Tuesday, March 04, 2008

An insult

Sleeping PM.

Mahathir used to be called many terrible names: dictator, strongman, an anti-Semite, draconian, mamak. But they never could insult him like this.


  1. Anonymous2:10 am

    To all wise voters, please watch this important video!!!!!

    Manifesti BN


    Vote for your future, vote wisely

  2. Anonymous2:56 am

    Dear my brother,

    That's why we shouldn't vote for any BN candidate even if he an angelic. Doing so is strengthening Badawi (Bodoh) and the pugnacious, ill, unregenerate and uncouth Son-in-Law, the foolish KJ. If you vote for any BN candidate in the name of of the person's ability, there is nothing, absolutely nothing you have done. You have augmented Badawi and KJ and cronyism. Nothing more.

    Remember, UMNO will go for elections next month. Khiary called 5 days ago: "cut throat", so is he preparing and paving the way for himself and the sleeping Dollah. So, in oder for that not to happen, simply vote Barisan Rakyat or PKR, DAP and PAS. Woe unto you if you strengthen KJ and the sleeping beauty (ugly anyway).

  3. Dengan Izin Tuan Punya Blog:





  4. Anonymous3:18 am

    dear rocky,
    teringat clip video lagu kwn baik KJ ( Jason Lo )..
    maybe jason lo dedicate lagu tu utk badawi kot...ye r,badawi nye gambar kuar gak..
    tajuk lagu tu...: SLEEPY HEAD...

    well,ironic kan?haha

  5. Anonymous3:18 am

    well, don't we all know that "sleeping on the job" during working hours is also working right...

    in this case, PM is right that he worked throughout his PM-ship.

    one thing PM slack was that he should not have answered such question, instead remain "elegant silent' as he can't strive for "avantgarde silent" right...

    that's his stupidity that makes him not fit for PM-ship, where Nazri can do better...

    don't you think so???

  6. Opposition motto should be as simple as "Deny 2/3rd".

  7. Sdr Rocky’s Bru,

    Poster Abukar has a point. This GE, as far as the PM is concerned, is closely linked to the upcoming Umno election. The voters are, in a way, also voting or not voting for the Umno election.

    The following is some of my thoughts on the subject that I penned for my latest Malaysian Business “Other Thots” column:

    “ONE major mistake the oppositions should avoid is to underestimate the Prime Minister’s ability to turn adversity to his advantage. He is a true political survivor.

    While it is true that, unlike Dr Mahathir, Abdullah is neither a deep thinker nor a meticulous administrator. In fact, his attention span and attention to details are not his strongest point.

    But these are more than made up by his ability to play politics and survive political turmoil by playing possum. His strong point is networking and pleading for sympathy.

    Those who follow Abdullah’s political progress from the time he took the plunge in 1978 by contesting that year’s general election know that he builds and depends heavily on the goodwill and hard work of his supporters.

    Unlike Anwar and other younger Umno leaders – as we are seeing with Khairy Jamaluddin -- who burst onto the scene with a big bang and freely displayed power by generously dispensing executive and financial privileges to their supporters, Abdullah built his by being nice.

    It was his style to humbly tell his supporters how much he depended on them and treasured their support, and how much he listens to them, as he is now doing by telling the voters he is listening to them.

    His famous plea of “tolonglah Pak Lah” (please help Pak Lah) melted many hearts and won him a band of loyal and selfless followers and supporters.

    That was true when he was on the fringes of Umno politics and without power in the aftermath of the failed “Team B” challenged against Dr Mahathir.

    Abdullah gained prominence and more powerful friends when, in 1981, Dr Mahathir promoted him to full minister and in 1984 gave him the powerful education portfolio. Among Umno leaders, the education post is seen as the steppingstone to post of Prime Minister.

    So, if his choice of Umno candidates, including the return of the a handful of has-beens and the retention of all Menteris Besar and Chief Ministers is bewildering to an ordinary observer, that’s because he or she does not know the true “Mr Nice”.

    The mass of confusion that arose in the run-up to the nomination day was the result of the conflict between Abdullah’s promise of change and the need to minimize disturbance to the Umno superstructure.

    The Prime Minister is looking beyond the general election. He is also weighing his options for the coming Umno election.

    If the BN, in the particular Umno, does well at the March 8 poll, Abdullah has nothing to worry at the Umno election. But if the BN does worse than expected, he will have problems at the party election.

    It is the latter scenario that motivated Abdullah to go slow on his promise of change and to retain the status quo at the state level, where Menteris Besar and Chief Ministers are the linchpins in party election.

    Abdullah is hoping to kill two birds with one stone in his most challenging fight for political survival to date. But be mindful that “Mr Survivor” may yet have a few tricks up his sleeve.”

    Thank you.

  8. Greetings Bro,
    I for one am so very happy to read and learn that the Barisan Rakyat is gathering momentum and looks to be turning the tide. Gatherings for 'ceramahs' by our very own Barisan Rakyat seem to be gaining lots of support. I only hope (as do most if not all True Malaysians) that this momentum carries till polling day on the 8th.
    May I please say that all of us True Malaysians be prepared for the worst when and if The Barisan Rakyat does successfully stem the tide of tyranny and oppression. We have to be prepared for any and all circumstances.
    Time and time again BN politicians have used the specter of May 13th 1969 as a psychological weapon in order to garner support and maintain it's divide and rule ways. Desperate people do desperate things more so when faced with the fact that they are losing control.
    If this were to happen and the powers that be use racial violence to stay in control I beg for mercy and plead for the Yang DiPertuan Agong to protect his humble subjects from such cruelty. Our one and only hope for protection will be the Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) who have sworn loyalty to King and Country. The Police have sadly succumbed to the whims and fancies of the powers that be and has lost all credibility and respect of the rakyat.
    Lets all pray and hope it doesn't come to that but BE PREPARED!!!

  9. I have been wondering if Badawi could be suffering from a sleep disorder, narcolepsy. I find it hard to think that he would let himself doze off at the most inappropriate occassions. He must have struggled to keep awake. But the nature of the disorder is such, he will fall asleep.

    If he is so afflicted then we should feel sorry for him rather than make him an object of ridicule.

    And if he is a narcoleptic, then one must ask whether such an affliction would make him an effective prime minister.

  10. Anonymous9:01 am

    Pak Lah patut address isu yang dibangkitkan oleh rakyat. Pak Lah tak sentuh langsung soal Khairy, malah semua orang tak berani cakap pasal dia. Apa pasal???????. Bagitahu lah. Buat muka sadin, buat rakyat marah. Rakyat marah sebab banyak isu gagal dijelaskan dengan baik, sebab tidak ada jawapan. Cerita pasal kapal layar, jet dan sebagainya, semua tidak ada penjelasan.

  11. Anonymous9:20 am

    Bodohwi! you listen to people? at the same time shoot tear gas, spray chemical water to them RIGHT?????

  12. Anonymous9:34 am

    hapuskan dinasti di PKR dulu laaa....
    sana dah clean baru bole bercerita ttg pembersihan dinasti di dalam BN...
    belum memerintah dah ada dinasti dalam pembangkang..
    ape ceritanya chegubard???
    anwar-azizah-nurul izzah-
    kit siang-guan eng-betty

    lagi teruk...mmg sedaging sedarah berbanding

    pak lah-khairy (menantu je)

  13. Anonymous9:44 am


    It's a compliment actually to Dollah. He should just told off these foreign journalist that while he sleeping, Malaysia is progressing.

    Just look at his statistic in the BN manifesto.

    Imagine if he's awake.

  14. Anonymous9:46 am

    Janganlah kacau...aku tengah tidur ni. Suruh depa cakap dengan KJ.

  15. Anonymous9:51 am

    Aiya Rocky,

    Is this a front page news or what? The whole world will read including OIC and NAM members.

    Have to change PM la like this.

  16. Anonymous9:54 am

    Reporter : What's your comment on these foreign new report. YB ?

    PM : We are not asleep for we are working...zzzzzzzzzz

    Reporter : sir .sir

  17. The secrets they don’t tell
    Brushing it up put in boxes
    Under wraps of oppressive laws
    Nobody can tell

    Want to know the secrets?
    It is in your vote which draws the line
    Make full use of it
    On polling day make it counts

    The sleeping beauty dares not tell
    Only the corridors shadowing lies
    Where to fund the projects?
    Private investments destroying the environment
    The companies motives profit and quick returns
    Who wants to know about consequences?

    The beautiful landscape will be gone
    The natural vegetation destroys
    By the time you realize it
    You cant change the scenes
    You have given your vote
    You are part of the destroying party

    Now think about it
    This time you can make a change
    It is your vote you have to decide
    Make your country relevant in the 21st century

  18. Anonymous10:00 am


  19. Anonymous10:20 am

    Some of Pak Lah's sleeping on the job photos. Enjoy!


  20. Anonymous10:30 am

    Sorry Bro for taking the space but as it goes we share and share alike.Thanks.

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    Read a poem today by Faiz Ahmad Faiz like to share with you.


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    See how in the blacksmith's shop
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    the iron glows red,
    The locks open their jaws,
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    Speck,this brief hours is long enough
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    Speck, 'cause truth is not dead yet,
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    I personnally met Almarhum Tan Sri, only on two occassion.
    First,when he was still the Under Secetary with KDN way back in early 70's.
    Yes..yes I know the Ops Lalang what so ever,even grouches by some quaters on the ISA issue,the Sidek Ghaous incident,Two Dollahs,Mamali's ,AKUI etc.etc,all are recorded history.
    Second much later when he came to my cousin sister Maz wedding at kampong in 1994.
    I can't remember much on the first meeting coz I was still a wee lad then,but I knew for sure his presence and personality then shows sign of an important man from Kuala Lumpur.
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  21. Anonymous10:54 am

    Not only a sleeping PM but also the most explicit lier of all times. His infamous announcement in the presence of his own controlled media to 27millions of Malaysians and rest of world saying No Parliament Dissolution only to dissolve within 24 hours just shows how incapable this man is. Even can't manage his own single lie.
    How is he going to manage a macro economy?

  22. Anonymous11:17 am

    Anwar a good LEADER ??? Give it a rest .... he had his chance and he BLEW it !

  23. ANON 10 am.. and chandra warned us about Anwar being the PM

    Rocky.. I guess being labelled as sleeping on the job is a worst insult . hmmmm

  24. Anonymous12:16 pm

    siapa la yg nak minyak naik harga?? barang naik harga? maksiat merata2?

    awat ada lagi org yg tak berakal yg sokong BN lagi?

    tak paham aku ler..

  25. Anonymous12:16 pm

    The Bodohlah can deny till the cows come home while even pictures of him sleeping at public forums are widely carried in the internet and foreign media, but not bodek/ampu mainstream papers. The Bodohlah is just like that pariah Lingam in this case - even when the camera never lies, the Bodohlah insists to lie as he thinks he can hoodwink the people

  26. Anonymous1:02 pm

    Vote for lower toll charges!



  27. Anonymous1:05 pm

    warrior2 @ buffalo soldier

    go and whack yourself somewhere else.

  28. Anonymous6:51 pm

    so what?
    clintong did the worst - fu..... and having ....job while at work!
    yet he is elected by americans to lead US of A.
    now his bini is running for pres...what could she be doing next?

    moral of the story...

    there are stupid voters all over the world......to hell with the tribune!

  29. Anonymous11:27 pm

    I am a strong Pak Lah "supporter." While not denying he was sleeping on his job the economy grew 6% and our stock index hit all time high. Can you imagine when Pak Lah wakes up, and how great our economy will be? Anyway he said he is godsend to us.

  30. I agree! How dare Pak Lah think that the Malaysian public will allow his heinous crimes to go unnoticed? I mean, some people might say that being an anti-Semitic, draconian dictator is far worse than being sleepy, but we Malaysians know better! That is why while we never punished the anti-Semitic, draconian Prime Minister we will absolutely punish the sleepy one. Particularly since the sleepy one is less scary so we all got our cojones back the minute he came into power.

  31. Anonymous12:07 am

    "We are not deaf for we hear what the people say," Abdullah was quoted as saying by the national news agency, Bernama. "We are not asleep for we are working."

    I thought only Queen Elizabeth uses 'WE'.