Saturday, March 29, 2008

de fella's pics

Kickdefella's photo gallery is becoming very impressive. Wonder where he got all these sexy pics? Click here, here and here for more pictures.


  1. Anonymous3:38 pm

    Hail the grand imam of hadhari, the imam's official residence being used to organise vice activities as shown by todt n yeoh, see how friendly the imam is with yeoh following up from the monsoon cup event which he tasted her flesh as espoused by the hadhari or progressive islam. How am i glad to see, umno sc backed him n i do hope he'll win the presidency unchallenged so that umno will be doomed b4 or in the next GE. He's the best pm the country has ever had bro... the malays do love him so much esp umno people. Again, hail the imam.


  2. Anonymous5:29 pm


  3. Islam Hadhari says you can serve alcohol at Seri Perdana.....


  4. what did the Jean Todt do to get datukship?

    "via" Michelle Teoh?

    Why do we slobber all over any movie star or celebrity who made it overseas just because they happen to be Malaysian? And how much has she contributed to the GDP of Malaysia? Why is she practically fornicating in Seri Perdana, paid for by the rakyat?

    Why are these politicians so hung up on celebrity? Dulu, Lionel Richie and the Mahathir clan, now its Michelle Yeoh and tah apa2 lagi celebrity yang poster girl and boys of hedonism...dok menyanjung depa...yang dok mengikat perut..rakyat jelata...maybe the janda2 and wives and kids left high and dry by husbands/fathers and scraping by to live are not glamorous enough to be feted by the PMs of Malaysia and the wakil rakyats (of past)...Allah swt ordered us to meriahkan majlis dengan meraikan anak2 yatim and the poor and needy...bukan sponsor arak dan 20 course dinners for the rich...what a shame the King attended the F1 gala dinner too as head of Islam.

  5. Anonymous8:58 pm

    what's so sexy about Jean Todt kissing a he supposed to turn into a prince? Instead of being turned on..i'm revolted...heh heh

  6. Nak kata apa kan ? On the Trengganu issue , i hail the KING . HADARI kah ADA HAD ADA HARI ?

  7. Anonymous2:59 am

    The right pronunciation is: HAK KHAIRI. Can't you guys read??

  8. Anonymous11:25 am

    He's more a business tycoon to me..than a Prime Minister of Malaysia Hadari!

    Long live Patrick..oppsss Abdullah Badawi!

    I really pity you all..UMNO people!


  9. Anonymous5:54 pm

    kissing a "beauty"? What beauty?

    Kurus kering, straight hair, flat chest - you guys don't know what beauty is...kesian...