Saturday, March 29, 2008

10,000 or 25,000?

Bernama says 10,000 welcomed the Agong; The Star has it at 25,000.
In any case, the reception for the Agong at the Kuala Terengganu airport this morning, after the dressing down he gave the PM over the appointment of his state's Menteri Besar, was rousing. A Deputy Minister in the PM's Department was also at hand to welcome home the Agong.
And it seems that the 22 Assemblymen [who said they would resign if the palace appoints anyone else other than Idris Jusoh] will turn up for the swearing-in of Ahmad Said at the istana tomorrow.
Hypocrites, all of them.


  1. Anonymous3:30 pm

    well, which politicians are not ---hypocrites?

  2. Anonymous3:32 pm

    Well better to be a hypocrite than to be stripped of your Datukship and have no 'power' in the state govt.
    Still can make a buck or two as a DUN in exco or in other places.
    Idris after all is a LOSER.
    Soon his accounting for the RM1.2 billion will have him hiding overseas.
    See after all Chan kok choy already dared not contest in d GE, after LKS came after him in the PKFTZ affair, also OKT as well.
    An RCI should be started to check on the 1.2 b.

  3. Anonymous3:34 pm

    I thought blogging is only for bored housewives and monkeys? Now the has-been rejected politicians are also jumping on the bandwagon.

  4. Anonymous3:35 pm

    I thought blogging is only for bored housewives and monkeys? Now the has-been rejected politicians are also jumping on the bandwagon.

  5. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Rosol must be one of those monkeys, who eat their own shit.

    Rosol...mung dok jadi letok jawatang ke? natang ni nok bahang duik ehsang la tu. orang ganung dok emboh ke mung!

  6. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Just very perplexing how one can still remain as a leader...he just do not command the respect of the people. TIME TO LEAVE OR MAKE HIM LEAVE maybe to Perth where he and famnily has palace.

  7. You were right. They are all hypocrites alias munafiq. The problem was that the Terengganu Palace was left with no choice. Have to play with the devils and tyrants somehow. To me the new MB is no better than any of them. In fact they all came from the same ship and same mould. Lets hope Terengganu will be safe in the care and blessing of Allah (Allah Selamatkan Terengganu).

  8. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Bernama always gets it wrong.

    Its actually 31,257. I counted.

  9. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Bro, Here say 30,000

    30,000 sambut kepulangan Sultan Terengganu

    KUALA TERENGGANU, 29 Mac: Lebih 30,000 rakyat Terengganu berhimpun di Lapangan Terbang Kuala Terengganu bagi menyambut kepulangan DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agung ke negeri ini pagi tadi.

    Mereka mula berkumpul sejak jam 9.00 pagi dengan pelbagai jenis banner dan sepanduk menyokong Tuanku Mizan.

    Di samping itu, pelbagai jenis pelekat kereta, reben kuning dan juga gambar dibawa ke perkarangan lapangan terbang itu.

    Mereka berteriak daulat Tuanku dan sesekali teriakan Takbir berkumandang apabila konvoi baginda bergerak keluar dari lapangan terbang kira-kira jam 10.45 pagi.

    Turut serta dalan konvoi adalah anakanda Baginda yang menjadi pemangku Raja di samping anggota Majlis Penasihat Pemangku Raja.

    Rombongan Tuanku kemudiannya begerak ke Lembah Bidung.
    Di sana, Majlis Pemuafakatan Rakyat Terengganu (Mampat) dan beberapa NGO menyerahkan memorandum sokongan kepada baginda.

  10. Setuju dengan label hipokrasi untuk 22 ADUN berkaitan. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

  11. Seems like most umno fellas followed the example of Bodohwi.
    Now Terengganu will have 22 "cakap tak serupa bikin " MPs.

    And where is their ( 22 of them ) formal apology ?
    They all of them must formally apologize not only to HRH Agong only, but to all Malaysian.

  12. Bro,

    Yes, they are hypocrites (munafik) and creatures without backbones. A case of political survival. They are in fact political lemmings. Well, as the Malays would say, "nak hidup, beb".

  13. Anonymous6:30 pm


    What can we expect from UMNO politicians? All thats happened shows clearly the immorality of UMNO leaders. Their words and promises cannot be trusted. Anyway afew breadcrumbs better than no bread when not in power........ They clearly show they have no honour, if they have they would resign and call for a by-election. You think they dare? no Balls la but got $$$. Wonder whats the compromise amongst them for the WANG EHSAN,,how much each??

  14. Anonymous6:43 pm


    I'm sure you didn't watch RTM's Selamat Pagi Malaysia's coverage on Tuanku's home coming trip this morning. Just when you thought, with the new "Pembesar" helming the Information Ministry, there would be less spinning now. Instead, the host of that program went on and on, on how Terengganu have progressed under Jusoh Idris, and in between that, still can afford to do lip-service for the PM.

    If one wasn't aware of what the coverage was all about, you would have thought it was Pak Lah visiting Terengganu instead!

    After all that happened, they are still in denial. Or sleeping perhaps?

  15. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Those ADUN + 1 new asshole ADUN are shameless dogs. They ought to be shot before their diseases spread to others.This terrible disease is known as GREED or TAMAK.

    If they still want to sit at state level god bless Terengganu.

  16. Hi Rocky
    We hope the ne MB will address the state affair in tranparency.

    I suggest with the new MB give each fisherman RM100,000 to keep in the bank from the petrol's royalty. Just calculate how many fisherman will get the benefit?

    I'm sure, terengganu will be free from poverty. But it will make the state's economy static. Isn't it better rather than a few only make hundreds of million?

    What's say?

  17. Anonymous8:22 pm

    I would suggest the new T'ganu MB does not appoint any of the 22 as the State Excos. They ought to be thought a lesson or two. 1st degree hypocytes..... Long Live The King !!!

  18. well

    Kepala Otak to those 22 assemblymen!

    they had for sure make their parents ashamed having born them in the first place.

    in Asia, pride and face value is utmost crucial for a man's life.

    and these 22 assemblymen, no way have right mind and character unbecoming of assemblymen.

    may Terengganu rakyats wake up and turnaround their fate and future.

  19. Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    Allow me to be rude and crude.

    10,000 by Bernama and 30,000 by The Star is a big difference.

    Bernama is THE national News agency. It's formed by an Act of Parliament and it's loyalty is to the King.

    The Star is an MCA-owned newspaper. Its loyalty is to its owner. But being the subject of Malaysia, its the loyal subject of the King.

    Both the Bernama and The Star are helmed by editors-in-chief who incidentally are Chinese.

    I always thought that the Chinese are naturally good at arithmetic.

    So, I appeal to both EICs, who are my dear friends, to reconcile the figures for the sake of truth and out of respect for the King.

    If 30,000 Terengganu rakyat come out to greet the King and their Sultan after weeks of being "challenged" by some unscrupulous politicians, so be it.

    Bro. Yong and Bro. Chun Wai, I am counting on you guys.

    Thank you.

  20. Anonymous10:48 pm

    You know who will have the last laugh?..DYMM will have the last laugh..They want to challenge the KING...and now will attend swearing in..what kind of animals are these....what spineless grovelling pigs.

    And the mother of all these..Mr Flip Flop himself.

  21. Anonymous11:00 pm

    And the oddest thing is that, after all the hoo-hah over the Sultan vs Bodohwi showdown in Terengganu, no one gets the sack. No one gets his datukship taken away. No one gets his head chopped off for being a traitor, or get banished out of state.

    In fact, not one person even got himself reprimanded by the Sultan.
    I wonder......

  22. Anonymous11:10 pm


  23. Anonymous11:23 pm

    what do you call 22 Umno hypocrites who threathen to resign if they don't get their way and then do the opposite? you call them the worse scum of the land , and you should call them the worse kind of ball carrying scum this side of the Straits.

  24. Anonymous11:36 pm

    welcome to the blog scene Khir Angkat Bola. it is interesting to see an Umno politician like yourself who has been feeding on the royal breasts of the kerajan join the intelligent blog community.

    there is always room for corrupt umno politicians here in blogsphere, but rest assured khir, bloggers and those who interact on blogs are a different breed from the likes of corrupt umno cronies like yourself. we have been exposing the filth and those who celebrate the filth and those who justify the filth long before you felt it was necessary to spray yourself some perfume on that filth.

    it seems that many umno cronies that casts insults on bloggers are now swallowing their own droppings and speaking from another part of their anotomy. it never ceases me how low you umnoputras can go to to save your corrupt behinds.

    may you reap what you so, and may you be shamed for the atrocities you have inflicted on the rakyat and peoples of this beloved nation

  25. Anonymous1:11 am

    Soon, very soon, the best 22 'about-turn' artistes in Trengganu State will spout words of 'unflinching' devotion to Ahmad Said. But, only yesterday, this very group was defying their own State Sultan, declaring to one and all, that they would resign if someone else were appointed to replace Idris Jusoh.

    Later, today, they will unshamelessly turn up at the istana for the swearing-in ceremony, unbashfully hoping they be picked for the state executive council.

    Can't get a better cast!

  26. You said it right. They are indeed hypocrites , in my opinion in the category of the lowest unforgivable sense.

    Hypocrisy is expected of politicians but never this low.


  27. Anonymous1:55 am

    Chow Kit cowboy,
    You missed counting the 22 Aduns hiding behind the coconut trees...

    Seriously, does it matter 10,000 or 100,000? The numbers that really matters, is the 1.2bil ringgit! Can you count that amount of money? Can anyone get that back?!

  28. Anonymous2:54 am

    I think both figures are correct. The 10,000 are those gathering at the airport. But if you take into account those who gathered along the road leading to the airport plus those who managed to gather at the airport, it could reach 25,000. It's a matter of perspective. Bersangka baiklah sesama kita Bang Rocky.

  29. Anonymous10:09 am

    Sdr. Rocky, rupa-rupanya, Utusan Malaysia lagi mempermainkan isu perkauman. Dalam artikel hari ini reporter dari Utusan sekali lagi telah cuba menghidupkan rasa tak puas hati di kalangan penduduk Melayu di Perak. Lihatlah artikel yang bertajuk “Barisan Exco Perak tidak seimbang” (

    Di Perak penduduk terdiri dari Melayu 54%, Cina 32%, India 12% dan lain-lain 2%. Exco-nya terdiri dari Melayu 4 (36%), Cina 6 (55%), India 1 (9%). Menteri besarnya adalah keturunan Melayu.

    Kenapa pula pihak Utusan tidak membangkitkan isu ketidakseimbangan di negeri-negeri lain di mana exco dikuasai oleh BN? Contohnya di Johor, Melayu 54%, Cina 35%, India 7% dan lain-lain 4%. Tetapi exco Johor bagi 2004 dan 2008 terdiri dari Melayu/Bumi 8 (72%), Cina 2 (18%), India 1 (9%)!

    Kan kita Malaysian first, Melayu/Cina/India second? Saya harap negeri-negeri di bawah pemerintahan Barisan Rakyat akan terus memboikot Utusan Malaysia. Kerajaan negeri di negeri-negeri BR mesti diarahkan supaya tidak lagi memberi wawancara kepada reporter dari Utusan. Reporter dari Utusan mesti tidak lagi di benarkan hadiri upacara-upacara kerajaan negeri BR.

  30. Yesterday I watched over the tv the return of the King to Trengganu. I am not sure what kind of methodology those papers had used in counting the number of those who attended the function. Head per head count or random or what? I do not think they had used the head per head count. I believe it must be an estimation. That be the case, how can one be sure it was 30,000 or 10,000 or 25,000?

    Be that as it may, I am appalled though not surprised by the change of mind of the 22 ADUN. I had expected they would not resign. If they were prepared to resign they would not have said such coward expression. The old adage is still true: 'silent dog bites well'. To me those idiots are no more than empty shells or just 'meriam buloh'.

    Where are their apologies to the King for their uncalled for remarks? Lim Kit Siang, they said a traitor but had the gut to apologise. Where are theirs?

    If LKS is a traitor, to me those 22 idiots have committed High Treason!

  31. Anonymous4:49 pm

    While on the subject of royalty, I saw a report in The Star which mentioned, in passing, that a road (Jalan Gopeng) in Ipoh has been renamed Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah.

    I have great respect for Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and I don't think that he will be thrilled by having a road in Ipoh named after him.

    Is this the doing of the former Perak state govt or the Ipoh city council?

  32. Anonymous5:10 pm

    I was told more than 50,000 people gathered along the road like one kilometre stretch. It was a history in receiving the royalties (voluntarily) by the rakyat. Rakyat really loves the Sultan. If you dont well pls go the Penang.

  33. Anonymous5:37 pm