Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mike Tyson returns?

Oh, Dear. The man who last year lodged a police report against Malaysia Today's RPK is quite certain to be fielded as a candidate in the general election, according to Agenda Daily.
Muhammad son of Muhammad Taib seems to have made all the right moves since Abdullah Ahmad Badawi became Prime Minister: he has befriended KJ, the PM's son-in-law, and his men in the State, and has never again been caught with a million dollars on his person.
Selangor is said to be one of the few states that the son-in-law considers hostile or does not really feel at home. If Mike Tyson makes a successful comeback, that could soon change.

Read the Agenda Daily's piece here.


  1. Anonymous7:13 am

    I thought the Umno leadership said candidates in the coming polls must have a good record or something like that.

    This Muhammad son of Muhammad Taib is a liar trhough and through beside being one of the most corrupt exMBs in Selangor.

  2. Anonymous8:04 am

    what's the problem? Don't vote for him! Or yes the electuon is not BERSIH .... Ahak...

  3. Why don't we just offer a full page ad in the papers for Nurin's and Presheena's murderers to come forward to contest for public office eh, guaranteed win. MUST DRIVE HOME the message that crime DOES pay, after all robbers and child rapists abound in the BN line-up...Then we are sure to get some closure finally...

  4. Anonymous9:38 am

    Even if Dollah want to put a beruk as BN candidate, it's up to him. You all give him the mandate last time what. So don't complain la.

    After all It's up to us to pangkah whoever we think is good for our constitution and country.

    So vote wisely.

  5. There will probably be a Rawang Corridor coming up soon, costing another few billion ringgit.

  6. They did looked for candidates with a good and clean record.

    TDM did the same thing and came up with Badawi for PM.

    The same criteria was used in search of MB for Selangor. TDM came up with Khir Toyo.

    Badawi did the same thing in search of a husband for Nori...

    Well... we know how it all turned out.

    So everytime the said that they are looking for someone with a good/clean record, we know that some kind of disaster is coming.

  7. My oh My, he is not yet a candidate my dear anon of 7.13am and 8.04 am

  8. Anonymous11:32 am

    so... this is the best candidate umno could offer - a has been, lying & with a brain of mike tyson to boot.

  9. As the saying goes...you pays peanuts you get monkeys. UMNO Boleh!

  10. Anonymous11:57 am


    The return of another Anwar's stalwart.

    Is KJ really preparing for Anwar's return to Umno?

    Anwar was KJ's mentor in the Student for Vision 2020 program in the mid-1990's. JK was a participant.

    When Anwar was sacked, KJ called for Mahathir's resignation.

    Mat Taib aka ex-husband of Ku Yah has always been a sweet rouge. He even lied about his marriage to the Selangor princess.

    He was a member of Anwar's Team Wawasan and now a key member of Islam Hadhari team.

    Mahathir never trusted him. But he was saved by Anwar.

    A good strategy for KJ to resurrect old hacks. No danger of competition. They will be grateful. They won't yell and they won't tell -- like an old prostitute, they'll be grateful as hell.

    It's not about the people; npt even Umno. It's all about KJ and his lust for power -- politics, money and sex.

    EPU=Affendi=Tiara=Kavita=Maya=KJ=Jojo=Azalina=Ng Beng Seng=money=corruption of the highest order=KJ.


  11. Anonymous12:32 pm

    tak puas sapu duit rakyat lagi la tuuuu :)

  12. malaysians forgive and forget easily

  13. Anonymous1:30 pm

    This is how funny Malaysia gets...Oh, sorry, how tragic.

  14. Anonymous2:06 pm

    "Mike Tyson returns"?

    Like the original dude, he's looking for lost glory but will find the going tough and get knocked out, or he will bite off somebody's (BIG) ears!!!

  15. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Alamak... si dia lagi!

  16. Anonymous2:42 pm

    The Malaysian Political Landscape may be an interesting study of "divine forgiveness" on Earth.

    Although, many sneer that "Malaysians/Melayu mudah lupa", I suggest we see it as Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi's God-ordained powers to "forgive a sinner" and allow him to start on a clean slate.

    The Christian parallel is Jesus Christ, who awed the masses when he claimed he could forgive "sins".

    Depending on the prevailing power structure and value system, this "pardon" may be acceptable to society. After all, isn't the UMNO President simply the new "King"?

    I am encouraged by this news. In Malaysia, you have infinite opportunities to redeem yourself. Malaysia TENTU Boleh!

  17. Anonymous3:48 pm


    Since Mike is coming back.Is it possible T.S Rahim Thamby Chik too,T.S Abu Hassan,Guan Eng,V.J,etc.etc.
    Why not ?
    might as well give all a pardon.
    After all 'pintu taubat'setiasa terbuka kan?
    Pardon by the people only ma!Got Haj what later.
    Do first,taubat later.

    Kong Xii Fatt Chai.

  18. So much for Badawi's assuarance of credible candidates! Warlords still rule!

  19. In The Sunday Star 3 February, Wong Chun Wai, in his column headed "Time to drop the jesters" had set out his (you could read MCA's) wish list of who should be dropped from being candidate this time around. He mentions Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Deros, Datuk Bung Moktar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) and Datuk Mohd Said Yusuf (BN-Jasin. He also mentions Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai, Syed Hood Syed Edros (BN-Parit Sulong, Datuk Mohd Aziz (BN-Sri Gading), Karpal Singh, Abdul Fatah Harun (PAS-Rantau Panjang.

    Finally Wong reminds "Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has sent an early message – he wants only credible candidates in the elections."

    Now, if Mohammad son of Mohammad is setting the standards of credibility, then you can imagine only warlords and scoundrals will be the ones making it first past the post.

  20. Anonymous9:08 pm

    The credibility of the Badawi administration will take a further beating locally and internationally if this man becomes a candidate.

    Caught with a bagful of money and philandering with the Sultan's daughter, is the current admin going to sacrifice their integrity by supporting a such a man in order to overcome the present incumbent?

  21. Anonymous9:48 pm

    pi...mai...pi..mai tang tu jugak.Jangan terkejut era Pak Lah ni semua benda kitaran bolih berkilat semula

  22. Let M2 stands
    The people will recognize
    The man who can’t speak English
    Now can read his novels
    In Oxford he goes campaigning

    Clean candidates
    The ruling elite try to find
    Old used warriors
    Still have a part to play
    In this GE
    The new faces can’t shine
    Untested idealism belittling truth
    So the old heroes
    Walking on the roads

    The people have to decide
    Wealth losses or wealth gains
    In the journey of the nation
    They have the choice
    Don’t caste it on the wrong box

  23. Anonymous11:15 pm

    candidates must have a good record. yup, he has a great record of carrying foreign currency in a foreign land. never mind, he was acquitted for his lack of proficiency in a language thats foreign to him anyway. guess, he must have brush up his foreign language by now.

  24. Anonymous12:33 am

    Well, Mat Tyson could not read English. Therefore, he didn't understand the regulations in Australia on Exchange Control.

    Furhtermore, he walk around with cash by the million Malaysian Ringgit - just a a shopping trip.

    In any event, we should not vote for anyone who can even understand simple English. If such person is elected, he will be a disgrace for the country.

  25. The real deal Iron Mike made his comeback to the ring only to be taught some lesson, knocked down good at the hands of Lennox Lewis.

    this poseur from zelangor however could suffer the same fate, UNLESS, of course he licks some derriere real hard.

  26. Anonymous1:35 am

    the guy never gives up, does he?

    if this is true -- confirms -- anything goes in this country as long as you know whose ass to lick.

    malaysians must ask themselves...if they had voted in the BN, they must ask themselves whether they had voted a coalition party whose chairman had fulfilled his trust to the nation and the people.
    if its true that the SIL is running the country with the help of his equally inexperienced buddies, then we are a nation in trouble. in this case, have we all been betryed?
    we did not vote the BN to be shortchanged.
    isn't there a law where the people can seek redress?

  27. Anonymous1:50 am

    make sure if lose the seat. if he wins, i'm sure he'll be a minister this time. he has been licking pak lah all these while,for sure he'll get a place.

  28. Anonymous4:48 am

    Hang mabok kat press club ? with who ??? u wanna run a blog ... run it !!!

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    Terima kasih.

  30. Anonymous7:44 am

    ermm with his bad record with the Royals..im not sure he is going to be MB.. federal..? ermmm

  31. Anonymous9:21 am

    I am beginging to wonder about this GE!

    First he says out loud, he's not going to make it as big as the last GE,

    Then, he says the Indians and the Chinese are angry,

    Then, he recruits tainted candidates?

    What gives?

    Is he so sure of winning? Is there something we have all missed?

  32. Anonymous12:07 pm


    How come an on-line casino (gambling) was one of the sponsors during the recent World 5's series in stadium negara. Organized by Azalina's KBS and KJ's FAM.

  33. Anonymous1:20 pm

    UMNO like the tiger don't change its stripes. It is a degenerating party so tainted characters standing as candidates is no longer surprising. Voters with a conscience should know what to do.


  34. Anonymous2:31 pm

    "This Muhammad son of Muhammad Taib is a liar trhough and through beside being one of the most corrupt exMBs in Selangor."
    nay!what the fuss....nanti kasi settle macam itu olang laaa...tembak dalam lift.


  35. Anonymous2:33 pm

    velvet gloves to main kayu tiga with sil fruitful..

  36. aiya.. thanks Bro. You're one of my main source of information.

    I stopped reading the papers completely. Absence of internet last few days didn't help.

  37. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Mat Taib is already a garbage. Thrown into a dumpsite somewhere in Selangor. But still can recycle ka? pity la you UMNO people.

    What the use of having millions of members if still want to choose garbage. Ahli lain tu tak layak ka.

    This must be KJ & Anwar punya long term strategy.

    Bedollah pulak memang Dol. Dulu masa dia kalah pemilihan UMNO in early 90s, Anwar & Mike tyson punya kerja lah, sampai letrik kat rumah dia kat Jalan Bellamy pun dia orang potong lepas keluar result. Lupa lah tu.

    Better be like Chua Soi Lek, resign and duduk diam diam.

  38. Anonymous8:26 am




    KALAU BERANI, cakap pada Rocky TO HIS FACE, BODOH!


    HANG mesti pendek macam depa semua yang pengecut.....

  39. Anonymous8:27 am


    what's your f---ing point, man?

    go wank yourself!