Sunday, March 02, 2008

White House Plagiarist sacked

Blogger's curiosity kills Bush's copycat.

"I feel bad about what I'm going to do here."
That's the opening line of blogger Nancy Nall's posting Copycat. It was about Timothy Goeglein lifting passages from other writers' work without attributing those passages to them. It's about plagiarism.

Mr Goeglein, who is an aide of President Bush, has resigned over the plagiarism scandal.


  1. Anonymous6:41 am

    Watch Azmi Sharoms talk on the 2008 G.E. ... youtube

  2. Anonymous8:25 am

    what a stark contrast. in one country, plagiarists get the boot. here in malaysia, they go on to more lucrative endeavours.

  3. Anonymous10:56 am

    Good Day bro, have you check out -interesting to read who's behind it especially the staff correspondent. Style looks like the white house PLAGIARIST!

  4. The fact and you and Jeff were slapped with an injunction for this shows the rot of the journalism culture in the MSM. The same has affected Citizen Nades and his friends at the SUN. They have been shackled in no uncertain terms.

    In Malaysia, newspapers are owned for the political power they wield, not otherwise. That's why the vested parties are fearful of blogs.

    If our government is truly innovative, the Cabinet will engage the bloggers rather than persecute them.

  5. Nancy Nall said of her opening line ""I feel bad about what I'm going to do here." : (I stole that line, by the way; it’s Nora Ephron’s opening for her devastating profile of Dorothy Schiff’s New York Post. Now that I’ve given credit, it’s not plagiarism, it’s an homage. See how it works?)

    Now you see how it works, B?

    But B is lucky. Here in Malaysia, plagiarists go on to more lucrative ventures.

  6. Send feedback to PM via website By ROSLINA MOHAMAD PEKAN: The people can now send their views, suggestions and complaints on the performance of the Government and its leadership to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi through the Warkah Untuk PM website. The website found at was launched on Saturday by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the Seri Kenanga residence in Peramu here. Najib said that each message from the public will get a response from Abdullah.

  7. Hey bro,

    I just couldn't help laughing! I dare say compared to what I just read, the NST blokes plagiarism was a lot more blatant. (sorry, but got to use the word blatant, as it would seem nothing less would prompt our sleeping prime minister).

    Both you and Jeff have a very current precedent for conduct expected of a writer when he gets caught.

    But then again in Malaysia boleh land where there is also precedents in the courts where judges can get away with choosing to call "irrelevant" to anything you might decide to introduce for your defence without justifying or explaining themselves, I guess you are still not out of the rut yet.

    You see, the common meaning of plagiarism has not really been established in Malysia yet. And you got to surely be proud that you and our bro Jeff are going to set precedents here where it is possible for our courts to actually give a completely new and unique meaning to verbs uniquely applicable to Malaysia, as in Malaysia, everything also boleh la!

    Don't mind joining you if you need to drown your sorrows over this continuing saga over a couple of thannis!

  8. Anonymous1:23 pm

    well, good for Tim G becos he admitted to it and resigned.

    Over here, they lash back with a libel suit.

    Over here, they have no shame!

  9. Our politicians and leaders hardly write any of their own stuff. wonder how many have plagiarize during their uni years.

  10. Anonymous3:07 pm

    Proof - bloggers do have a role in society. The corrupt, cheats and abusers are free to roam (for a while) but they'll ultimately be caught.

    Yah, in the white house, a plagiarist gets sacked; in jln riong, he gets promoted and a cushier job further afield. What is wrong with this equation?

    This copycat story takes me back to more than a year ago when injustice was served on you and jeff ooi for performing your service to society.

    What happened? No justice yet for you and jeff? Do the culprit and perpetrators still have their gag on you both for their sin?

    me think they can gag you two but for the rest of us it's fair game - we can still blog about the plagiarism ain't it?

  11. Anonymous3:37 pm

    cuba try tgk cni

  12. AT least Tim has some shred of integrity when he resigned. Here wrongdoers seek out members of the judiciary who can be bought.

  13. First Umno extremist named by Chinese NGO
    Sumber: Clare Street

    The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH) has issued a public statement calling on the voters of the Kulim Bandar Baharu (P.18) parliamentary constituency in Kedah not to support BN candidate Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir

  14. Anonymous7:10 pm

    shock ex PM Mahathir admit tht he abused his power when he is PM by topple ex DPM Anwar this shocking video at

  15. Anonymous9:15 pm

    here, copycats are glorified and given plum jobs and contracts by the government.

  16. Anonymous11:28 pm

    With the quality of the English language we have in Malaysia, don't be surprised if there are a lot of plagarism going on.

  17. Anonymous3:17 am

  18. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Poster Ewoon, in part, said: Proof - bloggers do have a role in society. The corrupt, cheats and abusers are free to roam (for a while) but they'll ultimately be caught.

    I agree with him. I was in the in the North of the country even rural people read blogs these days.

    At least that's what they told me and referred to me -- blogger.

    I was in Sg Siput. It rained heavily there. Can S. Samy Vellu stays put or will be be "rained out"? He looks so fair, almost Caucasian, in his posters.

    In the rice field of Kedah, I met a young man waiting for his wife. He recognised me and told me that many young and not-so-young voters read blogs.

    I think after the election many candidates (if they won) may face some very serious scrutiny in the blogs.

    Many "questionable" characters -- including those questioned and investigated by the ACA -- are contesting for the BN despite the PM promising that only those cleared by the ACA would be fielded.

    Ironically, one BN candidate in Kedah mistaken Ahmad A Talib (Pahit Manis) and I as still being employed by NSTP and Media Prime. (I corrected him and he corrected himself, saying we were once with the NSTP).

    I had to correct him in public because it could harm his interest if the news reaches a certain important address. He may be banned from the pages of the newspapers concerned.

    This is the problem when you're the axed-editors of the NSTP.

    Thank you.

  19. Anonymous12:23 pm


    Plagiarism, a memory lapse or ignorance?

    This election's BN slogan is Sejahtera Aman Makmur.

    Is almost a copy of BN's 1978 slogan KeAMANan, keMAKMURan, Keadilan Sosial dan Kehidupan Lebih Baik Bagi Semua.

    I don't think it was deliberate plagiarism. More like more than one person in the BN is sleeping on the job.

    Election Monitor

  20. Anonymous3:30 pm

    bro, bleh la kita tulis kat Pak lah...