Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ah, Khir Toyo the Blogger!

Ex-Selangor MB starts blog. The Malaysian blog scene has become that more interesting and diverse today with the addition of former Menteri Besar of Selangor, Dr Khir Toyo. Visit Cetusan Datuk Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo at

KT will be speaking at a conference on April 1 in Kuala Lumpur, which will feature, among others, Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Mukhriz Mahathir. Interesting times ahead.

p.s. Will the present MB of Selangor start a blog as well? After he's done with his series of interviews with the mainstream media, that is ...


  1. Anonymous2:50 pm

    "..Khir Toyo the Blogger". Initially I read wrong and read "..Khir Toyo the Bugger" and thought you had some beef to take up with him.


    Why, is he going to give "outbursts" or tantrums regularly? On what?

    Maybe he's got a lot of free time now.

  2. Anonymous2:51 pm

    In addition, Shahidan Kassim is also going to start a blog. It seems that he is quite serious about becoming a blogger (go to Agenda Daily web page for more).

  3. Salam Dato Blogger! Nah ini baru betul! Buat blog banyak cabaran Tok. Pastikan update selalu. Dulu ada pihak kata blogger ni penipu, monyet dan sebagainya! Apa mereka nak kata bila bekas Menteri Besar pon dah sedia masuk gelanggang dan jadi blogger? Hehe..jom buka langkah!

    Pahit Manis

  4. Anonymous3:32 pm

    it is their way of aying er ..."write my memoirs".

  5. Anonymous3:36 pm

    A lot of free time he has - no more biz for his 100+ companies.
    Now he is checking on MB Khalid as an Opposition ex MB.
    Wonder what criteria he has to do this?
    He should open a Dental klinik and do real biz.
    Maybe a Facial surgery klinik as well.

  6. Anonymous3:46 pm

    From my raw observation .. bloggers who won (eg Jeff and Nik Nazmi) have not been updating their blog quite as often as they used to. So its not surprising that non-bloggers who used to be in govt. to start blogging. Yes ypu're are right Rocky that the next 4-5 years is going to be interesting and the biggest winners is going to be the rakyat... HOOray...

  7. Actually..
    Cannot wait to read his first posting on issues...
    This the chance to tembak him or to praise him...
    Welcome to the new world of Boggibng..:-)

  8. Anonymous3:48 pm

    Bru, Jaga byk Jawa bukan Jawa (JBJ) ni, duit Sgor dah byk dia sebat, projek bg adik-kakak aje. Khalid ibrahim kena siasat projek surau dlm sgor dia bg kat siapa atau siapa broker dia. Org macam ni la zam patut kata goblok, JBJ tahu apa maksud dia.

  9. Welcome to the blogging world, Dr Khir!

    I may not agree with many things you did when you were MB, but this one thing I will support you - your blog!

    Let us blog about the truth and for the people.

    If the present MB, Dato Khalid ibrahim, starts his own blog, that will be even better.

    Hidup MalaysiaKu!

  10. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Well, khir has made heaps of 'cetusan'during his tenure as MB. cheating, robbing, lying and shredding.

    It's quite interesting to read the words 'Allah' and 'Islam' in his introductory. just wondering whether he knows something about those two words, knowing he is the most corrupted minister in selangor.

    Khir...khir...hebat. tak ramai jawa macam engkau ni kat selangor.

  11. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Did you know?

    A quick search in google for the word "botox" and "khir" will turn up ..........

    10,800 entries...........

    interesting isn't it?


  12. Anonymous4:11 pm

    Khir Toyo can blog all he wants but who's going to visit a blog site that in all likelihood will give you a toothache.

  13. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Gerak, we would like to see his past and present income tax returns please. Gerak cepat sikit ooi.

  14. Rocky, Good, the more the merrier. Have a nice day.

  15. Anonymous4:40 pm

    heh... moderated comments as expected.

    gobloks... unemployed females... looks like he is one now.

  16. This donkey thinks just being a blogger he can become popular again and can win the next election. He is a snake. He is going to use the Malay trump card at every twist and corner to gain sympathy. He will try show that he is fighting for the cause of Malays. I sincerely hope that Malaysian be very of this racist. What Perjuangan he is talking about? Robbing the Rakyat money for his coffers. We should teach this snake a lesson so hard that he shd never dream of coming back.

  17. Anonymous4:52 pm

    Sabo him kuat kuat if he still remain so arrogant. Don't give him face.

    If Mahathir got his own blog, lagi best, sabo him left and right.

  18. Aiya..Almost did not recognise the face. Seen so much of it over the years on bill boards all over the place with his boss's face next to him. Isn't it like as if he has dumped his boss as his icon to support? Poor Badawi. If he thought he had many supporters, this is sure one sign how one loser dumps and kicks him when he is down.

  19. I have no interest to read online version of MSM

  20. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Will you be representing all these "bloggers"?

    Will they join "All Blogs"?

  21. Anonymous5:51 pm

    If the mainstream has done its duty as the 4th Estate, the PUBLIC press and not government control PROPOGANDA machine. Then truly this tempe maker Khir Toyo will still be MB of Selangor and no need to resort to blogging. When will we have a freer media of public interest???

  22. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Don't know about you guys .. but I see this as a positive development for blogging in Malaysia.
    At least Khir Toyo is putting his name to his blog, unlike Anon bloggers who have no balls. At least also he does not get cybertroopers to do the job for him.

    Khir Toyo is not part of the AAB-SIL-Kali-Patrick Bodowi connection. To me, that makes him readable.

    And he is Opposition now! I love underdog, man.

  23. bro, I wonder how they now think that with a blog they can win back the seat they lost. But Toyo has made one sensible decision finally. I say welcome. Blogs have suddenly become a 'fashion' in the aftermath of a failed election in UMNO. When Nazri blogs then we'll shame him for all those names he's used on all bloggers. The keyboard has finally slaughtered the money of UMNO and BN. Onward bloggers ! I'm in my hometown Taiping attending my SGI old boys dinner now and boy it's good to be back on familiar ground and happy and excited talk is abuzz of the new govt. Change is indeed GOOD ! Cheers !

  24. Anonymous6:54 pm

    Well, now that Khir Toyo says he is a blogger and an open person, can he come clean on the stolen records from his and other Exco offices?

    Read Dr. Jayakumar and Elizabeth Wong's blogs and the empty offices they met.

  25. Anonymous9:29 pm

    It is very interesting to see that Khir Toyo has his own blog as now it is the time for him to repent.

  26. well....

    welcome to the club and happy blogging....

  27. Anonymous10:59 pm

    I also thought it's Khir Toyol, the Bugger. Then I realised I read wrongly but still I think Khir Toyol the Bugger suits him better.

  28. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Dr Khir started the ball rolling. next we could see new blogger ie. Shahidan Kassim, Koh Tsu Koon, Tajol Rosli, Mahadzir Khalid, Anuar Musa, Awang Adek, Idris Jusoh...
    Losing really is a blessing...

  29. Anonymous11:11 pm

    Khir Toyo dosen't need any face as he knew he'll no face to face the rakyat so he took so much 'soya beans' to get an artificial political face. He wouldn't be caught for any corruption as police will not be able to identify him from his I/C. May be can charge him for keeping I/C not belonged to him

  30. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Oh great! hope he can give advice on tooth's problem since that is what he is suppose to do best, hope he don't forget he is a dentist.

    The next time you have problem with your tooth you know which blog to get refer to.

  31. Anonymous11:24 pm

    tell khir toyo to rear toyol to make easy money.this guy is goblok.ask the indonesian,whats the goblok mean.meanwhile bn had to call us bumiputra not the second generation goblok from indonesia.

  32. Alah, suruh Khir Toyo buat website jer la..Juai "Tempe Facial Special Cream"...and " Guide to Botox Now or Never Self Administered Jabs", "How To Make Your Nose Mancung in 30 Days" and "Whiter Than A Mat Salleh in 5 Minutes Flat"...

    Oh..lagi satu..."How To Rob The People Blind, Bulldoze Their Homes And Get Away With It Before You Can Say 'Corrupt'"....

    Pasti jadik Jutawan Internet...

  33. Anonymous11:39 pm

    welcome to the blog scene. it is interesting to see an Umnon politician like yourself who has been feeding on the royal breasts of the kerajan join the intelligent blog community.

    there is always room for corrupt umno politicians here in blogsphere, but rest assured khir, bloggers and those who interact on blogs are a different breed from the likes of corrupt umno cronies like yourself. we have been exposing the filth and those who celebrate the filth and those who justify the filth long before you felt it was necessary to spray yourself some perfume on that filth.

    it seems that many umno cronies that casts insults on bloggers are now swallowing their own droppings and speaking from another part of their anotomy. it never ceases me how low you umnoputras can go to to save your corrupt behinds.

    may you reap what you so, and may you be shamed for the atrocities you have inflicted on the rakyat and peoples of this beloved nation

  34. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Very typical suku sakat UMNO blog.. takut pada anonymous comments.

  35. Gee, bro. We better fix that big hole at the entrance to Bloghouse.

    This bloke turns up.. he might think it's a secret passage or something.

    And can we put up a signboard which sez "Sopo bloggers, enter with pride. Newbies, no passphrase, no go".

    Passphrase? "I got b**r".

  36. Finally....

    Now they know the importance of internet.... after all these years.

    Anyway, personally I do not like Khir Toyo and his previous policies and execution but that should not stop me from welcoming him into cyberspace.

    Khir Toyo, happy blogging...


  37. Like the campaign to boycott the MSM we shd boycott'pendatang's' blog.

    You can't expect the truth from him becoz he will not apologise, repent, ask for forgiveness, admit or own up to his crooked past.

    He will rubber-stamp everything BN puts out. For that, we have other sources.


  38. Anonymous5:22 am

    A Simple Message for Khir Toyo,

    How do you account for a fact that the wretched BN regime in Selangor helmed by your goodself is the MOST CORRUPT in this country.

    BTW, how would you like to refute what Citizen Nades of the once-glorious Sun paper said about what you did or RATHER DID NOT DO to eliminate CORRUPTION, CRONYISM AND NEPOTISM in the wretched local councils of Selangor?

    How come when you were defeated in the last GE12, government files are destroyed and or went missing? You got anything to hide??

    Remember in blogosphere, your credibility are judged by how you give your answers or rather you have the right to remain silent though. I bet the day will come when netizens become a rare species in visiting your blog if you fail to tidy up the dirty skeletons in your dark and dingy closet.

  39. Anonymous8:05 am

    Hoi Toyo..

    You ada minta kebenaran dari Nazri Racist dan Tengku palsu untuk blog ke?

    According to Nazri..semua blog tidak bolih di percaya..dan Tengku palsu untuk "perempuan unemployed" You sudah tukar jantina?

  40. Anonymous8:11 am

    Now, everybody want to be an blogger...

  41. Anonymous8:45 am


    Let us stick only to facts and let us drop all kinds of trumped-up claims, conjectures and unsubstantiated accusations.
    The people present you the facts:

    Fact I: Khir Toyo is not a convict of any crime.

    Corruption?Charge the bugger in court.

    The new chief minister, Dato Khalid Ibrahim, is accused of having Guthrie shares which are said to be not rightfully his. But its not a fact (yet).

    You've got to charge Khir in court, just as you'll have to charge Khalid in court to prove their alleged crimes.

    And even then, they are NOT GUILTY until they are proven so.

    Fact II: Selangor prospered under Khir.

    It is a developed state (unless Khalid wants to refute that and drop the title).

    Khalid must do better. Can he? Can his new Exco?

    Khalid and gang have no experience in running a state. If the new chief minister thinks its anything like running Guthrie or PNB, then we are headed for BIG trouble.

    Fact III:
    Khir inherited the councils. It is fact that this system is such that councils not just in Selangor but in other states as well are breeding grounds for little Napoleons.

    Citizen Nades concentrated on Selangor because that was what Big Boss Vincent Tan wanted the Sun to do - beat Khir into pulp until the chief minister gives him the Bukit Tagar project.

    Plus, he lives in Selangor so he has vested interest in the state. You think Nades cares about your local council in Batu Pahat?

    Fact IV: Khalid and Exco have the opportunity to end that system and bring back elections.

    What are they waiting for?


    My point here is so SIMPLE.

    Don't mix facts with your own fantasy. Its dangerous.

    Khir Toyo wants to blog? So what? I am not going to visit his blog because I don't think he is relevant (unless he proves me wrong) and you don't have to if you don't want to.

    What we peeple should do is to get Khalid Ibrahim to blog. He is VERY RELEVANT and his blog will be so.

    Through his blog, let Khalid inform us the rakyat of Selangor a) when he is going to reform the councils and bring back elections b) how he is going to further develop the State c) which independent auditors he is going to hire to look at the books of the previous government and see if there is basis to bring anyone, including his predecessor, to book.

    Through his blog, you can tell Khalid what exactly was Khir's wrong-doing, corrupt practices and etc. Provide proof if possible.

    Selamat blogging, kowe semua.

  42. YB Dato Seri Dr Khir Toyo

    Ana Husin Lempoyang, saudagar unta dari Cairo. Berniaga unta di pasar. Ana jumpa itu cheap sale dan beli dua hamba. Saudagar jamal pak tongkol datang rumah dan beli dua hamba pada harga ampat ribu paun. Wow! Lagi untung jual orang dari jual unta. Maka, blog ana adalah blog untuk jual orang.

    Ana mengucapkan ente selamat datang ke dunia blogging.

    BIar ana cakap, walau ada orang kata ente silap itu ini, ana banyak hormat dan respek pada ketegasan dan keberanian ente. Ente hebat walaupun bukan cucu onn jaafar. Mana mahu cari pemimpin sekarang berani dan tegas macam ente? Ini misti pasal makan tempe ... hahaha ana pun Jawa juga la.

    Ana tahu kerajaan baru Selangor mesti diberi peluang 100 hari untuk melihatkan rancangan dan kemampuan. Masaalahnya ini MB baru suka banyak bercakap. Walaupun ana suruh menyanyi dulu banyak-banyak, sebab dia ... shhhh gagap, dia mahu bercakap juga.

    MB bercakap kasi ana keliru. Bila fikiran ana keliru, ana banyak kentot-kentot. Susah mahu sembahyang. Makan tempe boleh baikkan penyakit kentotkah, Dr.?

    Macam mana pun, ana berterima kasih dengan jasa dan sumbangan Dato Seri pada negeri Selangor. Bukan senang untuk melayan rakyat yang mahu langit dan bumi.

    Kita tak tahu apa yang kerajaan baru Selangor boleh buat. Mereka buat banyak janji manis mu. Kita rakyat mintak Dato Seri sebagai ketua pembangkang tolong tengok-tengok untuk kami rakyat. MB baru ini orang korporat ... hoi cerita dulu-dulu dia banyak keparat.

    Kalau Dato Seri ada silap tu, ana sentiasa maafkan. Ana pun mintak maaf juga pasal hari itu ada tulis pasal SMS ana terima. SMS itu usik Dato Seri sedikit.

    Ada SMS lain cakap ente bawak lari kunci pejabat. Itu tidak baiklah. Tengok lah Dato Seri letak jawatan Ketua Perhubongan kerana ambil tanggungjawab kekalahan BN Selangor. Yang kalah adalah calun yang lain, ente masih menang dan wakil rakyat dan bukan wakil pos. Ada banyak orang kalah tapi tidak masih tidak mahu undur lah.

    Baiklah, muga maju jaya, Dato Seri Dr. Khir Toyo! Rajin-rajin berblog untuk kasi penerangan.

    P/S Shhhh ... ana ada jumpa link pasal MB baru sini dan sinun. Jangan tunjuk orang lain.

  43. Anonymous11:22 am

    If he starts his blog with the aim of fighting injustice and malpractices, then fine. As a start, he should use it to tell the netizens the reasons for all the misdeeds he had committed as an MB, like using the taxpayers' money to build luxurious mansions for the state excos; like tearing down the Hindu temples; like being pompous and insensitive to the needs of the poor but at the same time pampedering to the greeds of the likes of the late Zakaria etc, etc... But if he thinks he can gain political mileage just by starting a blog, then he is an idiot!

  44. Anonymous12:58 pm

    "Kepada semua, terima kasih kerana membaca blog ini. Saya amat menghargai pandangan dan sumbangan idea yang bernas." dato' kt

    Lesson No. 1 : dato' kena fahami gaya bahasa blog dan sanggup terima idea yang 'tak' bernas atau dato' anggap ia 'tak' bernas.

    rocky, kalau hang tak masuk citer yang dato jadi blogger, tentu ramai yang tak tau.. baru setahun jagung, dengan satu statement, blog dato' dah cecah ratusan komen..! apa maknanya tu.. haha..(sendiri fikirla..)

  45. Dear Rocky,

    I am an ardent fan of your work and efforts in bringing quality news to us. I wrote a letter to our Minister of Information regarding your excellent work and I have given him your blog address. I have posted my letter in my own blog, I hope you can read it. Thank you and God bless.

    Reza Zainal

  46. Anonymous1:53 pm

    Datuk Seri,
    Kami berharap Datuk Seri akan insaf & bertaubat dan akan bejuang bukan sahaja kepada bangsa Melayu dan agama Islam tetapi kepada semua masyarakat yang berbilang kaum. Cubalah menghayati Al Quran dan amalkan prinsip prinsip dengan hati yang terbuka.
    Buktikan kepda kami yang Datuk Seri sudah bertaubat dan insaf. Kuatkan iman and izin Tuhan Datuk Seri akan kembali lagi.

    Rastaman Kelang

  47. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Who is this guy?...the PENYAPU???

  48. Anonymous10:33 pm

    Rocky, Saya selalu dan akan sentiasa ingat kata DrM dlm surat beliau dlm the Sun bahawa AG=Polis=ACA sama sahaja dan tak boleh dipercayai. Kjaan PPinang pun kata ACA tak boleh pakai sampai depa buat siasatan sdiri penipuan dlm kjaan BN negeri dulu. Itulah hakikatnya kjaan pusat BN pun, pemimpin mereka korup dan bila diuji Ilahi dgn dugaan kecil ramai dikalangan mereka tak peduli pun kerna yang penting diri mereka dan bukannya rakyat jelata. Jadi org macam anak Joyo ni, pada perkiraan saya masih angkuh dan sombong, orang Umno boleh cerita pasal dia ni! Jgnlah percaya sangat orang seperti ini...

  49. Anonymous12:48 am

    sO, it's true after all what rafidah aziz said ... "Most of these bloggers belonged to or were associated with the Opposition" ... go dato khir .. GoBlog

  50. I hope in his spare time he can tell us how he becomes richer after two terms in the government.

    Instead of taking medical course for 6 years, my kids are considering to focus on the post of MB.

    After she came back from program pendedahan kursus perubatan last week she thinks she may consider venturing into politic like Nurul Izzah.

  51. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Khir, you have been a naughty monkey............

  52. he censor quite a bit. even suggestions like make ACA independent. Give us local elections. yes my suggestions were in english.

    so not sure about this guy

  53. Anonymous9:25 am

    You can always organise a party.
    But the "guests" may not come!

  54. Anonymous10:11 am

    Congratulations Dr Khir.
    Sometimes your decision on running the state matters is controversial but i believe you have a very good reasons behind it. Now you are free to explain whyyou do this, why you do that. Lets the Rakyat have better understanding.
    Specially your Zero squatters policy and actually the new government acknowledged it recently. Remember they are the group of people who turned up in a mass whenever you demolised a squatters colony. Well actually the Rakyat is observing the new government now. Don't worry as long our conscience is clear in doing things.
    I believe you will be able and growned up to be a better leader in future. Good Luck

  55. Anonymous7:58 pm

    I hope that KT will be more conscious with what he wants to express. Hopefully he will change for the better otherwise he is doomed ...

  56. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Yes lah.... now many2 of pemimpin negara yang tak "laku" anymore will become "beruk" kakakak...thanks to Khairy Jamaludin for calling blogger as beruk now his friend also become BERUK....

    "jangan meludah ke langit...akhirnya kene muka sendiri..."

    p/s: Waiting anxiously for his father in law to transform to "beruk" also….kakakakakaka


  57. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Sdr Khir toyo,anggaplah semua kritikan sebagai mengingati kita supaya sentiasa berhati2 bila melakukan sesuatu yang boleh memudarat diri kita sendiri.jangan meludah dilangit terkena muka sendiri.Penyapu mendhaifkan kita semua jadi terimalah pembalasannya.

  58. Sdr Dr khir Toyo,perbanyakkan amalan daripada membuang masa menyalahkan orang lain.Penyapu telah mengaibkan orang lain dan terimalah pa yang terjadi sekarang.

  59. Anonymous3:43 pm

    "Khir Toyo(L).." kenapa suma benci Khir Toyo..sebab anak/sedara/sepupu/sepapat dia semua projek diaorang sapu..yang lain nganga aje, emmm Si Khalid ni pulak bila nak bagi air free, emmmm agaknya dia nak bagi AIR HUJAN free kot pada orang selangor..!!

  60. I don't really know what he did actually has benefit our selangor so far but i know ms wong has did good job and service, she deserve our respect.