & fragile and a simple mistake can be disastrous.
    We cannot afford street demo or even picketing. Investment will not come in because of instability.
    Slowly but surely we are there as long as we remain as One People.
    The only concession I can make of is comparing how many Muslim Professional were there in 1965 and how many there are, now. I am sure the figure is handsomely higher.

    Ever heard the saying
    "If you can't beat them, join them"

    My philosophy is simple..
    If I cannot be a Doctor today, I will work hard to ensure my children does.
    We safeguard our children and our children's children future.
    Everyone will be given the opportunity to excel. PM Lee has assured that no one will be left behind. That's Uniquely Singapore.

  60. Anonymous1:34 am

    Johari Ismail is as outraged as the next guy who sees the PM as the weak, corrupt link in the running of this country but that's the limit of respect I'd give to Johari. Unless the years have changed him, he is to me the same bad-tempered dude with a short fuse and a propensity to borrow money from colleagues without a thought of paying it back, and this goes back to 1982 when he was a reporter with The Star. He was bad news then and he is still bad news now, the PM police report notwithstanding. For his sake, I hope he has overcome his days as a total deadbeat.

  61. Anonymous8:48 am

    anon 10.04am,
    Pls mirror yourself first.M'sia is just that bad but worse.
    So just to hell with them if not being ale to accept the truth.

  62. Anonymous3:35 pm

    a friend showed the book.

    for rm25, is this guy nuts or what?

  63. Anonymous10:53 am

    i contact u soon!