Thursday, March 13, 2008

Apology .. to Sultan and Regent

The People, who? It won't be fair to lump it all on Kit Siang. The entire DAP's Central Executive Committee MUST apologise to the People, the Sultan and the Regent.

And remember, even then some will be suspicious of the DAP from now.

Personally, I think that perhaps, in Penang, Lim Guan Eng should now take a little bit of time and let everything sink. Let that head shrink back to size. Leave the NEP alone for now, because I am no longer quite with you (as in the DAP and its CEC) on this.

In Selangor, too. Baby steps. Learn to walk first. Don't fucking trip again.

Get your feet back on the ground.


  1. Anonymous11:59 am

    "Leave the NEP alone".? Would love to hear what you exactly mean by that..

  2. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Damage has been done, very difficult for us, especially malay to trust DAP, just one single stupid statement will change everything. Just don't think apology statement will change most of the Malaysian thinking here.

    Sorry LKS, u are all the mother f***ing problem here...

  3. Anonymous12:04 pm


    That is democracy at its best – dissensions in the open.

    What more do you expect?

    Lets face it nobody’s political intuitive will ever be as profound as his and for a political veteran like him he has his reason and perhaps yall may be able to discern his every move only if you know.

    Unfortunately you missed it by this much.


  4. Anonymous12:05 pm


    And we thought Pak Lah was bad?

    This guy is a major FLIP-FLOP artist!

    -- Tommy

  5. Anonymous12:06 pm


    I think we should let Lim Guan Eng carry out his agenda for Penang as planned. Let's not mix the Perak issue with that of the Penang governance. These are unrelated.

    Your disappointment with the issues surrounding the selection of a Perak MB is not yours alone. It is shared by many, many others. However, it is unfair to accuse the rest of DAP for big-headedness, least of all Lim Guan Eng.

    Your emotion is understandable, but do not let your passion overwhelm your level-headedness or sensibility.

  6. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Flip-flop? At least he has the humility and decency to apologise over his kekecewaan mengenai the perlantikan. Bila masa Pak Lah atau pemimpin BN ada rendah diri cam gitu?

  7. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Kiss and make up? Not that easy, I think. Someone has been offended.

  8. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Agree. Learn to walk first. Learn the Government servants `lingo & way'. Give yourself and everyone some time to adapt and adjust, mah. Changes take time. Don't go rushing and saying things that show how stupid you can be!!! Like Toyo, makan tempe muka licin putih....Come on lah, public not bodoh lah. Sit with the Govt officers and listen. Not all of them are bad. Some just can't do anything right under BN bcoz they will be punish. Listen,listen & listen THEN make a good solution. Rakyat don't want superman lah. Just some fairness in all area. Not too much right? right?

  9. Bro, What is this? What's Mr. Lim try to do. It bad bro. Why only the Sultan and the Regent only. How abt us - The People.
    D'not ply with fire.





  11. anon 11.59am,

    I think the new state governments led by DAP in Penang, PKR in Selangor and PAS in Kedah and Perak should get down WORK and not play politics to be popular. They have been voted in, so there is no need for that now.

    Give us clean environment, reduce the crime rate, give us better transport service. Show the way and force the other state governments to follow suit.

    When you have done the basic, please by all means go to the next level.

  12. Anonymous12:13 pm

    the suspicion has been sown

    too bad

    they will never get my vote again

  13. Anonymous12:16 pm


    For Penang, LGE wants an open tender for all races , not just one. He will look to the nedds of all races. The current NEP only benefit a few Malays. That was what he meant!!

    As for Perak, LKS agrees to one from either DAP or PKR. It's only logical that if not DAP, then it will go to PKR (based on election result). So, you have to understand the logic behind it. Let's not drag the Sultan into this matter.And Chinese , whether DAP or MCA members, are all fearful of a PAS leader and the policies that they will implement.
    So, Rocky, be fair in your review, pls!

  14. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Did not vote. Never have. Why? All are bloody racists. I belong to a very minority ethnic group and i feel that umno is for malays, mca is for chinese, mic is for indians. have never trusted dap as i see them as chinese racists. the events unfolding now prove this. so who represents me? nobody. was once denied a scholarship cos of my ethnicity.will we ever see the end of race politics? i thought there was a glimmer of hope but now that dap has revealed its true colours, i feel much for bangsa malaysia!!!

  15. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    Something have been disturbing my thoughts the day right after GE12, and this has a lot to do with DAP.I finally decided to leave Kit Siang a note on his blog, but my comment never make it through, failed the moderation step.

    Please would you allow me to paste my comment to him right here? I will try my luck any way:

    The RAKYAT has spoken, once again, judging from the contents from majority of the comments.
    Please, do not try, not even to think about building a dynasty within your family or your personal/close supporter. Use the mandate given to you to serve to the best interest of the RAKYAT. Use the best people you have and not side-lining non-main stream MP’s.
    Teng is one of the example, he should be the best candidate for deputy Selangor MD. If in-fighting continue even within DAP, what confidence are you giving us that BA will work?
    Jeff Ooi, Tony Pua and others, do not over shine or out do your bosses, you know what I mean, unless Kit and GE are willing to change.
    Thank you."

    Terima Kasih.

  16. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Kit Siang agree to have a malay PKR MB did he?? He is no racist. it is just that it is irreconcilable difference of party philosophies between DAP and PAS. Nothing racist. So why the anger?

  17. Anonymous12:24 pm

    sound advice, rocky. but then what about the projects which had to be launched in the immediate. opne tenders have to be done, rite? best price and proven track record will take the prize, rite? there goes the present NEP out of the window, aint it?
    dont get me wrong, rocky. I am all for assistance to the malays. afterall, they are the majority in numbers of poverty, so the larger share of assistance must go to them. but, dont exploit the NEP for cronies and families who are well to do. thats the type of NEP i am looking forward to.

  18. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Get that PKR & DAP "dont fucking trip again!"

    Sheessh, few days in power already dizzy with its effect. What a child.

    Sad. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  19. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I accept DAP has the largest number of seats in the Barisan Rakyat. But the Paduka Seri Sultan wants a CM who has the most support from the ASSEMBLY which includes the Barisan Nasional reps. I think that is wise.

    To Lim Kit Siang, it is not only rude to the Paduka Seri Sultan and the royal institution but DERHAKA! And you say that you are a multiracial party that uphold the constitution which includes the royal institution. You shout about the keris waving UMNO but you insulted the very institution that they are protecting.

  20. Anonymous12:27 pm


    It is true that the fundamental solutions required come in piecemeal and in a certain order, such as what you said: to achieve first of all a "clean environment, [to] reduce the crime rate, [and to] give us better transport service."

    This does not mean that the government should discard the spirit of their general policy or work plan in any way, be it regarding the NEP or others. The specifics that you mention can all fall and be dealt with within the scope of the expressed general policy direction.

  21. Anonymous12:27 pm

    With this kind of kerjasama and persefahaman of the 3 parties, when the Dewan comes into action surely you'll all be devoured by the BN reps -- or they stand there watching you fighting each other. haha, so much for a bapak ketam trying teach the children how to walk.

  22. Abang Rockybru,

    Couldn't agree more with you on the last para.

  23. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Well at least he has the guts to apologize, to those that lose confident and suspicious on LKS, yea, he might lost your vote. So are u voting BN back?

    That's more tragic right? Sometimes we are the biggest flip-flops.

    ARE WE REALLY FOR BARISAN RAKYAT??? ask yourself...

  24. Flip-Flop not always bad. Consider this,

    Good -> Flip-Flop -> BAD = BAD (BN's formula)

    Bad -> Flip-Flop -> GOOD = GOOD!

    Apology accepted.

  25. Anonymous12:32 pm

    While i do not agree with what LKS said yesterday but it also takes a great man to admit to his mistakes. I personally felt that he has gone overboard in this matter and hv made it known to him via his own blog and other forums. I am a chinese and am sure many of you out there are looking forward to a country where racial issues will not surface again in the near future. But to do this takes time and yes, baby steps first.

    I hv partially accepted Kit's apology but will keep a clsoer watch on his next move. But i will not go so far as to say No more voting for DAP/PKR/PAS. Current leaders who have screwed us for over 50years and we hv given them countless chances to buck up. Are we so sinless ourselves as to not gv these new leaders a chance to right their wrongs?

    Have u seen khairy, hisssshamuddin, nazri, zam, pak lah, najib apologised before?

  26. Barisan Rakyat made the move
    It isn’t DAP or PAS or PKR
    So don’t ever get into your head LKS
    DAP and its partners won voted by BR

    LKS has lost his balls
    He thinks he wants to make noise
    So that to demonstrate the Chinese
    “I don’t agree, I don’t agree
    Correct, Correct and Correct”

    LKS it isn’t about your party any more
    It is about Barisan Rakyat on the move
    You better sink into your head
    Respect the Sultan decision and his wisdom
    He is the king otherwise what you think?

    Let the Barisan Rakyat government works
    Don’t play into the hands of the BN
    The sleeping beauty is waiting……..
    When there is an opportunity
    He will whack the coalition left and right
    So are you still there with the people?
    The Barisan Rakyat is the king maker!

    Leaders must be humble
    You don’t show it with your arrogant statement
    Maybe it is time you too retire
    This is the politics of the cyber-world
    You better wake up
    And don’t close one eye…….

    Barisan Rakyat is color blind
    It is the way it should be
    Walk the talk; let it be fruitful
    And multiply into peoples’ hearts and souls

    LKS, you are an ungrateful person
    Barisan Rakyat put the coalition there
    Yet now you make a mockery of our votes
    Shame on you, Kit!

  27. Anonymous12:33 pm

    The apology sucks, at least that's what I think.I can understand LKS's motive trying to 'placate' the Chinese people in Perak but has he conveniently forgotten that the seats which DAP won in Perak were also due to the support from non chinese voters?? so why are you still trying to be the Champion for the Chinese when you should aspire to be the Champion of all Malaysians?? This type of politics is exactly like the drama sandiwara that the BN govt are wont to do. So, to all BR parties - PAS, PKR AND DAP- get it into your heads that the rakyat of Malaysia will now judge ALL of you by your actions and not your political rhetorics.So for this country's sake, please move forward and together to work for the rakyat.

  28. Anonymous12:33 pm




  29. Let's not go overboard on this issue. Kit was never against a Malay MB, but a PAS MB. He would have accepted had he been from PKR.
    This is a loose coalition and they will need time to accommodate one another.
    We have to look at the larger agenda - that is to go and do the job for the future of our country.
    Yes, as rocky said, no need to play politics.
    Anyway, the latest developments seem to be heading the right way. All will end well.

  30. Rocky, ur arguments are very sensible.

    Lets get the basics done.
    Make Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kedah, Kelantan attractive to foreign investments. Make it a tourist hub. Make it safe and rich.

    Next, get rid of the fuckers on your state payroll who sit idle and do jack shit. Then go after corrupted fuckers.

    Remove poverty, increase wealth for the citizens......this will take 5 years and the rakyat will vote u in again and perhaps more states will come to you......then repeat steps above.

    There u have it...a perfect government. Its actually quite simple. Why complicate things by making unnecessary statements?

  31. 'Nuff said, for now. Now we watch and monitor actions. If happy, give good feedback. If upset, also give equally good feedback. If prevaling govts have deaf ears or blind sights or stuffed noses or thick-skins, then we bury them at the next GE. I guess this is a process of maturing democracy, liberated by modern communications tools which will hopefully help bridge the political divide as well as prosper the people....


  32. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Lim Kit Siang is a fool of the highest order. Just a couple of days after victory, he gives ammunition for BN to strike back. A Malay Muslim MB in Perak is a logical choice. Maybe not from PAS, but PKR. But for Lim to openly say DAP would boycott the swearing is idiotic and stupid. Food for thought: Lim Kit Siang - why didn't you put a Malay candidate from DAP to stand in Perak? Then there would have been a Bumi Malay MB from DAP?

  33. what is so fearful about PAS policies anyway? has anyone been to Kelantan? Can they go see for themselves and ask the chinese and other races there if they have been converted? buka la minda tu sikit, and stop being so imprisoned and blinded by your own prejudices and ignorance...DAP is only revealing its own bigotry after all the huffing and puffing about justice.

    The large percentage of Malays and Indians and other minorities in Penang (and Malaysia generally) have never seen the light of day under BN too, so Pak Lah should also can it and don't try to incite the rakyat about marginalisation worries issues under DAP.

    Just act wisely la DAP, as Rocky us what good changes you can bring, instead of capitalising on the farking NEP issue which has in recent decades been hijacked by the elite anyway and hasn't done much for the needy.

    Don't go in with such self righteous fervour..leave your own ingrained prejudices at the penang bridge first.

  34. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Well said, Rocky. That's what "us" rakyat wants! A Clean Environment! I don't care who is the MB as long as it is FAIR to all MALAYSIANS!

    Breed, Born and Bred in Malaysia.

    We should not call ourselves Malays, Indians or Chinese.

    And just to show that I am in support of whoever the MB in Perak is and I trust that he will be fair, I am signing off again as...

    China Girl form Ipoh mali until I see that we are ONE - WE ARE MALAYSIANS!

  35. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Dear rocky bru(blog of the m'sia):

    I hope all state to have a well represented group of party member to work for common goal and consensus. Which races does not matter. Fair and just for the society is enought. NEP must work for it but not take for granted without contribute to the social development. Do u know that how many beloved enjoy the economic pie? Let have a new reform of NEP by not taking at the expenses of others business.

    Please don't watch TV3 berita utama racist news. They try to stir up the people emotion. We are one family, no more racist. Harapan Malaysia. Share the pain and joy together without any ill feeling. Thank

  36. Anonymous12:52 pm

    what the hell you're doing Lim? why do you unwisely by making those statements? oh my God, you become greedy as time goes by. oh, f**k the hell you are!

  37. Having said what I said above..I dont agree with the Selangor Sultan as there such a law??? How is that possible? WTF?

    From Malaysiakini:

    It has been agreed that a DAP candidate will be nominated, but the party seems to be undecided on its nominee. At the same time, there is also interest, especially from the Selangor palace, in seeing the post also going to a Malay.

    Earlier today, the Selangor Sultan's private secretary Mohamad Munir Bani said state laws stipulate that only a Malay Muslim can be appointed as the menteri besar.

    Similarly, he added, it is preferable that the deputy menteri besar should also be a Malay Muslim.

  38. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Salam Bro,

    Thats more like it.

    The premier should take the steps too.

    Tabik to you and your proffessional team.
    It has been a life adventure with this techno world on the historic event and victory to the rakyat.

    I suggest starts hitch hiking and talk to the rakyat now.
    Feel it and one would love you forever.
    Politics is just a platform till the world ends.
    Never used or be used.
    Help us and our love to all Malaysian will stay forver.

    Saya Sayang Malaysia more tahn sayang the Political Masters.

  39. Anonymous12:56 pm

    The apology is the first step - AMPUN TUANKU - after all lks is human, and a politician at that. We shall see his next moves, which will reflect his sincerity...

    Of all the royalties I think we can trust Raja Nazrin. He must have good reason for the appointment. Let's show that we are with him.

    The coalition in the various state govts is a good test whether all parties can work together, which was what the rakyat beleived when we voted for them - so prove it to us!

  40. Anonymous1:00 pm

    F### Y## Kit Siang. U r truly a racist. Now, Then n Ever. We knew by now. Full of ur "Malaysia Malaysia" shit and rhetoric. Bastard oldman.

  41. Anonymous1:00 pm

    I thought the DAP wants to be prudent and thrifty in their spending of the Public money unlike that of the previous BN lead adminstration but how come now got two Deputy CMs? This mean the buggest for Salaries will swell not to mention the perks for these two DCMs?

    Why need two, one Malay and Chinese what about those of "Yang Lain-lain" for example a Eurasian DCM to represent them? After all we all know what difference can this Malay and Indian DCM do as ALL decisions will be made by Lim Eng Guan.

    Not even half a day after he was sworn in, he declared void the NEP. And he and his Dad viewing the city of Penang as if its theirs, their new Family Dynasty and how come all Malaysian kept quiet. But with Pak Lah everyone critised his son in law contesting in Rembau??

    And for the record the NEP does not only benefit the Malays but ALL. When they get any Project, ALL races are Involved. Sub cons are given to the Chinese or Indians and the Yang Lain lain. Employess, Professionals are given to all.

    Why not look also at those Chinese companies who have been dominating the Economy and see how many Malays and Indians they really employ and IF the NEP does not impose the quota, dont dream of working in these companies.

    Please be fair, Mr Rocky. Please dont tell me for 50 years the BN government has not done any good to all Malaysians. All races. How many of us have starved to death for lack of food or lived under the bridges for being homeless?

    NOW, the DAP has shown its true colour. The keris issue is blown out of proportion to instill the hate towards the Malays and UMNO but DAP now blunty insult the Sultanate by refusing to attend the very ceremony they have been waiting all along to receive the appointment letter to rule the states.

    And we the Malays are quiet. We write and write in blogs throwing hatred here and there towards Pak Lah who did nothing wrong to us. He did his best, He won. At least Please respect him like you respect Lim Kit Siang, his son and his family and Anwar and his family. Give him another chance. He deserves it. He is afterall our PM. Our leader.

  42. Hey bro,

    Yer using the 'F' word now? Must have been really pissed off, huh.

    Anywayz, the Perak DAP representatives were prepared to ignore the CEC directive and attend the swearing in ceremony.

    Wah! BA politicians got balls mah! Looks like party whips don't exist in their books, unlike BN wimps.

    And that is a very, very good sign indeed for BR.

    And LKS apologized. Ho hum...

  43. Wooh .. Rocky

    U must be really mad to utter that 4 lettered word!

  44. Anonymous1:05 pm


    Pls work hard for the next few years. Transform the 5 states into dynamic states that other states envy. If you people do good and BN continue with their arrogance and mismanagement, the people will make sure BN is the pembangkang after GE13. Also, the people (Malay, Chinese and Indian) will vote you out in GE13 if promises are not kept. Also, pls keep the NEP. Nothing wrong with NEP helping the poor Bumiputra. Only that implementations of NEP were screwed up by UMNO. I am a Chinese and I am all for assistance to the poor Bumi. Likewise I am all for assistance to Chinese and Indian and other Malaysians. Just be fair to all and not just to enrich certain group of people.

  45. Anonymous1:07 pm

    First of all, no four letter words please. That includes you too Rocky.

    Nazir if he is an honorable man should decline the offer to be appointed as MB. At best, he would just be a lame duck MB and Ali Baba, I am sad to say. Or he could swing to BN with a sidekick and BN forms the govt in Perak.I would respect him more for that. Under the current circumstance, I think the BN would make a more effective govt as there would be checks from DAP,PKR and PAS. This freak election results in Perak have shown that the opposition is not quite ready to govern.

    The Regent and the Sultan should stay away from politics and think that they know better. If democracy is to thrive in Msia, we must let the people's voice prevail. And the people voted 18 of DAP reps. and therefore DAP should have the right to determine who should be the MB. If the people is not happy with that decision, then they can always speak again 5 years later.

    LKS has apologised and agreed to the swearing in of Nazir as MB. Is this the Ali Baba syndrome being played out again....? I thought we all voted change.

  46. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Derhaka kepada Raja adalah derhaka kepada negara.

  47. Anonymous1:10 pm

    I think Anonymous 12:16 PM sums it up very, very clearly and in a balanced way.

    This issue has certainly nothing to do with race, as DAP would have been happy with the selection of the PKR Malay candidate.

    The excessive dismay expressed here is understandable but at the same time veers on the irrational.

  48. Anonymous1:11 pm

    DAP will be always DAP, the anti Malay chauvinist, did I tell you earlier? They just want the mandate, when they get it, they'll be back to their true colors. Not only LKS, all of them are just the same. I repeat the same...!

  49. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Dear Rocky,
    LKS screwed up, but the pick up was good, heartening and will give us more strength. Let's forget and forgive.
    As for NEP, Malays themselves are not for this meaningless NEP that is being rejected by the Penang Government. Most of Malays have not benefited in 40 years of NEP's existence. Let us find a better ways for a program that will lift Malays, but also others, from poverty and deprivation.
    And nobody should worry about Malay status in Malaysia - this is their country and they constitute more than 60% of its population! All the best, let us move forward and give full support to Nik Aziz, Lim Guan Eng, Ustaz Azizan, Nizar and Tan Sri Khalid (not to forget Dato Seri Anwar) to lead us to better future!

  50. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Semua dah settle brader. The hero is Raja Nazrin. Upacara angkat sumpah akan diadakan dan raptai di Istana Iskandariah, Kuala Kangsar telah pun diadakan pukul 10 tadi.

  51. Anonymous1:14 pm

    I was surprised by LKS's statement yesterday as well for the whole boycot thing. I thought he should respect the Sultan's decision.
    But stop being emotional about LKS and said such harsh things. He's already apologized and people should accept it.
    Furthermore it wasn't about race at all. He mentioned it could be PKR (MALAY MB) because they had won more seats. So stop provoking the whole racial thingy. The more you guys talk about it, the more you're going to provoke it just like how Badawi did this morning in The Star report.
    Let's all stand united!

  52. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Pls do not comment your point of view from race. Whether you like it or not we all live in a multi-racial country. Stop racism!

    Just a matter of Fair Game. Could accept the soccer team has the least accumulated points chosen as the champion? Waste of time and money to organize the game and to participate.

  53. Anonymous1:18 pm

    it's just sandiwara to pacify hardcore dap supporters...especially some oldies.. uncle kit take it to himself to be the scapegoat for the good of the coalition.. but of cos we hope this does not repeat..let's work together for the good of all races..

  54. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Many Chinese in Perak, esp the older age group have the idea that whichever party has the highest no of reps. has the right to be be CM, all else being equal. Besides, the urban areas such as Ipoh has always been staunch DAP. There is some speculation that LKS is compelled to make this stand else they will lose their support. Anonymous (12.04) may have hit the nail on the head.

  55. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Pls do not comment your point of view from race. Whether you like it or not we all live in a multi-racial country. Stop racism!

    Just a matter of Fair Game. Could you accept the soccer team has the least accumulated points chosen as the champion? Waste of time and money to organize the game and to participate.

  56. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Ahh, again dispute all over. What went wrong in Perak. DAP demanding for 8 EXCOs (power craze) which is not agreed by PKR. I can see from here, PAS MB will be a puppet to the bunch of EXCOs if this thing not solved in proper manner. Children, please share your cake accordingly. Or else just hand over to BN.

    Fed up with this.

    WONG-Black Stallion

  57. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Very stupid statement by LKS. Insult the King and make a lot of Malays feel they made a mistake voting for DAP. Good thing the Perak DAP had the sense not to listen to LKS, but still will be viewed as very little as LKS is a top guy in the party, if more of them (DAP leaders) feel the way LKS feels then this spell doom. With this kind of attitude, come next general election opposition will loose Selangor and Perak and be fighting for Penang instead of making further progress. Abdullah's government already start to sabotage the opposition, and this incident will certainly put plenty of smiles on BN's lips.

    So so so stupid.

  58. Anonymous1:31 pm

    Only in Malaysia can you discriminate against a fellow Malaysian on the basis of race. Why can't a non Malay/muslim be an MB?
    If Barrack Obama with a Kenyan father can be accepted as an aspirant for the highest office in USA, and Muslims here gush about it, how about accepting your fellow Malaysians as brothers and sisters.
    Always harping on NEP, quotas, etc and promoting racist comments on your blog will not foster a Malaysia for all Malaysians.

  59. Anonymous1:35 pm

    DAP IS NOT RACIST. They were willing to accept a MALAY PKR MB but not a MALAY PAS MB. The reason is because PAS won fewer seats than DAP or PKR.
    Do not let those BN supporters blind you to the truth.

  60. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Tommy, to compare LKS with Bodowi's flip-floppiness is downright insulting and uncalled for.

    As the very least, LKS was man enough to issue an apology for his foolish outburst...unlike the sleeping PM and the rest of his goons who would rather be dragged thru mud than to apologise.

    Let's hope with this apology, BR can move on a voter for BR, I still harbour optimistic outlook at what BR can bring to this nation...Penang looks like it's going the right direction.

  61. I support LKS. Let's read between the lines and follow his action. If he doesn't make this comment, the Chinese who voted DAP would definitely think that DAP has sold them out.

    Then it would give MCA/BN more ammunition to shoot the opposition. Now all they can say is power struggle. Nothing but a storm in the tea cup.

  62. what? give you an inch and you want a foot? first asking for LKS to apologise, now that he did, you said the rest of the DAP members should apologise too! and not only that... the foot want to extend to a yard... asking lim guan eng to leave NEP alone. aiyoh!! too much lah!

    i agree with slade. everyone should leave lim guan eng aside and he/she has good advise here for everyone:
    "Your emotion is understandable, but do not let your passion overwhelm your level-headedness or sensibility."

    well said!

  63. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Kenapalah stupid sangat DAP ni. Nak buat apa pun do it gradually lah! We are still trying to digest the shocking win and these so-called leaders are already making all kinds of controversial remarks. Slow and steady lah! Start with good things for the rakyat first. BN is awaiting to sabotage .........

  64. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Winning selangor and perak state govt was a surprise result, no early decision was made on who to be appointed as MB and deputy.

    As we look back in history, this is the first time that PAS-DAP-PKR manage to form a solid alliance, so to have problem at this stage is healty and I trust our seasoned politician are looking at the bigger picture (Bangsa Malaysia, GE 13 and beyond).

    LKS should have called for a closed door meeting with PKR and PAS before any announcement.

    One advised to PAS-PKR-DAP, make sure your communication between leaders are open, clear and agreeable. Do not repeat this incident again.

    PAS-DAP-PKR should do a road trip in all 5 states and explain what Barisan Rakyat is all about and to gain supports from southern states.

  65. Anonymous1:51 pm

    baby steps Yes

    but noticeable baby steps

  66. Anonymous1:51 pm

    13/3 PKR accepts PAS nominated MB in Perak but not Exco seat allocation, warns it will not take part in administration if composition is not fair/STAR

    --- well, if DAP can do it so can PRK. More clacks in Pelak, lor ...


  67. Anonymous1:55 pm

    hello peeple, which part did he said, insulted the king? or insulted the malays?

    don't just bahave like pak lah...

    pakai hentam aje...!!!

  68. You couldn't have put it better, rocky. Kit Siang and the entire CEC should apologise to them. It's a hypocritical stand by DAP. I assume the reason that they reject a PAS man to be the MB is because they do not agree with PAS' ideology(although at this moment I'm so angry that half of me is saying Kit Siang and his CEC are just a bunch of arrogant power crazy fools). Yet they are willing to form a coalition government with them? That's dumb. Form a coalition of with only PKR, idiot! Oh wait, then BN wins the state yeah? Kit Siang announced the decision without giving any proper or logical reasoning. Arguing that PAS has the least seat is not good enough. That sounds like a BN reasoning. Perhaps PAS had the best man. We the people trust The Regent, and I think it's time Kit Siang grows up and accepts it.

    Never been too impressed with this guy and his ridiculous outbursts in Parliament. This episode further strengthens my doubt. As much he has the right to do what he did, the sheer stupidity of the decision has made him look like an incapable leader who is unable to decide what the priorities should be. Now I'm questioning his integrity and ability.

    Only a few days into victory and they already starting to sound like BN leaders. Shame on you, Kit Siang.

  69. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Sudahlah tu. Jangan kita beremosi sangat, lebih lebih lagi LKS sudah meminta maaf. Dia boycott pun pasal MB dari PAS. Yang dia hendak adalah MB dari PKR ataupun DAP. Tak kanlah pasal hal ini, dia dah derhaka pada Sultan. Biar pakatan BR peluang untuk memerintah. Tentu akan ada kesilapannya, lebih lebih lagi untuk 3 parti berlainan kaum untuk bekerjasama. Jangan baru 1 salah, kita dah kutuk dengan macam macam perkataan. Bagi can dulu.

  70. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Yeah, use the F word when you are really pissed off. I would, too (being using a lot lately) ;-)

    Like one group of Malaysians has this idiomatic expression: "Even a monk has a limit in keeping his cool."

    i am not saying Rocky is a monk okay, so don't flame me. hehehe

  71. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Can you please let the gentleman do his job? He has apologised for Pete's sake!

  72. Anonymous2:02 pm


  73. Anonymous2:03 pm

    I think LKS's move was a wayang (show), and it had achieved its objectives:

    1. DAP's hardcore supporters (no doubt some older generations are still suspicious of PAS) will not be alienated since it appears that the party has tried its best to install a MB. (We cannot deny that DAP has the right to object since it won an overwhelming number of seats)

    2. Moderates can forgive DAP and forget about the whole incident. After all it was not like the WHOLE DAP rejected the MB appointment - only LKS objected it, but the Perak DAP gave its full support. (We're not clear on the CEC's stand though). LKS apologized quickly, I can accept that.

    3. Hardcore PAS supporters will be happy since they got the MB position. They should hold no grudges since they can see that DAP is able to make compromises.

  74. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Aaahh Selamat kembali, saudara Rocky. We all should seriously consider the difference between organizations and individuals and what they represent.

    There is nothing wrong in UMNO, MCA, MIC, DAP or PKR. Too bad the people in them lost track of their mission.

    God save us all.

  75. Anonymous2:04 pm

    DAP has apologised.

    Now PKR wants to pull out of Perak government!!!!!

    Will there be no peace there????

  76. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Bro, you should have join DAP when LKS invited you during Jeff admission fanfare. Then you could have contested in Perak under DAP ticket since you are a "reluctant" registered voter in Perak & won. Likely LKS would have supported you as the new MB. You see LKS is not against a Malay Muslim but PAS because any open, willing, voluntary alliance with PAS will give ammunition to BN which will defeat DAP, right also wrong, left also wrong, what do you expect him to do???

  77. Anonymous2:06 pm

    sandiwara LKS or another flip flop person with a team of bad advisors?

    Ada satu di putrajaya cukup lah, takkan nak ada lagi satu di Ipoh.

  78. Listen to all your comments.
    Only 5 days, and we are all jumping at them.
    We gave 50 years of our country away, and we expect things to be done our way in 5 days?
    I was very angry at LKS for the threat and all those statements.
    the difference with BN was that the Media NEVER printed the 'behind the doors' meeting when positions are discussed.
    Look, we should only start judging them after 4 quarters, like any other business, comment if you must, and leace it at that.
    We have voted them in. Its only fair that since we have done so, give them enough rope for them to maneuver before executing them.

    Remember, the RAKYAT is the BOSS NOW.

  79. Anonymous2:10 pm

    I'm a chinese and I fully support Lim Kit Siang to retire!!! All these racists should all go retire!

    Hishamuddin also!! SHOULD GO!!! Khairy the beruk also have to GO!!! Nazri also!! Who else from Umno??? Clear those racists from UMNO!!

    PAS who the racist there also should buang!! Hadi sould go and let Husam Musa do his work

    Malaysia today has change, no need bloody racists mindset anymore. Too bad, we focus on the BN racist, we have forgotten about the oppositions RACISTs too.


  80. Anonymous2:14 pm

    i dont see this issue as a race related but LKS and DAP being an arrogant SOB and forget that the people just voted AGAINST the government.

    At last the true color appears.

    I have no idea how to convince myself that voting (1st time voter btw) and voting against the Government is a good thing. Bunch of losers! Sama macam BN jugak! Penipu!

  81. Anonymous2:14 pm

    Dear YB LKS I will not have to thank you for your u-turn. Just a piece of caution in good faith - don't make a another slip for there is no second chance.

    What we witness on the political landscape has not only taken BN by stark surprise but also the parties on the other side as well as the world.

    So, you would be better disposed then me a non-political mind to appreciate the rakyat's hopes, fears, and expectations for all Malaysians for all times.

    There is no room for individual party politics or individual ideologies. The rakyat's song is: a trouble free nation that has to run the next lap in record fashion.

    Please don't drop the baton sir.

  82. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Anonymous 11:59 AM,

    Rocky has a point. Taking the NEP out too soon will spell disaster to those who are not yet equipped to compete in a free market. No thanks to our present education system, we aren't churning out proper human capital who are willing to work hard, smartly, and independently. If the abolishment of the NEP drags on without proper solutions, Penang could go up in flames if discontent from those who are not fit to compete reach a boiling point. Penang's opposition could be tossed back to square one.

    DAP may as well focus on reviewing the way the people are being thought and disciplined so that we have more moral and knowledgeable people to run things. It's the most logical step that the moment.

  83. Anonymous2:22 pm

    another thing, why people keep stressing that DAP needs to answer to chinese voters? Arent they suppossed to answer to all voters like Malay, indians, orang asli etc who without them, jangan harap DAP can win the big seat.

    Stop making stupid racist statement like one group of voters are more important than the rest. Just get a reality check that from now on, you DAP, are answerable to ALL voters either Malay, indian, chinese, semukberi etc!

    No more vote for apposition. Rather stay home and watched these freak of nature kill themselves.

  84. Anonymous2:30 pm

    If everybody wants to argue about racism, then why in the world other race besides Muslim are only allowed to be the MB?
    The entire nation was watching whether if the Sultan of Perak would do a change once and for all on this 'only-Muslim-MB' thing and it was stated clearly that the Sultan has the rights to change that fact. The chinese and indians were disappointed thinking that everything's still the same. Still other race has no standings in Malaysia.
    LKS stood up for the chinese who thought they were betrayed or felt the whole racist thing. So stopped being harsh to the old man. So who's being racist?

  85. Anonymous2:31 pm

    We trusted him, immediately he messed up. Give up the president
    post LKS, to a younger person and be a observer. What a night mare for the
    people's power. With our contribution, you are sitting there,
    remember that.

  86. Guys,

    All said and done, cool down. I have. Again, this is bubbling democracy at work when one can voice out opinions like all of us did here. The other side is the maturity to handle changes thru engagement. LKS did listen to the feedback ( or attacks.. hehe) and then internalize & apologize.

    To anonymous who tried to gain advantage from this by declaring..

    'And we the Malays are quiet. We write and write in blogs throwing hatred here and there towards Pak Lah who did nothing wrong to us. He did his best, He won. At least Please respect him like you respect Lim Kit Siang, his son and his family and Anwar and his family. Give him another chance. He deserves it. He is afterall our PM. Our leader.'

    We will try. I guess if AAB apologize to his people for his erection 'success' would be a good start. AAB can only attack Guan Eng and that is quite telling. Either way, we are watching both side so you can be sure that we are thinking citizens. For your other arguments, passe.

  87. Anonymous2:37 pm

    I never trust Lim Kit Siang (I mean Lim Kiat Siang only).

  88. Im so glad that good sense are prevailing. Good that LKS had apologised to the Sultan and Regent. He also needs to apoligise to the people. An overwhelming majority of the bloggers feedback were upset with LKS and DAP's CEC's decision to boycott.

  89. Anonymous2:40 pm

    these infightings are just what bn has been praying for and funny enough lim kit siang and pkr like someone possessed deliver them to BN.Shame on you!!!

  90. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Perak really provoke us bystander big-time, right? Hmmnnn....

    Sumthi'g cook'g behind the scene? Like this how demokracy works? Hmmnnn...

    If only there is a hantu reporting like the one at latuk zorro, following every discussion, shadowing every thoughts...

    Smells of curry cooking. Yeahhh!!!

  91. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Honestly Rocky , people who quite know you well think you're a racist ...I guess they are right when you said 'Leave the NEP alone"..? Exactly. What do you mean.????????????? That old man has apologized and I did disagree with his attitude and his hard headedness 2 days ago, but then it was big of him to apologize. Anyone who admits his mistake and makes a public apology in my book is a honorable and respectable person - that is if he means what he says. Just look how local graduate made his statement that malays won't trust DAP just one single statement. Tell me how many times have you malays have deliberately hurt the non malays??? In your speeches and actions?? Now I'm not in the mood to put 100's of examples ...Honestly enough of finding a scapegoat for every bloody thing. Just be adult enough to bury the hatchet.. most of us have moved on and want to see changes. It does not matter if it's a malay runs the bloody country, we just want to see positive effect on this country that I was born and bred. Enough la with this race talk we malays won't tolerate la, been patient la ,.... etc... enough already.

  92. Ku sangka [kit] siang, kiranya malam.. LKS.. so soon dah malam la?
    please LKS, you may just see at a glance, on the surface, that DAP garnered most seats. Look again, count again.. if not for the Malays voting for DAP in those areas, get real, were there enough Chinese in those areas voting DAP, even if 100% Chinese voted DAP (which was not the case!) could DAP had won??? You do the recount!

    In an earlier post, one UMNO member lamented how painful it was to have had to vote for the opposition. cepatnya kena tipu...

    and there it was.. the many thousands of Malays in Perak now feel cheated. I pleaded before in this post (see below) and I plead again.. please, lets us all be under one flag.. there should not be any argument - PAS, PKR or DAP.

  93. It's good to see that caravan serai has not lost his poetic touch regardless of which side of the political sphere one may be.

    Though I find it a little tad lower to be a good poem. Guess that's normal, fella can't produce a good poem at every single issue.

    So to jump into the spirit of the Arts I would like to dedicate several Haikus

    It amazes me at how many,
    express their view,
    On Rockybru....

    To think that many,
    take time off from work,
    drops productivity.

    Office have no NST today,
    So the internet,
    I read my daily crap,

    Thus now excuse me,
    I need to visit the toilet,
    to digest the issues....

  94. Anonymous2:52 pm

    hello!!! memangla dap agree with pkr malay mb but please look at all malay pkr and pas yb di perak.only the pas chap have experience and education background.shshh

  95. Arrogant, very arrogant this LKS. My grandmother who wants change, voted for your candidate in Melaka said you are a snake at best after all....

  96. Haven't we bloggers made our opinions known to our leaders? They have obviously paid heed and Kit Siang has apologised.

    What's the problem here? Are you silly, emotional commenters experiencing some serious PMS??

  97. Anonymous2:58 pm

    anon 12.30

    That exactly what I pointed earlier, he was big enough to apologize , so stop being a drama queen. How many unscrupulous ministers have hurt the rakyat for donkey years and apologized to them...NEVER. It's sickening how everyone jumps on that oldman. Not too late , just wait for another 4-5 yrs, go and vote for BN. Stop threatening DAP , PAS or PKR. Some of us here are sick the way some of you guys hold them ransom. Commonla , no one is perfects . He made a mistake and he apologized. Stop being a drama queen.So now is DAP ? So not long now , I bet my arse it's going to be HINDRAF or some other shit..just mark my word. This will never end.

  98. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Its good the people have taught a lesson to the PackLah's admnistration which is lembab (read also tidur) and clueless, apart from the rampant corruption and abuse of power of the highest level committed by people around him - many ministers included and not only UMNO ones - his kitchen cabinet and the kitchen cabinets' cronies too.. The problem that follows is when the non-Malays started not to respect the Malays as they are. It is worst when the non-Malays see the Malays as a threat to them. Believe me the Malays are very kind people, like they always say the Malays are so a tolerant people to the extent other people take advantage of them. The Malays terlalu berbudi bahasa hingga tidak tahu marah hingga kadangkala kepala pun dipijak orang! What I know about the psyche of the Malays is that they are more envious about their own kind rather than to others. They are more keen to fight within. That's why there are so many UMNO splinters political parties formed due to the in-fighting among the Malays since independence and these parties included PAS, PKR, Semangat 46, Berjasa, Keadilan, Berjaya. These Malays dont disturb other races. They react only when they are disturbed - their rights are questioned, they are squeezed, they are suppressed, they are marginalised, they are not respected on their own soil.....

  99. Anonymous3:05 pm








  100. well well just as you guys attacked LKS so much (esp. in the earlier post), go and attack syed husin ali now!

  101. Anonymous3:10 pm

    DAP ni macam orang baru kahwin - gopoh gapah dapat benda baru.

    Come on la ..

    Bawak bertenang, nak buat perubahan slow2, bukan tergesa2 mcm ni. you guys are losing support from Malays right now.

    Next election aku definitely vote BN balik - tak payah bising2.

    I can tolerate corrupt politician as long as there's no racial problems down here.

  102. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Why can't we all steer away from the racial issue in all matters.Is'nt this the main platform the rakyat had voted BA for.(Is it BA or BR now?)
    Lets take it that DAP's earlier grouse was not about Malay/Chinese but about numbers among elected candidates and about fair-game.
    And you guys who think you can change the world ,please accept the Federal & State Constitutions as what there are and we continue to live harmoniously with one another along these quidelines.
    What happened to the old "Muhibbah" slogan..?

  103. Anonymous3:16 pm


    Honestly laws are created by humans themselves so I really don't understand why we can't change it. And I guess that is what Lim KS was trying to get across but the message was rather harsh on his side. But I do understand that old man's query.

  104. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Bro Rocky,
    I agreed with u.Enough said.
    Bob From Kuching

  105. LKS or DAP CEC did agree on Muslim or Malays being appointed MB as long as the appointee is from PKR or from DAP if there is one to be put as candidate. The rejection of PAS MB is more of consideration of not going against the general non-Muslims' or DAP supporters' sentiments. However the stand can be made in a more tactful way so as not to be misconstrued as anti-Muslim or anti-Malay. Any how damage has been done by LKS's statement, his apology is most welcome as a mitigating act. We should put this episode behind and move forward, there is so much good to be gained by making the coalition governments work, be it in Perak or other states. Let's encourage more open and free, rational discussions rather than jumping into knee-jerk reaction every time there is someone making statements which we feel disappointed.

  106. VIDEO : Lim Kit Siang Mohon Maaf Kepada Sultan Perak

  107. Anonymous3:23 pm

    DAP has not learned. What is all this PKR not allocated an EXCO seat. Without their support and speeches do they think DAP would have got all those seat? Common, don't led greed clouds the brain. Don't ever think these are all your efforts. They are concerted efforts and without the rakyat DAP won't be what it is today.

    PKR deserves 2 EXCO seats at least Be reasonable, generous and be a gentleman.

  108. Anonymous3:25 pm

    If only DAP understand Islam better, they would not be panicking at the thought of PAS as MB. Maybe they should learn from the Chinese in Kelantan who support and welcome PAS as the government. Let Kit Siang knows that Islam law is only for Muslims and not for the non-Muslims.
    Even if he has apologised, he has shown his true nature. That he dislike Islam. How can we as Muslims trust DAP after this? Like everyone has said before, Malays voted DAP because we want changes but not at the expense of Islam.

  109. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Anon 1.31

    You make a very good point. When are ever Malays going to accept that Malaysia belongs to all Malaysian not MALAYS alone. Day after day I see your blog are full of racists and bigots. Unlike Raja Petra the people who comment there sound more educated and more rational.It must be sin to be born as Malaysian. Sad .

  110. Anonymous3:27 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim lagi teruk, after victory, make stupid statement like this, expecting more exco member ke? Really sad about this power fighting.

  111. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Most of malay friends that I know that had voted for DAP in the recent GE had regretted by doing so after reading Lim Kit Siang statement which represent the DAP CEC.

    And by accepting Malay-PKR and rejecting Malay-PAS candidate for MB Perak just proven that Islamophobia are in action. And how stupid of you to insult the Perak Royal's which have the highest integrity in Malaysia?

    No more vote for DAP ever again.. And I will even campaign against you. Unless the younger generation of DAP i.e. Jeff Ooi, Tony Pua, etc are willing to take over the DAP ledaership and look beyond the 'dinosaur' thinking politicians such as you, Mr. Lim Kit Siang.

    Lim Kit Siang, you are no different than Mahathir, Hadi Awang, etc. Irrelevant to New Malaysia..

  112. Lim Kit Siang and DAP just gulped down a whole tub full of STUPID.

    Goddamn it, do I have to do EVERYTHING myself?

    That's not how you abolish the NEP. You Fucking morons.

    You can, but I will also get a 42-inch plasma TV when people start waving their machetes (I got mine from Carrefour at RM21.50) and looting and plundering and whatever shit.

    I have a four-step programme to abolish the NEP which will please everyone.

    Just wait till I get my Internet line sorted out at my new place.

    Don't loot without me.

  113. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Hellooo people, cool it. DAP is not racist. They actually prefered the PKR Malay chap to have the top post.
    Voters have decided - voted DAP. DAP have decided - give to Malay rep from PKR. Suddenly the sultan asks for a PAS nominee and chooses him instead. End result: Voters not happy, DAP not happy, PKR not happy ... only BN very happy today. (More ammunition for the next GE.) With all due respect to the sultan, why lah, why. DAP, PKR, Voters have all spoken clearly their wishes ... yet he goes another ... hmmm hope he is not 'pressured' in his decision.

  114. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Those of you calling LKS a racist, pls try to learn how to read. The DAP is ok with a PKR MB but not a PAS MB. The last time i checked, the nominee from PKR is Malay. His disagreement with PAS is ideological, not racial! I am really disappointed (and disillusioned) with the attempts on this blog (and others) to turn this whole thing into a racial issue. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves! A new dawn my ass!

  115. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Would Umno care to explain why the 11 Umno state assemblymen in Penang did not attend the swearing-in ceremony for the new Penang Chief Minister, as per press reports?

    Was it a boycott or did they have "other things to attend to"?

    And wasn't the lack of even a token Umno presence at the Penang CM swearing-in an act of disrespect to the Penang Head of State?

    Yet no one from DAP, PKR or PAS seems to have made a big deal about it.

    Just asking, folks.

  116. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Mr Lim had made a wise decision in retracting his statement & apologising for his mistake. Kudos to him for accepting that he had indeed made a mistake.

    Let this be a lesson to all the Barisan Rakyat representative. You are voted into your position by the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians & all other Malaysians. During the PRU 2008, all seats has been fought one-on-one, so whomever the candidates were, the people has given their support & voted for them collectively regardless of the symbol that they hold, as long as it is against the BN candidate. So please, don’t let Barisan Rakyat become another BN … We are all after all Malaysians, aren’t we ?

  117. Bro,
    Its just wayang or sandiwara whichever way you call it.

    Im confident the MB issue will be settled soon.

    I understand that the only problem is getting qualified elected assemblymen to serve in the Perak exco.

    Please do not jump to conclusions about the DAP. They have been fighting injustice for a very long time. Having said that, im confident the needy Malays will still get the necessary assistance under Penang's new leadership.

  118. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Anonymous said...

    "If Barrack Obama with a Kenyan father can be accepted as an aspirant for the highest office in USA, and Muslims here gush about it, how about accepting your fellow Malaysians as brothers and sisters. :....

    So go to the USA then.!

    1:31 PM

  119. Anonymous4:12 pm

    i had one sleepless night and i'm not even in m'sia!! Been following the elections closely and all the blogs, firstly from all of us abroad we salute the bloggers and their readers for their dedication to this, all of you must be upset with Mr Lim's statement but i smile becasue we needed this sort of an open dialog. I'm sure Mr Lim changed his mind after reading all your comments on his blog... i couldn't even log in past midnite UK time.

    The politicians in the UK make a lot of silly statements all the time including the tories and labour, but come on these people are not perfect and are bound to make mistakes in their statements. Sometimes being passionate and wanting to do the right thing does end up stepping some toes. Mr Lim will learn, be positive and keep this going, don't be disheartened. We have the ability to do a diffrence here. If the policies in Penang by doing away with the NEP does not work the you can always change the govt in 5 years. Their committment to be fair and just is not going to leave anyone behind. And if you further want preferential treatment then by all means vote BN in next... but give this govt without the NEP a go!


  120. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Dear fellow Malaysians,

    What have you lot done?? You voted for the Opposition and this is what you get!

    Now you see the true colours of DAP.

    Now you see the true colours of PKR DAP PAS marriage of convenience.

  121. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Go to hell, DAP. You betray us who vote you in.

  122. Anonymous4:31 pm

    look at the way the apology was it really an apology?

    put it this waylah...DAP is all about naked power and undoing all cosntituonal safeguards to protect whatever is left in respect of Malay/ Islamic interests here.

    it doesn't care about customs, traditions, conventions, much less sensitivities of the majorities, what more the minorities

    so long as it doesn't accept in writing all constitutional provisions on the positions of Islam and the Malays, and what they want to do to improve the Malays, better leave them alone.

    they are goddamn hard bargainers who don't look at things in a win-win way.

    when it comes to power arrangements, now that they have got what they want, they won't listen even to AI or PKR.

    let there be no Malay/Islamic leaders be their kuda tunggangan.

  123. Anonymous4:32 pm

    I do not see how you can call Lim Kit Siang a racist when he supports a Malay MB (PKR). How does that notion rings a bell?

  124. Anonymous4:33 pm

    I told you so. A leopard cannot change its spots. When I look at the DAP's logo, an imitation of their kin down south, my heart shudders.
    When the Japanese conquered Malaya, the Chinese very quickly removed Chiang Kai Shek's picture and put up that of Henry Pu Yi (a Japanese lackey). For now, just observe their flag.

  125. Anonymous4:35 pm

    Hi Rocky,

    Lets not fan the fire further. Having differences when taking over the helm is quite normal. It will take a while to settle down. Relationship cannot be built overnight.

    With all the blasting from people about DAP, what are they going to comment about PKR's threats?

  126. Anonymous4:37 pm

    frankly, NEP as rocky said should be well-tackled,to be alone for now.
    A policy that has been implemented for years with problems arises that have been sweep under the carpet cannot be solved in a matter of days.
    Everybody got to be rationale in reviewing NEP.
    Everybody wants NEP out but you could to do it slowly and fairly for every M'sians.

  127. Anonymous4:38 pm

    What is happening here? Why is this racial/religion thing always have to come up? Yah, I must say that LKS was overboard with his remarks about this PAS being Menteri Besar issue but the fact of the matter is, he has apologized. If the Sultan and Regent of Perak has not launch a headhunt for LKS's head so, why is there people making this an issue about this? Chill la!

    Now is PKR not happy because DAP got so many seats in the state set up... I should think DAP should be gracious and give at least 2 seats to PKR to exhibit sincerity of their partnership. Yes la!

    At the end of the day, does it really matter who or which party (PKR/DAP/PAS) sits on where or what? It is about getting the job done! Can we all learn to change our mind set and not look at everything based on race/religion. We have taken that drastic commitment to move away from that, so, can we carry on!? WE ARE MALAYSIANS! Not we are Malay or Chinese or Indian or Kadazan or lain lian or whatever. WE ARE HUMAN. Finish! So, can we please move on from this race/religion thing?

    By the way, according to NST latest, 13/3 afternoon, Lim Guan Eng say he said that he will practise open tender. He didnt say anything about NEP. He only point out the weakness of NEP. What is the problem here? Tell me, those who are Bumiputra, how much have you people benefitted from this NEP thing? Did you people get shares of whatever companies or projects that the government is or was doing? Aiyoo... look beyond this la.. If the non-malays can do it without preference, so can the malays. You just gotta want to do it!

    Another thing, did any of you people know that the PGCC project was not even approved to begin with?? And the audascity of it being launched by that dumbo PM and told to scale down and god knows what! If Lim Guan Eng didnt win and become CM in Penang, imagine, this project would have gone ahead and how many of BN cronies would have benefitted!? You think you and me or you and your bumiputra teh tarik kakis would have benefitted all in the name of NEP ah!? Get real la! And who are the people that lose out? It is you and me irrespective whether you are brown or I am green!

  128. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Sudahlah LKS. No more DAP for me and my family. We will only vote Pas next time.

    Kalau Pas tak bertanding, lagi baik tidur!

  129. Anonymous4:39 pm

    everyone is in full-swing mode now..but hey, ametuers shouldn't get wild anything. .hehehe

  130. Anonymous4:40 pm

    From what i read and understand from most comments, most people thought that think that DAP rejects a Malay MB and accused DAP/LKS being racist..

    All of us must no be emotional. Think carefully... DAP did not reject a malay MB!

    He is coming from the differences of the party's philosophy from PAS.... please people,again don't get emotional and think thru....
    I think many of us are matured enough to look, think and evaluate this scenario..

  131. Bro,

    Sebelum sesiapa pun memerintah di Tanah Melayu ini kena faham sejarah dahulu, khususnya berkaitan dengan kedaulatan Raja-Raja. Jangan menderhaka/kurang ajar tak tentu pasal, nanti kena sumpah jadi batu.

    Orang Melayu pun kena berfikiran "macam orang melayu". Nanti melayu Malaysia jadi macam melayu kat negara jiran kita.

    Jangan kita jadi "menang sorak, kampung tergadai".

  132. Anonymous4:47 pm

    This was a shocker.....

    I think DAP have to really work on their communications as it sounds like someone got the wrong info and tripped!

    Being said that, LKS should have had a leveled head(being a veteran) and do some Q&A first instead of jumping the gun.

    We should try to give them(DAP,PKR & PAS) sometime to adjust to their new job and environment as they have had no prior experience in handling these delicate matters.....

    Get a grip DAP and stay humble.....

  133. Anonymous4:47 pm


    Four-letter words.. from a reputable journalist as well.

    Bro, don't have to descend to such depths, no matter how emotional you are When you're emotional, you lose your objectivity. Or was it because of an early pinta ;-)

  134. Anonymous4:50 pm

    DAP is clearly Anti-Islam..

  135. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    If you want to know a person true character, give him power. Now I know who Lim Guan Eng is. I sway I was voting for BN in the just concluded general election and all this while I have some regards on Lim Guan Eng. But starting from today, I am launching my campaign against him and DAP.

  136. Anonymous4:57 pm

    may be the Lim's father & son have tasted the "Curry Rice" during operation and just too eager to get things done.
    We are Malaysians so let's relaxlah bruthers and not rush things that can upset gabungan rakyat, ok ?

  137. Anonymous4:57 pm

    anon 1:07,
    haha... the people also vote for umno in the other 26 seats... so.. better give it to umno lah...
    dap 18 seats is nothing without pkr and pas...

    and.. not all people vote for dap cause they like dap or lks... it's just not other choices. It's either BN or whatever... they'll only the the latter...

  138. some people decided to use this saga and add racist taste to it.

    I disagree with LKS's remarks because he disrespect the choice from Sultan and he should accept PAS MB.

    BUT his remarks is NOT RACIST AT ALL. i repeat NOT RACIST.
    He disagree PAS to be MB due to the differences between PAS and DAP, and due to some old promise that DAP will never work with PAS etc. They agree to PKR MB who is a Malay.

    He may be stupid over his comment but that WASN'T RACIST !!!!

    Now, my question is , WHY WOULD THE MALAYS FEEL OFFENDED ?!?!?!?1

    It should be ALL MALAYSIAN feel offended, not just the MALAY !!

  139. Anonymous5:10 pm

    to local graduate @ 12.02, i think the Chinese will also have trouble trust PAS, not just Malay trusting DAP. No offence, how many states does PAS wants to control? Besides, the majority winner is DAP. I feel that Perak has been cheated. People voted for DAP and a DAP rep should have been MB. I don't think the people won't be happy with "new regulations" imposed like the ones in Kedah.

  140. ANON 4:50pm

    'DAP anti-ISLAM ???'

    OK, so are you the sort of person who will start terorrist training camp in hutan and teach the youngs to pack bombs to their body??

    If MSM should be used as toilet paper then you deserve to be flush together.

  141. Anonymous5:15 pm

    to anon @ 4.57pm,

    If you said DAP is nothing without PKR/PAS. then PKR/PAS are nothing without DAP. Do you think "the people" will vote for PKR/PAS? Think about it, think whether how many people want a extremely "closed country".
    Look at the states that PAS won. Do you think they will do well in others?

  142. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Swearing-in postpone already...
    thanks to DAP CEC, nice move lah...
    uguys need to understand your principle of Malaysian Malaysia first before telling others...
    BTW, another lame move from DAP CEC will lose alot of rakyat's vote next time....
    And im seriously telling Kit Siang to resign being a politician, its not your age anymore....


  143. ANON 4:53 PM

    So you going to campaign against DAP from now on then?

    I been asking ppl this question, if you can stand BN's 50yr of corruption, why can't you give them a chance for 5 yrs?

    And what's wrong to open up project tenders to other races? whats wrong to help poor malaysian?

    Or you are one of those who reads blogs and MSM but decided that stories in MSM is still the best in class ?

  144. Bro you don't have to burn the whole house down just to get rid of one rat. Just get rid of LKS! Cheers!

  145. Anonymous5:26 pm

    Rocky's advice to LKS is good. Many of the readers who contributed their thoughts here are also constructive with their views. It will be good if LKS and his men were to come here to read up the various suggestions and take them to heart.

    It is obvious to many that race-based political parties are passe and slowly but certainly becoming irrelevant. PKR with its inclusiveness of ALL races is the way to go. Perhaps the DAP should be dissolved and all its members go and join PKR. Of course, that will never happen, right? ;-)

    So, what can happen is that the DAP should strongly encourage non-Chinese to join the party thus making the DAP a truly democratic Malaysian party.

  146. Anonymous5:28 pm

    I just don't know whether to laugh or cry .... we have been tolerating 50 years of BN's shit and suddenly the people we just voted in make some statements we do not like, we are over them like a pack of wolves.

    Come on guys, read LKS's statement properly. He did not object to a Malay or Muslim being MB, just PAS because they hold the smallest number of seats. People who read and interpret otherwise are racists themselves.

  147. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Sebenarnya melayu m'sia harus mempunyai mentaliti seperti melayu di negara jiran kita.
    teguh,berani dan mampu berdiri sendiri.
    Kesilapan kita mengadaikan mereka pada tahun 1965 kerana kita asyik ditakut-takutkan oleh bayang-bayang sendiri.
    mampu hanya pada nama tetapi tidak mampu pada kebolehan sendiri.

  148. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Apa ni..janganlah gadoh-gadoh..tak baik tau!!!

    Diharap semua wakil rakyat alternatif menghargai mandat yg diberi oleh rakyat.. kalau korang gaduh-gaduh senang je media yg masih dikuasai BN ni hentam korang.. penggal depan mesti kena pukul balik..

    Berpeganglah pada semangat anti-BN ... pasti jaya!! :)

  149. Anonymous5:37 pm

    Thanks for those who concur with my earlier comment.

    I am reassured by the fact that there are many commenters here who have viewed this issue in a collected and reasoned manner. They balance out the thoughtless, vilifying comments made by others.

    A number of these emotional outbursts are clearly unreasonable; they cite falsehoods such Lim Kit Siang being disrepectful towards the Sultan or him being anti-Malay. That some of these comments are condoned by the blog owner is perplexing. For in a different context, they can be viewed as slanderous.

    Lastly, I express my surprise and disappointment at blog owner Rocky's (Ahiruddin Atan) written reaction. His insinuation of arrogance in a newly-elected leader is unwarranted, and his comment with regard to the NEP appears poorly informed. I would suggest careful reading of press statements by Lim Guan Eng regarding his policy position before pronouncing judgment.

  150. Anonymous5:40 pm

    hurahhhh to all org melayu yang vote for DAP .... kang kena sebijik kemuka sendiri ... all I can say is PADAN MUKA ...

  151. Anonymous5:44 pm

    It is sad to see a veteran blogger and commentator react so emotionally and without thinking things through. Firstly, isn't it only fair to say that the MB should be from the party with the largest representation, within the state government (which of course leaves out UMNO). That means DAP. Like many others I reacted negatively when we got wind that the Perak MB would be from PAS, which is least represented. Most people, I think, are not aware that the state constitution requires the MB to be a muslim malay. Many voters who did not know this will be extremely unhappy with the turn of events. DAP faces the difficult task of going around explaining this to the voters who supported them. I am sure this dilemma caused the delay in announcing the next MB.

    Secondly, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't recall you being a wholehearted supporter of the NEP in its current form. By leaving the NEP alone, are you condoning the NEP? One of the manifestos of the BR that caught my imagination was the eradication of ALL poverty irrespective of race. How can that be wrong? This does not leave out the Malays or any other citizen of Malaysia. What exactly is your view on this? Tell us frankly without flip-flopping around. We want to know where you stand.

    You must realise that you are very influential amongst the readers of your blog. Many readers go along with your views out of respect. Sure LKS made a mistake, but by attacking him and DAP so harshly, you have given the opportunity for BN diehards to attack them also. The number of comments to your article has exceeded 130 at the time of my posting. How many of them are BN opportunists riding on your attack?

    Frankly I am quite disappointed that you could have come up with such an emotional article. I'm sure the more mature readers of your blog are disappointed also. Of course I don't mean that you shouldn't have written about LKS mistake, but you could have toned it down a bit.

    Some of us are waiting to see if you are as mature as LKS, in apologising for the tone of your article.

    You said you will be more suspicious of the DAP from now onwards. Similarly, I will be more suspicious of your writings from now. Which is sad because I had a lot of respect for your blog. "Had" being the operative word.

  152. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Apa lah susah sangat, rotate sahaja between PAS and PKR, with DAP remain as deputy. Itu pun kalau betul ikhlas.

  153. Anonymous5:47 pm

    give it back to umno and see you buggers rot lah.. why argue some more

  154. Anonymous5:48 pm

    lim kit siang is playing racial politics when he openly said he will boycot the swear in of Nizar. Nizar is very talented engineer and he could do a great job. As a Perak born and raise, I am dissappointed for voting for Dap if they work together with other political parties for the interest of all Perak people.
    Lim Kai Ren

  155. Damnit, lets be clear about this ok DAP, PKR or PAS --

    WE voted for Barisan Rakyat, NOT DAP not PKR not PAS.

    Get your priorities straight!

  156. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Looks like Perak State in big trouble over new administration. Lose got problem, win also got problem. Looks like we are all still very racist in nature whether Chinese, Malay, Indian or any other. Just want to protect our own interest. Really memalukan!

  157. Anonymous5:49 pm


    jangan sampai ada budak hingus tingkat 4 ambil kesempatan sudah lah. enough is enough. Fikir lah sapa yang bagi kat hang semua dapat kerusi tu.

  158. Anonymous5:50 pm

    J.D. Lovrenciear said...
    Dear YB LKS I will not have to thank you for your u-turn. Just a piece of caution in good faith - don't make a another slip for there is no second chance.

    Hey JD, stick to your PR business. This is not a letter to Kit Siang. This is another blog. If you want to write to him go to DAP site.

  159. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Lim Kit Siang is no racist. He suggested MB from PKR too. Its a fact, a lot of non Malays afraid of PAS ideology. We have to accept that. He is thinking of the feelings of the non Malays in Perak. Please try to talk to the Chinese in Perak and majority will tell you they prefer MB from PKR. A lot even said next round they wouldn't vote for DAP again cos they are afraid of PAS. Please understand Lim Kit Siang.

  160. Anonymous6:07 pm

    As I read your post and the comments published here, emotions run high and everyone is so quick to lash out at LKS. People make mistakes. Don't we all too?
    Most importantly is his awareness of his blunder. So long as he truly repents and apologise, then why all the foul remarks? As I see it he isn't a racist or he would not have suggested the candidate from PKR. He was just too quick to
    show his emotions and acted foolishly. Perhaps he was worried that the Chinese voters would feel betrayed. He should understand all of us voted for the opposition parties and not the candidate regardless of which race.

  161. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Aiyoh, another squabble again. It does not matter who is the MB. PKR does not have to object when DAP has accepted. They just have to learnt to work together.

    I really have to give full respect to the Regent, Raja Nazrin for calling back all 3 candidates to the drawing board to sort things out. Thats what I called a true leader.
    Also, a big respect for Raja Nazrin to instruct the 31 states reps to swear the allegiance to the new menteri besar, whoever it is. No better word than a True Leader of the Rakyat.

    It is really sad to see Raja Nazrin bringing out the cane to discipline this candidates.

    They have not even get to the stage of BN objecting everything. Are getting too used to objecting on everything when they were the opposition?

  162. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Only retaliatory act makes ppl do stupid thing like this. Everything was alright during the first submission of the PAS rep's name to the sultan.

    Me think is the kedah issue lah. Why the hell they left out DAP from the exco? Aren't they suppose to work together? I duno how kedah and penang able to work mutual beneficially like this.

  163. Anonymous6:10 pm

    I fear the messages justifying LKS's remarks and subsequent apology really betrays a lack of sensitivity of the connotation of the threat to boycott the swearing-in ceremony. Message to DAP, you can't rewrite the social contract in Malaysia established 50 yrs ago sustaining the right of power of Malay rulers and the democracy in practice. Yes, you can win the support of the rakyat, campaigning on a message of betterment for all, but it is a huge gap to immediately rewrite 50 years of history in 5 days, let alone 5 years. If the support of the traditional Chinese community is a greater concern than hopes of all those who voted them in, then DAP should consciously reject working in a partnership model and see if their philosophy is accepted in Malaysia on its own. Governing is different from being in Opposition. You choose what you want to be. Having said that, just to end this on a less pessimistic mode, formation of the Barisan Rakyat council where governance issues can be deliberated at length before shooting ourselves in the foot is now an immediate task before a novice adminstrator and his insensitive father, and whoever else after this performs more gaffes.

  164. the apology came only after he has stirred some shit, which was totally unnecessary.

    wei Lim Kit Siang, too late la pundek.

  165. why dap did not put any malay muslim rep or pas put a budhist/cristian rep as candidate in the GE?

  166. why dap did not put any malay muslim rep or pas put a budhist/cristian rep as candidate in the GE?

  167. Anonymous7:07 pm

    i read many are questionng the fact that the MB has to be a Malay Muslim. tak pernah tau ke? This place was called Tanah Melayu not for no reason. Keep that in mind ok. I never thought i would say this, but thank God for the Raja2.
    and please dont give that crap about obama the future president. Do u know how long it takes for that to happen?

    One more thing, the way I read about people's opinions about how the government has screwed us for the past 50 years, its as if the majority of us had been starving, mengemis and living in poverty. I must have been dreaming when i saw the many malay, chinese, indian businessmen driving merc, bmw, living in comfortable homes, spending thousands on a single dinner, spending money and having fun in bangsar, bb etc, and all those shops at klcc where customers are aplenty. Yes, there are still poor people but at the same time, many poor people has managed to turn their lives around in malaysia.
    And yes, BN has many flaws but they have helped run this country as well (but i cannot say the same things to Pak LAh). Go travel a bit, see how other people live outside singapore, US, UK etc, widen your mind and perhaps you will find it in your heart to feel blessed for what you already have. Its fine to have the desire to want to improve yourself and get rid of all the negative aspects of the government, but dont feel as if the whole world is against you and be so pessimistic. What a bunch of sad people!

  168. But Rock, More importantly an apology should also be made to all the Malays who voted DAP, don't you think?

  169. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Dear All,

    I am a Malay, and proud to be one. I am also a very liberal one, and I do hope to see everyone playing on a level playing field one day.

    That said, I am concerned abt the abolishment of the NEP as it is a known fact that the Malays are economically lagging.

    I have made known my stand on the NEP. I feel that while it is biased, it is necessary to a point. Perhaps, the best solution is to have a cut-off date for the NEP to be dissolved. It will have to be a fair period to give the Bumis time to catch up. After that, it's fair game.

    I have many lovely non-Malay friends. We have debated the NEP issue many a time, and in all instances, my stand had always been for it to be abolished one day so we can benefit equally.

    As a Malay, I see the validity of scrapping the NEP from the viewpoint of a non-Malay. How fair is it, for example, for Malay students to get more seats in universities, when the other races get less? It is even more unfair if you consider the Indians, many of whom struggle to put their kids through university considering the financial incapability.

    But the truth is this, and I have asked my non-Malay friends the same question. Generally, in the context of carrying out mammoth projects, do you think Malays are competent? Almost all my friends were either stumped, because they were polite to say yes on reflex, or they would say yes after some deliberation.

    I then asked them this question. If you, for example, are in the position to award contracts, would you give it to a Malay? Again, silence, or a simple no.

    It says a lot about where the Malays are, economically. The NEP needs to be softened down, but not taken out till this issue is resolved.

    My understanding, forgive me if it is shallow, is that the NEP provides only for 30 per cent rights, in most instances, for the Bumis. You are talking about 70 per cent being shared by the other ethnics in this country. Do the math, and you'll find yourselves wondering if it is bad at all.

    What I think the govt should do, however, is to focus on helping the lower-level people, regardless of their race, to go up, and not be so concerned on making the rich, richer. That's basically what this argument is all about.
    How this can be achieved is to build more universities, for instance, to give more places for non-Bumis. The govt must subsidise them, just like the Bumi students. That's fair.

    Give people choices when it comes to education, and basic things like health coverage, etc. That is how we can achieve Malaysian Malaysia. I know it sounds simplistic but I believe in what I say.

    Kit Siang or whoever in power should not first rock the boat. If you ask me, either way you look at it, he is playing the racial card here when Msians had voted for a better Msia regardless of race.

    In Penang, for example, if the awarding of contracts are open for all, do you seriously think the Indians will get much? How many of them have that kind of financial capability? They're going to lose out as well. This is even worse than what the present govt is offering.

    My two sen's worth is worth a thousand thoughts, perhaps?

  170. I am taken aback by the vitriol and name-calling. I too voted for Barisan Rakyat. I think (1) people can and do have differences - including politicians (2)how the different parties deal with it and resolve their problems is part of the political process (3)I don't think race is an issue in this and it would be wise to see evrything in its right context (4)"leave the NEP alone" ? one of the issues the BA stood for was a review of the NEP so it no longer stood for a race but need-based affirmative action programme (5) democratic maturity does not mean everything OK - it means facing up to challenges and taking responsibility openly . I do not imagine it's easy when every single person claims to have a stake in how their elected official makes decisions . I'm willing to give the parties time. It's the reason why I voted them in - because I am not prepared to do what they do as fulltime politicians.

  171. Anonymous8:30 pm

    sungguh kelakar rasannya, dap supporter kutuk pas supporter, melayu kutuk dap. And its only less than a week. u call this a coalition? i shudder to think how a coalition like this can govern a state.

    wei, kalau takut sangat PAS, why bother to join as a coalition.

  172. Anonymous8:57 pm

    DAP is as usual arrogance as ever. I wonder how people can trust them when their leaders talk with fork tounge.

    Now that they got Penang. Just wait and see the DAP under the father and son will be worst than BN. They pratice nepotism, cronyism (as you can see now with the appointments in Penang, Selangor and Perak), say one thing and do another.

    The people have been cheated. Better believe me.

  173. Anonymous9:02 pm

    Fed up! What an upset and dissapointment on all these so called BR supporter. VERY TYPICAL MALAYSIAN! You all are nothing but a tin kosong and just bcos a couple of bloggers whack your mind you pun ikut angin. For the past decades how many time BN, UMNO, MCA etc foul up, make mistakes ? and yet you still support them until now. Ini baru nak start and LKS made a mistake and all of you condemn him like hell. Give them a chance THE BR we want. Give all those politician a break. They are not robots. They must be very exhausted and their mind aren't settle yet. SHEESSS..

  174. Anonymous10:08 pm

    This blog also not spared the chaos created by "Cybertrooper".

    If one can analyst rationally, the whole case is not about racial issue. If racial, why DAP support PKR Malay candidate as MB. Do u think DAP is so stupid to ignore the importance of all races, at this stage.

    Sum up it was merely a issue between political parties, i.e. BR coalition of PKR-DAP-PAS. Nothing more. Someone even suggest to the extent that DAP is challenging the Royal family. This is outrageous accusation! Even a 3 years old boy know one shouldn't shit at the place they stayed.
    To the Cybertrooper, wish u good luck to continue play up the issue, admit this is the problem initiated by DAP themselves, which allow you guys the chance.

    To other genuine BR Supporters, be calm, lets the leadership of all 3 parties, settle the issue rationally before jump to conclusion, that they're in crisis now!

  175. Anonymous10:24 pm

    I am very Chinese man and an apolitical fence sitter.

    To all Malay, Chinese and Indians who vote for oppoistion front.

    I gesss about 30% DAP hardcore supporters are Chinese Chauvinists.

    Similar phenomenon is applied to 30% UMNO and PAS supporters are hardcore nationalists and muslims.

    These groups of people are already molded, their loyalty to parties cannot be changed anymore.

    The remaninig of 30-40% Malaysians are fence sittters who are too sick with Chinese chauvinists, Malay nationalists and Islamic fanatics.

    Opposition won in 12th GE because fence sitters overwheloming swung to opposition.

    Let not too harsh on opposition front, there are new in running government.

    They need to have a 6-month learning curve before we can judge them correctly.

    Lim Kit Siang even blocked my fiery comments against his stupidity and chauvinism from appearing in his blog.

    Let forgive senile Lim since he has gut to apologize to Sultan and the Regent. He is an old dog cannot be changed.

    We, I mean those apolitical fence sitters can only hope younger DAP and PAS leaders are less chauvinist and fanatics than their senile leaders.

    By fearless for

  176. Anonymous10:27 pm

    DAP, PKR and PAS three parites shall be responsible for this circus act.

  177. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Bro Rocky,

    You are telling him to 'learn to walk first'? I think you shouldnt. Let LKS show his true colour. He cant be fooling Malaysians. Again.

  178. Anonymous11:20 pm

    nasib baik muka lim guan eng tak macam itu lim kit siang...communist face...

  179. Anonymous11:29 pm

    What is this Rocky bru...

    Even the Regent of Perak he does'nt show any respect...what a show...he his sincere heart...toooooo much...I cannot take it...

    Lim guan eng and lim kit siang just like....lee kuan yew and lee hsi looooooooong....they also accumulate wealth maa....hahahaha... DAP...

    vote DAP...there's gonna be a big change for the MALAY...not because of NEP...because these guy are insensitive...ini REGENT..after this what's next...

    Habis la...kandang babi depa lepas ni....kah kah kah...

  180. Anonymous11:33 pm

    --"Flip-flop? At least he has the humility and decency to apologise over his kekecewaan mengenai the perlantikan. Bila masa Pak Lah atau pemimpin BN ada rendah diri cam gitu?---

    ello bila mase?? takda apology..hang ni cina komunis kan?
    lim kit siang...selalu ajer berdrama...lagi teruk dari orang umno...
    yeah..mmg depa tu byk teruk2...
    tapi taklah bikin melayu jadi BODOH...

    i never vote...
    but next time i will...
    BN for sure...
    DAP babi-komunis mampos

  181. Anonymous11:36 pm

    lepas ni...kit jadi cam singapore..
    yea yea...
    org melayu pakai masjid org pakistan...
    jadi race paling terpinggir...
    melayu pandai duk overseas kawen mat salleh...pastu buat blog...
    kwang kwang kwang...
    depa kat sana azan pong kena banned...bising lah..5 kali lah..
    eheh...kita depa nak buat kuil ke gereja ke...tokong sana sini..tanpa approval sukati..takdak bising2 pong...
    itu ler org melayu baik sangat..

  182. Anonymous11:39 pm

    why should Guan leave the NEP alone? go do some research on the constitution and the context on the purpose, content and time-limit of the NEP. The NEP was never intended as a "forever till kingdom come" legislation introduction in the country's political system.

    so take a tall glass of kopi keras and get a grip on the NEP free loaders. It is an outdated, irrelevant system that has outlived its time and purpose and dynamic. It needs to be totally reinvented and diversified to apply to ALL the poor regardless of race, ethnicity and religon.

    there is concrete evidence that the NEP has been abused to keep rich Malays flying on its benefits while the poor Malays have been deprived of any of its funds.

    as pointed out by Guan nepotism, cronyism and corrupt practices has made the NEP a system that has brought surmounting racial and ethnic division to the country like never before.

    now is the time for change and the sleeping bodoh Badawi needs a reality check on the facts of how and for what purpose the NEP was instituted. threats against Guan and claims that he is inciting racial hatred or hatred against the Malays won't work, not this this time.

    the people now know who really incited and caused May 13th 1969. they are not foolish enough to buy a malicious lie twice

    the rakyat is more knowledeable of the fact mr bodowi. if you continue to make unfounded allegations and fabrications against Guan, you will get another kick in the you know where from the rakyat.

    the people will no longer stand for such intimidation and accusation of racial threats when there is none.

    you mr bodowei are the racist to keep harping on "Malay priveleges", as far as the rakyat is concerned, every Malaysian community must be esteemed as having the right to receive "special" priveleges. no community should be fed at the royal breats of the kerajaan and become mat rempits without a cause.

    eradicate all forms of racist polices and let Malaysia breathe the fresh new air of a leadership willing to secure equality for all.

  183. Anonymous11:53 pm

    when dap stood for election in perak, do they really know the state constitution or not? if they feel the law requiring only malay & muslim to be mb is unjust, then change it when they have 2/3 majority. what's the problem with having pas mb. i thought they were in it together, all 3 of them. so it shouldn't matter if it's a malay muslim from pas or pkr since dap doesn't have one. that's what COALITION government is all about, isn't it? and what's this about chinese, malay or indian representation in the state government? i thought they represent all malaysians. and why must there be quota of exco from each party? exco should be those best qualified to fill the portfolios regardless from which party they come from. all said & done, they seems just like bn.

    just my 2 sen :)

  184. Anonymous11:56 pm

    seriously i dont understand why ppl would render the statement made by DAP CEC as being racist. did they not say that they would and are prepared to accept the PKR nominee as the MB should the Perak Sultan select him? and is the PKR nominee not a malay?!!?!? i really dont think race is an issue on this matter..... can everyone re-read the statement again and stop making absurd and unfounded comments?

  185. Anonymous12:37 am

    LKS should apologise. At the same time, PAS should not be greedy and selfish and insisting their DUN to be Perak MB. PAS has no right in doing so. The party that won the most seats which is DAP should govern the state. However, DAP has been very generous and obliged to the pakatan BA by given ways to keADILan to be the next MB. In other words, DAP has been tolerance enough. So, PAS, pls show some gentlemen here. You guys are not fit to run Perak than keADILAN. PAS already have Kedah & Kelantan, DAP on Penang and KeADILAN in Selangor. What else? PAS is just a greedy and selfish asshole. KeADILan should be the one with Deputy MB from Perak. Why don't give an Indian to run the state?

  186. Anonymous1:57 am

    I'm truely disappointed that racist statements and four letter words are being allowed by Rocky in his Blog. Perhaps its due to lack of sleep over the last few nights?...observe also his silly invitation for us to go protest at the Agong's palace demanding that the sleepy head resign.

    The BN/UMNO cybertroopers and supporters, whom we were against, have obviously taken advantage of the situation to spew hatred amongst us ... and many are stupidly falling for it.

    The fact of the matter is that LKS may have made a stupid mistake trying to appease the Chinese voters the way he did. His apology which may have been part of his plan which sadly backfired, but apologised he did. This did not detract from the fact that he was NOT against a Malay MB. There must have been good reasons why, in his wisdom, the Sultan did not see it fit to appoint the Malay rep. from PKR to the post.

    In the end, what is important is to put this episode behind and allow the new state govt. to start working. We the BR will watch them and hammer them if they do not deliver the goods, plain and simple.

  187. Anonymous6:42 am

    For those who do not know the entire story, read RPK site first :

    "In Selangor, Hassan Ali engaged in secret negotiations with Khir Toyo to explore the possibility of PAS forming an alliance with Umno to jointly rule the state. This alliance would of course exclude PKR and DAP who were going to be Menteri Besar and Deputy Menteri Besar respectively. The delay in forming the state government due to the disagreements and the DAP infighting about who should be the Deputy Menteri Besar meant that this would give Hassan and Khir time to come to an agreement. But they could not come to an agreement because both Hassan and Khir wanted to be Menteri Besar and none would back down in favour of the other."

    More from here :

    Decide on your own. On the same time, pls remember that we, the Chinese too had voted PAS for the 1st time in our life.

  188. Anon 5.28PM,

    Orang Melayu di negara jiran kita hebat? Awak mimpi ke?

    Kalau betul eloklah kita pindah sana. Awak pergi dahulu, saya ikut kemudian selepas awak berjaya di sana macamana Melayu di sini.

  189. Anonymous8:54 am

    Come on guys. Malay this and Malay that? I thought we're all Malaysians? This is what BN want to see. RockyBru, please unite us as Malaysian. You've fallen into the BN trap of making everything racial related. Even Nazri talk about scrapping of NEP. Now you rocky want the NEP. I'm very disappointed with you.

  190. Anonymous (4:50) said...

    DAP is clearly Anti-Islam..

    If thats the case, based on previous state governments, UMNO is Anti-Hindu.

  191. Anonymous9:19 am

    anon 11.29.
    You bloody rude and a racist. Rocky , why do condone such racial slurs and talk???????

  192. Anonymous9:30 am

    this is what i was afraid of. them two-timing us.

    never been in power, now dizzy to the max and it's not even a week or a month yet!

  193. Anonymous9:32 am

    I have a proposal. Have a Perak DAP state assemblyman resign and force a by election. Meanwhile Rocky joins DAP and then contest. If he wins, I 'll support Rocky as the MB of Perak. What say you guys...? Rocky would not be an Ali Baba unlike Nizar.

    btw, I am one of those who thinks LKS did the right thing when he voiced out his objection to PAS MB.

  194. Anonymous9:38 am

    To Grandpa Lim Kit Siang,

    "Nasi Sudah Menjadi Bubur.."

  195. Anonymous11:20 am

    Quote------------------------Zainal A. Kasim said...

    Orang Melayu di negara jiran kita hebat? Awak mimpi ke?

    Kalau betul eloklah kita pindah sana. Awak pergi dahulu, saya ikut kemudian selepas awak berjaya di sana macamana Melayu di sini.


    Ooi Zainal, engkau ni racist ko ..?? Saya tak tahula...tapi ku tengok.... banyak jiran Melayu kita tu berkereta mewah, spt MPV dlll.... setahu saya, aku & kawan melayu aku masih pakai si wira atau si kancil lagi...!!

    Mungkin saya silap faham, maksud hang jiran-jiran kita ka jawa ko ??

    ...lebih baik hang balik mimpi sahaje...!!!

  196. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Zainal A. Kasim (8:42 am):

    Jangan cakap Orang Melayu di Singapura tertindas tanpa bukti. Pergilah tanya mereka sendiri dahulu. Sahabat-sahabat Melayu saya di situ tidak pernah rasa terbiar atau terbiar. Malah, mereka pelik dengan pendapat Melayu Malaysia seperti saudara mengenai mereka.

    Maka tolonglah, janganlah buat komen yang tak berdasar.

  197. Dear Rocky

    What the NEP means to a Chinese? Background why it needs Dismantling to restore Bumi Pride.

    I am surprised to see you write “Leave the NEP alone for now, because I am no longer quite with you (as in the DAP and its CEC) on this.” [your quote]. This is what NEP has done to me and my family:

    • My neighbors were Malays, brought up along with them among the government quarters. I was born Malay. The Malays I know were different: kind, religious (my neighbor was a Cikgu). The person I played with in my childhood attended religious training in mosque, and I used to follow him and see what he was up to (child’s curiosity). My brother was a small businessman whose main customers were Malays, and the kampong folks know him very well, and he gained their respect, and vice versa. My early mental picture of Malays were good, kind, religious, respectful, and simple.
    • When I went to school, my image of the Malay rights changed. My family was not well off. Even 10 cents was difficult to come by. Paying school fees was a problem; this was common among the other Malays, Chinese and Indians. However, we saw Malays staying in hostels, and being paid $money as monthly allowance. Right up to Form Six, they had $money. I had to squeeze into my brother’s hand down shoes, and till today, I have corns arising from these. Never mind, we did not see the unfairness in distribution of wealth then. When it was time for scholarship, none in my Form Six class obtained a scholarship, except Malay, who was always the last in class (not even the other Malay or Chinese or Indian who was next to being last). He had a scholarship to England to study History! One Chinese boy who was always top took up an Education scholarship after leaving school because that was the only way to get to university.
    • In university, it was tough for my family to scrap money. But what was most heart tearing was to see a Malay from a poor kampong having emotional breakdown because he could not pay his hostel fees, daily money to survive in KL, and all kinds of difficulties. A great picture of contrast was Malay who repeated his studies every other year. Although in agriculture, he was in his fifth year of study although he was in his third year. Every year of his study was financed by a public scholarship. And this scholarship holder was enjoying himself with his girlfriend, also on scholarship. My early interaction with my Malay neighbours made it difficult for me to accept this inequality, even for the poor Malay student. There are many of us who sees this injustice in silence.
    • I worked my way to a post graduate grant in England and had to sell shoes AFTER my Ph D to finance my continuing study. How many smelly shoes I need to sell to earn money for further financing? In the course of our studies in UK, my friends and I met Malay whose father is an influential Malay civil servant and who obtained a scholarship all the way for undergraduate right up to postgraduate studies in nuclear physics. His girlfriend was in the same boat. We also met so many Malays in Brighton University…all on scholarship. While we skimped and save, these bumis were spending lavishly on goods we could not afford. Hence, many types of non-Malays formed their ideas through experience what rights non-Malays and Malays had. Can you blame us why the idea of NEP brings back more of such memories of our hardships locally and overseas?
    • In work, I consulted for an international company. There was a lady manager in Petronas who seemed to have an easy life (not all Petronas managers are like that. I know many who worked hard). I learned that she was like this because she was applying for bumi shares, and making tons of money from her successful applications. Later, I learned she managed to even open a shop in Tama SEA to sell quite up class house furnishings. In all my 30 years applying for new shares issues, I have NEVER been able to get even ONE miserable lot of share. All were returned.! These memories are never forgotten.
    • My neighbours are all Chinese now. One after another, their children topped their schools. The neighbor on the right was very lucky..her daughter was offered scholarship to Russia to study dentistry! This is the only daughter they had. They turned down the offer and financed her through her own hard earned money to a local university. In contrast, one of my Malay colleagues who in HR profession knew the directors of a public listed company who used to give scholarships, mainly to Malays and a few to non-Malays (quota is about 90 to 10). His daughter managed to get a generous scholarship to Oxford University. Our understanding of the NEP is forged from such experiences.

    Hence, under the NEP, this is how I feel (may not represent the views of the other Chinese):
     The government will not take care of us and our children. We have to work hard, pay our taxes, and SAVE like crazy so that we have a roof over our head, our children can succeed and we have money to retire.
     We are forced to work hard, because we cannot get new shares subscription to build up our “wealth” under the NEP, nor get favorable rates in housing (no % discount, only for bumis).
     We cannot afford more than 2 children, because we have to save and help them. Malays can rely on the NEP to finance their studies, etc.
     We try to get some taxes back from the Income tax department. They promised to return the monies within 30 days…now it is more than 13 months, still no refund, which we need to pay and finance our other things. Government departments are foreign to me now. Although I used to be a civil servant for 3 years, all the instructions are now in Bahasa Malaysia. The tax returns are also in Bahasa Malaysia. What happened to English? (brochures “sudah habis”), to Chinese and Tamil languages?
     Our older siblings and parents~ there is no pension for them (not civil servants, mah!), so we have to help them.
     We live in the city (kampong area, no job mah!). Every day we worry about security of our family and loved ones. Police? Not enough, they say. But when the menteri menteri or PM visit the area (e.g. Johor), nearly ALL the civil servants and polis are all there! No wonder, no one to take care of security (I have seen cars in Senai airport belonging to the polis, customs, civil servants [government number plates], etc).
     I go to church, having taken the Christian faith. I have to check my IC to see that my religion is right, or I will difficulty being buried when I leave this world. I check my application for the internet. The supplier put my religion as Muslim! I don’t understand why…so that I can get faster application, or to show more Muslims are using the internet?
     The taxes paid by Malaysians and Malaysian companies are being squandered away, because i) plane loads of Malay scholars are being sent overseas, and without needing to repay them (although Mara and JPA are chasing them now! However, many cannot be traced! Poor records keeping), ii) scholarships are given to those in universities and government employment. I met a Malay Ph D graduate who could not converse in English, as his scholarship was for studies in France. Kommen parlaiz vous! I cannot understand this. iii) Money being squandered away by civil servants and councilors [e.g. the lavish bungalow houses built for councilors in Selangor; no body seems to take responsibilities for these.
     Civil servants are paid not enough. Politicians are cashing in. Hence, everyone is taking care of themselves and not of the rakyat.
     The Chinese may win some of the elections, but we have no rights at all to voice our concerns:
    o Right to have equal earnings (why are there so few Chinese in government? How many are being promoted? Hence, we have to work in the private sector. Then, the Chinese and Indians are asked, why so few Malays work there? Why do we have to be the “donkey” in companies, and the “directors or chaiman” to be appointed are “Malays”? )
    o Right to have our religious convictions (why do we have so many Islamic restrictions placed on non-Muslims?)
    o Right for our children’s education (why so many Chinese have to pay extra for their education)
    o Right for security (we feel the urban area is being neglected, as it is mainly non-Malay [of course, there are also Malays here, who also feel the insecurity of being mugged ]
    o Birth right (why should a Javanese have bumi rights, when I was born and bred here?)

    The Malays on the other hand may view the NEP as their birth rights:
     They are the sons of the earth. Why should their rights not be protected? Scholarships, favorable discounts in housing, quota on shares, quota on education, right to govern, why should these be given away?
     But who benefits from these? [I go back to my kampong; they are just wage earners, although there are more cars now. The kampong now has traffic jams! Those associated with Barison Nasional or businesses come back with Mercedes, BMW or Lexus cars. Why a former Mentri Besar came from this kampong. The majority are still poor, scrapping living off the durians, rice, fruits they grow. I go to Chow Kit or pasar malam: the poor Malays are still trying to hawk their wares. The well-connected educated Malays, the Umno putras…they have their share of their wealth from NEP, not the struggling wage earners, the poor rural and urban Malays. This is why Khairy is suddenly so popular with businessmen nowadays. This is why Najib’s brother is also being sought after]. We have to uncouple politicians from business or wealth ownership.
     Malays must control …everything! Majority of banks are now under the Bumi control. Government bodies and government-linked companies are also under the Bumi control. Hence, NEP is the only way we can assert this or we lose our rights.

    Each generation of Chinese will be influenced by their parents’ experience; so are the Indians and Malays. This is why we feel the NEP does NOT help. My children and children of friends, Chinese, Indians and Malays, are tainted with these views of NEP. To reinforce BUMI rights, there may be:
     Need to use another vehicle, as the NEP is tainted with UMNOputras, which does not benefit the majority of Malays, nor the minority Chinese and Indians. The latter two will always look upon the NEP with suspicion.
     Need to reinforce the rights of the Malays AND the rights of the non-Malays.

    Unfortunately, the Umno, MCA, Gerakan and MIC participants did not look after their respective groups. [ For example, in the distribution of low cost houses, many property developers are faced with demands for their members from Umno, MCA and MIC, giving a list. In reality, these houses end up with mainly friends and relatives of the Umno, MCA and MIC.]
    To end this long passage, I remember watching a movie called “Young Adventurers”. These group of young people became involved in a revolution to overthrow the government which was dictatorial, attendant to its own needs and neglected the poor. The revolution was successful, but the new revolutionaries became corrupted with power, and one of them eventually became the new dictator. The rest of the young revolutionary became so disillusioned, that they left the country.

    Is this why we have so many Chinese and Indians overseas? In Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe. The billion of dollars worth of brains and talents have been lost through the NEP. I know of many Malays who are so disgusted with the situation of injustice that they also left the country of Malaysia, where we are born here. When the Malay keris was drawn in Parliament by a well known politician, who may ONE day be the Prime Minister, many non-Malays STARTED to apply for emigration. But what happens to the rest of the non-Malays who cannot emigrate? With the current birth rate of the three major races, the non-bumis will make up less than 12% of the population of Malaysia. How can they threaten the rights of the Malays? This is why the NEP must be dismantled for the good of the nation, as it is an instrument of UMNO for the growth of its political future, but which has led to more divisive tensions than ever.

    To the future of a righteous Malaysia.

  198. Anonymous12:24 pm


    The unreasonable racists sentiments and comments that you have invited and are accommodating with this blog post and the previous one is unbelievable.

    What do you stand for exactly, again, Rocky?

  199. "My neighbors were Malays, brought up along with them among the government quarters. I was born Malay. "

    Please, I made a mistake.." I was born in Malaysia", not as "I was born Malay".

  200. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Does DAP really think it won the most seats in Perak on the merit of its ideals and policies and that the majority of the people of Perak want a DAP controlled government? The result is a quirk of our flawed process to choose a government.
    If DAP finds PAS/Islam/islamisation so abhorrent, why form a coalition?
    It's obvious no coalition of DAP, Pas and PKR is viable as a state government.