Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Neo-Nepotism in Malaysia

PM's unpopular son-in-law to contest in safe seat. The Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar has confirmed that Khairy Jamaluddin's name is on the list of Umno candidates to contest in the Rembau parliamentary seat (P131) during the next general election, expected next month.

Blogger Hard-T, who was one of the first to break the CSL sex video story on blogospere, has the Rembau's Rambo piece HERE. He also also included a 23/5/2003 article quoting the then Prime Minister Dr Mahathir saying none of his sons would be allowed to contest an election as long as he was still PM (Dr Mahathir says his children will not contest in elections - NST).

As Umno President, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has the final say on who from the party will be fielded where, says Bernama here.

Me, I don't think Khairy lobbied to be a candidate. And Pak Lah is no Dr Mahathir. In any case, as Aisehman put it last week, Rembau is safe and KJ a shoo-in.


  1. Anonymous10:23 pm

    talk so much..boast like hell,,,then takes safe seat...pordah..PONDAN!

  2. More likely chauffeured appreciation of conferring Emperor status on FIL.

  3. Anonymous10:36 pm

    So the rumours surrounding the removal of Tan Sri Isa is true afterall.

  4. Anonymous8:20 am

    Pak Lah will be betraying the people's amanat if he agrees, consents to his son-in-law contesting.
    the Umno ass lickers including the Negri Sembilan Menteri Besar will say " we want Khairy", as did Hishamudin Hussein when Khairy was installed deputy umno youth chief.

    Khairy has done nothing for this country, for Umno to win the greenlight from Umno.

    Pka Lah is clearly a weak leader who has shortchanged Malaysia and thr rakyat the last three years.

  5. Anonymous10:10 am

    mentang-mentang kau anakbuah veteran Wanita UMNO Dato Rahmah bolehlah ekao menenggek.

    Ekau nak buak apo?
    Rembau Univ ke?

    Kalau hidup lagi Arwah Tuan Hj.Ibrahim Bongek ,mengeleng kepalonya tengok telatah kau tu jang.

  6. Anonymous10:56 am

    Kota Melaka is a safe seat for DAP. Would Ong Ka Ting contests there? Nobody is that stupid. Or maybe Anwar Ibrahim to contest in Kepala Batas? I don't think he's stupid either. Maybe Karpal Singh should contest in Kuala Pilah and Najib at Bukit Bendera.

    You contest a seat where you can win! And Artchan, I don't think the above politicians, BN or otherwise are pondans.

  7. It is tough being the PM, people have certain expectations about separation between family and state. But then again you can always say 'Taknak'...

  8. Anonymous11:16 am

    Bro, This is trully a disgrace to the country, the Prime Minister is allowing his Son In law to control the entire country. From ECM Libra Share holder,to FAM Deputy President. I was recently told that his company Precision Portal has tendered for a PERKESO project worth RM 670million.
    The other 5 companies withdrew the moment they knew it was KJ company.
    Where is this leading too, Maybe it was him who manipulated the removal of Tan Sri Isa.
    May God Save Malaysia.
    Happy Holidays Bro.

  9. hi bru, its rumoured that mbns wants to sabotage seremban umno chif. police report lodged agains mb and that msm reporters told not to report anythin negetif abt mb mohd. is tis tru

  10. Wonder if Khairy knows how to drive on his own to Rembau. Anyway, ultimately when the crunch comes Khairy got no balls la! Wonder if his UMNO Youth can see this point!

  11. Anonymous1:21 pm

    The SIL is soooo unpopular until they even had to release the news of his nomination on the eve of CNY hoping that people won’t notice and no backlash occurring. Soooo sneaky. Everywhere I go people talk bad about him. He can win the-most-despised- politician-in-the-country award hands down.

  12. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Here's a new word in the Oxford dictionary to teach your children and family members.

    Don't be a 'Khairy'.

    Means don't be a manipulative and opportunist person who makes full use of one's FIL.

  13. Anonymous4:10 pm

    What can we say! All UMNOs are pondan like hell!


  14. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Khairy will contest Rembau parliamentary seat on UMNO ticket and win hands down! EC and bodek/ampu mainstream papers will make sure of that. Next Khairy will be appointed deputy minister of Finance, which means that he will be de facto Finance Minister as the Bodohlah will only be Finance Minister in name only. Wonder whether the other mamak Md Nor Yakcop will be contesting GE? Even if he does, wins and gets appointed as 2nd Finance Minister, he will still be subservient to Khairy. By controlling the country's purse strings, Khairy is on his way to becoming PM in the country before he reaches 40 - the target age he set for himself.

  15. Anonymous6:06 pm

    den cayo tok sahak somban

  16. Only one word...Coward! Condolence to Rembau. Hope they see through this prick and decide to vote otherwise. But with good amount paid (coming out from our pockets), he's most probably gonna be the next MP in Rembau. Safe seats mean corrupted seats to me.

  17. Anonymous9:56 pm

    Another dictionary has a more detail description of the word 'Khairy'. Means an 'oppportunist, pretentious, conniving, arrogant, corrupt, boastful, loud, evil, womanising, drunkard and rude' person. To sum it up, traits of the nephew of the devil. But father-in-law sees an angel in him.

  18. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Belum cuba belum tahu den. Ini budak kasi satu term dalam parliament tengok boleh tak dia bagi shiok sikit dalam parliament. Tengok orang mudo lawan dalam parlimen pun best.....

    Bukan masuk kabinet, belum tahu menang tak den.

    Dol Said

  19. Anonymous7:49 am


    Ahhh...when one is in power, one can do almost anything. Our PM is different from other PMs. While he says he wants the best for this country, he also wants the best for his family. Nothing wrong with that, you may think! Our PM has a dream, that is to make sure his SIL enters Govt service quickly and move up the admistration ASAP. If in the UK where his SIL studied, things like this won't happen. But this is Malaysia. The question of a father helping his SIL get into position of influence is not a matter of much debate. SIL will then tell the world that he's an elected representative, and that means he's chosen by the people to serve the people. Our PM seems to have lost all savviness, all sense of right or wrong. As you said bro, SIL will win - pa in law, wife, MBs, Norza, Putra and Putri chiefs, Mat Taib, mat rempits, MSM will make sure of that!

  20. Anonymous9:56 am

    TDM made a veiled reference to KJ when he said to reject corrupt candidates. The young chap's in the top list of corrupted who’s who in the country.

  21. Anonymous10:05 am

    SIL is the thorn all along between Dr.M and sleepy PM. He's the evil rasputin who must be stopped at all costs before he inflicts more damage to the country.

  22. Anonymous10:15 am

    I have to agree he's the most hated political personality even in the political circles. Word is that the same fate that happened to Dollah Kok Lanas will befall him once UMNO dumps his FIL this Nov.

  23. Anonymous10:25 am

    So young and so much potential. KJ, focus on more PR work to improve your battered image. The country needs more young and energetic people like you.

  24. Anonymous10:29 am

    KJ has this Midas touch. Whichever politician be seen associated with him will become a source of public scorn. Bad for their image if they want to move up in politics when Paklah’s days are numbered.

  25. Anonymous10:36 am

    KJ has amassed so much fortune that his cronies have the chic to openly declare that he doesn’t need his father-in-law anymore. What sheer arrogance!

  26. Anonymous11:07 am

    Yeah Tun Mahathir never let his children contest, but look at the business the got from the govt. Companies like Opcom, Prestariang, Kenchana, MISC, Diperdana, Kontena Nasional.........

    Tun was a great PM, but his sons were crooks. Pak Lah as bad you think he is, the world is going to a bad recession, but we are not hit badly. At least not yet.

    As for KJ, better him an MP than a busniessman like mirzan or mukhriz or Hishamuddins brother Haris.

    Ali Kaw Kaw

  27. Anonymous11:55 am

    Next question - Where will sweet Jeanne stand?

    In Tranquerah? Ujong Pasir?

  28. Anonymous12:58 pm

    I am all for Khairy for parliament, be it a Rembau seat or JB or wherever is a safe seat for him. All the while its all talk about him KJ does thislah do thislah blah,blah,blah. I have enough of this talk nonsense.

    If Pak Lah really wants to help this KJ then KJ should be put in parliament. There he will be able to cross swords with the likes of DAP and PAS and PKR and we shall then actually gauge what he can do and cannot do. He may turn out to be just an empty tin ..... lots of noise but basically has nothing to offer and he may just turn out be the one of the new generation of UMNO leaders that could change UMNO from within to ensure UMNO's relevance and survival in the near future, then only then the rakyat can judge him.

    Please do not talk about nepotism here as it is not relevant in Malaysia like many bloggers said Tun M did not want his sons to be YBs but they sure as hell got rich under his tenure. But to me Tun M is still the best PM Malaysia have had since independence and Pak Lah ... well Pak Lah is another story altogether.

    Anak Jawa Johor

  29. Anonymous1:37 pm


    jangan nak buat perbandingan antara dr mahathir dan Pak Lah.
    kalau dr mahathir berdosa dulu terhadap rakyat, pak lah punya dosa lagi besar.

    Pak lah tak malu, ke, nak promote menantu sendiri?

    Yang sedih, kalau dia bertanding, dia kemungkinan besar akan menang. memang sebab safe seat.
    tapi pokok nya, dia TIDAK patut bertanding sebab dia tak ada track record. hanya sebab did menantu presiden parti.


    tak boleh nak kata satu persatu kenapa Khairy tidak sesuai langsung untuk di bawa ke dalam kepimpinan negara.
    tapi, saudara tahu-lah...
    everything that is wrong is in the boy.

    how can anyone accept that it is ok for the PM's son-in-law to be given such privilege.

    worse than a banana republic.

  30. Anonymous2:39 pm

    We must do what we can to get rid of nepotism in Malaysian politics -whether in BN or opposition.

    We get rid of Khairy in BN and Lim Guan Eng from the DAP. These two depends on their father-in-law/father to survive in politics.

    Nepotism is extremely bad for the development for teh country. Thank God that Tun M didn't allow his sons to take part in politics. Good for you Tun at least you are different from Sleepy and Lim Kit Siang, the champion of cakap tak serupa bikin.

    All Malaysians must vote against Khairy and Lim Gaun Eng to save Malaysia from NEPOTISM, the most unhealthy side of politics.

  31. Anonymous3:00 pm

    penyokong menantu paling kuat adalah bapak mertua sendiri. penyokong bapak mertua terkuat pula adalah menantu sendiri. jadilah kerajaan dua beranak. sama-sama boleh syok sendiri..

  32. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Pak Lah should realise that more and more people will dump him in the elections because of his son-in-law.

    Kalau menantu sendiri pun tak pandai nak kawal, macam mana rakyat nak percaya yg Pak Lah boleh mentadbir negara dgn berkesan. Cuba ajar sikit menantu tu, Pak Lah!

  33. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Kita rakyat malu dengan sindrom pemimpin kita yang suka mempromosikan keluarga sendiri. Kalau pemimpn kita tidak malu dengan rakyat, malu lah sikit dengan Allah s.w.t.

  34. Anonymous6:17 pm

    Pak lah and Nori should send SBs to secretly monitor SIL's activities. Why not find out SIL's true colours? Maybe they already know.

  35. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Does BN stand a stand of penetrating into the cyberworld if KJ himself as the masterminder can't even his salvage his hugely unpopular image on the net? The comments on this blog on him are fine examples.

    Khairy Raps Opposition For Fanning Sabah Sentiments

    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 5 (Bernama) -- Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin today slammed the opposition for inciting parochial sentiments in Sabah in the run-up to the upcoming general election.

    He described the attempts to play up state sentiments as irresponsible as they could threaten the country's stability.

    "I can say that the opposition's tactic in Sabah is irresponsible because they play up parochial sentiments, they fan the Sabah sentiments and this can affect relations between the Peninsular, the Federation and Sabah.

    "The issues raised by the opposition, for instance, about Sabah for Sabahans and oil royalty for Sabah only and not for sharing with others... this can incite emotion of parochialism, which at one time, posed a threat to national security.

    "The people should know this is an attempt that could undermine the country's peace," he told reporters after launching the 2008 World Halal Forum here today.

    He said opposition parties like Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and DAP were peninsular-based parties but "they are using the Sabah people's machinery and the people of Sabah to spread slander."

    He said Umno Youth would make sure that the voters were channelled with the correct information.

    "One of our duties is to channel correct information to the young voters on many issues such as the implementation of development corridors and what the government is doing to develop the country," he said.

    Correct information would be channelled through ceramahs, house-to-house visits, pamphlets and the Internet within the next two to three weeks, he said.

    Khairy said he believed that the young voters, particularly in urban areas, were Internet users, thus it was important for the Barisan Nasional (BN) and Umno to boost their presence in the cyber world.

    "We have started to penetrate into the cyber world through the BN Youth main operations room. We have also mobilised our information machinery," he said.

    Khairy is also satisfied with Umno Youth's preparation to face the general election, which is expected to be called soon.

    -- BERNAMA

  36. anon(3:18PM),

    I am sorry to disappoint you but under the present election system, Pak Lah will not be dumped no matter how bad or how wreckless or negligent he is.

    The constituents of kepala Batas will continue to vote for him because he is an illustrious son of Kepala Batas and Kepala Batas is in Penang and no way the Malays in Penang (and more so in Kepala Batas) will let the opposition take that away.

    And because Pak Lah is Umno president and Umno president is Prime Minister, THERE he will remain.

    And if Khairy stands in Rembau, he is likely to win.

    That is the way the cookie crumbles in good old Malaysia.

    Pak Lah can only be removed by Umno.

    But looking at the greedy Umno politicians, I doubt he will be removed anytime soon.

    No... I don't think Umno will surprise Malaysians.

    They will continue their bad old ways for a long time to come.


  37. Anonymous1:04 am

    chowkit cowboy,

    in the first place, Jean Danker is not Malay.
    how she was able to be made Umno member is a joke.
    Why did she need to be Umno member in the first place?
    Was there a need to Malay-nise her for some kind of approval from the community?
    She is a Muslim convert by virtue of having been married to Endon's brother.
    She is a Serani.
    And, for heaven's sake -- what;s with the change of name to Jeanne!

    Apo keno nii?

  38. Anonymous3:27 pm Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong is the PM. His father, Lee Kuan Yew, is the Minister Mentor in the Spore Cabinet. His brother, Lee Hsien Yang, was the CEO of SingTel; he is now the CEO of Fraser & Neave, one of the big public-listed companies in Spore.

  39. Anonymous11:54 am

    Go and check with BPR about this fella before nominate his name. I think Negeri Sembilan MB didn't do their job to check the background of candidate.What about ECM libra case etc.

  40. Dah biasa lah..