Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pak Lah concedes another defeat

update! 4:15pm
During the meeting with the Agong, my sources told me, the PM was asked to explain how the RM1 billion "wang ehsan" was disbursed by the State Government under former Menteri Besar Idris Jusoh.
Since winning back Terengganu from PAS in 2004, the BN government has been paying the State Government some RM1 billion a year (the "wang ehsan" did not exist when PAS ruled Terengganu). Terengganu has the second highest number of poor people in Malaysia, after Sabah.

The present Yang diPertuan Agong hails from Terengganu.

The PM was also told to meet with Ahmad Said, the Sultan of Terengganu's choice for MB. The Star said half an hour ago that the PM would also meet Idris.

Original Post:-

Idris Jusoh, say bye to the MB's office: -

The PM, who was granted an audience with the Agong before this morning's weekly Cabinet meeting, has agreed to the Palace's choice for MB, Ahmad Said.

Just last Sunday Abdullah said the appointment of anyone else except Idris Jusoh, which was his choice, would be unConstitutional.


Da Real Deal said...

I remember the Nujum Pak Belalang scene where the rakyat outside the palace jump with joy after the result showed 2 - 0. In the end it was like the opposition thrashing with the results showing 5+1 - 0.

Pasquale said...

C'est la vie, mon ami!

Anonymous said...

Clap clap,

The Kings and his subject = 3
Dollah and his cronies = 0

and it's not yet half time yet.

(no more money to pau from Penang and Trengganu )

Unknown said...

Alhamdulillah one problem solved. I hope the biggest problem will be solved soon i.e. Abdullah retirement. Let's all pray for this to happen.

Anonymous said...


apa yg susah sangat nak selesaikan perkara ni? jumpa dan bersemuka - biasanya inilah cara yg terbaik! why subject the whole country to much anguish when a simple audience and sincere discussions could have settled all issues!

What a joke this has been! the pm had earlier said: "I'm in charge!" betulkah?

and if he said anyone other than his choice is unconstitutional, does this mean he's abetting in the unconstitutional appointment of the mb? Or is he now made to swallow his own words?


Anonymous said...

Daulat Tuanku, victory to the King and people of Terengganu. If all these news about Idris being proxy to KJ/Patrick Lim is genuine then this truly is victorious for the people of Terengganu. They can be now free from the clutches of greed of a few. Now, it is hope the fund$$ can be properly channelled to help those most deserving ones.

Raja Hanim

Anonymous said...

Saya Pantang DiCabar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 states lost to Opposition
2 states snub the appointment of MB
2 MPs snub appointment as deputy minister

Gaya tetap mesti ada

Anonymous said...

Rosol, surak letok jawatang mung bui dok agi? ari tu gege mung kate nok letok jawatang. mung kecek macang gengster 3 laing. dok paka mende, kecing haching, natang ni.

Old Fart said...

Ah. BAdawi could not respond to what he was confronted with is it? He only needs to read Malaysia-Today and be up to date with it to have got it right the first time. How many more mistakes are we to see.

Anonymous said...


PM Dolah still don't get it.
I think bila dia kena TKO baru dia nak wake up.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting...another skirmish, another withdrawal and defeat. Now the UMNO wolves are at the door. For the first time in several years, I feel almost sorry for the man. Then I think of the HINDRAF5, of tear gas and water cannons, of dreams crushed, of promises neglected, of lies and corruption, and I am back to thinking he brought it upon himself. Let him resolve his own mess. He asked for it.

Anonymous said...

I expected this. Because the PM is not in touch with the people. And worst not even with the palace.

If there is another event, I can almost guarantee you the PM will be three to four step behind and when all hell has broken loose - he suddenly reaslise he is already in Hell.

Wake up Sir

Anonymous said...

Really? Well thank god for that but out of curiousity, how come the about turn? Anybody care to explain?

This goes to show how weak the PM is.

Anonymous said...

All this could have been averted had Pak Lah consulted the Agong at the beginning. What's the rest of the UMNO fellas got to say? Another "we support the PM's decision"?

Bunch of losers!


Anonymous said...

I think the guy wants a holiday. It has been more than a month since his last overseas trip with jean

Anonymous said...

hehe...a flip flop pm spine..whatever happens to the country, his party, or the malay race, or just anything...he will just say it's ok...the people have give a clear signal... a sign he's going to oblivion soon...


Anonymous said...


Actually Pak Lah lost 7 states - 5 during the elections, and 2, Perlis and Terengganu, before the formation of state Govt.

If you add FT, it would be 8.

So he won 7 states, that is less than half of the country.


Anonymous said...

Syabas Pak Lah! Sometimes to move forward, we have to take a step backwards.I wish you well.Maybe now we can all concentrate on work before the next election? To Bro Anwar, tak payah lah nak goncang-goncang apa dah terletak.Tunggu next election.Kalau tak, kita semua yang rugi!

Old Fart said...

How many defeats has Badawi got to suffer before he does "the right thing"!?

Anonymous said...

Dear rocky: I deem this as another Victory for People's Power, discernible by the more informed (thanks to the Internet media?) RoyalHouses.My tigasen worth of dzot.__Desi

Anonymous said...

eh is this for real?? when can we confirm this??

Anonymous said...

Buka Jawatan Presiden Dan Timbalan Presiden Umno Untuk Ditandingi

KUALA LUMPUR, 26 Mac (Bernama) -- Umno Bahagian Cheras menyarankan semua jawatan tertinggi parti itu di semua peringkat, termasuk jawatan Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden dipertandingkan.

Cadangan itu adalah satu daripada 12 resolusi yang dilulus oleh Umno Bahagian Cheras pada Mesyuarat Khas Empat Peringkat di sini, Selasa malam.

Ketua Umno bahagian Cheras Senator Datuk Wira Syed Ali Al-Habshee berkata cadangan yang akan dikemukakan kepada Majlis Tertinggi Umno itu dibuat berikutan kekalahan teruk Barisan Nasional pada pilihan raya umum baru-baru ini, di samping selaras dengan sistem demokrasi yang diamal dalam parti.

"Kalau jawatan-jawatan ini tidak dipertandingkan, kita tidak tahu kekuatan Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden di dalam parti. Jika ada pertandingan, kita boleh menilai kekuatan Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden di akar umbi," katanya kepada pemberita selepas mesyuarat itu.

Beliau yakin pertandingan untuk dua jawatan tertinggi itu tidak akan memecah belahkan parti, malah akan mengukuhkan perpaduan dalaman dan meningkatkan maruah mereka yang menang.

"Biar rakyat tahu Umno amalkan demokrasi sihat, biar orang bertanding.

Pertandingan akan memberi ruang untuk ahli-ahli Umno di akar umbi untuk menterjemahkan kepimpinan sebenar dalam Umno dan kita mahu pemimpin kita betul-betul mendapat sokongan akar umbi," katanya.

Mesyuarat itu juga meluluskan supaya sistem kuota bagi pertandingan jawatan parti yang diamalkan kini dimansuhkan dan harus kembali kepada prinsip asal iaitu mereka yang ingin bertanding boleh berbuat demikian jika mendapat dua pencalonan.

"Kalau kita ada sistem kuota, kita menidakkan orang yang ingin menawarkan diri untuk bertanding. Jika kita mansuhkan, ramai yang akan bertanding dan ahli-ahli mempunyai pilihan untuk memilih pemimpin yang mereka kehendaki," katanya.

Syed Ali berkata resolusi yang dibuat bahagian itu turut mencadangkan supaya satu Perhimpunan Agung Khas diadakan dalam masa terdekat bagi membolehkan kepimpinan Umno mendengar secara jelas dan terbuka kritikan dan saranan anggota parti untuk memantapkan semula organisasi parti.

Resolusi lain yang diluluskan ialah meminta seluruh rakyat Malaysia khususnya orang Melayu dan Umno supaya memelihara, mempertahan dan menghormati kedaulatan institusi Kesultanan Raja-raja Melayu seperti yang termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Negara.


Anonymous said...

25 Mac, 2008 23:28 PM

Pemilihan Umno Tidak Harus Ditunda Lagi, Kata Mukhriz

Oleh Azeman Ariffin

JERLUN, 25 Mac (Bernama) -- Pemilihan Umno yang dijadualkan pada tahun ini tidak wajar ditunda bagi menghormati suara para anggota Umno untuk memilih siapakah pemimpin yang mereka kehendaki, kata Anggota Parlimen Jerlun Datuk Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir.

Katanya pemilihan parti adalah sesuatu yang sangat penting dan ia merupakan satu proses demokrasi yang harus dilalui oleh parti.

"Saya merayu kepada kepimpinan Umno supaya tidak menunda pemilihan dan ikutlah seperti apa yang telah dikatakan (oleh Presiden parti pada tahun lepas) iaitu pemilihan akan diadakan pada tahun ini", katanya kepada Bernama di sini hari ini.

Mukhriz, yang juga anggota Exco Pergerakan Pemuda Umno, itu berkata beliau yakin pertandingan merebut jawatan tidak akan menyebabkan perpecahan dalam parti kerana perwakilan sekarang mampu membuat keputusan yang bijak tanpa emosi.

Beliau berkata pemimpin Umno mesti mengikut perlembagaan parti dan semua anggota Umno harus membuat keputusan yang rasional dan bijak.

Ketua Penerangan Umno Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib hari ini berkata badan-badan perhubungan Umno negeri menyarankan supaya pemilihan parti yang dijadual diadakan tahun ini ditunda kepada Jun tahun depan bagi mengelakkan kekecohan dalam parti.

Muhammad, yang juga Menteri Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah, berkata badan-badan perhubungan itu termasuk ketua masing-masing sebulat suara menyatakan persetujuan itu dalam beberapa pertemuan berasingan dengan Presiden Umno Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sejak Jumaat lepas.

Pemilihan Umno yang dijadual tahun lepas ditunda hingga tahun ini ekoran jangkaan pilihan raya umum ke-12. Kali terakhir pemilihan diadakan adalah pada tahun 2004. Mengikut perlembagaan parti, pemilihan Umno boleh ditunda sehingga 18 bulan dan tempoh itu berakhir pada Jun 2009.

Mukhriz berkata jika terdapat pertandingan di peringkat jawatan Presiden sekalipun, beliau yakin Umno tidak akan berpecah jika pertandingan diadakan secara "gentleman".

"Yang paling penting jangan ada rasuah politik kerana itulah yang boleh menyebabkan perpecahan... Saya tidak nampak boleh berlaku sebarang perpecahan jika kita bertanding dalam suasana yang terkawal dan tanpa emosi," kata beliau.

Mukhriz berkata semua anggota parti haruslah mengutamakan keharmonian parti kerana semua tindakan mereka akan mendapat perhatian umum.

"Untuk kebaikan parti, yang penting kita mesti sedar bahawa semua tindakan kita mendapat perhatian umum dan lebih-lebih lagi jadi tradisi kepimpinan teratas lazimnya Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden adalah juga Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Perdana Menteri," kata beliau.


Anonymous said...

To all Malaysian.whatever AAB did is too late,he already 'biadap' and 'khianat' to our beloved DYMM,Sultan Mizan,
Let all of us show our loyalty our DYMM Sultan Mizan this Saturday Himpunan Rakyat.Detail see:


KoSong Cafe said...

The one who blinked first, lost.

I cannot imagine anyone, who had to go through royal protocol and use palace language, in the awesome palace and in the presence of His Majesty, can behave his normal confident self.

Suddenly, everything royal suggestion will be readily agreed.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Jangan bimbang Pak Lah, there is a country for you to run

Anonymous said...

is this man possess any kind of leadership quality and excellence in management whatsoever?

the answer (s) would be very subjective

but love him or loathe him, they have to agree that he is weak.

and undecisive.

and not smart.

Anonymous said...

Good to find state Rulers who are concerned about the rakyat's benefits and not umno's.

Fortunately, BN has no more 2/3 majority to bulldoze their way through YET ANOTHER amendment to the constitution. If not, I'll bet they'll further cripple the Rulers' rights.

Anonymous said...

It reflect badly on Pak Lah's integrity and authority, that's the outcome for being arrogant, hypocrite and a couldn't care less PM

Peter Yew said...

It is always better to negotiate a deal away from the media. See? It must be a terribly embarassing moment to not only lose an election but to lose his right to chose his own appointees. Sad! Time to change/go, man!

Peter Yew said...

It is always better to negotiate a deal away from the media. See? It must be a terribly embarassing moment to not only lose an election but to lose his right to chose his own appointees. Sad! Time to change/go, man!

Zainal A. Kasim said...

Pengajaran daripada perkara ini:

i. Berfikir sebelum bercakap;

ii. Merancang sebelum bertindak;

iii. Sediakan checklist tentang perkara-perkara yang perlu dibuat sebelum membuat keputusan;

iv. Semak barisan kedua "Rukunegara"

v. Jangan derhaka kepada Raja

vi. Pilih calon ikut kelayakan bukan populariti

Anonymous said...

Kenapa Pak Lah begitu lemah? It never happen before, never to previous PMs. 3 states! 3 Rulers! For Johor, he tried 2 times to change MB, Sultan don't accept his proposal! For Perlis, his own ADUNs don't follow his advice (PM, the person who supposely selected them to become ADUN). And now Terengganu, the Rulers, the Agung, who are normally (as in previous administration) just endorsed the PM's nomination, now can say NO to Pak Lah.
I don't see this as a fault of Idris Jusuh. It's entirely a fault of Pak Lah (and his advisors). Pak Lah is so WEAK! No question about this! And he has to resign before BN collapse!

Anonymous said...

Another instance proving that Sleepy Head is a lame duck PM.

Anonymous said...

Dah tak ada rezeki Pak Idris. Kalau PM naik ke langit tujuh pun, kalau bukan rezeki Pak Idris maka bukanlah rezeki dia.

Inilah kebesaran Illahi. Kita tidak dapat meramal dengan tepat rezeki kita. Lihat macam mana Pak Idris bekerja kuat hingga Terengganu maju seperti sekarang tetapi apa nak buat? Bukan rezeki dia dapat jadi MB dan dihargai.

Hanya mungkin kesalahannya yang orang ingati. Inilah hidup dan hakikat kehidupan. Mungkin adalah HIKMAHnya ini semua terjadi. Hilang pangkat dan kuasa tidak mengapa, jangan hilang IMAN atau ditarik balik IMAN sudahlah.

Anonymous said...

..terhakisnya suara rakyat, kembalinya era feudalisma.. selamat berjaya rakyat Malaysia ..negara Raja Berperlembaan ..negara Demokrasi Berparlimen..

Anonymous said...

Royalty 3 Pak Lah 0.

Anonymous said...

royalty + people - 0 : badawi - 1

with all these ruckus going on, happily transfering out all his ill-gotten wealth.

"jin & i wish you people all the best, call on us when you people are in perth..."

lanaibeach said...

The King rules
Let BN leaders understand
Nobody should question the King’s choice
Let it be a lesson

Giving way
There must be a compromise
Something needs to be investigated
About the previous administration

UMNO led government
It spells unfairly distribution of wealth
Amongst the people in the country
The flip flopping never dies here
It continues to baffle the people

Now the episode ends
The state has to move on
The people must be aware
Don’t let it go the momentum
The government must be fair
To all Malaysians

The King rules
The wisdom plays into politics
The arrogant leaders must know the limits
Disobeying our King isn’t the norm
They have forgotten the heritage
Of rule of laws and Constitution

A Voice said...

And now the time has come ...

... you NEVER COULD did it your way

Anonymous said...

Looking to the cronology of what happen since last week and the statement made by PM,if this news were to be true than its clearly shows that the executive has lost their credibility and it is the most humalated outcome to PM and UMNO,then he must GO...The Palace has indirectly intervene into the executive provision by making "discreation" on matters within the ambits of the executive THIS IS a BREACH OF RULE OF LAW

by abs,PJ

Anonymous said...

monsoon cup, wang ihsan, all the petroleum money goes to federal

only one billion or so goes back to state so if you think about it the people of terengganu is still on the losing side,
maybe new MB can ask for more oil money to be spent in terengganu, maybe a spanking new university from petronas, world class technical/vocational college for oil and gas, maybe extra allowance for teachers a-la penang to boost state education performance and promote the state as a premier tourist destiantion by encouraging new high end resorts and not by spending hundreds of millions on an event that is jarring with the reality of terengganu...i tell you sultan mizan's passion for equestrian should be promoted because terengganu and kelantan has a unique but little understood and even less explored equestrian tradition, they are mostly bareback riding traditions...tak caya tanya lah wan zaleha yang do promote kuda F1 di KL tu....

Anonymous said...

Was there any concessions made to share the RM1 billion oil royalties booty, or did AAB&Co. gave up? People are wondering about WHY the ernest for the Terengganu MB case & NOT the one for Perlis? I'm sure the rakyat can now figure out Idris Jusoh & SIL & Patrick Badawi factor in running of Terengganu in the past? As they say, you can fool some people some of the time, but you cannot fool them all the time? And AAB is abviously still day-dreaming...

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Pak Lah has been forced to eat humble pie in the case of Trenganu as in the case of Perlis. Any more BN controlled state where MB not yet chosen? Pak Lah would be advised to not to cross swords with sultan in appointment of MB. He should remember the days when Mahathir bullied the sultans and clipped their wings are over. It's payback time on the PM by the rulers!

Anonymous said...

Actually I feel someone is cleverly moving the cards well:

a. Before elections, BN leadership said that even if ministerial post holders were to win elections there is no guarantee that they will get back their ministerial positions.

So, the postal votes did not come in heaps to save BN in Sg Siput and the Information Minister. Two down.

Those who 'played out' Chua SL, also got the messsage. Declared upfront - do not want to contest and do not want minister post even after winning elections.

Then came to Rafidah and Tg Adnan and a few others who should have noted what AAB said earlier. He actually used his prerogative when deciding the new cabinet. Must he have told Rafidah again? Shud not his earlier statement be sufficient? By right Rafidah should be thankful, she has actually more time to spend with her constituency folks. She shud use this opportunity well instead of going after 'Tourism'. If message not clear....

See how Sharizat played her cards well and got something in return? Tg Adnan also got some job to do also even though not a minister.

b. Tried to remove Shahidan and Idris Jusoh before elections but these tough nuts wanted to stay put.

So, in the eyes of the rakyat - endorse their appointment as MBs but leave it to the royalties to do their part and eventually have these two removed - kononnya by the rulers and not by the party leadership. In the process, MSM got fooled into believing that royalties decisions are not in the same frequency as the political leadership.

c. Those power crazy fellows who are trying to further curb the powers of the royalty will now know that this is not possible without the 'required' majority to change the constitution.

UMNO leadership is aware of this and will use it to its advantage - saying that this is not possible, so do not dream on and do not try to deprieve the rakyat of what is due to them. Instead - work hard to regain people's support through fair means.

Sometimes, UMNO leadership has to 'invest'ike this to shed itself of the parasites that bleed UMNO and BN.

Who knows - AAB could be actually allowing this to happen, applying all means to achive the end results.

On another note, the BR folks should actually thank AAB for not allowing ADUN and Wakil Rakyat switch overs and for practising fair play.

Otherwise, if it had been during AAB's predecessor's time, Tok Guru would have seen himself in the Opposition - for the power crazy fools would have 'successfully invited' two PAS ADUNs to cross over.

Even now, its not happening in Perak. Credit shud go to AAB's leadership for being 'firm' in this aspect.

In contrast, BR's defacto adviser is trying very hard to have a government change even now - sending out feelers to BN guys to switch sides.

Apa ini? Tak sabar pun?

Anonymous said...

I think AG had deliberately misled Abdullah in order to curry favour with him. The AG should be sacked after loosing the Eric Chia case. Dollah has no shame. His supplicating main stream media editors are worse.Rakyats are no fools. Dollah has lost their confidence.


A.John said...

if he cannot appoint them as MB's ( Shaidan & Idris ) he can promise them the govenor's post of malacca & P.Penang! i would not be surprised if he actually does this.

Anonymous said...

This also shows that dollah and his cronies has gone too far raping the state of Terengganu. are they really that daft to think that the people and above all Your Highness is blind and stupid? Or were they thinking 'so what if you know? you can't touch me?'? whatever it is, you have clearly fail as a leader.

Daulat Tuanku dan Hidup Rakyat!

Old Fart said...

What will all the sanctimonious oafs of not only UMNO but also the rest of BN who compete to be the first to say, I sokong Pak Lah, got to say now?

I am begining to wonder that maybe the rest of UMNO wants to punish Badawi for letting them down so badly. So they feign support for him and giving him all the "sokong" assuarances and let him slowly but surely damn himself. Becaseu they seem to be sure that he will!

Bergen said...

Has he ever won anything?

Anonymous said...

looks like there will another "penasihat bertaraf menteri" or even another minister via senatorship in the PM's department, perhaps overseeing the wang ehsan to terengganu.

Anonymous said...

Is this true, Rocky?

Alhamdulillah... My friends and relatives in Terengganu will be ecstatic to hear this. Not many people outside Terengganu knew that majority of Terengganuians don't like Idris Jusoh.

I'm happy for the people of Terengganu. :-)

Malay Women in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Kata oleh pakar-pakar undang-undang, perlantikan YAB MB adalah dibawah kuasa Negeri (KDYMM sultan @ pemangku sultan @ Majlis penasihat), kenapa pulak YAB PM libatkan KDYMM Agong, mana pi tuan-tuan penasihat yang pakar undang-undang) tak nasihat supaya tak libatkan KDYMM Agong.

Anonymous said...

Mungkin tak lama lagi Pak Lah akan bersetuju utk letak jawatan. Teruskan perjuangan saudara saudariku !!! Pilih lah orang yg sesuai memimpin di zaman serba mencabar ni.

Pada mamat yg pegang banner "natang" tu, kenakan ISA atas dia, dudukkan sebaris dgn mamat Hindraf yg 5 org tu !! Apa tunggu lagiiii

Anonymous said...


which MSM newspaper saying that
"I am in charge" recently? can't recall lah.

pua kang kang said...

God is great. Almost everything happened after March 8 is against Barisan Nasional and the only consolation is, they still form the government. That could be the second chance God gave them but looks like they are wasting it like nobody's business.

Anonymous said...

He was given a choice either idris stay or he go and this time around, first time in his 4+ years of office tenure, he makes a brilliant move, kudos !!!


Anonymous said...

ya lah dengar 4 flr boys, semua lawyer buruk, unconstitutional, my ass, think about it the agung chooses still someone from your party,just not deris, BTW what about the bpr investigation against ahmad, and lagi satu against si deris, before election fail telah di buka?, like anil netto's column, it all boils down to money, looks like paklah plans to buy a roket is terhampa, first syaitan's bernas kickbacks,than pgcc, commission, now wang ehsan trengganau? muhahahahahah, question is where have all the jantans gone, maybe ask puteri take over

Anonymous said...

While eating the humble pie, Pak Lah and UMNO should learn a valuable lesson from the episode, i.e do not allow the power you have to corrupt and destroy you. For fifty years, the people have to bear the 'stench' of abuse of power by the UMNO-BN government. Now there is a distinct feel of freshness in the air, especially in the non-BN states. The people have reasons to feel good and hope for the good times again.

Anonymous said...

One must always negotiate on strenght.

For AAB, strenght is not something he has in his favour. Losing 2/3 and waning support from his own party really undermine his position to push the issue in Trengganu.

In all fairness, he has accepted that the odds are against him and made a decision hopefully amicable to all.

Anonymous said...

go to youtube and search for adun terengganu and you will see why the 22 aduns don't want ahmad said.. he's a real shame..

Anonymous said...

remember the ming court incident where a group of sarawak ministers tried to outst Taib. he was smart. he dissolved the cabinet with the governor's consent and asked the people to decide who should be the government. he won by a landslide. ahmad should do the same.

itoBotak said...


For information, sekarang baru Pak lah tau apa itu RUKUN NEGARA - perenggan 2.
Kalau Pak Lah tak tau atau tak paham atau masih tidor lagi.. tolonglah letak jawatan.

Daulat Tuanku.

MOSABA said...

alhamdulillah, sepatutnya isu ini dah patut selesai dulu lagi sebelum PRU12, dah tau Sultan tak sukan si Deris tu knape nak calon kan lagi kan senang klau dikut kaedah macam nak lantik MB Johor pi jumpa sultan dulu. In tak dok biaq sampai maruah dah tercalar dan rakyat dah naik bengang..

Anonymous said...

Baguihlah....patutnya dah lama settle..lambat sangat take action, patut dah jangka Idris tu dah tak diterima SPB tapi dok berkeras nak lantik gak knape...kan tak pasai2 nama UMNO dah rosak dan rakyat pung dah bengang...ikut je kaedah mcm masa nak tukar MB johor kan elok tanya Sultan dulu boleh ke tak...Tahniah Buat YB Ahmad Said dan Daulat Tuanku...

Anonymous said...

Yippie ... Does that mean he will be coming over to reopen the Nasi Kandar shop here?

Anonymous said...

"Most interestingly, Abdullah appointed Muhammad Muhammad Taib as his Minister for Rural and Regional Development. What does such a minister do? He travels to Malaysia’s more far-flung parts and hands out money for development. What he really does is to hand out contracts to politicians, their families and friends to keep them onside. This will be more important than ever now, as the ruling coalition does not have a majority of seats in Parliament drawn from peninsular Malaysia and can only rule with the support of the smaller, regionally based parties in Sarawak and Sabah states on the island of Borneo.

Muhammad Taib’s job will be to fly to those states with suitcases of money to keep them onside. It’s a role for which he’s shown some talent.”

Anonymous said...

Now that this has been done with, lets hope the new MB proves to be a better choice - free from all those corruption crab.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Pak Kadok, Pak Lah orPak Pandir. whatever u call Bodowi, he kcuFing deserve the shit he is in today...

Anonymous said...

Thank U for standing firm on this issue.

Daulat Tuanku 3X

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah has incontinence. His constant spewing of crap from his orifices makes me so sad on his behalf, making a fool of himself and every Malaysian. My Advice : If you can stop crapping, get some diapers man... Incontinence is the lack of voluntary control of excretory functions eg. involuntary crapping

Anonymous said...

update 4:22

Ah shucks ... would that mean no more monsoon cup ... no more masjid built for exhibition ... no more patrick lim ... no more dollah holding michille yeoh by shoulder and hip ... michelle yeoh kissing with yet to marry mat salleh boy friend...

Will miss all the fun ...

Deris jusoh will have to answer and seek forgiveness from sultan ... tuanku better ask him abt Jusoh enterprise .... disease called JE also.

Will Sultan Johor call up Abdullah Badawi tu mengadap ... ask why bridge not built ... why singapore said they got right over our end of bridge (was there an agreement signed) ... why WPi is to sell Johor off to foreigner

Anonymous said...

what election? who needs election anymore? let's leave it to one person, let the guy choose according to his whim & fancy.. Malaysia can save a lot after this, afterall no need to buy indelible ink, what... one small step mankind, thousand back steps for constitutional democracy.. cheers!

Shanghai Fish said...

time for Pak Lah to jump camp lah ! Carpe Diem !

Maybe join DAP ?
fed-up of this fiasco he's created ! Has he no respect for our King ? and while we're at it just shoot all UMNO !

Da Real Deal said...

The arrogant fool has lost full control of yet another 2 states Rocky.

It's 5+1+2 now considering the two Menteris Besar of Perlis and Terengganu owes their positions to their rulers and not the Party. Out of the eleven states in the peninsula, BN leadership only has full control over 4.

Snowflake said...

Rosol, nie aku nak tekang kang di sini. Mu kato nak letak jawatang, bilo nie? Tak sabaq tunggu. Hari itu mung, kumain lagi, beriya iya. Mu ni sama lah lah land. Kecek tak suropa biking.

Unknown said...

bravo to our KING...can our KING help Sabah also? Sabah ranked top in the poorest state in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

The exciting parts are now about to begin, once PM has been asked to account (via Idris) for the 1 billion 'given' to the State.

What is he going to do next?
1.Rush back to KJ and ask him to return the money?

2.Hide behind KJ and say 'he did it'?

3.Blame it all on Idris, apologise and say "I didn't know'?

4.Finally resign despite the protestations of KJ.

Anonymous said...

But there is one poignant point to ponder. If Abdullah goes, is there anyone capable enough to be PM? The problem is that there is probably none whatsoever from the ranks of BN...

Anonymous said...

Ha! Sultan dah tanya, mana pergi itu wang. Jawaaaabbbbb..... Jangan tak jawab. Moga-moga kali ini Wang Ehsan tersebut dapat digunakan sebaik mungkin.

Greenbottle said...

if i am a terengganu MB and have 1.2billion a year for four years this is what i will do:-

1) i'll BUY 1000 Eastern European prostitutes ( 18 years old) and distribute one each to all key BN people in malaysia.( i'll give 10 to khairy)

Reason: Then they should not worry about having further scandals and keep to their real job to serve the people.

2) I'll give RM1,000,000 to each of top 1000 BN people so that they won't be corrupt anymore.may be need to give extra 10 million to mat taib)

That should leave about RM3 billon more.

And this is what I'll do with the rest:-

a) set a one billion fund to upgrade the living std of hard core poor in terengganu.

b) set a RM 1 billion fund for free education of trengganu people up to university level

c) waaah...still left with 1billion ah?

Anonymous said...

My grandma believe it's the spirits of the 100 year old temple that they crush and all the elderly people's curses and sumpah that has created all this. Ooooo....

next, No Value helicopter crash....

Snowflake said...

Pak LahLah, gagnent un peu du respect. RAMENEZ ! !

Anonymous said...

It is not only Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh that is show disloyalty toward the Sultan of terengganu but also Umno and all it's leader who openly question the Sultan choice and hand over protest petition to Terengganu palace.
I salute the Sultan of Terengganu for being brave by not appointing Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh ad Menteri Besar of Terengganu.
We shall go to the street to defend our Monarch from corrupted leaders.
Demostrasi Rakyat.

rocky said...

mana pi duit RM1billion? susah nak jawab Pak Lah. Kroni mana yang sapu semua duit rakyat? Kroni Pak Lah ke?

Padan muka Idris. Orang BN semuanya dah angkuh dan sombong. Ingat did orang Raja baru. Pakai nama orang melayu, tapi semua duit sapu habis.

Daulat Tuanku!!!

Anonymous said...

Merafak Sembah Menjunjung Duli
Memjunjung Kasih Paduka Sri
Kami rakyat terhutang budi
TuanKu sahaja tempat kami mengadui

Menjunjung kasih kata sepakat
Rakyat Tuan Ku memberi hormat
Kasih Tuan Ku terhadap rakyat
Surga mahligai tempatnya rahmat

Ampun TuanKu.

Daulat TuanKu
Daulat TuanKu
Daulat TuanKu

ummisara said...


Terima kasih Tuanku Sultan Mizan kerana pertahankan keputusan demi rakyat Terengganu.

To those apple lickers...please resign!!! hey u with the 'natang' must be banished!!!! a shame to the country.

Anonymous said...

with leaders like these, give the malays another 300 years, they still wont be able to achieve the 30 per cent stipulated in the new economic policy. malay NEP sharks take them all.

Anonymous said...


Kanak-kanak dikenali Pak Lah meninggalMELAKA 10 Mac - Kanak-kanak lelaki yang
namanya sama seperti PerdanaMenteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, meninggal
dunia akibatpenyakit leukemia di Hospital Melaka hari ini.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, 9, meninggal dunia pada pukul 8.50 pagi selepas
menderita penyakit tersebut sejak dua tahun lalu.

Bapanya, Abdul Rahman Mahmud, 44, berkata, dia reda dengan kehendakAllah yang
lebih menyayangi anaknya itu yang lebih mesra denganpanggilan Pak Lah setelah
pelbagai usaha dilakukan untuk mengubatinya.

''Alhamdulillah, dua minggu lalu, saya sempat penuhi semua permintaan arwah untuk
berjumpa dengan semua keluarga yang rapat dengannya termasuk membelikannya sebuah
kereta kawalan jauh,'' katanya kepada para pemberita di rumahnya di Taman Jaya,
Padang Temu di sini hari ini.

Kanak-kanak itu yang merupakan anak ke-10 daripada 11 adik beradik meninggal dunia di sisi
ibu bapa dan adik beradiknya yang juga memiliki nama menyerupai nama pemimpin negara iaitu
kakaknya, Siti Rafidah, 13,dan adiknya Mahathir Mohamad, lima tahun.

Adik beradiknya yang lain ialah Siti Maisara, 24; Mohd. Al Hafiz,22; Siti Nurul Aini, 21; Mohd.
Al Najib, 19; Mohd Al Arif, 18; SitiHajirah, 17; Muhammad Al Bunyamin, 15, Mohd. Al Azim, 13
dan Azaharem,6.

Menurut Abdul Rahman, anaknya itu mulai sakit teruk awal Februari lalu dan sempat menjalani
rawatan di sebuah hospital swasta di SubangJaya.

''Sebaik saja dia pulang ke sini, dia sempat tinggal dua hari sajadi rumah sebelum diserang demam
dan dimasukkan ke wad di HospitalMelaka selama 16 hari dan meninggal dunia pagi ini," katanya.
Sementara itu, abang Abdullah, Al Azim berkata, sebelum menghembuskan nafasnya yang terakhir
pagi ini, adiknya sempat berbisikdi telinganya mengatakan sesuatu.

''Sedang saya duduk di sisinya, tiba-tiba dia tarik saya dan berbisik sambil menunjukkan tangan ke
atas mengatakan dia nampak sesuatu. Saya hanya mampu menganggukkan kepala sebelum dia
terdiam dan tersenyum melihat saya," katanya.

Jiran arwah, Mohd. Husaini Hussin, 16, berkata, dia sedih dengan kehilangan seorang kawan yang
ceria dan suka berkawan semasa arwah masih sihat.

''Kami semua sangat sedih dengan kehilangannya apatah lagi dia merupakan pemain kompang
termuda di taman ini. Selepas ini kami semua pasti merinduinya terutama apabila berkumpul
bermain kompang setiapkali ada majlis kenduri atau keraian," katanya.

Seorang rakannya, Mohd. Sazlie Salleh berkata, dia pasti akan terasa sunyi kerana sebelum
ini sering bergurau dengan Abdullah yang pintar kerana pandai bertutur bahasa Cina dan Inggeris
dengan baik. ''Dia juga pandai baca surat khabar dengan lancar walaupun hanya sempat sekolah
setakat darjah satu," katanya.


Anonymous said...

I think we need a Royal Commisiion to investigate the mismanagement of the wang ehsan. May Tuan Guru Haji Hadi, as Pas President, as senior parliamentarian, and most importantly as the only Opposition MP from Trengganu move a motion requesting a Royal Commision?

Anonymous said...

Well rocky, my sources told me otherwise..


Old Fart said...


Positionis open to replace a most disjointed and pointless Prime Minister who tolerates such level of abuse to himselve that it is really becoming unbelievable.

Also required new UMNO members to replace headless members who do not know how to do the decent thing, like getting rid of this pointless prime minister.

Anonymous said...

congrats paklah...
teruskan kepimpinan regim hadarimu,

Anonymous said...

Now we see the role of the Malay Kings... I am simply astounded. We've taken them for granted over the years as mere figureheads without power.

Daulat Tuanku!!

Anonymous said...

From Siasah ... Idris Jusoh, Rosol Wahid and Din Adam Datuk title retracted ... If true ... my salute to Sultan Mizan

tehsin mukhtar said...


bukan ke the 1 billion has always been royalty given to Tganu by Petronas, but even since before Pak Lah's admin, before PAS, but Tganu even then has barely seen development. Where did the money go then?

The "wang ehsan" was created during TDM's admin as revenge against the Tganu people/PAS gomen which took over in 1999, and the over 800 million royalty was denied and GIVEN TO THE REPRESENTATIVES WHICH HELD UMNO'S INTERESTS!

So it was under the previous administration that this GROSS INJUSTICE was committed against the people, witholding the royalty and turning it into "wang ehsan" as if the Tganu people were beholden and were BEGGARS...Pak Lah was merely continuing the long held tradition...well, TDM wanted the man to continue his policies kan?

Why does the ruler only speak up NOW?

I don't agree with Pak Lah and his gang of advisors, but the terrible way he is being set up for the fall is really getting to me. As if one man has to bear the cross of a decades old culture of corruption and injustice propagated by the BN and Umno in particular.

Anonymous said...

The wretched Federal Government under the neo-Nazi UMNO regime pumped the BN-controlled Terengganu State Government some RM1 billion a year (the "wang ehsan" did not exist when PAS ruled Terengganu)and yet the State remained the second poorestin the godforsaken country, after Sabah.

That's RM4billion expended in toto! Who benefitted from the monies. Can we blame the Sultan for being in anguish over the welfare of his people. Long live tthe Sultan of Terengganu. He deserves our respect for his concern about his poor subjects.

In the next GE13, we should all be throwing the UMNO-BUMS, UMNO-SCOUNDRELS AND UMNO-RUFFIANS out of governance and political hegemony. They siphoned out RM4 billion and the people of Terengganu remain in a state of poverty.

Just imagine what that amount of money can do if properly invested for the long term good of the people in terms of capital infrastructures and education, even healthcare support.

Anonymous said...

Tough question - if Abdullah Badawi is removed or quits as PM - the rakyat also got problem.

Nobody available?

Yang ada sekarang, semua tainted.

Anonymous said...

Ambik gelare datok, buang daeroh sekali ...

Anonymous said...

This PM of ours...or is he?

One cannot blame him after all the sleep he's been getting. After all, the man just woke up, or rather got jolted up because of the disastrous election result, and still groggy, is getting knocked here and there!

Time to give up man...!

Pinangso Loro said...

Patik menjunjung kasih setinggi ke atas Tuanku...akhirnya kepada Sultan juga rakyat berpaling... sumpahan Demang Lebar Daun dan Sri Tri Buana masih kekal sehingga ke hari ini.

hari ini keputusan Tuanku memperlihatkan rakyat bersatu dan penentang Tuanku terkedu, masih ada kuasa dan masih ada cara dan masih ada tempat untuk rakyat mengadu...

Daulat Tuanku!!! Daulat Tuanku!!

Anonymous said...

HUGE investigation should be launched re the RM 1 billion/year if it was true.

I am utterly disappointed and believe Bodohwi should step down. His poor judgement and poor leadership shines through in this matter. Insulting and disrespecting our KING!!!!

Instead of focusing on how he should be making it right for this term given the chance, Bodohwi continues his poor leadership, or rather no leadership!!

Anonymous said...


It would be naive to think that the PM is going to concede defeat easily. Lets wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Deep Shit Fishing for Dollah Dehaka

Anonymous said...

binatang yang paling jijik pada orang melayu ialah babi, dan mereka yang biadap keapda sultan inilah babi, dan jika pihak kepimpinan umno tidak megnambil tindakan keatas ahli mereka yang menyamakan tuanku dengan binatang maka merekapun samalh babi dengan orang yang membawa sepanduk

Anonymous said...


Dolah hoi!
berapa bulan lagi hang nak untuk bagi business kat anak beranak?
tak pa PM lepaih boleh reverse semua contract yang terpalit dengan hang, jangan takut

take your time and be remembered as the ungrateful son who embarrassed his mother and family and
the melayu who ruined Umno

Kamu ni dah tua pun
kurang ajar lagi

Anonymous said...

KJ is being checked, soon check-mate!!!

A Voice said...

Ini satu lagi scoop mengenai penghinaan terhadap terhadap Raja-Raja Melayu.... MAS HINA SULTAN PAHANG

Selama ingat Dolah mengamalkan kesetiaan, rupanya dia mengamalkan derhaka. Dia mengajar orang supaya derhaka seperti Jo Baharum, Osman Rauf dll terhadap TDM.

Dia derhaka kepada Sultan Johor tidak menerima permintaan TUanku untuk jambatan baru. Kali ini dia derhaka kepada SPK YPA. Rupanya pegawai2 dan pengurus2nya pun tidak menghormati Raja2 Melayu.

Ptooi kau Dolah! Bangsat!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does KJ seem really quiet these days? Haven't heard a squeak from him since the Ku Li, Perlis and Terengganu issues arose. Not defending FIL ke?

Anonymous said...

someone text'd my brother last night. apparently idris and another dato were stripped of their datukship by agung for being derhaka. is there any way that this info can be verified?

Anonymous said...

I think we have to be fair to the PM. I am no UMNO fan, but as long as he does not surround himself with the sycophants, and probably KJ, he may bring about the reforms badly needed to confront the current situation created after 20 years of druken excesses by the previous administration. The UMNO warlords are hawks not doves, they care about #1 - themselves, hence the PM should have thrashed them when he had the majority of the votes, but was probably misguided by his lot of advisors. He should take remedy by firing all of his previous advisors who were yes man, including his son-in-law, and replacing them with civil servants willing to work for the rakyat, as Donald Trump says "You're fired and you are hired".
I think he should also start reading blogs just so he gets the sentiments of the people. Can you imagine if some of the UMNO hawks took over? They will blunt all projects to the 5 states, so as to punish the people who voted against them, despite knowing full well that that may lead the country down the toilet.
Let's just give our present PM more time and hope he fires the '4th floor boys' that RPK and others had alluded to, and hire true blue civil servants of the stature of Tun Dr. Ismail.
Maybe just one day, Barisan Rakyat may win the polls, and as the proverb goes "A new broom sweeps clean". Then we won't worry too much about these BN Hawks.

Anonymous said...

Daulat Tuanku!

Anonymous said...

pak lah punya penasehat banyak bagui yo!
itu muhamad taib dia punya pencacai
itu zam dia punya imam


Anonymous said...

VISIT for detail

Anonymous said...

Himpunan Rakyat this Saturday at Dataran Merdeka,are you joining?

Anonymous said...

could it be that what has happenned to IJ in terengganu is only a full dress rehearsal of things to come, the real event invoving AAB, when parliament convened in May? ..I wonder...

-orang Penang-

Malaccan view said...

To all MOB,
Let all of us meet at Dataran Mederka this Saturday for Himpunan Rakyat..stand solidly behind our King,DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong Sultan Mizan.For detail,visit

Anonymous said...

selesai satu masalah. sekarang pak lah boleh tumpu kepada usaha yang lebih besar iaitu mengembalikan keyakinan rakyat terhadap kerajaan BN...

Anonymous said...

selesai satu masalah. sekarang pak lah boleh tumpu kepada usaha yang lebih besar iaitu mengembalikan keyakinan rakyat terhadap kerajaan BN...

Anonymous said...

selesai satu masalah. sekarang pak lah boleh tumpu kepada usaha yang lebih besar iaitu mengembalikan keyakinan rakyat terhadap kerajaan BN...

tehsin mukhtar said...

(Di bawah ialah petikan ucapan Dr Syed Husi Ali, Presiden PRM, dalam Majlis
Kolokium Anjuran Pemuda PAS pada 4/11/2000 di Kuala Terengganu)



Kita mengetahui bahawa selama 22 tahun kerajaan UMNO-BN telah menguasai
kerajaan Terengganu. Sepanjang masa itu, tiap-tiap tahun kerajaan UMNO-BN
Terengganu menerima bayaran royalti 5 peratus secara tunai daripada nilai
minyak yang dikeluarkan daripada kawasan perairan Terengganu. Selama itu
juga, tidak pernah timbul bahawa Terengganu tidak berhak menerima wang itu,
kerana minyak dijumpai di kawasan luar daripada tiga batu nautikal. Yang
nyata ialah sepanjang masa itu, Kerajaan UMNO-BN telah menerima bayaran
berjumlah sebanyak lebih kurang RM7 bilion (atau RM7,000 juta).

Memang kita boleh lihat beberapa bangunan tersergam, tetapi tidak semestinya
indah, yang telah didirikan di bawah kerajaan UMNO-BN dulu. Di peringkat
Pusat pun, kerajaan UMNO-BN telah mendirikan berbagai-bagai projek mega,
seperti KLCC, KLIA dan sebagainya dengan menggunakan wang PETRONAS. Kita
tidak tahu harga yang telah dibayar untuk bangunan-bangunan di Terengganu
itu berapa kali ganda kos sebenar. Yang kita tahu ialah harga yang selalu
dibayar oleh kerajaan bagi projek-projek mega biasanya adalah jauh lebih
tinggi daripada kos sebenarnya.

Inilah cara korupsi besar (atau “grand corruption”) yang sering diamalkan,
untuk membayar potongan kepada pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan dan keuntungan
kepada kontraktor-kontraktor yang rapat hubungan dengan mereka. Ini berlaku
di seluruh negara dan berlaku juga di Terengganu. Itu sebab segelintir
pemimpin politik kerajaan dan kontraktor-kontraktor, yang selalunya menjadi
kroni mereka, boleh menjadi kaya raya dengan sekelip mata saja, walaupun
mereka tidak begitu berkebolehan.

Akan tetapi, berapa banyakkah daripada wang royalti berjumlah RM7 bilion itu
telah digunakan untuk kepentingan rakyat? Berapa banyakkah yang telah
dibelanjakan untuk membasmi kemiskinan? Jikalau banyak, mengapakan kadar
kemiskinan di Terengganu di antara yang paling tinggi di Malaysia?
Mengapakah hendak disalahkan kerajaan PAS-BA yang belum setahun jagung
kerana kadar kemiskinan yang tinggi itu? Mengapakah baru sekarang
diheboh-hebohkan bahawa “wang ihsan” akan digunakan untuk rancangan jangka
panjang bagi menghapuskan kemiskinan?

Berdasarkan rekod prestasi kerajaan UMNO-BN lalu di Terengganu, bagaimana
kita boleh mempercayai bahawa sekarang ini Kerajaan Pusat boleh melakukan
sesuatu yang telus bagi kepentingan rakyat Terengganu sekarang? Bahkan
harapannya tipis, jika kita berasaskan kepada dasar, pendekatan serta
amalan kerajaan UMNO-BN terhadap pembangunan.


Memang benar bahawa kerajaan UMNO-BN mempunyai matlamat (berasaskan Dasar
Ekonomi Baru) untuk menghapuskan kemiskinan. Anggaran rasmi menunjukkan
bahawa sejak DEB dimulakan sebanyak RM30 bilion telah dibelanjakan di bawah
program menghapuskan kemiskinan. Akan tetapi sebahagian kecil saja
dibelanjakan benar-benar untuk projek-projek yang menguntungkan golongan
miskin itu. Sebahagian lebih besar dibelanjakan untuk membayar gaji kaki
tangan dan mendirikan bangunan seperti pejabat dan sebagainya.

Secara perbandingan, mengikut satu anggaran juga, dalam tempoh sejak DEB
dimulakan Kerajaan Pusat telah membelanjakan lebih daripada RM150 bilion
untuk projek-projek pembinaan mega. Sesungguhnya rancangan pembangunan yang
mengutamakan pembinaan bangunan-bangunan mega, memang menjadi dasar dan
kesukaan pucuk pimpinan kerajaan UMNO-BN. Sudah tentu ia memberi peluang
kontrak besar, potongan besar bagi pemimpin politik serta pentadbir, dan
keuntungan besar bagi krontraktor-kontraktor kroni yang mempunyai hubungan
rapat dengan mereka.

Besar kemungkinan dasar seperti ini akan diteruskan di negeri Terengganu
dengan perbelanjaan apa yang dikatakan sebagai “wang ihsan” itu. Namun
begitu, mungkin ada sedikit kesulitan yang akan mereka hadapi. Tanah adalah
di bawah kuat kuasa kerajaan negeri. Projek-projek pembinaan hanya boleh
dijalankan jikalau ada tanah sebagai tapaknya. Bererti kebenaran serta
persetujuan perlu diperolehi daripada kerajaan negeri sebelum apa-apa projek
boleh dijalankan.

Tetapi, sekiranya mereka menghadapi apa-apa masalah, kerajaan Pusat boleh
menggunakan berbagai-bagai cara untuk mendapatkan tanah tapak itu.
Misalannya, mereka boleh menggunakan Akta Pengambilan Tanah. Akta ini akan
hanya dapat dilaksanakan dengan kerjasama kerajaan negeri. Kerajaan PAS-BA
Terengganu hendaklah memastikan ada unsur insaniah apabila tanah rakyat
hendak diambil. Berbagai-bagai cara serta helah, yang mengikut undang-undang
dan tidak mengikut undang-undang, akan digunakan oleh kerajaan Pusat nanti,
sekiranya mereka tidak mendapat kebenaran atau kerjasama kerajaan negeri.
Jika mereka berjaya mengubah ‘royalti” menjadi “ihsan”, maka mereka boleh
memaksakan apa saja supaya boleh berlaku.


Sekarang ini kerajaan Pusat telah mendirikan JPP (Jabatan Pembangunan
Persekutuan) untuk negeri Terengganu. Sebenarnya, jabatan seumpama ini telah
dibentuk di Kelantan juga. Akan tetapi JPP di Kelantan tidak begitu berkesan
oleh kerana ia tidak mendapat peruntukan kewangan yang besar dari Pusat.
Namun begitu ada bukti yang menunjukkan bahawa peruntukan yang kecil itu pun
lebih banyak digunakan oleh pemimpin-pemimpin tertentu untuk kepentingan
politik UMNO-BN. Menteri dengan mudah boleh menggunakan wang JPP untuk
mengadakan kenduri besar-besaran yang bertujuan mendapatkan sokongan bagi

Berbeza dengan JPP Kelantan, JPP Terengganu akan mempunyai banyak wang,
kerana sebahagian daripada “wang ihsan” akan disalurkan kepada dan
melaluinya. Saya percaya, sebahagian besar daripada peruntukan JPP ini akan
digunakan kelak untuk rancangan-rancangan politik dan juga
kakitangan-kakitangan politik bagi menjalankan usaha serta kegiatan untuk
mengalihkan sokongan rakyat daripada PAS kepada UMNO. Pembangunan akan
dilaksanakan dengan tujuan utama untuk UMNO-BN merampas kembali negeri
Terengganu daripada PAS-BA, bukannya benar-benar secara ikhlas untuk
menaikkan taraf hidup golongan miskin dan sederhana yang diabaikan selama

JPP itu merupakan satu percubaan untuk membentuk pentadbiran dalam
pentadbiran atau kerajaan dalam kerajaan. Kerajaan Kelantan dan Terengganu
yang diterajui oleh PAS telah dipilih melalui pilihanraya. Rakyat di
negeri-negeri tersebut telah membuat keputusan atau pilihan mereka.
Sepatutnya keputusan rakyat itu dihormati oleh pemimpin-pemimpin kerajaan
Pusat. Akan tetapi mereka enggan berbuat demikian. Mereka enggan menerima
kekalahan. Sebenarnya tujuan kerajaan Pusat membentuk dan memupuk JPP itu
ialah kerana mereka hendak melemahkan keberkesanan kerajaan negeri yang
dipilih oleh rakyat itu.

Kami masih berpegang bahawa perjanjian di antara kerajaan Terengganu dengan
PETRONAS harus dihormati, sebagaimana ia dihormati selama 22 tahun semasa
UMNO-BN mentadbirkan negeri ini. Dengan itu juga, kami berpegang bahawa
PETRONAS harus membayar royalti, yang ditetapkan mengikut perjanjian, kepada
kerajaan pimpinan PAS-BA di Terengganu sekarang. Tetapi nampaknya, kerajaan
Pusat terus bertegang untuk menyekat pembayaran royalti ini dan
menjadikannya pembayaran “wang ihsan”.


Dalam keadaan ini kerajaan Pusat hendaklah menghormati rakyat dan kerajaan
yang dipilihnya dengan melakukan sekurang-kurangnya dua perkara. Pertama,
kerajaan Pusat hendaklah jangan memonopoli hak untuk menentukan
projek-projek pembangunan yang hendak dilaksanakan di Terengganu. Ada dua
cara perkara ini boleh dijalankan. Pertama, hendaklah ada perundingan dan
persetujuan lebih dulu di antara Kerajaan Negeri dengan Kerajaan Pusat bagi
menentukan projek-projek pembangunan yang hendak dijalankan. Kedua, wang
royalti itu hendaklah dianggap sebagai disimpan bagi pihak PETRONAS oleh
Perbendaharaan, dan mestilah segera dikeluarkan apabila kerajaan Terengganu
mengemukakan rancangan pembangunannya.

Sebenarnya perbuatan Pusat merampas wang royalti Terengganu dan
menjadikannya “wang ihsan” adalah mencabul Perlembagaan Persekutuan
(mengenai hubungan Negeri dengan Pusat), tidak menghormati perjanjian di
antara dua badan yang berwibawa, dan menghina keputusan rakyat dalam
pilihanraya. Ia tidak adil. Ia hendak memastikan pemimpin ini tidak akan
hilang kuasa. Ia menunjukkan juga sikap bongkak seorang pemimpin yang cuba
memusatkan kuasa pada dirinya sendiri. Ini merupakan satu lagi daripada
banyak tindakan yang diambil oleh pemimpin tersebut, yang akhirnya boleh
mengakibatkan kemunculan sistem kediktatoran dalam negeri ini.

Apa yang berlaku dengan royalti minyak ini mempunyai akibat buruk dari segi
perkembangan politik, bukan saja di negeri Terengganu bahkan juga di seluruh
negara. Oleh itu, segala usaha hendaklah dijalankan bagi menimbulkan
kesedaran di kalangan rakyat tentang kezaliman, ketidakadilan, keangkuhan
dan ketamakan pemimpin ini serta kerajaan pimpinannya.

Oleh itu usaha yang gigih serta berterusan hendaklah dijalankan dengan
segala cara di segenap pelosok negara, untuk memberikan maklumat benar serta
menimbulkan kesedaran di kalangan rakyat dari semua peringkat dan kaum. Di
Terengganu sendiri, segala usaha hendaklah dijalankan untuk menjalin
hubungan saliturrahim yang rapat dan saling mempercayai yang kuat di antara
pemimpin dengan rakyat. Cara ini pasti boleh mengatasi cara membeli
sokongan dengan wang serta “pembangunan”, seperti yang selalu diamalkan oleh
UMNO-BN di seluruh negara dan kini hendak diperhebatkan lagi dengan berkali
ganda di Terengganu. Hanya kuasa rakyat boleh mengalahkan kuasa diktator.

4hb November 200