Monday, March 03, 2008

Inside job

On the move: Jerlun today to interview Mukhriz, Kota Baru tomorrow to meet Pas leaders, then Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan. Hope to be back on the eve of polling day. I'll cast my vote in Ipoh and will then drive up to Penang to join my blogging bro Jeff Ooi in his moment of truth.

Postings will be scarce but cyberspace and blogosphere are overfed with information. One new site,, features former New Straits Times journalists on the frontline as well as behind the scenes.

Fox Communications, which has been awarded the lucrative Pak Lah's "Corridor" accounts, among others, could be behind that site. Or, has Joan Lau quit the PR firm?

In any case .. Read wisely, Vote wisely.


  1. In spirit we ride with you. Be safe. In those islamic belt a good pick-me-up would be MALTa.Say Hi to sheih and Jeff.

  2. Anonymous4:45 pm


    Take care and keep focus on your assignment.

    As for the malaysianinsider, I consider it informative (during these period) compared to the MSM, which every single of it being used by BN to the maximum and for free.

    And so desparate they even have to use celebrities to attract crowd to their ceramahs.

    I think Mat Sabu can attract thousands better than them.

  3. Anonymous4:56 pm

    This MalaysianInsider and are UMNO tools trying to pose as analysts who can gauge the ground and carry pressing issues. You only need to read what they write. It is ok, but these are UMNO stooges purporting to be "independents." In man's history, there has never been an independent.

    Malaysiavotes in particular, this site is financed by samseng KJ but they try to play with words and pretend to be somehow, albeit little criticising him. My dear, people have come a long way to buy cheap stories and buy the nefarious works of stooges and anti-people concoctions. Simple. Vote Barisan Rakyat anywhere you are. Save Malaysia from samsemngs

  4. Anonymous4:59 pm

    interesting that BN is getting involved in the blogsphere. thought they said that bloggers are liars, mainly females and jobless.
    fox communication as foxy. big paycheck for doing their bidding.

  5. Anonymous5:32 pm


    I tought Zam and Dollah said bloggers are " syok sendiri ".

    Must be the buffalo soldiers works are not effective enough to counter the bloggers.

    I suggest UMNO to call Ultraman Taro as well to do the job.

  6. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Palestinian children are massacred like no other. Yet our PM who happens to be the OIC chairman even refuses to talk about it. On the other hand, Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemns the killing and warns that he will pull his ambassador from Tel Aviv. A brave man indeed.

    Turkey has dipolomatic relations with Israel since Israel’s creation. Abdullah’s goons and samsengs accuse Anwar of being a pro-Jew. Hehehe. Then why aren’t you commenting on the annihilated children by the Jews? Evil is your conduct indeed. This man is a liability. Pliz wake up and save this nation from Bodohwi and this stupid KJ. A disgrace to humanity.

  7. Anonymous6:14 pm

    If those fellas has any sense of foresight, they better not hang around too much with the current regime...start thinking of doing things differently. Something like with decency.

    The storm is gathering, the tide is rising. The wind of change is sweeping the land.

  8. Anonymous6:50 pm

    MalaysianInsider & , Independent political news website?

    Sorry , I would stick with malaysiakini and rocky bru for independent political news.

    Lim Kai Ren

  9. The rain falling
    The angels cry for us
    When we make our choices
    We must make it right

    Enough of the lies
    The benefits for a few
    Lip services many
    The unfairly distribution
    Of wealth, jobs and opportunities

    Don’t read statistics
    It is a hidden agenda
    Figures can be manipulated
    You don’t get the real thing

    Crimes shoot high
    The Police lock in shackles
    They try to bring it down
    Crime bosses seem to get away
    They aren’t put in jail
    They are banished to a different state
    Surely the Police must know
    This is 21st century line is borderless
    It is just a handphone away!

    The carrots and threats
    The China bogey Man
    How cheap the leaders want us to believe?
    When they can say with impunity
    A different set of law seems to apply
    They don’t get cited for sedition
    They are free to do as they please

    The rain falling
    The angels too want a change
    For the country
    To clean up the dirt and dust
    Hiding in the golden carpet

  10. Bro Rocky and dear bloggers,

    Vote 'WISELY".