Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mukhriz's letter to Badawi

Umno members want Abdullah to step down.
A letter by Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir calling for the immediate resignation of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is circulating among UMNO members, raising fear of (or hope for) another wave of politicial tsunami, this time within the BN.

I hear it's a two-page letter dated 12th March. Copies were sent to Najib Razak, Ali Rustam, Muhyiddin Yasin, and Radzi Sheikh Ahmad.

At a press conference on Monday, Mukhriz had told the PM "to do the right thing" after the heavy losses suffered by Umno and the BN in last Saturday's General Election.

Anyone has a copy of the letter? Pasquale seems to suggest here that he knows something. A Voice cites myKMU's story here that a division in Umno FT will also be calling for Pak Lah to resign.


  1. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Mukhriz is acting as PROXY for Mahathir. Mahathir is acting the POWER behind the throne for his son to topple Badawi.

    Whereas Najib Razak is biding his time for the apple to RIPEN. Mr. Najib, the Saab GRIPEN fighter jet offers you filthy-rich commissions.

    Hishamuddin may as well keep his golden KERIS in his Papua New Guinea penis-sheath. Mukhriz is your soon-to-be nemesis. Your days of GLORY are numbered, Mr. Kerishamuddin.

    Badawi, with everything in limbo, the RAKYAT should be your saving grace this time around;

    3 things you NEED 2DO -

    1) REINSTATE the judiciary to its former glory and Mahathir and his goons will fall ONE BY ONE

    2) UNSHACKLE the press and allow freedom of information and expression; and repeal the Official Secrets Act and Mahathir and his goons will fall ONE BY ONE

    3) FREE the HINDRAF 5 and you regain the trust and respect of every citizen in this land, making them FIGHT on your behalf and Mahathir and his goons will fall ONE BY ONE

    4) BEWARE OF NAJIB RAZAK - FOR HE WILL STAB YOU IN THE BACK sooner or later, as already Altantuuya proven to you in broken bits and pieces.

  2. Anonymous10:06 pm

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  3. Anonymous10:17 pm

    See my blog Patah Balek. I reproduce Datuk Zam's full text (his written statement 11 March, Angkasapuri)


  4. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Sudahlah Mukhriz!

    You dengan bapa hang satu kepala. Suka headhunting. How come you kept your mouth shut when your father screwed the judiciary, bail out mega projects, did not tackle corruption, ruled Malaysia with iron fists and punished Sabah and Kelantan for refusing to vote BN. And not forgetting controlling the EC to commit electoral fraud.
    You want Najib right? Never. He will only continue Mahathir's legacy like Abdullah.

    In short, get lost Umno, BN.

  5. Anonymous10:55 pm

    You see. There's no need for you to post that "Please Go" Protest a few days ago. That was stupid... and dangerous in these times. It's none of our (the ordinary rakyat's) business. The party will do its own bloodletting.
    And here it comes.

    One thing for certain: We live in interesting times.

    I have discovered some interesting things about PAS candidate for Perak MB. He has done projects abroad, holds 2 degrees, and speaks, besides malay and english, tamil and chinese. Quite impressive, really.
    -- Watcher/reader

  6. Anonymous11:06 pm

    as i predicted that Sharizat would not be elected, here is another prediction, and as usual.... "mark my words" Umno will see a split and it is coming in the near future. please remember this prediction and when it finaly comes, have a caramel hazelnut coffee on the house on me.

  7. Anonymous11:24 pm

    That the way its should be..To UMNO leader please wake up..

  8. Rocky, how about something light and lets just cut some slack from these politics for a while (just a while) and check this out ....

    The writer is the author of the book : I am Muslim.

    A reminder for our new government, with a slight twist at the end.

  9. Anonymous12:09 am

    Dear Yang Berblog Rocky,

    marilah mari pergi mengundi,
    tunaikan kewajipan pada negara,
    sudahlah kalah teruk sekali,
    masih berlagak seperti wira?

    marilah mari memangkah undi,
    pilihlah yang berkenan di hati,
    kemana-mana membawa bini,
    orang tak berkenan dia tak reti.

    sudah mengundi pergi berkelah,
    berkelah membawa segala-gala,
    udah lah pak lah, bersaralah,
    biarlah pak najib memimpin pula

    berkempen menaiki pajero,
    pajero diisi minyak subsidi,
    menantu dijulang seperti hero,
    orang lain menjeling makan hati,

    paklah badawi,jin abdullah,
    khairy jamaluddin, nori abdullah,
    mengucaplah astaghafirullah,
    semuga diampuni oleh Allah.

    politik bukan hak keluarga,
    harta rakyat bukan untuk kita,
    jika berundur kami bangga,
    sementelah masih ada cinta.

    umno kena bersikap terbuka,
    ianya bukan wawasan keluarga,
    apalah kena dengan mereka,
    melayu berpecah porak peranda.

    dap, pkr, pas berpakat,
    menundukkan kepimpinan keparat,
    huh, apalah yang rakyat dapat,
    pemimpin yang baru pun sama berkarat.

    bila duduk dia asyik tertidur,
    bila bercakap audience yang lentuk,
    cepat-cepatlah paklah berundur,
    nanti rumah siap pahat masih diketuk.

    Molten Cake a.k.a Kuih Bom...

  10. Anonymous12:15 am

    mukriz = mahathir

    khairy = pak lah

    najib = rosmah

    nurul izah = anwar

    rocky + kadir jasin = journalist

    khairy (repeat) = filem duyung

    tok guru nik aziz = ulama'

    lim kit siang = lim guan eng

    sharir samad = johor

    ibrahim ali = bebas

    rafidah aziz = rasuah

    shahidan kassim = ampu

    ezam md nor = menyesal

    ruslan kassim = pencacai

    mufti perlis = wahhabi

    azmi khalid = normala

    samy vellu = expired!

    zainudin maidin (zam)= muka tembok

    ku li = istana

    hisamudin tun husin = merapu

    wanita umno = makcik

    puteri umno = make-up

    putera umno = rempit

    pemuda umno = pondan

    nazri aziz = low class

    azlina othman = jantan

    khir toyo = toyol

    BA = menteri besar

    BN = projek

    rakyat = mangsa.

    saya = hensem. hihihiii

    #husin branson

  11. Anonymous12:21 am

    Don't supprised if you found out, he has mix chinese blood.If you interested about race and origin, You can conformed it later, ok?

  12. Anonymous12:28 am

    Kita berdoa supaya Pak Lah see the light at the end of the tunnel towards his retirement and well deserved oblivion and he will take along his no good son in law and his loony advisors who has taken UMNO and BN to the brink of extinction.

    Kalau Pak Lah resign saya akan hantar pulut ke mesjid rumah saya dan puasa satu hari.Good on you Mukhriz,semuga Allah SWT melindungi kamu dan rakan2 kamu dalam UMNO.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  13. Anonymous12:45 am

    Pak Lah, with the recent development including LKS idiocracy, just step down.

    Believe it or not, i would vote for BN again if you leave now. DAP vs BN? I will vote against DAP for sure!!!

  14. Anonymous1:02 am

    I am distressed with this news.

    After 50 years, if not for Datuk Seri Abdullah, we would not have the first Tsunami and victory for democracy in Malaysia.

    Let's just look at the scenario:

    1. Datuk Seri Abdullah released DSAI when he came to power. He did not need to do this. Dr M would probably have driven DSAI to commit Harakiri in prison!

    2. Datuk Seri Abdullah did not stop the bloggers from giving altenartive news. He could have arrested these bloggers under ISA. Dr M would definitely have done this at least prior to the election.

    3. Datuk Seri Abdullah allowed the Bersih and Hindraf to organise their rallies. Under Dr M's rule, the organisers would have been arrested even for thinking about organising the rallies.

    Now let's look at the alternative if Datuk Seri Abdullah steps down:
    1. Najib takes over or
    2. Cannot think of anyone else.

    Najib, with so much controversy surrounding him should not become Malaysia's prime minister. The fact that so many believes he has done wrong (even if it is not true) is sufficient to doom his premiership. The Rakyat will not respect him. Only those who have ulterior agenda would support Najib.

    Judge a person from the outcomes of their leadership, not from what their detractors say. Datuk Seri Abdullah may just have become the "Gorbachev of Malaysia". So think twice before kicking him out like how Gorbachev was kicked out by the opportunist Yeltsin.

    So think again.

  15. my friend joked about whether KJ will divorce and go after the daughter of the new fella...

  16. Anonymous4:54 am

    The "thirteen million plus ringgit" blog seems to have it. The 2 page letter is printed there. Check it out.


  17. UMNO better get its act together and collectively seek this man's resignation before the component parties demand him to withdraw.
    DOn't let the component parties clean your act. To UMNO leaders, wake up and save the party and stop thinking of your position. I'm sick of seeing the small people having to clean up after you bastards. They worked like dogs to keep you in power now they have to risk their small livlihood just to do your dirty job while you get promoted if thier effort bears fruit.

    Najib! Make your move or follow Pak Lah out!

  18. Who else but Big Dog's got a copy the letter ...

  19. congratz!!!

    Now, governs the 5 states successfully. Show the rakyat that you can govern states and then Malaysia nation especially in economy, safety, justice, education, state administration, transparency and many more.

    if you excel in the five states, you can convince the rakyat to choose you as a ruling party at federal level; the same manifesto or strength of BN.

    in your future manifesto, pay attention to investor/ corporate sectors. Draft the manifestos as if you are going to become the Malaysia ruling party. Alike BN, play with statistics and numbers; say 10 million for education, say millions for safety etc. opposition should have shadow cabinet line-up to prepare these manifesto.

    Now, concentrate on Sabah and Sarawak parliamentary and state seats. pkr (or the opposition front) must show that it is a party for all races and ethnics ie bajau, kadazan, dusun etc. most of them vote BN because their mentality (i might be wrong) is BN brings development. if you can develop the 5 states, they can open their eyes and vote opposition in next general election.

    Pas, pkr, dap etc must groom leaders or candidates for the 13th general election. Pick candidates with strong education background so that people have faith in them able to govern states (or Malaysia). Starting from today, these candidates must turun padang to list down all the problem faces by rakyat and tackled the problems; win their heart and show them that you do works. if the candidates don't have enough time and energy, seek help from opposition supporters or appoint assistances as many as you need.BN won uncontested in 11 parliamentary seats meaning opposition lacks 11 leaders/ candidates.

    Starting today until the next GE, keep record of mismanagements, corruptions (power and money), wrongdoings of BN for your campaigning points.

    Most of the main media in Malaysia are controlled by the ruling party. opposition candidates must use alternative medium such as internet or blogs to convey their messages, counter the ruling party allegations, reveals corruptions by BN etc. if the candidates are busy, ask the party supporters to run the blog; maybe can elect media committee. The opposition have won five states and KL; make as many press conference as you can to address your developments, progress etc. each states have its own radio station; use these opportunity to deliver the messages.

    Work very hard during this 4 or 5 years!!

    If not, rakyat will vote for BN in the next election

    if selangor can beat pahang or sabah or sarawak in economy, safety, education etc performances, the sabahan and the sarawakian and pahang people might choose the opposition in 13th GE.

    The opposition must pick an outstanding state as a benchmark while governing the 5 states. If say pahang attracted 10 foreign investors, the five states must have more than 10 investors. If sabah crime rate is 10 %( let say it is a state with lowest crime rate), the opposition must have lower than 10% of crime rate. The examples are endless.

  20. Anonymous6:53 am

    No need to write letter calling the sleeping PM to step down, just go ahead and fill up an application letter and join PKR instead.

    A lot of Malays still think that they can hide under UMNO to suck Malaysian blood.

  21. Anonymous6:56 am

    sudah lah its not about Pak Lah anymore but about how the 5 states are going to opearate effectively to fulfill the many promises made during the election !!!

  22. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Isn't "do the right thing" a monopoly of the New Straits Times?

    I think if Mukhriz or anybody else with some guts in Umno wants to bring about change, he or she must speak in plain language, like sit, stop, walk, go, resign, retire....

    All this business of do the right thing and walk the talk is a farce.

    Kalau nak suruh berhenti, katakan: Wahai Tuan yang mulia, dipersilakan berhenti!

    But if indeed Mukhriz had sent such a letter to the PM and copied it to Najib, Mat Taib, Muhyiddin and Radzi, why don't you confirm with them?

    Or are they too afraid to talk?

    Or they are speechless after the BN/Umno debacle.

    This is the TIME to tell the PM "what he ought to know and not what he loves to hear."

    Telling the PM what he loves to hear is the responsibility of the mainstream media and not goblok bloggers like us!

    Oh, how I miss Zam. We lost a great promoter. Who will be the next propaganda minister? I prefer a very young and ambitious man for the job!

    Terima kasih.

  23. Anonymous7:37 am

    " To begin with, Umno is not unaware that its losses were due largely to the Malays’ hatred of the so-called Prime Minister’s kitchen cabinet allegedly made up, among others, of his powerful son-in-law (MP) Khairy Jamaluddin, his businessman son Kamaluddin, his wife Jeanne Danker Abdullah, his friends like former Deputy Prime Minister, Musa Hitam, NSTP Deputy Chairman Kalimullah Hassan, Bernama Chairman and PM’s NCER adviser, Annuar Zaini and Equine Capital Executive Chairman Patrick Lim Soo Kit."

    Taken from A.Kadir Yasin Blog.
    Go read.


  24. Anonymous8:11 am

    The letter is here

  25. Anonymous8:40 am

    Morning Bro,

    Pak Lah syok sendiri kot?

  26. My apologies Bru, copied to Ali Rustam and not Mat Taib. Have you got a copy of the alleged correspondence?

    Thank you.

  27. bro, like i said mt member want kj out but pl request t give him peluang and jajni he will change furthermore kj is in pl kabinet bayangan.thats why mt member fedup tapi tak leh buat apa2 and thats why mukhriz send letter for pl to resign
    Go to

  28. Anonymous8:54 am

    Why is the man still hanging on?

    It may be Mukhriz today but more voices are in unison that the PM should go.

    The Supreme Council have politely asked him to change his advisers but that is not easy to do..the baby has to be thrown out with the bathwater!

  29. Anonymous9:11 am

    eh, access denied to this link lah. y?

  30. Anonymous9:29 am

    HEre is the link for the scans...

    I read it from mahaguru58

  31. Anonymous9:31 am

    Ok .. I wish I could hear the song righ now 'The heat is on'... it's sums up well

  32. The copy of the letter can be found at Big Dog's site. I think for now, if Pak Lah decides to go on, it will be getting worse for UMNO later on. KJ is doing all he can make sure his father-in-law stays, and uses PEKIDA gangsters to intimidate Mukhriz.

  33. if the leadership is strong and had obtained a strong mandate from the people in the general election, nothing of this sort would happen.

  34. Makan Gaji...

    Apo kobondo yang ko merepek ni jang?

  35. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Bapak borek anak rintik. History repeating itself. last time the father wrote to Tunku asking him to go. And Razak took over. Now the son writing to Abdullah and wants the other son to take over.

    Hopefully that will not happen. Najib will be disaster for the copuntry. Better the team of Kuli and rais Yatim taking over. Only they can heal UMNO.

  36. Anonymous12:47 pm

    I support Datuk Seri Abdullah and here is my reasons.

    After 50 years, if not for Datuk Seri Abdullah, we would not have the first Tsunami

    and victory for democracy in Malaysia.

    Let's just look at the scenario:

    1. Datuk Seri Abdullah released DSAI when he came to power. He did not need to

    do this. Dr M would probably have driven DSAI to commit Harakiri in prison!

    2. Datuk Seri Abdullah did not stop the bloggers from giving altenartive news. He

    could have arrested these bloggers under ISA. Dr M would definitely have done

    this at least prior to the election.

    3. Datuk Seri Abdullah allowed the Bersih and Hindraf to organise their rallies.

    Under Dr M's rule, the organisers would have been arrested even for thinking

    about organising the rallies.

    Judge a person from the outcomes of their leadership, not from what their

    detractors say. Datuk Seri Abdullah may just have become the "Gorbachev of

    Malaysia". So think twice before kicking him out like how Gorbachev was kicked

    out by the opportunist Yeltsin.


  37. Anonymous5:42 pm

    The discussion here revolves around the UMNO superior leaders only. Let me share my story. I am an officer (govt) in the A group which actually restricts my involvement in politics ( whatmore if on the opposition side. But having great interest in religious activities, I join PAS way back in the 80's.At ny department, most of the staff (80%) favour PAS but we have t play safe because our :jaga;, cleaner, gardener and drivers are of UMNO origin. They will report any activities which they feel is against the UMNO including ceramah, kuliah fardu ain etc. As a result we, the officers are a little bit scared of those arrogant eyes of UMNO and these people can be very powerful if they hold the JKKK or ketua cawanagan umno of any kampung. I believe these people's education is merely SRP or dtd 6 but UMNO has given them the power and they evolve into arrogant small time leaders. It's an open secret that teachers are transfered to other faraway school or other states etc if these kampung leaders whisper to their UMNO cawangan or any YB of any activities deem to favor the opposition (in states where BA will rule come next elecion. Mind you..these JKKK are very proud people as they are fully aware that officers of higher ranks do fear them..

  38. Anonymous6:25 pm

    Looks like UMNO is splitting into 2 like during Tun M's time. History repeats itself unless Pak Lah resigns. Melayu mudah lupa!