Thursday, March 13, 2008

No Perak MB yet, Khalid sworn in for Selangor

"We ask that this composition be discussed again and if the composition is not altered to the satisfaction of all parties involved, KeADILan will not take part in the administration of Perak.
However, we will continue to honour our agreement to support the coalition government of Perak." - Syed Husin Ali

Thanks, Lucia, for pointing me here. PKR's threat is so great that the swearing in of the MB Perak has been postponed.
Btw, fyi, I voted at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Rapat Setia for Perak's Gopeng parliamentary and Simpang Pulai state seats. Both went to the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition, or the "People's Coalition".
I remain confident that common sense will prevail. But I heard that, in the meatime, the Sultan and the Regent hadn't received any letter of apology from Lim Kit Siang.

Khalid Ibrahim is now Menteri Besar of Selangor, here. PKR could get a 2nd MB soon.


  1. Anonymous5:53 pm


  2. Ya allah tunjukkan keadilan itu adalah benar tak kira melayu cina india iban kadazan dll.AMIN!!!

  3. Petty issues
    The coalition leaders never learn
    Racial politics come again
    This isn’t what the People wanted

    Don’t the leaders learn at all?
    Smell of power suddenly corrupted the thinking
    Floating in their eyes water flowing through their tongues
    Imagining what will they get?

    Baby walks a few steps
    Quarreling becomes the form
    Sharing of responsibility goes out the windows
    Ego has come to play
    Greed has reared its ugly head

    Man….it is a short liberation!
    In Perak the stage looks real hot
    BN is waiting to take over
    The bickering fools of PAS, DAP and PKR

    It is Barisan Rakyat
    The coalition better remember that!
    We wanted BN out and learn its lessons
    Here the coalition grabbing likes small children

    Now the MB swearing in ceremony is postponed
    The coalition got problem going through
    PKR wants to pull out…….
    Citing differences of executive councilor’s seats allocation
    Again talking about race…….
    Never learn do they?

  4. Saw this piece of news:

    Seems like some misunderstanding.

    In Malaysiakini, it was stated that PKR disputed Regent of Perak's choice of candidate.

    It is still developing news, lets get the details later.


  6. Anonymous6:05 pm

    TELL THESE PEOPLE THERE ARE SUCH THINGS AS TELEPHONE OR MOBILE PHONE. Tolong communicate to each other bahawa pembahagian exco adalah 6:3:1 mengikut DAP:PKR:PAS. Macamana cakap ini adalah kerajaan campuran klu tak mahu cakap to each other. Susah sangat ke? Nanti saya cakap semua BODOH baru tau!

  7. Anonymous6:14 pm

    End of the day you cant trust me i cant trust you shiat.

    It will forvere be malay for malays and chinese for chinese and indians for indians.

    Perhaps all 3 parites were shocked to learn that they can actually form a govt in Perak, Kedah, Penang and Selangor. All they wanted was deny BN 2/3 majority. This came as a surprise and they werent prepared for it. And with the appointment of MBs in such short space of time they werent enough dialogues to go around. Dont forget before the 3 decided to join forces to topple BN, they too had to go thru countless meetings to sort things out.

    This is but a glitch in a lenghty process towarsd achieving a better Msia for all....I hope.

    Till then, maybe we shld give them a chance to sort things out. Cast away all ill thoughts and doubts. It will do us no good.

    We should stop and ponder anew the immense pressure on their shoulders at this moment as each of them tries to appease their own party members and take grasp of the power that comes along with it.

    Give them some learn to walk. We have waited long enough for this day...we can surely wait a while more.


  8. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Ego dan takkabur sudah makan diri PKR dan DAP. Dah lupa yang rakyat pangkah nakkan kebenaran dan nak jauhkan kezaliman. Ini baru benda sikit pun dah menggelabah. Bodoh punya Syed hussin and DAP. nanti next election dapat kat depa semula, hampa nganga la 100 tahun lagi.Depa akan pastikan hampa senyap selamanya. padan muka semua orang dan orang akan ingat ini semua angkara Syed Husin dan Kit Siang.

  9. Anonymous6:23 pm

    What The F**K is going on here? Enough for me.. At least BN don't have seats or MB/CM post problem. DAP/PKR/PAS pact totally power greed.

    My family and I felt cheated by those suckers. Next term, VOTE back to BN.

  10. thanks to kit siang, u spoilt it again!

    now the swearing in has been called off, and rumours spread that perak malays are upset with the whole kit siang fiasco

  11. Ah, that cunning Anwar is beyond redemption! Very, very clever of Anwar. And DAP is SO SO bloody stupid! Now another PKR MB? I hope not. The PAS candidate is well qualified for the job, so bugger off Anwar! I was right about you.

  12. uh oh power tussle. somebody out there is wearing a naughty smirk on his face and saying to himself, told you so! and he's just waiting to pounce.

    -aiyo, wts happening??-

  13. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Hmm....what about state re-election? I'm sure thing is not gonna be the same....

    LKS, LKS, u just screwed it, f**k you, i will forever be anti DAP. FYI, i vote in P. Taiping and Dun.Aulong (both was DAP). And you just too arrogant, u old senile bastard. Malay like me will never trust DAP anymore...if anything happens, it's ur responsible, and if that happens, i think ur head will be the first one off....

    Daulat Tuanku, sembah patik harap dijunjung!!!!

  14. Anonymous6:41 pm

    I think DAP-PKR-PAS should demonstrate their 'maturity' in all these issues, whoever appointed as MB or exco should be considered as Perak Government which belongs to Perak rakyat and not DAP, PKR & PAS.

    In the spirit of democracy, whichever party won the majority should be the one who is to be appointed as MB. We should be overzealous that the ultimately a Chinese Malaysian is being appointed as MB. In fact, this is a test of 'maturity' for all involve. Afterall, DAP-PKR-PAS was not expected to form a government in Perak before this, right? So, don't let such 'bonus' wasted away, please.

  15. Anonymous6:46 pm

    all these titter tatters are going to cost dap, pkr and pas a lot of votes in the next election. the rakyat gives them a chance to prove themselves and they so easily blow it away. you can be sure the next government would be a different one. these people dont even know the importance of image and how to show to the rakyat they can work together under whatever conditions. they wont get the votes i am sure in the next election.

  16. if PKR threatened to pull out of the coalition at perak, they think DAP or pas could not do the same at selangor?

    penyakit 'anwar semasa dalam UMNO' sudah meresap dalam jiwa PAS, PKR and DAP.

  17. Anonymous6:58 pm

    So, now EVERYONE wants to be Menteri Besar - not only in Perak but Perlis, Terengganu and Johor.

    What's going to happen to us, the people who voted - for BN, for PKR, for DAP, for PAS? Can't these men just talk to each other before issuing countless press statements giving the impression we have emotional, indecisive people about to take care (can they?) of our well being?

  18. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Bro, did some calculations.

    The total votes recieved in Perak by DAP was 304 992. PKR 108 738 and PAS was 90 550. Total received by DAP , PAS and Pkr are 504280. The average votes per seat are DAP 16,944, PKR 15,534 and PAS 15091

    In percentages , DAP 60%, PKR 22% and PAS 18%.

    Since we says that the votes received are from the rakyat and for the Barisan Rakyat, so, the composition of exco, in all fairness should be DAP 6 seats, PKR 2 seats and PAS 2 seats.

    And nobody should question the appointment of PAS ADUN as MB since everybody agreed that the MB should be chosen from the given three names.

    What say you?

  19. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Those of you who keep bashing on anwar, please read syed husin's statement carefully!
    PKR still support the coalition. They just don't want to be involved in the goverment administration.
    *I believe most you who continuosly harassing anwar are none other than UMNO-BN supporters. Syooh..syooh..

  20. Anonymous7:23 pm

    and we thought all pas elected members are like tok guru or husam...

    these state pas peeple from kedah, perak & selangor are a bunch of merciless opportunists...

    & jeez, to think we non-malay voted for them... should have known better.

  21. Anonymous7:27 pm

    I thought this may interest some readers.

  22. Anonymous7:34 pm

    Well, well, well,

    Here we go again. And Anwar is silent about all these. Such a cunning person. He should demonstrate a statesmanship by being an intermediary to Sucker LKS and PAS. One thing that I am very sure now. My votes all went to the drain. Well DAP with Chinese, PAS with Taliban and PKR, say what you like is a mirrored of UMNO.


  23. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Nitro said...
    if PKR threatened to pull out of the coalition at perak, they think DAP or pas could not do the same at selangor?

    They could. So the next time when you go into war, don't wear different uniforms. You're bound to get hit by a friendly fire.

  24. Anonymous7:47 pm

    padan muka korang sume...undi lg dap...hahahhaa

  25. Anonymous7:48 pm

    fuck you Kit Siang. You caused this mess!

  26. Anonymous7:50 pm

    Now Lim Eng Guan say he will not marginalise the Malay. Is he putting the Malays in the same category as the Indians?

    No balls to put his stance on NEP upfront? Simple issue: For or against NEP, answer the question!

  27. Anonymous7:51 pm

    never ever underestimate the loyalty of malay perakian to the royal family. Lim has insulted the Regent (by intending to boycott his decision) and the malay perakian will not let this go lightly. And never underestimate the daulat of the royal family. This may sound like a superstitious tale to some, but as someone with orang besar delapan ancestory, i should know better.

  28. Anonymous7:57 pm

    If DAP pulls out from Selangor Khir Toyol will be the happiest man alive and Zakaria ...well probably the happiest man dead.

    Well if Kit has apologised then why cant we forgive him? What more do you want? Old doesnt mean he wont do wrong.Learning doesnt stop when you reach 60.

    Give him a break for now.

    I too have done my part in tembaking him in his own blog and other forums. Now is healing time and all rakyat to stand firm for what we believe in to take flight!


  29. Anonymous8:25 pm

    These Chinese don't get it. They are saying Anwar Anwar Anwar now that PKR too raised an issue wit the new set up.

    Boys, I forgive you for being Lim Kit children. I leave to Raja Petra to define you. That said, PKR is in war with UMNO more than it is with DAP. The reason being UMNO wants to accuse PKR of betraying the Malays by giving "everything" to DAP in Perak. Mind you, Malays have 40 seats in perak, so how do you expect DAp to take 8 seats and give 2 seats to PKR and PAS, then the PKR seat goes to an Indian. UMNO will convince the Malays in Perak that PKR is an enemy of the Malays because it allowed DAP to take everything. It is DAP which should know that Perak has Malay majority and they should feel accounted for and accomodated. DAP shouldn't think that its 18 seats can make any difference if UMNO Perak is not tied to the tree. Therefore, PKR is right in raising this issue so that UMNO fails to get ammunitions to play the Malay race card. You just need to read what Utusan said today to know what UMNO will do if PKR doesn't make the Perak Malays accomodated for.

  30. Anonymous8:29 pm

    The whole problem was caused by Lim Kit Siang. No one else should be blamed here. You can't throw stones at people and then expect no response. The man is a Chinese communist and an avowed anti-Islam. Does he think he can dictate to anyone with his 18 odd boys in Perak? There are 59 seats in Perak. Teach him the reality.

  31. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Haiya LKS,

    Don't wait and let 4th floor boys hijack everything. I guess you are no better than Dollah lah.
    Just want to show you're in charge.

    Your friend TDM, Lee Liong Sik, Samy Vellu, Lim Keng Yaik, Musa Hitam all pencen already lah.

    It's not the perak voters love you so much, but it's more because they want to teach BN a lesson. And yet you don't want to learn.

    I've give up on this LKS & DAP for the next GE.

  32. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Dear all,

    I am very very very (to the power of infinity) disappointed of what's happening to the so-called opposition coalition.

    They say they are united to bring down BN. They won big. The rakyats are to thank for that. Right now it's the rakyat that they are making a mockery off. 'Ni pakat dok berebut situ berebut sini..' this thing is not showing to us AN IOTA of proof that the opposition coalition is a united front.

    The last-minute cancellation of the swearing in of Perak MB is the last straw. The opposition coalition to me right now is NO BETTER, even worse, than the BN they're fighting against!

    I am utterly disappointed. But I'll keep praying that Malaysia is rid off power-starving politicians who can't see beyond the boundaries of their own individual needs!

  33. Anonymous8:34 pm


    The same PAS MB will be retained for his experience and academic prowess. PKR's case is different. It simply wants to deny UMNO any reason to stoke Malay fear by saying that PKR doesn't care for the Malays. So PKR has demanded Malays excos increased in order to give quite reasonable representation so that UMNO doesn't plant seeds of hatred in Perak Malays and things may turn sour. DAP must cooperate here and understand that Perak Malays have 40 seats and not 18.

  34. I think all these so called leaders should go and do Fear Factor or something similar, live in the jungle or desert and depend on each other for survival, then we will be a happier bunch.

    Still, maybe they'll be scratching each other's eyes out before long!

  35. Anonymous8:40 pm

    When Kit Siang objects to PAS, he's hammered for doing so.

    When PKR objects to PAS, somehow it's still Kit Siang's fault.

    Can someone tell me the logic here?

    The reality is that both DAP and PKR object to PAS.

  36. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Perak PAS, DAP & PKR,

    Just rotate between PAS & PKR to be MB. DAP remain as Deputy MB. Exco pun boleh rotate. Then semua boleh rasa duduk itu kerusi.

    Nanti Perak voters rotate bagi BN naik next GE baru lah lu tau.

    Jangan kacau orang mau tidor lah.

  37. Anonymous8:45 pm

    From Malaysiakini:

    According to sources, the main reason for the postponement of the swearing-in ceremony this afternoon was due to an objection by the PKR’s Jamaluddin over Nizar’s appointment.

    Apparently Jamaluddin told the regent that he disputed the choice made by the regent yesterday to make Nizar the menteri besar.


    So, let's recount the argument again. Kit Siang objects to PAS and he's the devil.

    PKR objects to PAS and Kit Siang is still to blame.

    Very logical indeed.

  38. Anonymous9:24 pm

    Just why? can't they have never learn. where they are today are made by the people, given that no one singular party can do it without the other support, now power crazy bunch, it is not they dictate is the people all of us that give them this opportunity, Pls be behave MP and Dun,have not even started already like this.

  39. Anonymous9:35 pm

    1. LGE announced waiving of summons. Why reward wrongdoers? What about the law-abiding citizens of the state? What do they get? And to admit that he doesn’t know how much that will cost the state and justifies it by saying that state operation won’t be affected because it is money not yet collected? Isn’t that revenue? Is that a responsible way to govern a state?

    2. From the many comments, obviously race is very much an issue. Malaysians yearning for a Malaysian Malaysia clearly made their desires known. Were these desires merely capitalised on to garner seats? Or is there genuine sincerity on the part of the politicians?

    3. We talk about Malaysian Malaysia. How about doing away with race-based schools and make all sekolah kebangsaan. We can pool all the resources (human, capital, etc) currently spread across the many types of schools into just sekolah kebangsaan and together we will build a Malaysian Malaysia.

    4. Patience and perseverance as well as wisdom and level-headedness, and God willing…we will get there.

  40. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Fed up! What an upset and dissapointment on all these so called BR supporter. VERY TYPICAL MALAYSIAN! You all are nothing but a tin kosong and just bcos a couple of bloggers whack your mind you pun ikut angin. For the past decades how many time BN, UMNO, MCA etc foul up, make mistakes ? and yet you still support them until now. Ini baru nak start and LKS made a mistake and all of you condemn him like hell. Give them a chance THE BR we want. Give all those politician a break. They are not robots. They must be very exhausted and their mind aren't settle yet. SHEESSS..

  41. Anonymous10:01 pm




  42. Anonymous10:06 pm

    As of 8.30 p.m, MSM has indicated DAP & PAS had signed the letter of undertaking:

    If the source at here is correct:

    the ratio would be:

    6:3:1 = DAP:PKR:PAS

    Not sure why PKR is holding back. Seems like there is more than meets the eye.

    Anwar's silence on this matter is deafening.

  43. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Read here for what really happened:

    It was not totally KS's fault.

  44. Forgive me if I am being disrespectful to the Sultan of Perak or the coalition parties but this fiasco somehow reminded me of this..

    Al Kisahh.....


    Al Kisahh
    Maka Tersebutlah Kisah....


    Sang Kancil datang beramai-ramai mengadap ke bawah duli yang maha mulia Sultan Firaun...

    Mana Firaun pakai Sultan...


  45. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Wah! Kalau beginilah penasihat Malaysia dicyber ni, mana kerajaan boleh senang duduk mentadbir.

  46. Anonymous10:55 pm

    LKS has had more hammerings than Bloodywi and SIL in one day than a whole year for those 2 scumbags.

    Here we hv LGE who just sat on MB seat and he has yet to get things started we are already pressuring him to do whats rite. Of cos LKS erred bigtime here but he has already apologised after listening to us voicing our displeasure online. He got the message loud n clear. Not only malays bambooed him but chinese too. Just ilke RPK, a malay shooting down malays. DOnt worry fellow malay friends. When all of us band together to bring down BN n UMNO, we are doing it becos we all yearned for a new Msian Msia.

    Give LKS and his young team to right the wrongs. If each of us again go back to BN/UMNO then RPK's work will be in vain.

  47. The Federal Gov't must now immediately arrest Lim Kit Siang and place him under ISA. The situation must be immediately contained and that's the only best way now.

  48. LKS, Jangan main api sama Istana maa, Nanti banyak susah. Kena buang Daerah baru tahu. U sudah buat banyak janji. Kasi implement itu janji ma. Sudah lama main politik. Masih tara faham ke Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri Perak. Faham sikit ma, Siapa Raja, Siapa Tuan dan Siapa Kuli.Baru kasi betis mahu itu paha.

    Itu State Seat kasi sama adil, sama rata, Semua orang suadah kasi chance sama U, U mahu makan lebih ke.....Tak ble punya.

  49. Anonymous11:34 pm

    How come DSAI is so quiet on this matter have not heard a sound from him this few days, maybe he should be out to give his piece of mind so as to settle and get moving the state govt, proof us wrong made a remarkable record to show us all Malaysian that it walk the talk and not just mere BS, time is rather short for a new aspiring govt to perform and the trust we have given in GE12 and will continue into the GE13 maybe a few more states or even a bigger responsibility as Fed Govt, show us that all can do it NO SQUABLES JUST DO IT fellow MPs/Duns

  50. i think u can;t blame LKS for such a big reaction. He need to answer to the majority of DAP supporters who's perception are still not as open as us. We still need time to let the majority get use to the non race based politics.
    Hopefully Nizar and DAP-PKR-PAS will bring changes and development to PERAK.

  51. Anonymous12:13 am

    3 parties agreed to submit three names. 3 parties agreed they would go along with Regent's decision. Regent decided and two parties did an about turn. Where is the integrity?

  52. Anonymous12:30 am

    Power crazy bunch of MORONS, what is this who gets more or less seats in the exco,or MB so what my dear MPs and Duns, No Tan Sri,Datuk whatsoever now, prove your Walk the Talk and Not Talk of the Walk, be a role model to those that share and believe the same aspiration.Get it right,Do it right, Think it right. For sure you guys ain't Rambo, your mission and role will be Terminator come GE13 or be terminated. watch your doing, thinking and every move eagles eyes are in deed watching. We put you up Do not forget also we can put you down.

  53. Anonymous12:41 am

    I believe the reason lots of us are angry, and still angry with LKS is because we feel betrayed, cheated and abandoned!

    Still acting like an opposition when you are not anymore.

    Again, the damaged has been done and believe it or not, lots and lots of people won't believe in DAP or PKR or PAS anymore, especially Malays. Just because of a blabber mouth LKS who can't wait to be living in a communist country!

    Never will i vote for DAP or PKR again. Sampah jugak. Never ever!

  54. Anonymous12:45 am

    For me, looking at their background,Nizar is the most suitable candidate for MB post. I agree with sultan Perak.

  55. I certainly believe Tan Sri can deliver but not without some hiccups along the way. those guys from the opposite camp will sure to be the first to give him the broom if even the slightest of mistake are made.

  56. well... at least one state is a done deal...

  57. Anonymous2:17 am

    its like watching a reality tv series - "who wants to be the next perak mb?" i wonder who will be voted out next? will it be the renegade ngeh, the trilingual nizar or the ex frontrunner jamaluddin? your guess is as good as mine. make sure everyone cast their sms votes now. all proceeds will go to me. HAH !

  58. Anonymous2:18 am

    Bros, please read Tan Sri Khalid statement after swearing in as MB Selangor. Everything change overnight :-

    1. Where is the election menifesto about NEP/DEB

    2. Why did not want to name the Deputy MB. Heard that Tuanku prefer a Maly for that post. DAP - please be very very careful b'cos your partner is convicted as a back f_cker.

    3. Where is Teng Chang Khim - his name and Ng Suee Lim is not even proposed for the EXCO line-up eventhough the have defended DAP last to Fort in Selangor since 2004. Both have been sideline by the ever greedy Central Committe of DAP. Teng chang Yeow lost in Penang and CM in Waiting and Chang Khim lost in Selangor. Better leave politics to the Lim And Singh family la and you concentrate in your legal practise.

    4. To the Malay ADUN from PAS and PKR they will be label as the Malay Race traitor for revoking the NEP/DEB. And that is actually will be done by Anwar; PKR and DAP. They change the words now to cool the situation after the ever egoistic remark by Penang CM.

    5. One things for sure PAS is not relevent in Selangor even if they leave the coalition. PKR stil have their man as MB. But they go to the extend of trying to sabotage PAS MB in Perak.

    6. If BN stand for Barang Naik then PAS; PKR and DAP must make sure that all the rice price in their respective state being reduce immediately since Selangor is the highest state in producing Paddy per hectare and Kedah have the largest paddy field. Please don't look at other things first.

  59. Anonymous2:25 am

    This is a good one :

    Harga minyak akan turun di 5 buah negeri kerajaan baru esok. Harga minyak Gamat di Kedah; Minyak Urut di Perak; Minyak Kapak di Kelantan; Minyak Pala di Pulau Pinang dan Taik Minyak di Selangor.

  60. I guess everyone should read Raja Petra's analysis.

    ""So PAS Perak jumped the gun. The PAS central leadership bit their lips and allowed the 'transgression' to pass. PKR too, in the spirit of comradeship, decided to say nothing lest it upset the delicate partnership that was in the midst of being formed and had yet to take off.""

    PAS jumped the gun before the announcement by HRH Raja Nazrin. So in essence, both parties are caught off guard. Not to mention these are crucial days, everything is in a state of flux and ever-changing. So I can emphatise with the state of mind of those who's directly involved.

    Has anyone of you been caught in an ever changing web, where everything you should do depends on everything else that has not happened ?

    Also, reading Tony Pua's opinion, an MB holds immense power in a state, therefore, starting off on a right footing is crucial.

    ""It should be noted that the MB holds immense power in the state and if the ground rules aren't cut properly, then we will all suffer for the next four years.""

    I guess we have to see how it plays out. 50 years of mental conditioning is a hard thing to break overnight.

    What we had on March 8 2008 is a revolution, of sorts and with all revolution you need time to let the dust settles.
    We're all human and the mind can only comprehend so much change in a day, but what is crucial here is the breakaway from racial politics, accountability and transparency in governance.

  61. PKR wants an exco that reflects the composition of the races...what's wrong with that? all the yapping about equality and etc, and they want to make sure all ethnic groups represented, including what's the problem now...DAP merely anti-islam and ignorant..tak sedar yang kalau org letak Spongebob as candidate pun org pilih against jgn perasan la LKS...I think you shud do Samy Vellu...but susah to get rid of an shud follow Wee's of wangsa maju's example la..get down to work immediately without any crapola...

  62. Anonymous8:36 am

    The rakyat has matured politically, the elected leaders have not.

  63. Anonymous8:48 am

    respect the mandate given by the rakyat. no gadoh-gadoh please!!!

  64. Anonymous10:53 am

    kawan-kawan smua, jangan lah kita cepat melatah, berilah sedikit masa pada kepimpinan baru. saya yakin, apa jua kesulitan dalam membuat keputusan adalah satu proses kematangan demokrasi dan demi memenuhi kehendak semua, rakyat khususnya.

    kita usahlah cepat melatah dan memberi jalan pada pihak proBN mentertawakan kita.

    bersusah payah pemimpin kita ni membawa suara kita, jangan lah dengan sedikit masalah yang boleh diselesaikan kita membuat nilaian yang tidak adil kepada keseluruhan pakatan BA.

  65. Anonymous11:44 am

    Dimanakah orang Melayu dalam PKR yang bangkit mempertahankan Paduka Seri Sultan dari penderhaka Lim Kit Siang?

  66. Anonymous11:50 am

    Perak Malays upset? Helo, please don't speak on behalf of BN lah.

  67. Anonymous3:12 pm

    all opposition parties must learn to wor with one another and share power. That is what called make power sharing. Give and take , don't take only. DAP must work with PAS and PAS must work with DAP.

  68. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Hahaha, tengok betapa racist semua nyer pasal LKS annoucement tu. Memang racist, cakap tak serupa bikin, memalukan bangsa aje. Bila Shahidan tak mau diterima Raja Perlis sebagai MB, dia berani plak cam marah keputusan tu cam gengstar. Siapa berani gi tegur dia? Siapa berani gi hentam dia? semua cakap kosong aje, semua sini racist aje.


    I am not interested in politics but the results of the recent election and of how the leaders are taking it sprung me to dwell a wee bit on this subject.

    While the recent election has taught Malaysians in general about the real opinion of the public, there is a set of Malays who are all still adamant that this is the ‘built in concrete’ type of democracy to embrace.

    Saudara-saudaraku, this is 2008. Look around you and you’ll see the many types of Malays, let alone the other races. I am speaking for myself as a citizen of the once beloved country that I’m proud of.
    (I remembered at one time not too long ago, the rakyat of all races were all proud of carrying the jalur gemilang on their vehicles during the Merdeka celebrations.
    But the last Merdeka was not of the same picture. Not anymore).
    Now that the rakyat have all spoken, I am astounded by the reaction from those high up in their fat, lazy chairs. 5 states were given up, and yet it’s life as usual. Where is their accountability as our previously elected leaders my friends?
    I am surprised by the comfort level everyone has taken.

    Yup, “we’ll all stand by our able leader, the one and only”.

    (Now, that causes nausea and I want to puke).

    Question is, until when?

    Just one term after our visionary Tun Mahathir (Malaysia’s first able leader who swung the country onto the world map if you can remember) and our ‘able government’ have seconded the 5 important states to the so called opposition.

    They are not anymore an opposition in my mind, they are now our ‘second in line’.

    During the campaigning period, the leaders especially from UMNO spoke bad about the opposition. But as a matter of fact, they were the ones who did all the bad-mouthing and character assassinations. They ran advertisements stating of ‘their’ ‘achievements’ over 50 years of independence. Haven’t they heard of
    “Lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama”!

    If they think the rakyat, especially the Malays are still thinking ala 1957s, they were wrong. The new breed is worldly, global and progressive.
    And most importantly is no more a ‘ kerbau yang boleh ditarik hidungnya’ of old.

    Not that the so called ‘competition’ were of real characters ala Obama or Clinton; we the people were left with no choice. All the coffee-shop talks you might want to call them, (sort them out for yourself, the cronies, corruption, the arrogant stance, the hypocracy, the son-in-law, the newly branded Islam to name but a few) have only resulted in a clear definite choice.
    I am one Malay, a Malaysian who will stand for what is right, and if I did wrong I’d admit my shortcomings and promise to correct and improve. But look at ourselves, not a word of apology, nor a sense of urgency to rectify the future.
    I am impressed for all the wrong reasons.
    Please (old) folks, we can’t win the world by just great oratory theories during the UMNO general assemblies.
    We stood by our previous leaders simply because they delivered. They were and still are our pride of the nation. Until today. Each has brought the country up to the next level.

    I am sure that a lot of the new Malays (even in the body of UMNO herself) supported what Datuk Mukhriz did. But being Malays that we are, we have to keep to tradition by keeping mum or ‘close one eye’ ala that Malacca MP.

    (Now I’m numb. Still not dumb).

    I salute you Datuk Mukhriz but I’m just one of that many ordinary new Malays.

    No APs, no preference, no fear, therefore what favour?

    This boy is now in the line of fire from the ranks.
    The UMNO brass is now thinking of letting go the brave young Datuk, and the head of Pemuda will sure beat the drums and do the war dance again ;
    but fret not we Malays.

    (Hmm, birds of a feather sticks together.)

    This is the type of leader who will bounce back when the time comes, and you’ll see the same people crying wolf toeing the line, in queue of ‘full undivided support’ behind ‘the then most able’ new leader. With the way things are going, it’ll sooner than that no pressure slow-cooker up there can and able to think of.

    Datuk Mukhriz, if they let you go so be it.

    Just like what your father did.

    And went through.

    Don’t they ever forget that we’ll all still be here for the next round.

    The Chinese hates the number 13. But if they, the ‘ no-pressure’ leaders of today keep to this same high-handedness attitude, that’ll be as a matter of fact a lucky number for all of us Malaysians!

    The 1 million dollar (oops, Ringgit) question now is, when you return next for the PRU13 in 2013, are we ie. what the UMNO leaders like to term ‘ the people who sticks with tradition’ going to keep this tradition alive by keeping the incumbent, passe leaders of UMNO as our untouchables, or otherwise?

    Oh plllease…(read in a sleazy tone)!

    I wish us all Malays, and Malaysians the best of luck for the future.

    Kuala Lumpur.