Monday, March 31, 2008

Umno members told to stay away from April 1 forum

Matmat Taib's WARNING: Attend the forum and we'll take you down!
According to myKMU, Muhammad Muhammad Taib,who was recently brought back from the dead to the Cabinet by PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has told Umno members to stay away from tomorrow's forum which will be opened by Dr Mahathir Mohamad and which will feature Mukhriz, Dr Khir Toyo and Dr Fuad Zarkashi as speakers.

Read rabid pro-Umno blogger Bigdogdotcom's latest posting here.

The forum, which will look at what went wrong for Umno and BN in the 12th General Election, starts at 9 am tomorrow April 1 at 9am at the Hotel Singgahsana, PJ. There are no more seats available; those who did not register may view the proceedings via closed-circuit tv at the hotel lobby.


Zainal A. Kasim said...

Sayang sungguh. Banyak yg boleh di pelajari di forum itu utk muhasabah diri

Anonymous said...

Wah! So garang one! Why like that loh? Still trying to use old ways to correct new problems ah? Why so arrogant Mat Tyson? why so unfriendly? U must tengok keliling ma - u jangan cakap tanpa berfikir dulu. Kalau U terus sokong your bosses like this, U bawa masalah baru pada mereka. U ingat kalau orang Umno tak hadir, masalah boleh selesai ka bang? Dan U ingat satu forum macam ni boleh selesai masalah Umno ka? Jangan terbawa-bawa dengan usaha membodek Boss U tu..

selamat berjuang Mat Tyson!


Anonymous said...

Seems like Zam got the instruction from his desperate boss....hehehe

Ball carrier ma....

THE STAR Zam: Dr M to blame, too
KUALA LUMPUR: Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad must shoulder some of the blame for Barisan Nasional's worst-ever performance in the recent general election, says former Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin.

Dr Mahathir’s various accusations swayed the people to vote against Barisan, he said.

“Laying all blame on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for Barisan’s losses is not right because it is clear that Dr Mahathir is full of anger and uncontrolled vengeance,” said Zainuddin.

“Maybe he was not aware or maybe he purposely did not want to be aware that his credibility as a former leader is still strong and that his influence on the grassroots, both Malay and non-Malays, is significant.”

“His credibility influenced people into believing what he said and he also lent this credibility to bloggers and websites,” he said when met at his house here yesterday.

Zainuddin said there were three statements in particular that affected Umno’s and Malaysians’ confidence in the leadership in the run-up to the elections.

“The first was when he said he regretted appointing Abdullah as the Prime Minister.

“This was then followed up by Dr Mahathir saying that Abdullah was only meant to be a one-term Prime Minister and that more opposition was needed in Parliament.”

Zainuddin added that the third and most damning statement that was widely accepted by all segments of society was about the role Deputy Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin and his advisers played in the country’s politics and economy.

“This even caused Gerakan adviser Tan Sri Lim Keng Yaik to ask Abdullah to get rid of his advisers,” he said.

Zainuddin said he was merely telling the truth when he said thatDr Mahathir could not deny he had played a role in Barisan’s dismal poll results.

“This is not to say that other factors do not count, but Dr Mahathir cannot absolve himself from this.

“There have been many opinions in the aftermath of the election but Dr Mahathir being a factor was not really mentioned, “ he added.

Anonymous said...


they said the voters were all matured enough.

and the voters showed their maturity in the last PRU.

then they came again, bullshxxing about UMNO was all matured.

but this man, via back door, just proved UMNO is not as mature as they were saying.

u know..the thing with back not so nice it?

shar101 said...

Ahem, bro.

Your link to BD's posting not correct lah.

Anonymous said...

Mamat Taib nak buat April Fool's joke tak. I thought under Pak Lah things are suppose to be more open. Anyway the UMNO grass roots is in no mood to listen to this guy's warning. So if UMNO people attend what can Mamat Taib do? Recommend that all the thousands who have expressed willingness to come tomorrow from all over the country be sacked.

Anak Jawa Johor

Anonymous said...

With Mahathir and Khir Toyo , both the most corrupted rats , who wants to attend ?

Niamah and Niamah !!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

who cares, this mamat's a shit.

i'm going...woohoooo!!!

no extra chair needed.

Mr. Smith said...

M X M is nothing but a paper tiger.
If he things that the meeting is anti-UMNO then he should institute Disciplinary Actions against the organisers and speakers.
Why threaten ordinary members whose only crime is attending or listening to speeches.

Anonymous said...

with or without umno, this country can go on. umno is a vehicle that has lost its direction. all the people talking about righting its problems in some ways contribute to its downfall in the first place. hypocrites to the hilt.
that's the whole story. period.

Anonymous said...

Bro, looks like thing are unfolding one by one.

The first shit leads to another shit and another. Zam blamed che det. Soon, every shit will speak up and the big shit will be uncovered. Let's see, who is the biggest shit.

Feel like reading synopsis of CSI.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they continue their "democratic" ways. As if they can prevent news from coming out and getting published in the media especially blogs.

Remember what happened to Mike Tyson?

He got knocked out and ended up in jail. Today he is a freak show. Yes, he's a freak.

Anonymous said...











HA ... !!!


Anonymous said...


You have any idea what's related to Singapore cabinet minor reshuffle last week and new cabinet lineup of Malaysia and the poor performance of BN during the 8/3 GE.

I'm wondering bro.

Anonymous said...

Mat Taik,

make sure you don't send your spy as well. Otherwise they should be sack as well.

Orang macam ni pun UMNO selangor dan UMNO Malaysia nak bela lagi.

Orang BODOH saja yang bela dia ni.

Anonymous said...

Mat Taib

MPPJ dah bawah opposition. Apa lu mahu cakap banyak!?

Ada peruntukkan bawah perlembaaan UMNo boleh tahan orang ramaihendak pergi forum dan pemimpin UMNo untuk bercakap?

Ini kerana dia tak baca perlembagaan UMNO. Ini bukan majlis UMNO lah.

Rasa dia ada tak pandai membaca bahasa Melayu. kesian aku ingat masaalah dia bahasa inggeris saja.

gram.kong said...


Why don't you bloggers over there set up a live webcam so we bloggers in East Malaysia can also watch the proceedings live.

Would it be too difficult to set webcams using Skype,Yahoo Messenger,Window Live Massenger or a combination of all.

It's just a thought.Whether there are restrictions to it, I don't know.

jigsaw.p said...

This is UMNO. Can't they understand what "Freedom of speech and the right for congregation". I thing UMNO members are dumb and would be easily imfluenced. That is why they are told to stay away.

Anonymous said...

it is also boycott malaysian media day tomorrow. 1st april. lets do it together guys.

meaning: don't watch TV1,2,3,8tv, tv9, ntv7. also dont buy the newspapers tomorrow ;)

happy boycotting

Anonymous said...


He's so garang one because the new MB ordered for free water lo. Everything free free free... commission also free ma like this... So mad ooo

Unknown said...

Now we know why rocky bru asked us to make sure that Khir Toyo win. In your own words "Khir needs to prevail if he's to make any impact in Umno's elections later this year, and many people want to see that".

Many people = Mahathir + Ultras. Now we see the real reason. Khir Toyo to challenge UMNO Youth Chief. Mukhriz to challenge KJ. Razaleigh to challenge Abdullah. Who then will challenge for the DPM? Or is the beloved DPM still unsure of which horse to back?

If Mahathir's lineup prevails then expect to see the ultras back in power at every level of governance. If you thought the past 4 years was repressive, wait till you see what Mahathir has in store for Malaysians.

On another note to pro-Mahathir supporters spreading stories that his 2 enemies are agents of foreign powers (Anwar = CIA, KJ = Singapore). What happened to Soros the evil Jew who attacked Malaysia's economy? Why your IDOL suddenly become good friends with the Jewish bankers? Is it because Soros has been plunging hundreds of million dollars to causes which are dear to Mahathir?

I also wonder about your IDOL ties to the US think thank he Heritage Foundation (one of the world's most prominent conservative think tanks). Remember the US$1.2 million pack to the corrupt lobbyist to arrange a meeting with Bush?

ShawnSharif said...

how did this dude got the nickname mike tyson? i tot mike tyson only knows how to bite ppl's ears =)

mob1900 said...

Toyolman shouldn't be featured, alot of ppl will stay away thanks to the former-MB as one of the speakers. No need M2M to dish out 'warnings'.

Check out Toyolman's HEAVILY MODERATED blog here:

Reminds me of the Angkasawan 'blog' last year, heavily moderated and only 'bunga-bunga' comments were let through. I guess AMNO under this kinda leadership will Never Learn.

To the Toyolman, If you can't take criticism, no need to blog-lah. What's the point of blogging if you do want to hear feedbacks? All the bungg-bunga and pantun you can get from Utuzan and Nasty Pee.

mob1900 said...

So only UMNO members are told to stay away. Go as 'Rakyat Malaysia', This Mat Tyson memang bahlul. lolx

Unknown said...

MATTAIB don't want United Monkeys to challenge the Gorilla...

MATTAIB already eyeing the Pee-Empty job like Snake-eye in a Komodo Monitor Lizard body form.

Monkey Boy no longer shouting huu-haaa, MATTAIB now taking the role of Ape from Sei-Lan-Ngor!!!

He is one of many Benggap United Monkeys championing Irrelevant UMNO.

Unknown said...

Hi Rocky

Cakap dengan Mat Taib, era membodek dah berlalu. Insaflah. Kepada orang Uno dan pemimpin yang masih mempunyai harga diri datanglah.

Cakap juga dengan Zam, mamak yang tak sedar diri tu, Tun Dr M bukan faktor utama. DrM tak cakap pun orang dah tahu perangai buruk pemimpin Umo dan kroni mereka

Anonymous said...

I watched the Spore Channel News Asia news bulletin this evening. It contained a report on this meeting in KL.

Mukhriz Mahathir has well and truly nailed his colours to the mast in calling for Pak Lah to step down asap.

And, of course, his father was there with his trademark vitriol.

As too Sabaruddin Chik (remember him?), Khir Toyo and assorted Umno worthies.

But I didn't see Ku Li there.

It looks as though Umno is heading for a split, no matter what Mat Taib opines.

Muhyiddin is playing a statesmanlike role as a potential PM-in-waiting. What Najib will make of this is something else.

Imho, Pak Lah has his back to the wall. The sharks circling in the water have smelt blood.......

Anonymous said...

Malaysians who love to see the rebirth of democracy in Malaysia are right to celebrate the formation of PR but the equally important equation for this formula to work must not be forgotten.

Malaysians who want to see the emergence of the 2-party parliamentary system, which was given its birth on March 8, must speak out against the unrelenting stream of attacks aimed at UMNO.

The reason is, two parties of equal strength and standing are needed for this system to work. After 50 years of dreaming, wishing, praying, fighting and , finally, voting for it, it must not be allowed to die a premature death. UMNO must be left alone to rebuild itself so that it can lead a strong BN. This is unlikely to happen if the attacks come, each other day, with no time left for UMNO to take a re-look at their failed policies. This is crucial at this juncture.

Mahathir, together with politicians who are aligned to him and politicians who are joining in the chorus for their own political agendas, must place the health of the nation first. Personal agendas, positions and personal interests can wait till the UMNO election in December.

Concerned Malaysians, speak out so that democratic change can take hold. This is important!

Anonymous said...

I think is UMNO leaders and members need to stop being arrogant and ignorant a.k.a monkey. You want others to listen to your opinion but never want to listen to others.

Whois the guy with the red shirt. Police? Security guard? Gangster?

Anonymous said...

If UMNO split, what ahh, about all those ASSETS held by trustees?