Monday, March 31, 2008

Where's Jean?

"Sedangkan lidah, lagi tergigit

Apa pula, suami isteri .." - P. Ramlee

Several concerned journalist friends have called me to ask if I happened to know of the whereabout of Jean Danker, the beloved wife of the Prime Minister.

I told them: How the hell would I know?
They told me, Well, we don't either and we thought you're the blogger!
I said, Why don't you ask the Prime Minister? I'm sure he won't say, "I don't know".

But the fact is, I was told, the PM has turned up for official functions without his better half for three days in a row! She was not there for Maulidur-Rasul, not there for the Kraftangan event, and was not see for the Kenduri Kesyukuran in Penang.

All OK on the domestic front, we hope ...


  1. Anonymous12:25 pm

    May be she is having other engagements? Sick? Unwell? Outside the country? On a family errand?


  2. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Babysitting Khairy?

  3. Anonymous1:04 pm

    She's pregnant...LOL !

  4. Anonymous1:04 pm

    She's pregnant...LOL !

  5. Anonymous1:07 pm

    she's packing the suitcases!! hehehe...

    Next Stop: Oz-land!

  6. Anonymous1:15 pm

    bro, rajuk-rajuk maja tu....hehehehehe

  7. Anonymous1:19 pm

    So what is it you guys want?

    For Jean to follow him everywhere or stay out?

    Make up your minds (since you folks all want to decide what PM shud do and also what PM's wife shud do).

  8. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Jean is not feeling well. Tumit kanan dia ada masalah. Dia belum boleh jejak kaki utk jalan. She is on wheelchair, dia ada kat Sri Perdana. Visit la dia !

  9. Badawi should sing Isabella for his beloved Jean

  10. tak sihat...muntah-muntah...suka makan asam skrg ni plak dengar citenye

  11. menyesal kot? atau tengah packing barang..? yela kot2 kalah bulan 12 nnt.. maklumla umah bapak besar.. barang mestila banyak..

  12. trouble in paradise i see...hihi...

  13. ini gossip panas ala melodi!

  14. Anonymous2:17 pm

    maybe she is pregnant!

  15. Anonymous2:19 pm

    The PM's residence is quite large with many rooms. Perhaps they were playing hide-and-seek?

    Did he look under the bed?

  16. Anonymous2:28 pm



  17. Maybe she's finally been knocked by Pak Lah and having 'morning sickness'...

  18. Anonymous2:31 pm

    Wahhh.. a lot of kepohs around I see.... Aiyah, who cares what happened to her or why she is not appearing. Well, I don't. I have better things to do.

    Anyway, to satisfy these kepoh, maybe I indulge in a bit of kepohing too... hmmm.. maybe she went for some cosmetic surgery?? You know ler, her husband already on the verge of getting kicked out, she wants to have a new face so people will not recognise her as the dyfunc hopeless fella's wife? Maybe she is getting ready to sprint??

  19. Maybe she is busy talking to DAP assemblyman for Buntong and managed to convince him to resign from DAP. Now Perak under BR is on a tightrope.

  20. Bro , janji kita tau mana bini kita sudah lah ,, apa nak ambil tau hal bini orang !

  21. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Jeanne has just realised that she married an asshole.

  22. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Why you all sibuk2 ask him to move, so she has to pack lor before saying bye2

  23. Anonymous2:47 pm


  24. Anonymous2:56 pm

    BULL EYED...

  25. Anonymous3:19 pm

    let me try

    She is holidaying in Perth.

  26. People,leave her alone. She was never in the equation.She has not harmed us. Leave her be to do what she knows best.Empathize with her in these times, please. Theren are more pressing things to fret about.

  27. I hope he's strong enough to face the worst. I pray for him.

  28. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Could it be also because Of Khairy , guys? Pak and Jean could not find matching His & Hers at Khairy's Boutique "The Emperor's New Clothes" because SIL was too busy with GE12 and left the boutique shelves bare and naked...just like the conceited emperor in Hans Andersen's fable.

    Another reason could be Malik Imtiaz.Malik wrote in his Disquiet:-
    "Some even criticized him for remarrying less than two years after his first wife died of cancer and then showing public affection toward his new partner.
    At a time when the country is crumbling around us we have to watch his lovey-dovey going-ons with his wife, said Malik. People don't want to see a lovable teddy bear. They want a tough leader."

  29. It's not good to speculate wildly. That is gossip!

    Let her be. If there is any announcement to be made, AAB will make it.

  30. Anonymous4:17 pm


    off topic...

    u should see this

    what the hell of this organisation? another alMaunah?

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  32. You should ask your reporter friends to ask Dollah. He may be pissed off but he'll answer it anyway. Just hope no stupid answer.

    Constitutionally, Jean is not very important other than being the wife of Dollah. Not like Raja Permaisuri Agong. Read below from Wikipedia:

    Raja Permaisuri Agong merupakan pasangan kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Ia adalah gelaran rasmi bagi isteri ketua negara Malaysia. Gelaran rasmi yang penuh adalah Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong.

    Raja Permaisuri Agong tidak dipilih tetapi isteri kepada raja atau sultan sesuatu negeri akan menjadi Raja Permaisuri Agong apabila suaminya itu telah terpilih untuk memegang jawatan Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Lazimnya, Raja Permaisuri Agong akan mengiringi Yang di-Pertuan Agong dalam lawatan rasmi dan tidak rasmi serta upacara diraja dan kenegaraan.

    In conclusion, being the wife of Malaysian Prime Minister does not mean Jean is The First Woman. Not US maa...

  33. Hmmm... Pak Lah has learnt quite a lot from CSL... the power of the root or the blue dot?

  34. More than a week ago I wrote that maybe he has been listening to her advise and see where it has got him to? AFter all SIL has been discredited and 4th Floor has taken flight I hope. So only wify left. And wify does not want him to leave the job just yet...And she may be still looking forward to joining the mile high club maybe!!!? Now can with that private plane at their disposal ma!! Some more, not yet meet with the queen and play host to her....and not yet meet US President and First maybe she force him not to resign or make the right decision???

  35. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Dia baru balik operation kaki..tak dapat jalan daaa....

  36. Anonymous5:05 pm

    No wonder the guy looks sleepy and fatigue. Too much humping lah. But well paid off if indeed she is pregnant.

  37. Aitt...dah ngandung ker? jika begitu bagus la.

    Jika betul lah dia ngandung, nanti anak tu sure:

    a. mudah dijaga - Asyik tidur 24jam?

    b. Anak bapa - Besar nanti boleh ganti kat ting 4?

    c. Future Politician - Bakal hilang wang pertaruhan jika bertanding?

  38. Anonymous5:25 pm


  39. Anonymous5:36 pm

    Comeon guys, you can't be that low to point at "Jeane"

    To me she is not even in the political arena, and she is not an elected or going to be elected proponent of BN.

    Lay off better bloggers OK

  40. Anonymous5:41 pm

    'jgn tinggal daku'-pak lah

  41. Anonymous5:50 pm

    ..pregnant? I thought at his age he would be shooting blanks

  42. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Aiyoh. Didn't he explained her "disappearance" in the PLSB blog last week?

  43. Anonymous6:03 pm

    she busy packing mah

  44. Anonymous6:22 pm

    She's the one who's sulking and not Rafidah. Saw how AAB was as if shoving her away on the nite of PRU results announcement. Got no mood la pi main jauh jauh....ayo itu macama bukan sayang mini ooo.

  45. Anonymous6:22 pm

    Aiyo! why waste time talking about the irrelevant PM, who is not shameful of himself?

    Everyone is abandoning him - even Jean. But the Sleepy Head will carry on sleeping!!!
    Lets get him out soon.

  46. Anonymous6:32 pm

    Sir Rocky,

    Heard that there's morning sickness? Plus a bit of vomitting here and there.

    Haha....just kidding.


  47. All those are official functions. Jean perlu mempunyai sebab yang kukuh utk justify ketidakhadiran beliau. Kalau berkaitan dengan "perasaan" I feel sorry for Pak Lah.

  48. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Pak Rocky,

    I found Jean danker and her Boyfriend.
    Take a peek here:

  49. Anonymous7:55 pm

    This is a silly discussion .
    Why not we start another one with why Dr. Mamak is going around without Siti by his side or why Guan Eng was seen without Betty.

  50. Is it any of our business?

    ok ok...she is the PM's wife and because the PM is our leader and she is his wife, then of course it is our business.

    We hope that her absence was due to her sufferring headaches and/or some minor ailments. Nothing serious.

    we do care for the "first lady".

    we hope she is ok and in the pink of health.

    PS: if the PM and his wife are having some little hiccup in the domestic is really none of our business.

  51. People, leave her be. She doesn't count in this equation. Or are we looking for scapegoats?....likw guilty siblings blaming the other.

  52. Anonymous8:44 pm

    woiiii dia dah menepouse la mane boleh beranak gi.apa la akal letak kat lutut ka.

    dr butiq

  53. Anonymous8:59 pm

    You mean that Bodowi has lost his pair of jean????

    Too bad..... hope he will also lose the PM post too...

  54. Anonymous10:21 pm

    Belajar Mengaji kot!

  55. ada cicak di sebalik lampu ke bro?he he.

  56. Anonymous10:45 pm

    who cares? why bother? what rubbish!

  57. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Three weeks after getting his ass kicked from Sungai Siput, pubic haired Samy Vellu is in the news again. This time around this looser is winding about the lack of Indian representation in the State Excos ruled by the PKR-DAP-PAS Coalition.

    This racist pig has the audacity to say that the Coalition is just like the BN as there is only 1 Indian Exco member. Why doesn't this moron see the big picture. Malaysians, irrespective of race and religion voted for candidates outside of their race and religion because they are all fed up with the divide and rule racial politics of BN. Enough of the hypocrisy and pretending. Malaysians want to move away from race based politics. This means matcha, we Malaysians are sick of UMNO, MCA and MIC. What we want is a Malaysian Malaysia. What we want is Bangsa Malaysia! Comprende amigo?

    It doesn't matter to Malaysians anymore if the person chosen to lead is a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan or Iban. As long as the person is Malaysian, that's good enough in my book. What's the use of having half a dozen Exco members who are Indians, when they can't do a thing to help the Indian community. This idiot Samy should know better after years of ass kissing UMNO. If you ask me, only a Malaysian can look after the interests of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans and Ibans.

    Wanna know why Samy is suddenly so concerned about the HINDRAF 5? Well, if I know too well, Pak U Lah is under pressure to release them,what more when one of them has been elected to Parliament. To do this,Pak U Lah will look like a jack ass and even worse look weak as a Prime Minister. To make it a win-win situation, Pak U Lah gets old Pubic Hair to appeal to him to have the Hindraf 5 released. Guess what? They will be released. Pak U Lah will get accolades from the likes of Wong Chun Wai, Joscelyn Tan, VK Chin, Bulbir Singh etc.. Old Pubic Hair on the other hand will go to town telling everyone how he can champion the rights of Indians by getting the Hindraf 5 released.

    All I can tell Samy is that just forget about re-branding or re-inventing MIC as MIC, UMNO and MCA are going the way of the dinosaurs. People don't support communal based parties anymore. Do the right thing matcha, disband MIC. Your racist threats, views and policies are no longer laku. My final word of advice to you is taken from WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan's famous words "What ya gonna do when Makkal Sakti runs wild on you!!!"

  58. Sdr rocky,
    news that she was ill is true. She 'terseliuh kaki' and the feet got 'bentan' - (read: bengkak). That is the whole reason why she was missing on those events.

    anyhow, pls be frank with me here.. would you prefer to see a tough bear (read: paklah on damage control, tough?!) or better worst you prefer to see a couple of teddy bears hanging around a make ppl more 'meluat'?!

    i think paklah has finally got the msg rite.

  59. Anonymous12:31 am

    Hoi shitheads , what has this lady done to you.
    She must have a good reason for being AWOL.

  60. Anonymous12:36 am

    "To me she is not even in the political arena, and she is not an elected or going to be elected proponent of BN. Lay off better bloggers OK"

    absolutely right! freedom of expression is important, but how can some of those uncalled for comments above be useful at all?

  61. Anonymous1:48 am

    Any of you guys like people talking about your wife?

    You want freedom of speech on politics?

    Stick to politics, sudah lah...

  62. Anonymous7:44 am

    Some of you say lay off..but she is "first lady"..if she goes missing we have a right to know, if she is ill, we must know. If she is on holiday..just let us know.

    But no unkind words for her please. I don't thing she knew what was coming when she married AAB.

  63. dislike it when readers try to enforce their supposed high moral ground on others.

  64. Anonymous9:15 am

    It seems to be the trend to kutuk everything related to the PM. But this kinda sleazy speculation abt Jeanne is not nice.

    What has she done that deserves such heckling derision. Maybe she's unwell.

    And even if she's pregnant, so what? Ghafar Baba had a child in his 70s.

    Congratulations is in order I say :)

  65. Where is Jean?
    In a bottle of a genie
    Oh no! She can’t be?

    Some say she isn’t in the equation
    She is just a wife to the sleeping loader
    Carrying on his tasks as if nothing happens
    Has he known the ground cracked?

    There are many to say
    The country of divide and rule till today
    The BN leaders still talk like before
    They don’t get the messages after all

    Where is Jean?
    Ah the paradise the Land of Kangaroo
    She nestles there forget about the whispers
    She doesn’t want to hear it any more

    And the sleeping beauty
    Going on as if nothing the matter
    He doesn’t likely to listen
    Though he says he hears it in his big ears

    On the ground the leaks winding
    Passing through branches ripples spreading
    On the East the drum beats loud and clear
    Only the strumming of melody missing

    And we ask where Jean is?
    Nothing for us to decide
    It is our country we must make it color blind
    In our lives marching forward to the world stage
    We have finally arrived!

  66. And rosmah is on shopping spree in Dubai...

  67. Anonymous1:38 pm

    Someone has to do the packing maa....

  68. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Rocky .. I feel u already a bit melampau .... blogging tak bertempat ......!!!

  69. Anonymous3:24 pm


    dia dah kena downgrade duduk bawah kolong somewhere in Putrajaya tengah tiup saxophone. Order by the son in law.

  70. Me: What's wrong with you Jean?

    Jean: Now only I realised that I've made a terrible mistake by marrying Abang Lah... huhuhu...

    Me: What will you do next?

    Jean: No idea, maybe I'll kick this old fart's ass everynight after he falls asleep...

  71. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Rocky you really reached a new low here..what the hell does people's private lives concern you?

    If you want to play politics also at least have the decency to leave people's private life alone. Please tell Mahathir karma's coming for him soon.

  72. Anonymous7:17 pm

    Its none of our business, really

  73. Siva, you idiot, it has nothing to do with "high moral ground". It has all to do with plain human decency, which you and the lot of morons who amuse themselves here at the poor lady's expense, don't seem to possess.

  74. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Rocky, maybe your sidekicks and stupid admirers may deem fit to ask you where your wife is too. We all know you have a wife. So? What is good for AAB is good for you too if you want to do gutter journalism. I am ashamed of you.

  75. Anonymous9:41 pm

    this is too trivial and petty to be discussed here... and its none of our business. lets focus on more pressing issues affecting our nation..

  76. Anonymous10:30 pm

    My guess is that she is having her menstrual period. And she cant do things what First Ladies are supposed to do.

  77. Anonymous2:03 am

    Looking for cheap publicity, rocky?
    Find relevant topics lah...
    Know where to draw the line lah brader...
    Cut the crap, and remove this topic please.

  78. Anonymous10:39 am

    Yesterday The Star-Obituary got one Francis Danker expired, i tot his daughter named Jean (in the newspaper) is our first lady. But i am wrong. The real Jean must not be feeling so well after GE-12. Get well soon Jean.

  79. Anonymous11:35 am

    I think this communication thread on Jeanne borders on crasse. She is the First Lady and wife of the Prime Minister. She is not a politician and not responsible for the current state of affairs. I really do think that people should lay off this poor woman and let her be. Speculation and below the belt comments is really not on. Give Jeanne a break and go pick some other topic / person to bag.


  80. Anonymous3:37 pm

    sheesh, yu're really battling in the gutter this time, rocky. leave the lady alone.

  81. Anonymous5:24 pm

    we are in the most interesting period of out lives in terms of developing our minds, with freedom of expression i high note, and you guys are talking crap here. pity. we could do with better minds in this country. hope they surface, where ever they are.

  82. Anonymous6:27 pm

    A First Lady is a First lady. The rakyat deserve to know if something had happened to her. Sama juga kalau bini saya ialah First lady. She's not just anybody's wife OK? She AAB's wife! She is AAB's pillar of support before and during the GE12 campaign. There's nothing below the belt here. Go for it Rocky!

  83. I don't think this is stupid. It's a good topic. Do not underestimate her ability. Who knows if right at this moment she is shipping money out from Malaysia (with the help from KJ of course). Mike Tyson is around Pak Lah's office to advise... HOHOHO!

  84. Anonymous12:08 am

    bro, lu rembat bini orang,nuraina samad, takda orang nak kecoh pon??? dont hit so lo lah. ke dah takda cerita?


  85. dari apa yang i dengar dari sekutu rapat PM, jeanne ada menasihatkan paklah supaya kurangan sangat bergantung pada cadangan dan nasihat khairy dan 4th floor boys kerana telah nampak sangat sentimen rakyat terhadap mereka yg menyebabkan keputusan pilihanraya tak memihak kepada umno.but instead paklah told her to shut up and not to interfere in his family affair..tersinggung la kawan tu agaknya.paklah ni pun, haritu dgn musa hassan pun dia suruh diam bila musa complain kat dia yg polis ada banyak masalah dgn tindakan khairy,he told musa to "leave my family alone, dont touch them"..dengar cerita lah

  86. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Good one, Rocky! You are a journalist and a political observer first. You spot an anomaly, and you report it.

    Although you added your own thoughts in the last line, it was more of open ended than a conclusion.

    The rest is up to us. To speculate ke? Bitch ke? Joke ke? Nak buat puisi ke, we all post the pros and cons till the cows come home.

    At least you bothered to post our comments and that is what freedom of speech is about.

    Keep up the good work.

  87. Anonymous8:41 am

    MESRA...ABDULLAH Ahmad Badawi seolah-olah berseloroh dengan menunjuk ke arah isterinya, Jeanne Abdullah yang lama tidak muncul di khalayak ramai kerana menjalani pembedahan kecil di tumit, semasa menghadiri Majlis Makan Malam sempena ulang tahun ke-30 Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) di Pusat Konvensyen Kuala Lumpur, malam tadi.