Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pak Lah should resign

Dr M is scheduled to hold a media conference at his Mines residence at 11 am today (Sunday 9/3).
As usual, bloggers are welcomed.

Not, this is not a wake-up call. After the Barisan Nasional's worst showing in the history of the country's general election yesterday, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is expected to do the right thing and that is to resign.

The Umno President and BN chairman lost Penang, his own home state. He also lost Kedah, Perak and Selangor. And despite everything, he failed to take Kelantan away from Pas. Many of his senior Ministers or/and party component leaders lost their seats yesterday, including S. Samy Vellu, Shahrizat Jalil, Kayveas, Aziz Shamsuddin, and Zainudin Maidin.

Interestingly, Umno deputy president Mohd Najib Abd Razak delivered Pahang and won his Pekan parliamentary seat by a bigger majority compared with 2004. The party will most likely look at this and weigh the options for this year's Umno elections, expected in August.

Whatever the Tun plans to say at the media conference today, I don't think it Pak Lah wold enjoy hearing it.

Watch for updates


  1. Anonymous5:20 am

    yeah hopefully we will be as one as bangsa malaysia! together we change the world, ---hisham shah alam

  2. Anonymous5:23 am

    If Pak Lah has any respect left, he will do whats needed.
    In fact he should have already done th ehonorable thening n resigned, but probably he is already sleeping by now. But it is ok, tommorow, i believe, he will do the Hara kiri and leave. But deep down i still cant figure what MSM will spin tommorw as the headline. Basically when there is none to spin from, it is a wonder if they can still Spin shit like "BN wins all but looses 2/3" or PM maintains simple Majority. well its just 2 more hour from now.

  3. Anonymous5:26 am

    Message to Pak-Lah: Pack-Lah!

  4. Anonymous5:37 am

    We will probably not be hearing about his resignation anytime soon until he wakes up from his long nap.

  5. Anonymous5:43 am

    No, don't want Pak Lah as PM. Don't want Najib either. (Altantuya, RM500M comission). Agong must decide!

  6. The people have spoken...a clear message.....the complete black out of information ever since some elements of finality was reach is much to be desired.......

    Decentralisation of the Central Governance towards Local Governments should be promoted.....

    Local Elections should be given back to the people....

    Proper disbursement of funds from central and proper monitoring at the federal and state aiming for the most comprehensive transparent environment for resource allocation and utilisation for the people of malaysia...

    By the way that was the most idiotic thing one could say after only being able to retain a simple majority.....

    The whip system should go ASAP.(who knows some of those Barisan Nat idiots with conscience may swing over)..and the supreme should exercise its function by listening to the people he promised to protect.........

    An interesting view is how Kedah swings, with Perlis triumphing despite the internal bickering...the move is on from within UMNO....

    To bloggers at large....keep up the good work, thank you for being the rakyat's eyes and ears...

  7. Anonymous6:04 am

    The message is now LOUD and CLEAR!Pak Lah boleh BELAH...KJ your days are numbered!God Bless Malaysia!!!

  8. It is time for Najib to bust the move!

  9. Anonymous6:07 am

    Rocky please don't immortalize Tun Mahathir.Don't forget our judiciary lost its independence during his premiership.He infested the Bench with his crony roaches and roddens
    until the noble institution started to rot and sting like sewage.

    Today he is blaming everybody except himself.He accused Samy of stifling Indian voice.He muzzled the cabinet,he muzzled the messangers,the only survivors were the "yes men".

    His daughter could be your good friend rocky but don't let that blind you.

  10. Anonymous6:12 am

    "the people have spoken"
    sharifah amani

  11. Anonymous6:31 am

    To All Malaysian who fought the coalitions propoganda media via forwarding emails,forwarding bloggers comments daily, Thank You. This win is for Malays, Indian, Chinese n others.

    Next, the majority for 2013. As Anwar aptly put - Anak India Anak Kita, Anak Melayu Anak Kita, Anak Cina Anak Kita. The work has just begun. Congrats Pas, DAP, PKR and churches,mosques and temples for their role.

  12. Anonymous6:32 am

    Congratulation to the winners. Let’s hope they stick to title 'Yang Berkhidmat' as promised. Better still why not make it official in states where BA won.

  13. Anonymous6:33 am

    Message from UK to Pak Lah:

    Boleh bLAH! ResignLAH due to health, cover malu punya pasal!

  14. Anonymous6:38 am

    A 'Clean' Telex:
    Silent majority has spoken 'clean' message.
    No more 'elegant silence'.
    Leave cleanly.
    Perth waiting.
    From Bangsa Malaysia.

  15. Anonymous6:43 am

    Whatever the result---the people have spoken !

  16. Anonymous6:43 am

    Whatever the result---the people have spoken !

  17. Anonymous6:55 am

    The Bodowi is history........

    The first one term prime minister and his half past six government makes history.

  18. Anonymous7:00 am

    Quote from the sil.
    ""We suffered a lot of losses tonight," Abdullah's son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin told reporters. "But we are going to fight on. We are not going to quit. It is not the end of the world and we are going to get through this."

    He hasnt learnt his lesson at all---'fight' ??
    When will he "do" something for the people , instead of for his FAMILY.

    Wake up boy !

  19. Anonymous7:24 am

    Puas lah hati U sekarang.

  20. Anonymous7:39 am

    I don't care what Tun Mahathir has to say.. Whatever it is, he can no longer say that "KeADILan yang nyawa2 ikan telah dikuburkan" or that "Anwar is no longer relevant"..

    Yes, there were many other issues and factors, but the minds and hearts of the people are still giving KeADILan and Anwar their votes, so the PM and ex-PM of Malaysia can certainly stop saying arrogant things about them..

  21. Anonymous7:47 am

    Tun will ask AAB to resign and make way for Najib..

    however son in law will not allow. We all know that AAB does not have a mind of his own,,and listen to his kurang ajar arrogant SIL and will onll go if SIL say so.

    If fil who give him protection?

  22. Anonymous7:48 am

    Pak Lah fall into deep trap of KJ.

    We should thank Pak Lah for the tsunami for his incompetence.

    Pak Lah should thank KJ for killing him.

    Every dog has its day!!!

  23. Anonymous7:49 am

    sdr rocky,

    saya keluar awal pagi untuk membuang undi. saya meninggalkan peti undi dengan perasaan yang amat sangat sayu. malah airmata saya bergenang kerana buat kali pertama saya memangkah pembangkang. saya ada empat pilihan:
    1. memangkah BN
    2. memangkah DAP
    3. melakukan undi rosak
    4. tidak keluar mengundi kerana tidak sanggup memangkah dap dan pada masa yang sama mahu BN bangkit daripada lena.

    saya memilih 2. dan saya tahu sama ada saya memilih 1 ataupun 2, DAP sudah pasti menang. Ini terbukti dalam setiap pilihan raya yang saya sertai.

    saya berdoa Allah akan menunjukkan pengajaran. doa saya dimakbulkan. saya berdoa mukhriz menang, doa saya dimakbulkan. saya berdoa che'gubard menang, Allah Maha Mengetahui mengapa kemenangan perlu berpihak kepada khairy.

    rakyat sudah bersuara. dan rakyat menyuarakannya melalui peti undi. syukur alhamdulillah. rakyat malaysia tidak perlu melalui pertumpahan darah.

    kini masanya wakil-wakil rakyat menunaikan janji. sama-samalah kita melihat perubahan yang akan berlaku. saya berdoa semoga perubahan ini membawa kebaikan kepada semua - rakyat malaysia.

    CT Tanjung Perak

  24. Anonymous8:03 am

    Thank you Rocky..for doing your part to spread the truth on Malaysia..and helping us to make fair informed decisions...inview of the blackout of DAP, PKR and PAS news

    Thank you..

  25. Anonymous8:07 am

    Well, mainstream media,esp those under Wong,Kali and Annuar, this tells you you cannot shuff down out throats garbage and expect us to swallow it!

    So much for the 'surveys' claiming the insignificance of the alternative media.

    The credibility of MSM has gone kaput no matter what they try to spin tomorrow.

  26. congratulations to all!

  27. Anonymous8:09 am

    It will be more interesting to hear what his SIL KJ says, if Sleepy PM goes please bring together his SIL too.

  28. im usually never this rude, but pak-lah, get the fuck out of here.

  29. Anonymous8:12 am

    In any country in the world, the PM would have long packed his bags and gone....

    How can the PM face the rakyat anymore? He should do the decent thing and step down!

    The spin-machines are going to blame everything else and make more promises on behalf of the PM but he himself must know the protest votes are not from just the Chinese and Indians. The votes are also from the Malays in protest of the PM and the Fourth Floor and their wheeling-dealings!

  30. Anonymous8:20 am

    PAk Lah please resign . You are disgusting to our great nation.Dont forget to bring along your son inlaw. Kids, lets this be a lesson . Always liten to the majority and not to syok sendiri . Malaysia Boleh !Hidup Mahathir

  31. Anonymous8:24 am

    saya harap AAB sedaq diri.. dah jadi lagu ni pun kalau dok buat statement yang sama saja, tak dak sapa tekan dia, tak dak apa laa, hai, tak tau la nak kata lagu mana.. baik dia resign saja. Biar menantu dia yang tak tau malu tu dok garu kepala, pak mentua hang dah tak dak kuasa.. biaq padan muka dia!!!

  32. I think in an odd way, the People have delivered exactly what Mahathir intended from the beginning - Pak Lah is going to be a one-term PM.

    This is a new dawn for Malaysia. Difficult work lies ahead, but we have the best opportunity ever to break the corrupt, racist Barisan Nasional system.

  33. Anonymous8:30 am

    Pak La sudah bungkus...lalala

  34. Anonymous8:44 am

    Proud day for Malaysia. Proud day for all Malaysians.

    We can do it. We have done it.

    Thank God.

  35. The rolling pin roll
    Many hits on the fall
    Do you hear the pins hit the net?
    Silently then the biggest roar

    Many big guns going to fall
    Suddenly they realize they will be gone
    Bribes and threats can’t be used
    The Barisan Rakyat moving on

    This will be the history
    The People’s Power has arrived
    Don’t tell us we can’t decide our destiny
    The BN should wake up and change its ways
    No more race base party!

    For so many years
    BN telling lies
    Deceptions and threats
    Now the chapter will be new
    A new light shining in the sky

  36. Anonymous8:54 am

    This morning from TV3 News - "BN retains Trengganu". No news about BN losing Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan! No news about Samy, Sharizat, Aziz Samsuddin, Koh Tsu Koon, etc, being rejected!

    Shish! Wake man, still trying to fool people? Didn't you learn anything from this trouncing?

    Get real!

  37. KJ engineered the seating arrangments i.e. he chose the persons who would run. BN lost becoz of KJ's choices.

    KJ should now do the right thing. Resign.

    Else UMNO should force KJ to resign.

  38. Sdr Rocky,

    Saya berharap Tun Dr Mahathir bercakap apa yang perlu dia cakap -- secara jujur, ikhlas dan berterus-terang. Rakyat menanti apa yang ingin diucapkannya.


  39. Anonymous9:15 am

    how is the situation on the streets/among the people?

    i'm in a location that is starved of info on whats happening ... don't trust reading the star or nst ... need to hear it direct from the people like you guys/girls

  40. Anonymous9:26 am

    someone should wake him up...a most shameful prime minister Malaysia ever had!!!

  41. Anonymous9:30 am

    "Message to pak-Lah : Pack-Lah"
    ... LOL That's a good one!

    Yes, totally agreed that Badawi SHOULD RESIGN!!! This election has proven his INCAPABILITY in leading our country as a PM. He should be now ashamed of BN's greatest defeat in history!

    I personally STRONGLY want Badawi to STEP DOWN! So as Najib as well!!!

  42. Anonymous9:30 am

    It is strong message to PaK Lah ( the clean man) and ruling party "look out before you do anything". The wind will not always blow at one side, sometime it change direction too. Hope lesson learned and from now onwards they will not be freely do anything under people expense.

    Concern Malaysian.

  43. Undur Lah, Pak Lah! (Part II)
    M. Bakri Musa

    Any other political leader whose party had been so humiliated as UMNO was at this election would by now have tendered his or her resignation. Abdullah Badawi however, is slow on the uptake. He does not respond to subtle signals, even though there was nothing subtle about voters’ rejection of his leadership. The only way to get his attention would be to hit his thick skull with a two-by-four lumber, metaphorically speaking of course.
    At a press conference early this morning he declared, “I don’t know who is being pressured (to step down), I’m not resigning.” At best, that reflects a leader totally out of touch with the harsh reality; at worse, the bravado of an idiot. With Abdullah, it is both.
    If UMNO members do not complete what the voters had set out to do in this election – that is, get rid of Abdullah – then the next elections would be even uglier. If former UMNO leader and Prime Minister Mahathir was accurate in his assessment that the party can no longer be reformed from within ( a sentiment I share), then we are indeed watching the beginning of the end for UMNO. The implosion has begun.
    Nothing is inevitable, however. This once proud party could indeed regain its luster and the citizens’ confidence if it were to thoroughly cleanse itself. As with a fish, the rot begins at the head. Chopped off the head, and unlike a fish, with a viable organization a fresh, unblemished head will emerge ready to take over, as with a hydra.
    Fortunately the party has a chance to do this soon. Its Supreme Council members must move forward the party’s leadership conference that was postponed to this August. The council should also rescind its earlier “tradition” of there being no contest for its top posts. It should open up the process and loosen the rules. There is no need for a prospective candidate to line up support from umpteen divisions. To discourage frivolous candidates, institute the payment of deposits, as with the general elections.
    Those two initiatives would immediately open up the field. UMNO could then preview more candidates instead of restricting itself to the same tired old faces. New faces of course would not guarantee change. We have already seen many young leaders in UMNO who are only too quick to learn and too eager to acquire the unsavory traits of their elders.

    A New Dawn for Malaysia

    As Anwar Ibrahim rightly observes, this election marks “a defining moment” in the history of the nation and the opening of “a new chapter.” It is indeed a new dawn for Malaysia, a pivotal point in its politics. He can say that with considerable authority. More than any other person, Anwar was responsible this remarkable reshaping of the Malaysian political landscape. Even though he was not allowed to contest this election, he campaigned actively.
    He was also instrumental in aligning the opposition parties. Those parties also worked closely together in 1999 and 2004 elections, but without Anwar’s personal involvement they did not achieve much. Clearly the Anwar factor is real and remains formidable.
    The academics will no doubt have their own voluminous analyses of this election, the most significant turning point in Malaysian politics. I wish only to highlight one positive and refreshing trend. This election saw all parties fielding many new and young candidates. Two young fresh talents deserve scrutiny for different reasons, but both reflect the greater political dynamics.
    One is Nurrul Izzah, Anwar’s daughter who defeated Welfare Minister Shahrizat Jalil in the Lembah Pantai constituency which included the upscale community of Bangsar and the University of Malaya campus. Unlike many of her cabinet colleagues, Shahrizat was a competent minister. She also treated her novice political opponent civilly and with respect, rare among UMNO politicians. They have a penchant for demonizing their opponents.
    Nurrul Izzah’s considerable talent (she after all has a graduate degree from Hopkins) and appeal aside, her victory reflects the waning support of UMNO among urban sophisticated voters.
    On the other hand, the fate of another young candidate, Abdullah’ son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, provides an amusing contrast. A year or two earlier Khairy, using the “protection” of his father-in-law, managed to ascend to the number two position in UMNO Youth san a contest or election. This time he was catapulted to contest the hitherto safe rural parliamentary seat of Rembau. Despite being challenged by an unknown school teacher, Khairy managed only to squeak through. UMNO has problems even in the Malay heartland.
    Obviously this Oxford graduate was attempting to ride on his father-in-law’s coattail, except that Khairy made the mistake of not recognizing that his father-in-law had no coattails; he was naked!

    Non-Political Lessons From This Election

    For Malaysians who rely on the mainstream media or who are guided by their opinion shapers, the results of this election would be a shocker. For those who follow the Internet however, this was exactly what we had expected.
    While the pundits in the mainstream media were all wet in their prognostications – they all confidently predicted a return of Barisan’s supra-majority – Raja Petra of Malaysia-Today was spot on in his overall predictions. He also predicted a significantly reduced majority for Abdullah and a greatly enhanced one for Najib.
    Mainstream media readers may not have heard of “Chegubard” Badrul Hisham Shaharin, Khairy’s political opponent in Rembau, but ‘Netizens are very familiar with him. They also contributed substantially towards his campaign. Had indelible ink been used on voters to prevent repeat voting and had the Elections Commission not have spare postal votes handy, Chegubard would have handily crushed Khairy.
    Equally telling was that I had difficulty assessing both Malaysiakini and Malaysia-Today; their websites were swamped despite having multiple mirror sites. Even when the authorities suspended Malaysiakini’s website, it could still be accessed via its mirror sites elsewhere.
    For another telling contrast, I had no problem at all downloading the mainstream media’s websites. In my hunger for news however, I readily settled for second best! This election is more than a repudiation of Abdullah Badawi. It is also a repudiation of the mainstream media and their pundits and journalists.
    Doing away with Abdullah is much more doable task, not so with our incompetent sycophantic media. UMNO members must not shy away from doing the necessarily dirty task at hand, getting rid of its leader Abdullah Badawi. If they fail to do that, then Malays would not hesitate in getting rid of UMNO.

  44. Anonymous9:32 am

    The people has spoken.Malaysia still has hope.Let's turn the country around.Hope the oppostion parties put in place by us will serve with ferver to reshape Malaysia.

  45. Anonymous9:41 am

    Pak Lah ni muka tebal... so unless there is pressure within UMNO & BN he will buat muka selamber dia & remain as PM.Biar la.. come next election we will see the real disaster happen.. BN wil not even win simple majority in Parliment.So to all you UMNO/BN people out there I have this to say...
    ..Si Luncai terjun dengan labu labu nye... biarkan.. biarkan.. .
    ..hehehe.. jangan mareh..

  46. Anonymous9:48 am

    Phark-Lah, balik kampung tanam jagung with your dickhead SIL, pls! We do not need you nor your SIL in the govt! Pls get lost!

  47. Anonymous9:51 am

    Pak Lah is now a Drunken Master that looks like one, sounds like one, obviously he is one!

    As usual, he lie throughout his life. He will say not resigning today, tomorrow but once the Cobra Sultan is berthing at Putrajaya Lake, the wole family will sail to Perth to sell nasi kandar Ah Lah.

    We all watch and wait... Give the Drunken Master awake from his sober minds, till coming Friday.

    Don't he good as this lying stuff??????

  48. yup... dolah should resign... bring along your family out from putrajaya and malaysia...

    we already show it to you... rakyat pantang dicabar!

  49. Pak Lah resign? How can you ask the man who brought back a truly strong parliamentary system to step down. I think this is all a brilliant plan by Pak Lah to prepare the way for the next PM. He had just made sure that the next PM is going to be very effective. For now with an effective and strong opposition, naturally the government cannot go around tearing down temples, kissing krises and talking about monthly leakages with impunity. Sad thing about this democracy thing though. A Cobra Sultan may now transform into an Ular Lidi Sultan.

  50. Anonymous9:55 am

    We voted like True Malaysians. There's no dichotomy of race and religion; we unequivocally refused to be divided, we are Bangsa Malaysia. We casted our votes in the best interest of our country; we held our ground and won.

    I am so proud of you, my dear malaysians!

    Saya anak malaysia

  51. Anonymous9:56 am

    Sybash, Rakyat Malaysia!

  52. Anonymous10:02 am

    The TSUNAMI was produced by

    1) Pak Lah
    2) KJ and Tingkat 4 Boys


  53. Anonymous10:10 am

    The spotlight should no more be on Pak Lah.

    It's should be on the new state goverments of Perak, Penang, Selangor, KEdah adn Kelantan.

    Let's send them a warkah lest be do an Animal Farm on us.

  54. Anonymous10:11 am

    oh dear! if Pak Lah resigns, does that mean that our new PM is probably going to be ..... oh dear!!!

  55. pak lah must be telling himself he's still dreaming.. pak lah resigns, najib & hishamuddin to gain?? congratulations dap, pas, pkr.. more work to ensure rakyat's wellbeing

  56. Bangsa Malaysia won big!

    Unfortunately as much as The Star is trying to redeem itself it still is unable to let go of the racist based formulae for the make up of the cabinet.

    As a Bangsa Malaysia of Indian origin I demand that I NOT be represented by anyone in the name of race.

  57. Anonymous10:25 am

    No Pak Lah should not resign. He is just doing the job of cleaning up. He let us do the ceramah unlike Mahathir's era. He let the people indirectly know what's going on. He can choose not to have a more transparent election with transparent serial number ballot box and no ceramahs but he didn't. He can choose to ignore Anwar and let him continue jailing and be forgotten. He set a framed person free is the first thing he did. He is surrounded by Mahathir's lackeys and people and can't carry out his job. MCA and MIC and UMNO are beyond is a strategic move to let the people cut the power of Mahathir's corrupted people through voting them out and having them no voice in the govt. He is doing us a favour indirectly in an invisble hand and should be given credit for that. If Pak Lah resign, Najib will step up and it will then back to nepotism and Mahathir era will be back. Najib is very much worse and is a cold blooded person...Tunku Razaleih once said Najib is neither friend of Malay or Chinese or Indians. I am glad the opposition have more power in the politics but sad to see that Pak Lah got to carry the burden.

  58. Anonymous10:33 am

    Pak lah..joint PKR and DAP and PAS to form a coalition. Don't trust UMNO or your deputy.

  59. Anonymous10:37 am

    Rocky Bru,

    I agree with you Pak Lah should resign to hold himself responsible for the terrible GE results.

    At the same time, TDM is the main culprit of the mess the country is facing. The most serious one is judiciary. All parties involved, particularly TDM, should have the courage to 'tell all' if they still love Malaysia.

  60. Anonymous10:46 am

    We have come this far, we must be remain united no matter what... remember, this change is possible is because of the rakyat, irrspective of color & religion that make it possible; there will be arguments, for sure, because no body with the opposition expected this result, and it will be challange that for them to pull it through to work together;

    As the saying goes, if there is will, there is always a way...

    Syabas Malaysia... Syabas Barisan Rakyat!

  61. Anonymous10:54 am

    CONGRATULATIONS to the people of Malaysia!

    I would also like to put up my middle finger to the Star, NST, RTM and TV 3 for their unashamedly biased reporting and blind support of BN. They think the rakyat is so stupid to believe in everything they say.

    The new government should now change the whole editorial/ management of these outfits

  62. Anonymous10:54 am

    OK, Voting Season's over. POLICE!!
    where's sharini???
    Can we concentrate effort to help at least, whereabouts of this GIRL!!
    PKR/DAP/JEff!!/PAS now, help this missing girl!!!!

  63. Anonymous11:00 am

    indeed, indeed a revolution. i saw their heads roll one by one. but dont take away the guillotine.
    i am a exploited, beleaguered, robbed, beaten bloodthirsty poor
    citizen and i got my revenge today. so many heads chopped one by one, i saw them roll. we will have to use the guillotine in the next election. let's see then whose heads will roll. i love to see heads roll.... specially those who sleep and doze off in parliament or sit inside merely waiting for money to roll into their poekcts. we will show them what will really roll.

  64. Anonymous11:13 am

    Not is should be called Islam Harakiri.

  65. Anonymous11:35 am

    Pak lah would not resign gracefully, he got too much to take care of ma, his KJ son in law who still need his protection, the 4th floor boys(KK) who are alreading shaking in their knees-so much for their corridors, Kalimullah must be shivering while he type something to spin tomorrow,I dont think Michelle Yeoh will be invited to Putrajaya private parties anytime soon.

    Najib must now take the gauntlet and force Pak Lah to resign. If he does not do it he should also resign as he would become irrelevant others should take over heck Dr Mahathir should takeover for one year if it is my decision but BN must start their road to recovery TODAY and anything without Pak Lah's resignation is not acceptable.I am sure many Malaysians would agree.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  66. Anonymous11:35 am

    Sleep ugly baby, sleeeeeppppppp

  67. Anonymous11:45 am

    Dear UMNO-BN,

    You need to know that the rakyat is your BOSS.

    We, the rakyat have spoken yesterday.

    Hidup Barisan Rakyat.

    Hidup Malaysia.

  68. Anonymous11:45 am

    PAK LAH, do the honourable thing, please resign, don't wait till you are kicked out, because then, it will be MALU only.

    Quit while your dignity is still intact. Spend your sun set days with your new wife.

  69. Actually, if you think about it, this scenario will suit pak lah's character. Negotiate, non-dictatorial, peaceful. Opposition in general have not asked him to resign. I think they know that he is a good leader and will actually LISTEN (or so we hope). Asking him to resign is worse. Let him lead with a listening ear. An opposition who likes him will in general be better for the whole country.

  70. Anonymous11:50 am

    god bless those who have seen the light. It doesn't take one to be a genius to see that the rakyat are pissed with the happenings in this beautiful country of ours.
    But there are some who are adamant that they have done no wrong!Its a crying shame when those who hold on to power do so for the sake of power and greed only.
    Accountablity and integrity has no place in these peoples vocabulary. Let the rot not fester anymore. The people have spoken. Resign YAB PM.

  71. Anonymous11:55 am

    Pak Lah memang kena resign. No cabinet post for KJ. Mukhriz to go for UMNO Vice President. Najib to take over.

    As i told everyone earlier, UMNO tak kalah because of DAP, PKR or PAS. But Umno kalah sebab pemimpin sendiri tak betul.

    Apa punya auta bapak jadi PM, menantu jadi calon. What a piece of crap.

  72. Anonymous11:57 am

    the voice of the rakyat is loud and clear - it will not be taken for granted. It will not be intimidated by the threat of ISA arrests, and a corrupt Barisan regime that abuses its power.

    Makal Sakthi, or people power has demonstrated what it can do to those who feed on Barisan "protection money" and masqurade as representing the people.

    The Election Comission cannot claim that it was impartial or fair in this election as it will be soon revealed how they assisted certain areas in cheating and transporting of phantom voter and the double voting of arm forces and police personell.

    More details will be revealed on this, stay tuned.

  73. Anonymous12:12 pm

    This is a clear representation with the Malays voting in UMNO and PAS and the chinese and indians voting in DAP and PKR. So no more hypocrisy of MIC and MCA piggy-riding on UMNO ticket. As usual Malays are still sleeping and suddenly realise now his kampung is again ruled by chinaman and indian as the jaga. Ha ha ha!

  74. Anonymous12:16 pm

    This is the victory of the people who made an informed decision against long-standing corruption and tyranny in this nation. We needed a figurehead like Anwar Ibrahim to unite the parties, but it was the people who made that smart choice to vote.

    Pak Lah now only needs to do two things foremost. As I wrote in a post a few minutes back

    The first thing Abdullah Badawi needs to do is to clean up the judiciary and the media of the old guard dating back to the 80s.

    Corruption will always exist, but the judiciary and the media in any democracy acts as the watchdog. Instead, we have had lapdogs barking against the voices of the people for too long.

    The shocking mediocrity of The Star is evident right now as I speak. It still hasn't come to grips with the new political landscape. The NST is slowly taking a more neutral hue. Shamsul Akmal had a column yesterday in that dreadful rag.

    It is important that any member of the old guard is not allowed back in. A clean slate should be a clean slate.

    Remember, if Badawi is forced out, Najib will take over. This is Mahathir's agenda, and the agenda of old Umno guards who corrupted this nation in the first place.

    And we all know what Najib stands for...

    Right now, Mahathir is supposed to hold a Press Conference to push his selfish agendas, and to pave the ground for Mukhriz ascension to power. But foremost, he would want Najib to take over. When he does, we can forget about Altantuya and the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the V.K. Lingam tapes. And it will be a return to strong-arm rules.

    It wasn't Mahathir who stomped the country for change. It was Anwar.

    Many will see this election results as a vindication for the BA, but other disgruntled Umno members will see this as an opportunity to grab power.

  75. Will Mainstream media be adapted to this new era of democracy?

  76. Anonymous12:20 pm

    It seems somewhat harsh to blame Pak Lah for issues that really stem from the deficience and deceits of what he had to inherit from his predecessor who did fundamental damage to this nation's system of governance and of values (no matter how many prestige developments took place in such time)

  77. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Thanks, Rocky - for being dedicated to making a better Malaysia!

  78. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Makkal Sakthi or Peoples Power has shown itself quite evidently everywhere even in places where it was thought to be insignificant and hence made a Deciding Difference!!!
    As much as it had been pooh poohed!, it has boomeranged to show just how much it is relevant and needed to be taken seriously.
    Maybe now those sleeping will wake up!!
    Walla walla.

  79. We showed the government the meaning of collective responsibility.

    Pak Lah pantang dicabar? Kami pantang dipermainkan dan diperkosa dari segi ekonomi, sosial dan perkauman.

    Rocky, you have all my respect and support for standing strong in the face of your recent adversities.

    I would love to express more of my feelings here but this ain't my blog and I believe many more would be leaving comments. But for those who have a bit of spare time, do pop by:

    Apologies for the self-publicity but I just need to share and reach out to fellow Malaysians like me who have been sodomised by the Government long enough to turn around bite off their kerises.

    Long live the Revolution.

    Today it's 5 States ... tomorrow the Country.

  80. Anonymous12:38 pm

    The message from the people (the boss of Wakil Rakyat) is clear

  81. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Rockyfella, seems good ol' doctor TDM still hold sway in the background and he wants to hold a press conference to announce to the world that his cronyboy the Mongol-Slayer Najib is about to take over the power reins from Sleepyhead Bodohwi pre UMNO pow-wow end-2008.

    I bet his dirty underpants the old man is up to his dirty tricks again and he is solely to blame for the woes of our nation or whatever that's left of it and at this juncture in our chequered history he is trying to play powerbroker or kingmaker, fishing in troubled waters that is, and throwing a spanner in the works for Sleephead who still cannot read the message on the wall even now.

    He already suffered a stunning defeat even the UMNO racists are biting their nails in askance of their own stupidity and complacency. These has-beens or lackey goons are completely out of touch with the realities on the ground.

    Good riddance to UMNOputraism is what the people want. And that's what they gonna have, post-GE12.

  82. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Eh, takkan takde langsung komentar atau diskusi tentang keputusan PRU12 di stesen TV mainstream kali ni. Kalau tak silap aku pada 2004, tiap2 hari ada saja panel2 dijemput untuk membuat ulasan pilihan raya.

    Tadi aku buka TV, suasananya macam biasa aje, takde pun menyentuh tentang PRU12. Ade jugak, tapi pasal pilihan raya di Turki.

    Pelik jugak ye, aku ni dah mendarat di bumi lain, ke? Maklumlah, aku baru bangun selepas tak tidur 24 jam. Konfius sikit!

  83. Anonymous12:43 pm

    na na na na, hey hey, good byeeeee!!

  84. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Anwar ushers in ‘a new dawn for Malaysia’ - 4.08am (March 8, 2008)

    A triumphant PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim described the victory of the opposition parties in five states and its breach of Barisan Nasional’s two-third majority in Parliament as “a defining moment” in the history of the nation and the opening of “a new chapter.”

    “The people have voted decisively for a new era where the government must be truly inclusive and recognises that all Malaysians, regardless of race, culture or race are a nation of one,” he told a packed press conference at his residence in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur.

    “The people have expressed in no uncertain terms that they want accountability, transparency, and the rule of law.”

  85. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Pak Lah does not need to resign. He is not the PM now, just the care-taker PM.

    Rather, we should say, Pak Lah should NOT be sworn in as the PM!

  86. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Pendapat saya nyata berbeza. Pak Lah telah memberikan banyak laluan kepada rakyat untuk mengundi dengan lebih telus berbanding dengan PRU sebelum ini. Kita jangan lupa beberapa perkara berikut - antara inisiatif yang Pak Lah telah lakukan adalah - peti undi telus, penggunaan internet yang tidak di'black-out', semasa pencalonan pada 24-2-2008 lalu kesilapan teknikal sedikit adalah dibenarkan, gangguan yanag dianggap minima daripada penguatkuasa semasa tempoh berkempen. Oleh yang demikian mari kita berkerjasama menjadikan Malaysia lebih makmur dari semua segi.
    Sekiranya kita ALPA dengan keseronokan ini, kita akan terjerat dengannya.
    Marilah bersama2 memamkmurkan Malaysia samada anda penyokong UMNO,MIC,MCA,DAP,PAS,PKR, Tok Mun dan macam2 lagi kerana itu adalah KEMENANGAN KITA BERSAMA.

  87. Anonymous1:21 pm

    i actually want Pak Lah to stay. continue for another term. let him try to redeem hiself (we all know he is not capable). Next PRU, instead of Pak Lah pack, BN pack.

    chin, PJ

  88. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Just to tell you guys here.

    My vote to oppositions was a vote to protest the present leaders in UMNO with hope that UMNO will cleanse itself. Deep inside am still love UMNO very much and the feeling are share with most malays i believe. I still very much loved Tun Dr Mahathir!

    For those who said UMNO abd TDM are no longer relevant, please shut your fcuking mouth up!

    Melayu Bandar.

  89. My dear countryman,

    Dont have to be so hard on him cos only through him that today we can achieve this. Rather, beware of Najib and the Maha connection. These two definately cannot be trusted, let alone run this country. Let our Anuar do the necessary


  90. Anonymous1:29 pm

    I just came back from Germany on the 8th and i went to vote at pandan indah. My aged mum keep telling me Vote Ong Tee keat of BN, he helped chinese a lot.

    I went in and voted PAS over ong tee keat. And i voted PKR over BN in the other paper. I left with a heavy heart. I have been a BN supporter for many years, even since school days when my malay history teacher told me that he is a staunch supporter of Mahathir, I adopted his views after evaluating mahathir's leadership.

    But KJ and Badawi is just too much, sleeping and sucking blood out of Rakyat. My childhood neighbours are mostly malays whom i cherish a lot and even now hearing some of them talking about the state of the malays and how that the Umno only enriches the few is disheartening. Raising oil prices despite being a NET exporter, i shudder to think of how hard life is for common folks in the kampung.

    Serve BN right. Now, when is KJ going down?

  91. Anonymous1:44 pm

    no to pak lah and definately a no no to Najib also. (najib's new post should be ambassador to mongolia!!!!!1)

  92. Anonymous1:50 pm

    The 2008 General Election is the worst showing ever by BN in the Malaysian electoral history. Pak Lah as the incumbent PM, holds the unenviable records for presiding over the biggest electoral victory and loss in 2004 and 2008 respectively.

    While this worst results cannot be solely attributed to one man alone, it is must be noted that race-based politics no longer holds sway over discerning Malaysians of all races and creeds. We have also grown tired of corruption, nepotism and cronyism. Regardless of skin colour, we are ALL Malaysians.

    Marginalisation affects all races.

  93. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Will they now release the 5 isa detainee?

  94. Anonymous2:30 pm

    This election showed the people's rejection of the racist policies of BN, Mahathir years inclusive. So let us not allow any politikus hijack this victory of the people, for the people of Malaysia. The swing reflects a maturing of Bangsa Malaysia. It is also not an endorsement of Najib for PM. It is a demand for justice and good governance; an end to corruption and cronyisms. Maybe, UMNO and BN should break the mould and seek veteran Tengku Razaleigh's leadership for a fair and clean government - a BN Prime Minister from the opposition heartland. And May God Almighty Bless Malaysia with peace and harmony. And prosperity.

  95. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Pak Lah got 11000 majority but it has dwindled from 18000. This shows how well he has been rcvd by hiw own ppl in Kepala Batas. Najib though secured 26000 majority we cant accept that his star is shining brightly either. How many of those 26000 were postal votes? Dont forget he is the Minister of Defence. You want Rosmah to be your First Lady? Either way we are pharked!

    Hissshamuddin? Also teruk. KJ another baboon. Within Umno there is no suitable choice.

    Ku Li? Perhaps so.

  96. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Keke imagine Pak Lah cant enjoy his new jet. But heck he still got his mansion in Perth and Yacht to sail the 7 seas.

  97. Anonymous2:52 pm

    Congratulations to the Opposition! Nevertheless, they shouldn't be celebrating just yet. I hope they deliver and should they fail, i believe some of us here will remove them as fast as we have elected them.

    I hope Badawi's administration will strive to deliver the existing mandates entrusted to them. Wonder if he would go....

  98. If Pak Lah knows what HONOR is and means--he should be packing his stuff and resign right about now.

  99. Anonymous3:34 pm

    hehe..Pak Lah..hang dah buat melayu malu for the last 4yrs.. besok c yah pi ofis ler.. angkat balik pi main jejauh.
    Do the rite thing.. jgn kasi malu melayu lagi..
    hehe penang dah pi kat DAP.. apalagi..australia ler kiter..

    PS: on the way sana..campak keri kat laut.

  100. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Yes Badawi, please just resign.

    As mentioned, we will JUST VOTE the opposition -
    no matter how hard... As it is Demi Kesejahteraan Negara Malaysia kita ini.

    Our message is very clear. So, please just WAKE UP & GET LOST!! Thank you.

    An UMNO member.

  101. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Signal yang jelas dan nyata
    Rakyat tidak peduli siapa lawan BN
    as long as ia adalah pembangkang
    mereka akan pangkah pembangkang walau pun calon bebas. Kubu kuat BN juga tumbang di tangan BEBAS

    Bukan setakat Silent Majority yg undi pembangkang malah penyokong BN dan ahli UMNO sendiri yang swing

    Terimalah hakikat ini

    "PRU 12 has cleaned up BN
    NEXT to be clean up - UMNO general election"

  102. Anonymous4:13 pm

    Yup, we don't want Najib because of Altantuya's case. And the commission for close friend. We do not want cronism. Umno must change. Way of doing things, like 1 billion in exchange of 350mil reinvestment, all that BN thought is normal, was not OK for us, the rakyats. Anwar had done his term, some of us believed he has changed. We don't know, but we are willing to take chances in next general election if BN do not change. That's all I wanted to say.

  103. the barisan rakyat has won
    the umno ship is sinking
    i hope the dap-pkr-pas will keep the promises made in thier manifestos. pl.dont let down the rakyat. GOD bless you all

  104. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Both Pak Lah and Najib should resign. As matter of fact, Barisan Nasional should be dissolved as well, we no longer need racial-based politics here in Malaysia.

    Malay Women in Malaysia Blog

  105. Anonymous4:39 pm

    It is time for the Rakyat to stop accepting racist parties like UMNO, MCA & MIC. Barisan Rakyat should invite professionals and good potentials from all these parties to serve. However, opportunists should be banned.

  106. Anonymous4:54 pm

    Maybe UMNO is not as bad as I thought but to the chinese UMNO look bad due the top few leaders (Najib and KJ inclusive), maybe I am wrong about UMNO's culture, maybe it was individual's culture, but can other leaders prove to us? I voted BN since 1990, this is the first time I voted opposition. I'm chinese but I voted a malay opposition party, both parlimen and state. On overall, I think BN itself does not fit in multi-racial malaysia, although you can deny BN's culture is not like that, but its people had made it so. It is race based and invoke the race cards quite often. You do not walk what you talk. Yup, you can ask us to "balik cina if don't like", but we love our country and we know the ordinary malay folks are not like that, only certain people in UMNO.

  107. Pak Lah, should stay, he is pretty good in messing up everything so by the next election BN will totally lose the elections. Pak lah please stay and create more problems for your party

  108. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Pak Lah should not resign. Mahathir era don't have all these good things. He has set framed Anwar free ,he has allowed using transparent and serial number ballot box ( unlike previously can't even see what is inside and whether it is empty or full ), he allows ceramah and indirectly let us know what mahathir's lackeys and people are doing all these years,he let the rakyat of Malaysia to vote off those corrupted Mahathir's lackeys,he shuts down a lot of Mahathir's pet mega projects which wasted public $$$,he take conscious of development of Sarawak and Sabah in which were sidelined by Mahathir 22 years of reign. He should be given credits. He is surrounded by corrupted Mahathir and Najib loyalists and is basically outnumbered in UMNO. He has to borrow our hand to destroy those 9 out of 10 corrupted UMNO,MCA,MIC,GERAKAN who were beyond his controls.
    If Pak Lah resign, Najib will step up and is not a good sight and probably worse than Mahathir era. We will have a cold-blooded C4 explosive approval ,submarine a future PM. No way ! Pak Lah is carrying such a great burden because he is inheriting mahathir's corrupted people and trash. He just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Pak Lah has done a great job in removing the power of Mahathir's corrupted people in BN. We should not support and answer to BN Members and Mahathir calls for Pak Lah to step down for the sake of a prosperous and harmony Malaysia.
    It's great to see oppositions have some power in the politics. Expose those corrupted and return the MONEY to the people and country. Use them for the well being of society. Clean up the corrupted police force as well. We are standing as one to eliminate the unfairness,corruption and badness as a whole regardless of what races or parties for the betterment of all. Pak Lah , Datuk Seri Anwar and all opposition candidates ,thank you for giving Malaysia a new hope.

  109. Anonymous5:46 pm

    What a historic night,as the Bn cronies,and arrogant goverment were humiliated,and kicked out of power.The peoples voices have been heard,and their power shown.Despite early warning signs- BERSIH,HINDRAF,crime,corruption,cronyism,rising prices,the goverment were still in denial and refuse to take the peoples problems seriously.they thought they would win with no problems....they were wrong!!!.
    They even atacked Anwar through their biased and immature media calling him "irrelevent".this is a slap in their face.Anwar has caused BN's worst nightmare together with barisan rakyat.Wait till he masuk parliment.
    What im scared of,is that if Pak Lah happens to resign,I would hate to see Najib,Or Hishammudin,or even after that,KJ become PM.KJ is a disaster,i hope he doesnt rise in power.
    Lastly I would to congratulate the independent media sites like malaysiakini and malaysia today,for playing a vital role in changing malaysia.Despite the mainstream biased media blowing the BN trumpet and spreding their false agenda,we the internet uses and bloggers managed to show them we dont need them and they are an embarresment.we can,make decisions without being influenced by them.Syabas....

  110. Anonymous5:58 pm

    Voting for BA doesn't mean people are choosing BA. It left people with no other choices!

  111. Anonymous6:38 pm

    Pak Lah should resign to show some respect in BN.

    PAS, PKR & DAP should talk to other party head to ask them to switch over and form a TRUE MALYSIAN GOVERNMENT lead by malaysian.

  112. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Pak Lah should step down but don't put Najib as the successor. It will be like out of the frying pan and into the fire! Najib can be the Ambassador to Mongolia lo!!!

  113. Anonymous7:30 pm

    Pak Lah should step down but don't put Najib as the successor. It will be like out of the frying pan and into the fire! Najib can be the Ambassador to Mongolia lo!!!
    Dr M also don;'t talk much cos all these mess are what you left behind!

  114. Anonymous9:39 pm

    Syabas to all Malaysian! I hope that this is a beginning of a new Malaysia! A Malaysia without racial discriminition! No more Malay,Chinese or Indian, there is only MALAYSIAN!

  115. Anonymous10:05 pm

    I think Spike lee made a movie some years ago called "Do The Right Thing"... so Dollah.. sorry I cannot even muster he respect to call you pak lah, pm datuk datuk sri.. resign lah Dollah.. more time for you to sleep.

  116. Pak Lah Tak Boleh Letak Jawatan kerana dia harus pikul tanggungjawab apa yang dia telah lakukan semasa pemerintahan dia!

  117. Anonymous10:30 pm

    I am really proud of those who voiced out yesterday. i really hope Badawi wake up and resign asap.

  118. Syabas to the opposition on this historic 12th election. The advent of the unstopable internet has laid bare for all to see what the BN government stands for. A bigger Syabas to all the bloggers - Rocky, Jeff, and many others - who gave and risked their all to keep Malaysians informed of what was happening in their country. Malaysians showed their appreciation through the ballot boxes.

    The victories are not just confined to the 5 states. If we subtract the BN tallies from Sabah and Sarawak for the parliamentary seats, BN holds only 96 seats vs the opposition's 82(the numbers are sourced from NST).

    Those of us who are older will remember the delineation exercise in the Eighties (or earlier) whereby the "one man one vote"
    right was taken away by redrawing the parliamentary seats to benefit the BN.

    In the case of Sabah and Sarawak, 54 parliamentary seats were carved out - consisting of below 25,000 voters - vs the heavily populated city constituecies in Peninsular Malaysia. In Penang, Perak, Selangor and the FT for example, the parliamentary seats number over 50,000 voters on average. Thus, if you calculate the number of actual votes vs the parliamentary seats, the BN is almost on par with the Opposition in Peninsular Malaysia.

    However, what worked before for the BN might also work against them. The BN component parties in Sabah and Sarawak might just jump ship now the the winds of change are finally stirring in West Malaysia.

    Opposition leaders, you know what to do the next time you are in East Malaysia!

    Malaysia is blessed with not just abundant resources, but very talented and dedicated people. It has been far too long that the BN has been allowed to call the shots and decide our destinies for us.

  119. Anonymous11:34 pm

    I was a part in the history in making. I have voted on so many before, but this one give me a different type of atmosphere feeling. The feeling was so different. You felt so proud you have done your part; likewise everybody I spoke to, they felt so proud that they have done their part. Especially the ones who voted wanting to put the system right again.

    Yes! The message is loud and clear. Please tender in your resignation. PACK-LAH!

  120. Anonymous6:37 am

    Pak Lah should go. KJ should go. Najib should go. All scumbags must go. Rakyat deserves better. From now onwards we are the ones making decisions as such. Our votes are powerful and as proven, we'll not hesitate to use it!

    Votes rigging, phantom voters etc can't stop us!

  121. Anonymous12:33 pm

    since KJ just won Rembau, I also bet he will be made a deputy minister .. may be finance ministry or whichever ministry his FIL holds.
    The helicoper circle confirmed KJ just place a booking on RM6.0M Agusta heli.

  122. Anonymous12:40 pm

    KJ just won Rembau, bet he will be made a Deputy Minister…most likely finance ministry or whichever ministry his FIL holds.

    The helicopter circle just confirmed he recently place a RM6.0M 12-seater Augusta heli!!!!!

  123. Anonymous3:07 pm

    To the person who wrote this: "Rocky please don't immortalize Tun Mahathir.Don't forget our judiciary lost its independence during his premiership.He infested the Bench with his crony roaches and roddens
    until the noble institution started to rot and sting like sewage.

    Today he is blaming everybody except himself.He accused Samy of stifling Indian voice.He muzzled the cabinet,he muzzled the messangers,the only survivors were the "yes men".

    His daughter could be your good friend rocky but don't let that blind you."

    I dare ask you which government is not corrupted or bias? Do you know even know how politics are played? This issue aside, at least Dr. M gave a piece of cake to everyone, regardless of the race. He may be bias to certain people, but he did in fact did share the cake. Whether it's small or big, the point is he DID. Before Pak Lah, we used to have so many festivals and big celebrations for new years and etc. After Pak Lah came on, what happened to all that? Pak Lah kept saying he will clean out corruption. He in fact is one of the corrupted ones. And what's with the Batik Revival? Sigh...

  124. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Oooooiii Pak lah you better get "LOOSE" we dont need you anymore ...go honeymoon with you Jin tu OSTOLIA ...and fly kites

  125. Anonymous11:02 pm

    "...rot and sting like sewage."
    It should read 'stink like sewage.'Sorry about the mistake.

    To anonymous (3.07pm)

    Looks like you are interested in state sponsored celebrations and cakes.Grow up will you.

    Whilst testifying at the RC on 17th of Jan TDM could not remember many things regarding the appointment of judges in 2001.
    A quick count showed that Mahathir said “I cannot remember” or its equivalent to 14 times during 90mins testimony.

    But amazingly on 6th of March 2008 he could recall precisely how Samy Velly orchestrated Pathmanaban's retirement way back in 1990.
    What a fantastic recovery within 48 days.

  126. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Pak Lah, we still need and support you.

  127. After 50 years, if not for Datuk Seri Abdullah, we would not have the first Tsunami and victory for democracy in Malaysia.

    Let's just look at the scenario:

    1. Datuk Seri Abdullah released DSAI when he came to power.
    He did not need to do this.
    Dr M would probably have driven DSAI to commit Harakiri in prison!

    2. Datuk Seri Abdullah did not stop the bloggers from giving altenartive news.
    He could have arrested these bloggers under ISA.
    Dr M would definitely have done this at least prior to the election.

    3. Datuk Seri Abdullah allowed the Bersih and Hindraf to organise their rallies. Under Dr M's rule,
    the organisers would have been arrested even for thinking about organising the rallies.

    Judge a person from the outcomes of their leadership, not from what their detractors say.


  128. Anonymous9:40 pm

    It is true the election's results have opened our eyes on how weak and declining Barisan National is, something has to be changed and someone has to do it. Although the fingers might all be pointed at Badawi, which are of course accounted for as he has the responsibility to take charge of the current situation, however we should bear in mind that the current BN that we have now is a result and responsibility of all politicians beforehand as well, including us rakyat Malaysia. Badawi should resign perhaps but he should not be the laughing stock of the people as he might be much 'cleaner' than other politicians we have had. All of us have to do something, by first establishing a more transparent and healthy government who put the citizen's welfare as highest priority. I have always believed there are no difference between the races, we have to help each other no matter how different or how achieved we are in different aspects. We have our strong points respectively and together we can shape a better nation. I am proud of my nation as I have been overseas before, mostly because of how people relate to each other. We are friendly and kind-hearted people.. Let us ensure the well-being of our nation for the happiness of the people and more generations to come..

  129. pak lah should neva resign..